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2018-04-29 21:46:29 UTC

the whole structure of public education needs to be restructured. Too many quotas, not enough being taught how to teach one's self and learn things on their own

2018-04-29 21:46:54 UTC


2018-04-29 21:47:15 UTC

They dont teach people how to study anymore

2018-04-29 21:47:18 UTC

how to think

2018-04-29 21:47:30 UTC

they teach what to think, not how to think

2018-04-29 21:47:36 UTC

how to seek their own conclusions, etc.

2018-04-29 21:47:41 UTC


2018-04-29 21:47:48 UTC

which is not exactly bad for the state.

2018-04-29 21:48:11 UTC

I was lucky enough that I had proffs in college that actually did teach How

2018-04-29 21:48:52 UTC

for the most part, i think most teachers want to actually teach how to think, not what to think

2018-04-29 21:49:06 UTC


2018-04-29 21:49:25 UTC

i had great teachers in high school, and good professors in college. But i consider myself extremely lucky in that respect

2018-04-29 21:49:52 UTC


2018-04-29 21:50:08 UTC

probably a bonus from going to small schools and seeking out a college that was on the smaller side

2018-04-29 21:50:18 UTC

i did have one college course that seemed to attempt to teach What to think though

2018-04-29 21:50:35 UTC

i only had to take that one course though so i never saw it again

2018-04-29 21:51:15 UTC

i was a history and poly-sci major and luckily those profs where good about teaching how not what

2018-04-29 21:51:24 UTC


2018-04-29 21:52:01 UTC

the thing that is probably most disgusting is history. That is a subject who's whole foundation is built on how to find out the truth about the past, and its always "this is EXACTLY what happened, no questions." Rarely is history we are taught right outside the major "so a thing happened".

2018-04-29 21:52:42 UTC

and by how in my experience i mean that they presented info and essentially said "you dont have to agree with this or believe this, etc. but you need to learn how to talk/write about it if that makes sense

2018-04-29 21:53:24 UTC

oh def i had more flexibility in Poly-Sci than history

2018-04-29 21:54:11 UTC

on the history side it was very much about learning how to research

2018-04-29 21:55:14 UTC

History is interesting in that we are constantly changing what is taught based on the findings to come

2018-04-29 21:55:25 UTC

the advantage of a computer science degree, much like math degrees. There is a right answer, and a set of rules. Learn the basic rules, you will find the right answer. There are better and more efficient ways of getting there, but if you follow the rules, you will find it even if you use shortcuts you learn along the way.

2018-04-29 21:55:42 UTC


2018-04-29 21:56:41 UTC

Primary sources are a big deal in History because they are the most reliable

2018-04-29 21:56:47 UTC

in comp sci, you have no choice BUT to learn how to look up the solutions to your problems. Because that is the foundation of it and its a subject where everyone is incredibly lazy, i'm sorry, i mean efficient, so no one wants to reinvent the wheel,

2018-04-29 21:57:08 UTC


2018-04-29 21:57:19 UTC

so they dont innovate?

2018-04-29 21:57:41 UTC

oh, they innovate.... when they fail to find someone with the solution already

2018-04-29 21:58:12 UTC

I have a lot of respect for Archeologists because they are on the ground actively finding our history

2018-04-29 21:58:18 UTC


2018-04-29 21:58:22 UTC


2018-04-29 21:58:42 UTC

usually its "well, this way works.... but i want/need to fit it in a less powerful package. Anyone figure out how to do that yet?" *research* "No? fuck. Well, how can i take shortcuts to save processing power requirements"

2018-04-29 21:58:44 UTC

mind you even they cant find everythign

2018-04-29 21:59:00 UTC


2018-04-29 21:59:51 UTC

read those tweets. i have said every single one of them at one point or another.

2018-04-29 22:00:01 UTC

that is being a comp-sci person in a nutshell

2018-04-29 22:00:49 UTC

"meat telling sand to think" lol

2018-04-29 22:03:09 UTC

"error: expected `url::Url` found `url::Url`"

this basically an exact error i have gotten, and it is maddening

2018-04-29 22:05:27 UTC


2018-04-29 22:05:33 UTC


2018-04-29 22:06:04 UTC

Usually a case of having two different things with the same name

2018-04-29 22:11:08 UTC


2018-04-29 23:26:28 UTC


>Secret service bans gun from nra convention while the VP is there
>Everyone things it's the NRA banning the guns at their convention

2018-04-30 00:27:34 UTC


2018-04-30 02:53:09 UTC

Parkland survivors wonder why they won't ban guns to protect children?

2018-04-30 02:53:45 UTC

Guess what. The vice-president is going to be protected

2018-04-30 02:53:49 UTC

By guns.

2018-04-30 02:54:20 UTC

They don't want armed people in their schools, even if they're good guys with guns.

2018-04-30 02:54:41 UTC

There in lies the difference.

2018-04-30 02:55:23 UTC

Secret service is handling any security needs while pence is in the building

2018-04-30 02:56:15 UTC

Where as the Parkland survivors (on TV) just want all law abiding citizens disarmed. :/

2018-04-30 02:56:42 UTC

I swear the ignorance is willful.

2018-04-30 02:57:30 UTC

I hope it is.

2018-04-30 02:58:14 UTC

Because if they're genuinely the ones aiming to run things and they're that dumb, we're in trouble.

2018-04-30 02:59:22 UTC

Schools are already (under federal law if I’m not mistaken) β€œgun free” zones. Problem solved!

2018-04-30 03:01:07 UTC

The problem with Hanlon's Razor is that, after you start using it, you start to realize idiocy is sometimes worse than malice.

2018-04-30 03:03:29 UTC

Unfortunately, idiocy seems to be something that is at a minimum, tolerated in education today, and at worst, encouraged. β€œFeelz” are more important than reality and logic.

2018-04-30 03:04:21 UTC

I say we're 10 years out from watering our plants with Gatorade.

2018-04-30 03:05:31 UTC

LOL. I never heard that concept before, but I guess it makes sense. If Gatorade is good for people then it must be good for plants.

2018-04-30 03:06:04 UTC

It's what plants crave! (tm)

2018-04-30 03:08:27 UTC

What I'm referencing.

2018-04-30 03:15:49 UTC

danm ya know i need to watch that

2018-04-30 03:16:06 UTC

its sad but funny in movie context

2018-04-30 03:55:11 UTC

Idiocracy was supposed to be a comedy, not a documentary. 1984 was supposed to be satire, not a handbook.

2018-04-30 04:31:57 UTC

1984 was a warning, not satire.

2018-04-30 05:32:00 UTC

I mean, it's less Pence banning guns and more Pence saying "if you bring guns I'm not showing up to speak"

2018-04-30 05:32:52 UTC

the Parkland students are free to do the same. They're 100% in their rights to not show up to speak to a crowd of armed people

2018-04-30 06:37:25 UTC

it's less Pence saying 'If you bring guns I'm not showing up to speak' and more Secret Service regulations.

2018-04-30 10:06:00 UTC

It's not like all guns are banned. The secret service still has them.

2018-04-30 11:12:17 UTC

article in dutch about the european privacy laws and how they affect belgian reporters in there inability to report the facts

2018-04-30 11:13:18 UTC

a person would be able to request that an interview he gave ages ago should be scrapped from the public record, or prevent important journalistic discoveries from comming out by using this law

2018-04-30 12:47:01 UTC

target: social media
acceptable causalities: Gaming, News, Scientific Research

2018-04-30 13:01:10 UTC

Id imagine most of us are like this. If we are in trustworthy company, we wouldnt mind giving up some liberties for the time being. Afterall, its Pence.

2018-04-30 13:01:37 UTC

We allow ourselves to be vulnerable in the company of trusted individuals

2018-04-30 19:53:21 UTC

@GinsomniacgaBomber#6296 as someone alluded to above, it’s a Secret Service thing (and less a trust thing IMHO). The Secret Service’s job is to protect the President & VP. I don’t think that they can afford to trust anyone (NRA included).

2018-04-30 23:09:22 UTC


2018-04-30 23:09:53 UTC

When in doubt, throw money at Tim until he gives us a discord link

2018-04-30 23:10:42 UTC

So, how's everyone doing tonight?

2018-04-30 23:12:08 UTC


2018-04-30 23:18:59 UTC

howdy Poolies

2018-04-30 23:19:20 UTC

is this the cool pool party for the cool kids at my school?

2018-04-30 23:20:04 UTC

The Tim Pool Cool Kid Pool Party

2018-04-30 23:24:27 UTC


2018-04-30 23:27:55 UTC

lol what is this tard paying 5 bucks to whine that tim is a millimeter off of far left

2018-04-30 23:28:36 UTC

wait.. new people?

2018-04-30 23:31:07 UTC

petition to change the name of the server from subverse to "The Tim Pool Cool Kid Pool Party"

2018-04-30 23:32:09 UTC

lmao, I was the loser who paid Tim $5 for a discord link

2018-04-30 23:32:44 UTC

Where did he hand it out?

2018-04-30 23:32:49 UTC

and it's been public

2018-04-30 23:32:54 UTC

he's posted it on videos and live streams

2018-04-30 23:32:57 UTC

you got ripped

2018-04-30 23:33:09 UTC

But Tim needs the support so no biggie πŸ˜ƒ

2018-04-30 23:33:42 UTC

I just hadn't found it before that <:blobwink:396521731658874891>

2018-04-30 23:33:55 UTC

its been open for months

2018-04-30 23:34:10 UTC

its not very active to be quite honest

2018-04-30 23:34:11 UTC

*I totally looked before asking. That's a thing I did*

2018-04-30 23:34:23 UTC


2018-04-30 23:34:37 UTC

or we could be the lobster bucket!

2018-04-30 23:37:11 UTC

tim pool doesnt look ilke he is driving his lambo off the discord links so far

2018-04-30 23:42:22 UTC

Looks like some military kinship is happening in the chats

2018-04-30 23:49:30 UTC

to be fair, he has been absolute rubbish in advertising it.

2018-04-30 23:49:45 UTC

its like he is ashamed of us. Perhaps for good reason.

2018-04-30 23:50:05 UTC

pretty much

2018-04-30 23:50:40 UTC


2018-04-30 23:50:42 UTC

he comes in here every once in a while just to make sure his minions are keeping the peace and then closes the door behidn him

2018-04-30 23:50:45 UTC


2018-04-30 23:50:53 UTC

discord has probs

2018-04-30 23:51:43 UTC

work from home they said
its better than taking a sick day they said

2018-04-30 23:51:55 UTC

oh and he's streaming and has been an hour

2018-04-30 23:52:05 UTC

so, anyone here follow the maddox/dick masterson lolsuit?

2018-04-30 23:52:20 UTC


2018-04-30 23:52:37 UTC

has the lawsuit ended?

2018-04-30 23:52:48 UTC

not yet, I think

2018-04-30 23:52:58 UTC

wat is it rage

2018-04-30 23:53:01 UTC

i can't imagine who maddox's fans are at this point

2018-04-30 23:53:16 UTC

i hide under rocks

2018-04-30 23:53:20 UTC

do lawsuits ever end? they always seem to drag on forever

2018-04-30 23:53:24 UTC

here is a summary of just the legal shenanigans around it:

2018-04-30 23:53:48 UTC

maddox should have stuck to being known for his words on the screen

2018-04-30 23:53:49 UTC

it just gets more crazy the more you dig into it

2018-04-30 23:54:11 UTC

Dax has the radio gig on lockdown tho

2018-04-30 23:55:36 UTC

I really miss a time when I get out of class and i'm excited to get home because the biggest problem in the universe is fresh

2018-04-30 23:55:54 UTC

i followed that thing from the very begininning

2018-04-30 23:55:57 UTC

have you watched the uncucked episodes?

2018-04-30 23:56:07 UTC

it really sucked to see it shut down

2018-04-30 23:56:13 UTC

what do you mean?

2018-04-30 23:56:16 UTC


2018-04-30 23:56:24 UTC

Dick released the old episodes, uncut

2018-04-30 23:56:29 UTC

is that a specific thing?

2018-04-30 23:56:32 UTC

oh wow

2018-04-30 23:56:35 UTC

i want to!

2018-04-30 23:56:51 UTC

he's putting out 10 of the episodes per week

2018-04-30 23:57:33 UTC

including episode 17 which has the clip maddox used to insinuate that he was a rape apologist

2018-04-30 23:58:18 UTC

lol well thanks for the link

2018-04-30 23:58:26 UTC

biggest trademark in the universe LMAO=

2018-04-30 23:58:33 UTC

finally can say i'm done with work for today. yaaay. only 3 hours after work technically ended

2018-04-30 23:59:10 UTC

@RageScholar if you are into that you might like this channel

2018-04-30 23:59:13 UTC

rekieta's channel is awesome even without the lolsuit stuff. it's really interesting to see lawsuits broken down

2018-04-30 23:59:34 UTC

you know Ethics Instead?

2018-04-30 23:59:41 UTC


2018-05-01 00:00:59 UTC

if you are into law and stuff this has been very interesting

2018-05-01 00:01:25 UTC

as an aside, are there any rules aside from the general "Don't be a fucking prick"

2018-05-01 00:01:31 UTC

these two guys are amazing holding frame and exposing what is really going on

2018-05-01 00:05:55 UTC

Opened the link, saw the length of the video, immediately gave up.

2018-05-01 00:06:36 UTC

there doesn't appear to be any rules, or atleast it was at the discretion of the mods... but I haven't seen our one moderator here for a while

2018-05-01 00:06:37 UTC

Free speech.

2018-05-01 00:06:49 UTC

lol it's called skipping through to see what it is

2018-05-01 00:06:52 UTC

Works for me

2018-05-01 00:07:15 UTC

Free Speech Absolutism = Objectively Correct

2018-05-01 00:07:25 UTC

at most I've had one or two posts removed

2018-05-01 00:07:25 UTC

If someone is saying something you don't like, man up and challenge it.

2018-05-01 00:07:49 UTC

If they don't fight on reasonable terms

2018-05-01 00:08:06 UTC

Don't fight on resonable terms.

2018-05-01 00:09:24 UTC

If they're being obnoxious in shitposting and you think they've got an aversion to 'degeneracy', @ aktricast.

2018-05-01 00:09:38 UTC


2018-05-01 00:09:45 UTC

( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°)

2018-05-01 00:09:56 UTC


2018-05-01 00:11:05 UTC

Also, if anyone asks you to point out where you fall under the Nuremberg Laws, know that they've lost the argument.

2018-05-01 00:11:14 UTC


2018-05-01 00:12:21 UTC

What if it's a pug asking though?

2018-05-01 00:18:23 UTC

that's it, LOCK HIM UP

2018-05-01 00:18:34 UTC

we got a wild one boys

2018-05-01 00:19:02 UTC

To the gulags with you

2018-05-01 00:19:09 UTC


2018-05-01 00:19:15 UTC


2018-05-01 00:19:34 UTC

I suppose I should have learned to pilot a helicopter instead.

2018-05-01 00:19:43 UTC

Fuel pays for itself.

2018-05-01 00:21:10 UTC

Just gotta learn how to convert the impact force into electrical energy

2018-05-01 00:22:29 UTC

Interestingly enough, I'm actually working on an application of converting impact force into electricity for my day job.

2018-05-01 00:23:16 UTC

Well, it seems like the solution to the world's energy needs has made itself clear

2018-05-01 00:24:32 UTC

the earth has all the energy we could ever need don't listen to any lies that say there isn't enough

2018-05-01 00:24:39 UTC

Unfortunately not, the ratio of commies and fascists to middle-of-the-road types is just too low for that to work.

2018-05-01 00:25:01 UTC

@Pretentieux the trouble is energy distribution

2018-05-01 00:25:13 UTC

Storage and distribution @Dawlben

2018-05-01 00:25:33 UTC
2018-05-01 00:25:51 UTC

would it be odd if there were a connection between freemasons 500 years ago and the UN now?

2018-05-01 00:26:08 UTC

A connection isn't a causal relation.

2018-05-01 00:26:20 UTC


2018-05-01 00:26:26 UTC

what have you just stated though?

2018-05-01 00:26:38 UTC

I've take like 5 different political tests and they put me in the middle with a slight towards libertarian and left

2018-05-01 00:26:39 UTC

You can connect anything to anything with enough mental gymnastics, but it doesn't necessarily mean anything.

2018-05-01 00:27:01 UTC

lol it isn't mental gymnastics

2018-05-01 00:27:06 UTC

they use the same symbols

2018-05-01 00:27:30 UTC

It's like stating "The US founding fathers were members of the Freemasons, therefore America is run by the Freemasons"

2018-05-01 00:27:41 UTC

but most of those symbols have been in use for similar ideas for over 1000 years

2018-05-01 00:27:44 UTC

Symbols don't prove anything tbh

2018-05-01 00:27:54 UTC

yes there is a lot of history on this earth

2018-05-01 00:27:55 UTC

@Dugamar not all of them

2018-05-01 00:28:02 UTC

never stop searching

2018-05-01 00:28:06 UTC

that's why i like you people

2018-05-01 00:28:33 UTC

I'm a skeptic in that I take the stand of neither belief nor doubt

2018-05-01 00:29:08 UTC

I prefer to listen to a person's beliefs rather than assume their associations based on loose symbology

2018-05-01 00:29:09 UTC

Walter Veith will pretty well spell it out for you that the UN is a product of masonic idol worship

2018-05-01 00:29:16 UTC

The null hypothesis is a methodological concept for a reason.

2018-05-01 00:30:49 UTC

Also, as someone who was a Mason for a while, I can tell you with reasonble certainty that they're just about as dangerous as the Illuminati.

2018-05-01 00:30:52 UTC

you can keep acting as if you are superior for never actually letting yourself believe anything

2018-05-01 00:31:40 UTC

It's not about superiority, I'm just not easily convinced unless there is really strong evidence to support a claim.

2018-05-01 00:31:58 UTC

talking about supposed "Realists"?

2018-05-01 00:32:05 UTC

It's like don't get me wrong, I have my own reasons to not like the US.

2018-05-01 00:32:25 UTC

@Smartyrdom do you believe in quantum mechanics?

2018-05-01 00:32:29 UTC

Relations to the Freemasons aren't one of them

2018-05-01 00:32:37 UTC


2018-05-01 00:33:02 UTC

if you pretend to know so much how do you not know that the whole thing is a sham anyway?

2018-05-01 00:33:03 UTC

I don't really "believe" per se, but the mathematical predictions and experiment reliably align. @Dawlben

2018-05-01 00:33:16 UTC

there are no accidents and politics is a play

2018-05-01 00:33:33 UTC

@Smartyrdom do you study the stuff?

2018-05-01 00:33:43 UTC

the west has been trained to literally worship actors (LIARS)

2018-05-01 00:34:03 UTC

I just have a few books on it on my shelf. I wouldn't say I'm an expert.

2018-05-01 00:34:06 UTC

is it any surprisie this is what we see

2018-05-01 00:34:17 UTC

I think I'd rather apply a healthy dose of Harlon's razor

2018-05-01 00:34:23 UTC


2018-05-01 00:34:41 UTC

Well, my point is mute now

2018-05-01 00:34:45 UTC

ok let me hit you with a question

2018-05-01 00:34:51 UTC

@Smartyrdom so you're believing in what someone else has told you is true

2018-05-01 00:34:52 UTC

Time to end my life or something

2018-05-01 00:35:05 UTC


2018-05-01 00:35:08 UTC

Just in case someone wanted to google it because they didn't know what you were referring to.

2018-05-01 00:35:10 UTC

do you believe that in the 1960s some guys went up to the moon and drove around on a little buggy?

2018-05-01 00:35:23 UTC

I've worked the math and done some of the experiments, they hold up.

2018-05-01 00:35:35 UTC

If there was a better explanation, I would take it.

2018-05-01 00:35:42 UTC

I don't believe that our government is capable of covering something like that up

2018-05-01 00:35:43 UTC

if you will believe that, the rest of the lies are easy

2018-05-01 00:35:48 UTC

you are a useful idiot

2018-05-01 00:36:00 UTC

not saying you as to blame you

2018-05-01 00:36:05 UTC

just the saying

2018-05-01 00:36:11 UTC

Besides, if the government was as malicious as you say, would you even be alive?

2018-05-01 00:36:21 UTC

My money's on no.

2018-05-01 00:36:36 UTC

where does that reasoning stand?

2018-05-01 00:36:39 UTC

If you were right, they would've executed you.

2018-05-01 00:36:45 UTC

Rocketry is way easier than a good number of engineering applications we experience day in and out, though.

2018-05-01 00:37:27 UTC

Any looser with 20k to blow can get a satellite into orbit

2018-05-01 00:37:44 UTC

there is no such thing as orbit

2018-05-01 00:37:47 UTC

But of course, that's all part of the conspiracy

2018-05-01 00:38:02 UTC

Riddle me GPS systems then.

2018-05-01 00:38:02 UTC

The number of people needed to keep these things secret, it's statistically unlikely that there aren't leaks all the time.

2018-05-01 00:38:19 UTC

it's not hard with numbskulls like you!

2018-05-01 00:38:22 UTC


2018-05-01 00:38:29 UTC

I just don't knock someone else's beliefs unless there is something to show it is false or just so utterly complicated that it makes no sense

2018-05-01 00:38:33 UTC

Explain how GPS works.

2018-05-01 00:38:39 UTC

GPS systems also are an interesting practical application of general relativity. Which I know better than tiny scale quantum stuff.

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