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2019-01-23 04:48:37 UTC

By the way, who is the fucker in that video?

2019-01-23 04:48:46 UTC

actually think it's 42% but shush

2019-01-23 04:48:51 UTC

I get that trans are more suicidal

2019-01-23 04:48:53 UTC

Some silicon valley rich fuck

2019-01-23 04:48:54 UTC


2019-01-23 04:49:08 UTC

@Cerulean look at the aids rate of black gay men though. It exceeded 50% last year and will exceed 75% soon. Even if they are great people, you cannot have immune compromised people with potentially infectious blood serving

2019-01-23 04:49:33 UTC

Maybe we should only allow gay and trans people into the military

2019-01-23 04:49:36 UTC

then test them on a case by case basis. do not put a blanket ban on a group of people due to trends.

2019-01-23 04:49:41 UTC

```Because of this.```
Tim should make a Video Collaboration with Robert Spencer.

2019-01-23 04:49:53 UTC

Or david Wood

2019-01-23 04:49:55 UTC

Oh wait... it is Tom Steyer.

2019-01-23 04:49:59 UTC

This fucker.

2019-01-23 04:50:13 UTC

Founder of @NextGenAmerica & @Need2Impeach. Working to ensure that every family shares the benefits of economic opportunity, education, and a healthy climate.

San Francisco, CA

2019-01-23 04:50:15 UTC


2019-01-23 04:50:16 UTC

Thot status: **P A T R O L L E D**


2019-01-23 04:50:16 UTC

If only gay and trans people went into the military then more normal humans would be home

2019-01-23 04:50:22 UTC

From San Francisco.

2019-01-23 04:50:23 UTC

They do test everyone in the ilitary for aid, every deployment and every so many years

2019-01-23 04:50:29 UTC

That EXPLAINS alot.

2019-01-23 04:50:36 UTC

He thinks 6 million Americans are the majority.

2019-01-23 04:51:13 UTC

is the gay population really that many? huh

2019-01-23 04:51:18 UTC

remember the 6 gazillion

2019-01-23 04:51:24 UTC

6 gorillion

2019-01-23 04:51:27 UTC


2019-01-23 04:51:34 UTC


2019-01-23 04:51:45 UTC

Zip it, we're being tailed

2019-01-23 04:51:50 UTC

Cheese it

2019-01-23 04:51:53 UTC

It's the feds

2019-01-23 04:52:01 UTC

๐Ÿ‘€ ๐Ÿ‘€ ๐Ÿ‘€ ๐Ÿ‘€

2019-01-23 04:52:05 UTC

The elites.... I am so sick of the elites.

2019-01-23 04:52:21 UTC

They don't care about anyone who isn't part of the east coast or west coast.

2019-01-23 04:52:27 UTC


2019-01-23 04:52:31 UTC

they be comin for my corn mash! run for it!

2019-01-23 04:52:43 UTC

The elites as is monetary elite

2019-01-23 04:52:47 UTC

Wait.... I take that back. They don't care about anyone who isn't part of the west coast.

2019-01-23 04:52:52 UTC

Inheritance or manipulation

2019-01-23 04:53:05 UTC

What is the difference between nobility and ultrarich who inherit everything?

2019-01-23 04:53:06 UTC

Hoarder and snake oil salesmen

2019-01-23 04:53:10 UTC

Even the East Coast isn't safe from these elites.

2019-01-23 04:53:29 UTC

Nobility tend to be oligarchs, the rich tend to just be rich fucks

2019-01-23 04:53:41 UTC

Their influence mixes

2019-01-23 04:53:50 UTC

It takes money to make money

2019-01-23 04:54:10 UTC

Money is power anใขใ‚“fใ…ใˆb

2019-01-23 04:54:12 UTC


2019-01-23 04:54:23 UTC

Okay sorry

2019-01-23 04:54:30 UTC

My jap text got stuck

2019-01-23 04:54:52 UTC

Anyway I'm sure you got the point

2019-01-23 04:54:57 UTC

I'll be back in a few

2019-01-23 04:55:10 UTC

you know those ads that wikipedia does "guys it's only like 3 bucks"

2019-01-23 04:55:13 UTC

trump should do that

2019-01-23 04:55:22 UTC

like "hey guys, if we all pitch in 16 bucks"

2019-01-23 04:56:11 UTC

imagine having real world responsibility's and taking Wikipedia seriously

2019-01-23 04:58:13 UTC

sometimes i want to send out very endearing tweets to public figures

2019-01-23 04:58:23 UTC

but then i realize i'd be closer to telling people where i'm from

2019-01-23 04:58:29 UTC

and i dont want to dox myself in the end

2019-01-23 04:58:49 UTC

use tor?

2019-01-23 04:58:56 UTC

but they're fucking bitches

2019-01-23 04:59:40 UTC

I want to send out endearing tweets to public figures, I just don't want them thinking I'm someone who fawns over people

2019-01-23 05:00:00 UTC

im tired

2019-01-23 05:00:11 UTC

im gonna go shower and watch anime then go to bed and regret not doing homework

2019-01-23 05:00:19 UTC

If you doxed me... It'd probably help me to be quite honest

2019-01-23 05:00:42 UTC

on it'

2019-01-23 05:01:23 UTC

But man do they tempt me

2019-01-23 05:01:34 UTC

stupid fucking republican cant even paint a hand grenade

2019-01-23 05:01:39 UTC

You see, why? They're like lawyers, sure their job is dishonest but in the end they're just doing a job

2019-01-23 05:01:40 UTC

you're supposed to dunk it

2019-01-23 05:01:43 UTC

to all the FBI agents. I DO NOT KNOW THIS MAN

2019-01-23 05:01:55 UTC

I disavow.

2019-01-23 05:02:18 UTC

i and so many other pocs disavow mlk for his homophobic statements

2019-01-23 05:02:19 UTC


2019-01-23 05:02:42 UTC

Might have to go to my super.... I mean good night all

2019-01-23 05:02:51 UTC


2019-01-23 05:02:51 UTC

I served in the army, the NSA moniters everything I do.

2019-01-23 05:03:00 UTC


2019-01-23 05:03:20 UTC


2019-01-23 05:03:50 UTC


2019-01-23 05:03:59 UTC

You don't have any clearance anymore though? So I think that's unlikely, if you're an ex serviceman who might have powerful enemies they might track your name, but not your activity

2019-01-23 05:04:10 UTC

you're a ffl of course the nsa is monitoring everything you do

2019-01-23 05:04:15 UTC

What do you call a septic tank on stage. spewing feces everywhere?

A politician

2019-01-23 05:04:22 UTC

my mom said her social security number outloud infront of an alexa

2019-01-23 05:04:31 UTC

i think i got the fafsa rep to laugh

2019-01-23 05:04:37 UTC

I am an armrorer, I don't have an FFL

2019-01-23 05:04:45 UTC

I say everything outloud in front of alexa

2019-01-23 05:04:53 UTC

if bezos wants my life, he can have it

2019-01-23 05:05:12 UTC

maybe bezos will be so depressed by my life he'll send me money

2019-01-23 05:05:18 UTC


2019-01-23 05:05:30 UTC

qwรจrtรฟรปรฎรดpร รŸdfghjkล‚ลพxรงvbรฑm

2019-01-23 05:05:41 UTC


2019-01-23 05:05:43 UTC

experimenting with special characters?

2019-01-23 05:06:04 UTC

I tend to look up random porn just to entertain the NSA people

2019-01-23 05:06:21 UTC

not too random, i hope

2019-01-23 05:06:25 UTC


2019-01-23 05:06:25 UTC

I tend to just live my life and hope it agitates someone

2019-01-23 05:06:37 UTC

is that a pig emoji?

2019-01-23 05:06:44 UTC


2019-01-23 05:06:53 UTC

looks like a pig

2019-01-23 05:07:03 UTC


2019-01-23 05:07:06 UTC

where the pig's fly

2019-01-23 05:07:17 UTC

i found on like( ๏ฟฃ๏ผพ๏ฟฃ) like

2019-01-23 05:07:36 UTC

yeah i always wondered what that dash was

2019-01-23 05:07:46 UTC


2019-01-23 05:07:55 UTC


2019-01-23 05:07:57 UTC

wtf is that

2019-01-23 05:08:17 UTC

i find those one i put them in my text replacement to access the emojins easyier

2019-01-23 05:08:27 UTC


2019-01-23 05:08:41 UTC


2019-01-23 05:08:52 UTC

I cannot believe bezos cares about you

2019-01-23 05:08:55 UTC


2019-01-23 05:09:14 UTC

Tom Steyer is a snake oil salesman.

2019-01-23 05:09:16 UTC

well you're right if bezos is listening in on your life and hasnt sent you money then there's probably no point trying

2019-01-23 05:09:19 UTC

By the way.

2019-01-23 05:09:19 UTC

It reminds me of that line from deus ex, something about humans wanting to be watched

2019-01-23 05:09:38 UTC

i think it stems from a need to be known

2019-01-23 05:09:53 UTC

i live in an imp family of fuckers

2019-01-23 05:10:01 UTC

I want to be known, but I also want my privacy. I want to be known when I want to be known.

2019-01-23 05:10:10 UTC

Isnt that a fetish

2019-01-23 05:10:13 UTC

To be watched

2019-01-23 05:10:26 UTC

Who watches the watchers?

2019-01-23 05:10:27 UTC

who dont. care bout shit

2019-01-23 05:10:32 UTC

I'm not against barring technology from your life

2019-01-23 05:10:41 UTC

Now i understand boga

2019-01-23 05:10:50 UTC

๐Ÿคshrip i like

2019-01-23 05:11:00 UTC

Wait boga isnt on the list of ppl to ping

2019-01-23 05:11:15 UTC

๐Ÿฟpopcarm. i dont like much

2019-01-23 05:11:18 UTC

is your english improving on discord?

2019-01-23 05:11:22 UTC

just means cuck is human base porgramming

2019-01-23 05:11:24 UTC

somethimes but not so much

2019-01-23 05:11:36 UTC

Is it because of the structure of sentences?

2019-01-23 05:12:29 UTC

Yep boga must of left

2019-01-23 05:12:34 UTC

๐Ÿ†eggpalant are good too and ๐Ÿ‘peaches somethimes but i loke shrip a lot ๐Ÿค๐Ÿค๐Ÿ”ฅ<:timcat:463067464016855040>

2019-01-23 05:12:45 UTC

Was it bogastep or something... The username

2019-01-23 05:12:52 UTC

i could eat a peach in minutes

2019-01-23 05:12:56 UTC

seconds, really

2019-01-23 05:13:00 UTC


2019-01-23 05:13:02 UTC

fucking georgians

2019-01-23 05:13:21 UTC

i at a pach in minits ok senconds really

2019-01-23 05:14:08 UTC


2019-01-23 05:14:12 UTC

What's your favorite way to prepare shrimp?"

2019-01-23 05:14:32 UTC

poopschute in

2019-01-23 05:14:37 UTC

the best way posibble

2019-01-23 05:14:44 UTC

i just poppers em in the oven

2019-01-23 05:15:20 UTC

in bout half an hour theyll be done

2019-01-23 05:15:26 UTC

So pre-made stuff?

2019-01-23 05:15:34 UTC


2019-01-23 05:15:43 UTC

xombii needs to take a trip to the big easy

2019-01-23 05:15:57 UTC

i dont like the regukar shrip much i like the popcron shrup

2019-01-23 05:16:13 UTC


2019-01-23 05:16:17 UTC

Yeah boiled and then served after being cold with cocktail sauce can be weird

2019-01-23 05:16:31 UTC

I am thankful for this woman.

2019-01-23 05:16:37 UTC

i am to

2019-01-23 05:17:04 UTC

Dobatag yep my bad

2019-01-23 05:17:11 UTC

I haveno idea what the video says, but the only ones perpetrating the idea of a "switch" are the people who have something to gain from it

2019-01-23 05:17:15 UTC

Wasnt it dobatag that liked being watched?

2019-01-23 05:17:33 UTC


2019-01-23 05:17:36 UTC

Carol Swain is crushing the myth and stopping the west and east coast from labeling us racists for no other reason other than to make Republicans look bad.

2019-01-23 05:17:51 UTC

If the South Voted Democrat, they would be praising us and calling us Saviors of this nation.

2019-01-23 05:18:04 UTC

<:TimThink:482277772497125378> :TimThink

2019-01-23 05:18:19 UTC


2019-01-23 05:18:27 UTC


2019-01-23 05:18:35 UTC

It is all because we vote Republicans, the democrats label us racists.

2019-01-23 05:18:42 UTC

they have some cool announcebrntd in <#463057194456317962>

2019-01-23 05:18:43 UTC

They hate the fact we vote Republicans.

2019-01-23 05:18:59 UTC

The party of civil liberties and freedom.

2019-01-23 05:19:26 UTC

Ironic that repubs were hated ever since the 70s up to now

2019-01-23 05:19:41 UTC

Well 90s...

2019-01-23 05:19:47 UTC
2019-01-23 05:19:57 UTC


2019-01-23 05:20:32 UTC

( ๏ฟฃ๏ผพ๏ฟฃ)

2019-01-23 05:20:38 UTC


2019-01-23 05:20:55 UTC

Yeah, what?

2019-01-23 05:21:25 UTC

i am 100% pure

2019-01-23 05:21:35 UTC

Im guessing your doba

2019-01-23 05:21:43 UTC

thats the only truth there will ever be

2019-01-23 05:21:55 UTC

whats doba

2019-01-23 05:22:03 UTC

Okay then nvm.

2019-01-23 05:22:24 UTC

N what u mean 100% pure?

2019-01-23 05:22:41 UTC

i am 100% pure thats thats the only truth

2019-01-23 05:23:12 UTC

โ€ฐ woah i just found this vool symlol

2019-01-23 05:23:17 UTC


2019-01-23 05:23:25 UTC


2019-01-23 05:24:46 UTC

ok googbye i have to go to beed googbye๐Ÿ‘‹<:VeRiFiEd:463064374236413962> ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜…

2019-01-23 05:25:00 UTC

night all

2019-01-23 05:25:04 UTC

i m going to sleep soon googbye

2019-01-23 05:29:56 UTC

Agent of Cisdom.... Lmao.

2019-01-23 05:30:08 UTC

I got into another argument with a leftist.

2019-01-23 05:30:35 UTC

Don't argue with them, troll them

2019-01-23 05:30:47 UTC

This is what he said when I told him, "Trump isn't the problem, it is the identitarians."

2019-01-23 05:30:54 UTC

Agree with them but in a ridiculous sarcastic way

2019-01-23 05:30:54 UTC
2019-01-23 05:31:11 UTC

>arguing with people on twitter

2019-01-23 05:31:16 UTC

the site is owned by the saudis

2019-01-23 05:31:18 UTC

They really really want Republicans to be the boggy mans.

2019-01-23 05:31:54 UTC

Like "you're absolutely right. We should make America BAD. We should go communist and not have toilet paper and wipe our asses with our hands because we don't have toilet paper."

2019-01-23 05:32:05 UTC

This person seriously said this, "The left supports identitarians as they think the world can be lovey dovey just by talking shit."

2019-01-23 05:32:35 UTC

Wow... they use that as a justification for supporting homophobes, bigots, and anti-semetics?

2019-01-23 05:33:50 UTC

Wait... he agrees with me now.

2019-01-23 05:33:52 UTC

was watching tim's video about the fake washington post and it makes me want to smack him in the back of the head for talking about how it looks like the real thing... while having a part of the article that says it's fake right in the center of his screen as he ignores it

2019-01-23 05:34:49 UTC

the article says 'fictional washington post eerily predicted real events' and has a paragraph stating OUTRIGHT that it was all fake

2019-01-23 05:35:20 UTC

watching tim scroll over that part over and over and over and never notice is sorta funny

2019-01-23 05:35:35 UTC

ping him

2019-01-23 05:36:03 UTC

Post me the link to the fake article.

2019-01-23 05:36:18 UTC

He never responds if you even Email him, why would he respond if you ping him?

2019-01-23 05:37:20 UTC

I timestamped him having the part of the article right in front of in for a long time and never seeing it. Really funny

2019-01-23 05:37:54 UTC


2019-01-23 05:38:10 UTC

he spent the entire video with that right in front of him, lol

2019-01-23 05:38:33 UTC

After he agrees with me, he then adds this in the next post.

2019-01-23 05:38:46 UTC


2019-01-23 05:38:48 UTC

want me to transcribe it here since the text can be hard to read?

2019-01-23 05:38:59 UTC

cmon ping tim

2019-01-23 05:39:56 UTC

I am flabbergasted how retarded some people can be.

2019-01-23 05:40:08 UTC

first line in it says "distributed four months before president donald trump fled office"

2019-01-23 05:40:13 UTC

The people who vote Republican are making headway in getting rid of the corrupt.

2019-01-23 05:40:28 UTC

Republican party has no control over how corrupt the party gets, it is all on the citizens.

2019-01-23 05:41:08 UTC

Article II, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution also grants the president the ability โ€œon extraordinary occasionsโ€ to convene either or both chambers of Congress. But that provision hasn't been utilized since 1947 and 1948, when President Harry Truman explored this option twice, and "convening" does not necessarily mean Trump would be allowed to speak.

2019-01-23 05:41:11 UTC

Oh this is interesting.

2019-01-23 05:42:58 UTC

Trump is only asking for 5.7 billion dollars, nothing else. The Democrats want to get everything and not give him the 5.7 billion dollars.

2019-01-23 05:43:03 UTC

That is how retarded this is.

2019-01-23 05:43:29 UTC

He has only one item he wants, they don't want to give it to him. They say if he gets rid of that item, then they will negotiate.

2019-01-23 05:43:43 UTC

What use is negotiating when there is nothing for the Republicans to gain.

2019-01-23 05:43:44 UTC

Meanwhile the Dems probably want to pass foreign spending that greatly surpass 5.7B

2019-01-23 05:43:57 UTC


2019-01-23 05:44:52 UTC

health care for all alone

2019-01-23 05:45:02 UTC

what is that? in the trillions?

2019-01-23 05:45:18 UTC

That's the estimate

2019-01-23 05:45:41 UTC

Kavanaugh public trail 2.0 is about to begin.

2019-01-23 05:45:47 UTC

and estimates from government are pure lies that are like 1% of the real cost @Glaice

2019-01-23 05:46:11 UTC

They will claim Trump's pick is sexually abusing women or is a flaming homophobe or the worlds bigot or is actively oppressing someone.

2019-01-23 05:46:12 UTC

Just watch.

2019-01-23 05:46:21 UTC

I predict they will cause another media circus.

2019-01-23 05:46:24 UTC

so healthcare for all, likely costing in the quadrillions is fine.... but 5.6 billion is where they draw the line?

2019-01-23 05:47:35 UTC

I hope he doesn't pick the individuals from the Ninth Circuit Court.

2019-01-23 05:47:48 UTC

Hope he immediately removes them from the list, they being the first ones to go.

2019-01-23 05:49:09 UTC

Of course 9th Circuit is gonna be lefty biased because San Fran

2019-01-23 05:51:03 UTC

Much text

2019-01-23 05:51:06 UTC


2019-01-23 05:51:26 UTC

Well to piss off tge left more.. He could go for an islamic black muslim

2019-01-23 05:51:28 UTC

๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚

2019-01-23 05:51:39 UTC


2019-01-23 05:51:47 UTC

I don't want any Islamist to gain power in my nation.

2019-01-23 05:51:55 UTC

Or he could go for literally anyone who doesn't believe the majority is far left as the media is making out

2019-01-23 05:51:56 UTC

If they gain power, the more power they have to push Sharia law on us.

2019-01-23 05:52:23 UTC

You realise judges are meant to be biased based off of how they believe society thinks and believes?

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