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2017-06-08 03:16:07 UTC

Both pure bred Finns though.

2017-06-08 03:16:12 UTC

Indo-Europeanism is overrated.

2017-06-08 03:18:01 UTC

where did they get those eyes though

2017-06-08 03:18:07 UTC

"she's white but something aint right" good way to put it. Everyone in IM said I look perpetually drunk because of my eyes.

2017-06-08 03:18:18 UTC

I thought that myself

2017-06-08 03:18:21 UTC


2017-06-08 03:25:16 UTC

so I think my next tattoo is gonna be the triskelion 777

2017-06-08 03:26:47 UTC

👌🏻 Triskelion is underrated. How goes the hoosier nazi hunt?

2017-06-08 03:30:59 UTC

meh, so far, out of the hoosiers ive been talking too on IM

2017-06-08 03:31:06 UTC

one of them is 15 and lives 2 hours North

2017-06-08 03:31:11 UTC

I mean south

2017-06-08 03:31:15 UTC

and the other has a wife and kids

2017-06-08 03:31:18 UTC

and lives 2 hours noth

2017-06-08 03:31:20 UTC


2017-06-08 03:31:29 UTC

I think Riftbolt is in my area but he doesn't seem to get on much

2017-06-08 03:31:42 UTC

Aint heard shit from pseudoedgygermanicname or whatever his name is

2017-06-08 03:31:54 UTC

one of the dudes in charge of C28 told me his contacts in Indy

2017-06-08 03:31:55 UTC


2017-06-08 03:32:03 UTC

his info is old, the people he mentioned are long gone

2017-06-08 03:32:25 UTC

Any book clubs?

2017-06-08 03:32:35 UTC

so now I gotta get ahold of @MatthewHeimbach to put me in contact with the TWP still in southern indiana, and any of his contacts in central indy

2017-06-08 03:32:45 UTC

that's going to be my next stop

2017-06-08 03:33:49 UTC

Cool stuff mate, I'm gonna make some breakfast, luck with your endeavors.

2017-06-08 03:36:35 UTC

thanks, enjoy your breakfast we'll talk to you later

2017-06-08 04:23:09 UTC

Watch "New Chinese Rail Line Buries Kenya in Debt | China Uncensored" on YouTube

2017-06-08 04:23:17 UTC


2017-06-08 04:23:48 UTC

Look at this

2017-06-08 04:23:54 UTC


2017-06-08 06:26:06 UTC

I've watched China Uncensored a lot.

2017-06-08 06:27:59 UTC


2017-06-08 06:28:10 UTC

The Chinese are effectively turning the native Africans into a borderline slave-labour force and exploiting their resources to hell, and the Western academics don't give a shit because Chinese aren't British.

2017-06-08 06:28:10 UTC

Fuck (((China)))!

2017-06-08 06:28:44 UTC

I don't really care much either, but I don't want CCCHHINAAAA getting too powerful.

2017-06-08 06:28:52 UTC

@Dylan or most of em are (((Yids))) and they admire fellow (((Asian Yids)))...

2017-06-08 06:29:04 UTC

No doubt.

2017-06-08 06:29:18 UTC

Marxists are always mostly Jewish.

2017-06-08 06:30:06 UTC

Times were better in the British Empire ;-;

2017-06-08 06:32:54 UTC

Yup. Oh well they will still kill Whites and blame Whites all while succumbing to (((Asiatic Kikery)))... "(((OY VEY!)))"

2017-06-08 06:33:44 UTC

You see that doc about the Chinese in Africa?

2017-06-08 06:34:04 UTC

The one where the based chink scolds the dindu for destroying everything the British and French gave them?

2017-06-08 06:34:13 UTC

Yes! I liked the "Goddammit" look in that Nog's face 😂

2017-06-08 06:34:20 UTC


2017-06-08 06:34:35 UTC

After the (((Asian Yid))) told him off 😂

2017-06-08 06:34:49 UTC

That's a powerfully redpilling doc.

2017-06-08 06:35:56 UTC

I've got an idea to get something like the Greatest Story Never Told or Hellstorm or even that mass-burnt to cds and handing them out for free.

2017-06-08 06:36:46 UTC

Hell yea.

2017-06-08 06:36:54 UTC

On College Campuses as well.

2017-06-08 06:36:57 UTC


2017-06-08 06:36:58 UTC


2017-06-08 06:37:05 UTC

That's the no.1 place I want to do it.

2017-06-08 06:37:12 UTC

Along with TWP stickers and leaflets.

2017-06-08 06:39:03 UTC

Well I will soon be working 70 hours a week 😥

2017-06-08 06:39:28 UTC

W/ only two days off (and I still work on my off days as well).

2017-06-08 06:39:47 UTC

The off days work being managing the house.

2017-06-08 06:49:45 UTC

BOI how you even gonna live

2017-06-08 06:54:52 UTC

My point exactly 👿

2017-06-08 06:55:13 UTC

I'd recommend RED DAWN but it destroys your gums ._.

2017-06-08 06:56:08 UTC

Ill find a way.

2017-06-08 06:56:13 UTC

I always have.

2017-06-08 06:56:21 UTC

Pray :/

2017-06-08 06:56:25 UTC


2017-06-08 06:56:57 UTC

Though on the plus side I can then begin supporting The Daily Stormer more 😇

2017-06-08 06:57:09 UTC

That's so gentile of you.

2017-06-08 06:57:40 UTC

And I can even squeeze in getting a new Rifle.

2017-06-08 06:57:58 UTC

Rifles are nuce owo

2017-06-08 06:58:04 UTC


2017-06-08 06:58:12 UTC

I really needs one.

2017-06-08 06:58:26 UTC

So far I have a small pistol and a SWORD.

2017-06-08 06:58:29 UTC

Look into getting a FN 49 in 30-06.

2017-06-08 06:58:48 UTC

I have an AR-15 and some swords as well.

2017-06-08 06:59:26 UTC


2017-06-08 06:59:36 UTC

I might also build my own semi auto Rifle in .30 Carbine.

2017-06-08 07:00:30 UTC

But then I need tools 😣

2017-06-08 07:59:51 UTC


2017-06-08 08:47:22 UTC

Nigel with a rifle sounds cool to me 😄

2017-06-08 09:14:09 UTC

Yup 😂

2017-06-08 11:37:35 UTC

hey guys did you know that adele is actually saga <:Bhinking:299361651809976340>

2017-06-08 13:36:56 UTC


2017-06-08 15:52:26 UTC

For everyone not in the cville event discord https://discord.gg/g2TytPX

2017-06-08 15:53:13 UTC


2017-06-08 16:13:31 UTC

The head of the NAACP Chattanooga is pushing to have the General Stewart monument removed from outside of the Hamilton county courthouse. (Channel 9 News)

2017-06-08 17:08:06 UTC

That wouldn't be wise. I'm within driving distance.

2017-06-08 17:08:21 UTC

And so are a lot of TWP members.

2017-06-08 17:13:58 UTC

Do a demo my man

2017-06-08 17:24:32 UTC

@My Name Is Hate did you ever find that post on DS?

2017-06-08 17:25:01 UTC

Yes sir, thank you! @FürMeineKameraden(TWP - NC)

2017-06-08 17:25:41 UTC

No problem

2017-06-08 18:33:22 UTC

@Dylan I'm in chattanooga. Will give you more details as I hear of them

2017-06-08 19:58:02 UTC

Pls n thx

2017-06-08 19:58:40 UTC

Planning to come up that way soon too, there's a Fascist book club in Chattanooga I've been chatting with.

2017-06-08 20:00:23 UTC

I'm not far from Chattanooga, also. I'll come up if there's going to be an event around that monument.

2017-06-08 20:02:59 UTC

Who here is in Indiana?

2017-06-08 20:04:04 UTC

Post details when u can. Im sure my buddy John and I can make it

2017-06-08 20:04:13 UTC

will do

2017-06-08 20:04:25 UTC

I literally just need like 5 hoosiers to get together then we'll do a meet up

2017-06-08 20:04:33 UTC

fucking hoosiers are too apathetic for their own good

2017-06-08 20:05:06 UTC

I meant about the event if anything happens. Nothing set in stone yet right?

2017-06-08 20:05:38 UTC

i need to get the date again

2017-06-08 20:05:44 UTC

are you talking about CV?

2017-06-08 20:06:01 UTC

oops wrong window

2017-06-08 20:07:26 UTC


2017-06-08 20:07:58 UTC

Oh shit, I have a lot of dudes down in TN

2017-06-08 20:08:16 UTC

if ya'll get a date I'll get a bunch of dudes to show up with ya

2017-06-08 20:47:41 UTC


2017-06-08 20:47:53 UTC


2017-06-08 20:48:01 UTC


2017-06-08 20:48:32 UTC


2017-06-08 20:48:37 UTC


2017-06-08 21:07:43 UTC

>tfw you put so much grit on a graphic the words are unreadable:

2017-06-08 21:12:39 UTC

Yeah I said about this earlier, easy with the filters bro

2017-06-08 21:18:40 UTC

Hey, TWP dudes

2017-06-08 21:18:44 UTC


2017-06-08 21:18:54 UTC

They literally stole our shit

2017-06-08 21:27:10 UTC

Looks like the British version of us lol

2017-06-08 21:28:05 UTC

We should make contact :0

2017-06-08 21:28:22 UTC

Oh and here's my latest vid/cast 😄 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZRAHzJvhhk

2017-06-08 22:07:37 UTC


2017-06-08 22:07:42 UTC


2017-06-08 22:08:11 UTC

Oh it's on July 8th.

2017-06-08 22:08:33 UTC

Let's go haha

2017-06-08 22:18:19 UTC

wtf I haven't been informed about this.

2017-06-08 22:18:49 UTC

If it's not my BOIS I'm immediately suspicious.

2017-06-08 22:20:16 UTC

Well I havent been sleeping 👿

2017-06-08 22:20:32 UTC

Nigga you gonna die if you don't sleep

2017-06-08 22:21:52 UTC

I was trying to sleep. But then taking care of my Aunt's 6 year old (because she works) is my duty

2017-06-08 22:22:06 UTC

I only got a measely 3 hours.

2017-06-08 22:25:25 UTC

"Yo dawg so I heard you only got 3 hours of sleep..."

2017-06-08 23:11:59 UTC

@Jason Augustus just have to tell you, I heard it the first time after the daily traditionalist. Just saw the YouTube video for the first time 👌🏻 bad ass sir, bad ass. Looking forward to buying the album.

2017-06-08 23:26:49 UTC

Another TN goy reporting in, ready to beat feet for General Stewart

2017-06-08 23:32:06 UTC

So i got a goy who emailed TWP about joining but he hasnt heard word back. He was at pikeville too. Can i get an invite to this server to pass on to him?

2017-06-08 23:32:16 UTC


2017-06-08 23:33:40 UTC

Tell him to join on tradworker.org

2017-06-08 23:40:26 UTC

Im pretty sure he did

2017-06-08 23:41:23 UTC

Should i just tell him to redoit, hes feeling a bit blue he never heard back from anyone

2017-06-08 23:42:16 UTC

After I did it it took about a month to a month and a half

2017-06-08 23:42:51 UTC

Well thats no good, they should get a bot that filters joinijg requests

2017-06-08 23:42:56 UTC

To make it easier to sort througg

2017-06-08 23:43:04 UTC

I know they had some tech problems and had to resend my mailing address

2017-06-08 23:44:18 UTC

Alot of the guys who will try to join are already pretty distressed feeling alone, waiting a month to hear back after trying to join will be pretty disheartening and sends wrong image

2017-06-08 23:44:40 UTC

And for whatever reason if you just hit the contact button on the website my emails didn't send, I had to manually go into my email and enter there email for recipient and then they went through and heard back like 2 days later

2017-06-08 23:44:55 UTC


2017-06-08 23:45:10 UTC

Maybe that happened

2017-06-08 23:45:20 UTC

Oh well, i'll wait to hear back

2017-06-08 23:45:37 UTC

I know they busy in general

2017-06-08 23:46:02 UTC

But interested recruits i would think would be near top of priorities

2017-06-08 23:46:14 UTC

I'd try that first, because I sent several emails waiting to hear back myself by just pressing contact on the website and never heard back and like I said when I manually did it through my email I heard back quick

2017-06-08 23:48:13 UTC

But this was also all on my phone

2017-06-09 00:01:56 UTC

Took me a little while to get an invite to the discord server, hope be can get on

2017-06-09 02:09:08 UTC

Lol, thats nothing, I corresponded with Cascadia about moving out there -and even after vetting, I'm even more in the dark.
Oh well, their loss.

2017-06-09 11:27:06 UTC

So for anyone going to cville, are we going to have plenty of shields (are we even doing that?) or should me and my buddy make some beforehand?

2017-06-09 12:14:58 UTC

Hey. What are some thoughts on the idea of Coalition Forming? I am considering not only forming a Coalition among The Christian Faiths in my city but also any other groups that I can manage (like The UNLV campus conservatives).

2017-06-09 12:15:32 UTC

As well as I THINK another WN/KKK chapter out in Nevada.

2017-06-09 15:16:59 UTC

@MatthewHeimbach what would you suggest as far as lodging to hang around until Sunday?

2017-06-09 15:17:25 UTC

For Charlottesville?

2017-06-09 15:17:43 UTC


2017-06-09 15:18:09 UTC

We will have shields, would love more, of course. I am figuring that out now in terms of lodging. I want us to do a private TWP meetup on friday, and then we have a brunch planned for Sunday, working on the location now

2017-06-09 15:19:13 UTC

@MatthewHeimbach What are your thoughts w/ Coalition Building? I have found there is a National Alliance Chapter in my State

2017-06-09 15:19:17 UTC

@MatthewHeimbach sounds good, so take that Friday off as well, or will it be later on in the evening

2017-06-09 15:19:32 UTC

We;; the Nationalist Front, www.nfunity.org is our umbrella project for coaition building

2017-06-09 15:19:34 UTC


2017-06-09 15:19:57 UTC
2017-06-09 15:20:03 UTC

Fair enough.

2017-06-09 15:20:10 UTC

And depending on what part of NC you're in, I think we're gonna do a regional meetup in early july in E. TN

2017-06-09 15:20:21 UTC


2017-06-09 15:20:31 UTC

And yeah @B1488 check out the site, we've got the League of the South, NSM, Vanguard America, and many other groups who have all come together

2017-06-09 15:20:36 UTC

we fully support coalition building

2017-06-09 15:21:15 UTC
2017-06-09 15:21:48 UTC

We will always retain our full sovreignty as a Party, but having allies we can coordinate with is hugely important

2017-06-09 15:22:00 UTC


2017-06-09 15:22:15 UTC

And given that we are the only political Party, we already have members of our allied groups who want to run for office, but didnt know how to do so, but they can do it as a TWP candidate

2017-06-09 15:22:22 UTC

it puts us in a very unique and positive position

2017-06-09 15:26:04 UTC

Then youve got independant Mercs who will work for food and just wana bash fools when needed :D

2017-06-09 15:26:04 UTC

Then youve got independant Mercs who will work for food and just wana bash fools when needed :D

2017-06-09 15:26:04 UTC

Then youve got independant Mercs who will work for food and just wana bash fools when needed :D

2017-06-09 15:26:04 UTC

Then youve got independant Mercs who will work for food and just wana bash fools when needed :D

2017-06-09 15:26:28 UTC

Always self defense my friend

2017-06-09 15:26:39 UTC

But if the enemy wants to attack us, we will win the fight

2017-06-09 15:26:44 UTC


2017-06-09 15:26:52 UTC

No idea why it sent so many times lol Jeez

2017-06-09 15:26:53 UTC

Always defend.

2017-06-09 15:27:04 UTC

Its a glitch in the discord.

2017-06-09 15:27:50 UTC

lol. But yeah guys, things are pretty exciting right now. Our Regional Commander System is going to be a game changer

2017-06-09 15:28:20 UTC

Instead of me trying to be a full time wagecuck, husband, dad, and organize events and meetups around the country; our local goys will be organizing and making things much more efficient

2017-06-09 15:31:10 UTC


2017-06-09 15:31:21 UTC

It's fine to cooperate, but there has to be a consensus on the only important issue that matters, race. There is legitimately no situation where you would ever want to attract a cuck knight.

2017-06-09 15:31:40 UTC

Conservatives are our enemies as much as the Left

2017-06-09 15:32:03 UTC

Reminds me of the earlier discussion where some spergs complain how they'd join activism, but shirt color, or haircut or armband were a dealbreaker. They were never serious to begin with.

2017-06-09 15:32:20 UTC

I love this Hitler quote: "People have often told me: “Why do you use such a radical tone in your program?” “Because I need radical people!” They told me: “Look, if you leave out this one point, then I’ll become a member right away”, and [my answer is] that point is in there, so that you can’t become a member, because I don’t want you!”

2017-06-09 15:32:55 UTC

Speech to the officers at Platterhof.

2017-06-09 15:33:17 UTC

True. I find Cons hilarious 😂

2017-06-09 15:36:25 UTC

also the Hitler quote about trying to make 8 lame men a gladiator

2017-06-09 15:36:42 UTC

The idea of working with people who have weak ideology, they are only a drain on us

2017-06-09 15:36:53 UTC

You set your terms, and if people agree to work under them, there should be no problem. And the thing is, when there's hardcore, open NS organization organizing events, it already clears out the useless cuck knights and spineless normies. As I've said, our biggest demos were open to non-members as well, but they had to be supportive of National Socialism. And yeah, if you agree to work with TWP/NRM/NS terms, even if you're not a party member, maybe haven't attended demos before at all, you're probably pretty fucking solid demo.

2017-06-09 15:36:55 UTC


2017-06-09 15:37:31 UTC

@MatthewHeimbach And a waste of resources.

2017-06-09 15:37:39 UTC

That one is for sure.

2017-06-09 15:37:48 UTC

Totally low energy.

2017-06-09 15:38:46 UTC

That's a hard mindset for Americans to break, for decades we've had a movement, with the exception of Rockwell/Piece/and a few others, that was simply racial conservativism

2017-06-09 15:38:52 UTC

But TWP needs to set the standard

2017-06-09 15:40:33 UTC

A lot of the newer "alt-lite", whatever are afraid to be subordinate to a true ideology or doctrine. If a person cannot call themselves a National Socialist, they may not be one of us.

2017-06-09 15:41:43 UTC

It's just a matter of guts, I'm tired of people who *get it* but think we can be clever

2017-06-09 15:41:44 UTC

I'd rather we just be honest and sincere

2017-06-09 15:41:53 UTC

This is who we are, this is what we believe

2017-06-09 15:42:18 UTC

Like Tommassi said, the belief in our own weakness is our greatest weakness. I could name dozens of cases where people have said we should tone it done, no one will come, it's too radical. But it's turned out to be nonsense every time. If people wanted normal party politics, maybe they join a mainstream party. If the last two years have shown us anything, it's just that people yearn for radicalism, give them the chance and they'll take it. If they are serious about saving their race.

2017-06-09 15:43:43 UTC

Any man who is looking around now and saying "well, lets just fix a few things" is a moron or a coward

2017-06-09 15:43:45 UTC

we need radical change

2017-06-09 15:43:55 UTC


2017-06-09 15:44:50 UTC

I remember in 2015 after some anti-refugee demo we went to a cafe with 8 or so NRM comrades, one dude from his own literally who organization comes to sit at our table with his buddy, and goes on about how we need to keep nazis away from demos so that normies aren't scared away. He and his buddy were only non nazies in the table, p much. I just thought it was funny and illustrated well how out of touch the cucks are. Two years later, no one's heard of him, people have heard plenty of us, and didn't seem to be minding nazis at demos.

2017-06-09 15:45:44 UTC


2017-06-09 15:45:58 UTC

@MatthewHeimbach I know exactly that from a friend in The UK.

2017-06-09 15:46:54 UTC

He hates how groups like National Action are brutally suppressed while Anti-FAgs and their (((Commie))) asses can parade (((The USSR))) Flag 👿

2017-06-09 15:47:23 UTC

I was so fucking butthurt about NA getting banned I just wanna see May's head on a platter, no matter the cost.

2017-06-09 15:47:39 UTC

She'd rather hunt nationalists than actual dunecoon terrorists. I've been fully 100% corbyn nazbolpilled.

2017-06-09 15:47:45 UTC

The time is approaching comrade.

2017-06-09 15:47:45 UTC

She banned me from the UK

2017-06-09 15:47:53 UTC

One more good reason.

2017-06-09 15:48:40 UTC

Well Nick Griffin says that UK folks need to head to E. Europe to prepare for the next war and retake their nation, i have mixed feelings on that, but given the Orwellian police state there, it may be the only long term option

2017-06-09 15:49:29 UTC

What is National Bolshevism?

2017-06-09 15:49:30 UTC

Griffin committed political suicide in 2009 and hasn't been relevant since.

2017-06-09 15:49:45 UTC

I have been trying to get a good grasp but I am confused.

2017-06-09 15:50:11 UTC

I think he and his templar posse whatever got kicked out of Hungary as well.

2017-06-09 15:51:48 UTC

NazBol isn't really an actual, real life thing. Limonov led a nazbol party in Yeltsin era and immediately after, but that died ages ago.

2017-06-09 15:52:03 UTC

I see.

2017-06-09 15:52:05 UTC

It's basically communism for white people.

2017-06-09 15:52:11 UTC

Lol 😂

2017-06-09 15:52:33 UTC

Yea. Still (((Jew Bolshevism))) all the same. Fuck that.

2017-06-09 15:54:51 UTC

NazBol makes sense in E. Europe

2017-06-09 15:55:39 UTC

I see then. Either way I would rather National Socialism.

2017-06-09 15:55:39 UTC

I mean look at their look


2017-06-09 15:55:44 UTC

Name any actual functioning nazbol group.

2017-06-09 15:56:14 UTC

NazBol is simply an E. European expression in many ways, of National Socialism, utilizing symbols and some talking points from Slavic history

2017-06-09 15:56:16 UTC

I mean, I totally get it. It's not that. But it doesn't have much of a real life presence to talk about

2017-06-09 15:56:27 UTC

Agreed, its all underground now anyway

2017-06-09 15:56:55 UTC

Well I stand corrected then.

2017-06-09 15:57:16 UTC

Maybe I could see if a Nazbol group is established in The States.

2017-06-09 15:57:38 UTC

In America, itd be too autistic and wouldnt have a cultural or historical precedant

2017-06-09 15:57:48 UTC

I see.

2017-06-09 15:57:49 UTC

Just like hoe we in TWP are NS, but we dont wear German uniforms

2017-06-09 15:57:52 UTC


2017-06-09 15:57:54 UTC


2017-06-09 15:57:59 UTC

And if it were the other way around, that if we had a dictator who killed all ethnic minorities, invaded Norway and Sweden for no reason and installed a patriotic dictatorship, I could get how nationalists would like that.

2017-06-09 15:58:01 UTC


2017-06-09 15:58:58 UTC

But Russian basic bitch patriotards already praise Stalin to high heaven, so there's no really strong dividing line between nationalism and nazbol in Russia, so I dunno why even make it a separate thing. It's a bit different than praising Hitler here.

2017-06-09 15:59:34 UTC

I always thought of Stalin and Tito as crooks.

2017-06-09 15:59:54 UTC

That's not really a controversial opinion among NS.

2017-06-09 16:00:15 UTC

NazBol is culturally relevant for Eastern Europe and as long as it maintains vehemently anti-Jew it is ok. I think using a hammer and sickle is almost invoking a self-defeating type of sigil magic though.

2017-06-09 16:00:17 UTC

The crook w/ the big moustache and the crook from Slovenia (who oppressed Croats and Serbs).

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