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2018-09-04 07:45:37 UTC


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2018-09-05 20:11:06 UTC

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2018-09-06 11:42:53 UTC

Awesome values on the page

2018-09-06 11:44:09 UTC

@Eddiemaster91 Do the test and post your results πŸ‘

2018-09-06 11:47:24 UTC


2018-09-06 11:48:41 UTC

How do I share videos?

2018-09-06 11:48:42 UTC

GG @Eddiemaster91, you just advanced to level 3!

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2018-09-06 12:35:15 UTC

@Eddiemaster91 copy and paste the link of the video in videos.

2018-09-06 12:35:32 UTC

Thank you

2018-09-06 12:52:15 UTC

I have to redo that politiscale quiz and actually read the questions...some of them are so leading, and what's a sci-fi question doing in it

2018-09-06 13:17:36 UTC

"Scientific research" it's funny. I'm also gonna be doing mine again

2018-09-06 14:00:42 UTC

You know what..

2018-09-06 14:05:17 UTC


2018-09-07 12:51:45 UTC

@Eddiemaster91 wtf is a right wing populist.

2018-09-07 14:53:19 UTC

( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°)

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2018-09-18 16:17:02 UTC

Well then....

2018-09-18 16:20:10 UTC

I'm a centrist too, fascism is the true centrism. Look at my economy scale

2018-09-25 19:27:10 UTC


2018-09-25 19:27:27 UTC

Watch out, big brain coming through

2018-09-25 19:27:50 UTC

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2018-09-25 19:28:05 UTC

Hello fellow Fascist


2018-09-25 19:28:24 UTC

@Cal dude we need trees

2018-09-25 19:29:50 UTC

I mean, if you clearly explain the ecology stuff to me then I'm sure I'd vote in favour of the environment

2018-09-25 19:30:08 UTC


2018-09-25 19:30:47 UTC

Lmao why am I the second coming of Hoppe

2018-09-30 18:06:35 UTC


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2018-11-16 12:51:33 UTC

Interesting got lobbed with Argentine Dictator

2018-11-17 09:57:43 UTC


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2018-12-16 18:18:01 UTC

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2018-12-16 19:47:29 UTC

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2018-12-16 19:48:01 UTC

Why are there unironic neoliberals?

2018-12-16 19:49:11 UTC

@Rhodesiaboo you should see the memes from time to time on this server.

2019-01-04 14:30:02 UTC


2019-01-04 14:30:02 UTC


2019-02-09 11:56:33 UTC


2019-02-20 05:30:59 UTC

Guess I'm a Stalinist or a Fascist


2019-02-20 05:33:01 UTC


2019-02-20 05:33:05 UTC

Fuck the EFF

2019-02-20 05:33:42 UTC

The EFF and BLF are as much Socialists are Neo-Liberals arent Racist
I hope to god that they dont ever get ellected
Because they ahve no fucking idea what theyre doing
AWB was just a bunch of fucken farmers who just wanted to oppress blacks becasue some story book governs their lives
What we need in ZA is Either Communism or National Socialism, total obedience to the state
But not from some snot nosed piece of shit that only passed Matric like Malema or Whatever runs BLF
We need a European lead Communist movement

> Me in <#482333758931075072>

2019-02-20 05:34:13 UTC

The EFF and BLF are just jealous of White South Africans and their privilege in the new South African Republic

2019-02-20 05:34:28 UTC

There isnt a party in ZA taht I'd vote for

2019-02-20 05:34:40 UTC

Maybe Front Nasionaal or maybe BLF if they register

2019-02-20 05:34:56 UTC

Cause they'll cause instability the likes of which youve never seen

2019-02-20 05:35:06 UTC

Instability that shall lead to teh revolution

2019-02-20 05:35:09 UTC


2019-02-20 05:35:33 UTC

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2019-02-20 05:37:47 UTC

You do realize that NatSoc has alot of ties to Communism and leftist ideology right?

2019-02-20 05:39:14 UTC

Exactly as to why Communism is preferable

2019-02-20 05:39:14 UTC

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2019-02-20 05:43:37 UTC


2019-02-20 05:43:40 UTC

Like I said

2019-02-20 05:43:47 UTC

What is wrong with Totalitarianism

2019-02-20 05:43:57 UTC

We ahs humans are incapable of goiverning ourselves

2019-02-20 05:45:39 UTC

Silver lining in there is ***usually***

2019-02-20 05:45:50 UTC

And yes it does end in corruption

2019-02-20 05:46:36 UTC

But by then the deed wouldve been done and we will never again return to Capitalism

2019-02-20 05:46:56 UTC

What do you think the British Empire is

2019-02-20 05:47:07 UTC

What do you think the French Empire was?

2019-02-20 05:47:27 UTC

Imperialist in Nature, Totalitarian in reality

2019-02-20 05:47:41 UTC

Ruled by a single man

2019-02-20 05:47:52 UTC

No chance of getting someone else

2019-02-20 05:48:55 UTC

Still colonies

2019-02-20 05:49:13 UTC

Which I have nmo problem with though

2019-02-20 05:49:24 UTC

Strong nations must overtake weaker ones

2019-02-20 05:49:58 UTC

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2019-02-20 05:49:58 UTC


2019-02-20 05:50:12 UTC

Apartheid was a system that predates 1948

2019-02-20 05:50:32 UTC

Put in place by the brit, Cecil Rhodes

2019-02-20 05:50:55 UTC

I do hope he has family that still live today, I'd gladly skin them alive

2019-02-20 05:51:07 UTC

For the horrors they did to Africa

2019-02-20 05:51:27 UTC

A Stalinist

2019-02-20 05:51:45 UTC


2019-02-20 05:52:14 UTC

End his bloodline atleast

2019-02-20 05:52:32 UTC

We need to burry that piece of himan shit

2019-02-20 05:52:38 UTC

In history

2019-02-20 05:53:06 UTC

Put him on a pedestal as the most evil and vile of human beings

2019-02-20 05:53:24 UTC

On par with Adolf Hitler

2019-02-20 05:53:38 UTC

Stalin ruled Russia with an Iron Fist

2019-02-20 05:53:43 UTC

Because it was necassary

2019-02-20 05:54:12 UTC

He took over power when Russia had but a Plough and left it as the second most powerful and largest nation on Earth

2019-02-20 05:54:39 UTC


2019-02-20 05:54:55 UTC

If youre the only party theres nothing to stop you

2019-02-20 05:55:00 UTC

Nobody to stop you

2019-02-20 05:55:14 UTC

You can do as you please with your nation, advance it as far as youd like

2019-02-20 05:55:24 UTC

And thats exactly what Stalin did

2019-02-20 05:55:45 UTC

The Public in Russia had about as much of a say as the Whites have in RSA

2019-02-20 05:55:52 UTC

He might have

2019-02-20 05:56:01 UTC

But then again he took Eastern Europe and Berlin

2019-02-20 05:56:15 UTC

And his army killed 8 out of every 11 Germans in the Great Patriotic War

2019-02-20 05:56:39 UTC

Becasue Ukraine deserved it for not submitting to Communism

2019-02-20 05:56:52 UTC

They do though

2019-02-20 05:57:32 UTC

80 mil might be twice the population of RSA, but Germany has alot more arable land than RSA does

2019-02-20 05:57:37 UTC

Aka the Karoo

2019-02-20 05:57:46 UTC


2019-02-20 05:57:49 UTC


2019-02-20 05:59:25 UTC

Germany had a Standing army of about 15mil men

2019-02-20 05:59:31 UTC

Which is incredible

2019-02-20 06:00:10 UTC

14 800 000 exactly

2019-02-20 06:00:26 UTC

I didnt just get that number from Wikipedia :^)

2019-02-20 06:41:18 UTC

The Germans were ridiculous

2019-02-20 06:41:18 UTC

GG @Deleted User, you just advanced to level 4!

2019-02-20 06:41:42 UTC

Why would you kill and exterminate 12 million people if you could work them to death?

2019-02-20 06:46:26 UTC

Fucking Germans and their ultra high standards of manufacturing lmfao

2019-02-23 00:16:11 UTC

GG @Shinobu Daisuki, you just advanced to level 1!

2019-03-02 09:52:13 UTC


2019-03-17 19:12:50 UTC

Wow dude did you have a stroke or something? Chill out

2019-03-19 05:05:15 UTC

What do you mean, it's a joke, why so serious?

2019-03-19 05:05:15 UTC

GG @Scope Andersson, you just advanced to level 4!

2019-03-21 20:16:02 UTC

Haha not you mate

2019-03-21 20:16:16 UTC
2019-03-21 20:16:21 UTC

The boerguy ou

2019-03-21 20:31:46 UTC

Oh OK lol, I was like, it wasn't offensive or anything.

2019-03-23 04:49:13 UTC

It was funnyπŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

2019-03-24 07:00:12 UTC

Its common sense

2019-03-24 07:00:15 UTC

Hitler had none

2019-03-24 07:00:17 UTC


2019-03-24 08:04:33 UTC

Nazis didnt like teh Free Market

2019-03-24 08:04:35 UTC

At all

2019-03-24 08:27:04 UTC

guess I'm a nazi


2019-03-27 14:19:09 UTC


2019-04-12 20:34:06 UTC


2019-04-14 13:28:26 UTC


2019-06-25 15:02:09 UTC

@everyone check ou DA leader mmusi maimanes speech https://youtu.be/RaKNg0xVux4

2019-08-23 12:43:16 UTC


2019-08-23 12:43:42 UTC


2019-08-23 12:46:13 UTC

Dont confuse me for a Christian Communist/Socialist either, I am for the opinion that Christianity should play a key role in a nation's economy

2019-08-23 12:54:23 UTC


2019-08-23 13:40:06 UTC

I am of the opinion that:

2019-08-23 13:40:07 UTC

GG @Deleted User, you just advanced to level 1!

2019-08-23 13:40:09 UTC

- The Economy should be centered around Christianity.

- We should never ever allow non-white-germanics into our nation and that it should be engrained into our constitution that this law must never be amended or abolished, doing so would signify a call to arms from the Civilian population against the state, for it has been compromised.
- You shall only be allowed into our nation-state, if you have something to contribute.
- Blasphemy will lead to severe punishment and even death if called for.
- Public Executions shall become the main form of enacting the death penalty and that there will be mandatory participation form the Community that the damned is from. (You will witness the criminal be executed if he is from your area.)
- Law shall also be centered around Christianity (10 commandments, The Book of Timothy, Corinthians and Romans.)

- Schools will be required to prepare the youth for Military conscription.
- Teaching them basic trades will be required and be their main goal.
- Pledging your allegiance to folk and state will be mandatory.
- Schools shall pray at every assembly and then sing the National Anthem.

- There will be mandatory military service for 3 years, after these 3 years you will then be allowed to obtain firearms, if you support the state.
- The military shall defend its borders and only attack when threatened in any way what so ever.

2019-08-23 13:40:21 UTC

- Only supporters of the State should be allowed to own firearms and these firearms can be anything from Machineguns, to Rocket Launchers, Mortars, etc.
- You must belong to a Protestant Church and you must go to Church every Sunday. If you follow another form of Christianity(Catholicism, Mormonism, Orthodoxy, etc), you will not be persecuted the same way that you would be if you were Atheist or Muslim.
- The only form of Democracy given to you, should be choosing the cabinet members.
Communism, Liberalism of any kind, Atheism, Islam, Judaism, Agnosticism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Paganism of any kind are to be banned.
- The Nation state shall be isolationist in nature when it comes to any and all forms of forms of media.

2019-08-23 14:04:36 UTC


2019-08-23 14:07:43 UTC


2019-08-24 13:14:22 UTC


2019-08-24 13:19:20 UTC


2019-08-24 13:30:20 UTC


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