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2017-05-14 03:40:30 UTC

@MsNatSocialist holy shit cunt. Stop sending me pictures of your tits. As nice as they are, you should be making puppies with a dingo such as @Brad Small , not trying to hook up with a leaf. You're probably​ the only white Sheila he can find down under.

2017-05-14 03:40:35 UTC

@SLUG2_ - back off @Brad Small will get upset

2017-05-14 03:40:38 UTC


2017-05-14 03:40:59 UTC

I'll back off when you marry him, cunt

2017-05-14 03:41:06 UTC

Shes in my pack

2017-05-14 03:41:33 UTC

@Koba check out these based eurovision losers


2017-05-14 03:41:52 UTC

@Brad Small prove it faggot. Where are the pictures of your wedding?

2017-05-14 03:42:27 UTC

@SLUG2_ it was a private event. You weren't invited, because you're a shit cunt

2017-05-14 03:42:32 UTC


2017-05-14 03:42:38 UTC

Oh fuck

2017-05-14 03:42:48 UTC

That was

2017-05-14 03:42:50 UTC


2017-05-14 03:42:53 UTC

I'm sorry.

2017-05-14 03:43:06 UTC

slug's gonna pull that revenge porn on ya

2017-05-14 03:43:28 UTC

Nah, the Sheila wins this one.

2017-05-14 03:43:48 UTC

I didn't expect such sick burns from a woman

2017-05-14 03:43:49 UTC

That's cool, I'll chop your dick up and send it to all your lovers in a box... game of thrones style

2017-05-14 03:43:50 UTC

3D Dingoes > Canada

2017-05-14 03:44:05 UTC


2017-05-14 03:44:35 UTC

How do I into 3D leafs? They don't seem to exist

2017-05-14 03:44:50 UTC

I'll 4D this shit so hard that you'll wonder why you didn't play backgammon

2017-05-14 03:45:58 UTC

Yeah, no. Stop. You had one sick burn. Now you just look stupif

2017-05-14 03:46:57 UTC

4th degree burns?

2017-05-14 03:47:37 UTC


2017-05-14 03:48:03 UTC

Real Dingo women hours

2017-05-14 03:48:11 UTC

maybe I should invite all of them in here

2017-05-14 03:48:23 UTC

Poor @SLUG2_ - do you want me to give you ice?

2017-05-14 03:48:35 UTC

Lost to diversity

Starting with Logan Tipton.

2017-05-14 03:48:36 UTC

You can now pull the victim card

2017-05-14 03:49:08 UTC

Woman. Just stop talking.

2017-05-14 03:58:49 UTC

@MsNatSocialist are you polish

2017-05-14 03:58:59 UTC

No, I'm Australian

2017-05-14 03:59:29 UTC

mmm right right

Jesus Christ fuck off we're full m8

2017-05-14 04:21:27 UTC

What is it with @D'Marcus Liebowitz and Dingos? People swear I have a problem with redheaded crazy women (and I do!) but the amount of Aussies is TOO DAMN HIGH

2017-05-14 04:22:00 UTC



2017-05-14 04:40:31 UTC

you wanna see peak fake news?

2017-05-14 04:41:07 UTC

FISA courts only issues surveillance warrants

2017-05-14 04:41:32 UTC

and if they have that information, they received it ILLEGALLY

2017-05-14 04:41:40 UTC

and disclosing it publickly is ILLEGAL *edited*

@everyone where the hell did yall go?

2017-05-14 04:43:43 UTC

To bed, nigger.

2017-05-14 04:43:52 UTC

I've got 4 more beers to kill

2017-05-14 04:43:58 UTC

enoch made national news in australia and hes not even here yet

2017-05-14 04:44:07 UTC

Nigga we've had a long day

2017-05-14 04:44:13 UTC
2017-05-14 04:44:14 UTC

Boston & Charlottsville

2017-05-14 04:44:19 UTC

However the latter is spelled

2017-05-14 04:44:20 UTC


2017-05-14 04:44:22 UTC

(I am of drink)

2017-05-14 04:44:37 UTC


2017-05-14 04:44:42 UTC

"The dingos"

why is that enoch cannot take a picture without having souless eyes?

2017-05-14 04:45:24 UTC

I swear every time I am in a chat with alt-right people and it's just retarded bantz all I can think is 'This is what they're scared of?"

2017-05-14 04:45:34 UTC

It's because he's the alternative timeline version of Zizek

2017-05-14 04:45:48 UTC

Seriously, how has no one compared them in their apperance

2017-05-14 04:47:29 UTC

"Mr Enoch"

2017-05-14 04:47:59 UTC

And you can't make that man look scary...it's just impossible.

2017-05-14 04:48:53 UTC

Funniest thing I've seen in a long time, thought I'd share in case you missed it:

2017-05-14 04:49:04 UTC

They used a fucking boomer selfie because they don't have a picture of him doing a roman salute

2017-05-14 04:49:25 UTC

Ah, yeah, I forget that kikes name but he's funny. Ari something

2017-05-14 04:50:20 UTC

enoch video "critisized for making jokes about putting jews in ovens"
Wait, thats a joke? I thought that was the plan

2017-05-14 04:50:34 UTC


2017-05-14 04:50:38 UTC

It's "satire."

2017-05-14 04:50:47 UTC

Classic vid

2017-05-14 04:51:01 UTC

I'm sorry, Spencer may have the charisma, but Enoch makes MUCH better speeches.

2017-05-14 04:51:07 UTC

and he thinks quicker on his feet

2017-05-14 04:51:13 UTC

they should do everything together

2017-05-14 04:51:23 UTC

the one, two punch

2017-05-14 04:52:35 UTC

they are two different approaches

2017-05-14 04:53:11 UTC

Spencer is more pontificating type that can be long and drawn out, Enoch is hard nosed new yorker with relatable euphanisms and is very to the point

2017-05-14 04:53:25 UTC

Trump used it to great effect

2017-05-14 04:53:33 UTC

as arminius said when I spoke to him on skype, SPencer and others shouldn't do interviews with the MSM unless they can wear a digital clock around their neck, with a second timer that shows the cuts

2017-05-14 04:54:56 UTC

Spencer still needs to iron out the rough edges

2017-05-14 04:55:00 UTC

and he needs more comebacks

2017-05-14 04:55:23 UTC

after every speech, like at auburn, he needs to sit down and think of good responses to all of the questions in the Q/A

2017-05-14 04:56:10 UTC

Anytime I have interacted with the media I just roman salute

2017-05-14 04:56:38 UTC

^ nailed it. they blurred out my face though

2017-05-14 04:57:06 UTC

that's you?

2017-05-14 04:57:16 UTC

0:58 seconds

2017-05-14 04:57:31 UTC

that fuck in the thumbnail is this stupid spic jew I hate named Hareem

2017-05-14 04:58:03 UTC

flash player 😦

2017-05-14 04:58:27 UTC

all the mud mixing, its getting so you can't tell someone's ethnicity by name any more. Spics with nig names, jews with portorican names, nigs named after alcoholic beverages

2017-05-14 04:58:31 UTC

I'd rather not roman salute. I'd rather dig into their brains

2017-05-14 05:01:19 UTC

i still give you props

2017-05-14 05:01:31 UTC

if i could give a roman salute to the media, i'd feel pretty awesome

2017-05-14 05:01:38 UTC

this was the buzzfeed live stream

2017-05-14 05:02:00 UTC


2017-05-14 05:02:03 UTC

We then chased her around playing shadilay and one dude got hentai in her stream. It was a fun night I was shit house drunk

2017-05-14 05:02:51 UTC

A bit earlier in the video you can hear me yelling "Hey hot girl from buzzfeed, are you gonna give me your number or what?"

2017-05-14 05:04:14 UTC

I picked on her all fucking night I made her interview me and then dragged her around the entire building just chewing gum and being a total dick. It was a fun night. Then that faggot hareem did a facebook live stream saying I worked for Soros. It was beautiful

2017-05-14 05:05:07 UTC
2017-05-14 05:05:22 UTC

dammit, i just came here to post that!

2017-05-14 05:05:34 UTC

oh god

2017-05-14 05:05:58 UTC

you were looking fashy as always, eli

2017-05-14 05:06:06 UTC

props to you goys who could be there

2017-05-14 05:06:14 UTC

@BrydenProctor you should be there

2017-05-14 05:06:35 UTC

feel free to pass the hat around when you guys are going places like that. SOme of us can't go, and we'd like to do SOMETHING.

2017-05-14 05:06:38 UTC

Nigga I wasn't just there n sheit. I was doin the thinking n sheit. This sheit is dope af fam

2017-05-14 05:06:48 UTC

Yea I'll improve that shut.

2017-05-14 05:06:51 UTC

Nigga I'm still trying to figure out how to get out of LA. I spent most of the day delivering food for $5 a pop

2017-05-14 05:06:52 UTC
2017-05-14 05:17:30 UTC


2017-05-14 05:17:31 UTC


2017-05-14 05:17:42 UTC


2017-05-14 05:18:30 UTC

What pisses me off is these people are paid so fucking well

2017-05-14 05:19:14 UTC

This dog deserves a pay raise vs what they put out

2017-05-14 05:25:32 UTC

I love seeing animals work stuff out, like that.

2017-05-14 05:26:18 UTC

One of our cats was sitting on a cabinet by a closed door and I walked up and turned the handle and opened the door. I noticed he was looking at my hand.

2017-05-14 05:26:41 UTC

Pretty soon after he was climbing screen doors and turning the handle.

2017-05-14 05:27:54 UTC

Does anyone know if there is a bluegrass cover of "Whateve" by Godsmack? Asking for a friend.


2017-05-14 05:31:13 UTC

Slight improvement

2017-05-14 05:31:37 UTC

Do you like banjo?

2017-05-14 05:31:42 UTC

Very much so.

2017-05-14 05:31:51 UTC

I used to play, I miss it

2017-05-14 05:32:17 UTC

It's angry, and despite it's routes (yes the Africans figured out string and a gourd blow me) it's uniquely American in sound, scope and scale.

@Hand Banana you ever Sabaton cover Michael Jackson's Beat It?

2017-05-14 05:32:33 UTC

I've always been more into the punk and psychedelic shit though a little metal so while I love bluegrass it's amazing what can be done with a banjo

2017-05-14 05:32:33 UTC

But then I see stuff like this and I think.... maybe we were good with lutes and flutes.

2017-05-14 05:32:46 UTC

@Mushroom πŸš—γƒ‰γƒͺγƒ•γƒˆπŸš“πŸš“πŸš“ No but I'm gonna look at it now that you bring it up

2017-05-14 05:32:59 UTC

The most classic banjo in my opinion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTF-ZhJMie0

@Hand Banana Joakim literally brought out a guitar and played it 2 days ago here in LA

2017-05-14 05:36:47 UTC

So... @BrydenProctor you want to hear my all time favorite banjo cover? It's John Denver, so you can withdraw consent

2017-05-14 05:37:54 UTC

John Denver is good

2017-05-14 05:38:15 UTC

I grew up in Poca, WV lol

2017-05-14 05:38:28 UTC

I was born in Mississippi bro

2017-05-14 05:39:14 UTC

I wasn't alwasy an urbanite and I intend to quit being one.

2017-05-14 05:47:12 UTC

My guitar is a bluegrass guitar

2017-05-14 05:47:34 UTC

Can play sitting on top of the world :")

2017-05-14 05:49:52 UTC
2017-05-14 05:49:58 UTC


2017-05-14 05:50:05 UTC

I may the only one who doesn't care what that nigger professor said

2017-05-14 05:50:23 UTC

We're talking banjos at the moment, very important.

2017-05-14 05:50:46 UTC

It wasn't anything to get upset about. He has some incorrect points but I can't say he's 100% wrong if I was thinking from a black preservationist standpoint

2017-05-14 05:51:05 UTC

Presenter: β€œShaft: Thoughts and Reflections on One Bad Mutha******,” Black History Month
Lecture. Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Carbondale, Illinois. February 2002.

2017-05-14 05:51:11 UTC

His academic CV reads like a meme

2017-05-14 05:51:16 UTC

What we need to remember is to not get all up in arms and triggered over useless shit like this, protect the monuments and who gives a fuck? That's the job for the alt-lite

2017-05-14 05:51:30 UTC

Travel/Research Award: β€œKeeping it Real, Real: Extricating the white Man’s Nigga from the
Modern Concept of Ownership through Bell’s Racial Realist Account,” 13th Annual CPC Africana
Studies. Gettysburg College. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. March 30-31, 2007.

2017-05-14 05:51:32 UTC


2017-05-14 05:51:33 UTC

And to say the alt-lite isn't useful is being dumb

2017-05-14 05:51:52 UTC

Giving nigs credit for what the banjo is today is like giving nigger bluesmen credit for neo classical metal.

2017-05-14 05:51:55 UTC

@Hand Banana good call

2017-05-14 05:52:06 UTC

Nobody gives niggers credit for banjo

2017-05-14 05:52:14 UTC

Curry, Tommy J. β€œI’m Too Real for Yah: Krumpin’ as a Culturalogical Exploration of Black
Aesthetic Submergence,” Radical Philosophy Today

2017-05-14 05:52:17 UTC


2017-05-14 05:52:55 UTC

Use that as examples to desegregate schools

2017-05-14 05:53:17 UTC

B B B B But

2017-05-14 05:53:23 UTC

I mean ultimately do we want to make fun of niggers or actually do something?

2017-05-14 05:53:34 UTC

arnt schools already segregated due to muh inequality

2017-05-14 05:53:35 UTC


2017-05-14 05:53:51 UTC


2017-05-14 05:53:53 UTC


2017-05-14 05:53:57 UTC


2017-05-14 05:54:04 UTC


2017-05-14 05:54:28 UTC

No. banjos are loud, annoying and most people don't like them. key word most

2017-05-14 05:54:49 UTC

As opposed to all.

2017-05-14 05:57:03 UTC
2017-05-14 05:57:18 UTC

Banjos can be good if played right

2017-05-14 05:57:21 UTC

Most people are normie faggots in need of the oven

2017-05-14 05:57:23 UTC

Listen to We Lost the Sea

2017-05-14 05:57:30 UTC

Departure Songs

2017-05-14 05:58:00 UTC

I think some of us need to learn how to play the bagpipes for when we do more rallies and marches

2017-05-14 05:58:12 UTC

That'd be lulzy

2017-05-14 06:02:00 UTC

Need I reminder you the shitlip that had her balloon popped and she cried? That would be us.

2017-05-14 06:04:03 UTC

<@210211696931766274> @John Cholisniky- TX Are there any spoilers in the new Paranormies? I've only read about half of Lovecraft's stuff.

2017-05-14 06:04:44 UTC


2017-05-14 06:04:58 UTC

>fw impliying we listen

2017-05-14 06:05:07 UTC

>tfw podcasts are degerate tbhf

2017-05-14 06:05:10 UTC

>spoilers for 90 year old texts.

2017-05-14 06:05:49 UTC

Are you one of those bastards that posted spoilers for GoT when it was still before the books finished?

2017-05-14 06:05:51 UTC

Boston was breddy fun/innocent

2017-05-14 06:06:10 UTC

@Lester Cordell GoT is degenerate filth.

2017-05-14 06:06:10 UTC

A little low energy

2017-05-14 06:06:23 UTC

Wait I've heard of Game of Thrones. That's a porno right?

2017-05-14 06:06:29 UTC

The porno spoof of LOTR?

2017-05-14 06:06:35 UTC

I bought and read those books just to avoid spoilers and I don't think it even worked.

2017-05-14 06:06:43 UTC

I think I had all the major stuff spoiled.

2017-05-14 06:06:58 UTC

Nah but I was the kid that read half blood prince first and told everyone dumbledore died.

2017-05-14 06:08:36 UTC

I'll never forget in middle school when SW Ep III came out and some kid freaked out because this other kid was like "Anakin is Darth Vader." He acted like that was a spoiler.

2017-05-14 06:15:36 UTC


2017-05-14 06:15:42 UTC

No nazis here chill

2017-05-14 06:15:44 UTC


2017-05-14 06:16:05 UTC


2017-05-14 06:16:06 UTC

No for real bro, no nazis

2017-05-14 06:21:45 UTC

We need to meme leftists into destroying the pyramids of giza since symbols of slavery need to be destroyed.

2017-05-14 06:38:36 UTC


2017-05-14 06:38:39 UTC

@everyone wow

2017-05-14 06:39:13 UTC

As opposed to anti-white

2017-05-14 07:00:06 UTC

@Brad Small /ourreporter/?

2017-05-14 07:00:15 UTC

no dude

2017-05-14 07:00:22 UTC

I have no idea why they posted it like that

2017-05-14 07:00:59 UTC

@FascistFather we need about 10,000 souther goys to go pay the governors/mayors a little visit.

That feel when you the new editor of DANELAW RADIO BEST PROPAGANDA IN WORLD

2017-05-14 07:06:24 UTC

I convinced Apple that Dear White People is racist.


2017-05-14 07:07:59 UTC

Holy fuck, I did it.

2017-05-14 07:09:31 UTC


2017-05-14 07:09:40 UTC


2017-05-14 07:10:01 UTC

Little old me got Apple to admit Dear White People is racist.

2017-05-14 07:10:03 UTC

No fucking way

2017-05-14 07:10:53 UTC


2017-05-14 07:11:14 UTC

I've been badgering them for a while.

2017-05-14 07:11:37 UTC

Dude, VC? I want to write this up I have questions

2017-05-14 07:11:45 UTC

Do you have screen shots?

2017-05-14 07:12:20 UTC

This is the email I just got from them. Admitting it's racist.

2017-05-14 07:12:36 UTC

Yeah I saved it, fine if I use it?

2017-05-14 07:12:50 UTC

I am just going to need to a bit more, that's....impossibl

2017-05-14 07:13:23 UTC

Even better, I'll send you the first email I sent them.

2017-05-14 07:13:29 UTC

Yup yup

2017-05-14 07:16:33 UTC

@Anita Bieverlekker Har! Nice job!

2017-05-14 07:16:57 UTC


2017-05-14 07:17:26 UTC

>Check your privilage

2017-05-14 07:17:27 UTC


2017-05-14 07:17:41 UTC

I know, right?? 😘

2017-05-14 07:17:49 UTC

I mean πŸ˜‚

2017-05-14 07:18:15 UTC

Check your hate privilege. Fucking cunts.

2017-05-14 07:23:30 UTC


2017-05-14 07:32:43 UTC

Anita when I can get a confirmation on that I'd like to do something in-depth. That sounds too fucking good to be true but it'll be out tomorrow

2017-05-14 07:34:22 UTC

I've got all the original emails. I can confirm anytime you want to.

2017-05-14 07:36:16 UTC

My instinct says to run it tomorrow and get a petition campaign going to apple

2017-05-14 07:36:52 UTC

I watched the first 7 minutes....I tried and then they did the race mixing for like way too long and it was too much

2017-05-14 07:37:13 UTC

They took a stab at the "free speech movement" I saw too, annoying

2017-05-14 07:37:23 UTC

Unpopular opinion but I value the alt-lite

2017-05-14 07:38:00 UTC

If you can confirm my real identity will be protected, I'll send you the email thread right now.

2017-05-14 07:38:29 UTC

I'm only remaining anon for my children.

2017-05-14 07:38:30 UTC

Yeah dude I'm ot in the busienss of doxing anyone besies Liam Tulbett

2017-05-14 07:38:33 UTC


2017-05-14 07:39:04 UTC
2017-05-14 07:39:45 UTC

I can even DM you my personal info as a safety measure if you want but it's pretty useless. I am childless and very public

2017-05-14 07:40:14 UTC

If you really want. I am pretty scared of snakes....so don't mail me a box of snakes

2017-05-14 07:41:35 UTC

I actually once mailed my buddy 1000 lady bugs for his birthday. You can just buy them on amazon

2017-05-14 07:43:55 UTC

So how long until Australia bans Mike from entering?

2017-05-14 07:45:19 UTC

2 days

2017-05-14 07:45:20 UTC

If you dox me I'll send you 100 lefties Canadians.

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