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2017-05-21 06:23:32 UTC

yeah that was my guess

2017-05-21 06:23:50 UTC

i just jump into discord randomly and get confused

2017-05-21 06:23:57 UTC

This discord is insanity

2017-05-21 06:24:04 UTC

I just come here to test @D'Marcus Liebowitz patience

2017-05-21 06:32:45 UTC

What should I have for dinner?

2017-05-21 06:33:00 UTC

Sausage and Saurkraut methinks

2017-05-21 06:33:13 UTC

Be like your hero, Kenny

2017-05-21 06:34:10 UTC

Possible. I'm not sure where to get worthwhile sausages, though.

2017-05-21 06:37:16 UTC

@Hand Banana this is the best discord. @D'Marcus Liebowitz is the man

2017-05-21 06:37:32 UTC

False. Cascadia discord is the best.

2017-05-21 06:37:34 UTC

i havent been on as much lately and miss voice, just been busy asf irl

2017-05-21 06:37:43 UTC

lol well im not in that

2017-05-21 06:37:44 UTC

It's just milk, posting hikes with your dogs, and your white kids doing funny shit

2017-05-21 06:37:52 UTC

so this is where i enjoy myself

2017-05-21 06:38:03 UTC

Wanna beggome Cascadia?

2017-05-21 06:38:15 UTC

i live in AZ is that allowed

2017-05-21 06:38:22 UTC

Yeah AZ is cool.

2017-05-21 06:38:26 UTC

My Dad lives there.

2017-05-21 06:38:31 UTC


2017-05-21 06:38:42 UTC

its a solid state despite the waves of beans

2017-05-21 06:38:42 UTC

Kind of semi retired now and enjoys not having the allergies and likes the golfing and the sun.

2017-05-21 06:39:03 UTC

Yeah well bitch if you want but AZ, NM and TX were full of beans 150 years ago. Ain't gonna change.

2017-05-21 06:39:10 UTC

yeah we can hold the state if we keep the illegals at bay

2017-05-21 06:39:13 UTC

yeah true

2017-05-21 06:39:16 UTC

and shitlibs then

2017-05-21 06:39:24 UTC

Shitlibs are the problem. Not Mexicans.

2017-05-21 06:39:33 UTC

Californians that ruins everything

2017-05-21 06:39:47 UTC

ugh thats my birthstate haha

2017-05-21 06:40:05 UTC

Way Dad explains it the Mexicans are perfectly fine being seperate and left alone. The white liberals from Cali won't let that stand for some reason

2017-05-21 06:40:11 UTC

Like everyone was getting along relatively OK before.

2017-05-21 06:40:47 UTC

I'm gonna 90s post a minute to try and draw out @D'Marcus Liebowitz

2017-05-21 06:41:54 UTC


2017-05-21 06:41:56 UTC

@Hand Banana You brought me out instead

2017-05-21 06:42:01 UTC

it is kinda like that here @Hand Banana

2017-05-21 06:42:04 UTC

I love that song tho @BellaDashwood

2017-05-21 06:42:21 UTC

we all love 90s music in here!

2017-05-21 06:42:53 UTC

@Hand Banana That Romeo & Juliet soundtrack is the best 90s soundtrack ever!!!

2017-05-21 06:42:58 UTC

cardigans are good

2017-05-21 06:42:59 UTC


2017-05-21 06:43:04 UTC

Kissing You by Deseree?

2017-05-21 06:43:04 UTC

this is my favorite track though

2017-05-21 06:43:08 UTC


2017-05-21 06:43:38 UTC

I thought @D'Marcus Liebowitz looked like the lead singer of this band until I found out he's actually half black and half Jewish and by that point it was too funny to not cancel the podcast

2017-05-21 06:43:50 UTC

Later I found out @FylnnGardian founded that bad.

2017-05-21 06:43:51 UTC


2017-05-21 06:44:42 UTC

damnit, I'm on a Cardigans bender now

2017-05-21 06:44:54 UTC

Cardigan Bender is best bender after Cranberries

2017-05-21 06:44:57 UTC

Maybe Spice Girls

2017-05-21 06:45:00 UTC

they are good too

2017-05-21 06:45:11 UTC

well im not into spice girls but cranberries

2017-05-21 06:45:36 UTC

That's a running joke. I found a VHS of Spiceworld once and my friends and I vowed to watch it 500 times during summer break

2017-05-21 06:45:38 UTC

Which we did

2017-05-21 06:45:43 UTC

It made us defective

2017-05-21 06:45:44 UTC

i go on googoo dolls and third eye blind benders sometimes

2017-05-21 06:45:48 UTC

god i can imagine

2017-05-21 06:46:00 UTC

that must have been worse than hard drugs

2017-05-21 06:46:03 UTC

Marijuanas may have been involved...

2017-05-21 06:46:07 UTC


2017-05-21 06:46:17 UTC

no bottles of robitussin?

2017-05-21 06:46:49 UTC

No. It was easier to get weed than beer in the suburbs.

2017-05-21 06:46:54 UTC

Beer being what we actually wanted

2017-05-21 06:47:41 UTC

@Hand Banana My fave Goo Goo Dolls song https://youtu.be/NdYWuo9OFAw

2017-05-21 06:48:31 UTC

OK so obviously there's a lot of 90s love here. Anyone wanna do millenial nostalgia posting, those of us born early 80s? Maybe a one off?

2017-05-21 06:49:27 UTC

close enough?

2017-05-21 06:50:24 UTC

See now this is a good idea. One off podcast, live stream, just basically "pick a song" tell a nostalgic story and repeat.

2017-05-21 06:50:29 UTC

It could make an EPIC WKKK1488

2017-05-21 06:52:25 UTC

Here is a quality woman for someone:

2017-05-21 06:52:34 UTC

*5'11 tall

2017-05-21 06:52:38 UTC

*Green eyes

2017-05-21 06:52:41 UTC

*Blonde hair

2017-05-21 06:52:46 UTC

*Autism therapist

2017-05-21 06:53:12 UTC

>implying autistes need therapy

2017-05-21 06:53:37 UTC

80s is good too

2017-05-21 06:53:39 UTC


2017-05-21 06:53:41 UTC

i have a classic

2017-05-21 06:54:09 UTC

New Order is pretty good

2017-05-21 06:54:13 UTC


2017-05-21 06:54:23 UTC

funny how drastic the change was

2017-05-21 06:54:27 UTC

after Joy Division

2017-05-21 06:54:32 UTC


2017-05-21 06:55:06 UTC

they got in trouble for that cover

2017-05-21 06:55:07 UTC


2017-05-21 06:55:11 UTC

not vintage, but i love this song/video

2017-05-21 06:57:25 UTC

also speaking of extreme changes in bands

2017-05-21 06:57:50 UTC

that along with their first album so different from their later shit

2017-05-21 06:58:01 UTC

Warsaw/JD/New Order is best

2017-05-21 06:58:15 UTC

I never got into the New Order stuff aside from the singles

2017-05-21 06:58:21 UTC

the singles are great though

2017-05-21 06:58:52 UTC

oh that's the wrong version of the song

2017-05-21 06:59:09 UTC

original says "so why did you have to be a nazi?"

2017-05-21 06:59:15 UTC

not why did you have to be so nasty

2017-05-21 07:00:48 UTC

so Adam and the ants go from writing songs about falling in love with nazi's and the futurist manifesto to pop

2017-05-21 07:00:51 UTC

@badtanman πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

2017-05-21 07:01:46 UTC

man i hate when you get an old song stuck in your head but cant quite remember the lyrics well enough to search for it and figure out wtf it is

2017-05-21 07:01:55 UTC


2017-05-21 07:02:01 UTC

having that right now

2017-05-21 07:02:37 UTC

There was a song that sounded a lot like Unfinished Sympathy that I could never find

2017-05-21 07:02:38 UTC

Is there an app for that yet? Like, mumble the tones into a mic and it works it out.

2017-05-21 07:03:32 UTC

yeah sometimes they work

2017-05-21 07:03:34 UTC

soundhound is one

2017-05-21 07:03:54 UTC

@Dave massive attack unfinished symphony?

2017-05-21 07:03:59 UTC


2017-05-21 07:04:02 UTC


2017-05-21 07:04:06 UTC


2017-05-21 07:04:07 UTC


2017-05-21 07:04:09 UTC


2017-05-21 07:04:22 UTC

hmm what sounds like that...

2017-05-21 07:04:23 UTC

mezzanine is a pretty good album on that note

2017-05-21 07:04:27 UTC


2017-05-21 07:04:55 UTC

love this one

2017-05-21 07:05:02 UTC

should move to music actually

2017-05-21 07:05:32 UTC

ok ill stop πŸ˜›

2017-05-21 07:07:32 UTC

@D'Marcus Liebowitz - can we have a Kitchen and another broom closet in this chat?

2017-05-21 07:12:21 UTC
2017-05-21 07:12:23 UTC


2017-05-21 07:12:55 UTC

Feels sad man

2017-05-21 07:13:50 UTC

@MsNatSocialist you white sharia women really know how to kill a meme

2017-05-21 07:17:21 UTC


2017-05-21 07:17:28 UTC

How to get girls:

2017-05-21 07:46:33 UTC

Lol, he actually uploaded the phone calls to jewtube. Hopefully it has the (((Streisand))) effect: http://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/article/Racial-slurs-thrown-at-Al-Green-after-calling-for-11161204.php

2017-05-21 08:46:58 UTC

Oh man

2017-05-21 09:31:18 UTC

@everyone niggers. I'm driving back. Join.

2017-05-21 09:31:53 UTC

Can't join that channel RIP

2017-05-21 09:32:26 UTC

@Eli Mosley <:spongebob:283795021193543680>

2017-05-21 09:40:35 UTC


2017-05-21 09:52:43 UTC


2017-05-21 10:11:35 UTC

>Dafuq is it with this comments section? It's sick and stupid as hell! The movie is about equality between races and tries to send a message that the color of the skin does not matter. From what I've seen in the trailer, all the side-characters are racists. Blacks are racist against the white woman and the whites are racist against the black man. Where do you people see this propaganda bullshit in which they shame whites only? People nowadays have truly reached a new pinnacle of stupidity and arrogance.

2017-05-21 10:21:56 UTC

@SDifference I genuinely felt sick watching that trailer

2017-05-21 10:22:05 UTC


2017-05-21 10:22:18 UTC

Eli brought it up

2017-05-21 10:22:29 UTC


2017-05-21 10:22:50 UTC

Well they were actually kings in the last 100 years, just not very good ones.

2017-05-21 10:23:21 UTC

>As of 2014, Botswana has the third-highest prevalence rate for HIV/AIDS.

2017-05-21 10:23:27 UTC

White genocide in action

2017-05-21 10:23:54 UTC

If our women were just being bred by kangz I wouldn't mind, there aren't that many of them.

2017-05-21 10:24:15 UTC

If there were whiter lines of royalty in africa things might be less fucked up

2017-05-21 10:24:32 UTC

The fucking audacity of these kikes

2017-05-21 10:24:54 UTC

They've overstepped their game and now are outright throwing out propganda like this smugly

2017-05-21 10:25:19 UTC

First off fuck South African blacks they all need to be gassed for the outright genocide they're doing

2017-05-21 10:25:27 UTC

I hope movies like that aren't that popular. Unfortunately they're probably lapped up by coalburning couples

2017-05-21 10:25:39 UTC

Aye, you're not wrong there

2017-05-21 10:25:45 UTC

But the fact they can do this shit though.

2017-05-21 10:26:05 UTC

And the strawman villainry is far too obvious

2017-05-21 10:41:30 UTC

Finally gome.

2017-05-21 10:41:33 UTC

Holy fuck.

2017-05-21 10:41:45 UTC

Sleeping forever.

2017-05-21 10:57:36 UTC

Go to bed @Eli Mosley

2017-05-21 10:59:27 UTC

I agree with @Athena Marie - go to bed

2017-05-21 10:59:47 UTC

Good morning @MsNatSocialist

2017-05-21 11:00:18 UTC

Good evening @Athena Marie - how was your evening last night?

2017-05-21 11:01:38 UTC

Fabulous, I killed a thot whore jewess baby killing kikerella on twitter. And you?

2017-05-21 11:02:31 UTC

Why is "no indian accents" a specific rule on here? Has that happened before?

2017-05-21 11:03:34 UTC

That sounds ridiculously fun! Glad you enjoyed yourself.
I spoke to Brad and also just had dinner with family.

2017-05-21 11:04:15 UTC

Er yeah my evening was great last night thanks for asking

2017-05-21 11:04:23 UTC


2017-05-21 11:05:02 UTC

I apologize, Mr Diff. How was your evening?

2017-05-21 11:05:24 UTC

It was sweet I got to do loads of revision and the britbongs hung out in our own containment discord

2017-05-21 11:05:50 UTC

I finally downloaded the discord app on my macbook. Thank fuck. The phone thing was driving me bananas! Was going to kill a kike

2017-05-21 11:06:16 UTC

You should kill a kike anyways

2017-05-21 11:07:41 UTC

I agree

2017-05-21 11:08:24 UTC

For every kike you kill, Kek will bless you with warrior babies to fight RAHOWA

2017-05-21 11:11:23 UTC

I'm sure Brad would agree that we should have warrior babies.

2017-05-21 11:11:39 UTC

If i kill a kike do we get super warrior babies

2017-05-21 11:11:52 UTC

What if we both killed kikes?

2017-05-21 11:12:05 UTC

While... I'm pregnant?

2017-05-21 11:12:09 UTC

Kek works in mysterious ways

2017-05-21 11:12:28 UTC

Maybe we should do an experiment

2017-05-21 11:13:07 UTC

What if you engage in FBI posting while you're pregnat?

2017-05-21 11:14:19 UTC

Eh? wtf

2017-05-21 11:14:33 UTC

^^ definitely knows how to derail a fun conversation

2017-05-21 11:15:02 UTC

*canadian sawry*

2017-05-21 11:15:07 UTC

Pommy btfo

2017-05-21 11:15:24 UTC


2017-05-21 11:16:58 UTC


2017-05-21 11:16:59 UTC

Brad has a trophy, that trophy is me

2017-05-21 11:17:55 UTC

Lady or Brad, the Trophy of Brad!

2017-05-21 11:18:45 UTC

I am trying to chat her up and now i am all mad about the Ashes so i cant do it

2017-05-21 11:20:00 UTC

Be like this man


2017-05-21 11:20:00 UTC

We'll get them back baby, we'll just kill a few kikes and put it in the trophy they'll get and swap it for the original.

2017-05-21 11:20:26 UTC


2017-05-21 11:21:30 UTC

Don't get caught up in holy wars


2017-05-21 11:25:56 UTC


2017-05-21 11:48:12 UTC

I'm a dirty goy time to take a shower

2017-05-21 12:38:17 UTC
2017-05-21 12:38:26 UTC

In regards to that congressman receiving threatening phone calls:
Haven't we been down this road before? How many fake hate crimes have been exposed recently? The local news here reported the phone threats to Jewish centers DAILY until it was revealed to be an Israeli mid and a black guy. Then they just stopped talking about it.

2017-05-21 12:39:10 UTC

But this time it's totally real goys

2017-05-21 13:42:48 UTC

@here anyone for vc

2017-05-21 13:43:04 UTC

You're stuck with me nigga

2017-05-21 13:43:10 UTC

As soon as I've grabbed a beer

2017-05-21 13:43:54 UTC


2017-05-21 13:54:53 UTC


2017-05-21 14:00:23 UTC


2017-05-21 14:39:49 UTC


2017-05-21 14:39:57 UTC

@Brad's mobile
make sure to clean up the broom closet when you're done

2017-05-21 14:40:16 UTC

y r u named after a MONKEY

2017-05-21 14:40:26 UTC

I'm not

2017-05-21 14:40:32 UTC

forgive me for my sins, jesus is god and logos incarnate

2017-05-21 14:40:38 UTC

I've had this name since before those damn movies came out

2017-05-21 14:40:47 UTC

what does it mean

2017-05-21 14:40:49 UTC


2017-05-21 14:41:01 UTC

The jews are slandering me as usual

2017-05-21 14:41:32 UTC

the origin of peoples psuedonyms always intrigues me

2017-05-21 14:41:48 UTC

It's from a Georgian fairy tale

2017-05-21 14:41:55 UTC

Then Stalin used it

2017-05-21 14:41:56 UTC

Then I did

2017-05-21 14:42:00 UTC

Now the jews are using it

2017-05-21 14:42:01 UTC


2017-05-21 14:44:13 UTC

mine is from an MDE video that apparently no one has ever watched

2017-05-21 14:44:16 UTC

hail dubbs

2017-05-21 14:44:17 UTC


2017-05-21 14:45:32 UTC

A cordell is a maker of rope. Lester is someone from Leicester. One of my great grandfathers came from Leicester. I hear a lot of rope is needed there today.

2017-05-21 14:45:42 UTC


2017-05-21 14:47:10 UTC


2017-05-21 14:48:29 UTC


2017-05-21 14:49:26 UTC

what is my shit

2017-05-21 14:49:30 UTC

barcode has a nice beard

2017-05-21 14:49:31 UTC

prove me wrong

2017-05-21 14:50:37 UTC

its the are you polish

2017-05-21 14:51:22 UTC

but shes not even polish tho

2017-05-21 14:52:57 UTC



2017-05-21 15:00:51 UTC


2017-05-21 15:00:56 UTC


2017-05-21 15:01:07 UTC

id root

2017-05-21 15:02:25 UTC

She has a vocal fry that is like nails on a chalk board

2017-05-21 15:02:59 UTC


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