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2018-09-24 11:57:13 UTC


2018-09-24 11:57:25 UTC


2018-09-24 11:57:28 UTC

Have broke, go and woke!

2018-09-24 11:58:10 UTC

But its also that thing of, that idea that "everyones opinion is equally valid"

2018-09-24 11:58:28 UTC

Words cannot justify how much I hate Ezra klein and Vox

2018-09-24 11:58:39 UTC

@Dr.Wol yeah thats what i mean.
i think its good for discipline, just 1 year mandatory, after that they can leave (or stay, if they want :P)
my country is having trouble getting enough recruits for the army :(

2018-09-24 11:58:42 UTC

A guy who's a professor of dentistry for 30 years, doesn't have to take advice from a person who removes teeth with string and a door

2018-09-24 11:59:23 UTC

Another accuser this fucking monkey circus just doesnt end

2018-09-24 11:59:37 UTC

accuser of what?

2018-09-24 11:59:38 UTC

and this one is even stupider

2018-09-24 11:59:40 UTC


2018-09-24 11:59:43 UTC


2018-09-24 11:59:58 UTC

apparently they are going for quantity over quality now

2018-09-24 11:59:58 UTC

I swear to god they need to vote and end this shit

2018-09-24 12:00:06 UTC

"Kav's dick touched my hand"

2018-09-24 12:00:24 UTC

"i don't know when, I don't know where"

2018-09-24 12:00:29 UTC

@Abel did you volunarily touch it ?

2018-09-24 12:00:31 UTC


2018-09-24 12:00:48 UTC

Cant wait until the news cycle changes

2018-09-24 12:01:00 UTC

Shits going on too long

2018-09-24 12:01:14 UTC

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2018-09-24 12:01:14 UTC

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2018-09-24 12:01:18 UTC

It's funny, Kav was the most moderate conservative among the nominees

2018-09-24 12:02:06 UTC

I think these accusers should be punished if found to be lying

2018-09-24 12:02:35 UTC

Well, actual rapists get off easy if they're women

2018-09-24 12:02:51 UTC

I doubt these people will face any problems

2018-09-24 12:03:34 UTC

The left gets away with so much shit at this poin

2018-09-24 12:04:02 UTC

Not the Original, can't find the actual video but I heard this and laughed

2018-09-24 12:04:07 UTC

I mean the relligious right used to

2018-09-24 12:04:14 UTC

Yeah thats the scary part @GingaBomber

2018-09-24 12:04:46 UTC

How long before some right winger snaps and goes all out.

2018-09-24 12:05:04 UTC

it has happened before.

2018-09-24 12:05:06 UTC

well that is the plan i imagine Gigna, ring winger snaps..kills people

2018-09-24 12:05:12 UTC

But it wont be pretty if it starts up

2018-09-24 12:05:16 UTC

M5M blames the right

2018-09-24 12:05:41 UTC

Dude, the MSM said less about the baltimore riots than the actual crime

2018-09-24 12:06:06 UTC

@ryuplaneswalker dude that mp3 lmao

2018-09-24 12:06:18 UTC

I wish I could find the youtube video

2018-09-24 12:06:24 UTC

but the Audio is enough

2018-09-24 12:06:35 UTC

Who would have thought maxine waters funky breathe waters

2018-09-24 12:06:47 UTC

She and pelosi are loonies

2018-09-24 12:07:05 UTC

"We need to pass this law to know what is in this law"

2018-09-24 12:07:07 UTC

at this point almost ALL dems are loonies

2018-09-24 12:07:12 UTC

They both are unhinged

2018-09-24 12:07:22 UTC

and still..not the most insane people in our government

2018-09-24 12:07:27 UTC

I think one thing to do is to name dems who are still moderate

2018-09-24 12:07:36 UTC

that title goes to "If we put to many marines on Guam I fear it might flip over"

2018-09-24 12:07:40 UTC

And then push them as candidates instea

2018-09-24 12:07:45 UTC

Warren used to be good , booker used to be good , now they all fucked up in the head

2018-09-24 12:08:27 UTC

I think someone hit the golden goose for votes

2018-09-24 12:10:00 UTC

They are right at this point, both sides are getting votes through fear

2018-09-24 12:10:15 UTC

The right is afraid of PC culture, or authoritharianism

2018-09-24 12:10:27 UTC

The left is afraid of hate

2018-09-24 12:10:33 UTC

Hatred, bigots.

2018-09-24 12:10:42 UTC

So much that they accuse random people of it

2018-09-24 12:10:48 UTC

Tbh, i think many of the Dems try to "act like trump" by being outrageous, and weird

But they dont understand that Trump is using right-wing points which are ultimately more reasonable, so being outrageous and weird will calm down to rationality

But their things are ACTUALLY outrageous and weird

2018-09-24 12:11:12 UTC

But how bout their voting base?

2018-09-24 12:11:22 UTC

well their voting base IS a bunch of weirdos

2018-09-24 12:11:26 UTC

You dont see repubs copying trumps talking patterns

2018-09-24 12:11:43 UTC

most Repubs are shills for corporates and side with democrats anyway

2018-09-24 12:11:50 UTC

I mean right wingers

2018-09-24 12:11:52 UTC


2018-09-24 12:12:08 UTC

well, thats why none of them are as succesful and grand as trump ๐Ÿ˜›

2018-09-24 12:12:17 UTC

that is the most infuriating part of it all Dr. Wol.

2018-09-24 12:12:22 UTC

Im not talkign the politicians

2018-09-24 12:12:24 UTC

they speak the same words, but they don't use the flare that attracts everyone

2018-09-24 12:12:26 UTC

Im talking the voters.

2018-09-24 12:12:34 UTC

i know ginga

2018-09-24 12:12:47 UTC

While the dem voters are either as or more unhinged than the people they vote for

2018-09-24 12:12:51 UTC

like, if it were two sides that were actually trying to like, debate and figure out solutions it wouldn't be as painful to watch

2018-09-24 12:13:01 UTC

but every single time Republicans get control they half ass it.

2018-09-24 12:13:12 UTC

Problem is both sides come to the debate with preassumed points about the other

2018-09-24 12:13:34 UTC

And repubs in general are tired or just are not confrontational enough

2018-09-24 12:14:08 UTC

but heres the thing, you ahve 2 kinds of people

People that want a plan
And people that want a goal

People that want a goal tend to be lefties cuz thats like "We must end racism"
People that want a plan tend to be righties, cuz thats like "We must keep track of issues"

Trump speaks his plans, in a goal orient "We must bring back Jeeerbs" "We're gonna win" etc

2018-09-24 12:14:12 UTC

So he attracts both

2018-09-24 12:14:36 UTC

HC repubs like rubio are fucking scum

2018-09-24 12:14:51 UTC

Marko Rubotio? ๐Ÿ˜›

2018-09-24 12:14:53 UTC

Huh didnt think that way

2018-09-24 12:14:58 UTC


2018-09-24 12:15:01 UTC

yes ๐Ÿ˜›

2018-09-24 12:15:16 UTC

cuz during the '16 campaign he didn't have all voice responses implemented yet

2018-09-24 12:15:25 UTC

so kept repeating about how Obama knows exactly what he's doing

2018-09-24 12:18:37 UTC

Ironic its corbyn

2018-09-24 12:28:01 UTC

So uhh have you guys the Project Veritas leaks lately?

2018-09-24 12:33:09 UTC

The prob with trump is hes keeping promises and left aint used to this

2018-09-24 12:33:35 UTC
2018-09-24 12:34:38 UTC

@Rabbi Shekels Has any Pres won by losing the popular vote twice?

2018-09-24 12:34:59 UTC

Not sure

2018-09-24 12:35:16 UTC

I know hilldawg did once but who knows if that shit os real or fake news

2018-09-24 12:37:58 UTC

Trump won coz of the votes in the rust belt right. If he doesn't keep his promises there he is not going to win again. Yes the black unemployment is at an all time low but that isn't going to be enough to sing seats in the cities.

2018-09-24 12:39:40 UTC


2018-09-24 12:41:13 UTC

At the same time the dems are going full socialist which will make them bleed votes.

2018-09-24 12:41:33 UTC

Even if more people don't vote Trump less will vote dem.

2018-09-24 12:42:57 UTC

Is that in the mainstream or just in the political bubble we live in? Does your average Joe know what the Dems are spouting?

2018-09-24 12:43:40 UTC

Hard to say but they are making non political things political so more people are becoming aware of it.

2018-09-24 12:44:13 UTC

Secondly, voting third party in a two party system doesn't change the result. This isn';t a reason not to vote 3rd party but it doesn't change the result.

2018-09-24 12:44:42 UTC

Going after the normies. The best way to lose.

2018-09-24 12:44:59 UTC

It does if the people voting 3rd party would have voted dem.

2018-09-24 12:46:19 UTC

The only ppl that vote 3rd party are the people that are paying attention and are playing politics as the long game that it is. Normies don't do this. The numbers aren't there.

2018-09-24 12:47:46 UTC

So it's a matter if the normies will or won't start voting all of a sudden and if so who will they vote for.

2018-09-24 12:47:54 UTC

Might go either way.

2018-09-24 12:48:15 UTC

The more uninformed people usually are democrats.

2018-09-24 12:51:24 UTC


2018-09-24 12:52:07 UTC

My point is how many states did Trump lose by 5% coz these are the only ones you can realistically look at as swinging. And he only won the big chair coz of a few specific states. If Trump wants to win again he needs to win these again.

2018-09-24 12:53:50 UTC

The press have givwen Trump one hell of shitty ride. One that I don't know anyone else could handle, that's half the reason I think the 'Left' call him a tyrant, coz only a tyrant could have so much bad press and still be in power.

2018-09-24 12:54:15 UTC

This press is taking a toll on people.

2018-09-24 13:04:46 UTC

wew lad

2018-09-24 13:05:20 UTC

What was a skewer doing under a tree?

2018-09-24 13:07:37 UTC

@Poppy Rider For someone form outside the US, like myself, this 3rd party obstruction is very confusing. Can't these parties start getting votes on a local level to get some notoriety and then go for the federal seats?

2018-09-24 13:08:41 UTC

@arivatana How many parties do you have?

2018-09-24 13:09:29 UTC

the us only has 2 parties that get votes

2018-09-24 13:09:55 UTC

Here in India, there's right wing, corruption, corrupted socialist, and communist party

2018-09-24 13:10:57 UTC

more likely to get elected as a independant then a 3rd party. most join the main 2 like what trump did

2018-09-24 13:12:18 UTC

Third parties, in a mainly two party system, are not meant to win. You know this when you vote for them. Voting 3rd party is a threat to you main party that if they don't change they will lose even more votes.

2018-09-24 13:12:29 UTC

@Poppy Rider I'm in europe so there are also 2 levels (think the eu as the federal state and countries as states). In the european parliment there are 9 parties represented. In Portugal (the country that i live) there are also 5 parties represented in the portuguese parliment

2018-09-24 13:13:52 UTC

2 parties or 9 its still just a bunch of career politicians trying to rile up votes for themselves.

2018-09-24 13:13:57 UTC

Look at UKIP in the UK. Their only goal was to have a referendum on membership of the EU. At most they got 15% of the vote but after that they got their one and only policy enacted by the Tories.

2018-09-24 13:14:43 UTC

tories havent followed though and now ukip is branching out into other polocies

2018-09-24 13:14:55 UTC

@arivatana What sort of vote share to those parties get?

2018-09-24 13:16:00 UTC

UKIP need to keep their eye on the ball right now. Yes Islam is a problem but if we don't leave the EU then we can't do anything about it.

2018-09-24 13:21:14 UTC

Here in portugal we have 2 main parties (center left(28%) and center right(36%), but the center left made a coalition with the far left parties (8% and 5%) which granted them the majority. the far right party (12%) did not reach an agreement with the center right. These are rounded numbers

2018-09-24 13:23:53 UTC


2018-09-24 13:24:04 UTC


2018-09-24 13:25:36 UTC

Yeah, here the Europe we have a mainly two party system but the third parties can hold some sway. In the US it is nowhere near these numbers.

2018-09-24 13:27:16 UTC

`here the Europe we have a mainly two party system`

2018-09-24 13:27:43 UTC

Yeah, two strong partys that get between 20-30% each, sometimes even more and a couple smaller ones

2018-09-24 13:27:50 UTC

Sorry, i was looking at the wrong numbers:
Center right - 39%
Center left - 32 %
Far left - 10% + 8%
Nature party - 1%

2018-09-24 13:31:02 UTC

Yeah, In Europe voting for a third party can get stuff done. In the US you would need a massive change in voting patterns for voting 3rd to have an effect. They are 'trapped' in a two party system and have been convinced if they vote 3rd party they will let their enemy win.

2018-09-24 13:31:23 UTC

Politics is a long game and should be played as such.

2018-09-24 13:37:11 UTC

Iโ€™ll vote the popular if either candidate comes up to me with a plate of meatballs, a toothbrush, and toothpaste.

2018-09-24 13:37:25 UTC

Because Iโ€™m so hungry rn

2018-09-24 13:41:00 UTC


2018-09-24 13:41:11 UTC

Also thatโ€™s gore

2018-09-24 13:41:20 UTC

is it?

2018-09-24 13:41:44 UTC

Not gore its food

2018-09-24 13:41:55 UTC

It may look like gore but it def food

2018-09-24 13:42:05 UTC

I wouldnt eat though

2018-09-24 13:42:55 UTC

Bye bye image

2018-09-24 13:44:03 UTC


2018-09-24 13:44:26 UTC


2018-09-24 13:44:32 UTC

Wtf is this twitter who deleting pics

2018-09-24 13:44:51 UTC

They bowstte shit is outa control

2018-09-24 13:51:13 UTC

Bowsette is actually a very interesting case study for the internet world

2018-09-24 13:52:49 UTC

its popularity shows that
- Many people would ship Mario and Bowsers bro-mance
- They're okay with transexual if theres an authentic transform by magic, not just looks
- People still want big titty goth gf's
- Anime culture finds a way to survive

2018-09-24 13:53:57 UTC

"You might not know what linux is" - laughed way to hard at that

2018-09-24 13:55:04 UTC

But do you really know what it is?

2018-09-24 13:55:37 UTC


2018-09-24 13:56:36 UTC


"Who is Linux?" becomes a CNN quote

2018-09-24 13:58:20 UTC

He is a friend of the pervasive hacker known as 4chan of course

2018-09-24 13:58:28 UTC


2018-09-24 14:00:02 UTC

In any case i dont believe you can recind your license.

2018-09-24 14:00:19 UTC

Its been published under that license, that publication can be used under that license, period.

2018-09-24 14:00:31 UTC

Also, "turning over your copyright" is legaly impossible

2018-09-24 14:00:52 UTC

Copyright is not transferable

2018-09-24 14:01:27 UTC

well you can give them a legal contract saying essentially "I the copyright holder, give full rights to use and redistribute my ware to party X"

2018-09-24 14:01:35 UTC


2018-09-24 14:01:40 UTC

but you still hold the copyright

2018-09-24 14:01:48 UTC


2018-09-24 14:01:51 UTC

yeah, but you give them the right to use it unconditionally ๐Ÿ˜›

2018-09-24 14:02:04 UTC


2018-09-24 14:03:12 UTC

so instead of having to say "The copyright holder, who is the one true holder of the copyright, gives this group a legal ticket to use the copyrightable material for their own benefit and redistribute it as they see fit, without having to worry about the copyright because this ticket gives them the right to use the copyright"

Its just "they gave the copyright to X"

2018-09-24 14:03:34 UTC

its shorthand

2018-09-24 14:03:42 UTC

Eat the ticket

2018-09-24 14:03:53 UTC

absorb its legally binding powers? <:TimThink:482277772497125378>

2018-09-24 14:04:02 UTC

Well you can say "i licensed my material to X"

2018-09-24 14:04:22 UTC

Absorb its nutrients

2018-09-24 14:04:22 UTC

The ownership is now bodily bound

2018-09-24 14:05:09 UTC

I believe the licensing would refer to that instance of the copyrightable material

2018-09-24 14:05:28 UTC

So like, if you'd lisence version 1

You don't have to give them the right to use version 1.01

2018-09-24 14:05:51 UTC

like how you can be licensed to use Word 2003, but not be entitled to version 2013 ๐Ÿ˜›

2018-09-24 14:06:08 UTC

Well if you develop version 1.01 yourself you may technicly hold a new copyright to the changed code anyways.

2018-09-24 14:06:50 UTC

yeah, but you can then only publish the changes, not the changes + original material

2018-09-24 14:07:14 UTC

a "mod" for the software so to say :p

2018-09-24 14:08:04 UTC

I agree


2018-09-24 14:08:44 UTC

@Redneo You mean Linux Torvalds, creator of Linus Tech Tips? Everyone knows that guy.

2018-09-24 14:09:05 UTC

No i think he means Linux the Operating System

2018-09-24 14:09:24 UTC

Never heard of it.

2018-09-24 14:09:31 UTC


2018-09-24 14:10:08 UTC

Linux is the kernel, there are plenty of operating systems based on it

2018-09-24 14:10:29 UTC

I like popcorn

2018-09-24 14:10:40 UTC

From Suse over (K)Ubuntu and Android all the way down to DSL(Damn Small Linux)

2018-09-24 14:10:42 UTC


2018-09-24 14:10:53 UTC

i refuse to eat popcorn anymore

2018-09-24 14:10:55 UTC

Are you being serious?

2018-09-24 14:10:56 UTC


2018-09-24 14:11:01 UTC

Android is based on Google.

2018-09-24 14:11:22 UTC

Google isn't an operating system

2018-09-24 14:11:29 UTC

Shitposting is for the other channel :^)

2018-09-24 14:11:34 UTC

Itโ€™s a ram device

2018-09-24 14:11:42 UTC

Google is a spy device ๐Ÿ˜‰

2018-09-24 14:11:57 UTC

@kontroll its made by google but its based around a linux kernel.

2018-09-24 14:12:03 UTC

So, yes, i am serious

2018-09-24 14:13:21 UTC

@Beemann Should I tell him?

2018-09-24 14:13:58 UTC


2018-09-24 14:14:19 UTC

I mean, the Linus comment was a big enough flag

2018-09-24 14:14:24 UTC


2018-09-24 14:15:35 UTC


2018-09-24 14:15:51 UTC

that and hes called "konTROLL"

2018-09-24 14:16:06 UTC

That is purely coincidental though.

2018-09-24 14:16:08 UTC

๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ‘‰ ๐Ÿ‘‰

2018-09-24 14:16:17 UTC

You joke, but I have encountered end users who call their OS desktop

2018-09-24 14:16:26 UTC

They were general old, however

2018-09-24 14:16:46 UTC

i dont think it is @kontroll

2018-09-24 14:16:48 UTC

i mean

2018-09-24 14:17:02 UTC

seems germanic but the term would be kontrollE

2018-09-24 14:17:11 UTC

My personal favorite is "godzilla fox fire"

2018-09-24 14:17:50 UTC

Internet Exporter

2018-09-24 14:18:13 UTC

I like it when they call the glazier becouse their windows is broken

2018-09-24 14:19:14 UTC

@kontroll im german and i tell you, as a standalone term it would be KontrollE. Kontroll however is also a prefix for anything that does control.

2018-09-24 14:19:18 UTC

Like Kontrollchip

2018-09-24 14:19:23 UTC


2018-09-24 14:19:33 UTC

It's true that Germans have no sense of humor then.

2018-09-24 14:19:53 UTC

Hey hey we watch diner for one every new years

2018-09-24 14:19:54 UTC

In any case, Hungarians don't speak German, generally speaking.

2018-09-24 14:20:13 UTC

becouse how could we standardise humor if we dont constantly repeat the same?

2018-09-24 14:22:37 UTC

For reference, very poisonous is something with an oral LD50 of < 25mg/kg

2018-09-24 14:23:20 UTC

@Redneo you are the 2nd german i meet with that same avatar/pfp

2018-09-24 14:23:26 UTC


2018-09-24 14:23:38 UTC

Maybe all germans are one person?

2018-09-24 14:23:45 UTC

After all

2018-09-24 14:23:51 UTC

Merkel is not german

2018-09-24 14:23:58 UTC

So that would be possible

2018-09-24 14:24:03 UTC

the other one recently started posting thequartering videos too, and ive known him for years

2018-09-24 14:24:40 UTC

Well, i cant rule out that i suffer mutiple personality disorder.

2018-09-24 14:25:13 UTC

wouldnt your personalities have different avatars tho

2018-09-24 14:25:30 UTC

Hopefully my other personality is female and knows how to look the part, i have little experience with makeup as much as i would like to be female

2018-09-24 14:26:01 UTC

I'd settle for a good pair of tits that I could monetize on YouTube.

2018-09-24 14:26:10 UTC

Or Twitch.

2018-09-24 14:26:41 UTC

And thats one of the reasons why at least since the age of 13 i wouldve prefered to be female.

2018-09-24 14:26:54 UTC

boob money?

2018-09-24 14:26:59 UTC

The possibility to be paid for basicly lying on your back.

2018-09-24 14:27:10 UTC

true, a good last resort

2018-09-24 14:27:39 UTC

or for just walking around naked

2018-09-24 14:27:50 UTC

I(d do that in a hearbeat, though webcamming would probably be my goto

2018-09-24 14:28:27 UTC

well this took a turn

2018-09-24 14:28:53 UTC


2018-09-24 14:29:07 UTC

thats only cuz you're a guy, and are just thinking of wamen and boobs now!

2018-09-24 14:29:43 UTC

If you go to camsites for your research, youll find they can be paid for eating breakfast while having their cams turned on.

2018-09-24 14:29:48 UTC

"won't someone think of wahmen!"
"Oh i'm thinking about them alright. ๐Ÿ˜ "

2018-09-24 14:30:09 UTC

I believe you

2018-09-24 14:30:28 UTC

oh its no secret that camgirls can make bank just by existing

2018-09-24 14:30:34 UTC

Twitch-thots do it whilst dressed,

I can easily imagine people paying for teh same, naked on camsites

2018-09-24 14:30:41 UTC

feminists are jealous

2018-09-24 14:31:07 UTC

hey we can't all have implants....

Oh wait ๐Ÿค”

2018-09-24 14:31:20 UTC

I dont condemn wtich thots at all

2018-09-24 14:31:46 UTC

More honest than your average woman, but essentialy the same

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