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2019-01-05 21:52:40 UTC

he used it on cia niggers so its kind of original

2019-01-05 21:52:41 UTC


2019-01-05 21:52:55 UTC

i agree

2019-01-05 21:53:01 UTC

i just killed a giant rat in dark souls

2019-01-05 21:53:13 UTC

The first game?

2019-01-05 21:53:18 UTC

nein replaying 2

2019-01-05 21:53:28 UTC

combat is garbage, but the story is good

2019-01-05 21:53:29 UTC

The only one I really played was 3

2019-01-05 21:53:37 UTC

3 has the best combat but worst story

2019-01-05 21:53:46 UTC

2 has worst combat but good story

2019-01-05 21:53:49 UTC

1 has best everything

2019-01-05 21:53:52 UTC

I did a playthrough with a friend on 3

2019-01-05 21:53:59 UTC

Didn't really care too much for it otherwise

2019-01-05 21:54:09 UTC

the community is cancer

2019-01-05 21:54:16 UTC

but i like the games

2019-01-05 21:54:26 UTC

oO Tim only has one working computer in the house? oO ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

2019-01-05 21:54:29 UTC


2019-01-05 21:54:32 UTC

that was surprising

2019-01-05 21:54:39 UTC

sums up the dark souls community tbh

2019-01-05 21:54:53 UTC

autistic kids with no social skills studying attack times for 10 hours a day

2019-01-05 21:55:01 UTC

"lol get gud"

2019-01-05 21:55:03 UTC

I've given him $60 so far toward a new PC

2019-01-05 21:55:07 UTC

a lot of communities are very cancer

2019-01-05 21:55:29 UTC

The worst I've encountered was ARMA

2019-01-05 21:55:35 UTC

oh god arma

2019-01-05 21:55:56 UTC

Specifically the life rp community

2019-01-05 21:56:29 UTC

idk which i hate worse, the league / overwatch normie communities or the autistic elitist arma / simulator communities

2019-01-05 21:56:47 UTC

Gloria Victis is a close 2nd

2019-01-05 21:57:17 UTC

Vanilla WoW had an amazing community

2019-01-05 21:57:27 UTC


2019-01-05 21:57:49 UTC

GOLD 4 SALE *insert Chinese website here*

2019-01-05 21:57:59 UTC

All over chat

2019-01-05 21:58:03 UTC

back when guilds were like 2nd families

2019-01-05 21:58:07 UTC

now they're autist cabals

2019-01-05 21:58:19 UTC

but yeah gold sellers were everywhere lol

2019-01-05 21:58:28 UTC

They still are in wow

2019-01-05 21:58:39 UTC

I tried playing not too long ago and that's all I saw

2019-01-05 21:58:51 UTC

yeah but wow is like a mobile game now. you can get to lvl cap in like a week and even then everything's super methodical.

2019-01-05 21:58:58 UTC

oh you mean gold sellers?

2019-01-05 21:59:06 UTC


2019-01-05 21:59:11 UTC


2019-01-05 21:59:17 UTC

you hear about diablo?

2019-01-05 21:59:26 UTC

The mobile fiasco

2019-01-05 21:59:29 UTC


2019-01-05 21:59:35 UTC

"is this an out of season april fools joke"

2019-01-05 21:59:37 UTC

yeah lol

2019-01-05 22:00:02 UTC


2019-01-05 22:00:09 UTC

and blizzard made an actual april fools joke of the same thing years ago right?

2019-01-05 22:00:30 UTC

When trolling becomes reality

2019-01-05 22:00:50 UTC


2019-01-05 22:00:52 UTC

Help, my cat colonized me.

2019-01-05 22:01:22 UTC

what if they put that out to test the response

2019-01-05 22:01:33 UTC

and then were like *just kidding guys lol*

2019-01-05 22:01:40 UTC

when it actually got ripped

2019-01-05 22:01:47 UTC

all the while they just

2019-01-05 22:01:49 UTC

Lol probably. They've been fucking over their players for years now. They're probably thinking like "Let's see how far we can push it"

2019-01-05 22:01:51 UTC

i dont think they're competent enough to pull off a 4 year conspiracy long con

2019-01-05 22:02:37 UTC

wasn't the mobile diablo intended for asia

2019-01-05 22:02:40 UTC

Well they managed to kill a franchise that's over 20 years old with their shitty design ideas

2019-01-05 22:02:41 UTC


2019-01-05 22:02:50 UTC

why not just tell the americans that

2019-01-05 22:02:56 UTC

we're making a game for asia

2019-01-05 22:02:59 UTC

you won't like it

2019-01-05 22:03:08 UTC

because its a dumb idea regardless of what country they release it in

2019-01-05 22:03:13 UTC

because they didn't want to say that an audience wouldn't like a game

2019-01-05 22:03:22 UTC

that's destroying a potential market

2019-01-05 22:03:31 UTC

are asians not legally allowed to play pc diablo?

2019-01-05 22:03:39 UTC

asians like mobile games

2019-01-05 22:03:44 UTC

desktops are too big for asia

2019-01-05 22:03:54 UTC

expensive too

2019-01-05 22:03:55 UTC

monitors are also too big for asia

2019-01-05 22:03:56 UTC

They literally took an iconic franchise that's over 2 decades old and destroyed it.
That's impressively bad

2019-01-05 22:04:03 UTC

i know but isnt it possible asians could be disappointed too

2019-01-05 22:04:10 UTC

yes, but less so

2019-01-05 22:04:23 UTC

It goes back to Blizzard not knowing their fanbase.

2019-01-05 22:04:30 UTC

oh no they knew it

2019-01-05 22:04:33 UTC

they just didn't care

2019-01-05 22:04:34 UTC

And trying to be over-inclusive in everything they do

2019-01-05 22:04:41 UTC

they wanted to get that asia money

2019-01-05 22:04:50 UTC

like movie studios are doing now

2019-01-05 22:04:58 UTC

movies aren't made for Americans

2019-01-05 22:05:00 UTC

That's why I jumped ship on WoW

2019-01-05 22:05:03 UTC

they're made for Asia

2019-01-05 22:05:19 UTC

Once I saw Blizzard ruin WoW I knew the rest would be hisory

2019-01-05 22:05:22 UTC

yeah? how are they asia adapted?

2019-01-05 22:05:43 UTC

because the formula for making movies is applied to what sells best in asia

2019-01-05 22:05:52 UTC

but whats the formula?

2019-01-05 22:05:58 UTC

i havent paid attention

2019-01-05 22:06:06 UTC

emoji movie apps were the ones big in asia

2019-01-05 22:06:18 UTC

over the top action with no plot

2019-01-05 22:06:18 UTC

yeah the emoji movie was awful

2019-01-05 22:06:26 UTC

they knew that shit was tanking on these shores

2019-01-05 22:06:31 UTC

i always assumed that was the american standard

2019-01-05 22:06:44 UTC

Americans don't go to the movies anymore

2019-01-05 22:06:45 UTC

Wait the Emoji movie did well in Asia?

2019-01-05 22:06:48 UTC

80s movies define the american standard

2019-01-05 22:06:50 UTC


2019-01-05 22:06:55 UTC

i don't know if it did well

2019-01-05 22:07:10 UTC

i just know it focused on apps the chinese use a lot more than americans

2019-01-05 22:07:31 UTC

wasnt the 80s a lot of over the top action with no plot?

2019-01-05 22:07:35 UTC


2019-01-05 22:07:38 UTC


2019-01-05 22:07:44 UTC

bladerunner, the thing, alien

2019-01-05 22:07:49 UTC

all super plot heavy

2019-01-05 22:07:53 UTC

alien was 76

2019-01-05 22:07:58 UTC

aliens was 80s

2019-01-05 22:08:06 UTC

either movie you could use as an example

2019-01-05 22:08:11 UTC

aliens was better than the first imo

2019-01-05 22:08:16 UTC

but they are remembered because they were the diamond classics
the question is what the bland norm was

2019-01-05 22:08:59 UTC

there were definitely shitty 80s movies, but i'd say on average, they were better and more thought provoking than modern films

2019-01-05 22:09:13 UTC

but that isnt really saying much

2019-01-05 22:09:26 UTC

i do notice the coward trend of just trying to remake the classics

2019-01-05 22:09:31 UTC

red letter media pointed out that the new Mummy movie with cruise was definitely made for asia first, with lots of scenes that had narration over them with no one's mouth moving in the shot

2019-01-05 22:09:32 UTC


2019-01-05 22:09:33 UTC

That's 100% a lens you're seeing through. Wait 20 years and look back on 2000s/2010s movies and pick out the good ones.

2019-01-05 22:09:46 UTC

there's a reason why 80% of modern films are remakes

2019-01-05 22:10:07 UTC

a lot of classic 50s films were remakes of silent 30s films

2019-01-05 22:10:17 UTC

dont know much about 50s movies

2019-01-05 22:10:20 UTC

besides like, astro boy

2019-01-05 22:10:32 UTC

i think that was 50s?

2019-01-05 22:10:35 UTC


2019-01-05 22:10:49 UTC

ben hur was the most expensive movie ever made twice

2019-01-05 22:10:53 UTC

i should keep notes of what current movies are actually good story quality and original

2019-01-05 22:10:57 UTC

people died making ben hur

2019-01-05 22:11:16 UTC

i think we do have a lot

2019-01-05 22:11:21 UTC

there are good movies

2019-01-05 22:11:30 UTC

i think zootopia had a character that was a moose in america and a panda or tanooki in china and japan

2019-01-05 22:11:33 UTC

movies suck today

2019-01-05 22:11:33 UTC

it's just the majority are popped out simply to make money

2019-01-05 22:11:41 UTC

i do not mean that in edgy post-ironic way

2019-01-05 22:11:42 UTC

bladerunner 2049 was the best movie i've seen in a long time. they're just really rare

2019-01-05 22:11:46 UTC

it's just overrun by agenda

2019-01-05 22:12:00 UTC

well it drops originality points, but yeah

2019-01-05 22:12:08 UTC

I used to go to theaters all the time 2 years ago

2019-01-05 22:12:12 UTC

Now I never do

2019-01-05 22:12:14 UTC


2019-01-05 22:12:18 UTC

not only because the movies suck

2019-01-05 22:12:21 UTC

but the people

2019-01-05 22:12:22 UTC

my god

2019-01-05 22:12:26 UTC

we're seeing the same happen in gaming

2019-01-05 22:12:33 UTC

specially the shitty people

2019-01-05 22:12:34 UTC

once trump won, they went full retard

2019-01-05 22:12:49 UTC

yeah I am upset at how few good games there are being released

2019-01-05 22:12:50 UTC

plus a ton of pedos within that erm... circle

2019-01-05 22:12:56 UTC

I usually buy a ton during the winter sale

2019-01-05 22:12:57 UTC

makes u think ๐Ÿค”

2019-01-05 22:13:02 UTC

this year, I bought one

2019-01-05 22:13:35 UTC

i think people exaggerate the bad games thing

2019-01-05 22:13:42 UTC


2019-01-05 22:13:49 UTC

problem is you have SO many options today, it is overwhelming.

2019-01-05 22:13:52 UTC

yeah i dont think good games a few at all, just good games that i'm personally into

2019-01-05 22:13:58 UTC

gaming hopped on the leftist hype train and competence went out the window. even bethesda's throwing the ball lately. im tellin u guys, orangemanbad syndrome is a real thing.

2019-01-05 22:14:01 UTC

I used to get a random ass game from blockbuster and play it like weeks

2019-01-05 22:14:08 UTC

the games that I see on Steam have been the same top sellers for like 2 years

2019-01-05 22:14:11 UTC

now I have 300 games in my steam i dont even open

2019-01-05 22:14:45 UTC

plenty good games... its just... partially it has lost the magic from me aging i guess

2019-01-05 22:14:52 UTC

imo people are really spoiled with quality game titles

2019-01-05 22:14:56 UTC

nah, they're all shit thats why you can't choose

theres not enough that make you just blow through it

2019-01-05 22:15:04 UTC

yeah i know what you mean, getting older made games kinda lame

2019-01-05 22:15:08 UTC

so you have meh level all over

2019-01-05 22:15:09 UTC

definitely not all shit

2019-01-05 22:15:13 UTC

just more ambitious than ever

2019-01-05 22:15:15 UTC


2019-01-05 22:15:17 UTC

higher stakes, more risks

2019-01-05 22:15:20 UTC

aaa gaming is all shit definitely

2019-01-05 22:15:21 UTC

I return most of the games I get after like 10 mins

2019-01-05 22:15:23 UTC

unless you got kiddies with somethin like CoD

2019-01-05 22:15:32 UTC

reskin weapons, reship, repeat

2019-01-05 22:15:34 UTC

because they're either boring as hell or broken

2019-01-05 22:15:39 UTC

well, to be fair they do feel very very formulaic than when everyone was experimenting with different formulas in early 2000s

2019-01-05 22:15:49 UTC

nobody wants to experiment

2019-01-05 22:15:51 UTC

new ideas are dead in aaa gaming

2019-01-05 22:16:01 UTC

no because people are still playing online games like cs go and dota 2, where the game is more a sport and not something so exhausted from

2019-01-05 22:16:08 UTC

so many fucking ppl still play 1.6

2019-01-05 22:16:10 UTC

they even fucked up CSGO

2019-01-05 22:16:20 UTC

how do you fuck up counter strike

2019-01-05 22:16:22 UTC

like srsly

2019-01-05 22:16:23 UTC

they made it F2P and added battle royale

2019-01-05 22:16:26 UTC


2019-01-05 22:16:29 UTC


2019-01-05 22:16:30 UTC

but we do have a VR revolution where they are experimenting with new things, but it's slow to take off, and large studios seem disinterested

2019-01-05 22:16:32 UTC


2019-01-05 22:16:38 UTC

dunno wtf u guys are talking about

2019-01-05 22:16:42 UTC

you'll get 1 game that succeeded in their experiment,

And then within a year you get 5-6 rehashes

Minecraft... but with survival
Minecraft... In Space
Minecraft... In elf land
Minecraft... in Lego
Minecraft... something

2019-01-05 22:16:44 UTC

it was an absolute clusterfuck

2019-01-05 22:16:47 UTC

vr needs to die

2019-01-05 22:16:57 UTC

I like vr, but it is a pain to set up

2019-01-05 22:17:01 UTC

no GPU need to get priced normally

2019-01-05 22:17:01 UTC

far to gimmicky, it's like the old gameboy vr

2019-01-05 22:17:04 UTC

lets take this eggplant and give it battle royale mode with lootcrates you guysss

2019-01-05 22:17:13 UTC

omg lootcrates

2019-01-05 22:17:15 UTC

Let VR get better, Jesus dude

2019-01-05 22:17:17 UTC


2019-01-05 22:17:17 UTC

cryptozoomers ruined graphics hardware market, finally changing

2019-01-05 22:17:19 UTC

and their walled gardens for vr is idiotic

2019-01-05 22:17:19 UTC

i potato

2019-01-05 22:17:26 UTC

VR is stil in its baby steps

2019-01-05 22:17:31 UTC

yeah i agree

2019-01-05 22:17:36 UTC

VR is in development ๐Ÿ˜‰

2019-01-05 22:17:41 UTC

"Kill this industry in it's crib cause I don't like it yet"

2019-01-05 22:17:42 UTC

vr's gonna make so many more simpsons predictions come true

2019-01-05 22:17:43 UTC

i disagree, i thought vr was a gimmick before i got one, but it's really a completely different way of gaming

2019-01-05 22:17:45 UTC

do not potato onn will potatoe is master

2019-01-05 22:17:47 UTC

VR will be big, maybe not now, but not far away either.

2019-01-05 22:17:48 UTC

They still haven't even perfected the wireless aspect

2019-01-05 22:17:48 UTC


2019-01-05 22:17:55 UTC

@EndangeredProdigy then it's a baby that is being killed in it's crib by industry greed

2019-01-05 22:17:55 UTC

which is essential imo

2019-01-05 22:17:59 UTC


2019-01-05 22:18:00 UTC

its really not

2019-01-05 22:18:02 UTC

next gen consoles will all have VR much more natively integrated

2019-01-05 22:18:10 UTC

that will push much more money into VR

2019-01-05 22:18:17 UTC

there are only 2 competitive VR headsets right now

2019-01-05 22:18:17 UTC

this is a fun discord server. right?

2019-01-05 22:18:23 UTC

like anyone would trust facebook to not fuck up oculus

2019-01-05 22:18:26 UTC

no fun allowed

2019-01-05 22:18:32 UTC

its fun

2019-01-05 22:18:33 UTC

that's why HTC Vive is doing well

2019-01-05 22:18:39 UTC

yeah the vive is dominating rn

2019-01-05 22:18:39 UTC

yay fun

2019-01-05 22:18:42 UTC

Oculus has John Carmack though

2019-01-05 22:18:46 UTC

war isn't fun... go to MLP discord for "Fun"

2019-01-05 22:19:00 UTC

You're gonna always see console exclusives, even for VR

2019-01-05 22:19:03 UTC


2019-01-05 22:19:10 UTC

i like fun discord

2019-01-05 22:19:13 UTC

Carmack can only do so much at a fucking cult SJW clusterfuck like Zuckerbook

2019-01-05 22:19:18 UTC

yay haha๐Ÿ˜„

2019-01-05 22:19:21 UTC

thats the issue ye

2019-01-05 22:19:25 UTC

what they need is a vr library for normally rendered games, not remaking games as vr

2019-01-05 22:19:32 UTC

yay fun

2019-01-05 22:19:35 UTC

that's not possible

2019-01-05 22:19:41 UTC

no its not

2019-01-05 22:19:43 UTC

VR is rendered totally different

2019-01-05 22:19:47 UTC

it is not

2019-01-05 22:19:48 UTC


2019-01-05 22:19:50 UTC

barrier to entry is too high for VR capable hardware. that is the central problem

2019-01-05 22:19:51 UTC

i dunno what you mean, it needs to be remade

2019-01-05 22:19:53 UTC

it is

2019-01-05 22:19:58 UTC


2019-01-05 22:20:02 UTC

that's why VR is more demanding

2019-01-05 22:20:06 UTC


2019-01-05 22:20:08 UTC

i agree

2019-01-05 22:20:17 UTC


2019-01-05 22:20:26 UTC

you can make games that run both normal and VR

2019-01-05 22:20:28 UTC

demanding for a lot of reasons. you need high res and high refresh rate and have it all portable and comfy

2019-01-05 22:20:36 UTC

yes, but they have to be run in separate modes

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