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2017-07-31 15:32:47 UTC

Salut ti coco

2017-07-31 15:32:59 UTC


2017-07-31 15:33:13 UTC

New people?

2017-07-31 15:34:16 UTC

I wasn't trying to get you to dox yourself , just like knowing very generally where people are from.

But awesome about you being a lifter, more of a bodybuilder, Oly or powerlifting?

2017-07-31 15:34:27 UTC

Got an invite by GaiusKekus

2017-07-31 15:34:35 UTC

Il vient pas aux meetings?

2017-07-31 15:35:08 UTC

Wut. They don't need to be veted IRL first? aww k

2017-07-31 15:36:02 UTC

I underatand, but i have a healthy dose of paranoia. Oly and powerlifting.

2017-07-31 15:36:46 UTC

they dont get vetted before coming to the discord lel

2017-07-31 15:37:04 UTC

Its better that we get to know them here anyway

2017-07-31 15:37:17 UTC

Works for me.

2017-07-31 15:37:28 UTC

Plus if they get invited by people who have been vetted its good

2017-07-31 15:38:32 UTC

I put up a half decent post on DS. Was invited on discord afterwards

2017-07-31 15:39:00 UTC

Thats good

2017-07-31 15:39:10 UTC

Souldrinker, bring on the Canadian Liftwaffe!

2017-07-31 15:39:21 UTC


2017-07-31 15:39:23 UTC


2017-07-31 15:40:03 UTC

The Liftwaffe is a great idea.

2017-07-31 15:40:16 UTC

My best total was 1355 for the big three, but now I mostly just maintain because I don't have time for 3 hours at the gym

2017-07-31 15:40:32 UTC

I'm building some equipment, should be done by end of August

2017-07-31 15:40:45 UTC

Been going to the gym for a bit

2017-07-31 15:40:51 UTC

gained 20 pounds

2017-07-31 15:41:06 UTC

6'2 lankfag

2017-07-31 15:41:14 UTC

My total would be around 1600 raw.

2017-07-31 15:41:21 UTC

Good stuff

2017-07-31 15:42:08 UTC

I'm more of a wrestler.

2017-07-31 15:42:10 UTC

Good on you.
Overall us NATZEE scum have a good aesthetic.

Yeah no belt on the squat or deadlifts but did use straps so I could go double overhand on the 565 pull

2017-07-31 15:42:33 UTC

Btw Bebecoco share le link dans le groupe facebook

2017-07-31 15:42:41 UTC

Got a good cumulative 10 years martial arts, including 2 years mma,

2017-07-31 15:42:48 UTC


2017-07-31 15:43:15 UTC

Don't need to have a crazy total to hit hard.

2017-07-31 15:43:30 UTC

Ever use bands in your training?

2017-07-31 15:43:36 UTC

For speed work?

2017-07-31 15:43:58 UTC

je lai deja shae

2017-07-31 15:43:59 UTC


2017-07-31 15:44:16 UTC

Not at all.
I mean the Diaz brothers look like shit but they'd kill most lifters.
Back when I was doing mma I was max 175, now I keep between 200-215

2017-07-31 15:44:59 UTC

Bands around legs for squats for killer glutes activation but not anything else

2017-07-31 15:45:42 UTC

Here is a quick video to check out.


If you guys have questions let me know

2017-07-31 15:47:15 UTC

Louie is crazy. That's why he's awesome lol.

A lot of top mma guys train with him. Conjugate training pretty much dominates crossfit too. Even though I hate that fucking concept.

2017-07-31 15:48:43 UTC

I was putting together an article for Exodus Americanus. Been DMing with some of the goys. Liftwaffe chapters everywhere.

2017-07-31 15:49:01 UTC

I'll start a montreal blog soon

2017-07-31 15:49:13 UTC

with friends

2017-07-31 15:49:15 UTC


2017-07-31 15:49:22 UTC

And put out stickers

2017-07-31 15:49:54 UTC


2017-07-31 15:50:04 UTC

Will check during break

2017-07-31 15:50:21 UTC

Sounds good

2017-07-31 18:48:43 UTC

I'd need some coaching on that but sounds beneficial.
Specially as my right elbow often smarts.

2017-07-31 23:00:48 UTC

On devraient se faire une mascotte arm and hammer pour les manifs

2017-07-31 23:01:00 UTC

gros costume

2017-07-31 23:01:17 UTC

Qui marche tout seul

2017-07-31 23:01:27 UTC

Pour pas qu'il soit associable a des faces

2017-07-31 23:01:37 UTC

Quel manifs ?

2017-07-31 23:01:57 UTC


2017-07-31 23:03:04 UTC

J'ai vu pendant le F-E les collants pour des québécois de souches.

2017-07-31 23:03:13 UTC


2017-07-31 23:04:49 UTC

Les faces sont les antifas ?

2017-07-31 23:47:34 UTC

man how about that antifa rally yesterday against free speech. When will the cucks stand up?

2017-08-01 00:31:55 UTC

Where was this?

2017-08-01 01:17:39 UTC

I'm waiting to see the fallout of the Aug 12th rally. That should be fun.

2017-08-01 01:18:02 UTC

You going?

2017-08-01 01:18:59 UTC

I wish. A bit too far

2017-08-01 01:19:18 UTC


2017-08-01 01:19:24 UTC


2017-08-01 01:27:23 UTC

General question. Do you think Quebec nationalism is a force that could join with the AltRight? Or has it lost all its teeth?

2017-08-01 01:49:48 UTC

I think it has lost its teeth for the most part. However we need to find those who have not

2017-08-01 02:04:04 UTC
2017-08-01 02:11:05 UTC

It seems like the PQ in general has cucked out. Although Parizeau seemed very aware of what the situation when he gave his speech after the referendum loss. "(((Money))) and the ethnic vote."

2017-08-01 02:13:36 UTC

of course. I always am amazed being an Anglo, when I try to explain to Quebecois that they lost due to the non Quebecois voting. Deep down they know it but the social conditioning is still strong.Demography is destiny. Only Quebecois will vote for a Quebecois nationalist movement. Personally I would have been happy as I could have peacefully moved to an alberta which would have been much more conservative ha dit been independent

2017-08-01 02:17:17 UTC

I have a feeling north America will balkanize. There's talk of Appalachia being the ethno state. I know it extends all the way to Beauce. Do we just start over with nationalist québécois as a part of the AltRight?

2017-08-01 02:18:51 UTC


2017-08-01 02:18:58 UTC


2017-08-01 02:19:24 UTC

Seems that way.

2017-08-01 02:20:33 UTC

La ville de Québec pourra être là nouvelle capitale.

2017-08-01 02:20:52 UTC

C'est encore rempli de québécois de souche.

2017-08-01 02:24:08 UTC

Pour vrai

2017-08-01 02:24:13 UTC

Ca pourrait etre en abitibi

2017-08-01 02:24:24 UTC

Men fout, tant qe jai un endroit ou mettre ma femme pis y construire des maisons

2017-08-01 02:24:37 UTC

Ca pourrait etre dans les territoires du nord ouest men fouterais

2017-08-01 02:24:56 UTC

Non.Trop froid lol

2017-08-01 02:31:58 UTC

its ok global warming will warm quebec up so it will be all good. We can live on large plantations

2017-08-01 02:32:19 UTC

k but ull speak french motherfucker

2017-08-01 02:32:35 UTC


2017-08-01 02:32:36 UTC

with a hot quebecoise wife why the fuck not

2017-08-01 02:33:24 UTC

@SoulDrinker that was an interesting comment about Appalachia. In fact ethnically, they are the pure untouched descendants of the original colonists

2017-08-01 02:34:39 UTC

J'aime l'idée d'un état de ville, comme Milan dans l'ancien temps

2017-08-01 02:34:59 UTC

@Scipio thanks

2017-08-01 15:40:02 UTC

Tu est dans l'occident et tu détestes les Blancs? Ben,t'es in con!

2017-08-01 21:18:18 UTC

something is going on in Montreal?

2017-08-01 21:19:40 UTC

Just for Kikes ended

2017-08-01 21:20:05 UTC

Pretty sure it was the last festival.

2017-08-01 21:21:59 UTC

was it so bad?

2017-08-01 21:29:40 UTC

I just remember seeing the poster and noticing that everyone that wasn't POC looked like a Jew.
Plus I doubt any comedian didn't start their bit with a long silence while they apologized for Trump and then pushed forward with predicable material pandering to guaranteed applause.

I might be wrong.
I doubt it.

2017-08-01 21:36:17 UTC

It was never funny to begin with. Once I have seen John Olivier ... then I knew it is not for me.

2017-08-02 14:19:46 UTC

Est ce que d'autre monde on entendu parler de ça?


2017-08-02 14:46:16 UTC


2017-08-02 17:09:40 UTC

the olympic stadium is now becoming a refugee center

2017-08-02 17:27:10 UTC

Makes no sense.
The zoo is right besides it.

2017-08-02 17:49:33 UTC


2017-08-02 19:31:20 UTC

Does it make you wonder on the day that Trump is changing immigration policy to be a more merit based and now stating that new arrivals won't have access to social aid, that Olympic Stadium turns into a refugee centre?

2017-08-02 19:54:17 UTC

lets hope the roof collapse once again !!

2017-08-02 19:54:46 UTC

haitians,nigerians and fucking turkroaches

2017-08-02 21:32:59 UTC

God what have we done to deserve these third world parasites. We just want to be left alone !

2017-08-02 21:47:12 UTC

for the libturds there's not enough gibs me dat in MTL

2017-08-03 12:32:39 UTC

Type of shit that's popping up in my metro.. The audacity... In my city... Just the beginning

2017-08-03 12:32:41 UTC


2017-08-03 12:35:06 UTC

Where is this? 😡

2017-08-03 12:35:43 UTC


2017-08-03 12:36:29 UTC

Empty churches everywhere.

2017-08-03 12:37:31 UTC

Trying to equate/compare the two faiths

2017-08-03 12:39:44 UTC

I'm livid.

2017-08-03 12:40:14 UTC

The day of the grill will be for kebabs, not burgers

2017-08-03 12:41:17 UTC

Lol. Wish I coulda caught them writing this. We can see historically if places were reversed they would be merciless compared to us

2017-08-03 12:42:37 UTC

We are mostly too soft/tolerant. People passing by and think "I'm not Christian anymore, he's not offending me"

2017-08-03 12:42:57 UTC

You've lost your identity white man, there is nothing left to offend

2017-08-03 12:43:03 UTC

Get caught doing this in any Muslim majority country today and see how you fare

2017-08-03 12:43:45 UTC

They are merciless. And we should learn from them... They're good at grilling lol

2017-08-03 12:45:31 UTC

Who allowed that?

2017-08-03 12:47:02 UTC

We are collectively cucks and we cannot even fault these barbarians for walking all over us when we invite them to do so.
Some brave patriots should stomp these vermin to remind them they are unwanted guest...

2017-08-03 12:47:48 UTC

And they are NOT refugees those are illegals, stop using jewish newspeak

2017-08-03 12:49:09 UTC

In MTL patriots? How many are there... 20? 😦

2017-08-03 12:53:55 UTC

Patriots in Mtl? Sadly only hundreds id say, most are not in the group of course. It will most likely be removed, so as to not awaken the goyim, this is Sweden after all

2017-08-03 12:54:20 UTC

But this can be good. It's brazen, and we need waking

2017-08-03 12:55:45 UTC

Awaking? Here people will get robbed on the street and say nothing. Especially if perpetrator is POC. That is so sad.

2017-08-03 13:13:33 UTC

I'm spreading that shit.

2017-08-03 16:39:22 UTC

Did anyone else catch a report on TVA when they were announcing how the government should match diversity quotas as well? I have a feeling they are going to start replacing hydro Quebec workers with foreigners soon to drive down wages...

2017-08-03 18:13:00 UTC

What that each center of employment will need to reflect the demographics in the workplace???

2017-08-04 02:03:52 UTC

goys there seems to be some interesting things happening in the white house

2017-08-04 02:05:10 UTC

Trump under a lot of pressure from generals it seems and a lot of shennanigans leading to a possible coup ?!?!

2017-08-04 02:05:29 UTC

Plus talk already of how the current employment is being portrayed as overpaid. They might forced into some kind of retirement and hire foreign workers for much less.

2017-08-04 02:05:34 UTC

my source is infowars so take this with a grain of salt

2017-08-04 02:07:16 UTC

Africans will be installing hydro poles in your backyard

2017-08-04 02:07:30 UTC

I don't know if I am being 4D chessed or 4D chessing anymore but maybe trump is preparing the grounds for the great dictature

2017-08-04 02:08:09 UTC

haha souldrinker what a depressing sight

2017-08-04 02:08:16 UTC

Interesting times

2017-08-04 02:08:42 UTC

It was...

2017-08-04 02:08:58 UTC

what do you mean

2017-08-04 02:09:08 UTC

It's what I saw

2017-08-04 02:09:42 UTC

you saw an african installing an hydro pole in you backyard ?

2017-08-04 02:09:48 UTC


2017-08-04 02:09:51 UTC


2017-08-04 02:10:07 UTC

Or Haitian but they seemed African

2017-08-04 02:10:25 UTC

they worked for Hydroquébec ?

2017-08-04 02:10:58 UTC

What world we live in when you get to say you had canabals in your backyard :-D

2017-08-04 02:11:45 UTC

That or Bell

2017-08-04 02:12:37 UTC

where was the white supervisor

2017-08-04 02:12:56 UTC


2017-08-04 02:15:13 UTC


2017-08-04 02:15:16 UTC


2017-08-04 02:34:17 UTC

Italians decide they have had enough of cultural enrichment

2017-08-04 06:24:02 UTC


2017-08-04 06:24:25 UTC

ARM and Hammer Bros spotted at 18:47.

2017-08-04 06:24:44 UTC

Also fucking watch it.
They clearly watch us.

2017-08-04 06:56:13 UTC

Saw lol

2017-08-04 11:06:44 UTC

lol I just saw this videos from march 4

2017-08-04 11:07:50 UTC

I said immigrants and refugees should stay in their countries but I could barely even talk, we were waiting there for hours in -40 and I remember it was too cold to talk lol

2017-08-04 12:37:30 UTC

Nice I'm in video and iconic picture.

2017-08-04 12:38:21 UTC

Yeah it was fucking cold.
And my first day towards many redpills.
I just went to hit antifa.

2017-08-04 17:15:23 UTC


2017-08-04 17:15:25 UTC

@everyone TOP KEK! The antithesis: Degenerate HammerBro

2017-08-04 17:45:24 UTC


2017-08-04 17:56:17 UTC

Are we taking bets as to when the raping starts around the big O?

2017-08-04 18:14:49 UTC

Are they monitored and kept in there?

2017-08-04 18:15:33 UTC

There's and antimmigration protest Sunday at the stadium

2017-08-04 18:35:57 UTC

That should be fun to see

2017-08-04 18:36:41 UTC

@FriendlyFash probably not, they like their animals free range.

2017-08-04 19:27:28 UTC

the commie scum are planning a counterprotest in favor of the invaders... 350 attending

2017-08-04 20:40:53 UTC

Ive seen worse odds

2017-08-04 20:40:54 UTC

Should be fun

2017-08-04 21:15:06 UTC

They call them 'new arrivals', fuck I hate antifa.
And if they are freerange monkies then many must be scurrying off to family members already...

Then again they get three square meals a day while there.

2017-08-04 21:16:27 UTC

I sort of want to go to the protest as my civic duty, but being as it has been organized by an actual skinhead I'd have to conceal myself, and then my chances of being arrested go up exponentially and I would fuck up my trip to Charlottesville a week before it goes down.

2017-08-04 22:04:00 UTC

We should send them to Nunavut

2017-08-04 22:13:44 UTC

Normies are gonna show

2017-08-04 22:13:51 UTC

You coming to the meeting tomorow?

2017-08-04 22:36:45 UTC

I am.
And I have also said to send the nogs to Nunavut or the Northwest Territories.

2017-08-04 22:37:02 UTC

We should meme it into movement.

2017-08-04 22:37:46 UTC

I agree

2017-08-04 22:39:17 UTC

As a propaganda tool. Would the argument of Quebec french being in danger of elimination with curse words big related to Christianity be good?

2017-08-04 22:48:12 UTC

I don't get your meaning?
Quebecers already have a huge vulgar vernacular based off of religious words.

2017-08-04 22:49:56 UTC

No goy, the haitien speak creole (niggerfrench), so they're just like us. They will enrich us with their brilliant culture.

2017-08-04 22:50:54 UTC

And their 67 average IQ

2017-08-04 22:51:25 UTC

If enough Muslims get in they might eliminate québécois curse words. Propaganda.

2017-08-04 22:52:19 UTC

No more criss tabarnak sacrament de coliss!

2017-08-04 22:52:48 UTC


2017-08-04 22:52:58 UTC

Antifa used this non ironically.

2017-08-04 22:53:12 UTC

Gah! !

2017-08-04 22:53:21 UTC

The polar bears need food

2017-08-04 22:53:28 UTC


2017-08-04 22:54:01 UTC


2017-08-04 22:57:34 UTC

It's beyond me.

2017-08-05 00:50:48 UTC

So goys, I'm going on a date tonight

2017-08-05 00:50:58 UTC

Im bringing her to the olympic stadium

2017-08-05 00:51:01 UTC

no joke

2017-08-05 00:51:35 UTC

im going to investigate what is there

2017-08-05 00:51:48 UTC

will be bringing pictures

2017-08-05 01:09:36 UTC

Gang rape on a first date and you didn't even need to go to Paris. 👌

2017-08-05 01:11:51 UTC


2017-08-05 01:12:17 UTC

Report back from the front

2017-08-05 06:05:08 UTC

join voice you fags

2017-08-05 15:05:13 UTC

What's voice?

2017-08-05 15:07:30 UTC

Voice chat.
Got listen to some bantz during my shift and then about Celtic haploids and swords after.

Some smart dudes in here.

2017-08-05 17:43:06 UTC


2017-08-05 18:05:06 UTC

so I went to the olympic stadium

2017-08-05 18:05:32 UTC

I asked a couple people there is they heard about migrants living here

2017-08-05 18:06:09 UTC

they said there is about 500 "haitian refugees" living inside the building

2017-08-05 18:06:28 UTC

I tried to find them inside nut couldnt

2017-08-05 18:06:38 UTC


2017-08-05 18:06:43 UTC

poeple said they are in a "quarantine"

2017-08-05 18:07:39 UTC

you need to have a special pass to see them BUT themselves, the haitians, can leave the place anytime they want to go shopping and tralali and tralala

2017-08-05 18:08:09 UTC

The Sunday protest just got cancelled.
The organizer was being counter signaled too much.

2017-08-05 18:09:25 UTC


2017-08-05 18:13:28 UTC

Well I suppose counter signal isn't the right term, the leadership of group I front didn't outright prohibit people from the group from going, just told them not to show their colors.

And they did make a point of pointing him out as a neo-nazi who could mar our image... As if we aren't already called Nazis...

2017-08-05 18:16:59 UTC

lol exactly

2017-08-05 18:19:19 UTC

But I'd say 60/70% of the 40k members are boomers.
Nazi to them does not at all have the same connotations.
They are completely indoctrinated to ZOG.
You might as well call them baby fuckers.

2017-08-05 18:20:44 UTC

what group are you talking about

2017-08-05 18:23:43 UTC

La Meute, personally I front and administrate for the nascent anglo branch which is still too small and disperse to do much of anything, and I need fight on the inside to block the rise of JDL within the hierarchy.

2017-08-05 22:13:47 UTC

yeah la meute is 60-75% boomer cucks...

2017-08-05 22:18:18 UTC

and they're deep into political correctness and antiracism

2017-08-07 03:41:56 UTC

Bought arm and hammer toothpaste

2017-08-07 03:42:21 UTC


2017-08-07 03:42:36 UTC

Any news on the protest?

2017-08-07 03:42:43 UTC

it was cancelled lel

2017-08-07 03:42:46 UTC

cucked out

2017-08-07 03:42:54 UTC

I hope we can eventually do our own shit

2017-08-07 03:43:22 UTC

Not have to rely on cucked organizations

2017-08-07 03:44:22 UTC

I saw a rally downtown for trans refugees this afternoon downtown

2017-08-07 03:44:37 UTC


2017-08-07 03:45:15 UTC

Just these 20 lads were able to stall a huge gay march

2017-08-07 03:45:36 UTC

Space wolves

2017-08-07 03:47:13 UTC

If we could get 10 dudes we could disrupt their smaller marches

2017-08-07 03:47:26 UTC

@Jim B you new?

2017-08-07 03:47:54 UTC

I joined a while back but it's usually dead so I rarely check in

2017-08-07 03:48:42 UTC

yeah we talk more on facebook

2017-08-07 03:48:48 UTC

Ever come to a meetup?

2017-08-07 03:49:03 UTC

I missed the last one by a few days

2017-08-07 03:49:04 UTC

so no

2017-08-07 03:49:31 UTC

one day hahaha

2017-08-07 03:49:39 UTC

You got facebook?

2017-08-07 03:49:49 UTC

Sadly yes, but I never use it

2017-08-07 03:50:07 UTC

I have make fake accounts

2017-08-07 03:50:11 UTC

I'm more of an IRL guy tbh fam

2017-08-07 03:50:20 UTC


2017-08-07 03:50:28 UTC

chatting online isn't really my thin

2017-08-07 03:50:31 UTC


2017-08-07 03:50:31 UTC

you live in mtl

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