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2019-01-05 16:30:54 UTC


2019-01-05 16:30:57 UTC

you can lose your job these days if you don't conform. it's fucked up

2019-01-05 16:30:59 UTC

But not for Linus. That guy was no soy boy

2019-01-05 16:31:09 UTC

He was the angry kind of nerd.

2019-01-05 16:31:32 UTC

he has children, he loves linux, he wants to get it over with. sad overall. Linus was ourguy

2019-01-05 16:31:36 UTC

Lose job? You mean go to jail.

2019-01-05 16:31:43 UTC

Damore was lucky to only get thrown out.

2019-01-05 16:31:44 UTC


2019-01-05 16:31:58 UTC

Didn't the Google CEO literally agree with Damore 6 months later?

2019-01-05 16:32:00 UTC

those are really just giant cults at this point

2019-01-05 16:32:20 UTC

If you have anything to do with crypto, TOR, or wikileaks, you might as well paint a CIA target on your head.

2019-01-05 16:32:24 UTC

Those glow niggers.

2019-01-05 16:32:30 UTC

Rip Terry Davis

2019-01-05 16:32:34 UTC

His last video broke my heart

2019-01-05 16:32:34 UTC


2019-01-05 16:32:43 UTC


2019-01-05 16:32:52 UTC


2019-01-05 16:33:01 UTC

I like elephants and god likes elephants. Nuff said.

2019-01-05 16:33:08 UTC

was crazy how quickly he blew up. i remember him getting like no views a few years back

2019-01-05 16:33:34 UTC

did youtube just die for anyone else or is this just me

2019-01-05 16:33:44 UTC

Just you.

2019-01-05 16:33:44 UTC

up for me

2019-01-05 16:33:45 UTC

Last video before he was found dead

2019-01-05 16:33:46 UTC

most of it is working but the vid isnt playing

2019-01-05 16:33:47 UTC

Its fine for me

2019-01-05 16:33:52 UTC

he got hit by a train

2019-01-05 16:33:55 UTC

what a shit way to go

2019-01-05 16:33:57 UTC


2019-01-05 16:33:57 UTC

He got hit by a train.

2019-01-05 16:34:04 UTC

People in desperate times play Cruel Angel Thesis from Neon Genesis Evangelion:

2019-01-05 16:34:09 UTC

I think his psychologist labelled it suicide

2019-01-05 16:34:11 UTC


2019-01-05 16:34:39 UTC

Video 1: Ukrainian soldier.
Video 2: French Yellow Vest Protesters.

2019-01-05 16:34:51 UTC

God deallocated him from the heap. May his stack never overflow.

2019-01-05 16:35:47 UTC

Shit's existential

2019-01-05 16:35:52 UTC

The internet's such a weird piece

2019-01-05 16:36:06 UTC

I know. I feel like a void pointer every time someone references him.

2019-01-05 16:36:08 UTC

Man, the bubble is strong with this one.


2019-01-05 16:36:14 UTC

last place of freedom if you can even consider it free anymore

2019-01-05 16:36:19 UTC

enjoy it while we have it boys

2019-01-05 16:36:29 UTC

Hey, I like cursive. ;-;

2019-01-05 16:36:33 UTC

"I write articles on computers for a living, therefore nobody should learn cursive in school!"

2019-01-05 16:36:42 UTC

We learned cursive with fountain pens.

2019-01-05 16:36:49 UTC

I have a beautiful signature to boot as well. 😟

2019-01-05 16:36:53 UTC

do they teach typing in schools? they should definitely teach typing instead of fucking cursive

2019-01-05 16:36:56 UTC

it is a shockingly simple skill to teach

2019-01-05 16:36:59 UTC

you young ones stay off my lawn

2019-01-05 16:37:04 UTC

@Undead Mockingbird they also teach typing lol

2019-01-05 16:37:16 UTC

@Unwound All schools teach typing.

2019-01-05 16:37:16 UTC

but I at least have to *read* cursive every day

2019-01-05 16:37:20 UTC

in a normal modern country

2019-01-05 16:37:28 UTC

Is this a black thing again?

2019-01-05 16:37:31 UTC

the best way to learn to read cursive is to learn to write it lol.

2019-01-05 16:37:33 UTC

not my public school πŸ€” was quite a bit back though

2019-01-05 16:37:35 UTC

Honestly, Im surprised at the amount of people who can't read cursive

2019-01-05 16:37:43 UTC

I like cursive. I don't wanna lose it. ;-;

2019-01-05 16:37:45 UTC

plenty of more useful things to learn

2019-01-05 16:37:47 UTC

Are they removing it because black people have more trouble with it?

2019-01-05 16:37:49 UTC

@Unwound basically every public school here since the '70s has taught typing.

2019-01-05 16:37:59 UTC

oh wow, good tbh.

2019-01-05 16:38:14 UTC

cursive is a more basic skill than touch typing though

2019-01-05 16:38:23 UTC

Maybe if they remove cursive, they can add anal sex morality 101 to their curriculum

2019-01-05 16:38:26 UTC

and I know that I learned to touch type for real only when I actually tried

2019-01-05 16:38:34 UTC

I had to pop in that mavis beacon cd into my windows xp machine and just type out that shit and get gud

2019-01-05 16:38:41 UTC

when they tried to teach me in school, it was a disaster

2019-01-05 16:38:58 UTC


2019-01-05 16:39:03 UTC

I learned how to type neckbearding mmorpgs as a teenager

2019-01-05 16:39:04 UTC


2019-01-05 16:39:04 UTC

very very few people follow the touch typing skills as they should be used

2019-01-05 16:39:10 UTC

generally teaching anything as well, to be fair.

2019-01-05 16:39:20 UTC

I heard on Colin Flaherty's channel that there was some affirmative action reason for them removing it or something.

2019-01-05 16:39:30 UTC

I mean I learned typing from selling shit on runescape back in the day. hard to break old habbits πŸ˜‰

2019-01-05 16:39:35 UTC


2019-01-05 16:39:42 UTC

old school rpgs are the real typing class

2019-01-05 16:39:44 UTC

@Unwound my mother was trained classically in touch typing, but she absolutely _smacks_ the keys

2019-01-05 16:39:54 UTC

and her form is terrible

2019-01-05 16:39:58 UTC

speed is OK though

2019-01-05 16:40:03 UTC

man I NEVER use my left pinky

2019-01-05 16:40:10 UTC

Maybe because she used a typewriter.

2019-01-05 16:40:12 UTC

I use my pinkie for ctrl

2019-01-05 16:40:14 UTC

thats it lol

2019-01-05 16:40:15 UTC

lol but why though

2019-01-05 16:40:20 UTC

doesnt count lol

2019-01-05 16:40:33 UTC


2019-01-05 16:41:01 UTC

the way I learned to touch type was by
a) being bored
and b) switching my keyboard to dvorak and forcing myself to use the correct motions

2019-01-05 16:41:05 UTC

Consciously trying to type using my pinkie is so strange

2019-01-05 16:41:15 UTC

s u c c

2019-01-05 16:41:18 UTC

I'm pretty good at it now, much easier than other typing by a large margin

2019-01-05 16:41:25 UTC

halo 1 shit-talking right when u kill someone

2019-01-05 16:41:29 UTC


2019-01-05 16:41:32 UTC

best way to learn

2019-01-05 16:41:39 UTC

blood gulch

2019-01-05 16:41:43 UTC

on CS/Quake you'll only learn how to hit the g key quickly

2019-01-05 16:42:00 UTC

you kids ...

2019-01-05 16:42:03 UTC

188/107 blood pressure my mother had. Her boyfriend is constantly trying to argue with her and my sister is slamming shit around because she is mad at mom.

2019-01-05 16:42:07 UTC

They are going to kill my mother.

2019-01-05 16:42:08 UTC

i learned how to type on an atari st 1024

2019-01-05 16:42:13 UTC


2019-01-05 16:42:17 UTC

Thankfully I got my mother to take a blood pressure pill after I took her blood pressure.

2019-01-05 16:42:41 UTC

@Dusty Morgan can you get those bitches in check?

2019-01-05 16:42:42 UTC

Wait, what?

2019-01-05 16:42:50 UTC

Is this serious or are we still shit talking?

2019-01-05 16:42:51 UTC

does she rely on her boyfriend financially?

2019-01-05 16:43:11 UTC

No.... my sister and my mother's boyfriend relies on her fiancially.

2019-01-05 16:43:17 UTC

I am the only one that contributes to paying the bills.

2019-01-05 16:43:20 UTC

**chernov#7168** just left the server.

2019-01-05 16:43:21 UTC

jesus christ

2019-01-05 16:43:42 UTC

how much effort have you put into assisting this guy with killing himself?

2019-01-05 16:43:46 UTC

I pay 500 dollars towards the bills.

2019-01-05 16:43:49 UTC

did you oil his tires?

2019-01-05 16:43:50 UTC

They pay 0.

2019-01-05 16:44:02 UTC

have you disconnected the brake lines?

2019-01-05 16:44:10 UTC

I am not going to commit murder.

2019-01-05 16:44:20 UTC

_assisted not live_

2019-01-05 16:44:21 UTC

Besides my mom doesn't want to see me in prison.

2019-01-05 16:44:27 UTC

Anyone up for vocal communication?

2019-01-05 16:44:30 UTC

don't get caught

2019-01-05 16:44:32 UTC

She would die if I am in prison.

2019-01-05 16:44:39 UTC

Damn man..

2019-01-05 16:44:45 UTC

I hope that all works out

2019-01-05 16:45:04 UTC

in all seriousness though, this is a tale as old as time, you need to get that guy out of there

2019-01-05 16:45:34 UTC


2019-01-05 16:45:35 UTC


2019-01-05 16:46:00 UTC

tragic tale

2019-01-05 16:46:13 UTC

Poor Muslims.

2019-01-05 16:46:16 UTC

Apparently it is illegal to have a beard in China?

2019-01-05 16:46:27 UTC

Just for Muslims.

2019-01-05 16:46:27 UTC

it's illegal to have a patchy or bushy beard

2019-01-05 16:46:34 UTC

Most Han Chinese can't grow beards.

2019-01-05 16:46:39 UTC

Chinese do not give a single fuck about social justice

2019-01-05 16:46:45 UTC

It's for the uighurts

2019-01-05 16:46:57 UTC

Why would I want social justice to spread.

2019-01-05 16:47:02 UTC

It is basically a virus.

2019-01-05 16:47:04 UTC

Is Chinese communism even based in marxism?

2019-01-05 16:47:07 UTC

it IS a virus

2019-01-05 16:47:14 UTC

Social justice is great for countries you don't like.

2019-01-05 16:47:26 UTC

I think Israel needs open borders.

2019-01-05 16:47:30 UTC


2019-01-05 16:47:31 UTC


2019-01-05 16:47:54 UTC

SJWs only have power over cucks. And the Chinese Communists are definitely not cucks.

2019-01-05 16:48:13 UTC

Weev was talking about the alt right funding Billboards showing inter-racial couples in Israel

2019-01-05 16:48:18 UTC

I wonder if they ever did it

2019-01-05 16:48:39 UTC

actually, israel is already pretty feminist

2019-01-05 16:48:42 UTC

I respect Israel for having enough balls to defend their nation.

2019-01-05 16:48:48 UTC

The laws there are anti-male as hell.

2019-01-05 16:48:55 UTC

Lots of false allegations happening there, too.

2019-01-05 16:49:00 UTC

south korea is crazy feminist too

2019-01-05 16:49:03 UTC

Police don't really act against pscyho chicks.

2019-01-05 16:49:13 UTC

That's why Jordan peterseon's book is a #1 seller in South Korea

2019-01-05 16:49:20 UTC

Even they're sick of feminism

2019-01-05 16:49:27 UTC

Fems are trying to make inways in South Korea.

2019-01-05 16:49:34 UTC

There was a march there not too long ago.

2019-01-05 16:49:37 UTC

a few months back

2019-01-05 16:49:39 UTC

it is on another level in SK. I am surprised it is rarely talked about

2019-01-05 16:49:47 UTC

Is it really?

2019-01-05 16:49:51 UTC


2019-01-05 16:49:51 UTC

How bad is South Korea?

2019-01-05 16:49:56 UTC

Most people in the west don't pay attention to sk

2019-01-05 16:50:14 UTC

SK is kind of reserved. a bit like between japan and china

2019-01-05 16:50:26 UTC


2019-01-05 16:50:46 UTC

Sk is almost as controlling as china.

2019-01-05 16:50:49 UTC

It's probably similar as in Japan. People don't really approach the other gender.

2019-01-05 16:51:07 UTC

If men don't initiate, nothing happens.

2019-01-05 16:51:20 UTC

A few friends of mine teach English in Japan.

2019-01-05 16:51:27 UTC

Japan is getting bad but ain't no SK yet

2019-01-05 16:51:27 UTC

They're super conservative

2019-01-05 16:51:32 UTC

Has feminism already collapsed South Korea's birth rate?

2019-01-05 16:51:37 UTC


2019-01-05 16:51:41 UTC

I prefer Japanese over China or South Korea.

2019-01-05 16:51:49 UTC

If I wanted to be controlled, it is Japan. :\

2019-01-05 16:51:51 UTC

even china has declining population atm, although that's a bit different

2019-01-05 16:51:59 UTC

Japan is more gynocentric than many people think.

2019-01-05 16:52:05 UTC

Japan has a really good sense of tradionalism that I really respect

2019-01-05 16:52:08 UTC

I heard crazy ghosting stories.

2019-01-05 16:52:15 UTC

WOmen will sometimes even ghost their husbands.

2019-01-05 16:52:21 UTC

Same .Not Sean.

2019-01-05 16:52:41 UTC

Their crime is virtually 0

2019-01-05 16:52:42 UTC

plenty of men in Japan and SK have just given up entirely

2019-01-05 16:52:47 UTC

it's a real problem

2019-01-05 16:52:54 UTC

I can understand that.

2019-01-05 16:52:57 UTC

Yeah, their social issues are insane

2019-01-05 16:53:10 UTC

US is so litigious, it's like suicide to have office romances and such.

2019-01-05 16:53:12 UTC

insane pressure on them

2019-01-05 16:53:25 UTC

Friend of friend committed suicide after false allegation.

2019-01-05 16:53:33 UTC

Jesus dude

2019-01-05 16:53:37 UTC

I'm sorry

2019-01-05 16:53:40 UTC

It's not that uncommon.

2019-01-05 16:53:44 UTC

yeah that is terrible

2019-01-05 16:54:12 UTC

in the US suicide rates are increasing for younger folk.... yet I hear about Britney spears dad getting sick on "news" today. wtf

2019-01-05 16:54:19 UTC

How bad does it have to get before people start realizing there's an issue with progressivism

2019-01-05 16:54:28 UTC

the media is at fault most of all

2019-01-05 16:54:31 UTC

it is on them

2019-01-05 16:54:37 UTC

another friend knew someone in vancouver who also offed himself. they had their own metoo campaign

2019-01-05 16:54:37 UTC

they are going double or nothing

2019-01-05 16:54:44 UTC

Diana Davison talks about that a lot.

2019-01-05 16:54:54 UTC

THey accused a bunch of DJ's there.

2019-01-05 16:55:07 UTC

Yeah.. I've seen that first hand in the music industry

2019-01-05 16:55:10 UTC

It's really bad

2019-01-05 16:55:12 UTC

In Wales, that politician committed suicide after being kicked out for an allegation.

2019-01-05 16:55:20 UTC

women have never been unhappier in the west. crazy shit, take a peek at the stats

2019-01-05 16:55:31 UTC

I think Daniel Holtzclaw is innocnet, BTW.

2019-01-05 16:55:41 UTC

I know that Diana Davison talks to him.

2019-01-05 16:55:43 UTC

low sense of self worth, insane mental illness rates, generally miserable

2019-01-05 16:55:45 UTC

He got 263 years.

2019-01-05 16:56:03 UTC

All his accusers have turned out to be complete trainwrecks and liars.

2019-01-05 16:56:06 UTC

How bad does it have to get before people start seeing a problem with leftism

2019-01-05 16:56:11 UTC


2019-01-05 16:56:13 UTC


2019-01-05 16:56:27 UTC

He got 20 or so years of his sentence from someone who identified him, a 6 foot japanese mixed guy, as a short black guy.

2019-01-05 16:56:59 UTC

that's a good paper

2019-01-05 16:57:03 UTC

i saw TFM talk about it

2019-01-05 16:57:07 UTC

or DDJ. one of the two

2019-01-05 16:57:27 UTC

Media is weaponized. every second, of nearly every show, every website. MEDIA IS ENEMY #1

2019-01-05 16:57:38 UTC

They just passed C-51 in Canada

2019-01-05 16:57:46 UTC

operation mockingbird in full effect, decades of mastery.

2019-01-05 16:57:51 UTC

it's a law that requires defense to disclose all exhibits ahead of time

2019-01-05 16:58:11 UTC

they just want to drive up convictions. they don't give a damn about false convictions

2019-01-05 16:58:52 UTC

they like to buy "status", egotistic and incredibly destructive. people will see the consequences only when it is death staring at them in the face

2019-01-05 16:59:09 UTC

It's become a thing everywhere.

2019-01-05 16:59:41 UTC

media hiveminds, people slammed constantly with propaganda. it's intentional obviously

2019-01-05 17:00:00 UTC


2019-01-05 17:00:19 UTC

i know that dude

2019-01-05 17:00:22 UTC

who is he again?

2019-01-05 17:00:30 UTC

I saw a vid of him talking about french protests

2019-01-05 17:00:33 UTC

I wonder if anyone else watches nega tim

2019-01-05 17:00:36 UTC

Dr. Steve Turley.

2019-01-05 17:00:39 UTC

oh right

2019-01-05 17:00:47 UTC

hurley turley, doctor burley

2019-01-05 17:01:19 UTC

It seems like there's a lot of overlap between Tim, Styx and this dude

2019-01-05 17:01:24 UTC

πŸ€” styxen would get a lot more exposure and gain popularity if he dropped the chest shirt show

2019-01-05 17:01:27 UTC

styx and tim?

2019-01-05 17:01:30 UTC

not sure

2019-01-05 17:01:34 UTC


2019-01-05 17:01:36 UTC

not in views

2019-01-05 17:01:39 UTC

except the obvious ones

2019-01-05 17:01:46 UTC

but styx is far more libertarian

2019-01-05 17:01:48 UTC

in the graph Tim shared there's a shitload of overlap

2019-01-05 17:01:52 UTC

styx is my guy

2019-01-05 17:01:56 UTC

The leather jacket-no shirt image is part of his brand.

2019-01-05 17:02:07 UTC

I'm much more on the side of Styx.

2019-01-05 17:02:09 UTC

styx is sharp as fuck.

2019-01-05 17:02:11 UTC

I would never vote for Bernie.

2019-01-05 17:02:15 UTC

and Turley is a huge tradcon, some people seem to watch the whole spectrum

2019-01-05 17:02:25 UTC

But Tim is a better journalist.

2019-01-05 17:02:31 UTC

they are very different

2019-01-05 17:02:32 UTC

Turley reminds me of Distributist.

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