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2017-01-31 07:10:39 UTC

yeah that's what i usually hear

2017-01-31 07:10:44 UTC

they're basically spoiled and naive

2017-01-31 07:11:31 UTC

Also, they took in all the jews north of Germany.

2017-01-31 07:11:33 UTC

All of them.

2017-01-31 07:11:39 UTC


2017-01-31 07:11:42 UTC

There's our culprit!

2017-01-31 07:12:20 UTC

Blame the jews and you're never wrong.

2017-01-31 07:13:06 UTC

Kombat, thoughts on Francisco Franco?

2017-01-31 07:13:07 UTC

Denmark, Norway and Mongolia were all nadzi so the kikes bolted to Stockholm.

2017-01-31 07:14:02 UTC

Cucked out of WW2, low energy, co-opted de Rivera's legit fascist movement into his right wing big tent.

2017-01-31 07:14:11 UTC

With de Rivera out of the game, still the best outcome I guess.

2017-01-31 07:14:46 UTC

I understand Spain was recovering from civil war but he should have sent much more help on the est front

2017-01-31 07:14:53 UTC


2017-01-31 07:17:01 UTC

Blue division was about 40 thousand Spanish volunteers, but if it was 100 thousand then we might have seen a better outcome.

2017-01-31 07:17:36 UTC

If you're a Falangist would you describe him as a real fascist?

2017-01-31 07:20:14 UTC

For Franco, I'm glad he honored Rivera's legacy until 45' But Itt's hard to say because he looked to be appealing to carlists this month and then the next month the Monarchists/ Christians and then Fascists the month after that.

2017-01-31 07:20:47 UTC

He didnt have a stable ideologly

2017-01-31 07:20:48 UTC

aka big tent.

2017-01-31 07:21:28 UTC

Anyway, I said I'd get that snack 4 hours ago, might be the time finally. Have a good morning.

2017-01-31 07:21:40 UTC

See you later dude, ciao

2017-01-31 07:21:44 UTC


2017-01-31 08:14:47 UTC


2017-01-31 12:54:33 UTC


2017-01-31 22:32:16 UTC

your article is here

2017-01-31 22:34:02 UTC

"Oh, but who could possibly believe Spencer's nonsense?" you ask. "He wouldn't give a shit if a black man was beaten to death in the streets tomorrow"

2017-01-31 22:34:07 UTC


2017-01-31 22:34:34 UTC

Oh, well. The media's smears of him are better optics than what he runs with.

2017-01-31 22:35:02 UTC

"No. I swear I'm a sniveling faggot of no political consequence."

2017-01-31 22:35:23 UTC

"We see right through your lies. You're a vicious threat to our precious Jews."

2017-01-31 22:35:31 UTC

This election has really mixed up the traditional teams. Liberals realize they side with Koch brothers.

2017-01-31 22:35:54 UTC

They always did, of course.

2017-01-31 22:36:05 UTC

@Murenu /r/Socialism's top post was "It's a sad indictment when College Humour has a better analysis than Zizek." because Zizek essentially said the same thing as cracked while College Humor posted Spencer gaybashing memes.

2017-01-31 22:36:14 UTC

Modern socialist ideology: Koch & College Humor

2017-01-31 22:36:30 UTC

Not one director at one Fortune 500 corporation, that's thousands of people to sample from, would side with me over a random antifa rat.

2017-01-31 22:36:39 UTC

yeah I saw a thing where Zizek said something along the lines of attacking him is wrong just ignore him or w/e

2017-01-31 22:37:08 UTC

Siding with College Humor is a really rad position.

2017-01-31 22:37:12 UTC

Also Koch.

2017-01-31 22:37:20 UTC

Zizek's arguments stink worse than the stale urine pervading his home office.

2017-01-31 22:37:38 UTC

I still find it amusing how there's zero evidence Spencer supported murder

2017-01-31 22:38:07 UTC

Evidence? You must be new here.

2017-01-31 22:38:31 UTC

Zizek just takes "unique", "interesting" stances on things and manages to piss other leftists off because of it be frank it does come off as contrarian.

2017-01-31 22:39:08 UTC

I do think Spencer getting socked and it becoming a mainstream thing will help increase polarization.

2017-01-31 22:39:22 UTC

Btw Parrott, have you read Siege?

2017-01-31 22:40:06 UTC

I have not yet. Heimbach told me that everybody's read it but us and we're basically assholes for not having read it.

2017-01-31 22:40:09 UTC

I think he's ordered a copy.

2017-01-31 22:40:35 UTC

Gotta go meet a new contact from American Vanguard.

Carry on the struggle if I get sodomized to death.

2017-01-31 22:40:49 UTC

Even if you don't support armed insurrection, it's amazing, he manages to be simultaneously most hardcore and straightforward national socialist and completely undogmatic.

2017-01-31 22:41:45 UTC

It's so refreshing. I'd say it's my second favorite right after MK.

2017-01-31 22:42:37 UTC


2017-01-31 22:46:10 UTC
2017-02-01 00:31:32 UTC


2017-02-01 00:42:31 UTC
>The Koniuchy (Kaniลซkai) massacre was a massacre of civilians carried out by a Soviet partisan unit along with a contingent of Jewish partisans under their command during the Second World War in the Polish village of Koniuchy (now Kaniลซkai, Lithuania) on January 29, 1944.
>In Rich Cohen's account of a Jewish partisan unit, which describes the massacre of civilians, Koniuchy is described as a "pro-German" town that was used as a staging ground for German attacks against partisans.[3] In a November 2008 interview with Adam Fuerstenberg, former director of Torontoโ€™s Holocaust Centre, York University professor Sara Ginaitฤ—, a veteran Jewish partisan fighter, described Koniuchy as having a record of hostility to the partisans and that, in collaboration with the Nazis and the local police, the town had organized an armed group to fight the partisans.[4]

2017-02-01 00:42:39 UTC

"It's okay they were nazis anyway"

2017-02-01 00:42:43 UTC

It's our moral duty to oven them all.

2017-02-01 00:43:17 UTC
2017-02-01 00:44:05 UTC


2017-02-01 00:44:26 UTC

Why would the Poles defend themselves against the communist partisans, incomprehensible and antisemitic. t. Toronto's Holocaust Center

2017-02-01 01:28:48 UTC

Gentlemen. Good evening.

2017-02-01 01:29:13 UTC

Hail Victory!

2017-02-01 01:29:58 UTC


2017-02-01 01:51:55 UTC

I am the current Senior Commanding Officer for the American Vanguard.

2017-02-01 01:52:44 UTC

Just wanted to stop by and say hello.

2017-02-01 01:54:31 UTC

You're the guy who joined IM right?

2017-02-01 02:23:46 UTC

Back from meeting Uncle Bob. Very solid guy. Marine. Solid on the JQ. Greet meeting.

2017-02-01 02:23:55 UTC

For some reason it was at a Mexican restaurant, though.

2017-02-01 02:24:08 UTC

I don't know why nationalists always want to meet at ethnic restaurants.

2017-02-01 02:32:38 UTC


2017-02-01 02:45:11 UTC

Because we're a melting pot, goyim!

2017-02-01 02:45:20 UTC


2017-02-01 02:45:22 UTC

Oy vey, you filthy racisy.

2017-02-01 02:45:44 UTC

I told the Mexican waiter, "I bring the Whiteness!"

2017-02-01 02:46:30 UTC

Dude, you ordered a plate of plane French fries.

2017-02-01 02:46:54 UTC

Like the waiter was so confused and his IQ seemed to only be about 80 or so.

2017-02-01 02:47:13 UTC

I ordered the most White American thing I could find on their strange and confusing menu.

2017-02-01 02:51:29 UTC

But French fries are french...

2017-02-01 02:52:17 UTC

Belgian, technically. I believe all nationalist business should take place in Waffle House or Steak & Shake.

2017-02-01 02:52:29 UTC

Cracker Barrel's good, too.

2017-02-01 02:52:43 UTC

Both Cracker Barrel and Waffle House have those signs promising not to discriminate against blacks.

2017-02-01 02:52:54 UTC

And that's your way of knowing that they routinely do that.

2017-02-01 02:52:54 UTC


2017-02-01 02:53:13 UTC

Fucking Steak N Shake

2017-02-01 02:53:26 UTC

Too American for you? More at home in a Mexican restaurant???

2017-02-01 02:53:38 UTC

No no.

2017-02-01 02:53:41 UTC


2017-02-01 02:53:48 UTC

I just prefer Whataburger.

2017-02-01 02:54:00 UTC

American fascists show up and only talk about fast food.

2017-02-01 02:54:06 UTC

Or In N Out

2017-02-01 02:54:10 UTC

Bursuid of burger : DD

2017-02-01 02:54:17 UTC

and liberdy

2017-02-01 02:54:20 UTC

I don't even know what Finns eat.

2017-02-01 02:54:26 UTC

Fug :D

2017-02-01 02:54:35 UTC

Probably even more exotic than Mexican food.

2017-02-01 02:54:36 UTC

Reindeer & snow.

2017-02-01 02:54:39 UTC

They eat fish and nasty shit.

2017-02-01 02:54:40 UTC


2017-02-01 02:54:49 UTC

Reindeer is legit great though.

2017-02-01 02:55:06 UTC

Never had it. I've had elk and buffalo

2017-02-01 02:55:12 UTC

You can even order it as an ingredient in pizza places.

2017-02-01 02:55:16 UTC


2017-02-01 02:55:33 UTC

Fucking sexy

2017-02-01 02:55:35 UTC

> still less absurd than pineapple

2017-02-01 02:55:44 UTC

I really really would love to try reindeer on a pizza...or it in general.

2017-02-01 02:55:49 UTC

Pineapple is the shit.

2017-02-01 02:56:01 UTC

Speaking as a wop, pineapple on a pizza isn't the worst violation of Italian food you could do

2017-02-01 02:56:05 UTC

Fried reindeer and mashed potatoes, nothing better for a hangover.

2017-02-01 02:56:07 UTC

Ketchup on pasta, on the other hand...

2017-02-01 02:56:08 UTC

Kangaroo is good to.

2017-02-01 02:56:29 UTC

Oh, and thanks for the pdf of Siege earlier, KU.

2017-02-01 02:56:31 UTC


2017-02-01 02:56:40 UTC

Yeah, you're welcome.

2017-02-01 03:01:19 UTC

500 pages? My goodness!

2017-02-01 03:02:14 UTC

Yeah...I know.

2017-02-01 03:02:17 UTC

You can really pick and choose from it though

2017-02-01 03:02:22 UTC

I haven't read it yet either.

2017-02-01 03:02:29 UTC

2 Articles a night was what I did

2017-02-01 03:02:40 UTC

Keep it on my kindle, open it up whenever I'm bored

2017-02-01 03:02:47 UTC

Then I miss shit.

2017-02-01 03:02:54 UTC

I got a physical copy from one of our events, it's a really easy read.

2017-02-01 03:03:03 UTC


2017-02-01 03:03:18 UTC

I like hard copies, but the cheapest one I saw was like 180 dollars.

2017-02-01 03:03:23 UTC

The first 50 pages or so are an excellent history of the National Socialist groups up until Pierce's NA

2017-02-01 03:03:28 UTC

It's got absolutely great talking points as well.

2017-02-01 03:03:44 UTC

The most anti cucked book after MK.

2017-02-01 03:03:50 UTC

It's easy to get triggered by the Charles Manson heroism tho if you're not expecting it

2017-02-01 03:04:38 UTC

Like 50% of IM banners are Mason

2017-02-01 03:04:59 UTC

Manson was a crazy dude, but the shit he said was fucking on point.

2017-02-01 03:05:25 UTC

Oh, I know and have met a cople Manson Family members. I'm woke AF on ATWA.

2017-02-01 03:06:20 UTC

The propaganda in the book is great as well.

2017-02-01 04:43:55 UTC

Also, I forgot to mention, the boots I'm wearing have little swastikas on them.

2017-02-02 02:15:36 UTC

Sup goys?

2017-02-02 02:17:33 UTC

What is up?

2017-02-02 02:19:16 UTC

Oh you know, another day in paradise ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

2017-02-02 02:19:59 UTC

I didn't know paradise was so forsakenly cold.

2017-02-02 02:20:50 UTC

If you were from Maryland, you would think Indiana is paradise, too.

2017-02-02 02:21:00 UTC

The Promised Land!

2017-02-02 02:23:54 UTC

But we will do what we can, Indiana is a great place for activism; as is basically all of rural America

2017-02-02 02:24:57 UTC

I'm going to move to Finland. That's where the real hardcore shit appears to be going down.

2017-02-02 02:26:10 UTC

Hey have some really hot aryans there too.

2017-02-02 02:31:02 UTC

Howdy heimbach

2017-02-02 02:32:27 UTC

Sup crackers?

2017-02-02 02:32:34 UTC


2017-02-02 02:32:48 UTC

Excuse me, I'm a honky. I take offence to the word cracker.

2017-02-02 02:34:34 UTC

Bob are you in American Vanguard?

2017-02-02 02:34:38 UTC

...Roman Popery

2017-02-02 02:34:50 UTC


2017-02-02 02:34:53 UTC

that phrase man

2017-02-02 02:35:09 UTC

I am the leader of AV

2017-02-02 02:35:16 UTC

We had a local TWP get together and watched Gangs of New York, I think that should be the official movie of WNism

2017-02-02 02:35:25 UTC

What happened to the pedophile then

2017-02-02 02:35:38 UTC

His ass is grass.

2017-02-02 02:35:43 UTC

Zehr Gut then

2017-02-02 02:35:58 UTC

pedophile? man what'd i walk into

2017-02-02 02:36:13 UTC

He'll probably try to join TradWorker now.

2017-02-02 02:36:17 UTC

Minor Attracted Persons*

2017-02-02 02:36:23 UTC

Former leader of AV was a self-confessed pedo with heavy Hentai obsession

2017-02-02 02:36:36 UTC

Never a dull moment in AV, huh?

2017-02-02 02:36:37 UTC

Thankfully a coup happeend

2017-02-02 02:36:51 UTC

So Ghoul got replaced by a pedo or something lol

2017-02-02 02:36:52 UTC


2017-02-02 02:36:55 UTC

Hail the junta!

2017-02-02 02:37:43 UTC

I went in skeptical of the new AV guy, but the dude's high-speed, just out of the Marines, and on top of the important shit.

2017-02-02 02:37:52 UTC

Shame he hasn't read Siege like we all have.

2017-02-02 02:38:00 UTC

high energy

2017-02-02 02:38:29 UTC

Not dissing the guy, AV has just had some serious bad luck in organizers.

2017-02-02 02:38:39 UTC

Ye, I'm hopeful for them, internal purge + hardlining of propaganda should help things

2017-02-02 02:39:00 UTC

Shit happens, things seem to be on the right side now, very happy AV wants to work with TWP to make National Socialism in America a reality

2017-02-02 02:39:08 UTC

Don't go the Idenity Evropa route of well

2017-02-02 02:39:09 UTC

2017-02-02 02:39:16 UTC


2017-02-02 02:39:19 UTC


2017-02-02 02:39:21 UTC


2017-02-02 02:39:27 UTC

Can I just say, fuck those guys?

2017-02-02 02:39:35 UTC

is that italian propaganda

2017-02-02 02:39:40 UTC

That statue's not nearly homoerotic enough to be an IE statue.

2017-02-02 02:39:44 UTC

no, leave pizza out of this

2017-02-02 02:40:12 UTC

Their propaganda looked like museum advetizements with some odd footwear like logo.

2017-02-02 02:40:27 UTC

identity eVropa

2017-02-02 02:40:29 UTC

dont forget

2017-02-02 02:40:32 UTC

Yeah IE's messages were like something you'd see on some motivational facebook page where 16 year old girl congregate 'Become Who You Are' 'Our Future Belongs to Us'

2017-02-02 02:40:36 UTC

Fuck off Parrott, you just started reading it yesterday

2017-02-02 02:40:38 UTC

Trv kvlt

2017-02-02 02:40:48 UTC

I'm a speed reader.

2017-02-02 02:41:11 UTC

Parrott finally reading Siege ?

2017-02-02 02:41:16 UTC


2017-02-02 02:41:18 UTC

Hard copies of Siege were only 50e in movement events.

2017-02-02 02:41:24 UTC

Ben got his copy from here as well.

2017-02-02 02:41:28 UTC

I've already got a Manson Family cult dedicated to leaderless resistance 'n shit.

2017-02-02 02:41:55 UTC

Can we republish it somehow? It really needs to be out there

2017-02-02 02:42:07 UTC

I think Slavros is planning on opening up an Ironmarch bookstore down the road for stuff like that. Reformatted SIEGE, Mein Kampf, Faith&Action etc with that top-tier design covers

2017-02-02 02:42:08 UTC

You should read it first, fam.

2017-02-02 02:42:08 UTC

Just gotta make copies.

2017-02-02 02:42:09 UTC

and hard copies are very valuable to pass around to friends and easier to read

2017-02-02 02:42:17 UTC

It's freely available as a PDF.

2017-02-02 02:42:20 UTC

Can we make it a movie/reality?

2017-02-02 02:42:25 UTC

Just get a kindle.

2017-02-02 02:42:29 UTC

I know that, that's how i read it the first time Parrott

2017-02-02 02:42:29 UTC


2017-02-02 02:42:42 UTC

Wait. You've read Siege?

2017-02-02 02:43:03 UTC

Hey boys, gunna spend some "quality" time with the wife.

2017-02-02 02:43:14 UTC

I'll be back in a little bit.

2017-02-02 02:43:16 UTC

Bloodborne or Dark Souls?

2017-02-02 02:57:29 UTC

Neither, I play Total War games. I know, I know

2017-02-02 03:33:14 UTC

pfht, it's good shit

2017-02-02 03:33:24 UTC

Medieval Total War II lets you retake the Holy Land

2017-02-02 03:33:31 UTC

And you can conquer the America's as Spain

2017-02-02 03:33:33 UTC

It's fash

2017-02-02 03:33:59 UTC

Huge TW fan as well

2017-02-02 03:34:07 UTC

You ever play the broken crescent mod for M2?

2017-02-02 03:34:14 UTC

I havent, which one is that?

2017-02-02 03:35:02 UTC

It's like a massive crusades expansion, tons of new factions, new map focusing on the ME.

2017-02-02 03:35:23 UTC

You can be Latin Empire, Byzantium, Kingdom of Jerusalem, Georgia, Armenia for the Christian factions

2017-02-02 03:45:22 UTC

2017-02-02 03:45:56 UTC

I think you just ruined the next month of my life

2017-02-02 03:45:57 UTC


2017-02-02 03:46:12 UTC

Glad I could help ๐Ÿ‘

2017-02-02 04:16:59 UTC

anyone else following this berkley riot

2017-02-02 04:17:12 UTC


2017-02-02 04:17:37 UTC

Absolute massive leftist chimpout at America's frankfurt school nucleus over Jewfaggot Milo speech

2017-02-02 04:17:42 UTC

Full blow riot at this point

2017-02-02 04:18:19 UTC

Are they burning shit yet?

2017-02-02 04:18:31 UTC

oh yes

2017-02-02 04:18:38 UTC

Well...I guess I could take a look.

2017-02-02 04:18:41 UTC


2017-02-02 04:19:17 UTC

there's like 6 happening threads atm

2017-02-02 04:19:17 UTC
2017-02-02 04:19:26 UTC

I think they actually beat a milo supporter to death

2017-02-02 04:19:52 UTC

I really like how antifas are doing our gaybashing for us.

2017-02-02 04:36:05 UTC
2017-02-02 05:02:34 UTC

cars speeding through police lines

2017-02-02 05:02:40 UTC

reds destroying cop equipment

2017-02-02 05:02:45 UTC

what a beautiful day

2017-02-02 05:05:42 UTC

Don't block fucking traffic

2017-02-02 05:37:25 UTC


Is that the same ratfaced gook that got a taste of the Sacramento Spartans?

2017-02-02 13:20:55 UTC

Yup. She's obviously a federal asset.

2017-02-02 13:21:21 UTC

You can't just walk right up to the goddamn camera like she did at Sacto and explicitly declare that she came there to instigate violence and not catch some kind of charge.

2017-02-02 13:22:16 UTC

I'm very conservatvie with that accusation, but Yvette Felarca is clearly just a humble apolitical Asian immigrant serving her new home country's government with vigor and aplomb.

2017-02-02 13:23:06 UTC

She's a short stack of tangerine bitch.

2017-02-02 13:27:22 UTC


2017-02-02 20:17:41 UTC


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