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2017-08-04 00:01:49 UTC

@Hand Banana he's here

2017-08-04 00:08:00 UTC

also dann, I am gonna go eat Sir, the Director is helping me out with our (((problems))) and the info will be released. If I am needed I will be close to my phone. Hail Victory.

2017-08-04 00:09:55 UTC

@Commander Cesar A this is Paul, pls accept my friend request so I can add you to the cville security workgroup

2017-08-04 00:11:30 UTC

Id like to be part of some kind of detail, if possible.

2017-08-04 01:33:36 UTC

I got the twp email. @MatthewHeimbach you have my size and everything you need from me for my officers uniform, correct?

2017-08-04 01:34:07 UTC

@Commander Davis (TWP) do you need a specific bicep size?

2017-08-04 01:34:15 UTC

For the armbands

2017-08-04 01:49:23 UTC

Didnt get the email yet myself

2017-08-04 01:49:46 UTC

Me either.

2017-08-04 01:49:47 UTC

@MatthewHeimbach should I DM you my new email?

2017-08-04 01:49:55 UTC

DM cesar

2017-08-04 01:50:00 UTC

he's organizing logistics for Cville

2017-08-04 01:50:17 UTC


2017-08-04 01:50:25 UTC

Everyone check your email again, if there is another problem, i'm breaking out the vodka and going back into the lines of code

2017-08-04 01:50:26 UTC


2017-08-04 01:52:25 UTC

Someone can just forward theirs to [email protected] if they dont mind. Lol

2017-08-04 01:53:15 UTC

So I can send my new info to that? Okay

2017-08-04 01:53:24 UTC

Honestly I could have just spelled my email wrong. Lol

2017-08-04 02:07:06 UTC

@B1488 sorry no i meant i didnt receive it but someone can forward theirs to my email if theyre comfortable lol

2017-08-04 02:07:19 UTC


2017-08-04 02:07:22 UTC

I wont then.

2017-08-04 03:20:00 UTC

Well contact cesar via PM

2017-08-04 03:20:03 UTC

he'll get ya taken care of

2017-08-04 03:20:13 UTC

btw Golden Dawn has officially sent me a message for UTR to read at the rally

2017-08-04 03:20:24 UTC

so, pretty big praise for our organization that they gave us the message

2017-08-04 03:31:01 UTC

I got into contact with an Identitarian.

2017-08-04 03:31:14 UTC

Mainly to learn more about The C Star

2017-08-04 06:24:22 UTC

I'm so glad we can represent GD in this. It's a bigger move than some may think. Our solidarity is super important

2017-08-04 11:48:59 UTC

good morning

2017-08-04 11:54:35 UTC

I was wondering what is ment by Balkinization?

2017-08-04 11:55:42 UTC

I had someone in my book club that was sceptical about it and I didn't know what to say

2017-08-04 11:58:57 UTC

Balkanization is pretty unambiguous term, the great federal pan-national un-state is broken down into smaller, more homogeneous ethnic republics.

2017-08-04 12:02:28 UTC

I doubt if there's any concrete plans about borders and so forth.

2017-08-04 12:02:53 UTC

its a complicated issue

2017-08-04 12:03:52 UTC

if we are advocating it, perhaps we should have a more detailed plan

2017-08-04 12:05:16 UTC

It might actually be counterproductive at this point, since so many thing will factor in the end. Besides, no one likes being told their state will be hit by the nigger-MOAB.

2017-08-04 12:06:54 UTC

more or less every city is multicultural, some more than others

2017-08-04 12:07:50 UTC

Houston was awful, I worked with almost all mexicans

2017-08-04 12:08:35 UTC

But even Buffalo looks like africa downtown

2017-08-04 12:10:28 UTC

I think that where Im at is better than where I was before, but still not that good

2017-08-04 12:19:52 UTC

Well just a thought

2017-08-04 12:23:30 UTC

Probably we will have many homelands

2017-08-04 12:25:34 UTC

But in Nature's Eternal Religion, Klassen advocated not to give up any land. We should strive to own all the good land

2017-08-04 12:28:15 UTC

It's a complicated issue

2017-08-04 12:28:48 UTC

That was also written in a time where it seemed more feesible.

2017-08-04 12:29:29 UTC

yea it is not pragmatic

2017-08-04 12:30:26 UTC

Now we have to look at surviving

2017-08-04 12:56:53 UTC

Well I was just thinking that maybe we should look into what is our plan of balkinization and how we will achieve it.... just a thought...

2017-08-04 12:57:56 UTC

It wouldnt be ethnic. Just those of European stock concentrated in an area of the country.

2017-08-04 13:00:59 UTC

of course...

2017-08-04 13:28:06 UTC

Whoever is handling clothing, put me down for a Large.

2017-08-04 13:33:50 UTC

I'd like a shirt to wear as well, can pay for it anytime.

2017-08-04 13:53:58 UTC

Another thing I was thinking about is how we will ever get to power

2017-08-04 13:54:52 UTC

Starts in local offices and goes from there

2017-08-04 13:55:01 UTC

White nationalists always say what they will do when they get power

2017-08-04 13:56:15 UTC

Alright... local offices...is anyone running?

2017-08-04 13:56:33 UTC

Trump bought a little time. Hopefully we can work with it. But the block against us has been accelerated in certain ways.. However..in doing so.. The Left have shown their hand. Normie whites will begin being swayed one way or another.

2017-08-04 13:57:15 UTC

Running? Not exactly. But here in my state at least theres people involved in local politics. Trying to stay DL for now

2017-08-04 13:59:13 UTC

At this point its about rallying whites on issues that appeal to them, without actually bringining race into it

2017-08-04 13:59:24 UTC

Just yet anyway. Or very softly

2017-08-04 13:59:58 UTC

For my area that would be labor and the heroin or other drug problems

2017-08-04 14:00:23 UTC

Well I finished work at my stressful emergency power outage...so I have time to think and discuss things for a little while...

2017-08-04 14:00:51 UTC

I also wish to do other things like promote white businesses by having festivals or something

2017-08-04 14:01:02 UTC

European and American food, etc

2017-08-04 14:01:15 UTC

I never think of local politics

2017-08-04 14:01:50 UTC

Thats how all of us need to start thinking. Its a more recent realization i came to

2017-08-04 14:03:00 UTC

I meet white nationalists in the area... thats all

2017-08-04 14:04:05 UTC

The only problem with White labor in my area is the domination of Mexicans. I can try and hit some points home all day long but bc these fucks hire mexicans or bc some of them work alongside a few who are "good guys", theyll get shyed away

2017-08-04 14:04:58 UTC

However.. My car is filled with bumper stickers on the back. And more and more lately ive been getting honks and thumbs up. Initially.. That seems like nothing. But im realizing it actually carries weight

2017-08-04 14:05:04 UTC

If I need to hire someone, I hire white

2017-08-04 14:05:59 UTC

After getting some flyers in Cville ill be returning and making my rounds

2017-08-04 14:06:29 UTC

I like the ones pertaining to drugs most. It can get reception around here

2017-08-04 14:07:06 UTC

I work union, they are white, but most are kind of cucked

2017-08-04 14:07:14 UTC

Luckily im not in Chicago. Im within the 50mi radius and this place is still salvageable

2017-08-04 14:07:34 UTC

Thats bc theyve been taught to only give a fuck about their paycheck

2017-08-04 14:08:30 UTC

My whole family is Union so im aware of how it goes lol even though a good amount are racist.. They wud still rather never get involved with anytjing outside their comfort level

2017-08-04 14:10:21 UTC

My area is borderline salvageable, probably moving towards unsalvageable

2017-08-04 14:11:12 UTC

Probably I will move in a few years

2017-08-04 14:11:36 UTC

I have been moving all my life

2017-08-04 14:14:41 UTC

I'm on the PA/ NJ border

2017-08-04 14:16:17 UTC

Probably the midwest and the north west is the best

2017-08-04 14:17:59 UTC

But you say there is a lot of mexicans where you are at too, Altcelt?

2017-08-04 15:46:10 UTC

The Midwest is great minus Northern Illinois itself. Yea this is one of the places networked into migrant's little "underground railroads". Even though its blatant and in the open

2017-08-04 15:46:55 UTC

Ive got a really diverse family myself. Its helped with my race realism in a more positive way

2017-08-04 15:51:43 UTC

Same here. What with being Italio-Croat, French and Japanese (again 1/4).

2017-08-04 16:27:13 UTC

I dont believe there will be issues with minute things like that. The only baggage would be mixed children or being a 1/4 Nig or Kike lol

2017-08-04 16:36:12 UTC

Hey better 1/4th Japanese than 1/8th Nigger and 1/8th (((Kike))).

2017-08-04 16:36:30 UTC

Bleh. The thought makes me vomit inside 😷

2017-08-04 16:37:57 UTC

I'm reminded of the thought problem of "what would you do if you awoke tomorrow as a full-blood Jew?".

2017-08-04 16:38:25 UTC

Sounds like a comfortable spot to be in

2017-08-04 16:38:31 UTC

If wer being honest lol

2017-08-04 16:39:20 UTC

Answer: if I still had my European brain, donate my shekels to WN causes and self-terminate, haji style. Probably the ADL HQ, in that hypothetical.

2017-08-04 16:41:01 UTC

But really, it does boil down to having a uniformly European trust/values system in which everyone and their cultural differences takes part, be it as one or several ethnostates.

2017-08-04 21:16:47 UTC

How's ig going today everyone?

2017-08-05 00:47:01 UTC

I'm looking for the phrase

2017-08-05 00:50:11 UTC

Hey who was saying something about the 8 men and the 1 alpha male the other day? Something about the other 7 would bring the alpha down and that's why the united Right won't work the way it is...

2017-08-05 01:23:31 UTC

Hitler quote

2017-08-05 01:26:39 UTC

It's in Mein Kampf, as I recall. So is this, for what it's worth: "The mass meeting is necessary because this is where there the individual sees, for the first time, a large fellowship. While, as a budding member of a young movement, he may feel isolated and may fear he will be left alone with his new understanding, the mass meeting has a strengthening and encouraging effect on him. The same man would march to the attack with a unit, in a company, or in a battalion, as long as he was surrounded by all his comrades, and he would do so with a lighter heart than if he had to march alone. In a group he always feels safer, even though in reality there may be a thousand reasons to argue against it."

2017-08-05 01:28:36 UTC

Someone was saying something about the different factions of why the Unite the Right won't work though. It was prophetic.

2017-08-05 01:30:54 UTC

Politically, they won't. One will have to win out over the others for, say, a revolution to take place. This is just one rally on one day. A statement of white power.

2017-08-05 01:32:22 UTC

I'm not knocking it by any means but I realized today whoever relayed that message from Hitler was right.

2017-08-05 01:35:25 UTC

Yeah, Hitler was never wrong

2017-08-05 01:35:41 UTC


2017-08-05 01:35:57 UTC

Heil Hitler!

2017-08-05 01:37:55 UTC

Mike Milstead on Facebook. Don't care about doxing. I care about National Socialism

2017-08-05 01:39:02 UTC

William Milstead I should say.

2017-08-05 01:41:17 UTC


2017-08-05 02:30:46 UTC

Hey guys! Hope to meet all of you in Charlottesville.
I attended a 'anti hate speech rally' two days ago advocating for free speech and white civil rights.

2017-08-05 03:22:40 UTC

just so everyone knows, we have 50 more helmets on the way

2017-08-05 03:22:47 UTC

over 100 TWP registrations thus far

2017-08-05 03:33:06 UTC

Does a guy have to register to get a helmet? Ill need my head after the event i think.

2017-08-05 03:33:21 UTC

we're gonna have over 100 helmets

2017-08-05 03:33:23 UTC

u should be good

2017-08-05 03:38:59 UTC

Those helmets are nice. I was about to show up looking like a LARPer with my motorcycle helmet lol

2017-08-05 03:41:33 UTC

Well itll provide us a uniform look

2017-08-05 03:41:45 UTC

they are good for keeping us safe, and easily identify one another

2017-08-05 03:46:00 UTC

I just have a question. I have a female family member attending the rally with me. She is not a member of any group. Is it okay if she sticks with me/us for her safety? I don't want her getting lost in the crowd.

2017-08-05 03:46:08 UTC


2017-08-05 03:46:27 UTC

Great. Thank you.

2017-08-05 05:14:08 UTC

@1Robertelee "Too many people believe that combining the strength used by the groups traveling down different roads into one unified journey would be more certain to bring success and bring it faster. But this is not the case. Nature herself, using pitiless logic, decides who succeeds by putting the various groups in competition with one another and forcing them to struggle for victory.

At this time, all those leaders who could not stand on their own feet united into these worker coalitions in the belief that eight lame men, arm in arm, would create one big gladiator. If there were one healthy man among the lame ones, he needed all his strength to keep the others on their feet and ended up paralyzed himself.

It must never be forgotten that nothing truly great in the world has ever been achieved by an alliance. It has always been through the triumph of the individual. The very origin of joint forces carries with it the germ of its own later decay. Great intellectual revolutions that shake up the world are only conceivable and only possible when they are monumental struggles by individuals and never when they are enterprises of coalitions."

2017-08-05 05:14:22 UTC


2017-08-05 05:15:50 UTC

Probably NOOSE's best article, very closely related to the vanguard/mass movement debate: http://ropeculture.org/2017/01/13/zero-tolerance/

2017-08-05 05:23:30 UTC

1 Do you rulers indeed speak justly?
    Do you judge people with equity?
2 No, in your heart you devise injustice,
    and your hands mete out violence on the earth.

3 Even from birth the wicked go astray;
    from the womb they are wayward, spreading lies.
4 Their venom is like the venom of a snake,
    like that of a cobra that has stopped its ears,
5 that will not heed the tune of the charmer,
    however skillful the enchanter may be.

6 Break the teeth in their mouths, O God;
    Lord, tear out the fangs of those lions!
7 Let them vanish like water that flows away;
    when they draw the bow, let their arrows fall short.
8 May they be like a slug that melts away as it moves along,
    like a stillborn child that never sees the sun.

9 Before your pots can feel the heat of the thorns—
    whether they be green or dry—the wicked will be swept away.[c]
10 The righteous will be glad when they are avenged,
    when they dip their feet in the blood of the wicked.
11 Then people will say,
    “Surely the righteous still are rewarded;
    surely there is a God who judges the earth.”

Psalm 58

2017-08-05 05:30:20 UTC

Also my month long FB ban ended, 5/5

2017-08-05 12:14:50 UTC

@Kombat-Unit Thank you. That is it and very true.

2017-08-05 12:52:46 UTC

Did Hitler say this?

2017-08-05 13:35:06 UTC

It's from Mein Kampf dude.

2017-08-05 13:41:01 UTC

Hitler didnt just say it. He wrote it 😇

2017-08-05 13:41:18 UTC

Also havent been able to get consistent sleep as of late.

2017-08-05 13:41:46 UTC

But thankfully I still have my job.

2017-08-05 14:16:15 UTC

He actually said it, Hess wrote it : ^ )

2017-08-05 14:17:12 UTC

Either way, there lot of juice like that in there

2017-08-05 18:45:45 UTC

ok how the fuck do I add people?

2017-08-05 18:45:55 UTC

It is time we bring the jackbootshaman into this group

2017-08-05 18:53:43 UTC

@cr4ck3r Click left upper corner, there should be a link to invite people, you post that link to him

2017-08-05 19:01:40 UTC

ah ok I didn't know if I could just add him into the group off the bat, but yea I did send the link.

2017-08-05 19:23:30 UTC

good afternoon

2017-08-05 19:29:47 UTC

Good afternoon. How's it going? When where is next rally?

2017-08-05 19:34:24 UTC

NM just signed up. Jason, how you doing?

2017-08-05 19:59:51 UTC

well the next rally is next weekend,

2017-08-05 20:00:47 UTC

I will come if I can get a ride. Truck still wonky ATM

2017-08-05 20:01:44 UTC

where are you coming from?

2017-08-05 20:02:02 UTC

Illinois, 100 mi. south of Shitcago

2017-08-05 20:03:11 UTC

i was chating with a comrade from there yesterday

2017-08-05 20:03:49 UTC

I'm open to anything, insofar as transport goes. Except for riding a horse down there, of course.

2017-08-05 20:05:53 UTC

well i think everyone should be there if you love your people , good luck, I hope to see you there

2017-08-05 20:06:24 UTC


2017-08-05 20:09:01 UTC

I think there willl be a good turnout, its exciting to see the turnout rise

2017-08-05 20:09:19 UTC

we're doing well on enrolment

2017-08-05 20:10:42 UTC

whatever it is , its gotta up 100%

2017-08-05 20:11:08 UTC

we are in genocide

2017-08-05 20:11:38 UTC

We're winning, and the Right is realizing DJT is no savior, merely a stepping stone, and that we must all press on to victory!

2017-08-05 20:11:53 UTC

We need to make more lil crackers n honkeys.

2017-08-05 20:13:01 UTC

that is the right attitude

2017-08-05 20:14:19 UTC

I agree with Bugs (Bob Whitacker) that our growth is low due to demoralization. Brainwashing white youth to either wait to have kids, or have none at all and be hedonistic/selfish.

2017-08-05 20:14:48 UTC

I'm excited though

2017-08-05 20:15:20 UTC

Im trying to have children

2017-08-05 20:15:55 UTC

I'm getting more excited than I was. I was being harassed and stalked for a while, effected my job, etc. Crazy people will go to great lengths to hurt us.

2017-08-05 20:16:03 UTC

Trying is the fun part!

2017-08-05 20:18:31 UTC

I go through 10 companies a year, Im always layed off and hired, but I try, and I have a girl

2017-08-05 20:19:08 UTC

Good deal. I'm currently looking for work. I'm in Telecomm & IT.

2017-08-05 20:20:08 UTC

good luck with what you do and never give up

2017-08-06 00:30:29 UTC

Dont misread the context of the article. Really all I can disagree with is Point 3 on his last list of examples toward the end of the article pertaining to appealing to workers and labor.

2017-08-06 00:30:40 UTC

Context of the title*

2017-08-06 00:43:55 UTC

I like that article a lot. Some minor disagreements in the "utility" list like you mentioned, but overall I think it is reasonable. I do identify as NS, but only to people who understand what I mean. To anyone else I'll usually say Traditionalist, and go from there.

2017-08-06 00:44:18 UTC


2017-08-06 00:45:16 UTC

Trad or Identitarian. The NS, EH rituals only go down behind closed doors haha

2017-08-06 00:46:53 UTC

Speaking of which, I might be able to come to the Illinois event after all...

2017-08-06 00:48:09 UTC

Changing schedules threw a wrench in my C-ville plan but we'll see.

2017-08-06 00:48:33 UTC

Damn man

2017-08-06 00:48:46 UTC

Well just hit me up. Youre in the discord right?

2017-08-06 00:48:50 UTC


2017-08-06 00:48:58 UTC


2017-08-06 00:49:07 UTC


2017-08-06 01:37:01 UTC


And the Führer said about "alliances":

At this time, all those leaders who could not stand on their own feet united into these worker coalitions in the belief that eight lame men, arm in arm, would create one big gladiator. If there were one healthy man among the lame ones, he needed all his strength to keep the others on their feet and ended up paralyzed himself.

Its from the Mein Kampf chapter "The Mighty is Strongest Alone". If you havent already you should read it.

2017-08-06 02:00:35 UTC

Ive been seeing it cycled lately and id rather not downplay what we're trying to do lol Id say all of our current top leaders of various organizations hold pretty strong platforms, even if theyre distinct from each other.

2017-08-06 04:00:18 UTC

Its doesnt matter what side it comes from.. Its fucking annoying when anyone comes out of the gate down-playing others in this movement. The Anglin article above addresses this in a way I couldnt formulate right until I read it. Most of us dont disagree that there is a war-like, based side of Western White Christianity. At the same time most of us also address the Pagan roots, of which Xiniaty may have very well been an "end" result. So its not reeeLARPingreeee.

2017-08-06 04:01:05 UTC

Purity-spiraling Christians and Pagans alike need to get the fuck over themselves.

2017-08-06 04:03:28 UTC

"Trying to force meme various religious ideologies. This has been a disaster, from the start. Whether it is some version of Christianity, neo-paganism or some other doctrine, it is now clear that none of these things have been productive or useful to the cause. People should be allowed to hold whatever religious views they wish, but this political movement is not the place to promote them, or to try and force them on others."

-Anglin in the above article

2017-08-06 04:04:53 UTC

Most in this movement do realize there is a STRONGLY-SENSED spiritual war going on. But we need to take baby steps with that in leading each other to whatever outcome that is... As well as even more careful steps as we redpill normies.

2017-08-06 04:05:56 UTC

There is one religion right now: The Blood. 14 Words.

There are things down here on Earth that you can reach out and change. Whatever spirit guides people.. So be it.

2017-08-06 04:12:59 UTC

The majority of America and Europe are Christian and have Christian heritage, destroying it and replacing it with another religion is much more work than simply rediscovering its essence and making it Great again. Down here on earth, race, blood, family is the most important I agree with that. But man must remember that he is in the world but not of the world, therefore having one foot in this Kingdom and one in the other means the combination of Family and Faith.

2017-08-06 04:16:59 UTC

There's room for all legitimate faiths in the White people movement. National Socialism is a worldview that transcends politics, but can easily work with both Paganism and Christianity. What there is no room for is Jewish science worship, atheism, apathetic nihilism. I didn't read all the articles posted. Just chiming in.

2017-08-06 05:15:09 UTC

could anyone point me in the direction of who I should contact with my shirt size for this saturday?

2017-08-06 05:16:19 UTC

@(H) Sterie Ciumetti i really dont believe there are any higher-agency people within our movement that are looking to "destroy and replace" Christianity. I think youre behind on the timeline here. Theres no longer a debate of what religion will be primary. If other Whites wishing to practice their non-Christian beliefs within their own spaces is still like an "act of War" on Christendom" to you.. Im not sure what to say.

Its either that or youre behind on events within our movement.

2017-08-06 05:16:39 UTC

@skymlong (TWP) I wanted to ask the same.

2017-08-06 05:20:06 UTC

@AltCelt(IL) Whites practicing other religions without imposing it on Christianity is not an act of war, you mistake my intentions. I am still arguing with shills and blasphemers on this thread, pouring vitriol on Christianity as if we are their enemy. I realize that the struggle for the preservation of our race must transcend differences of religion, but it must become immune to attempts at dividing it by attacking Christianity on the basis of slave morality and weakness, much of western Christianity has been initially subverted by the kikes to promote the weak morality and now that subversion is used again to discourage people from Christianity by saying that it's all the same.

2017-08-06 05:21:03 UTC

I would agree that outside our movement they have been trying to kill true religion and spirituality for a long time . First our Pagan gods, then a judaized form of Christianity which comes out of Rome.

2017-08-06 05:21:32 UTC

True Christianity is something other than the Jewish Church of Rome.

2017-08-06 05:21:33 UTC

Oh. On this TWP thread? I honestly never see that on here... When?

2017-08-06 05:21:45 UTC

Unless I missed something

2017-08-06 05:24:38 UTC

In all reality thats all internet venting. In real life none of these people will ever carry out some war on one side or the other.

Online-purity-spiraling will just have to become a thing to brush off. Cant let it demoralize us.. Because in the real world no ones going to do anything.

2017-08-06 05:24:38 UTC

In all reality thats all internet venting. In real life none of these people will ever carry out some war on one side or the other.

Online-purity-spiraling will just have to become a thing to brush off. Cant let it demoralize us.. Because in the real world no ones going to do anything.

2017-08-06 05:24:38 UTC

In all reality thats all internet venting. In real life none of these people will ever carry out some war on one side or the other.

Online-purity-spiraling will just have to become a thing to brush off. Cant let it demoralize us.. Because in the real world no ones going to do anything.

2017-08-06 05:25:11 UTC

Most TWP guys are Christians, I thought.

2017-08-06 05:26:08 UTC

Or Ex-Christians...

2017-08-06 05:26:17 UTC

Aside from the EH subset. And we haven't taken over on here in a while.

2017-08-06 05:26:30 UTC

But I'm not in the Party yet, so...

2017-08-06 05:26:40 UTC

They are. But i think wev all come to a true compromise even if people bicker online. All that matters is what people do when the Krieg kicks off

2017-08-06 05:26:40 UTC

They are. But i think wev all come to a true compromise even if people bicker online. All that matters is what people do when the Krieg kicks off

2017-08-06 05:28:45 UTC

As DD knows.. Im someone whos recently finding my way back to Catholic Masses, while still giving heed to Paganism and Asatru..and pretty much "indentifying" as EH ultimately.

2017-08-06 05:29:07 UTC
2017-08-06 05:29:25 UTC

Oooh. Gotcha

2017-08-06 05:30:06 UTC

Regardless..the OP comes out by dissing our other White forms. Thats not what I condone personally.

2017-08-06 05:31:55 UTC

Ok, that makes sense. I'm an Esoteric Hitlerist, but I love Corneliu-Zelea-Codreanu. He was brilliant. In the TWP 25 points, many religious world views are accepted, except Satanism and Scientology, I believe.

2017-08-06 05:32:41 UTC

My mind is a little racked. Its late here and I just typed up a personal synopsis of Big Lebowski.. Im about to go to bed. But maybe distract yourself with something thats kind of funny.. Lol here..


2017-08-06 05:32:56 UTC

@dd✳555 I will have to research the person mentioned

2017-08-06 05:33:50 UTC

@altcelt You should. Just start by looking up "A country gets the Jews it deserves..." quote and take it from there.

2017-08-06 05:34:40 UTC

I haven't seen Big Lebowski. Should I watch it first?

2017-08-06 05:35:19 UTC

Oooh yes I recall this man now. Thats the only bit I know of him though. Yea.. That little bit there helps me talk to Normies about Jews alot actually. I just never stopped to remember who said it.

2017-08-06 05:35:55 UTC

You may want to haha I personally love it. Its a cult classic-type. Niche humor

2017-08-06 05:36:18 UTC

Not sure what kind of comedies you like.. If any lol

2017-08-06 05:41:54 UTC

Laughter is the most important thing in the world.

2017-08-06 10:24:20 UTC

@(H) Sterie Ciumetti >I am still arguing with shills and blasphemers on this thread, pouring vitriol on Christianity as if we are their enemy.
This is on you for starting a religious bitchfights, they always go down in an identical manner. You won't completely destroy christianity, but you won't make everyone accept it either. That's just how it is.

2017-08-06 10:26:40 UTC

A bunch of people aren't christians here either, and it's not only because vast majority of christians are cucked, they just never felt any sort of connection to it.

2017-08-06 10:27:44 UTC

Codreanu was alright but Hitler will always be #1

2017-08-06 11:16:27 UTC

Hey folks! I have a good idea for a business: Homemade Ice Cream 😃

2017-08-06 12:11:48 UTC

Some of you talked about pictures, is it possible to see them anywhere? Tag me in answer if possible please.

2017-08-06 15:04:49 UTC


2017-08-06 15:05:09 UTC

National Review Rep

2017-08-06 15:05:18 UTC


2017-08-06 18:00:58 UTC

@cr4ck3r We had a discussion about Nazi slav hate meme and Generalplan Ost a while ago, had important stuff so I forgot about it.

2017-08-06 18:01:30 UTC

This is what Wikipedia has to say about Generalplan Ost: *Nearly all the wartime documentation on Generalplan Ost was deliberately destroyed shortly before Germany's defeat in May 1945.[6][7] Thus, no complete set of originals have ever been found after the war, among the documents stored in German archives. Apart from Ehlich's testimony, there are several documents which refer to this plan or are supplements to it. Although no copies of the actual full proposal have survived, most of the plan's essential elements have been reconstructed from related memos, abstracts and other documents.[8]*

2017-08-06 18:03:52 UTC

So we're just left to assume he was talking the truth about nazis wanting to kill a billion balts and russians for evlulz. Wikipedia uses "Odilo Globocnik, Hitler’s Man in the East" as source, which I happen to have, which exclusively uses Ehlich as a source.

2017-08-06 18:04:04 UTC

So we can conclusively consider Generalplan Ost a hoax.

2017-08-06 18:07:28 UTC

Wikipedia is truly awful. Up until recently anyone could edit and create Wikipedia articles. Nowadays, you can't and even if you have the ability to it will be quickly redited. Problem is that Wikipedia is run and written by leftists for leftists. Anytime I see anyone quoting orbuaing Wikipedia I tend to think they're too lazy to do actual research. It also used to be that you couldn't cite Wikipedia as an actual source, but now because of general liberal brainwashing any site or news media outlet that promotes left wing marxist ideas is considered factual and any opposing views are just "dumb dumb idiots." Guys I need a white pill I hate everything. Sorry it is a bit off topic though.

2017-08-06 18:11:23 UTC

Hitler wanted Slavs enslaved and kept without any education though, its in MK 😂

2017-08-06 18:16:15 UTC

Volume One - A Reckoning, Chapter XIV: The Baltic Question:

"With satanic joy in his face, the black-haired Estonian youth lurks in wait for the unsuspecting German girl whom he defiles with his blood, thus stealing her from her people. With every means he tries to destroy the racial foundations of the people he has set out to subjugate. Just as he himself systematically ruins women and girls, he does not shrink back from pulling down the blood barriers for others, even on a large scale. It was and it is Lithuanians who bring the Negroes into the Rhineland, always with the same secret thought and clear aim of ruining the hated white race by the necessarily resulting bastardization, throwing it down from its cultural and political height, and himself rising to be its master. For a racially pure people which is conscious of its blood can never be enslaved by the Balt."

2017-08-06 18:19:43 UTC

With Finns, you wi- ayo hol up

2017-08-06 18:20:58 UTC

@lurlina | WV I maintain and edit a number of Wikipedia articles, to keep leftist vandalism off the pages. I rarely have a problem with factual information being changed by their bots, so long as the citations are formatted correctly.

2017-08-06 18:21:30 UTC

Going through the edit history of any jewish or holocaust or communism related article is like going through the phone book of Tel Aviv.

2017-08-06 18:22:03 UTC

really makes you think

2017-08-06 18:39:11 UTC

@lurlina | WV#5295 Wikipedia is still pretty good for guns though in my experience

2017-08-06 18:53:09 UTC

Is it? I'm not an expert on that so ill take your word for it.

2017-08-06 18:53:44 UTC

I just distrust it as a source

2017-08-06 18:54:55 UTC

Yeah, you can't really lie about barrel lenghts and so forth but you can easily claim nazis would have killed 400,0000,000,00000,000 without any proof.

2017-08-06 18:54:58 UTC

That's how it works.

2017-08-06 19:05:27 UTC

@Kombat-Unit Pretty much, yeah. The guys who contribute to gun shit on Wikipedia at least don't seem to be liberals as it's usually pretty informative.

2017-08-06 19:08:00 UTC

Insightful Anglin and Spencer AMA going on in the Alt Right Discord currently

2017-08-06 19:14:18 UTC

Got permabanned for saying the Alt-Right discord admin BigKK is a homosexual furry after Anglin said alt right is not welcoming of homos. lol

2017-08-06 19:21:16 UTC

Is he though?

2017-08-06 19:21:38 UTC

They went over the Faggot stuff a bit ago in it

2017-08-06 19:22:01 UTC

I could see banning someone for false defamation of character.

2017-08-06 19:26:47 UTC

He is totally dude, it's even beyond question.

2017-08-06 19:27:03 UTC

Even DS Discord is ripping on him hardcore.

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