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2018-11-20 18:40:23 UTC


2018-11-20 18:41:45 UTC

600mbs fibre for R899

2018-11-20 18:51:31 UTC


2018-11-20 18:52:03 UTC


2018-11-20 19:05:01 UTC

@Rendier Doesnt that fence represent privatization? The reason they are behind the fence is because they aren't buying a ticket to the game like everyone else.

2018-11-20 19:05:28 UTC


2018-11-20 19:05:29 UTC

GG @Cal, you just advanced to level 13!

2018-11-20 19:09:49 UTC

Mixed signals inst it, Sunday he talks about privatizing eskom as a solution to not draining the tax money, but then here he essentially wants to say that barrier is a problem, so leans back to state controlled "game/field" whatever so that everyone can access it, then what, Government runs into the ground and he proposes that fence come back? What's your thoughts on this? @Cal

2018-11-20 19:16:53 UTC

I find that's a running theme in the DA tbh

2018-11-20 19:17:09 UTC

One half wants BEE, others don't

2018-11-20 19:17:57 UTC

They say they want "land reform" but you have figures of the party denouncing it

2018-11-20 19:25:38 UTC

Of course I'm not saying that he's bad or anything, just something to think about

2018-11-20 19:31:45 UTC

I think youve kinda overshot what he was saying

2018-11-20 19:32:58 UTC

In my opinion it and dont know what he meant it simply that meritocracy is the best policy nothing to do with communism or capitalism

2018-11-20 19:34:27 UTC

I just think some things should be face value i doubt that cartoon is trying to represent whole economic systems

2018-11-20 19:34:48 UTC

it is being used as such, so criticism is fair

2018-11-20 20:30:12 UTC


2018-11-20 20:52:52 UTC

I like how that gif is a perfect loop. So satisfying.

2018-11-20 21:53:12 UTC

Right? Lol @spursfan82

2018-11-20 22:42:23 UTC

Guys...I'm a crypto-sexual now

2018-11-21 00:54:48 UTC

@ZombieQueen That gif is a perfect depiction of me πŸ€¦πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

2018-11-21 02:08:18 UTC


2018-11-21 02:15:59 UTC

Wow.. lol

2018-11-21 02:27:06 UTC

They’re light up as well apparently

2018-11-21 03:53:23 UTC

Why bother pimpin out Crocs? Lmfao

2018-11-21 03:53:36 UTC

That's what I find puzzling. Heh.

2018-11-21 08:33:41 UTC

@Rendier ☝🏻

2018-11-21 08:36:06 UTC

It's always the wealthy elites that look down upon the hardworking poor and middle class and tell them that everything they have earned in life is because they have white skin. <:REE:491738368791543809>

2018-11-21 10:05:12 UTC

Alot of good that white skin does for the white folk in poverty hey... I guess they must not be white then? Lol...

2018-11-21 10:05:59 UTC

A Privilege genome perhaps? Lol

2018-11-21 11:39:44 UTC

Yeah. Imagine growing up in a poor household, leaving school then getting a job as a tradesman working shifts in some awful factory. Saving every penny and working hard so that your kids can have the chance at a better life. Only to be told by some wealthy radio presenter or some academic that everything you've ever earned, all your achievements were handed to you because you are white.
Fuck, how demoralising is that?

2018-11-21 11:46:09 UTC

I'm a white male. Currently 25 years old, waiting to get my $500,000/year CEO job without trying because I'm a white male. My privilege should kick in any minute now.

2018-11-21 11:47:25 UTC


2018-11-21 11:54:28 UTC

is that $500,000 before of after the government robs yo.... i mean takes their share to help the people

2018-11-21 12:14:10 UTC

@spursfan82 I do actually think it's an attempt to demoralise.. It's not logically plausible even that the pigment in your skin has any bearing on your success at all.

2018-11-21 12:14:18 UTC

If you believe in white privelage then you won't mind expropriating some of your wealth to share it with us?

2018-11-21 12:15:42 UTC

Seeing as your privelage is so unbearable. Lessen the load by sharing.

2018-11-21 12:16:58 UTC

Good thing my privilege is bearable though.

2018-11-21 12:18:19 UTC

Thats the thing i see with the majority of white people talking about white privelage. "We are privelaged because of our pigments" but im still going to keep all my money.

2018-11-21 12:20:29 UTC

Yeah it's the same as those who say borders should be open, all the while they have huge walls and security.

2018-11-21 12:21:20 UTC

You can't take these virtue signaling deceiving assholes seriously, ever.

2018-11-21 12:22:07 UTC

"We hated apartheid" - lives in privelaged white majority communities.

2018-11-21 12:25:41 UTC

Lol yeah all the same people I guess

2018-11-21 12:28:06 UTC

If you are white and you have money and privelage and you go buy a house in mannenberg. Then i will believe you.
But if you have a fancy ass job, driving a nice car. Have a lanie house, decent medical aid and a massive fence around your house. Then you are just gorreling kak.

2018-11-21 12:29:45 UTC

theres nothing more unappealing than white guilt. lol.

2018-11-21 12:30:32 UTC

It's not ok to be white.
It's great to be white.

2018-11-21 12:30:51 UTC

Lol true, actually met a black oke dissing other blacks for the same thing essentially. Was kak funny seeing that go down.

2018-11-21 12:35:40 UTC

people are so averse to whites just feeling "ok" about being white. Any expression of pride in your race will just cause outrage.

2018-11-21 12:36:29 UTC

The "It's ok to be white" meme campaign exposed a lot

2018-11-21 12:37:18 UTC

Lol well I think pride in anything you didn't choose to do or be is pointless, and just a means to claim unearned credit.

2018-11-21 12:37:37 UTC

Im so white when i look at a doring boom it automatically turns into a braai. Poof magic.

2018-11-21 12:40:26 UTC

Yeah that okay to be white campaign indeed exposed actual hate and racism

2018-11-21 12:41:12 UTC

@Sheamus it is pointless - but if just being "ok" = white supremacist.
Imagine what saying "it's great to be white" would =

2018-11-21 12:44:47 UTC

Yeah it's okay to be white is one thing, to be proud of being white is another thing. More often than not I see plenty white okes taking credit for inventions and creations they never created or contributed to at all, which I think is unfair to those who actually did create or contribute to it in the first place, to watered down to the skin colour. If this makes sense at all?

2018-11-21 12:46:19 UTC

Makes sense. It's collectivism. Whichever way it swings is bad.

2018-11-21 12:47:38 UTC

Precisely, in principle they are the same, equally bad. Hypocrisy and all that. I guess individuality is a high IQ topic, too complex for the simple minded.

2018-11-21 12:49:18 UTC

surely its just an average IQ topic though?

2018-11-21 12:49:22 UTC


2018-11-21 12:54:33 UTC

Lol you would think so..

2018-11-21 12:55:37 UTC


2018-11-21 15:07:56 UTC


2018-11-21 15:10:38 UTC

I've noticed a trend with western communists

2018-11-21 15:11:02 UTC

almost all of them are people who went to college and majored in a degree in something like gender studies or art, then they have $30K+ debt and can't get a job

2018-11-21 15:37:21 UTC

Makes me wonder why they chose that field to begin with...

2018-11-21 15:47:36 UTC

Literal good for nothings who can't cut it

2018-11-21 16:00:01 UTC

Yeah I'm thinking the same, too afraid to take the challenge. So they take the Mickey Mouse subjects lol short term pleasure and long term struggling... While the slim okes do the short term struggle with the hard subjects and enjoy the long term pleasure of being fruitful.

2018-11-21 16:01:35 UTC

Lmao why is gender studies even a thing

2018-11-21 16:09:47 UTC

Fck knows honestly, it has no place anywhere in reality. It seems to me to be a means to brainwash and reprogram students to think differently to be delinquents, which it's achieving with what seems to be rather much success.

2018-11-21 16:16:45 UTC

Intersectional veganism

2018-11-21 16:17:10 UTC

<:Willem:480047627367350294> Love you

2018-11-21 16:18:17 UTC

Ugh veganism.. Another topic that cultivates delinquency.

2018-11-21 17:18:28 UTC

Lol jeez must be a very important video for the person

2018-11-21 17:18:33 UTC

@Meerkat_RSA mee i posted it everywhere

2018-11-21 17:18:42 UTC

It addresses our country

2018-11-21 17:19:06 UTC

The reality of what is happening

2018-11-21 17:20:38 UTC

@Rjuglall okay say you posted in funny also but a video like that ain't funny

2018-11-21 17:21:16 UTC

I know just wanted everyone to see it thats why

2018-11-21 17:21:16 UTC

GG @Rjuglall, you just advanced to level 1!

2018-11-21 17:21:48 UTC

I dont think the british are coming back to save us.

2018-11-21 17:22:38 UTC


2018-11-21 17:22:41 UTC

They have their own problems, can't expect them to fix our problems

2018-11-21 17:29:12 UTC

lol Theresa May said he completely, 100% supports land expropriation

2018-11-21 17:29:15 UTC

they aren't going to help at all

2018-11-21 17:29:32 UTC

if anything, they're going to help the ANC go against the people

2018-11-21 17:31:37 UTC

Yeah was going to add, if they going to help, it won't be us lol.. I'd much rather they stay out of our business.

2018-11-21 17:48:01 UTC


2018-11-21 17:55:34 UTC

he's staying in Durban and chose a hotel that faces a tyre store?

2018-11-21 17:56:31 UTC

the dude should take a walk one block into the city away from the beachfront.

2018-11-21 17:57:30 UTC

lol yeah

2018-11-21 18:00:22 UTC

He found is wakanda

2018-11-21 18:00:34 UTC


2018-11-21 18:01:08 UTC


2018-11-21 18:01:14 UTC

I'm thinking as well he is trying to sell it off like it's wakanda lol

2018-11-21 18:01:35 UTC

yeah, he sounds so impressed/surprised at all the tall buildings

2018-11-21 18:02:51 UTC

he was probably going there thinking it would just be mud huts or something

2018-11-21 18:03:19 UTC

that's one thing I noticed in the UK, a lot of people that I've spoken to think almost all buildings are mud huts

2018-11-21 18:06:12 UTC

well most foreigners usualy describe it like a game reserve lol, they usually see friends and colleagues at the game reserves, and get the impression it's mostly like that yeah lol... I remember back in 2010 with the world cup, i overheard some foreigners thoughts on the city being constructed just for the world cup lol

2018-11-21 18:06:41 UTC

Meanwhile, the huts are actually made of corrugated tin sheets... silly foreigners

2018-11-21 18:07:23 UTC

road signs as well


2018-11-21 18:08:51 UTC

isnt that illegal, and considered vandalism of government property

2018-11-21 18:08:58 UTC

sorry, i mean tax payers money

2018-11-21 18:09:46 UTC

it probably is, and I don't think whoever built that cares

2018-11-21 18:10:16 UTC

haha thats funny though

2018-11-21 18:10:30 UTC

yeah i dont think anyone really seems to care to be honest... not like that person would be able to pay the fine lol

2018-11-21 18:13:49 UTC

thats the kinda stuff tourists eat up

2018-11-21 18:14:45 UTC

Actually Durban is 15.3% White so 99.1% black is impossible

2018-11-21 18:27:20 UTC

@Meerkat_RSA yes and that's not even counting the indians lol, this is how people are mislead really... Now I am waiting for that argument from a foreigner that uses Durban as an achievement like it's wakanda lol.

2018-11-21 18:39:37 UTC


2018-11-21 18:40:43 UTC

lol perfect πŸ‘Œ I was waiting for this lol

2018-11-21 18:55:54 UTC


2018-11-21 19:07:30 UTC

gonna be hard for EFF supporters to defend that. Pieter Howes?

2018-11-21 19:07:51 UTC

JuJu is known for his flip flops
He likes bitches with tight tops

2018-11-21 19:08:41 UTC

from my german mates, this is the spastica, the autistic swastica


2018-11-21 19:08:59 UTC

Where is the sound

2018-11-21 19:09:07 UTC


2018-11-21 19:11:10 UTC

@Rendier on Android you sound go to settings and set hangouts links to be open by the app. I think

2018-11-21 19:15:24 UTC


2018-11-21 19:25:19 UTC

@Apollo is jy dronk?

2018-11-21 19:30:17 UTC

"Apartheid was wrong and should have never happened"

Okay, let's assume it did not happen.

1948, the Brits lose the elections, Nationalists should have done what?

2018-11-21 19:30:18 UTC

GG @Klipkop (Clip-Cop), you just advanced to level 5!

2018-11-21 19:31:02 UTC

Will EWC also take away our whamen? (Joke)

2018-11-21 19:32:30 UTC
2018-11-21 19:34:28 UTC

Well if you look at the bible a wahmen is a mans property...... So you might be onto something.

2018-11-21 19:35:00 UTC

God over Christ, Christ over man, man over women, women over children.

2018-11-21 19:35:22 UTC

Might get some guys out of a bind.

2018-11-21 19:35:27 UTC

I am finishing my matric

2018-11-21 19:36:08 UTC

@Rendier raak dr in beide?

2018-11-21 19:36:14 UTC

Meerkat distinction with an avg grade of 45%

2018-11-21 19:37:11 UTC

Might qualify for DA politics. Jk

2018-11-21 19:37:19 UTC


2018-11-21 19:38:20 UTC

SA president material boet. Bright future ahead.

2018-11-21 19:38:30 UTC

I might send my cv for DA youth League as an last resort

2018-11-21 19:39:30 UTC

The sad thing is you might end up as the brightest oke in parliament.

2018-11-21 19:39:48 UTC

Thats no joke.

2018-11-21 19:39:50 UTC

Maybe Afriforu Youth

2018-11-21 19:40:27 UTC

Afriforum don't need people that smart.
Over qualified

2018-11-21 19:40:27 UTC

@Rendier how much does a new DA youth League member get?

2018-11-21 19:41:22 UTC

I need access.

2018-11-21 19:41:32 UTC

For Netflix

2018-11-21 19:41:49 UTC

My parents believes in fokken dstv

2018-11-21 19:42:12 UTC

@Rendier Rami Malek is amazing

2018-11-21 19:42:47 UTC

He will have an Oscar and an Emmy then

2018-11-21 19:44:00 UTC

That track is dope

2018-11-21 19:46:54 UTC

Night all. Business exam Tommorow

2018-11-21 19:49:11 UTC
2018-11-21 19:49:58 UTC
2018-11-21 19:50:37 UTC
2018-11-21 20:06:04 UTC


2018-11-21 20:06:27 UTC

New Zealand

2018-11-21 20:06:35 UTC


2018-11-21 20:07:24 UTC


2018-11-21 20:09:16 UTC


2018-11-21 20:10:31 UTC


2018-11-21 20:11:02 UTC


2018-11-21 20:12:55 UTC


2018-11-21 20:12:59 UTC



2018-11-21 20:14:18 UTC


2018-11-21 20:14:55 UTC


2018-11-21 22:36:06 UTC

Sickeningly deplorable human being she is with shockingly limited knowledge and perspective in regards to homelessness... I honestly can't believe how many actually liked\agreed with her overwhelmingly idiotic statement. 🀒 @spursfan82 Ironically her privilege is showing...


2018-11-22 00:46:23 UTC

Yeah, those white people living on the streets are extremely privileged

2018-11-22 00:48:48 UTC

Tell me about it.. Lol Homeless and probably hungry #Privileged

2018-11-22 01:01:59 UTC

I just saw a bizarre tv advert for mission impossible 4 that said I could download it and keep it, but it didn’t say where I could download it from or how much if anything at all

2018-11-22 05:51:43 UTC

@ZombieQueen yup, she is one of these soulless beings that has no empathy. A narcissist.

2018-11-22 06:08:44 UTC


2018-11-22 06:09:36 UTC


2018-11-22 06:52:12 UTC


2018-11-22 10:40:33 UTC

The Joe Rogan Podcast introduced me to Michael Malice
His podcast is great!


2018-11-22 10:43:04 UTC

The typo is intentional πŸ˜ƒ

2018-11-22 11:53:31 UTC

@AndeB wil jy voice chat join?

2018-11-22 13:11:40 UTC


2018-11-22 15:41:01 UTC

@Meerkat_RSA join voice chat

2018-11-22 16:35:55 UTC

Will be live with Athol at 7PM - https://youtu.be/BjumYTDTfcM

2018-11-22 17:56:03 UTC

@Klipkop (Clip-Cop) hkm het jy meer as een Twitter accounts

2018-11-22 17:56:27 UTC

@AndeB jy moet eers registreer

2018-11-22 17:57:36 UTC

@AndeB kom ons begin die POES party

2018-11-22 17:59:10 UTC


2018-11-22 18:00:03 UTC

@AndeB wtf was dit?

2018-11-22 18:01:42 UTC

@Rendier waar kan ek opsign vir DA jeag lega

2018-11-22 18:04:23 UTC


2018-11-22 18:05:52 UTC

@Apollo Fen heral

2018-11-22 18:09:37 UTC

@Rendier laas jaar na black Friday van helfde was Checkers se trollies op gefok

2018-11-22 18:17:33 UTC

African National Communist

2018-11-22 18:20:31 UTC

@Rendier 1912 is reg. As apartheid gebeur het nie sal ANC nie so baie stemme gekry nie want hul hoof campaign was die fight against apartheid.

2018-11-22 18:24:13 UTC

@Rendier ek is half pad met donkerland

2018-11-22 18:24:56 UTC

dit is great ne @Meerkat_RSA

2018-11-22 18:25:09 UTC


2018-11-22 18:27:10 UTC

@Rendier en dit Britte het ook n hand gehaad toe slegs vir die wittes goud en minerale gegee en niks vir die nie-blankes.

2018-11-22 18:28:54 UTC


2018-11-22 18:29:58 UTC

❀ Gwen Ngwenya

2018-11-22 18:35:23 UTC


2018-11-22 18:35:37 UTC

@Rendier Bcash Bcash Bcash

2018-11-22 18:36:23 UTC

Bcash Bcash Bcash Bcash Bcash Bcash Bcash

2018-11-22 18:36:49 UTC

@Apollo Bitcoin is a PONZI SCHEME, don' buy into it!

2018-11-22 18:36:53 UTC

@Rendier moer goeie tyd om te koop IN MY OPINIE

2018-11-22 18:37:59 UTC

@Rendier maybe Bcash will die thanks to this civil war

2018-11-22 18:39:48 UTC

@Rendier make a expose video on initiative q

2018-11-22 18:42:09 UTC

@Rendier dan is die weer altyd lekker hier. Want ons het altyd fokken krieke

2018-11-22 18:45:55 UTC

Daar is altyd sulke fokker wat dit uit die bloute sΓͺ waar dit nie op toepassing is nie.

2018-11-22 18:48:06 UTC

Daar is altyd sulke fokker...

2018-11-22 18:49:44 UTC

@Rendier Kaaplanders se ook Christian

2018-11-22 18:52:09 UTC

@Rendier my appendix removal last year was like R10K.

2018-11-22 18:55:54 UTC

It didn't burst but was close.

2018-11-22 18:56:56 UTC


2018-11-22 18:57:14 UTC

There is one gender...

2018-11-22 18:57:33 UTC

Let me hear this potentially valuable information.

2018-11-22 18:59:57 UTC


2018-11-22 19:02:19 UTC


2018-11-22 19:04:10 UTC

@Rendier ek gaan daai my ringtone maak

2018-11-22 19:39:27 UTC


2018-11-22 19:49:08 UTC

@Rendier watse boek het hy oor gepraat in die begin hyt op ge breek toe hy dit se?dankie btw was baie interessant

2018-11-22 19:55:16 UTC

when is the debate happening between kaaplander and renaldo?

2018-11-22 20:11:44 UTC

And updates on the Stefan Moly debate?

2018-11-22 20:24:58 UTC

You can't spell police without "Lice". Thats why they were going for the hairπŸ€”

2018-11-22 20:27:38 UTC

what's the story there?

2018-11-22 20:42:32 UTC


I know this video has been posted a lot here. But Ernst killed it here, he's an absolute master at these debates.

2018-11-22 20:43:30 UTC

Plus, the video thumbnail makes me laugh.

2018-11-22 20:43:31 UTC

Oof.. Unnecessary to use such force.. Rude.. @RaRi

2018-11-22 20:44:05 UTC

If i was that lady i would sue for wrongful arrest and police brutality.

2018-11-22 20:45:36 UTC

Get that Christmas box.

2018-11-22 20:47:47 UTC

It's just...not protocol.. You don't "hold" or "secure" people by the hair, and you don't shove them into the back of the vehicle. It's just uncalled for and unprofessional..I hate it when people with power take out their own personal shit or bias out on the apprehended...

2018-11-22 20:48:10 UTC

Happens too much here in America.

2018-11-22 20:49:25 UTC

I've had a few encounters with the police here in SA. One thing i can say is. Treat them with respect and you will get respect in return.

2018-11-22 20:50:57 UTC

Agree, the worst thing you can do is be cocky or disrespectful

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