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2018-06-19 10:06:49 UTC


2018-06-19 10:12:17 UTC

Realistically the most Israel will probably try taking back is Gaza and West Bank.

2018-06-19 10:12:45 UTC

Expansion besides that is pretty pointless.

2018-06-19 10:22:02 UTC

Israel is Jewish America

2018-06-19 10:22:26 UTC

I legit saw chicks walking around with rifles on their backs

2018-06-19 10:23:24 UTC

Yeah lots of those.

2018-06-19 10:52:04 UTC

isn't that actress who plays wonderwoman a former Israeli military?

2018-06-19 10:52:18 UTC

Gal Gardot was her name? not sure on the spelling

2018-06-19 10:54:37 UTC

Gal Gadot.

2018-06-19 10:54:57 UTC

And yes.

2018-06-19 10:56:21 UTC

Someone had posted an album of like 300 pictures of IDF girls in a different Discord server I'm in. Probably created purely for research purposes.

2018-06-19 11:09:25 UTC


2018-06-19 11:51:24 UTC

@Deleted User Do you think America should give Israel 3.1 Billion dollars to Israel each year in foreign aid?

2018-06-19 11:51:53 UTC


2018-06-19 11:53:27 UTC

I think countries that don’t provide anything in return shouldn’t get aid.

2018-06-19 11:54:18 UTC

Do you think Israel gives you enough to justify America giving them billions of dollars a year?

2018-06-19 11:55:46 UTC

Israel works with the US a lot on weapon development and intel gathering. Which is definitely far more than other countries contribute. Does it warrant billions of dollars? Not sure.

2018-06-19 11:56:32 UTC

Why not just put that money into weapons research?

2018-06-19 11:57:46 UTC

This seems like a country America should give money to.


2018-06-19 12:02:44 UTC

Why should America even be allies with a country which only takes from America, brings America into wars which hurt the interests of every country accept Israel and dominates America's banking and media which it uses to benefit it's parasitic behavior?

2018-06-19 12:04:24 UTC

Israel attacked a US ship what other nation has done that deliberately outside of wartime?


2018-06-19 12:05:57 UTC

well the thing about weapon research is its very helpful to have actual combat testing by soldiers who can tell you the whether the "bright idea" for military hardware you had is practical in the field or if they prefer something else. thus a country perpetually at war with its neighbers is a good place to do that testing

2018-06-19 12:06:09 UTC

Israel also stole American nuclear weapons. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2B4GlSwKhs

2018-06-19 12:06:22 UTC


2018-06-19 12:06:32 UTC

Yes They stole them.

2018-06-19 12:07:20 UTC

if the us is incompatent enough to have nukes stolen then its the us's fault

2018-06-19 12:07:35 UTC

Have you heard of The Apollo Affair?

2018-06-19 12:08:07 UTC

My question is why are you allies with a country that did those things to you?

2018-06-19 12:08:46 UTC

There is literally nothing wrong with Jews, being Jewish, or the existence of Israel.

2018-06-19 12:09:20 UTC

neoconseritism mostly

2018-06-19 12:09:25 UTC

I think we shouldn't be allies with them. They don't care about us and work against our interests.

2018-06-19 12:10:12 UTC

Can any of you give me a reason why you should be allied with Israel?

2018-06-19 12:10:15 UTC

Realistically no country should have to care about other countries. The US just likes being the world police for whatever reason.

2018-06-19 12:11:24 UTC

Attacking your ally to bring them into a war is shitty behaviour not how a ally should treat America.

2018-06-19 12:12:49 UTC

for the last 50 years the dominant idea in politics is that the united states should be the world police keeping the rest of the world fighting eachother so that we can constantly sell them military hardware, or give them military hardware in the case of israel, though what that does is keep the military industrial complex happy as it basicly has job security, can endlessly keep making money from american tax payers while being a powerful alley to the governemnt because it only exists with the help of the government, and the government contenues to be able to argue that this relationship creates jobs for american citizines who work for military contracters in the largest industry in the united states

2018-06-19 12:12:52 UTC

Supporting a nation which is trying to destabilize a region isn't being a good world police power.

2018-06-19 12:12:57 UTC

Just because Israel and the US have the same enemies doesn’t mean that everything is being fought for Israel.

2018-06-19 12:14:10 UTC

How was Saddam Hussein's Iraq a enemy of America?

2018-06-19 12:14:12 UTC

we give shit to israel though at the same time get shit from other countrys for less money than we would otherwise. without israel we wouldent have our largest industry which our economy hinges on

2018-06-19 12:15:19 UTC

the buck stops at israel, but america actually gets to be the merchent

2018-06-19 12:15:40 UTC

American industury was greate from during WW2 to about the time of the 1990's onwards. Yes war industries played a major role but so did the car and other civilian manufacturing industires.

2018-06-19 12:16:11 UTC

american industry has never been bad relitive to the rest of the world since ww2

2018-06-19 12:17:00 UTC

even when people say it got "bad" it was still number 1

2018-06-19 12:18:40 UTC

Your free trade agreements with shithole countires allowed companies to move to those shithole countires. It's neoliberalism that destroyed American manufacturing.

2018-06-19 12:20:53 UTC

personally i do kind of agree with ending aid to israel, but that has to be a slow process because it requires dismantling the MIC, while building up an infastructure to refocuss our industry somewhere else, that whole process wont be easy. but completely dumping israel would kill our economy as would completely pulling back our militarys, though that is something i think we should kind of do, either that or start taking over the world

2018-06-19 12:22:01 UTC

even forcing israel to actually pay its bills would kill our economy because production here just wouldent happen anywhere neer as fast as the economy demands it

2018-06-19 12:22:49 UTC

The problem is Israel holds the world hostage with their nukes but we need to stop giving them money.

2018-06-19 12:23:02 UTC

america is a mess, its a big economy but everything in that economy is going the wrong way now

2018-06-19 12:23:20 UTC

israel holds the middle east hostage with nukes

2018-06-19 12:23:34 UTC

they arnt stupid enough to fuck with anyone else

2018-06-19 12:23:48 UTC

and i honestly dont care who they target in the desert

2018-06-19 12:23:49 UTC

What about the tariffs with China wouldn't that help bring back American manufacturing.

2018-06-19 12:24:04 UTC

its only a small part of it

2018-06-19 12:25:20 UTC

@Deleted User
I don't know enough about the relation between the US and Israel to make a decision. I just know that in the shithole that is the middle East, Israel is the sole country that has any idea of liberty, and genuinely offers its citizens a better life.

2018-06-19 12:25:32 UTC

the tariffs with china dont actually change the economic direction the country has, doesent change the major industrys, just makes us slightly more self sufficent while slowing production in the short term (because were obviously getting less product from china durring it)

2018-06-19 12:27:00 UTC

longterm its good but its really a drop in the bucket, the usa is actually in the need of a direction change from military to "something" because i actually think the hyper focus on military the us has is bad for the psychology of the nation

2018-06-19 12:27:14 UTC

especially the way its presented here

2018-06-19 12:28:50 UTC

trump is talking space but im not sure about that. space is sensatual which does make it easy to sell to a nation but at the same time its not the most helpful to the country as say infastructure or ecology in my opinion

2018-06-19 12:31:07 UTC

@Deleted User Israel has adopted many ideas from national socialist but yes they are a democary. They have a eugenics program that I like and they want a ethno state which I want for whites. Alot of Israels neighbours have been destabilized by Israel or their puppet known as America, Iraq for example was a war fight by many American soldiers to distory a country based on fake Israelie intel.

2018-06-19 12:31:31 UTC

if you could sell "doing chores" the the american people you would secure this countrys existance for the next 3 to 5 hundred years

2018-06-19 12:32:41 UTC


2018-06-19 12:33:20 UTC

@Arch-Fiend That sounds like something that could work.

2018-06-19 12:33:35 UTC

which does? i said many things

2018-06-19 12:34:32 UTC

About the military change.

2018-06-19 12:35:28 UTC

This is something I want the west to do.


2018-06-19 12:36:39 UTC

@Deleted User Some more evidnce for that the war was based on fake intel.


2018-06-19 12:37:19 UTC

its a fucking tough sell. the people probably want it but were in a position where the will of the people isint exactly enforced and a revolution while it sounds good on paper, if it doesent understand our economy again were very dependent on the military for our economy. its basicly like being in an abusive relationship where your the only one who can help yourself yet that person whos abusing you doesent just provide for you, they provide very well for you and its very hard to resist

2018-06-19 12:38:55 UTC

@Deleted User If you don't believe me on the Israel stuff I suggest you take a look at Ryan Dawson he has made alot of stuff on Israel but enlike me dosen't care about race so you could relate to him. https://www.youtube.com/user/Rys2sense

2018-06-19 12:39:52 UTC

I wish you luck Arch but it's getting late down here so good night.

2018-06-19 14:11:14 UTC


2018-06-19 14:47:26 UTC

A wild sjw triggers itself-


2018-06-19 14:47:32 UTC


2018-06-19 14:48:40 UTC

If you run out of food from the outside, you start eating yourself

2018-06-19 14:50:03 UTC

Imagine the constant chaos their minds must be in

2018-06-19 14:50:23 UTC

Honestly could be mistaken for psychosis

2018-06-19 14:52:14 UTC

Mistaken? It is

2018-06-19 14:59:05 UTC


2018-06-19 14:59:40 UTC

yea its not

2018-06-19 14:59:59 UTC

Aight, fair enough

2018-06-19 15:00:34 UTC

How about

"You either die a liberal, or live long enough to become antifa"? πŸ˜›

2018-06-19 15:01:42 UTC

I... dont think he wants anything overtly insulting

2018-06-19 15:01:51 UTC

Thats just a ticket to being beat up

2018-06-19 15:02:03 UTC

May as well wear a MAGA hat

2018-06-19 15:02:30 UTC

Eh, that's fine. The design was suggested by some people here

2018-06-19 15:02:43 UTC

Well you know the kind of people here

2018-06-19 15:02:54 UTC

On the bright side, post it on the-donald

2018-06-19 15:03:04 UTC

Its like the LGBT shirt

2018-06-19 15:03:15 UTC

The one that says Liberty Guns Beer and Trump

2018-06-19 15:03:18 UTC

I would agree with you, where it not that antifa people are insulted even if you compliment them

2018-06-19 15:03:36 UTC

Lets not take any bikelocks to the head here

2018-06-19 15:03:53 UTC

tim made a shirt of the bikelock guy

2018-06-19 15:04:05 UTC

"Liberals get the bikelock too"

2018-06-19 15:04:53 UTC

Hmm you could do without the background right?

2018-06-19 15:05:04 UTC

no idea, it aint my tee

2018-06-19 15:05:18 UTC


2018-06-19 15:06:07 UTC

"My gender is imaginary"

2018-06-19 15:06:09 UTC


2018-06-19 15:06:22 UTC

"Politics is a Spectrum"

2018-06-19 15:07:26 UTC

"Politically non-binary"

2018-06-19 15:07:47 UTC

"Some people say gender is a spectrum."
"There's definitely a spectrum involved in that"

2018-06-19 15:07:56 UTC

Oh, I like that one, Politically non-binary.

2018-06-19 15:10:01 UTC

"Ain't no party like the Nazi party" superimposed on the American flag

2018-06-19 15:16:14 UTC

Opinions are a spectrum

2018-06-19 16:33:12 UTC

Aw, cat cuteness doesn't cure death tho dumb cat.

2018-06-19 16:35:38 UTC


2018-06-19 16:37:22 UTC


2018-06-19 19:04:54 UTC

This can't go wrong.

2018-06-19 20:33:44 UTC

as long as it's being used by a professional it should be fine, however I want a drone with a flame thrower now.

2018-06-19 21:07:15 UTC

There's a reason why I don't get cars with a lot of horsepower. It's easier to restrict oneself when you don't have the ability.

2018-06-19 23:12:34 UTC

1984 VW Rabbit, you can drive that thing at 100% all day everyday and cops won't even notice.

2018-06-20 01:48:12 UTC

As the resident FAA licensed Drone Pilot

2018-06-20 01:48:18 UTC

I want one.

2018-06-20 01:48:19 UTC


2018-06-20 02:17:35 UTC

I'm getting a drone tomorrow. Maybe I can weaponize it. πŸ€”

2018-06-20 02:18:31 UTC

Just tape a butter knife to it. THat's weaponized enough for London

2018-06-20 02:24:44 UTC

I wonder if after knives are banned, people start using stones in crimes, andthen they'll try to ban stones.

2018-06-20 02:25:18 UTC

Then tell people to start throwing pants

2018-06-20 02:34:42 UTC

What kind are you getting?

2018-06-20 02:36:09 UTC

can I offer you some advice?

2018-06-20 02:36:15 UTC


2018-06-20 02:36:17 UTC


2018-06-20 02:37:05 UTC

It was bought already. Parent's decided to get it for their trip to Alaska. Will be giving it to me when they get back.

2018-06-20 02:37:21 UTC

Ah. huh.

2018-06-20 02:37:52 UTC

Bebop 2 is a potato painted white, with propellers.

2018-06-20 02:38:19 UTC

Yeah it looks bad but I won't complain as I'm not paying for it.

2018-06-20 02:41:15 UTC

I was going to recommend the Tello. $100 drone with basically the same quality image.

2018-06-20 02:42:09 UTC

Either that or a DJI Matrice 600 with a Red Digital camera.

2018-06-20 02:42:59 UTC

I had asked about drones here before my parents bought anything but didn't get any answers about what was good so they just ended up getting that.

2018-06-20 02:43:02 UTC


2018-06-20 02:43:18 UTC

Oh, shit, you should've pinged me.

2018-06-20 02:43:28 UTC

Then again, I was innawoods about a week or two ago.

2018-06-20 02:43:33 UTC

I didn't know you were the guy to go to about drones lol.

2018-06-20 02:44:02 UTC

I came into this discord literally bitching about GoPro exiting the drone market.

2018-06-20 02:44:34 UTC

Also, disregard my advice about the Matrice, that was me joking around.

2018-06-20 02:44:37 UTC

What? When did they leave? I don't keep up with those things

2018-06-20 02:44:49 UTC

DJI Matrice 600 is a $5,000 drone, the camera is $50,000

2018-06-20 02:45:10 UTC


2018-06-20 02:45:48 UTC

Yeah, they announced an end to the Karma drone line back in January.

2018-06-20 02:46:08 UTC

Which is a shame, because the Karma is actually a really fine drone.

2018-06-20 02:46:13 UTC

I would have gone with that if they weren't stopping production.

2018-06-20 02:46:27 UTC

It's still generally worth it

2018-06-20 02:46:50 UTC

Gopro kit costs $850, comes with a GoPro camera, and a Karma Grip

2018-06-20 02:46:59 UTC

Just saw a lot of people saying not to get it as there wouldn't be tech support and they would stop making improvements.

2018-06-20 02:47:09 UTC

Yeah, GoPro footage was some of the best footage on Youtube when I got "homesick" of my old haunts

2018-06-20 02:47:38 UTC

Incidentally, the Karma Grip is what Tim uses in the field.

2018-06-20 02:47:47 UTC

I'd love to have that.

2018-06-20 02:48:07 UTC

Right now I have a shitty selfie stick/tripod combo thing.

2018-06-20 02:48:21 UTC

Also no GoPro.

2018-06-20 02:48:27 UTC

Just use a phone.

2018-06-20 02:48:41 UTC

There are also gimbal stabilizer options for those

2018-06-20 02:49:33 UTC

I'm sure there are but it's not something I'm planning on going out of my way to get. Just if we had a karma it would be nice because it would come with it.

2018-06-20 03:25:17 UTC

@zero_consequences Nah, Sparta's just clued-in to the fakery. 😸

2018-06-20 03:32:08 UTC

Sorry, got called for an uber run, I'm back

2018-06-20 03:32:43 UTC

I'm pretty sure the aftermarket will continue to support the Karma.

2018-06-20 03:33:09 UTC

for what it's worth, it's a good starting point, as long as you're not looking for tons of automation features.

2018-06-20 03:34:21 UTC

it's a $300 drone with a $300 detachable camera and a $200 handheld motion stabilization system, with a more-than-decent travel case for the whole kit.

2018-06-20 03:44:53 UTC

They don't make nations like Rhodesia anymore. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhtOT7zExn4

2018-06-20 04:02:42 UTC

Fucking based. Do you think she knows she is using a symbol from national socialist Germany? https://shakira.fanfire.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/Store.woa/wa/product?sourceCode=SKRWEBWWUSD&sku=SKR76715

2018-06-20 04:03:11 UTC


2018-06-20 04:03:16 UTC


2018-06-20 04:20:49 UTC

Wewelsburg? more like Wewladsburg. amirite?

2018-06-20 04:28:50 UTC

It's a cool looking symbol.

2018-06-20 04:56:31 UTC

Seems like a stretch, even for you bro

2018-06-20 05:16:09 UTC


2018-06-20 07:55:03 UTC
2018-06-20 09:47:42 UTC

Just had a guy from South Africa shitting on how Europe is dealing with migrants

2018-06-20 09:47:58 UTC

And defending communism

2018-06-20 09:48:12 UTC

So I asked him how they deal with migrants in South Africa

2018-06-20 09:48:26 UTC

He goes.. "We kill them"

2018-06-20 09:48:33 UTC


2018-06-20 09:58:38 UTC

Well they had the berlin wall

2018-06-20 13:29:46 UTC

The black shorts and the red shorts as well

2018-06-20 13:34:14 UTC

the red shoes too

2018-06-20 13:36:24 UTC

Lol, even my parents knew never to bring kids to a protest

2018-06-20 13:36:30 UTC

Where has common decency gone

2018-06-20 13:38:29 UTC

when have communists or communist adjacent ideologies ever been decent?

2018-06-20 13:38:41 UTC

I'm fine with kids going to protests as long as they know what they're there for

2018-06-20 13:38:55 UTC

Like the kids in the free Assange protests

2018-06-20 13:41:52 UTC

When they old enough

2018-06-20 13:41:57 UTC

Like Im not taking them

2018-06-20 13:42:15 UTC

Actually it would be, only protests I myself am not going to.

2018-06-20 13:42:34 UTC

Or protests they are going to "cause all their friends will be there"

2018-06-20 13:43:46 UTC

they go to protests to skip out on school

2018-06-20 13:44:02 UTC


2018-06-20 13:44:51 UTC

Id say, the kind of person who listens to the rehearsed ramblings of a child is not the brightest of individuals

2018-06-20 13:48:48 UTC

you can listen, but question their comments like you would any other person. Do not dismiss a childs comments just because they are a child. but do not take them as holy just because they are from a child

2018-06-20 13:51:47 UTC

There are some children who are really good at speaking, like Kyle Kashuv. But everyone must be taken with a mound of salt

2018-06-20 13:52:50 UTC

Also this is off topic, there a big fire close to where I am rn and I'm scared lol


2018-06-20 13:53:35 UTC

Maybe I'll kick off my nightcrawling career

2018-06-20 13:53:42 UTC


2018-06-20 14:24:02 UTC

Good, the whore deserves it


2018-06-20 14:34:34 UTC

For everyone spammed with the cage image


2018-06-20 14:44:10 UTC


2018-06-20 15:12:47 UTC


2018-06-20 18:03:33 UTC


2018-06-20 19:33:56 UTC

Got a Pew research quiz for you fine gentlemen. http://www.pewresearch.org/quiz/news-statements-quiz/

2018-06-20 19:34:27 UTC

Be sure to post your results! First time only, no cheating.

2018-06-20 19:34:32 UTC


2018-06-20 19:40:40 UTC

I got 5 out of 5 opinion ones correct but 1 out of 5 fact ones correct.

2018-06-20 19:41:00 UTC

I don’t like following the official narrative.

2018-06-20 19:42:25 UTC

5/5, 5/5: It doesn't matter if I believe the facts or opinions are true, but anything value based is opinion and anything fact based has defined ways of measuring

2018-06-20 19:43:28 UTC

Exactly. It's not about whether the sample is true or false

2018-06-20 19:43:57 UTC

But whether or not it's factually provable or disprovable.

2018-06-20 19:44:13 UTC

So I’m that case I would have gotten 5/5 for both.

2018-06-20 19:44:29 UTC

Kind of messed up their poll. Feel bad now.

2018-06-20 19:44:52 UTC


2018-06-20 19:45:19 UTC


2018-06-20 19:46:07 UTC

Hint: pew's pretty good at not assuming the internet population is representative of the whole population

2018-06-20 19:46:50 UTC

Did it again and got 5/5x2.

2018-06-20 19:48:14 UTC

Yup. 10/10

2018-06-20 19:49:32 UTC

I'd say people in this crowd know how to be objective.

2018-06-20 19:51:54 UTC

I wouldn't assume know how to be objective, but at least know how to differentiate between subjective and objective.

2018-06-20 19:53:19 UTC

@Timcast should do this quiz on stream.

2018-06-20 19:55:09 UTC

Good idea and also talk about how to differentiate between the two.

2018-06-20 19:55:14 UTC
2018-06-20 19:55:33 UTC

I put that as opinion lol.

2018-06-20 19:55:53 UTC

The first time not the second.

2018-06-20 19:56:15 UTC

in terms of actually what its asking for its a factual statement but what a fucking question

2018-06-20 19:56:34 UTC

That's the point of asking the question

2018-06-20 19:56:52 UTC

They are trying to catch conspiracy theorists like me.

2018-06-20 19:56:59 UTC

With those questions.

2018-06-20 20:01:20 UTC

pewresearch should do a colab with pewnews

2018-06-20 20:03:15 UTC

It's basically just strangely wording the question 'Is the statement [statement] one of factual correct/incorrect-ness, or one based on subjective opinion?'

2018-06-20 20:08:27 UTC

I got 5/5 and 5/5. Just look for qualitative words.

2018-06-20 20:10:33 UTC

Basically, this.

2018-06-20 20:18:58 UTC

It's set up to try to trick anyone viewing ideology first over objectivity at least once.

2018-06-20 21:01:20 UTC

well, i'd say that is animalistic behavior

2018-06-20 21:18:47 UTC

Lmao my dad brought this back from the states for me.


2018-06-20 21:44:51 UTC


2018-06-20 22:19:09 UTC

@RyeNorth so the drone is here and it seems like pretty cheap plastic. Noticed some scratches on the propellers and asked my dad if it hit into anything. Apparently the first thing he did when he got it was try flying it indoors lol.

2018-06-20 22:35:29 UTC


2018-06-20 22:35:34 UTC

im so far right

2018-06-20 23:08:41 UTC

I think you lads might find this video interesting. He makes a good case for Patriarchy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hN1GwOLgjVs

2018-06-21 01:23:11 UTC



2018-06-21 02:10:27 UTC

@CreativeRealms The core of the drone is also unmistakably shaped like a potato.

2018-06-21 02:10:53 UTC

Almost suspiciously so.

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