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2018-06-07 14:49:04 UTC

so the issue is that people think its politcal and its not

2018-06-07 14:49:04 UTC

Like whats the summary of the recording?

2018-06-07 14:49:11 UTC

its the 911 call, about a minute

2018-06-07 14:49:25 UTC

so i guess yeah someone anonymously claiming they did something without evidence of who they actually are isint an issue ethicly i dont think

2018-06-07 14:49:31 UTC

Ah so just hackers being annoying in this case

2018-06-07 14:49:37 UTC

Or just "hackers"

2018-06-07 14:49:38 UTC

the recording is from their end

2018-06-07 14:49:57 UTC

Thing is, a recording can be faked as well

2018-06-07 14:50:08 UTC


2018-06-07 14:50:09 UTC

its potentally hearsay?

2018-06-07 14:50:17 UTC

Do we have any evidence proving that this isn't just the people realizing that they fucked up?

2018-06-07 14:50:21 UTC

but i reaaaallly doubt they hired two middle aged women to fake a call with them

2018-06-07 14:50:30 UTC

Swatting can have a huge negative impact on your own agenda

2018-06-07 14:50:40 UTC

actually if the voice is similar to the 911 call

2018-06-07 14:50:46 UTC

maybe theres that

2018-06-07 14:50:50 UTC

It makes your side look pretty horrible

2018-06-07 14:50:53 UTC

i dont think they released the 911 call

2018-06-07 14:51:00 UTC

Could just be trying to save face

2018-06-07 14:51:02 UTC

they released some dispatcher audio tho

2018-06-07 14:51:23 UTC

Well think of it this way

2018-06-07 14:51:35 UTC

It takes some effort to do and a level of intelligence to do it

2018-06-07 14:51:55 UTC

If you are intelligent enough to swat someone, you are intelligent enough to know how bad it makes your own side look bad

2018-06-07 14:52:14 UTC

it sounds like you have someone saying they are involved but what actual evidence is there to what you were given being actually tied to the case? this is only a bad thing if it doesent infact end up being related to it

2018-06-07 14:52:27 UTC

Now we're meta analyzing these people

2018-06-07 14:52:28 UTC

the evidence is a recording of them talking to 911

2018-06-07 14:52:35 UTC


2018-06-07 14:52:44 UTC

giving hoggs address

2018-06-07 14:52:50 UTC

Of which it cant be verified unless the cops confirm it

2018-06-07 14:53:02 UTC

and that could take forever or never

2018-06-07 14:53:05 UTC

hmm well this is beyond me then

2018-06-07 14:53:16 UTC

You think never though? There is alot of political stock behind this

2018-06-07 14:53:18 UTC

I don't have the capacity to believe that they didn't know who they were swatting

2018-06-07 14:53:26 UTC

i do

2018-06-07 14:53:28 UTC

There's also the possibility of a false flag

2018-06-07 14:53:32 UTC

they kept messing his name up

2018-06-07 14:53:35 UTC

At least checking to see if the voices in the recording and in the interview are the same is pretty easy.

2018-06-07 14:53:43 UTC

said they like to see their stuff on tv

2018-06-07 14:53:45 UTC

They could've been doing that on purpose

2018-06-07 14:53:50 UTC

Ill defer to your judgement then.

2018-06-07 14:53:51 UTC

of course its the same voice

2018-06-07 14:54:11 UTC

you know when someone is messing up a name on purpose

2018-06-07 14:54:18 UTC

Too bad you probably cant share the actual call with the hackers. Probably breaking some privacy laws there.

2018-06-07 14:54:20 UTC

one guy had to keep correcting the other guy

2018-06-07 14:54:33 UTC

no they want the interview published with the recording

2018-06-07 14:54:42 UTC

Right so it’s just a matter of figuring out if the recording is legit or adding a disclaimer to the video.

2018-06-07 14:54:57 UTC

Tim, it really just comes to my zero trust in others. Especially when it comes to assholes

2018-06-07 14:54:59 UTC

Damn, this is an actual ethics case in the making

2018-06-07 14:55:17 UTC

i might have to just contact a bigger outlet to help with legal and fact checking

2018-06-07 14:55:19 UTC

What will you do

2018-06-07 14:55:22 UTC


2018-06-07 14:55:30 UTC

I think phil makes a good point

2018-06-07 14:55:42 UTC

Thing is, its an exclusive scoop

2018-06-07 14:55:43 UTC

These people swatted to get famous

2018-06-07 14:56:07 UTC

Is it a good idea to give the hackers publicity or validation?

2018-06-07 14:56:17 UTC

I imagine if someone was actually trying to harm Hogg they would have checked to make sure they were home before the swatting. If these people didn’t know who he was they also wouldn’t have known he was away.

2018-06-07 14:56:18 UTC

I'm of the opinion that it's not

2018-06-07 14:56:18 UTC

if it proves its not politically motivated it doesnt matter

2018-06-07 14:56:24 UTC


2018-06-07 14:56:32 UTC

But the final say goes down to Tim

2018-06-07 14:57:20 UTC

Break the story.

2018-06-07 14:57:22 UTC

Ethically speaking, I don't think these people should be given any sort of publicity

2018-06-07 14:57:31 UTC

Maybe do it in a round about way?

2018-06-07 14:57:47 UTC

Well it does help if it comes out that its not politically motivated like what Tim is saying

2018-06-07 14:57:47 UTC

Don't even give their twitter handles

2018-06-07 14:57:52 UTC


2018-06-07 14:58:04 UTC

this is an ethics conundrum

2018-06-07 14:58:08 UTC

why should people know who did it?

2018-06-07 14:58:12 UTC


2018-06-07 14:58:17 UTC

I just hate the idea of them getting what they wanted

2018-06-07 14:58:19 UTC

should the public be allowed to see the other things these people claim?

2018-06-07 14:58:22 UTC

Not when you are correcting ppl.

2018-06-07 14:58:22 UTC

Well its like school shooters in a way?

2018-06-07 14:58:32 UTC


2018-06-07 14:58:36 UTC

Well, minus the dead kids.

2018-06-07 14:58:43 UTC

do you think you have a right to know who did the swatting?

2018-06-07 14:58:52 UTC

and why

2018-06-07 14:59:01 UTC

Like there is a right there. Its just peoples reaction to it

2018-06-07 14:59:19 UTC

Tim, if there's a way for you to air the information required to correct it, you should. But you should also try your best to give the individuals as little publicity as possible

2018-06-07 14:59:20 UTC

Like how people reacted to the unabomber, the boston marathon bombers, or columbine

2018-06-07 14:59:23 UTC

dooI have the right to trickle out tidbits of info and with hold some from the public?

2018-06-07 14:59:37 UTC

It's not about rights really imo

2018-06-07 14:59:38 UTC

should prolly have the right to know,
But i'm not sure if you HAVE to know more like, can be requested

2018-06-07 14:59:39 UTC

Yes but at the same time they do it for publicity. If people didn’t get recognition for it they might stop trying.

2018-06-07 14:59:56 UTC

It’s tricky.

2018-06-07 15:00:00 UTC


2018-06-07 15:00:01 UTC

thats activism imo

2018-06-07 15:00:13 UTC

deciding what people should or shouldnt know

2018-06-07 15:00:13 UTC

Hmm ,if you dont, someone else will

2018-06-07 15:00:23 UTC

And who knows what spin the other will put on it

2018-06-07 15:00:31 UTC

I think people should know eveyrthing I know about it

2018-06-07 15:00:33 UTC

including who did it

2018-06-07 15:00:39 UTC

Tim, deciding what people should or shouldn't know is your job description.

2018-06-07 15:00:39 UTC

Your call.

2018-06-07 15:00:40 UTC

Just facts

2018-06-07 15:00:52 UTC

Hes kinda in that buisness actually

2018-06-07 15:00:52 UTC

Use your best judgment.

2018-06-07 15:00:54 UTC

Theres publicizing a mass killers name and then theres correcting falsehoods.

2018-06-07 15:01:07 UTC


2018-06-07 15:01:13 UTC

Do you know your plan?

2018-06-07 15:01:14 UTC

withholding info to protect privacy is one thing

2018-06-07 15:01:20 UTC

Or are you kinda on the fence here?

2018-06-07 15:01:24 UTC

withholding info to prevent behaviors on a moral level is another

2018-06-07 15:01:41 UTC

Again, your call

2018-06-07 15:01:43 UTC

and tehre is nuance too

2018-06-07 15:01:49 UTC

But I side with Phil personally

2018-06-07 15:02:04 UTC

I mean, Phil is a big youtuber, any wrong move will cost him

2018-06-07 15:02:34 UTC

Its eggshells you step on with that level of influence

2018-06-07 15:03:04 UTC

Maybe announce that it wasn't politically motivated with recording, but not name them?

2018-06-07 15:03:14 UTC

i might have t hit up buzzfeed for help

2018-06-07 15:03:25 UTC


2018-06-07 15:03:37 UTC

i dont have legal resources and fact checking resources

2018-06-07 15:03:44 UTC

Tim it's time to put the car back into reverse

2018-06-07 15:03:59 UTC

Are there any other outlets you can look to?

2018-06-07 15:04:05 UTC

Anyone more reputable?

2018-06-07 15:04:14 UTC


2018-06-07 15:04:15 UTC


2018-06-07 15:04:20 UTC


2018-06-07 15:04:32 UTC

I'd agree with you, if those places were known for checking resources properly

2018-06-07 15:04:42 UTC


2018-06-07 15:04:51 UTC

Not exactly the place I'd go

2018-06-07 15:05:00 UTC

The owers og Quillett might be able to help with that.

2018-06-07 15:05:14 UTC

Well, my break is over

2018-06-07 15:05:22 UTC

Glad I could talk to you guys for a bit

2018-06-07 15:05:36 UTC

Like I said Tim, use your best judgment

2018-06-07 15:05:44 UTC

Seeya πŸ‘‹

2018-06-07 15:05:45 UTC

Lol you keep repeating that

2018-06-07 15:06:24 UTC

Well, soucechecking is one thing, But Id imagine if you plan on pissing alot of people off for profit, youd want to know the laws and what you can reasonably get away with.

2018-06-07 15:06:41 UTC

After gawker, sure Buzzfeed would be alot more careful and therefore more knowledgable.

2018-06-07 15:07:04 UTC

Or am I making a bad assumption here?

2018-06-07 15:07:09 UTC

daily wire?

2018-06-07 15:07:58 UTC

@Timcast Did they say they wanted to talk to you coz things were getting messed up in the msm?

2018-06-07 15:08:28 UTC

Actually thats important, why you over someone else?

2018-06-07 15:08:50 UTC

what if its people in this very chat! 😱

2018-06-07 15:08:57 UTC

they said the newswas wrong

2018-06-07 15:09:01 UTC

dun dun dun!!!!!

2018-06-07 15:09:04 UTC

so they asked if I had any questions

2018-06-07 15:09:18 UTC

Did they give any hit of them contacting others as well?

2018-06-07 15:09:19 UTC


2018-06-07 15:09:27 UTC

Or how many they did?

2018-06-07 15:09:39 UTC

they mentioned swatting a bunch of celebrities

2018-06-07 15:09:48 UTC

Other outlets?

2018-06-07 15:10:08 UTC

Oh, I was thinking how many other people they wanted to "correct"

2018-06-07 15:11:17 UTC

This needs to come out Tim.

2018-06-07 15:11:56 UTC

Fuck this I picked a bad time to play XCOM UFO defense

2018-06-07 15:12:00 UTC

It needs to come out. How it does is the question.

2018-06-07 15:12:23 UTC

I.... Dont like to sound like Im telling someone how to do his job.

2018-06-07 15:12:33 UTC

i dunno it all seems kinda fishy imo,

If they did it , NOT out of political reasons, they'd be trolling,
Why would a troll swatter want to correct the record? If they do it its to rile people up, and political reasons rile up more than a joke

Could this just be fake people contacting you?

2018-06-07 15:12:50 UTC

possibly, but the recording seems legit

2018-06-07 15:12:59 UTC

Or maybe they didnt expect this to get political

2018-06-07 15:13:06 UTC

I never had such a call so i couldn't judge

2018-06-07 15:13:06 UTC

everyone was saying it was attempted murder so maybe they are worried

2018-06-07 15:13:09 UTC

They probably looked at the most jumpiest people on twitter

2018-06-07 15:13:10 UTC

they were poo pooing it

2018-06-07 15:13:16 UTC

saying only one person has ever died from swatting

2018-06-07 15:13:35 UTC

And they wanted to cover their tracks. Its like a prankster going its just a prank bro

2018-06-07 15:13:49 UTC

So that if they got caught, hopefully they wouldnt be punished as bad

2018-06-07 15:13:50 UTC

that's a good point.

2018-06-07 15:14:24 UTC

David has a very influencial position on Twitter, thats probably how their targets were picked.

2018-06-07 15:14:34 UTC

Realising how big it was and that they are #1 on the find list and have a date with MSM big time.

2018-06-07 15:14:36 UTC

well the outrage and investigation are already there, so going "it was a joke that got swept too far" isn't gonna be a good defense

2018-06-07 15:14:36 UTC

Whatever ends up happening I think a disclaimer is still a good idea just in case.

2018-06-07 15:14:51 UTC

im going to add a disclaimer and an explanation over ethics

2018-06-07 15:14:52 UTC

Well its better than nothing I guess. A prank gone wrong.

2018-06-07 15:15:13 UTC

Not malicious, just being a prick.

2018-06-07 15:15:35 UTC

swatting is not a prank

2018-06-07 15:15:46 UTC

these guys are lefties

2018-06-07 15:15:59 UTC


2018-06-07 15:16:01 UTC

they are complaining about police racism in the recording

2018-06-07 15:16:07 UTC

humans gonna human,

They didn't expect it to explode this much cuz they didn't know who Hogg was, nor his connection to gun-violence debate

2018-06-07 15:16:20 UTC

its like putting an apple on someones head and shooting it with arrows "just a prank bro"

2018-06-07 15:16:50 UTC

i think thats the case

2018-06-07 15:16:56 UTC

they were surprised it got so much coverage

2018-06-07 15:17:32 UTC

Wait, a leftie dosent know about Hogg?

2018-06-07 15:17:40 UTC

Then how are they picking targets?

2018-06-07 15:17:41 UTC

default liberals it sounds like

2018-06-07 15:18:21 UTC

You’d be surprised how little regular people know about politics Ginga.

2018-06-07 15:18:38 UTC

Dude, Ive met americans that know less about guns than I do.

2018-06-07 15:18:53 UTC

So it sometimes baffles me when it shouldnt

2018-06-07 15:18:53 UTC

Saw a video yesterday where people on the street were asked who the Vice President was and almost no one knew.

2018-06-07 15:19:32 UTC

One person thought Trump was VP.

2018-06-07 15:19:52 UTC

It seems a bit coincidental though,

I'm not sure about doxing techniques, but surely if you find some popular guy on twitter and you want him swatted, you'd have to find info on him
And through that, surely you'd encounter the fact he's very significant on a touchy subject

2018-06-07 15:20:12 UTC

so they should've known beforehand atleast a basic bit on who he was

2018-06-07 15:20:29 UTC

Like hell, youd think they would go after Kyle instead

2018-06-07 15:20:32 UTC

Unless they got all the info from someone else.

2018-06-07 15:20:58 UTC

Which apparently was the case.

2018-06-07 15:21:03 UTC

Like how would it go down? "Hey want to have some fun, lets get this guy swatted"

2018-06-07 15:21:12 UTC


2018-06-07 15:21:13 UTC

Probably another troll

2018-06-07 15:21:25 UTC

If someone else forwarded that info, that person would know, and knowingly ignored that fact for some reason

2018-06-07 15:21:26 UTC

Well, its not going anywhere here.

2018-06-07 15:21:40 UTC

Well someones got those facts

2018-06-07 15:22:47 UTC

thats my point,

Whoever gathered that data surely knew David Hogg is a famous name over a highly controversial issue,

And neglected to mention that to who they sent that data to

2018-06-07 15:24:45 UTC

Also, Daily Wire has a new show, Basically Shapiro interviews for an hour

2018-06-07 15:24:52 UTC

Imagine Tim getting on that

2018-06-07 15:39:10 UTC

have we come to a decision on things?

2018-06-07 15:41:18 UTC

Nah, more like has Tim come to a decision

2018-06-07 15:41:34 UTC

We had alot of opinions. Too many for one conclusion

2018-06-07 15:43:10 UTC

disclaimer as to the possibility its a hoax on me, talk about the enws around the incident, recording of 911 call, interview with hackers, explanation as to why im highlighting it

2018-06-07 15:51:27 UTC

Also expect us to keep mum on this till video is out then?

2018-06-07 15:57:53 UTC

Sounds good Tim, the info should be out there. The msm and pretty much everyone has accepted that it was blow back on Hogg with no evidence. Correct the record, to steal a phrase.

2018-06-07 16:05:26 UTC

a disclaimer? come on. Real journalist just declare it fact then never offer corrections after being discredited, come on. /s

2018-06-07 16:45:57 UTC

Props to them for actually admitting it was a jab at Hillary and not actual advice

2018-06-07 16:49:15 UTC

Really misleading. They said it was a jab at what β€œHillary could get away with” not β€œwhat Hillary got away with”.

2018-06-07 16:59:31 UTC

scareist since the Ebola epidemic of 2014?

2018-06-07 16:59:56 UTC

American football killed more wamen than Ebola killed westerners

2018-06-07 17:04:48 UTC

I think the potential of that spreading is pretty limited πŸ˜›

2018-06-07 17:07:30 UTC

i always laughed at the coverage of ebola

2018-06-07 17:07:56 UTC

"Its gonna get you!"
"...how? i don't tend to fuck about with human sick, pee, and feces"

2018-06-07 17:08:40 UTC

"i also don't bathe in the water i just used to bathe my recently dead relative"

2018-06-07 17:22:35 UTC

ebola chan is love

2018-06-07 17:23:15 UTC

how about nipah?

2018-06-07 17:26:41 UTC

i contacted a local news outlet

2018-06-07 17:26:44 UTC

we are working on confirmation

2018-06-07 17:26:52 UTC

but dont think the police will work with us

2018-06-07 17:27:35 UTC

What info do they have that can confirm?

2018-06-07 17:27:38 UTC

so todays video is going to be a scif fi mystery video

2018-06-07 17:27:49 UTC

so far

2018-06-07 17:28:15 UTC

the police said the recording is not from their 911 dispatcher, but that makes sense because calls are forwarded to them so the local outlet now has to contact another department

2018-06-07 17:29:10 UTC

Sci fi mystery?
I’m intrigued.

2018-06-07 17:30:53 UTC

if you have their twitter, then couldnt the police get an email address (likely anon) but could have emails sent to it from actual people who could be questioned ?

2018-06-07 17:32:20 UTC

or just put the twitter handle in 4chan and get their entire life history in 3hrs πŸ˜›

2018-06-07 18:08:52 UTC

@Grenade123 I’ll never sleep again

2018-06-07 18:11:55 UTC

Steam believes in free speech. What a refreshing idea.

2018-06-07 19:15:12 UTC

Valve is ahead of the curve

2018-06-07 19:55:38 UTC

Lel have you seen the outrage of game journos ?

2018-06-07 19:55:58 UTC

Realy something to see πŸ˜€

2018-06-07 20:06:11 UTC

game journalists being outraged... imagine my shock

2018-06-07 20:25:06 UTC

you know in my opinion im not sure you would really need infra or ultrasound in order to mess with people. infact if you were using those forms of sound what would actually happen is that the sound people are hearing isint actually a real noise but infact a psychological effect on whats happening to them. take a look at this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long_Range_Acoustic_Device long range acoustic devices are already being used by riot control within the united states and abroad to control mass people using human frequency sound generated at intense volumes and with a high degree of derectivity. what i think might be posible is the creation of a device that is even more directible and smaller able to be pinpointed on a single person. long term exposure i would imagine would totally damage someone even if they cant hear it it would be like their skulls are vibrating around their brains for long periods of time, which might feel like pressure

2018-06-07 20:26:02 UTC

if someones got like a sonic laser on you for hours at a time id have to imagine it would mess with you

2018-06-07 20:26:18 UTC

brains are delicate organs

2018-06-07 20:58:02 UTC

there was a theory that the cuba issue was caused by listening bugs which interfered with one another. https://www.thedailybeast.com/did-these-computer-scientists-solve-the-cuban-sonic-attack

2018-06-07 22:17:00 UTC

First people on Mars are gonna die to our first contact with alien life. A bacteria

2018-06-07 22:18:15 UTC

Its gonna be the black death 2: martian bogaloo

2018-06-07 22:21:26 UTC

well, bacteria that use living organisims to propigate their offspring tend to evolve to do that, soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo that would sort of mean living things beyond single celled organisms have to be in the evirnment for them to sexualy select for that

2018-06-07 22:25:00 UTC

heres a plan, convince america theres oil on mars,

Have them give mars freedom by nuking it,
cleansing it of all bacteria

2018-06-07 22:36:13 UTC

I see you're a little butthurt there.

2018-06-07 22:46:07 UTC

@Dr.Wol that doesn't work if they are under the soil

2018-06-07 22:47:31 UTC

@Arch-Fiend no, it means there once was organisms of such kind. Or, they don't propagate their offspring through people, but instead we just happen to have something they like to eat, and they just happen to multiply inside us

2018-06-07 23:06:32 UTC
2018-06-07 23:09:24 UTC

the way bacteria multiply inside humans is predicated on bacteria to organism coevolution

2018-06-07 23:21:02 UTC

first: that is earth bio
second: that assumes an alien bacteria cannot live inside of a human, period
third: the way a pathogen multiplies in humans is based off earth evolution, but that is not exactly what i was saying. take a bacteria which can encompass other bacteria in its own ecosystem, and attempt to digest them. Now imagine that is any human cell, and the bacteria simply multiplies like on a nutrient rich petri dish. This is not attaching specify parts of the body, or know where is the best place. this is just placing bacteria on an area with food, which happens to be your body parts.

2018-06-07 23:24:05 UTC

MSM: There wasn't a media blackout, that is why another journalist needed to get the media blackout lifted.

2018-06-07 23:25:13 UTC

so a flesh eating bacteria? thats a posibility

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