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2018-12-03 02:46:32 UTC

I watched this video from an ex Fury that basically said the community was as degenerate and screwed up as people believe it was

2018-12-03 02:46:37 UTC

His avatar was a dragon

2018-12-03 02:51:12 UTC

Any community that is ultra-inclusive of everyone is going to end up filled with the weirdos that were excluded from everywhere else for good reason.

2018-12-03 03:12:59 UTC

I don't like those who act like total dicks in public

2018-12-03 03:13:36 UTC

Those who embarass their friends/furry friends in public by doing some dumb shit that gets them in trouble, for example

2018-12-03 03:38:58 UTC

wtf is the firearms channel now the furry channel

2018-12-03 03:41:51 UTC

Because that's what furries do.

2018-12-03 03:48:31 UTC

@taekahn it's been this way for a while

2018-12-03 03:48:50 UTC

The infection started with furries with guns

2018-12-03 03:49:49 UTC

furries get the bullet too....first, actually. they get it first.

2018-12-03 05:12:16 UTC

No it all started with anime with guns


2018-12-03 05:12:23 UTC


2018-12-03 05:12:41 UTC

Furries with guns was just a consequence


2018-12-03 05:14:29 UTC


2018-12-03 05:14:32 UTC


Well I don't have furry friends so I can't embarrass my furry friends

2018-12-03 05:51:05 UTC

What'd be the point? They do that fine on their own.

2018-12-03 07:20:28 UTC

I posted those links to <#467577750325297162> & <#398858182455459853> since they seemed relevant to both.

2018-12-03 08:46:43 UTC

Seems pretty pointless to me

2018-12-03 09:34:09 UTC

Stop with the furry shit.

2018-12-03 09:34:31 UTC

I much rather have anime girls with guns than that shit.

2018-12-03 09:54:40 UTC

OMG Fursecution!!! πŸ˜‰




2018-12-03 09:56:11 UTC

Also I didn't mean to make it sound like posting things that are actually relevant to firearms is pointless, rather that the idea of banning bump stocks seems pointless

2018-12-03 09:57:32 UTC

I'm pretty sure in most cases a bump stock would actually reduce your kill count because you miss more and spend more time reloading

2018-12-03 09:57:53 UTC

Stop posting this furry cancer.

2018-12-03 09:58:05 UTC

Do I need to get Tim to make you stop?

2018-12-03 09:59:15 UTC

I don't mind. Here's a Lahti L-39


2018-12-03 10:00:06 UTC

the I just hate double standards

2018-12-03 10:01:37 UTC

I'm beginning to miss the weird obsession with Girls Frontline this channel used to have.

2018-12-03 10:02:25 UTC

Bro just block them

2018-12-03 10:02:59 UTC

Fixed it!

2018-12-03 10:03:04 UTC

No more cancer!

2018-12-03 10:03:56 UTC

I actually don't have much issue with furries. I just think it's getting stale.

2018-12-03 10:04:23 UTC

getting put into trains on the way to the furnaces*

2018-12-03 10:05:55 UTC

@pratel Ironically, Girls Frontline is actually a pretty well done strategy game with a great soundtrack. (In my opinion.)

2018-12-03 10:06:38 UTC

Weird obsession is right for it. It wasn't even an anime so you can't even pretend it's about the characters or the story

2018-12-03 10:06:40 UTC

I haven't actually played it. But I thought it was kinda funny.

2018-12-03 10:06:50 UTC

For a mobile game it's quite alright tho

2018-12-03 10:07:40 UTC

It's a gacha. That's all I needed to know.

2018-12-03 10:08:19 UTC

It's a gacha with a ton of guns and incoherent Japanese screaming.

2018-12-03 10:08:46 UTC

*Sounds like an awesome Saturday night, to be honest.*

2018-12-03 10:09:52 UTC

I mean, yeah. You have to look far and wide to find mobile games that aren't, and when you do they're near universally more ads than gameplay

2018-12-03 10:10:07 UTC

I installed the game as a joke, but I got quickly drawn into it and actually enjoyed the game.

2018-12-03 10:10:58 UTC

Man I love C&Rsenal. Not only have they bestowed upon me many histories, but they have showed me the magic of the Krag-JΓΈrgensen.

2018-12-03 10:11:11 UTC


2018-12-03 10:11:16 UTC

A YT channel

2018-12-03 10:11:27 UTC

Long ass vids on the history of guns

2018-12-03 10:11:34 UTC

Command & Red alert: Full Arsenal

2018-12-03 10:11:44 UTC

[Owen Wilson "wow"]

2018-12-03 10:11:45 UTC

Oh. I was close

2018-12-03 10:13:45 UTC

There's also legit a R&Cenal, which is what I was thinking of first. Personally I'm more interested in the design and function of a gun than it's history


2018-12-03 10:14:39 UTC

I blocked you, Crow...

2018-12-03 10:15:18 UTC

I'll give this a try but I think I'll prefer gun Jesus

2018-12-03 10:15:23 UTC

It's C&Rsenal. Rsenal as in arsenal. C&R as in collectables and relics. And it's an extensive history. That includes development of numerous different models, it's predecessors, how it was used in the field, and also animations of how it worked

2018-12-03 10:16:09 UTC

Any particular video you recommend?

2018-12-03 10:16:10 UTC

It's basically Gun Jesus with but more in depth, and they ALWAYS shoot it

2018-12-03 10:16:38 UTC


2018-12-03 10:17:15 UTC

Hmm, I'd pick one of a gun you are interested in.

2018-12-03 10:18:03 UTC

Maybe Luger or the C96

2018-12-03 10:20:00 UTC

Exactly what I was going for, both of them stood out immediately

2018-12-03 10:20:26 UTC

Lots of the rando bolt actions blend together

2018-12-03 10:20:54 UTC

Mosin vid was good, so were the Gewehr 98s

2018-12-03 10:37:35 UTC

What kind of hat is this? I want one http://prntscr.com/lq10hm

2018-12-03 12:04:54 UTC

@DrWittMDPhD Look at the Civil War or WW1 hats, so around 1850 to 1920 or so

2018-12-03 12:22:27 UTC

It's very steampunk-y, but I don't know now what they're called

2018-12-03 13:06:05 UTC

**Forgotten Weapons** Uploaded a new youtube video!

2018-12-03 14:00:38 UTC

**Forgotten Weapons** Uploaded a new youtube video!

2018-12-03 20:29:46 UTC

Mosin Shmosin. The only one I'd want would be a Finnish one.

2018-12-03 23:16:33 UTC

hm, the FG-42 seems like its the most awesome gun ever made....

2018-12-04 00:24:27 UTC

Depends on what criteria you give to "Awesome". It certainly looks cool as fuck.

2018-12-04 03:55:26 UTC

assault scissors

2018-12-04 05:45:35 UTC

Dream gun:


2018-12-04 05:45:51 UTC

Tf is that

2018-12-04 05:46:06 UTC


2018-12-04 05:46:10 UTC

His gun

2018-12-04 05:46:19 UTC

No I mean actually

2018-12-04 05:46:39 UTC

Looks like a Beretta with some crazy barrel attachment

2018-12-04 05:46:42 UTC

Auto 9

2018-12-04 05:47:05 UTC

it is a Beretta

2018-12-04 05:47:28 UTC

Beretta 93R "Auto 9"

2018-12-04 05:48:32 UTC

(I'm not real smart when it comes to guns, but this one is just for pure nostalgia)

2018-12-04 07:08:34 UTC

Is the mossburg patriot in 308 a good deer rifle

2018-12-04 07:48:41 UTC

*93R Raffica*

2018-12-04 07:49:33 UTC

Get a .50 BMG for deer season

2018-12-04 07:56:10 UTC

^ incendiary rounds and you got yourself a nice hot meal

2018-12-04 07:57:07 UTC

Hell yeah. Real life is just like minecraft. Flame Bows auto cook meat

2018-12-04 11:32:23 UTC

The stripper-clips for my Mosin-Nagant arrived:

2018-12-04 11:32:28 UTC


2018-12-04 11:32:30 UTC


2018-12-04 11:32:35 UTC


2018-12-04 11:33:10 UTC

I checked the rifle's receiver, butt-plate, & magazine; their numbers match.

2018-12-04 11:36:24 UTC

Wow, what are the odds of them matching like that, has to be less than one in a million right?

2018-12-04 11:50:41 UTC

I don't know the odds of such, @Crow; Classic Firearms explicitly stated it cannot guarantee matching numbers.

2018-12-04 12:09:44 UTC

"We haven't checked all the serial numbers, but most of the serial numbers are original; most are matching. Again, we don't guarantee for the matching numbers all the way around, but..."

2018-12-04 12:11:15 UTC

Classic Firearms also offers the option for customers to pay & see pictures of multiple rifles at checkout; so, customers can see the condition & serial numbers of the rifles before purchasing (though I didn't pay for such), @Crow.


2018-12-04 13:37:21 UTC

**Forgotten Weapons** Uploaded a new youtube video!

2018-12-04 17:55:10 UTC

Legal gun owner stops armed robbery

2018-12-04 17:56:15 UTC

Only a matter of time before he is arrested for stopping crime I imagine

2018-12-04 18:30:20 UTC

Me shooting friend's AR-15 in 2017


2018-12-04 18:30:58 UTC

My other friend with his SKS


2018-12-04 18:31:22 UTC


2018-12-04 18:32:35 UTC


2018-12-04 21:43:08 UTC

Fucking that’s not the channel I looked up

2018-12-04 21:43:48 UTC

Brent is USMCR and does a lot of videos mostly camo tests

2018-12-04 21:54:47 UTC

Holy shit this clusterfuck of a process all in a super fucking awesome little box

2018-12-04 21:54:52 UTC


2018-12-04 21:54:58 UTC

Crate opened godly though

2018-12-04 22:03:24 UTC

don't get shit on the shitter

2018-12-04 22:39:20 UTC

@Miss Direction How's the bolt on the Mosin? One of the main issues people have with the Mosin is the sluggishness of the bolt.

2018-12-04 23:24:41 UTC

The only issue I encountered comes when pushing the bolt to the right (back to its original position); though, I have yet to remove the cosmoline (I do so this weekend). Once I remove the cosmoline completely, I’ll order the ammunition, @DrWittMDPhD.

2018-12-04 23:25:11 UTC

Also, the trigger requires only 3-4 pounds of pressure.

2018-12-04 23:28:11 UTC

Hmm I hope removing that cosmoline fixes it. But if it feels gummy, that's generally typical of Mosin bolts

2018-12-04 23:36:02 UTC

Yes, @DrWittMDPhD. IraqVeteran8888 uploaded a video about smoothing it, if I recall correctly.

2018-12-05 00:10:44 UTC

Reminder to say your prayers to the /K/ube.


2018-12-05 00:19:42 UTC

Oh cool. Afaik the main problem with Mosins is due to the fact that they aren't made with strict tolerances, so if you can fit your parts better maybe the rifle would work better?

2018-12-05 02:08:15 UTC

As a Mosin owner, I've made a point of learning to completely break my Mosin down to components. If it sticks, and I can't lube it, there's something wrong with the part.

2018-12-05 10:32:39 UTC


2018-12-05 10:36:28 UTC

cosmoline is going to come out of the stock; shouldn't be coming out of any of the metal interfaces

2018-12-05 10:37:28 UTC

a tight lockup on the lugs is probably good

2018-12-05 10:38:23 UTC

you can get a gunstore to use a go/nogo gauge to be 100% sure that it's safe but a little tightness there is expected since that's the primary bearing surface (Other than the cartridge itself)

2018-12-05 10:39:36 UTC

you can get someone to do a custom fit pretty easily by hand polishing or milling but I would not recommend it without taking it to someone qualified

2018-12-05 10:40:22 UTC

I have helped with doing the measurements for taking meat off the locking lugs; it's a pretty scary operation tbh.

2018-12-05 10:41:35 UTC

I didn't trust myself to do manual milling and take off a couple thousandths of material to ensure completely accurate alignment with the barrel extension

2018-12-05 13:03:15 UTC

**Forgotten Weapons** Uploaded a new youtube video!

2018-12-05 17:24:49 UTC

I cleaned the cosmoline from the bayonet & the Mosin-Nagant's multi-tool set, @EndangeredProdigy. 😁

2018-12-05 17:50:59 UTC

i tore mine down the other day and cleaned the hell out of everything

2018-12-05 17:51:07 UTC

i dont even fire corrosive ammo but man did it need it

2018-12-05 18:45:28 UTC

doing a detail strip and borrowing someone's ultrasonic cleaner is a good plan

2018-12-05 18:45:28 UTC


2018-12-06 01:49:40 UTC

@Miss Direction After I did all that, I ended up restaining the stock on my Mosin. The original had speckles from where the cosmoline had ruined the original stain.

2018-12-06 08:23:41 UTC

I feel my brain cells dying just listening to them...

2018-12-06 13:09:07 UTC

**Forgotten Weapons** Uploaded a new youtube video!

2018-12-06 14:29:03 UTC

If you couldn't have traditional powder propellant for guns, what would be your next choice?

2018-12-06 14:54:27 UTC

assuming solid propellants and similar "cheats" are also out, I'd go with pressurized air

2018-12-06 14:59:34 UTC

I was gonna say I forgot about the solid propellants and the 'forbidden pasta', so thank you for staying on board.

2018-12-06 14:59:43 UTC

Yeah, I was thinking air as well.

2018-12-06 15:56:46 UTC

Yeah I’ll just spray someone down with airsoft pellets from an expensive airsoft gun

2018-12-06 15:57:02 UTC

Costs about as much as a hi point pistol

2018-12-06 16:16:21 UTC

pressurrized air can be fairly deathly problem is getting alot of shots downrange and still maintaining power

2018-12-06 16:27:33 UTC

the Girandoni air rifle had enough air for 20-30 shots with acceptable power, and that's a late 1700's design, doing significantly better today can't be hard

2018-12-06 17:24:02 UTC

I'm finding air gun muzzle velocities top out at about 1500 ft/s, which is...servicable.

2018-12-06 18:53:34 UTC

If you apply that to a .58 caliber 500 gr Minnie round then you have an air powered 1861 Springfield Rifle which is extremely deadly

2018-12-06 19:50:59 UTC

"350 grain"
There is not a single grain involved here.

2018-12-06 20:42:27 UTC

Pressurized air doesn't give us enough performance density

2018-12-06 20:42:38 UTC

because you're dealing with a pressure differential

2018-12-06 20:48:00 UTC

nah, pressurized air rifles have been used for warfare since the late 1700's

2018-12-06 20:48:39 UTC

I know they've been used; they just aren't comparable to magazine fed nitrocellulose powered projectiles

2018-12-06 20:49:19 UTC

coilguns are too shit tier, railguns need too much power

2018-12-06 20:49:50 UTC

although I expect at some point we'll have good enough high current tech to make electrically propelled projectiles down the road

2018-12-06 20:51:57 UTC

well yeah, obviously if they were *as good* as traditional powder we'd still see them in active service today, the question is what's the *next best thing* if you can't have powder

2018-12-06 20:54:57 UTC

just make black powder

2018-12-06 20:55:13 UTC

but if all of the oxidizing agents went away

2018-12-06 20:55:13 UTC

still powder

2018-12-06 20:55:17 UTC

yeah, air.

2018-12-06 20:55:59 UTC

Airguns are great for suppressing shit

2018-12-06 22:27:39 UTC

We have Nutrias in our neighborhood. They're cute as long as they keep their mouths closed.

2018-12-06 22:28:39 UTC

There are some in the parks in town too. They'll come up along with the ducks to ask for bread.

2018-12-06 23:45:22 UTC

are high point pistols, memes?

2018-12-06 23:55:34 UTC

They're cheap and ugly but they shoot bullets

2018-12-06 23:55:38 UTC

hi points are pistols

2018-12-07 00:35:34 UTC

They will shoot bullets, and probably do so in the most cost effective manner possible.

2018-12-07 00:35:40 UTC

Don't ask for much else.

2018-12-07 00:36:08 UTC

I have seen one work after it got shot in the slide though. That was impressive.

2018-12-07 02:07:33 UTC

hi points are pretty sturdy

2018-12-07 02:07:48 UTC

disassembly sucks

2018-12-07 02:08:36 UTC

I would have more recommendations for 2.5x the cost that are probably better on a shitload of levels

2018-12-07 13:10:58 UTC

**Forgotten Weapons** Uploaded a new youtube video!

2018-12-07 13:17:09 UTC


2018-12-07 13:29:42 UTC

a gun channel with a million subs and youtube hasn't murdered it yet?

2018-12-07 19:35:10 UTC

give it time

2018-12-07 19:35:17 UTC

Ian had some plan

2018-12-07 19:35:29 UTC

but he hasn't been pushing it

2018-12-07 20:20:58 UTC

tbf demolition ranch has 6mil subs

2018-12-07 20:29:18 UTC

demo ranch. the ltt of fire arms.

2018-12-07 20:33:48 UTC

What is ltt?

2018-12-07 20:34:48 UTC

Google suggests that it is Linus Tech Tips. I don't watch his shit so if ltt is that, is that like normie shit or something?

2018-12-07 20:37:08 UTC

It's the popular channel that ppl find first and realise they have an interest in the subject so go deeper. They are the gateways if you will.

2018-12-07 21:53:48 UTC

ltt has some funny/good content

2018-12-07 22:35:30 UTC

**Forgotten Weapons** Uploaded a new youtube video!

2018-12-08 00:06:48 UTC


2018-12-08 00:55:19 UTC

I wanted the design with "Gun Jesus" as the author

2018-12-08 01:04:36 UTC

The firearms chat needs more bad memes.

2018-12-08 01:04:40 UTC

Anyone got any?

2018-12-08 01:05:22 UTC

Haven't seen any anime gun girls lately

2018-12-08 01:13:55 UTC

It's weird.

2018-12-08 01:18:49 UTC

No gun-slinging girls, no T-Dolls... it's weird.

2018-12-08 09:10:40 UTC


2018-12-08 09:10:49 UTC


2018-12-08 09:11:11 UTC


2018-12-08 09:11:20 UTC


2018-12-08 09:11:37 UTC


2018-12-08 09:11:42 UTC


2018-12-08 09:11:55 UTC


2018-12-08 09:12:29 UTC


2018-12-08 09:13:44 UTC


2018-12-08 09:15:34 UTC


2018-12-08 09:15:50 UTC


2018-12-08 09:18:48 UTC


2018-12-08 09:19:45 UTC


2018-12-08 14:19:59 UTC

**Forgotten Weapons** Uploaded a new youtube video!

2018-12-08 20:32:38 UTC

AKs with vertical frontgrips look so derpy

2018-12-08 22:17:30 UTC

yes, that is the only thing bothers me about that image.

2018-12-09 08:01:48 UTC


2018-12-09 09:31:28 UTC

>tim's discord has a guns channel that mentions weekendgunnit in the description

2018-12-09 09:45:03 UTC

@Grovyle ...and a Bot automatically posting Gun Jesus Videos

2018-12-09 11:12:26 UTC


2018-12-09 11:42:45 UTC

the part about trained owner and dog be registred I'm absolutely for it.

2018-12-09 11:43:02 UTC

because some Dog Owners are just awful and totally irresponsible....

2018-12-09 11:43:06 UTC

and trained a really bad dog

2018-12-09 11:43:28 UTC

like a dog barking at everything, wanting to attack anyone...

2018-12-09 12:09:16 UTC

firearms don't just suddenly go off and attack toddlers

2018-12-09 13:16:32 UTC

**Forgotten Weapons** Uploaded a new youtube video!

2018-12-09 17:13:48 UTC


2018-12-09 17:40:38 UTC

@Matt-Kill723 do you have more info about that gun on pic you posted:


2018-12-09 17:46:40 UTC

this one?

2018-12-09 17:46:52 UTC

I found it on a facebook page that posts crazy guns

2018-12-09 17:47:13 UTC

I can try to find the post again but I doubt there would be much more information on it

2018-12-09 17:49:48 UTC

if you want to find out more, you'll probably have to look yourself

2018-12-09 18:17:02 UTC

Ok, I will, thanks man πŸ‘

2018-12-09 21:31:14 UTC


2018-12-09 21:36:02 UTC
2018-12-09 22:48:03 UTC

I'll take about 20 pounds of gun rights please

2018-12-09 22:49:16 UTC

@Schedrevka go shoot animals u rednuck

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