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2017-03-26 04:59:38 UTC


2017-03-26 04:59:48 UTC


2017-03-26 04:59:56 UTC


2017-03-26 05:00:02 UTC


2017-03-26 05:00:08 UTC

ok thats enough

2017-03-26 05:00:09 UTC


2017-03-26 05:00:15 UTC


2017-03-26 05:00:39 UTC


2017-03-26 05:00:50 UTC
2017-03-26 05:01:10 UTC

the birds

2017-03-26 05:01:26 UTC


2017-03-26 05:01:34 UTC


2017-03-26 05:01:39 UTC


2017-03-26 05:01:54 UTC

ok time to go find these ones of wyatts i wanted to save

2017-03-26 05:02:25 UTC

@BershaeS holy fuck that trump one is great

2017-03-26 05:03:14 UTC


2017-03-26 05:07:10 UTC


2017-03-26 05:07:47 UTC

Is that Mike enoch on the right?

2017-03-26 05:08:17 UTC


2017-03-26 05:08:32 UTC

lolol troll

2017-03-26 05:08:53 UTC

does t_d not know

2017-03-26 05:09:15 UTC

They're tards

2017-03-26 05:09:28 UTC

just omg white guy with based minority

2017-03-26 05:09:32 UTC


2017-03-26 05:11:12 UTC

"Look at this dank black guy in a Trump hat, fucking based!"

2017-03-26 05:13:06 UTC

Lol that comments section is funny

2017-03-26 05:13:31 UTC

@queenarchitect Some of them do lol

2017-03-26 05:19:29 UTC


2017-03-26 05:19:32 UTC

that is great

2017-03-26 05:20:02 UTC

i am back after disabling autism for rearranging meme folders and a twitter spurging.... @queenarchitect you were a victim

2017-03-26 05:20:20 UTC

lol i saw

2017-03-26 05:20:42 UTC


2017-03-26 05:20:48 UTC

Damn, looks like a good night in the chat, but I'm stuck in the casino

2017-03-26 05:20:52 UTC

lmao that one i pinned just got me a normie follower

2017-03-26 05:21:14 UTC

of the video of the birds i retweeted of yours

2017-03-26 05:21:23 UTC

i love when my fashie tweets get me normie followers

2017-03-26 05:21:30 UTC


2017-03-26 05:23:05 UTC

lol some account is currently liking all my stuff right now

2017-03-26 05:23:16 UTC

rip trying to read

2017-03-26 05:23:25 UTC


2017-03-26 05:29:19 UTC

RIP as in you are going to bed? bahahahah so many normies liking and retweeting

2017-03-26 05:39:21 UTC

where did everyone go

2017-03-26 05:39:31 UTC

oh everyone is in voice

2017-03-26 05:39:31 UTC

Get in tha chat

2017-03-26 05:39:55 UTC

fuck im starving, let me heat up some food and ill be in, and even mute myself so you dont hear me chewing

2017-03-26 05:40:07 UTC

tell Eli he's a chad

2017-03-26 05:40:14 UTC

lol be in in a few

2017-03-26 05:50:38 UTC

lol thanks dude, I'm signing off for a bit to write this daily stormer bit. If I need any help I'll let you goys know then but I should be good

2017-03-26 05:52:06 UTC

Thats the 2010-2014 report

2017-03-26 05:53:23 UTC

That's the 2010-2015 report

2017-03-26 05:54:10 UTC

The fuck kind of nose is this

2017-03-26 05:54:16 UTC


2017-03-26 05:54:31 UTC

Eternal anglo

2017-03-26 05:54:45 UTC

@Eli Mosley very well. <:zuckheil:283797212570451968>

2017-03-26 05:55:12 UTC

Jesus i.....i dont know

2017-03-26 05:59:32 UTC


2017-03-26 06:00:03 UTC


2017-03-26 06:00:22 UTC


2017-03-26 06:02:28 UTC


2017-03-26 06:07:45 UTC


2017-03-26 06:08:41 UTC

im eating so im just SPYING ON YALL MUHFUCKAS

2017-03-26 06:09:01 UTC


2017-03-26 06:09:23 UTC


2017-03-26 06:09:26 UTC


2017-03-26 06:09:42 UTC

it would be nuked from outerspace

2017-03-26 06:09:47 UTC

HIV positive LOL

2017-03-26 06:10:48 UTC


2017-03-26 06:13:00 UTC


2017-03-26 06:13:02 UTC


2017-03-26 06:13:42 UTC


2017-03-26 06:14:04 UTC

@Convo who are the tall goys?

2017-03-26 06:14:26 UTC


2017-03-26 06:14:35 UTC

Tomorrow, on Salting the Earth

2017-03-26 06:15:02 UTC

Damn you got quite the guest lineup this weekend @Caerulus_Rex

2017-03-26 06:15:30 UTC


2017-03-26 06:16:52 UTC

Some people actually do like talking to me sometimes @YUGE

2017-03-26 06:17:30 UTC


2017-03-26 06:18:46 UTC

@Caerulus_Rex not doubting, not noticing the stacked lineup.

2017-03-26 06:18:58 UTC

Third rail just downloaded, haven't listened yet

2017-03-26 06:22:20 UTC

Sorry goys my wife called me

2017-03-26 06:22:20 UTC

This week on the Krypto Report, Andrew Anglin explains why the ADL can't resist trying to bantz him back

2017-03-26 06:22:47 UTC

@Caerulus_Rex the winning doesn't stop

2017-03-26 06:23:04 UTC


2017-03-26 06:26:30 UTC


2017-03-26 06:26:49 UTC

@Soap Merchant what show do you have? I'd be interested in listening/watching/reading or whatever sort of stuff you do

2017-03-26 06:29:00 UTC
2017-03-26 06:32:33 UTC

@YUGE I feel you. I know 6 people who died from opioids, from accidental overdoses, or because they couldn't get off medication and committed suicide over feeling trapped by it. None were people i still interacted with still, but a few were very long-time and good friends from the past, I hate what opoids are doing to this country.

2017-03-26 06:32:53 UTC

or if it was @TrashyGutenberg who said that.

2017-03-26 06:33:10 UTC

had something else on got voices mixed up

2017-03-26 06:34:34 UTC

@Deleted User 1995538e it was me, I know several people as well.

2017-03-26 06:34:41 UTC

thought it was you

2017-03-26 06:34:47 UTC

just making sure.

2017-03-26 06:34:53 UTC

its not that the urbanites are lost, its that they are the hardest to fight for

2017-03-26 06:35:25 UTC

they are so comfortable that it takes a huge jolt for them to realize whats right and wrong

2017-03-26 06:36:41 UTC

but i guess since its so hard, its easy to say that they are just lost. and i say this as a person who grew up as an urbanite

@TrashyGutenberg It's not really about writing them off. It's would be better to invest time in non adicts. You would get better results.

2017-03-26 06:37:25 UTC

@Soap Merchant I agree, the sad part is the people who have had their lives ruined, and try to numb their suffering, and what if it's situational problems that genuinely can be addressed? I just don't like to generalize all of any group in regard to this epidemic, because people have different situations, and I refuse to simply write off entire groups of people, it coud be rural people, industrial workers, blue collar people

2017-03-26 06:38:08 UTC

And a lot of it starts because doctors throw addictive medication at people, then they cut them off, and they end up buying heroin and shit because its cheaper and they were turned into addicts by their doctors

2017-03-26 06:38:10 UTC

not everyone

2017-03-26 06:39:18 UTC

lol @Convo

2017-03-26 06:39:50 UTC

but i refuse to write off any entire group, and thing situations need to be evaluated more individually, but i'm not advocating making everyone spend their tax dollars, as @Soap Merchant is saying to fix them, but i just don't think a forced culling of people is the best solution if we are trying to preserve the white people of our country

2017-03-26 06:40:09 UTC

yeah i hear you

2017-03-26 06:40:32 UTC

right, it shouldn't be on tax payers to fix them

2017-03-26 06:41:44 UTC

Some of them can be given a chance to save themselves, but that's all. Many of these communities have already been shoah'ed, and the people that "live" there being "alive" is just a technicality.

2017-03-26 06:41:48 UTC


2017-03-26 06:41:54 UTC


2017-03-26 06:42:22 UTC

We just need to consider things like alcoholism as well, I don't want to condone drug use or addiction in any way, its just the problem is how do we get people to not become addicts? the ones who do become addicts are lost

2017-03-26 06:42:28 UTC

I get super fucking triggered when I go to my hometown

2017-03-26 06:42:31 UTC

ive been robbed by addicts before

2017-03-26 06:42:56 UTC

@Caerulus_Rex i dont blame you

2017-03-26 06:44:20 UTC

Fash life fitness camps

2017-03-26 06:44:25 UTC


2017-03-26 06:44:37 UTC

Fuck gibbs, put them in camps

2017-03-26 06:44:56 UTC

No drugs, no alcohol, no HFCS in the food. PT every day

2017-03-26 06:45:05 UTC

tattoo removals

2017-03-26 06:46:23 UTC

here's what i know with my education. The only drugs that will kill you from instant withdrawa and being cut off are GABA receptor antagonists, like hardcore alcoholism, hardcore benzodiazepine addiction, GHB, those are some of the only ones that will kill you being cut off cold turkey if you were a hardcore addict for a while

2017-03-26 06:46:23 UTC

id say all otheraddicts, dont try to treat them, like im against the methadone, suboxone clinics and shit

2017-03-26 06:46:24 UTC

should make them all just fucking suffer through their withdrawal

2017-03-26 06:46:45 UTC

they will live, feel the fucking torture, stop just hooking them on some other chemical

2017-03-26 06:47:52 UTC

everyone needs PT. @Caerulus_Rex I think sedentary lifestyles and the lack of people in society in general geting PT has caused so many of our social problems and mental health problems in the country. physical exhertion practically needs to be forced on people

2017-03-26 06:47:59 UTC

i agree with that shit

2017-03-26 06:52:13 UTC

cheers to @everyone for the intelligent conversation, lets just death squad the big dealers and such, gonna go on mute of sound for a while, but ill stay in, want to watch a few things but @Soap Merchant really enjoyed listening to you talk. I'll be back later if anyones still on

2017-03-26 06:58:56 UTC

soulds like something i need @Caerulus_Rex

2017-03-26 07:19:31 UTC


2017-03-26 07:24:29 UTC


2017-03-26 07:24:33 UTC


2017-03-26 07:28:12 UTC


2017-03-26 07:53:31 UTC

@FascistFather those are awesome rings

2017-03-26 07:55:35 UTC


2017-03-26 08:15:01 UTC

polish food is great

2017-03-26 08:16:41 UTC

vodka and sausage

2017-03-26 08:16:51 UTC

thats all the polish food i know of

2017-03-26 08:17:04 UTC

both great though

2017-03-26 08:17:46 UTC

So polish food is german sausage and russian vodka?

2017-03-26 08:17:51 UTC

borschok is good

2017-03-26 08:17:59 UTC

no its polish sausage and polish vodka

2017-03-26 08:18:11 UTC

honestly, not a huge fan of the polish sausage

2017-03-26 08:18:27 UTC

cube it, fry it up, put it in an omelette

2017-03-26 08:18:34 UTC


2017-03-26 08:18:38 UTC

insofar as western slavs the serbs and croats have good sausage and prΕ‘ut

2017-03-26 08:18:48 UTC

srpski kulen is magical

2017-03-26 08:18:53 UTC

serbs and croats arent western lol

2017-03-26 08:18:58 UTC

dalmatian prΕ‘ut is better than italian

2017-03-26 08:19:04 UTC

they are western slavs dude

2017-03-26 08:19:11 UTC

id call them southern

2017-03-26 08:19:21 UTC

it's a linguistic divide

2017-03-26 08:19:24 UTC

eastern slavs are like

2017-03-26 08:19:29 UTC

russia, ukraine, belarus

2017-03-26 08:19:42 UTC

west is poland, czechia, slovakia

2017-03-26 08:19:43 UTC

those languages are mutually intelligble

2017-03-26 08:19:53 UTC

polish and serbian both use the same verbs

2017-03-26 08:19:57 UTC

they can understand eachother easily

2017-03-26 08:20:12 UTC

@weev quick question: do you know of any way to pull data from txt tables into excel

2017-03-26 08:20:21 UTC


2017-03-26 08:20:40 UTC

i know freedom in serb is different from freedom in polish

2017-03-26 08:20:44 UTC

use sed and/or awk to add commas

2017-03-26 08:20:55 UTC

import it as a csv into excel

2017-03-26 08:20:56 UTC

wolnoΕ›Δ‡ vs слобода

2017-03-26 08:21:08 UTC


2017-03-26 08:21:16 UTC

srpski still has russkiy nouns a lot

2017-03-26 08:21:30 UTC

ill ask my polish friend

2017-03-26 08:21:34 UTC

that's very close to russian, freedom in russian is svoboda

2017-03-26 08:21:37 UTC

cheers will look into it

2017-03-26 08:22:01 UTC

hmm the cunts offline

2017-03-26 08:22:05 UTC

but like, say the word for understand

2017-03-26 08:22:10 UTC

in polish that is razumiem

2017-03-26 08:22:12 UTC

same in srpski

2017-03-26 08:22:16 UTC

in russian, punimayo

2017-03-26 08:22:42 UTC

more often on verbs srpski is on the western side

2017-03-26 08:23:09 UTC

zrozumieć is understand

2017-03-26 08:23:14 UTC

in polish

2017-03-26 08:23:34 UTC

or rozumieć

2017-03-26 08:23:49 UTC

similar i suppose

2017-03-26 08:24:32 UTC

still id consider them southern rather than western

2017-03-26 08:24:36 UTC

for other reasons

2017-03-26 08:24:56 UTC

hmmm i guess poles and serbs are pretty warlike

2017-03-26 08:25:05 UTC

what about czechs and serbs though

2017-03-26 08:25:22 UTC


2017-03-26 08:25:24 UTC


2017-03-26 08:25:36 UTC

fuck it w/e theyre western now

2017-03-26 08:29:26 UTC

on a cernovich vs. Louise Mensh debate:

2017-03-26 08:29:41 UTC

oh wonderful

2017-03-26 08:30:02 UTC

oi weev youre one of these russian spies that mensch is always talking about right?

2017-03-26 08:31:05 UTC

I'm a Russian spy.

2017-03-26 08:32:51 UTC

False. no, i can't speak Russian. My grandma did, and my dad used to when I was little but I don't remember any, only knew some

2017-03-26 08:35:55 UTC


2017-03-26 08:36:02 UTC

cyka blyat

2017-03-26 08:39:15 UTC


2017-03-26 08:41:17 UTC


2017-03-26 09:04:19 UTC


2017-03-26 09:05:10 UTC


2017-03-26 09:12:17 UTC

dat panel gap tho

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