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2018-10-10 10:14:40 UTC

If you want tips I dont mind giving some

2018-10-10 10:14:46 UTC

But it has a decent tutorial now

2018-10-10 10:14:53 UTC

And stop watching streamers.

2018-10-10 10:14:58 UTC

The gap is huge as fuck

2018-10-10 10:15:28 UTC

I have close to 4k hours in PoE

2018-10-10 10:15:48 UTC

I like PoE more based on that. GD is my go to during my down time

2018-10-10 10:16:05 UTC

i think i got passed act1 or whatever like one time

2018-10-10 10:16:14 UTC

To give you an idea, GD is very complex compared to PoE to be honest.

2018-10-10 10:16:21 UTC

But PoE is very specific in its "terms"

2018-10-10 10:16:43 UTC

ah another grim dawn player

2018-10-10 10:16:44 UTC

PoE for example, a running joke amongst my friends

2018-10-10 10:16:58 UTC

Theres two words to describe damage

2018-10-10 10:17:03 UTC

"More" and "Increased"

2018-10-10 10:17:28 UTC

At first glance, people think 50% increased and 50% more means 200% damage

2018-10-10 10:18:02 UTC

Nah Im not a GD player. I mainly play PoE.

2018-10-10 10:18:11 UTC

But I have sunk a bit of time into GD

2018-10-10 10:18:29 UTC

But if you think PoE is complex. Id say thats not too correct. GD is insane

2018-10-10 10:19:17 UTC

When you can't call her racist, call her a race traitor

2018-10-10 10:19:22 UTC

Fucking NPCs

2018-10-10 10:20:22 UTC

traitor seems to be the npcs fresh meme right now

2018-10-10 10:20:47 UTC


2018-10-10 10:21:17 UTC

Funny, most righties I know who know about the koch bros dislike them

2018-10-10 10:21:21 UTC


2018-10-10 10:21:28 UTC

PoE is alot simpler than GD to be honest

2018-10-10 10:21:55 UTC

i believe, just seems like i need to pump in 400 hours for any payoff

2018-10-10 10:22:00 UTC


2018-10-10 10:22:07 UTC

Leagues reset the econ

2018-10-10 10:22:13 UTC

and they happen once every few months

2018-10-10 10:22:28 UTC

thats the other thing

2018-10-10 10:22:35 UTC

the fucked econ

2018-10-10 10:22:38 UTC

no gold

2018-10-10 10:22:44 UTC

just bits

2018-10-10 10:22:45 UTC

Personally I like it

2018-10-10 10:23:05 UTC

But if you wish its not something you "must" work

2018-10-10 10:23:23 UTC

They even added in a mode that disables all trading for your char.

2018-10-10 10:23:26 UTC

Solo self found

2018-10-10 10:23:43 UTC

And people do actually achieve alot without trading

2018-10-10 10:23:54 UTC

gold works so well cause its a standard unit of measurement

2018-10-10 10:23:56 UTC

GD on the other hand is very SP and balaned around SP

2018-10-10 10:24:19 UTC

FUnny you mention that

2018-10-10 10:24:23 UTC

They were inspired by D2

2018-10-10 10:24:27 UTC

it just feels like a weird barrier

2018-10-10 10:24:36 UTC

They said that late game, people stopped trading with gold

2018-10-10 10:24:40 UTC

But with specific runes.

2018-10-10 10:25:11 UTC

Now I didnt play D2

2018-10-10 10:25:11 UTC

late game, people just cheat

2018-10-10 10:25:22 UTC

edit in what you need

2018-10-10 10:25:23 UTC

But I know theres runes that people use as trading if they didnt cheat.

2018-10-10 10:25:37 UTC

Sometimes consumables.

2018-10-10 10:25:54 UTC

They basically took something unique to D2's community and made it in PoE

2018-10-10 10:25:58 UTC

Now heres the issue with gold

2018-10-10 10:26:08 UTC

If I trade gold with someone, the gold still remains in the system

2018-10-10 10:26:17 UTC

Longer the game progresses, more gold will accumalate.

2018-10-10 10:26:45 UTC

In a SP mainly game like GD or PoE, not an issue.

2018-10-10 10:27:14 UTC

And the gold can only be 'destroyed" through in game services like crafting

2018-10-10 10:27:32 UTC

PoE manages by making all currency "destroyable"

2018-10-10 10:27:41 UTC

This keeps the economy in check

2018-10-10 10:28:01 UTC

besides if you stuck around long enough, youd know, Chaos orbs are their equivalent of the "gold bit"

2018-10-10 10:28:24 UTC

With exalted orbs their equivalent of the "gold dollar"

2018-10-10 10:28:51 UTC

I honestly preferred this system in PoE

2018-10-10 10:30:30 UTC
2018-10-10 10:30:50 UTC

it just seems like a weird step for a loot and scoot to make most of the loot essentially worthless, technically that might be true of most games but i dunno

2018-10-10 10:31:05 UTC

this AI just does not understand intersectional feminist theory

2018-10-10 10:31:11 UTC

Nah loot is valuable.

2018-10-10 10:31:18 UTC

But you still need some "inbetween"

2018-10-10 10:31:44 UTC

Also Id argue that PoE's loot is kinda better than "pick up everything and vendor"

2018-10-10 10:31:55 UTC

Discourages hourding.

2018-10-10 10:32:19 UTC

LOL.. OK... "Reuters was told by members of the team working on it that the system effectively taught itself that male candidates were preferable"

2018-10-10 10:34:37 UTC


2018-10-10 10:49:49 UTC


2018-10-10 11:03:00 UTC

People get paid to produce that?

2018-10-10 11:03:37 UTC

The left one looks like ass, and the right one looks like kindergarten tier autismo scribbles.

2018-10-10 11:11:25 UTC

The one on the left is the only reason that Power Rangers as we know it exists

2018-10-10 11:18:28 UTC

Atleast the ones on the left look intimidating

2018-10-10 11:18:52 UTC

@kontroll Yes they do

2018-10-10 11:19:11 UTC

Why do you think marvel is losing money?

2018-10-10 11:19:24 UTC

Also, some of that art on the left is off model.

2018-10-10 11:19:34 UTC

It's 90s marvel

2018-10-10 11:19:48 UTC

Almost none of the stuff back then was well drawn

2018-10-10 11:19:54 UTC

But still better than now

2018-10-10 11:20:07 UTC

Im gunna be at politcon

2018-10-10 11:20:11 UTC

Its gunna be great

2018-10-10 11:20:11 UTC

by the way

2018-10-10 11:20:13 UTC

right picture

2018-10-10 11:20:25 UTC

guy in front ont he right...is that Wolverine?

2018-10-10 11:20:29 UTC

@Timcast Are you gonna be on a panel?

2018-10-10 11:20:36 UTC
2018-10-10 11:20:45 UTC

holy god.

2018-10-10 11:20:56 UTC


2018-10-10 11:20:59 UTC

And the big guy with fangs is beast

2018-10-10 11:21:03 UTC

why does cable have a Hobo beard?

2018-10-10 11:21:06 UTC

I figured that was beast.

2018-10-10 11:21:18 UTC

Idfk man

2018-10-10 11:21:32 UTC

Thor is a butch woman now

2018-10-10 11:21:37 UTC


2018-10-10 11:21:40 UTC

that isn't Thor thor

2018-10-10 11:21:47 UTC

that is..a butch woman with the hammer.

2018-10-10 11:22:29 UTC

It's thor thor


2018-10-10 11:22:48 UTC

wait they made another female thor?

2018-10-10 11:23:00 UTC

You know times are dire when your faces look worse than hotline miami

2018-10-10 11:23:01 UTC

the other one was a white thot.

2018-10-10 11:23:10 UTC

The other was was Jane

2018-10-10 11:23:13 UTC


2018-10-10 11:23:16 UTC

This is a new thor

2018-10-10 11:23:19 UTC

no thor pads on the boobs

2018-10-10 11:23:20 UTC


2018-10-10 11:27:57 UTC

not on a panel

2018-10-10 11:28:05 UTC

but i bot a vip ticket so i can bother people

2018-10-10 11:28:16 UTC


2018-10-10 11:28:30 UTC

You should talk to the young turks if they're there

2018-10-10 11:28:35 UTC

Should be fun

2018-10-10 11:31:52 UTC

Say you are from the Brownshirt Youth.

2018-10-10 11:43:59 UTC


2018-10-10 11:44:04 UTC


2018-10-10 11:44:21 UTC

Why tf is Logan 5'2"

2018-10-10 11:44:41 UTC

why does the WW2 vet look like he is 14?

2018-10-10 11:45:14 UTC

They butchered all of the characters

2018-10-10 11:45:25 UTC

Im not even a big marvel fan

2018-10-10 11:45:46 UTC

I enjoyed the old xmen cartoons

2018-10-10 11:46:03 UTC

But what tf is this new shit

2018-10-10 11:46:26 UTC

At least they havent Bean-mouthed them yet

2018-10-10 11:47:38 UTC


2018-10-10 11:48:10 UTC

Please at least tell me chunky black woman Thor is a lesbian. Otherwise it's deeply problematic.

2018-10-10 11:54:07 UTC

why is nu-wolverine a manlet?

2018-10-10 11:54:30 UTC

What a strange question.

2018-10-10 11:54:43 UTC

It's because #current-year, of course.

2018-10-10 11:57:02 UTC

Amazon keeps sending me whisky "recommendations". This would generally be fine by me if they actually shipped the damn things to where I live, but alas... no such luck.

2018-10-10 11:57:12 UTC

Where is Storm? Or did they scrap her?

2018-10-10 11:59:21 UTC

Tim might see james allsup then he would legitimize the AIN report

2018-10-10 12:01:07 UTC

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2018-10-10 12:01:07 UTC

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2018-10-10 12:05:05 UTC

Oh god

2018-10-10 12:06:06 UTC

I started watching him to see what he was saying, then shortly after he did that hit piece on Sargon and I was like β€œyeah no you’re dumb”

2018-10-10 12:10:56 UTC

@Real Spicy Wolverine has always been 5'3"

2018-10-10 12:11:28 UTC

They fucked it up in the movie but since it became so famous they made wolverine tall

2018-10-10 12:12:24 UTC

Proof im not a marvel fanboi

2018-10-10 12:12:26 UTC


2018-10-10 12:17:31 UTC

It's probably a good thing they made him taller

2018-10-10 12:17:33 UTC


2018-10-10 12:17:45 UTC

Just imagine a tiny hairy buff guy with metal sticks out of his hands

2018-10-10 12:18:35 UTC

@King Canuck I'm acually cosnidering buying that comic

2018-10-10 12:18:41 UTC

It's called Border Town btw

2018-10-10 12:18:49 UTC

I wanna see how much more cancer it is

2018-10-10 12:18:58 UTC


2018-10-10 12:19:36 UTC

wheres this comic from

2018-10-10 12:19:36 UTC

There's also a page where there's a skinhead in the school

2018-10-10 12:19:40 UTC

it's embarrassing

2018-10-10 12:19:49 UTC

don't give money to these people.

2018-10-10 12:19:49 UTC

@ruri DC, Vertigo comics

2018-10-10 12:19:56 UTC

if you have to read it pirate it

2018-10-10 12:19:57 UTC

The people who made 100 bullets

2018-10-10 12:20:00 UTC

and Constantine

2018-10-10 12:20:03 UTC

and now making that

2018-10-10 12:20:26 UTC

thank you

2018-10-10 12:21:34 UTC

found the actual panel

2018-10-10 12:21:37 UTC


2018-10-10 12:24:41 UTC

oh my god


2018-10-10 12:25:07 UTC

this feels like both a straight-edge sjwathon but also making fun of the culture?

2018-10-10 12:27:13 UTC


2018-10-10 12:29:22 UTC

Them national socialist Germans had some pretty decent haircuts, gotta say.

2018-10-10 12:32:39 UTC



2018-10-10 12:41:10 UTC

@King Canuck wtf was that comic

2018-10-10 12:41:15 UTC


2018-10-10 12:41:21 UTC



2018-10-10 12:47:13 UTC

I wonder why feminists havent picked up on the phrase "oh dear" yet

2018-10-10 12:47:50 UTC

a phrase thats supposed to patronise women... like "oh dear" .. as in .. "oh my wife has spoken"

2018-10-10 12:48:09 UTC

i should write a paper and get it published πŸ˜› apparently thats quite easy

2018-10-10 12:50:01 UTC

although i guess dear is not really gendered ... at least it never used to be... women would call their husbands "dearest" in letters

2018-10-10 13:00:41 UTC

Dearest is a higher level of dear than dear so it’s sexist.

2018-10-10 13:07:25 UTC

I think dear just came about when telegrams were charged by the letter

2018-10-10 13:07:45 UTC

so you're saying we should genocide all dears?

2018-10-10 13:08:07 UTC

No Im saying we should genocide the lobsters

2018-10-10 13:19:35 UTC
2018-10-10 13:19:47 UTC

A trope I fucking hate so much

2018-10-10 13:20:10 UTC

When the entire plot of a something directly hinges on everyone refusing to tell everyone what's happening

2018-10-10 13:20:15 UTC

bonus points if there's no real reason to hide things

2018-10-10 13:20:49 UTC

The book I'm re-listening to has the protagonist being blackmailed not to tell anyone else what he's being blackmailed to do, or else one of his friends is going to get a lot of shit

2018-10-10 13:20:56 UTC

*there* it makes sense, it's plot-relevant

2018-10-10 13:21:11 UTC

but the shows/movies where some dumb misunderstanding spawns most of the plot?

2018-10-10 13:21:13 UTC

fuck that noise.

2018-10-10 13:21:28 UTC

ayyy its realistic!

2018-10-10 13:21:38 UTC


2018-10-10 13:22:47 UTC

shows with dumb misunderstandings are realistic

2018-10-10 13:22:52 UTC

to a degree

2018-10-10 13:23:07 UTC

i mean fuck the amount of dumb shit that has spawned from misunderstandings

2018-10-10 13:23:16 UTC

Just as a show trope it's fucking annoying

2018-10-10 13:23:25 UTC

again, especially if the characters are established to trust one another

2018-10-10 13:23:36 UTC

and there's no reason not to just hash it out

2018-10-10 13:23:37 UTC

Real life tropes are fucking annoying <:anders6JeAoi:484408066750808064>

2018-10-10 13:24:33 UTC



2018-10-10 13:25:26 UTC


2018-10-10 13:26:28 UTC

Are those.... actual comic panels?

2018-10-10 13:27:31 UTC

that I posted earlier?

2018-10-10 13:27:32 UTC


2018-10-10 13:27:37 UTC

Vertigo comics, Border Town

2018-10-10 13:27:40 UTC


2018-10-10 13:27:47 UTC

about a town right on the edge of Mexico where mexican monsters are starting to show up

2018-10-10 13:27:49 UTC

at least it's some indie randos

2018-10-10 13:27:57 UTC


2018-10-10 13:27:58 UTC


2018-10-10 13:28:08 UTC

That's actually a pretty great premise.

2018-10-10 13:28:14 UTC

And our DIVERSE TEAM of TEENAGE JACKOFFS need to do the thing

2018-10-10 13:28:31 UTC

If literal monsters started crossing the Mexican border, how much different would it be? </s>

2018-10-10 13:28:40 UTC


2018-10-10 13:28:51 UTC

Vertigo is DC owned my dude

2018-10-10 13:29:01 UTC

they absorbed Vertigo years back

2018-10-10 13:29:02 UTC

That guy literally has a Lucha Libre mask.

2018-10-10 13:29:04 UTC


2018-10-10 13:29:29 UTC

yes.. postmeritocracy ... a world where we judge everyone by race and gender .. an ethno-nationalists dream

2018-10-10 13:29:29 UTC


2018-10-10 13:29:55 UTC

Actual panels

2018-10-10 13:29:56 UTC

Though I will say, there aren't enough unironic fanny packs in popular culture, I feel vindicated that lucha libre guy is bringing it back.

2018-10-10 13:30:12 UTC

He looks very "Brute with a heart of gold"

2018-10-10 13:30:17 UTC

how long until this gets cancelled?

2018-10-10 13:30:23 UTC

How the fuck...

2018-10-10 13:30:46 UTC

@King Canuck _Yo black girl, the "Nazi skinhead" is attracted to you._ β€” This stupid comic

2018-10-10 13:31:26 UTC

Or is that supposed to be the guy to the left speaking?

2018-10-10 13:31:27 UTC

I can't tell.

2018-10-10 13:31:49 UTC

This dialogue is so wooden

2018-10-10 13:34:57 UTC

@King Canuck What is this flatfoot Arizona diss doing here?

2018-10-10 13:39:12 UTC

lol... just watched the video where a woman tells this guy he has white privilege and the guys like "white privilege? I live in the fckin street woman"

2018-10-10 13:41:32 UTC

So is Border Town one of those comics that can't help but spread far left propaganda?

2018-10-10 13:44:11 UTC

pretty sure that with that premise it *is* far left propaganda.

2018-10-10 13:49:21 UTC

are they going to blame trump for this hurricane too?

2018-10-10 13:49:27 UTC

or would it be bret

2018-10-10 13:49:46 UTC

because not believing all women causes hurricanes?

2018-10-10 14:09:17 UTC
2018-10-10 14:10:07 UTC

So what's gong on with the Saudi journalist and why is it Trumps fault?

2018-10-10 14:10:36 UTC

Tim is getting redpilled on hereditarianism?

2018-10-10 14:11:20 UTC

Oh right, this is the 'disgust' political compass test.

2018-10-10 14:13:24 UTC

this is a stupid test

2018-10-10 14:13:40 UTC

i don't trust the tests anymore

2018-10-10 14:13:48 UTC


2018-10-10 14:13:50 UTC

I never did

2018-10-10 14:14:19 UTC

uggh Im adicted to these

2018-10-10 14:14:21 UTC

Ill try it

2018-10-10 14:14:21 UTC

at best it reflects things so long as the parties are made up of the types we expect as of right now

2018-10-10 14:14:23 UTC

the bar of what makes a democrat vs conservative has changed so much since 2014

2018-10-10 14:14:26 UTC

it said Im a far left republican

2018-10-10 14:14:28 UTC

Take them for the memes.

2018-10-10 14:14:32 UTC

you are @Timcast

2018-10-10 14:14:33 UTC

a consistently liberal republican

2018-10-10 14:14:42 UTC


2018-10-10 14:14:49 UTC

it put me in line with the highest percentage of the geneal public

2018-10-10 14:14:56 UTC

sounds about right

2018-10-10 14:15:08 UTC

i mean I don't know you but it SEEMS legit

2018-10-10 14:15:13 UTC

general public peaks at "consistently liberal"

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