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2018-07-16 04:11:19 UTC

*gimme yo ips so i can find out*

2018-07-16 04:11:35 UTC

Oh damn

2018-07-16 04:11:49 UTC

I overslept today, i'm supposed to be in college lol

2018-07-16 04:11:55 UTC


2018-07-16 04:12:33 UTC

It's okay, a day of leave never harmed anybody

2018-07-16 04:12:37 UTC


2018-07-16 04:13:05 UTC

depends on the agenda I would imagine

2018-07-16 04:13:18 UTC

hope you make the most of it though.

2018-07-16 04:15:41 UTC

Do you have a major?

2018-07-16 04:15:56 UTC

Yeah, computer science

2018-07-16 04:16:34 UTC

I kinda wanted to go for civil, but i think ill have more use for computer science

2018-07-16 04:16:48 UTC

If you are good at it for sure

2018-07-16 04:17:06 UTC

I tried it out but could not keep up myself.

2018-07-16 04:17:25 UTC

Aww...What happened, hun?

2018-07-16 04:18:16 UTC

Moved way to fast for me, not as good at learning math and technical skills as I was in primary school.

2018-07-16 04:18:29 UTC

Currently majoring in civic leadership now.

2018-07-16 04:19:33 UTC

I still admire computer science, my best friend recently graduated and is now a data analyst.

2018-07-16 04:20:13 UTC

That's great!

2018-07-16 04:20:33 UTC

Personally, i've never had difficulty in maths

2018-07-16 04:20:52 UTC

Maybe cos it's the difference with the schools we attended

2018-07-16 04:21:13 UTC

We were taught about differentiation in 7th grade

2018-07-16 04:21:36 UTC

well that certainly helps, America education greatly falling behind.

2018-07-16 04:21:40 UTC

And calculus was mostly covered by 10th grade

2018-07-16 04:21:59 UTC

It also helps that i love maths myself

2018-07-16 04:22:13 UTC

It's the most creative part of STEM

2018-07-16 04:22:17 UTC

I used to, but now I just struggle with it.

2018-07-16 04:22:45 UTC

i never had difficulties in math but i hated it

2018-07-16 04:22:52 UTC

I'd say with that knowledge computer science should definitely be pursued.

2018-07-16 04:23:02 UTC

Hey, American education isn't too bad

2018-07-16 04:23:10 UTC

Atleast the students aren't killing themselves

2018-07-16 04:23:12 UTC

it really is

2018-07-16 04:23:15 UTC

Having any programming knowledge these days should be pursued

2018-07-16 04:23:46 UTC

The education here is really bad. Completely based on rote learning, memorisation

2018-07-16 04:23:49 UTC

Coming out and not qualifying for jobs and a path to prison and drugs doesn't help though

2018-07-16 04:24:00 UTC

that can be difficult

2018-07-16 04:24:14 UTC

Comp Sci is kinda different. You can get a good job if you don't have a degree

2018-07-16 04:24:24 UTC

American education isn't bad, the problem is that it is not good.

2018-07-16 04:24:31 UTC

many employees care more of what you've done vs. what your degree is

2018-07-16 04:24:47 UTC

though not to knock having a comp. sci degree

2018-07-16 04:25:10 UTC

Degree can certainly help more in the what you learn vs the accolade itself

2018-07-16 04:25:16 UTC

@RedShipley what would you say i do to increase my chances of getting a job?

2018-07-16 04:25:34 UTC

a good github profile

2018-07-16 04:25:57 UTC

maybe a website that they can browse

2018-07-16 04:26:21 UTC

Cool. I'll do that!

2018-07-16 04:26:54 UTC

If you can do a lot currently, building a portfolio always helps.

2018-07-16 04:27:00 UTC

If you have a bunch of projects on that, you'll be steps ahead of your fellow grads that don't

2018-07-16 04:28:50 UTC

One of the more important things you learn with schooling is the algorithms really.

2018-07-16 04:29:58 UTC

also this website: https://www.careercup.com/

2018-07-16 04:30:10 UTC

has a lot of the questions that interviewers ask

2018-07-16 04:30:21 UTC

sometimes even straight from it

2018-07-16 04:30:43 UTC

people are often too busy to be creative

2018-07-16 04:31:34 UTC

My uncle tells me that clean, organized, and optimized code are often sought after, it is not always best to just make it work, but needs to be ready to be adapted.

2018-07-16 04:32:27 UTC

very true

2018-07-16 04:32:54 UTC

i often dont finish until the deadline because product owners change their mind constantly

2018-07-16 04:33:20 UTC

Also notes are absolutely necessary, because it will help others that you work with, or someone in the future who will be doing updates, or even yourself because you will forget why you even did something. Ether way employers will look for this.

2018-07-16 04:33:30 UTC

Good point.

2018-07-16 04:35:48 UTC

I imagine that a lot of programs rely on each other as well, especially when considering databases, so I would guess that being organized would help in that sense as well.

2018-07-16 04:36:47 UTC

Good documentation for the future

2018-07-16 04:38:03 UTC

I imagine there are moments when a programmer remembers there was something super effective that they used before but cant quite remember what it was.

2018-07-16 04:39:05 UTC

It happens. After thousands of lines of codes, things get forgotten

2018-07-16 04:40:36 UTC

Something my friend would often use.

2018-07-16 04:45:58 UTC

Also good place to practice, run into problems that if you find an answer for will help you down the line.

2018-07-16 05:14:22 UTC

Jesus fucking christ this is hilarious

2018-07-16 05:15:13 UTC

the self awareness scale bottomed out

2018-07-16 05:15:17 UTC

Sadiq khan, the guy who literally banned posters with thin women so it doesn't offend fat people

2018-07-16 05:15:18 UTC

`and then it kept going down`

2018-07-16 05:15:44 UTC

Sadiq khan, the guy who told scotland yard to arrest people for tweets

2018-07-16 05:21:36 UTC

Please tell me how that makes sense

2018-07-16 05:22:28 UTC

watching farmlands

2018-07-16 05:22:41 UTC

o my i misjudged lauren

2018-07-16 05:44:15 UTC

Same. Wasn't expecting much when I saw it. Turns out it's pretty goooood

2018-07-16 05:44:46 UTC

And not gonna lie every news like that makes me a little racist... how can that be happening like that

2018-07-16 05:45:05 UTC

Oh, right, white people suffering, who cares

2018-07-16 05:55:10 UTC

I really liked Farmlands. I wish she looked into more cases though

2018-07-16 05:56:06 UTC

I am legitimately confused with that tweet, what are they trying to say? Nothing make sense anymore?!!

2018-07-16 05:57:13 UTC

It's weird man

2018-07-16 05:57:37 UTC

I'm really trying to understand, but i really don't

2018-07-16 05:58:12 UTC

Shh...Let the Left eat themselves. #walkaway. πŸ˜ƒ

2018-07-16 05:58:44 UTC

It’s like they have their own language now.

2018-07-16 05:59:13 UTC

I watched the interview sargon did about post modernism

2018-07-16 06:00:16 UTC

Great vid.

2018-07-16 06:01:47 UTC

That tweet sounds like what the professor is describing

2018-07-16 06:01:58 UTC

nothing has to make sense anymore, words can mean anything

2018-07-16 06:02:14 UTC


2018-07-16 06:02:21 UTC

Truth isn't real, it's all subjective

2018-07-16 06:02:24 UTC

it's weird

2018-07-16 06:02:34 UTC

But insanely brilliant

2018-07-16 06:02:52 UTC

I need to look into post modernism more

2018-07-16 06:03:19 UTC

I used to think it was just a prejorative that people like jbp and dave rubin used

2018-07-16 06:07:26 UTC



2018-07-16 06:08:01 UTC

Assault revolvers man

2018-07-16 06:08:08 UTC

What is an *assult Revolver?*

2018-07-16 06:08:33 UTC

It has the shoulder things that go up.

2018-07-16 06:08:50 UTC

What is a revolver with a magazine?

2018-07-16 06:10:16 UTC


2018-07-16 06:10:32 UTC


2018-07-16 06:11:18 UTC

Somewhere. The grave of a ww1 officer has nutted

2018-07-16 06:11:28 UTC

there's only so many times I can read people butcher what guns are before I want to send people back to kindergarten to learn how to read

2018-07-16 06:12:17 UTC


2018-07-16 06:13:26 UTC


2018-07-16 06:14:22 UTC

Thatβ€˜s a bug

2018-07-16 06:14:28 UTC


2018-07-16 06:14:31 UTC

Fallout 40k

2018-07-16 06:14:39 UTC

It's a modded gun from fallout 4

2018-07-16 06:15:10 UTC
2018-07-16 06:15:48 UTC


2018-07-16 06:16:05 UTC

All she got out was "JEWS BAAAD"

2018-07-16 06:16:53 UTC

The power of brainwash. People just spill whatever they heard out and don't understand a thing

2018-07-16 06:17:10 UTC

you'd think as a politician she'd know she has to have a clear answer for questions

2018-07-16 06:17:30 UTC

or else she just looks like, well, whatever that was

2018-07-16 06:17:50 UTC

Isn't she for no borders tho? So why is settling in Palestine bad?

2018-07-16 06:18:15 UTC

πŸ€” <:commie:463087263153258506>

2018-07-16 06:18:45 UTC

This is the best the DSA have lmfao

2018-07-16 06:19:41 UTC

All she knows is that if someone is doing badly she has to call them victims even if their situation is self inflicted.

2018-07-16 06:20:09 UTC

their best and brightest can't even answer the question "what do you mean Palestine is being occupied" clearly

2018-07-16 06:20:36 UTC

imagine if someone asks her "ok, so we get rid of ice, what do we replace it with?"

2018-07-16 06:20:56 UTC

She’d say don’t replace it.

2018-07-16 06:21:49 UTC

well, i guess she likes gang violence and human trafficking

2018-07-16 06:21:59 UTC

if that were her answer

2018-07-16 06:23:43 UTC

Either she is too ignorant to see the connection or supports it.

2018-07-16 06:40:59 UTC

Winning a local race is not the same as winning a national race. Her posiiton now is international. She may have not realized that.

2018-07-16 06:46:13 UTC

The worst part is if they succeed in abolishing ICE it wouldn't even help me sneak into the US because it's the wrong fucking organization.

2018-07-16 06:48:02 UTC

The 'Abolishing ICE' part of her platform is i think the only part that caught me off guard.

2018-07-16 06:48:09 UTC

That being a thing in general caught me off guard.

2018-07-16 06:48:52 UTC

I get wanting to change how it operates, okay. But just killing it?

2018-07-16 06:49:07 UTC

Doesnt feel like the idea was thought through.

2018-07-16 06:56:04 UTC

@Kirby Shh, it makes it even funnier x3

2018-07-16 06:57:40 UTC

It's not that it wasn't thought out, it's that it's just unthinking rambling. @Scarlet

2018-07-16 06:58:00 UTC

I wouldnt call it rambling

2018-07-16 06:58:03 UTC

@Ashers I know, but in a slightly painful way.

2018-07-16 06:58:04 UTC

But somebody said it in public

2018-07-16 06:58:13 UTC

People for some reason thought "This is a good idea!"

2018-07-16 06:58:15 UTC

And uh

2018-07-16 06:58:19 UTC

We ended up here?

2018-07-16 06:58:25 UTC


2018-07-16 06:58:35 UTC

Im honestly quite confused.

2018-07-16 06:58:39 UTC


2018-07-16 06:58:41 UTC


2018-07-16 06:58:58 UTC

How they actually ended up stating 'Abolish ICE' as part of their platform.

2018-07-16 06:59:16 UTC

They think it's the correct position

2018-07-16 06:59:53 UTC

I dunno either, if I had to take a guess it's a mixture of remnant dislike of "Trump's Muslim Ban"

2018-07-16 07:00:01 UTC

They're just conjuring up fragmented ideological positions that they believe to be absolutely right.

2018-07-16 07:00:10 UTC

Coupled with the various deportations that have made the news as of late

2018-07-16 07:00:16 UTC

Allowed it to gain traction

2018-07-16 07:00:45 UTC

Or rather that arrest of that lady who was separated from her family mid-day

2018-07-16 07:00:49 UTC

Do they? I remembr when i first saw it, i skimmed over, and mistook "ICE" for the 'DEA' (I was tired or something)
But then i saw it again, googled ICE, and was very confused.

2018-07-16 07:01:12 UTC

Just a guess

2018-07-16 07:01:19 UTC

Abolishing ICE would be both very difficult/Alot of work, and i likely not gain them the result they want

2018-07-16 07:01:45 UTC

It's not a very well thought out stance

2018-07-16 07:01:58 UTC

Oh no it is a well thought out stance

2018-07-16 07:02:09 UTC

When I asked my friend who's a lefty about it she thought they monitored the border too >.>

2018-07-16 07:02:26 UTC

I wonder how many people have that misconception

2018-07-16 07:02:28 UTC

Only for me to google and inform her that that's a different branch of Homeland security

2018-07-16 07:02:36 UTC

Because that's a entirely seperate agency

2018-07-16 07:02:49 UTC

If its not in a cnn article dont expect them to know it

2018-07-16 07:03:05 UTC


2018-07-16 07:03:19 UTC

We arent talking about people who love CNN though.

2018-07-16 07:03:48 UTC

people rarely take the time to research issues, theyll hear something and form an opinion on it without having a solid base

2018-07-16 07:03:50 UTC

This comes from the 'Justice Democrats' and what's her name, Ocasio Cortez

2018-07-16 07:04:01 UTC

Yeah i got that name right.

2018-07-16 07:04:12 UTC

These are people in a similar camp to Bernie

2018-07-16 07:04:14 UTC

Not Clinton

2018-07-16 07:04:49 UTC

does she think that ICE patrols the borders?

2018-07-16 07:05:53 UTC

Ocasio Cortez? I cant imagine she does. She must at least know the gist (IE; Google search) of what they do if she put it in writing as part of her platform

2018-07-16 07:06:41 UTC

Yea no shes definetly had someone think out her paltform for her

2018-07-16 07:06:51 UTC

What that is exactly depends on how tinfoil hat you want to get

2018-07-16 07:07:13 UTC

"Ocasio-Cortez wants to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and believes there should be a "clear" path to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants.

"As overseen by the Trump administration, ICE operates with virtually no accountability, ripping apart families and holding our friends and neighbors indefinitely in inhumane detention centers scattered across the United States," Ocasio-Cortez said on her website.

She also wants more protections for young unauthorized immigrants known as "Dreamers" and immigrants who have temporary protections from deportation."

2018-07-16 07:07:21 UTC

I dont think so?

2018-07-16 07:08:13 UTC

I believe she has the correct understanding of ICE here?

2018-07-16 07:08:26 UTC

that sounds like it yea

2018-07-16 07:09:33 UTC

rather silly, since the name would just change and the same policy would be carried out

2018-07-16 07:09:57 UTC

its not as if we can stop enforcing borders all together

2018-07-16 07:10:13 UTC

Well, eh, maybe.
If you actually ended up abolishing ICE, it'd be a big job, and you'd probably end up changing the rules that make ICE do this in the first place

2018-07-16 07:10:39 UTC

But again, it's much easier to simply reform ICE

2018-07-16 07:10:40 UTC

Then kill it

2018-07-16 07:11:50 UTC

Here's something she was handing out, summary of her platform

2018-07-16 07:14:23 UTC

That's the thing, she has things that everyone wants in there, but others that are just far-fetched.

2018-07-16 07:14:45 UTC

What do you have in mind other then 'Abolish ICE'?

2018-07-16 07:14:50 UTC

I’m surprised she has support for veterans on there.

2018-07-16 07:15:04 UTC

Im not.

2018-07-16 07:16:23 UTC

Her group are anti war, but very pro treating veteran mental problems more seriously/consistently then they have been.

2018-07-16 07:16:34 UTC

100% jobs. A Keynesian idea that has failed time and time again, because it's unbelievably expensive, and bloats the birocratic system to no end.

2018-07-16 07:16:52 UTC

Well its politics, they can call it a 'universal job guarentee'

2018-07-16 07:16:54 UTC

Universal jobs guarantee, is how she has it on there

2018-07-16 07:17:01 UTC

but it wont play out like that.

2018-07-16 07:17:19 UTC

The describing text just says 'living minimum wage'

2018-07-16 07:17:24 UTC

It'll play out like pre Thatcher London

2018-07-16 07:18:31 UTC

Also in terms of what they actually talk about, i dont really ever hear 'universal job guarentee'

2018-07-16 07:18:37 UTC

It's usually just minimum wage stuff

2018-07-16 07:18:51 UTC

She probably wants the 15$ minimum wage

2018-07-16 07:19:07 UTC

The housing thing will make howsing super expensive.

2018-07-16 07:19:18 UTC

I dont follow.

2018-07-16 07:19:23 UTC

And if it is a minimum wage thing than disemployment will go up

2018-07-16 07:19:48 UTC

She'll create more people that she'll need to help

2018-07-16 07:20:07 UTC

Depends. Unemployment from minimum wage hikes are usually only short term, so long as the hike is found to be tolerable.

2018-07-16 07:20:16 UTC

@Scarlet well, think about it this way. Democrats overwhelmingly support citizenship of illegal immigrants and oppose deportations. A lot of them also support open borders. The most famous authority that carries out deportations and tracks down illegal immigrants is ICE, so they are in direction opposition to the previously mentioned policies.
Hence, they want to abolish ICE.

2018-07-16 07:21:09 UTC

Yeah but if you sit down and think about it, it'd be better to repurpose the agency. I guess you could kill the agency and move the personnel to something else, but just exploding it and calling it a day

2018-07-16 07:21:12 UTC

would be pretty pointless

2018-07-16 07:21:16 UTC


2018-07-16 07:21:38 UTC

Some people on the Leftists faction dont want to abolish ICE, they want to reform it

2018-07-16 07:21:39 UTC

well it would have a point, it would serve to help to collapse the entire country

2018-07-16 07:21:41 UTC

which is the goal

2018-07-16 07:21:51 UTC

That seemed to be the general idea i saw until very recently

2018-07-16 07:22:06 UTC

Dunno where the 'Abolish ICE' people came from honestly.

2018-07-16 07:22:27 UTC

Im going to assume the fad will fade sooner or later.

2018-07-16 07:24:43 UTC

It will

2018-07-16 07:24:54 UTC

Not many people are in favor of abolishing border control

2018-07-16 07:25:26 UTC

Itll be like "common sense gun control"

2018-07-16 07:25:54 UTC

Some of it can be called 'common sense' like universal backround checks

2018-07-16 07:26:02 UTC

"common sense instant deportation of anyone that crosses illegally"

2018-07-16 07:26:05 UTC

There already is that IIRC

2018-07-16 07:26:07 UTC

Limiting the magazine to this or that, or making strange rules for what is and isnt allowed though

2018-07-16 07:26:13 UTC

Not so much

2018-07-16 07:27:24 UTC

can't have any of that dangerous black plastic

2018-07-16 07:27:47 UTC

black plastic makes bullets fired from the gun 86.4% more deadly to humans

2018-07-16 07:28:28 UTC

Just to humans?

2018-07-16 07:28:33 UTC


2018-07-16 07:28:38 UTC

If people can only use a pistol you have a better chance of dodging the bullets.

2018-07-16 07:28:44 UTC

Hmm, the more you know

2018-07-16 07:28:57 UTC

What's black plastic? o.O

2018-07-16 07:29:24 UTC

Plastic. Dyed black. Presumably?

2018-07-16 07:29:25 UTC

Well, lets be fair, why would I shoot something that's easy to dodge

2018-07-16 07:29:59 UTC

"assault" weapons bans tend to target guns based on how they look, meaning one gun can be illegal while a gun that is functionally identical is legal

2018-07-16 07:30:02 UTC

Let's be fair why would you ever shoot a gun? It gives PTSD.

2018-07-16 07:30:06 UTC

I don't get how that's more dangerous to only humans o.O

2018-07-16 07:30:13 UTC

it was a joke

2018-07-16 07:30:18 UTC
2018-07-16 07:30:22 UTC

I thought he was serious "OTZ

2018-07-16 07:30:26 UTC

Just like D&D?

2018-07-16 07:30:33 UTC


2018-07-16 07:30:45 UTC

D&D is amazing! You take that back! Or I'll keyboard warrior you!

2018-07-16 07:31:00 UTC

Fuck it, I'm tired, we'll fight another night

2018-07-16 07:31:11 UTC

I agree, but some snowflakes claim it gave then PTSD

2018-07-16 07:31:19 UTC


2018-07-16 07:31:39 UTC

It was hilarious @Ashers

2018-07-16 07:32:24 UTC

That is ... Nope, just nope, I'm going to bed xD No more of these silly people

2018-07-16 07:32:29 UTC


2018-07-16 07:32:55 UTC

"one time i was in an imaginary scenario and it was a traumatic enough event to cause permanent mental damage to me"

2018-07-16 07:33:01 UTC

```The recoil bruised my shoulder, which can happen if you don't know what you're doing. The brass shell casings disoriented me as they flew past my face. The smell of sulfur and destruction made me sick. The explosions β€” loud like a bomb β€” gave me a temporary form of PTSD. For at least an hour after firing the gun just a few times, I was anxious and irritable.```

2018-07-16 07:33:15 UTC

sounds like someone needs a straight jacket

2018-07-16 07:33:28 UTC

I can't format. rip

2018-07-16 07:33:41 UTC


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