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2018-08-22 03:04:05 UTC


2018-08-22 03:04:07 UTC

Can't tell if trolling, or serious

2018-08-22 03:04:27 UTC

I never could spell that word, it always felt weird writing that down. I am predominately Caucasian.

2018-08-22 03:04:39 UTC

But I am like 1/4th native american.

2018-08-22 03:04:42 UTC


2018-08-22 03:04:59 UTC

im hu'white af

2018-08-22 03:05:01 UTC

If the government had their way, I would been adopted into a native tribe.

2018-08-22 03:05:20 UTC

But my birth mom hide the fact I was native from government, so I could be adopted out to my current mother.

2018-08-22 03:05:21 UTC

oh are you involved in any native american groups?

2018-08-22 03:05:34 UTC

No I am not... because I have no connection to tribes except by blood.

2018-08-22 03:05:39 UTC


2018-08-22 03:05:54 UTC

Actually, this brings up an interesting point when people talk social justice. At which point does a mixed person become a PoC.

The answer I tend to hear is 1/8. Which is funny, because that's the threshold the South used for Jim Crow and slavery.

2018-08-22 03:06:07 UTC

well tbh i think we ignore the amount of shit the reservations are dealing with

2018-08-22 03:06:25 UTC

Im everything sjw's hate

2018-08-22 03:06:48 UTC

im predominately Northern European

2018-08-22 03:06:54 UTC

Hello fellow straight white male history major @Lagomaster24

2018-08-22 03:07:06 UTC

Native American reservations are suffering from a lot of crap.

2018-08-22 03:07:11 UTC

hello my hu'white friend

2018-08-22 03:07:16 UTC

People tend to treat them as foreigners instead of Americans.

2018-08-22 03:07:16 UTC

I'm guessing you're a Nazi too. You're good at hiding it, but you've just exposed yourself!

2018-08-22 03:07:19 UTC

It makes me mad.

2018-08-22 03:07:25 UTC

We are United States citizens too.

2018-08-22 03:07:35 UTC

Just because we have reservations, doesn't mean we are foreigners.

2018-08-22 03:07:37 UTC

OH NO ive been found out

2018-08-22 03:07:52 UTC


2018-08-22 03:07:58 UTC

oh also my BS is in both History and Political Science, forgot to mention the other earlier

2018-08-22 03:08:14 UTC

If I was placed on that reservation like I should have been, I would have been closed off to United States in many ways.

2018-08-22 03:08:15 UTC

Only got it in history, but i minored in PS and IR

2018-08-22 03:08:25 UTC


2018-08-22 03:08:37 UTC

good choices

2018-08-22 03:08:58 UTC

Since I am outside the reservations, I have a unique angle to look at things.

2018-08-22 03:09:15 UTC

yea I want to change the US governments relations with the reservations to be more symbiotic

2018-08-22 03:09:17 UTC

You never know or understand the other side unless you are on the other side.

2018-08-22 03:09:23 UTC


2018-08-22 03:09:49 UTC

i know someone who is a tribe member that i hope to try to discuss the topic with

2018-08-22 03:10:12 UTC

I feel that there been attempts to isolate Native Americans into tribes.

2018-08-22 03:10:34 UTC

I should ask, how does jurisdiction work with Native American tribes?

2018-08-22 03:10:44 UTC

Yes we should practice and respect the culture, but use is it to keep them isolated and not allow them to participate in our politics?

2018-08-22 03:10:50 UTC

well alot of them are separate tribes

2018-08-22 03:10:58 UTC

In our states growth? They are in fact citizens of our nation.

2018-08-22 03:11:09 UTC

If they arent going to assimilate then yes

2018-08-22 03:11:21 UTC

I always was under the impression the feds try and avoid interfering with the reservations for fear it would be overstepping the Indian nations powers.

2018-08-22 03:11:24 UTC

Heres your qasai legal status now dont interfere

2018-08-22 03:11:26 UTC

See the main issue is with the reservation host states

2018-08-22 03:11:37 UTC

Pratel... it is more of a isolation and bubble.

2018-08-22 03:11:42 UTC

they wont just give that land up to become a state

2018-08-22 03:11:56 UTC

A lot of bad problems are imported into the reservations, but there is no effort to help them solve those problems.

2018-08-22 03:12:06 UTC

No they dont get to be a state, theyd be part of whatever state they are currently in

2018-08-22 03:12:08 UTC

nor are they willing to take on responsibility for the land should it fully intergrate

2018-08-22 03:12:16 UTC

Then they barely get any say in the direction of our nation's growth.

2018-08-22 03:12:26 UTC

@Blackhawk342 thats the likely result

2018-08-22 03:12:33 UTC

I don't advocate giving land back, that time has long since past.

2018-08-22 03:12:40 UTC

the problem is getting the states to take more responsiblity

2018-08-22 03:12:57 UTC

I think though, we should focus on co-existing and making amends for past transactions by doing something positive to help both of us.

2018-08-22 03:13:04 UTC


2018-08-22 03:13:07 UTC

like what specifically?

2018-08-22 03:13:12 UTC

Why should I stay bitter about the past, the past I wasn't directly impacted by?

2018-08-22 03:13:47 UTC

You shouldn't. But that's not really something that can really be legislated. And it requires mutual agreement.

2018-08-22 03:13:49 UTC

well the states and the federal need to take more responsibility for one, instead of ignore them

2018-08-22 03:14:00 UTC

I'm not sure, my thoughts are not complete because I don't have access to any tribes at the moment.

2018-08-22 03:14:05 UTC


2018-08-22 03:14:07 UTC

But I feel we can't ignore them and leave them to their own demise.

2018-08-22 03:14:19 UTC

thats why i want to talk with the tribe member i know

2018-08-22 03:14:24 UTC

I can only talk about my experiences outside the reservations as a native American.

2018-08-22 03:14:27 UTC

At somepoint they have to work things out themselves

2018-08-22 03:14:35 UTC

And what I see from peering into the reservation.

2018-08-22 03:14:38 UTC

oh def

2018-08-22 03:14:41 UTC

Cant have the government running their lives, even if it is to lead them to salvation

2018-08-22 03:14:48 UTC

in some regards they need to take responsibility too

2018-08-22 03:14:57 UTC

But the government can fix the problems that they created themselves.

2018-08-22 03:15:00 UTC

The tribes near me always seemed to be doing ok. Alot of the issue I hear about are pretty universal of that part of the world. Stuff like alcohol and opiate addiction.

2018-08-22 03:15:01 UTC

but we have to work together to ease the burden

2018-08-22 03:15:03 UTC

Make amends.

2018-08-22 03:15:23 UTC

Its not like addiction is stuck inside of reservations

2018-08-22 03:15:30 UTC

its mostly north mid-west

2018-08-22 03:15:40 UTC

that the problems occur iirc

2018-08-22 03:15:44 UTC

Open an center to help fight addiction in native reservations would be a good step.

2018-08-22 03:15:46 UTC

Yeah, addiction is getting kinda bad in the rural parts of the country.

2018-08-22 03:16:06 UTC

subsidize treatment centers?

2018-08-22 03:16:07 UTC

Give them a door to step away from that life.

2018-08-22 03:16:18 UTC

I get the impression a big part of it is actually like alot of the rural parts of the country. Alot of the best people who might fix things tend to leave.

2018-08-22 03:16:26 UTC

provide incentive for new businesse

2018-08-22 03:16:34 UTC

No I am not talking about that... I am talking about like AAA meetings to help them get away from addictions.

2018-08-22 03:16:38 UTC

Work towards being addiction free.

2018-08-22 03:16:44 UTC

yea young people move out

2018-08-22 03:16:53 UTC

gotta give them less reason too

2018-08-22 03:16:58 UTC

I wonder if native americans view themselves as different from white people

2018-08-22 03:16:59 UTC

more opportunity

2018-08-22 03:17:08 UTC

No... not really Black.

2018-08-22 03:17:12 UTC

i think soooome do

2018-08-22 03:17:18 UTC

They do feel neglected and ignored.

2018-08-22 03:17:36 UTC


2018-08-22 03:17:50 UTC

which is a breeding ground for extremism

2018-08-22 03:18:06 UTC

hence why i think ignoring them is ultimately bad

2018-08-22 03:18:15 UTC

There really isn't much extremist ideologies in native tribes.

2018-08-22 03:18:37 UTC

I think it has something to do with the culture.

2018-08-22 03:18:48 UTC

I'd wager it's probably size personally.

2018-08-22 03:19:04 UTC

I don't hear as much extremism in rural counties either.

2018-08-22 03:19:18 UTC


2018-08-22 03:19:26 UTC

they dont have a reason too

2018-08-22 03:19:26 UTC

Rural areas tend to be more neighbor friendly and close netted group of people.

2018-08-22 03:19:45 UTC

That care and help each other up, we don't usually think about identity politics like the west coast and east coast does.

2018-08-22 03:20:04 UTC

I despise identity politics, I view it as a way to divide people and put them against each other.

2018-08-22 03:20:19 UTC

Im in an area that tries to use IDpol to get votes

2018-08-22 03:20:28 UTC

its irritates the hell out of me

2018-08-22 03:20:51 UTC

because it turns off potential moderate or switch voters

2018-08-22 03:21:04 UTC

Be happy you're not a pseudo-academic. They use it for deciding the allocation of resources. And speaking turns. And...

2018-08-22 03:21:14 UTC

they dont want that shit so they vote for the guy that doesnt do it

2018-08-22 03:21:17 UTC

All the SJW stuff people think is extreme and crazy is the norm in academia.

2018-08-22 03:21:23 UTC

If not worse.

2018-08-22 03:21:44 UTC

yea i somehow got out of college right before the sjw take over

2018-08-22 03:21:54 UTC

You can open most academic rags and find people wailing about white privilege more often than not.

2018-08-22 03:21:55 UTC

I wish people stop looking down on the middle America aka "Fly over states" they call us, but actually look to us for solutions. We have many solutions for the problems that they have. A lot of what they wish for happens down here naturally without the government intervening.

2018-08-22 03:22:05 UTC


2018-08-22 03:22:09 UTC

Thankfully i didnt have to deal with any instances of it in my university

2018-08-22 03:22:29 UTC

Though there was one time a KKK effigy appeared, but apparently it was taken down before it could be seen by any press

2018-08-22 03:22:32 UTC

Some of my favorite states ive visited are middle american

2018-08-22 03:22:41 UTC

The talk about White Privilege is turning whites against minorities. I don't understand why they can't see that.

2018-08-22 03:22:47 UTC

they do all to often go ignored

2018-08-22 03:22:57 UTC

You're lucky then. I had "white privilege" explained to me before I ever set foot on campus.

2018-08-22 03:23:01 UTC

Is Boogie alright


2018-08-22 03:23:01 UTC

Because they see their ideology as right and those who dont agree as the enemy

2018-08-22 03:23:12 UTC

Everyone made fun of it at the time. But now it's escaped campus and isn't a joke anymore.

2018-08-22 03:23:27 UTC

I mean personally my campaign slogan might be "Seeking Solutions" when that time finally comes

2018-08-22 03:23:46 UTC

They did have us watch a series of videos about "rape culture" but everyone just let them run and did other things

2018-08-22 03:24:18 UTC

lol i had a "rape culture" convo with some sjw at a local con

2018-08-22 03:24:20 UTC

@Dusty Morgan They think it's going to reconcile differences. And it didn't turn *them* against the minorities. The ones that do just suffer from "white fragility" and need to be fixed.

2018-08-22 03:24:39 UTC

Unity is a bad word now.

2018-08-22 03:24:43 UTC

i basically said "but rapes illegal and actively looked down on by the wider society"

2018-08-22 03:24:50 UTC

Too be honest, I think all this talk about identity politics and new problems is just the product of people who have too much free times on their hands, thinking to freaking hard on subjects that really isn't a problem in the first place. Or I could be wrong, there is a more sinister motive to it.

2018-08-22 03:25:08 UTC

It's everything.

2018-08-22 03:25:13 UTC

social media

2018-08-22 03:25:24 UTC

Alot of it is a bit of a meme in the original sense Dawkins wrote it.

2018-08-22 03:25:42 UTC

i cant tell you how good it feels to barely use Facebook

2018-08-22 03:25:43 UTC

Social Justice is more or less custom designed to seize power and resist attempts to dethrone it.

2018-08-22 03:25:54 UTC

A true uber-meme so to speak.

2018-08-22 03:26:28 UTC

So it persists by creating problems that it claims to solve and seizes resources and influence as it persists.

2018-08-22 03:26:36 UTC

Becoming ever stronger.

2018-08-22 03:26:46 UTC

Including it's particularly totalitarian impulses.

2018-08-22 03:26:52 UTC

its the new class conflict

2018-08-22 03:26:58 UTC

Fire people who oppose it as intolerant and hire those that support it.

2018-08-22 03:27:10 UTC

its ultimately self-destructive

2018-08-22 03:27:26 UTC

Just look at #metoo

2018-08-22 03:27:39 UTC

and all the #resettheclocks

2018-08-22 03:27:54 UTC

@Lagomaster24 I actually like comparing it to Chivalric codes. Alot of those tended to be abused by the knights who claimed to follow them. But it was a very good way to separate the knightly class from the peasants.

2018-08-22 03:28:07 UTC


2018-08-22 03:28:10 UTC

Antifa comes along and equates words to violence, thus justifying their use of violence against anyone who show even a slight hint of being against their views. Then that escalates when the right decides to stand up to them, trying to show them what kind of hypocrites they are. Antifa is acting very similar to the brown shirts from the 1930's to the point, it is hard to separate them from actual real Nazi's from the 1930s.

2018-08-22 03:28:14 UTC

didnt think about it that way

2018-08-22 03:28:47 UTC

Antifa might as well BE the brown shirts

2018-08-22 03:28:55 UTC

When both of these sides collide, I just shake my head and sigh. They are feeding off each other, they are not going anywhere and people are being hurt because of it.

2018-08-22 03:29:00 UTC

instead theyd be the black shirts

2018-08-22 03:29:09 UTC


2018-08-22 03:29:23 UTC

they thrive off of it though

2018-08-22 03:29:27 UTC

so they continue

2018-08-22 03:29:54 UTC

even if they havent realized it yet

2018-08-22 03:30:00 UTC

If the news media ignored these two sides, we wouldn't be here. Laugh at them and ignore them, don't do anything to them at all. Don't bring legitimacy to their arguments by attacking them.

2018-08-22 03:30:31 UTC

the problem with MSM is that they make bank off of it

2018-08-22 03:30:38 UTC

I think you have to remember where Antifa got their ideas from. Words are violence and intolerance of intolerance (including double standards) is a core idea of Marcuse.

2018-08-22 03:30:41 UTC

Thats part of the reason, but i dont think it would have gone to that extent without the media doing what they do

2018-08-22 03:30:50 UTC

Who is one of the most highly cited authors in the humanities right now.

2018-08-22 03:30:55 UTC

However, its not as if a media blackout would solve the issue

2018-08-22 03:30:56 UTC

gets them more clicks, views, etc. keeps them relevent

2018-08-22 03:30:56 UTC

Profit drives them, someone getting hurt be damn, they will still make a buck.

2018-08-22 03:31:06 UTC


2018-08-22 03:31:10 UTC

More terrifying to e is that they are getting cover as the brownshirts did.

2018-08-22 03:31:27 UTC

By *not* calling out Antifa's violence they are feeding it.

2018-08-22 03:31:43 UTC

By *not* convicting them of assault they are encouraged by the system.

2018-08-22 03:32:00 UTC

Thats what Antifa says about white supremacists

2018-08-22 03:32:05 UTC

What made the Brownshirts dangerous is that the Nazis found them useful and let them persist.

2018-08-22 03:32:30 UTC

Also I don't like how the media publican shames people and sends the "Mobs" on people. People's lives are destroyed because of the media and when they are proven innocent, they move on without any correction or fixing the issue that they caused. We should allow people to sue the media for defamation because the media is getting wildly out of control and feel they are above the law.

2018-08-22 03:32:33 UTC

Commies also had a large presence in Germany at the time

2018-08-22 03:32:42 UTC

Night of the Long Knives

2018-08-22 03:32:52 UTC

I couldn't find any better example of this than what CNN said straight to our faces.

2018-08-22 03:32:52 UTC

Indeed. Antifa was basically founded to fight the brownshirts.

2018-08-22 03:33:01 UTC

Iron Front i think?

2018-08-22 03:33:02 UTC

Let me find youtube video of what I am talking about.

2018-08-22 03:33:50 UTC

This is what I am talking about.

2018-08-22 03:33:54 UTC

@Lagomaster24 one of many.

2018-08-22 03:34:25 UTC

Pratel... you don't know how ironic that is that Antifa is formed to fight brown shirts, but today they became the brown shirts.

2018-08-22 03:34:30 UTC

I think in terms of the youtube sphere, sjws and antis alike should be more involved in the real world instead of just proselytizing from their bedrooms

2018-08-22 03:34:55 UTC

But suppose someone make a good point

2018-08-22 03:34:59 UTC

From the safety of their bedroom

2018-08-22 03:35:01 UTC

The media (and the academies) sees itself as the enlightened rulers of the country.

2018-08-22 03:35:08 UTC

Like I like that Sargon and Dank are getting out there instead of just making vid after vid

2018-08-22 03:35:10 UTC

Basically they say it is illegal for us to view stolen documents, but it is okay for them to view stolen documents. Basically they view themselves above the law.

2018-08-22 03:35:13 UTC

@Lagomaster24 I agree. What do you propose we do?

2018-08-22 03:35:27 UTC
2018-08-22 03:35:28 UTC

Sargon and Dank got STARTED with their bedrooms

2018-08-22 03:35:30 UTC

Giant followings

2018-08-22 03:35:37 UTC

Followings which made it all possible

2018-08-22 03:35:39 UTC

i have nothing against people talking from their bedrooms its a platform builder

2018-08-22 03:35:45 UTC

Bedroom means nothing. Content rules the sphere

2018-08-22 03:35:56 UTC

A lot of those youtubers that the media nickname as "Alt-right" have good intentions, but their message has been corrupted by the media.

2018-08-22 03:36:04 UTC

Of course

2018-08-22 03:36:13 UTC

Imagine if everything Sargon ever did in public was actually computer graphics.

2018-08-22 03:36:15 UTC

More important are networks. But you should never underestimate the information war.

2018-08-22 03:36:20 UTC

literally the reason im working to start my own channel is to get a platform and form a following then take that into the real world

2018-08-22 03:36:25 UTC

And Tim just voice acted for his own appearances in Sargon's videos.

2018-08-22 03:36:55 UTC

@Lagomaster24 I think you might want to skip to something else personally. I'd bet there are too many Youtubers already *and* I don't think you have a message Google would like.

2018-08-22 03:37:17 UTC

I like Timcast... even though I don't agree with him on all topics, I value his views that gives me alternative views to subjects. He does his research which I highly appreciate more than you realize. Most people don't do research and have kneejerk reactions to subjects.

2018-08-22 03:37:24 UTC

Were you around when we were discussing intermediary American organizations?

2018-08-22 03:37:30 UTC

Ive already set up for Bitchute

2018-08-22 03:37:38 UTC

Bitchute needs an API

2018-08-22 03:37:42 UTC

i jsut cant be public atm

2018-08-22 03:37:50 UTC

So I can automatically download videos from there

2018-08-22 03:37:58 UTC

That is one of the reason I appreciate Timcast as a source of news for me. I look at other news which has slants, then I compare to Timcast who I know does research it.

2018-08-22 03:38:05 UTC

@Dusty Morgan I like that he's an actual journalist with a good sense of what is actually happening and is willing to say exactly what he sees.

2018-08-22 03:38:08 UTC

He doesn't allow his politics cloud his reporting of the news.

2018-08-22 03:38:16 UTC

Tim imo is actually a journalist

2018-08-22 03:38:22 UTC

not an activist

2018-08-22 03:38:26 UTC

I already rarely visit youtube because my computer automatically downloads my subscription feed when I boot my PC

2018-08-22 03:38:33 UTC

which is why i respect him

2018-08-22 03:38:35 UTC


2018-08-22 03:38:45 UTC

and became a patron recently

2018-08-22 03:38:55 UTC

I would be a patron, but I'm poor as dirt

2018-08-22 03:38:56 UTC

Anyways, @Lagomaster24 I think on the ground organization is actually more relevant.

2018-08-22 03:39:03 UTC

oh def

2018-08-22 03:39:09 UTC

And it's something the anti-SJW side sorely lacks

2018-08-22 03:39:10 UTC

I wish the Mainstream Media would fire any activism and makes it against company policy to do activism, but I highly doubt I will ever see that.

2018-08-22 03:39:22 UTC

Much better niche and I think it would be more effective.

2018-08-22 03:39:36 UTC

Than fighting with all the other YouTube talking heads.

2018-08-22 03:39:37 UTC

Activism in my opinion clouds the subject and makes it harder to discern truth from fiction.

2018-08-22 03:39:46 UTC

^ This is the problem with Academia.

2018-08-22 03:39:53 UTC

I care about objective truth, not activism

2018-08-22 03:39:56 UTC

The channel would potentially be a means of getting said on the ground organizations message out

2018-08-22 03:40:00 UTC

Exactly Termer!

2018-08-22 03:40:14 UTC

What's the point of activism, if it doesn't lead to truth?

2018-08-22 03:40:24 UTC

What's the point of defending falsehood?

2018-08-22 03:40:33 UTC

I see no reason other than evil and power

2018-08-22 03:40:35 UTC

I hardly see journalist these days putting themselves in danger like back during world war 2, when they felt it is very important for people to see what is happening and they were willing to risk their lives for it.

2018-08-22 03:40:42 UTC


2018-08-22 03:40:58 UTC

My primary concern right now is to get myself a platform, network, and eventually start organizing

2018-08-22 03:41:03 UTC

Today journalists except for Timcast who has done that, are lazy and sit in their air conditioned buildings, filling in the gaps.

2018-08-22 03:41:14 UTC

and the channel is a means to that end

2018-08-22 03:41:35 UTC

@Dusty Morgan I wouldn't be sure if WWII is the correct war. WWII required all reporting to pass through the government and be censored to support the effort.

2018-08-22 03:41:50 UTC

Why not just start a new NEWS organization that is based off objective truth, the real truth with real on the ground reporting like Timcast?

2018-08-22 03:41:56 UTC

Vietnam is probably closer. It's what the journalists idolize. It's also where the journalists became activists.

2018-08-22 03:42:03 UTC


2018-08-22 03:42:15 UTC

It blew past fair reporting to activism around the end of the war.

2018-08-22 03:42:16 UTC

What worries me is the censorship on youtube and twitter. Not because there aren't exponentially better places to be, but too many people are on these centralized platforms. My goal is to get people OFF of twitter, not necessarily to fix twitter

2018-08-22 03:42:19 UTC

War correspondents

2018-08-22 03:42:33 UTC

The censorship scares the hell out of me.

2018-08-22 03:42:36 UTC


2018-08-22 03:42:41 UTC

Censorship is the real threat in all this.

2018-08-22 03:42:52 UTC

Yea the push for the "internet bill of rights" needs to be an organized effort

2018-08-22 03:42:53 UTC

I was shadow banned from Twitter for talking about the constitution and advocating the protection our rights to engage each other.

2018-08-22 03:42:56 UTC

I've been evangelizing for some kind of public square regulation.

2018-08-22 03:42:58 UTC

and currently it is not

2018-08-22 03:43:11 UTC

I had to deactivate my account, because I was getting no response from twitter at all. I am not important enough.

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