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2017-05-29 08:59:51 UTC


2017-05-29 08:59:56 UTC

when my mom got breast cancer

2017-05-29 09:00:03 UTC

I learned Hitler's mom died from breast cancer

2017-05-29 09:00:15 UTC


2017-05-29 09:00:34 UTC

a year later I went to school that was 40-60% non-white

2017-05-29 09:00:41 UTC

seen how blacks are in big groups

2017-05-29 09:00:51 UTC

and again, anytime I got picked on or whatever

2017-05-29 09:00:52 UTC


2017-05-29 09:01:23 UTC

@cr4ck3r My entire Elementary School was like that.

2017-05-29 09:01:23 UTC

idk, my family life fell apart, 9/11 happened (which showed all of us 10 year olds the world is not hunky dory)

2017-05-29 09:01:36 UTC

See, this is invaluable fascist peer support.

2017-05-29 09:01:37 UTC

and I discovered Hitler during that time

2017-05-29 09:01:51 UTC

so I noticed the world, girls, hitler

2017-05-29 09:01:54 UTC

it all happened at once

2017-05-29 09:02:00 UTC

i always told myself

2017-05-29 09:02:38 UTC

"look at what hitler accomplished and he had it worse then I did, if both his parents died by the time he was 15, and he went on to nearly conquer the world, I can at least get through a divorce and losing 1 parent eventually"

2017-05-29 09:02:46 UTC


2017-05-29 09:02:51 UTC

pretty much

2017-05-29 09:03:12 UTC

that's what went through my 10 year old mind even though I couldn't verbalize it

2017-05-29 09:03:16 UTC

Yup. Im starting to think that way.

2017-05-29 09:03:31 UTC

the old propaganda made me feel proud knowing I had family who fought and died for that

2017-05-29 09:04:24 UTC

I got to the point by the time I was 11 that, "Hitler wanted a world where I wouldn't have to deal with this bullshit"

2017-05-29 09:04:33 UTC

and that's what sparked it for me, 26 years later, Heil Hitler

2017-05-29 09:04:40 UTC

I mean 15*

2017-05-29 09:04:42 UTC

Damm nigga got pilled early

2017-05-29 09:04:55 UTC

yea, I tried to start my own group in the 8th grade

2017-05-29 09:05:04 UTC

spray painted buildings and passed out home made fliers

2017-05-29 09:05:13 UTC

then a rumor went around that I was gonna bring a gun to school

2017-05-29 09:05:13 UTC

I felt bad knowing my family fought against that (I was 20 when I got pilled).

2017-05-29 09:05:22 UTC

got pulled off the bus in hand cuffs

2017-05-29 09:05:30 UTC

threatened to be shipped to guantanamo

2017-05-29 09:05:36 UTC

Hah, funny, I once got arrested for arson in middle school

2017-05-29 09:05:40 UTC

then I really learned to hate the system

2017-05-29 09:05:40 UTC

dindunuffink tho

2017-05-29 09:05:58 UTC

Since my Grandfather on my father's side was in The US Army fighting in Italy.

2017-05-29 09:06:03 UTC

Damn, these stories are so similar.

2017-05-29 09:06:30 UTC

I had family on both sides

2017-05-29 09:06:43 UTC

interestingly enough, my Great-Great German and American Grandpas

2017-05-29 09:06:51 UTC

fought in the battle of Monte Casino

2017-05-29 09:07:03 UTC

I am not too sure about the rest of my family tree.

2017-05-29 09:07:16 UTC

that was both on my mom's side

2017-05-29 09:07:25 UTC

my dad's side are american through and through

2017-05-29 09:07:33 UTC

our roots go back pre-colonial america

2017-05-29 09:07:44 UTC

pre-revolution america*

2017-05-29 09:07:48 UTC

My father's side is Italian and Croatian.

2017-05-29 09:07:49 UTC

though I do have injun in me

2017-05-29 09:07:57 UTC

I'm Scottish, Native, German

2017-05-29 09:07:58 UTC

Chief Black Pill

2017-05-29 09:08:05 UTC

Chieg BlackPill of the Wojak Tribe

2017-05-29 09:08:08 UTC


2017-05-29 09:08:28 UTC

So how was life between 8th grade and IM?

2017-05-29 09:08:29 UTC

Italian, Croatian and French.

2017-05-29 09:08:38 UTC

very awkward

2017-05-29 09:08:49 UTC

went through a wigger phase to try to get laid

2017-05-29 09:08:57 UTC

Dear lord ๐Ÿ˜‚

2017-05-29 09:09:12 UTC

But yeah, that's admirable you were active that early, unless there's support and validation, it can get you down unless you see positive results. I was lucky getting woke when I did.

2017-05-29 09:10:19 UTC

I was trading booze for other kids in middle school, big fuckin boi zone

2017-05-29 09:10:32 UTC

and a redneck phase

2017-05-29 09:10:32 UTC

smoked pot, never had many friends

2017-05-29 09:10:32 UTC

people quit fucking with me when I busted a jocks lip open freshmen year

2017-05-29 09:10:32 UTC

I dropped out when I was 17 and basically didn't work, stole for weed and alcohol

2017-05-29 09:10:33 UTC

in that time I discovered the ITPF

2017-05-29 09:10:33 UTC

also, sophmore year I spoke with Noyles for the first time

2017-05-29 09:11:02 UTC

started working finally at like 19 and quit getting jobs for 1-2 weeks then quitting

2017-05-29 09:11:19 UTC

>people quit fucking with me when I busted a jocks lip open freshmen year
Damn, in middle school I stabbed one guy in the arm (I was new in class, gotta bullycide a little, I respect that), and by the end of the day we were buddies.

2017-05-29 09:11:34 UTC

then IM started in the middle of a relationship I had with a girl, she got disturbed by my fascism

2017-05-29 09:11:44 UTC

this is about the time I published the first issue of reaktion

2017-05-29 09:11:54 UTC

then my mom dies, she leaves me a month later

2017-05-29 09:11:58 UTC

I couch surf a bit

2017-05-29 09:12:04 UTC

but yea, highschool sucked

2017-05-29 09:12:19 UTC

You gotta euro-translate it for me. What age is this?

2017-05-29 09:12:49 UTC

I think I discovered IM at like 17-ish

2017-05-29 09:13:13 UTC

>having a gf
haha, normie

2017-05-29 09:13:20 UTC

ITPF is the international third position federation

2017-05-29 09:13:21 UTC


2017-05-29 09:13:39 UTC

I discovered that when I was 17-18 so this would have been like

2017-05-29 09:13:44 UTC


2017-05-29 09:14:04 UTC

and me and ben had been in off and on collaboration since like 06'

2017-05-29 09:14:15 UTC


2017-05-29 09:14:15 UTC

For us in Euroland its middle school, ages 13-16, and vocational from 16-19

2017-05-29 09:14:16 UTC

or so

2017-05-29 09:14:24 UTC

middle school

2017-05-29 09:14:29 UTC


2017-05-29 09:14:36 UTC

highschool 14-18

2017-05-29 09:14:44 UTC

then vocational/college/university, whatever

2017-05-29 09:15:04 UTC


2017-05-29 09:15:44 UTC

So wait, you left 2013, right

2017-05-29 09:15:53 UTC

i believe so yes

2017-05-29 09:15:59 UTC

Well, after I was done with vocational I decided I was fucking done with my bumfuck of a nowhere town

2017-05-29 09:16:11 UTC

white trash beyond belief

2017-05-29 09:16:34 UTC

so I decided to move to city and just be as fucking free and degen as man can be

2017-05-29 09:16:41 UTC

And also be a nazi at some point

2017-05-29 09:17:18 UTC

Well, AB, if it makes you feel better that was still comparatively normal growing up

2017-05-29 09:17:26 UTC

Ive been living a city life for a very long time.

2017-05-29 09:17:54 UTC

it was normal, but it was weird

2017-05-29 09:18:12 UTC

It gets dull after a while and I just want to live in the country. Or even on the Vegas Outskirts.

2017-05-29 09:18:14 UTC

being socially awkward plus a closeted red pill

2017-05-29 09:18:20 UTC

I like the country

2017-05-29 09:18:26 UTC

Ben actually said it was much wilder here than in USA, I took it as an enormous compliment

2017-05-29 09:18:30 UTC

I can't do the city

2017-05-29 09:18:56 UTC

City life gets VERY dull after a while.

2017-05-29 09:18:57 UTC

I don't know if I was ever a chad.

2017-05-29 09:19:02 UTC

But never a closet redpill.

2017-05-29 09:20:28 UTC

I was always and still am a typical run of the mill beta (i'm a bit better now, have had sex) but I was basically the school shooter archetype with enough common sense not to do something stupid

2017-05-29 09:20:58 UTC

I was always a weaponized autist

2017-05-29 09:21:22 UTC


2017-05-29 09:21:37 UTC

Always looking into subjects my peers considered "taboo" or "illegal".

2017-05-29 09:21:48 UTC

me too

2017-05-29 09:21:56 UTC

My solution to lack of confidence was just get so fucking smashed. Drugs were pretty much like god-sent, sends confidence through the roof and remova all pain, make you just who you wanna be

2017-05-29 09:22:11 UTC

thats why I like drinking

2017-05-29 09:22:12 UTC

it's like

2017-05-29 09:22:19 UTC

I can talk to qt girls if I'm drinking

2017-05-29 09:22:35 UTC

Eh I've avoided drugs due to the degenerate drug culture in Vegas.

2017-05-29 09:22:35 UTC

And even if you're still too autistic to score, plenty of addicted hookers around, even for a total beta, impossible to fail

2017-05-29 09:22:50 UTC


2017-05-29 09:23:41 UTC

@Kombat-Unit I guess you're right there. There was this hooker I knew named "Miami".

2017-05-29 09:23:56 UTC

Though she was a Mulatto ๐Ÿ˜ท

2017-05-29 09:24:20 UTC

Good for you I guess.

2017-05-29 09:24:42 UTC

Well, I just got really blackpilled. That company gets you down, if you see nothing but people like that, 24/7.

2017-05-29 09:24:47 UTC

Makes you crazy.

2017-05-29 09:25:18 UTC

You can be open nazi, wear Hitler shirts, no on cares, but it's not meaningful because they don't care about anything.

2017-05-29 09:26:24 UTC

Amen to that.

2017-05-29 09:26:24 UTC

Amen to that.

2017-05-29 09:26:24 UTC

Amen to that.

2017-05-29 09:26:24 UTC

Amen to that.

2017-05-29 09:26:24 UTC

Amen to that.

2017-05-29 09:26:24 UTC

I even hate how there are GENERATIONS of high school students that goes on welfare for drugs.

2017-05-29 09:26:24 UTC

Amen to that.

2017-05-29 09:26:24 UTC

Amen to that.

2017-05-29 09:26:24 UTC

I even hate how there are GENERATIONS of high school students that goes on welfare for drugs.

2017-05-29 09:26:37 UTC

damm discord lagging?

2017-05-29 09:26:44 UTC


2017-05-29 09:27:13 UTC

For some weird reason it lags or it gets stuck in digital molasses.

2017-05-29 09:27:37 UTC

@cr4ck3r So how was life after blackpill?

2017-05-29 09:27:45 UTC

Smothering and depressing I guess.

2017-05-29 09:28:24 UTC

I guess the point here is, if there was one, that people need fellow nazis in their life, or nothing gets done.

2017-05-29 09:28:28 UTC

Yeah, I think that's it.

2017-05-29 09:29:08 UTC

I mean even just bullshitting online with bros is helpful

2017-05-29 09:29:19 UTC

It is tho.

2017-05-29 09:29:22 UTC

cos I at least you can go out into the world knowing you aint fucking crazy

2017-05-29 09:30:12 UTC

Feels really good opening up in fash discord

2017-05-29 09:30:19 UTC


2017-05-29 09:31:16 UTC

And best confidence booster of all is the acceptance and support of your comrades.

2017-05-29 09:32:49 UTC

So how life outside of party stuff, rn?

2017-05-29 09:33:24 UTC


2017-05-29 09:34:09 UTC

I am finally getting my room 100% clean and I now have helped out in cleaning my sister's room for my Aunt.

2017-05-29 09:34:20 UTC

I'm trying to buy more fashionable clothes

2017-05-29 09:34:29 UTC

^ Same.

2017-05-29 09:34:31 UTC

and trying to figure out how to adjust to school again

2017-05-29 09:34:53 UTC

Skinny jeans hoodie master race

2017-05-29 09:35:09 UTC

I am also gonna look into what basics I need to know for Penetration Tester Certificate course.

2017-05-29 09:35:15 UTC

fuck I really don't wanna wear skinny jeans but its whatever

2017-05-29 09:35:30 UTC

Get the Comptia manual on Ethical Hacking and/or Networking perhaps?

2017-05-29 09:35:42 UTC

By the way, I totally forgot

2017-05-29 09:35:47 UTC

It's in so I'll wear them

2017-05-29 09:35:49 UTC

what's that?

2017-05-29 09:35:58 UTC

You heard of that Handmaid's Tale series, the one feminists have been all over?

2017-05-29 09:36:00 UTC

Yea. I will look into that as well.

2017-05-29 09:36:05 UTC

nope what is it?

2017-05-29 09:36:16 UTC

Go to 37 minutes

2017-05-29 09:36:26 UTC

American Christian fundie WN militia hangs faggots with cranes

2017-05-29 09:36:39 UTC


2017-05-29 09:36:46 UTC

Sounded so good that I skipped quickly through one episode, lmao'd at the White Sharia scenes

2017-05-29 09:36:54 UTC


2017-05-29 09:37:16 UTC

You can see the Star of David in the sack

2017-05-29 09:37:24 UTC

Blessed be Hitler (Peace Be Upon Him)

2017-05-29 09:38:11 UTC
2017-05-29 09:38:53 UTC


2017-05-29 09:39:28 UTC

Another "dystopia" like Man in the High Castle

2017-05-29 09:39:54 UTC

Like nigga get me a ticket I'll be on the first flight

2017-05-29 09:40:16 UTC

I would LOVE living there ๐Ÿ’“

2017-05-29 09:41:51 UTC

Another scenes in the ep, 34 minutes - fastest court session ever. 49 min white sharia clit snip. Somewhere in the middle was nadzi cops mowing down women's right protesters with machine guns

2017-05-29 09:42:33 UTC

Fuck yea! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

2017-05-29 09:42:49 UTC

Fuck "(((Women's Rights)))"!

2017-05-29 09:46:04 UTC


2017-05-29 09:47:27 UTC

is the author of the book jewish by chance?

2017-05-29 09:48:16 UTC

I honestly don't know.

2017-05-29 09:48:38 UTC

I skipped through extremely quickly as I said, liked the lot of ropings

2017-05-29 09:48:50 UTC

the eyeless chick was qt

2017-05-29 09:50:59 UTC

oh god they had to play Peaches in it

2017-05-29 09:58:41 UTC

It's pretty much White Sharia the series. I bet you can appreciate the fundie part even more than I can.

2017-05-29 10:00:10 UTC

Hell yea!

2017-05-29 10:00:48 UTC


2017-05-29 10:01:05 UTC

I just seen the feminist protestors get machine gunned

2017-05-29 10:01:07 UTC


2017-05-29 10:01:30 UTC

I really digged the hanging.

2017-05-29 10:01:32 UTC

Iran style.

2017-05-29 10:01:55 UTC

Hanging (((Yids)))... HALLELUJAH!

2017-05-29 10:02:06 UTC


2017-05-29 10:02:25 UTC

btw lol, Grindr Greg literally just posted more about White Sharia

2017-05-29 10:02:30 UTC


2017-05-29 10:02:39 UTC

surprise surprise, he's not too big fan of the bogging aspect

2017-05-29 10:02:47 UTC


2017-05-29 17:24:07 UTC

Happy kike war day all

2017-05-29 19:04:56 UTC

2017-05-29 20:13:40 UTC

The thing I think of first after reading that notice is "yeah, but if we - the Nationalist Front and other affiliated ethnonationalists/groups opposed to Zionist-centric kike proxy wars - were to attend and show solidarity with all involved, Antifa wouldn't be willing to play nice and just let us attend their event".

2017-05-29 20:18:05 UTC

Police State Now

2017-05-29 20:18:44 UTC

It must boggle them that we're anti-war. Major brain fizzle.

2017-05-29 20:21:02 UTC


2017-05-29 20:40:42 UTC

Pro race war!

2017-05-29 20:41:36 UTC

Race Car Now

2017-05-29 20:44:16 UTC

Watch "EyeHateGod - New Orleans Is The New Vietnam" on YouTube

2017-05-29 23:03:49 UTC

Hey there everyone

2017-05-29 23:09:42 UTC


2017-05-29 23:22:12 UTC

Does anyone have any good sources on ancient Celtic tradition, particularly in Ireland? I've been trying to find some spirituality in my life again, and I've been drawn to my Irish heritage. But, I have a hard time finding faith in the Christian religion.

2017-05-29 23:35:52 UTC

Try Esoteric Hitlerism.

2017-05-29 23:38:02 UTC

Esoteric Hitlerism. Yes. I'm Irish, as well. @Kombat-Unit posts the best material for EH. ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿผ

2017-05-29 23:40:47 UTC


2017-05-29 23:43:28 UTC

Our Celtic culture has been cheapened by the (((music industry))) and Wicca. Better to search for a universal truth.

2017-05-29 23:45:01 UTC

Not only that but once you start going back the lines between celts/grrmanics/Norse begin to blur...

2017-05-29 23:45:09 UTC

Well I know, but, we don't have to just give it up. We could take it back

2017-05-29 23:45:25 UTC

We are, EH.

2017-05-29 23:45:35 UTC


2017-05-29 23:45:44 UTC


2017-05-29 23:48:00 UTC

On a side note I've spent the afternoon lightly trolling "progressives" & there is no quicker way to lose faith in humanity then to listen to that shit... good god.

2017-05-29 23:48:24 UTC

I would still recommend Traditional Catholicism depending on what your exact concerns are with Christianity. Of course this requires access to the Traditional Mass so it may be difficult depending on where you are.

EH is intriguing though, so carry on. ๐Ÿ‘Œ

2017-05-29 23:49:43 UTC

I agree that Catholicism is a form of paganism, rebranded and repackaged. Varg has some videos about it where I actually agree with him.

2017-05-29 23:50:33 UTC

Huh, I haven't heard of that perspective. But the Catholic church seems pretty fucked, at least the Pope is

2017-05-29 23:50:41 UTC

That's a curious way of putting it, but I think I agree with that statement. I certainly came to it with a volkisch mindset.

2017-05-29 23:50:58 UTC

I am intimately acquainted with traditional Catholicism. I studied Latin chants and old (square note) musical notation for years, and still love it.

2017-05-29 23:52:00 UTC

But, I still believe in EH. Catholicism was a pit stop, but I'm glad for the time I was there.

2017-05-29 23:52:38 UTC

What's your go-to source on EH?

2017-05-29 23:52:59 UTC

Are you Catholic?

2017-05-29 23:54:16 UTC

If so, start with the Nag Hammadi Codex and the gospel of Judas. Move onto Savitri Devi, Miguel Serrano, Nimrod DiRosario, then onto Hinduism.

2017-05-29 23:55:08 UTC

@My Name Is Hate @Kombat-Unit your input is needed.

2017-05-29 23:56:42 UTC

Everything I recommend is basically free online, in PDF, if you google it.

2017-05-29 23:57:09 UTC

Alright, I'll check it out. Maybe it is what I need, who knows?

2017-05-29 23:57:40 UTC

If nothing else, it's good stuff to know.

2017-05-29 23:57:44 UTC

Interesting... wasn't familiar with the term "Nag Hammadi" but I've read some of this when I studied Greek.

2017-05-29 23:58:26 UTC

My professor was very into deuterocanonical sources and apocrypha.

2017-05-30 00:01:10 UTC

The Nag Hammadi codices are books of the Bible, coincidentally discovered the year out Fuhrer left us. They were removed by bishop iranaeus In the early years of the church--when the church became a political, rather than spiritual, entity. They show the cosmic battle between man and Jew, and do not paint Jesus in a negative light.

2017-05-30 00:02:02 UTC

If you understand Gnosticism, EH is easier to digest. My opinion, of course.

2017-05-30 00:03:55 UTC

I'll have to give these a second look. My professor's extreme philosemitism (he even married one) certainly would have had an impact on what sources we read in class.

2017-05-30 00:05:32 UTC

Worth reading, if you believe in Christianity. They are Christian texts that turned my world on its end, honestly. Then....EH obviously.

2017-05-30 00:07:40 UTC

Sorry was feeding the dog. I think you a gave a good path for him @ddโœณ555 each person approaches EH from a different knowledge base or starting point, Catholicism/ Christianity is 1 of my weak points... but I can say that EH really strikes at a much deeper truth beyond Doctrine, this is why Christians, Buddhists, Agnostics, etc. Have all found their way to EH. For absolute entry level I might recommend James Battersby's 'The holy book of Adolf Hitler' obviously Savitri Devi 'lightning & the Sun' as dd mentioned. But also IM Esoteric Hitler feed, & even just you tube videos look for Jason Thompkins interviews, & Miguel Serrano videos, which will just be people speaking about his work. We each find our own way to it. Happy to link a few videos, & if you scroll back @Kombat-Unit has spammed the shit out of the feed with great stuff

2017-05-30 00:08:43 UTC


2017-05-30 00:12:21 UTC

Just laying some groundwork here. No one *likes* Varg, but sometimes he speaks a sort of truth:

2017-05-30 00:21:21 UTC

Interesting. The "removal of Jewish content," as Varg puts it, was a high priority for the early Church, both East and West (along with the physical removal of Jews, which we all know about). Their level of success could be debated, but modern "Judaeo-Christians" ignore the Church Fathers for a reason.

2017-05-30 00:36:51 UTC

Based St. Chrysostom :^)

2017-05-30 01:58:53 UTC


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