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2017-02-24 23:31:13 UTC

Do yo googles peepoos

2017-02-24 23:31:18 UTC

apparently theres one near me as well, and i got excited for a second that drmarcus might be closer than i thought haha

2017-02-24 23:31:30 UTC
2017-02-24 23:31:34 UTC


2017-02-24 23:31:35 UTC


2017-02-24 23:31:36 UTC


2017-02-24 23:31:45 UTC

@88showers @☇Unlimited Power☇ @c6%G cheesiest song ever... the lyrics are so retarded: https://youtu.be/fKMaYLpj8DM?t=16s

2017-02-24 23:32:13 UTC

Yea but we're the only ones that understand this kind of thing

2017-02-24 23:32:14 UTC

@☇Unlimited Power☇ i had tickets to see slowdive reunion before a breakup and ended up selling my tickets because i couldnt handle seeing them alone

2017-02-24 23:32:18 UTC

slowdive was our thing

2017-02-24 23:32:49 UTC

I'm going to see them in May.

2017-02-24 23:33:13 UTC

"Now how old are you? Where is your harbor? Have many things to do. Open the door! Yes I live so true, without my lover. But tell me if the sky is blue. How old are you?"

2017-02-24 23:33:17 UTC

@D'Marcus Liebowitz its literally the same thing as me and Jim on he fatherland being the only ones [email protected] understand low fi 20s/30s jazz

2017-02-24 23:33:18 UTC

i hope they come back around to my area. its been a couple years now

2017-02-24 23:33:20 UTC

You kidds

2017-02-24 23:33:32 UTC

@88showers I'm a huge big band, 40's fan

2017-02-24 23:34:01 UTC

"i saw the light of ray, but remember the days of my life. when the music plays, in your fantasy. In the moonlight time, I remember the games of my life"

2017-02-24 23:34:01 UTC

I start to drop off around the war years

2017-02-24 23:34:12 UTC

tfw im only 25 and a lil kid

2017-02-24 23:34:19 UTC

20-30s is where it's at

2017-02-24 23:34:34 UTC

@D'Marcus Liebowitz Didn't you send the fatherland a bunch of swing songs that they haven't used?

2017-02-24 23:34:49 UTC


2017-02-24 23:34:53 UTC


2017-02-24 23:34:58 UTC

@☇Unlimited Power☇ listen to the current

2017-02-24 23:35:01 UTC

That was me

2017-02-24 23:35:03 UTC

@88showers tell me this isn't a beautiful song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jO9gP_eF8H4

2017-02-24 23:35:09 UTC

Tfw your dad texts you and asks what the alt left is. Face palm.

2017-02-24 23:35:15 UTC

Jim and I were shitposting for a ehile

2017-02-24 23:35:16 UTC


2017-02-24 23:35:20 UTC

Was a lot of fun

2017-02-24 23:35:29 UTC


2017-02-24 23:35:32 UTC


2017-02-24 23:35:39 UTC

That must suck Eli

2017-02-24 23:36:12 UTC

Fucking Hanity

2017-02-24 23:36:17 UTC
2017-02-24 23:36:20 UTC

@D'Marcus Liebowitz that war jazz is just a little late for me

2017-02-24 23:36:28 UTC

There's a particular sound

2017-02-24 23:36:46 UTC

@Eli Mosley what about Hannity?

2017-02-24 23:36:49 UTC

And the war jazz is just a bit old fart in my opinion

2017-02-24 23:37:13 UTC

idk if thisll appeal to yall but this nigga one of my favorite people of all time

2017-02-24 23:37:59 UTC

Before the 50s all my music taste is classical music.

2017-02-24 23:38:22 UTC

He uses the term "alt left" every god damned night. I asked my dad where it came from and he said hanity talks about it. I've heard him use it. In this example, my dad said that I heard someone from the alt left was handing out Russian trump flags at cpac. He heard Richard was there though which is great.

2017-02-24 23:38:50 UTC

alt left is just antifa right?

2017-02-24 23:40:39 UTC

I've seen Hanity use it to describe everything from SJWs/Bernie supporters to antifa to any left news site that isn't main stream like a Salon or something. It's a pretty frustrating meme. My dad also said he heard that guy's speech on that alt right and he "didn't understand why the guy was lying about you guys (us)"

2017-02-24 23:41:03 UTC

your dad sounds like a cool guy

2017-02-24 23:42:45 UTC

He is redpilled on Puerto Rican's and blacks but he is a Christcuck who loves Jews. I've been working on it for awhile but he still gives NAXALT.

2017-02-24 23:43:30 UTC

I'm sitting here at the bar waiting for this girl to get here for a date right now and people are talking about Spencer across the bar lol.

2017-02-24 23:43:41 UTC

@Eli Mosley Check out the documentary Marching To Zion, it obliterates Christian Zionism

2017-02-24 23:43:46 UTC

hell yeah

2017-02-24 23:43:50 UTC

pastor anderson is incredible

2017-02-24 23:43:53 UTC

Yep I've shown it to him

2017-02-24 23:45:27 UTC

Keep working on him, a huge key is also destroying evangelicuck dispensationalist theology & the pre-trib rapture

2017-02-24 23:47:14 UTC

I've been arguing that he/my mom are literally fulfilling the antichrist and reformation of the Tower of Babel for awhile as well. Those who call themselves Jews but are the synagogue of Satan and all that stuff. He's 54 so it's just harder.

2017-02-24 23:49:28 UTC

Alright signing off for now. Preparing to hide all power levels for as long as possible. Maybe this chick won't leave midway because she brought up the "racist wall" and I said I'd like to throw them over. I'll be on after that though, gonna get some real drinking hours tonight.

2017-02-24 23:50:45 UTC


2017-02-24 23:52:55 UTC

Your going to hate me for this one

2017-02-24 23:53:14 UTC

Since we passed the 80s music

2017-02-24 23:53:28 UTC

But this one or 2 are legit good songs

2017-02-24 23:55:30 UTC

Can't touch that

2017-02-24 23:55:40 UTC

And I have one other to wrap it up

2017-02-25 00:05:07 UTC

They scrubbed this version

2017-02-25 00:05:22 UTC

I couldn't find it, used to be on jewtoob

2017-02-25 00:06:41 UTC

Terrible but awsome at the [email protected]

2017-02-25 00:06:50 UTC
2017-02-25 00:08:37 UTC

If you dont like this as just a decent song

2017-02-25 00:08:45 UTC

Then you have something wrong with you

2017-02-25 00:22:45 UTC

On another subject

2017-02-25 00:22:53 UTC

I found this breddy decent

2017-02-25 00:33:07 UTC

have you guys heard of this http://nobodytm.com

2017-02-25 00:34:40 UTC

@everyone come hangout in the voice channel

2017-02-25 00:36:48 UTC

@Bero yes

2017-02-25 00:37:21 UTC

Jared Taylor back in the late 80's lol https://youtu.be/uTp8AAx8SE4?t=39s

2017-02-25 00:39:41 UTC

Gimmie a bit Bella, I'll hop on.

2017-02-25 00:43:11 UTC

@D'Marcus Liebowitz When did AmRen start?

2017-02-25 00:44:10 UTC

Earliest vid from them I've seen was the Duke video in 2005 I think.

2017-02-25 00:44:58 UTC


2017-02-25 00:45:16 UTC

new single

2017-02-25 00:45:49 UTC

@D'Marcus Liebowitz wow what a find thank you for that

2017-02-25 00:46:07 UTC

I didn't know Taylor edited for pcmag

2017-02-25 00:46:47 UTC

@everyone Here at NiggKike Bar Mitzvah, we dedicate ourselves to satisfying our members with the best sperg-free white nationalist discussions on discord

2017-02-25 00:46:56 UTC
2017-02-25 00:47:11 UTC

True story

2017-02-25 00:47:13 UTC

that's a real good one

2017-02-25 00:48:44 UTC

▶ 🔘──────── 00:44

2017-02-25 00:50:12 UTC

The fuck?

2017-02-25 00:50:14 UTC


2017-02-25 00:50:15 UTC


2017-02-25 00:50:35 UTC

We were havin such a nice time

2017-02-25 00:50:44 UTC

And you had to remind us

2017-02-25 00:52:58 UTC


2017-02-25 00:54:01 UTC

That's hysterical 😂😂

2017-02-25 01:00:34 UTC

@D'Marcus Liebowitz lololol had no idea that Jared was editor of PC Magazine

2017-02-25 01:00:52 UTC

@SwiFT git up in da voice channooo

2017-02-25 01:07:42 UTC

pc magazine as in the computer mag?

2017-02-25 01:07:43 UTC

wew lad

2017-02-25 01:08:33 UTC

i really wanna do a WKKK of all my fav british music titled the eternal anglo

2017-02-25 01:08:45 UTC

but i dont want to make it if it isnt going to get posted lel

2017-02-25 01:09:20 UTC

Do iiit

2017-02-25 01:11:43 UTC

holy shit

2017-02-25 01:11:59 UTC

So good

2017-02-25 01:14:51 UTC

going to bed

2017-02-25 01:14:53 UTC

iti's been fun

2017-02-25 01:15:02 UTC


2017-02-25 01:21:39 UTC

Tell me

2017-02-25 01:21:43 UTC

You've all seen

2017-02-25 01:21:47 UTC

Danger 5

2017-02-25 01:27:18 UTC


2017-02-25 01:34:14 UTC

Real Mufugghen AIDies moozic

2017-02-25 01:36:33 UTC

We whites are fucked now lol

2017-02-25 01:37:14 UTC

Gonna make this tonight

2017-02-25 01:40:39 UTC

So Lana Del Rey is a witch and her and her buddies are gonna put a hex on Trump. Lol.

2017-02-25 01:48:38 UTC

holy shit someone else knows about electronic

2017-02-25 01:48:51 UTC

Great band

2017-02-25 01:49:01 UTC

one of the few supergroups i enjoy

2017-02-25 01:49:27 UTC


2017-02-25 01:49:43 UTC

The other is prolly Tin Machine

2017-02-25 01:51:49 UTC

I've been feelsposting all night

2017-02-25 01:52:02 UTC

I found a pretty depressing youtube channel

2017-02-25 01:52:13 UTC

pick yourself up with some shoegaze at full volume

2017-02-25 01:52:16 UTC

cant be sad if you cant hear

2017-02-25 01:52:30 UTC

See, like I said,.... a downsy version of the Roman Salute lol

2017-02-25 01:52:36 UTC

It's this old man who's son overdosed on heroin and died

2017-02-25 01:52:45 UTC

and then months later his mother did

2017-02-25 01:53:02 UTC

and he couldn't afford gravestones for either of them

2017-02-25 01:53:27 UTC

and he wanted to write a childrens book in memory of his son

2017-02-25 01:56:34 UTC

The thing I noticed is that his videos all have less than 50 views

2017-02-25 02:01:23 UTC

Hey, I'll be back

2017-02-25 02:01:52 UTC

@Bero ive been super depressed all week why you got to sad post :(

2017-02-25 02:03:01 UTC

Well tomorrow I need to come up with a plan to help this guy out

2017-02-25 02:03:31 UTC

how could you possibly, its not like youre insanely wealthy

2017-02-25 02:05:34 UTC

well maybe we could help set up some sort of webpage for him and try to get his videos more views than 50

2017-02-25 02:05:36 UTC


2017-02-25 02:05:56 UTC

If we get someone who is relatively big on twitter to share it it may just help

2017-02-25 02:06:11 UTC


2017-02-25 02:06:13 UTC

maybe pm wyatt

2017-02-25 02:06:17 UTC

he has a big following

2017-02-25 02:06:21 UTC

a lot of people here do actually

2017-02-25 02:06:29 UTC


2017-02-25 02:06:31 UTC


2017-02-25 02:07:19 UTC


2017-02-25 02:07:24 UTC


2017-02-25 02:11:29 UTC

Jewish Tranny = Minas Tirith

2017-02-25 02:17:41 UTC

Goddamn it, I was post cucked.. nig kike

2017-02-25 02:28:43 UTC

>tfw you start Loveless at full volume

2017-02-25 02:28:56 UTC

also woes stole my hair/beard 100%

2017-02-25 02:28:58 UTC

that asshole

2017-02-25 02:29:59 UTC

Punished Woes, a man denied his NEETspace.

2017-02-25 02:29:59 UTC

If this mic doesn't work I'm going to take it out on Borzoi

2017-02-25 02:30:24 UTC


2017-02-25 02:30:41 UTC

talking to other people is for nerds

2017-02-25 02:30:45 UTC

blow out your ear drums instead

2017-02-25 02:32:41 UTC

Did that already

2017-02-25 02:34:24 UTC

In honor of the movie I'm watching right now.

2017-02-25 02:35:35 UTC

Not enough bandwidth.

2017-02-25 02:35:38 UTC


2017-02-25 02:36:07 UTC


2017-02-25 02:41:14 UTC

i hope you guys are ready for all the rap albums coming out this year referencing richard spencer

2017-02-25 02:54:19 UTC

oy vey evil nazi with a pint of veebs


2017-02-25 02:54:26 UTC


2017-02-25 02:54:40 UTC
2017-02-25 02:54:49 UTC

Beer is a symbol of white supremacy

2017-02-25 02:54:50 UTC

Good pisser yeah @Brad's mobile

2017-02-25 02:54:54 UTC


2017-02-25 02:55:08 UTC

i pictured it being dirtier and more resembeling a viking stonghold

2017-02-25 02:55:14 UTC

the bar*

2017-02-25 02:55:36 UTC

Sup d'marcus from evening news

2017-02-25 02:55:56 UTC

tell that nigguh i said "what up cracka goy?"

2017-02-25 02:58:09 UTC

we even got actual cunts to show up


2017-02-25 02:58:13 UTC


2017-02-25 02:58:32 UTC

@Brad's mobile who them nigguz?

2017-02-25 02:58:45 UTC

Me and a fashy girl

2017-02-25 02:59:11 UTC

@Brad's mobile you dont look as skinny or young as you claim

2017-02-25 03:02:02 UTC

Is that your virgin waifu?

2017-02-25 03:03:10 UTC

brb goys

2017-02-25 03:04:39 UTC

No its not

2017-02-25 03:05:19 UTC

As i said vigin girl is a fuckin ancap

2017-02-25 03:06:25 UTC

Thas rite

2017-02-25 03:15:33 UTC

where TF eeeeery-one at Cuh' ?

2017-02-25 03:26:47 UTC


2017-02-25 03:45:20 UTC


2017-02-25 03:45:23 UTC

get in chat

2017-02-25 03:45:31 UTC


2017-02-25 03:49:04 UTC

My Taco Time is staffed by nothing but white people, in a neighborhood full of Hispanics, and it's the best Mexican food you can ever have

2017-02-25 03:49:41 UTC

White versions of ethnic food>>>>>authentic

2017-02-25 03:59:39 UTC

Interesting. @SwiFT

2017-02-25 04:01:22 UTC

I've been giving this some thought. I've been skimming health department records of violations in different cities. Regularly the violating restuarants are minority run restuarants.

2017-02-25 04:02:47 UTC

I think white people, when they cook, care more, therefore they have a propensity toward fresher food. Fresher food is better food. Better tasting, etc.

2017-02-25 04:04:53 UTC

Anything whites do is better. I'm convinced of this now.

2017-02-25 04:24:57 UTC

I'm here now, fam... thanx for having me

2017-02-25 04:45:31 UTC


2017-02-25 04:45:38 UTC


2017-02-25 05:32:33 UTC

@everyone aight we startin dis shiet up, git ya cracka goy asses in herr

2017-02-25 05:33:33 UTC

ardent rain = pale hom?

2017-02-25 05:33:42 UTC

Gonna have dinner before I jump back in

2017-02-25 05:57:50 UTC

But they can afford expensive shoes?

2017-02-25 06:00:50 UTC

I had a black college roommate...he literally had 12 pairs of shoes in the small closet.

2017-02-25 06:02:45 UTC

G'day m88s

2017-02-25 06:03:03 UTC


2017-02-25 06:05:51 UTC

I'm elsewhere right now

2017-02-25 06:07:13 UTC


2017-02-25 06:14:07 UTC

insert gassing joke here

2017-02-25 06:26:05 UTC

@FascistFather I tried some Jameson and didn't live it very much

2017-02-25 06:28:32 UTC

try it with coke. also if you are drinking it on the rocks, drink jameson black barrel

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