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2017-04-12 01:01:32 UTC

Thread for discussing scheduling voice chat meet ups

2017-04-12 01:01:37 UTC

2017-04-12 01:02:26 UTC

Personally I think we should aim to have weekly voice chat meet ups in between irl meetings

2017-04-12 01:02:55 UTC

Potentially we could use the app Signal to do this instead of Discord if there are concerns about the security of the discussion

2017-04-12 01:03:17 UTC

What are @everyone 's thoughts on this?

2017-04-12 01:30:05 UTC


2017-04-13 04:34:03 UTC


2017-04-16 02:01:18 UTC

@everyone want to do this every Saturday afternoon?

2017-04-16 02:02:31 UTC

the kikes and their minions can hear anything they really want to

2017-04-16 02:03:54 UTC

Pretty much. I work Saturdays, but I may be able to hop on if my break time lines up with everyone

2017-04-16 17:22:59 UTC

I support it

2017-04-17 16:48:41 UTC

DatGoy has a good point that chats need to keep yo same discipline as online and IRL. Keep your hands clean, no silly jokes that could be interpreted as threats.

2017-04-17 16:48:53 UTC


2017-04-18 22:44:54 UTC

@everyone Anyone have any input or what time Saturdays would be ideal or should I just put something out and whoever makes it makes it? πŸ˜†

2017-04-18 23:01:08 UTC

Id do that Uber.

2017-04-18 23:01:45 UTC

Noonish work for people? Maybe afternoon?

2017-04-19 03:52:56 UTC

We should do it while at Jimmys on Saturday. 3pm. Just an idea.

2017-06-27 21:08:30 UTC

I Propose A date in the next 5 days

2017-06-27 21:08:54 UTC

if we can't meet in person (since most missed June SS) we should voicesperg

2017-06-27 21:09:24 UTC

After action of the flagocaust, of the expo (for <#314534900839612416> ) and what not

2017-07-02 01:52:56 UTC

100% on board especially considering the long weekend

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