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2018-02-09 01:15:04 UTC

It has to be

2018-02-09 01:15:18 UTC

Honestly I think they are just use to putting on masks

2018-02-09 01:15:39 UTC

They likely did this with specific ethnic white groups in the early 20th

2018-02-09 01:15:44 UTC

Like they don't even mix up the wording

2018-02-09 01:15:50 UTC

It's ALWAYS "fellow white people"

2018-02-09 01:15:55 UTC

Ay bogra fellow irish

2018-02-09 01:16:06 UTC

We gotta vote for kennedy

2018-02-09 01:16:12 UTC

Pass the hart celler act

2018-02-09 01:16:59 UTC

Well that phrase sets off alarms

2018-02-09 01:17:01 UTC

In fairness

2018-02-09 01:17:15 UTC

Who knows if they have something else that actually slips by

2018-02-09 01:17:16 UTC


2018-02-09 01:17:27 UTC


2018-02-09 01:17:27 UTC

Well what it does is trigger our in group preference and empathy

2018-02-09 01:17:40 UTC

Similar to how I could say, "Comrades, we must embrace X"

2018-02-09 01:17:52 UTC

And it would be more compelling because I appealed as a member of the group

2018-02-09 01:18:32 UTC

Apparently madrudo in venezuela is preparing to invade guyana, and as it is apart of the commonwealth of nations, the UK may be obliged to intervene if madrudo goes ahead with his plan.

2018-02-09 01:19:04 UTC

Madrudo is sephardic

2018-02-09 01:19:11 UTC

He bragged about it

2018-02-09 01:19:25 UTC

Do you think we will invade?

2018-02-09 01:19:26 UTC

Brazil also may get involved, as they were the ones who "leaked" the info.

2018-02-09 01:19:57 UTC

@Spiritchef Hard to say, this could be a publicity stunt by brazil, or madrudo could really be planning something.

2018-02-09 01:20:56 UTC

Honestly I kinda find it far fetched

2018-02-09 01:21:03 UTC

He can't even feed the military now

2018-02-09 01:21:09 UTC

And has a hostile populace

2018-02-09 01:22:01 UTC

What exactly would he even gain for invading guyana?

2018-02-09 01:22:38 UTC

@Spiritchef The reason all wars are fought now.

2018-02-09 01:22:41 UTC


2018-02-09 01:24:36 UTC

It apparently does have alot of gold and farm land...

2018-02-09 01:28:10 UTC


2018-02-09 01:28:30 UTC

Sam isn't doing so well these days

2018-02-09 01:46:13 UTC

Whomst is Garneau Reis on faceberg?

2018-02-09 01:46:22 UTC

ur mom lol

2018-02-09 01:46:52 UTC

oh fuck

2018-02-09 01:47:01 UTC

is it u?

2018-02-09 01:48:48 UTC

Nah I'm Zaine Deal

2018-02-09 01:49:22 UTC

Sam Hyde is God

2018-02-09 02:08:51 UTC

Is everyone still here...nobody in fbi black prison lol

2018-02-09 02:11:17 UTC


2018-02-09 02:13:33 UTC

Excellent, I’ll be honest all this fbi Action makes me a bit nervous. But I just said a prayer for our guys and @johanC in particular

2018-02-09 02:13:59 UTC

And I feel that as always the truth is on our side.

2018-02-09 02:24:11 UTC


I didnt realize there were even any VA guys in Chat

2018-02-09 02:27:32 UTC

I fear he's correct on the mental masturbation part... And, unfortunately that mostly pertains to Discord, honestly.. Lol

2018-02-09 02:29:38 UTC

Fuck the police comin straight out the underground. Mothafucka got it bad cuz I ain’t brown.

2018-02-09 02:34:46 UTC

Shit, one of /ourguys/ Matthew Lyons died yesterday of a Heroine overdose, no one knew of his addiction.

2018-02-09 02:36:16 UTC


2018-02-09 02:36:22 UTC

Wait who is he? Picture?

2018-02-09 02:36:43 UTC

@Justin Burger (Major-GA) That is genuinely terrible.

2018-02-09 02:36:49 UTC

Sending, he was in Cville.

2018-02-09 02:37:13 UTC


2018-02-09 02:38:48 UTC


2018-02-09 02:38:51 UTC


2018-02-09 02:39:16 UTC

2 pics of him at Cville.

2018-02-09 02:40:13 UTC


2018-02-09 02:40:31 UTC

Sad to see that

2018-02-09 02:40:35 UTC

RIP Comrade

2018-02-09 02:41:12 UTC


2018-02-09 02:41:50 UTC

We need to encourage our people to come out about their issues, most dont because they dont want to be labeled degenerate

2018-02-09 02:45:02 UTC


2018-02-09 02:47:04 UTC

Rest in peace Comrade.


2018-02-09 02:48:00 UTC

Most addicts in the Movement wont discuss their problems, because of the stigma people will place on them over it...you are right @Justin Burger (Major-GA)

2018-02-09 02:48:43 UTC

There needs to be a way to make it where a brother can ask for help, or simply discuss the problem with his comrades, without being immediately considered a pariah.

2018-02-09 02:49:46 UTC

Shittt him?

2018-02-09 02:49:59 UTC


2018-02-09 02:51:46 UTC

All Party members should be able to ask their chain of command for help with any issues, including those of addiction, without fearing stigma over it. I've said before that I have an open door policy in my Regiment and I'm sure that would be the case throughout our Party.

2018-02-09 02:57:20 UTC

When i die, i am having John Denver's country road played.

2018-02-09 02:58:17 UTC

>when I die
that's quitter talk

2018-02-09 03:01:18 UTC

We all die eventually.

2018-02-09 03:01:21 UTC

If anyone wants to talk addiction, I’m one of the best people to go to. I’m here for you guys

2018-02-09 03:07:21 UTC
2018-02-09 03:07:33 UTC


2018-02-09 03:15:46 UTC

Okay, well, Parrott's wife is a raging alcoholic and I'm sitting in Indianapolis right now undergoing detox for the third time in my life. Getting a naltrexone implant tomorrow morning and heading home. It could be anyone, from the top down we are all products of weimerica, the important thing is that you don't give up and don't be afraid to ask for help. Hopefully my blood pressure returns to normal, but right now I'm extremely hypertensive and trying not to die with all kinds of meds. (disclaimer - I didn't drink when I was pregnant, and I'm a highly functional alcoholic, but I always get physically dependent because of underlying anxiety issues)



2018-02-09 03:16:46 UTC


2018-02-09 03:16:54 UTC

@patron Saint of EATIN this is going to sound weird. Go to a chiropractor and get adjusted.

2018-02-09 03:17:06 UTC

I have heard that it can help with blood pressure

2018-02-09 03:17:22 UTC

I do chiropractors, it's just been a while. Doesn't sound weird.

2018-02-09 03:17:53 UTC

Tell them your issues. Ask your person if they know an Upper Cervical specialist

2018-02-09 03:17:56 UTC

Yeah matthew was a great guy

2018-02-09 03:18:03 UTC

I heard this morning

2018-02-09 03:18:37 UTC

Some studies show significant improvement after just one adjustment from an Upper Cervical specialist

2018-02-09 03:18:55 UTC
2018-02-09 03:19:19 UTC

I'll look into it. I've done chiropractic and acupuncture in the past with positive results

2018-02-09 03:19:32 UTC

I just haven't been taking care of myself the last couple years.

2018-02-09 03:19:39 UTC

Been taking care of everyone around me.

2018-02-09 03:19:53 UTC

*cancer with pisces rising intensifies*

2018-02-09 03:19:59 UTC

@patron Saint of EATIN moms tend to do that.

2018-02-09 03:22:20 UTC

I think the birdman himself might be an upper cervical specialist 😎

2018-02-09 03:23:37 UTC

@MatthewHeimbach we were discussing a comrade who just died of opiate overdose

2018-02-09 03:23:54 UTC

Memory Eternal

2018-02-09 03:24:06 UTC

Ich hatt' einen kameraden

2018-02-09 03:24:12 UTC

get me a name and photo, and we'll carry it with us at events

2018-02-09 03:24:25 UTC

he's a martyr the same as if he was struck down with bullets

2018-02-09 03:24:41 UTC

Matthew Lyons


2018-02-09 03:24:50 UTC

Check the <#374586590896586754> channel also Sir

2018-02-09 03:25:00 UTC

Makes me so damn ANGERY

2018-02-09 03:28:07 UTC

Another thing - an heroing. NOT ALLOWED. If I'm not allowed to check out of this God forsaken hotel, neither are you. NOT TILL ALL THE JEWS ARE DEAD. I mean that. If anyone is struggling with those thoughts, I'm all too familiar with that. Reach out. To your comrades. Even to me if you have to. NEVER, EVER GIVE UP. We are all in this together. One people. One family.

2018-02-09 03:28:51 UTC


2018-02-09 03:29:33 UTC

It's not always bantz and memes, and God knows I'm guilty of hiding behind that. But don't.

2018-02-09 03:29:36 UTC

Hail Victory brothers and sisters

2018-02-09 03:31:17 UTC

@Justin Burger (Major-GA) DM please about sending an arrangement. That's my job.

2018-02-09 03:32:15 UTC

Sorry for all the spaghetti spilling, comrades.

2018-02-09 03:32:19 UTC

@Justin Burger (Major-GA) Can i carry the casket? Ill do whatever i can

2018-02-09 03:34:19 UTC

Hay mat I love your action series but can you work on sound leveling a bit more I'm getting my ears raped when the songs and transitions happen lol

2018-02-09 03:34:29 UTC

on it

2018-02-09 03:34:52 UTC

Thanks bud keep up the good fight

2018-02-09 03:37:38 UTC


2018-02-09 03:38:39 UTC

never again comrades, our brothers cant be so alone they do this

2018-02-09 03:38:45 UTC


2018-02-09 03:38:46 UTC


2018-02-09 03:38:48 UTC


2018-02-09 03:39:00 UTC

you understand?

2018-02-09 03:39:24 UTC

Where was he from?

2018-02-09 03:40:10 UTC

@MatthewHeimbach I didnt know him personally.

2018-02-09 03:40:31 UTC

Can we get his parents information?

2018-02-09 03:40:39 UTC

His facebook page is open.

2018-02-09 03:44:07 UTC

Btw, sorry, i was talking with someone and Discord is muted.

2018-02-09 03:45:07 UTC

@MatthewHeimbach and I are not on Facebook right now. If anyone could get a hold of someone who knew him personally that'd be helpful.

2018-02-09 03:45:35 UTC

I'm also off facebook for another 1/21 days

2018-02-09 03:49:11 UTC

Watch this

2018-02-09 03:49:25 UTC

Tariq is such a lulcow

2018-02-09 03:49:52 UTC
2018-02-09 03:52:40 UTC

You'll have better luck PMing him it's the only way he gets notifications

2018-02-09 03:53:32 UTC

On a lighter note

2018-02-09 03:53:36 UTC

I was there Gandalf. I was there three thousand years ago, when Isildur took the Ring. I was there the day the strength of Men failed. I led Isildur into the heart of Mount Doom, where the Ring was forged, the one place it could be destroyed. It should've ended that day, but evil was allowed to endure.

-Eli Klein, interview with Vice Magazine

2018-02-09 03:54:21 UTC

I dm'd him

2018-02-09 04:03:01 UTC


2018-02-09 04:09:48 UTC

Brothers, our comrades are dying

2018-02-09 04:09:59 UTC

We need to save them

2018-02-09 04:10:04 UTC

Its literally up to u

2018-02-09 04:10:16 UTC

and me, and all comrades

2018-02-09 04:11:33 UTC


2018-02-09 04:12:03 UTC

A few weeks ago we plastered about 300 of these all over campus and downtown

2018-02-09 04:12:40 UTC

One of our guys fell to opioids? Who was at UTR?

2018-02-09 04:12:44 UTC


2018-02-09 04:12:50 UTC

We need to focus on the anti-opiod message

2018-02-09 04:13:05 UTC

He was one of /ourguys/ Not in the Party though.

2018-02-09 04:13:08 UTC

Used to do a lot of opiates, never did the whole heroin thing.
It's a bitch to get over it, but it can be done.

2018-02-09 04:13:13 UTC

May God send the souls of every pusher, in a white coat or not, to Hell

2018-02-09 04:15:10 UTC

I think its going to be up to us to send them

2018-02-09 04:15:42 UTC

that's that "based southern belle" lesbo that threatened to take the mic by force at UtR if she wasnt allowed to speak


2018-02-09 04:15:57 UTC

I hate them. I know and have seen the heroin epidemic grow first hand and have lost people i cared for deeply.

2018-02-09 04:16:37 UTC

Something needs to be done

2018-02-09 04:18:13 UTC

Are the pharmaceuticals imported?

2018-02-09 04:18:32 UTC

Or can we protest at a domestic site?

2018-02-09 04:18:59 UTC

Hell they have offices for sure

2018-02-09 04:19:22 UTC

Pfizer is responsible for a lot, and there are plans in place as we speak to organize a protest.

2018-02-09 04:19:46 UTC

They're mainly imported by big pharma from chinese producers

2018-02-09 04:19:47 UTC

Silent torch vigils outside the site?

2018-02-09 04:19:54 UTC

Who also sell them to mexican cartels who import them through the border

2018-02-09 04:21:06 UTC

The cartels are also beginning to build facilities advanced enough to produce their own fentanyl

2018-02-09 04:21:09 UTC

I think a silent torch vigil would be neat. For the dead

2018-02-09 04:21:10 UTC

Pharm's are made from afghanistan dope, heroin is mostly all from south of the border

2018-02-09 04:21:31 UTC

Some is synthetic

2018-02-09 04:21:32 UTC

Fentanyl and Carfentanyl are the drugs of choice for smugglers because of the value/weight ratio

2018-02-09 04:21:59 UTC

Opiate and opioid are synthetic vs. Natural?

2018-02-09 04:22:07 UTC

Well that and it makes it a bit more potent too.
carfentnyl is made for fucking elephants

2018-02-09 04:22:24 UTC

I'm not sure which is which @Antagonizer

2018-02-09 04:23:30 UTC

Morphine, codeine, Noscapine, Papaverine, and Thebaine all naturally occur in the opium poppy

2018-02-09 04:26:28 UTC

We need a "hang your local drug dealer" stickers to put on lightpoles

2018-02-09 04:27:14 UTC

these faggots and traitors dont deserve a soldiers death, they deserve to feel it. And WE WONT be doing anything illegal, but it might be good to let them know what we THINK (and only think) what they deserve

2018-02-09 04:27:42 UTC

FBI pls no bully

2018-02-09 04:28:43 UTC

"Hang your Local Drug Dealer here"

2018-02-09 04:29:04 UTC

Which is to show communities that we don't stand for drug addiction

2018-02-09 04:30:42 UTC


2018-02-09 04:30:51 UTC

its just a statement of belief, not action

2018-02-09 04:33:24 UTC

tightrope sells some "kill your local drug dealer" materials already for cheap iirc

2018-02-09 04:36:09 UTC

Mostly based on Duterte, who has already killed some 8000 people.

2018-02-09 04:43:50 UTC

Duterte posting

2018-02-09 04:43:59 UTC

As a prank

2018-02-09 04:44:17 UTC

He once said in a discussion that he is a Fascist in the American sense.

2018-02-09 04:44:25 UTC

But he is also okay with Homosexuality.

2018-02-09 04:44:38 UTC

Double edged blade.

2018-02-09 04:45:32 UTC

He also declared war on the Communists, he has been demolishing them in the jungle warfare.

2018-02-09 04:45:53 UTC

Communist rebels have existed in the jungles for years, but everyone has ignored them.

2018-02-09 05:06:10 UTC

Looking for a neet to help me with some shit PM if interested

2018-02-09 05:07:42 UTC

I have the flu and am stuck at home instead of work tonight but I'm watching the Clone Wars season 4 on netflix

2018-02-09 05:11:13 UTC

star wars is for nerds

2018-02-09 05:15:26 UTC

I'm a pseudo neet whats up

2018-02-09 05:19:42 UTC

Can someone show up to an event in a masterchief outfit? I'm to fat.

2018-02-09 05:19:43 UTC

I am a NEET when not working or out with friends.

2018-02-09 05:19:50 UTC

So basically not a NEET

2018-02-09 05:19:53 UTC


2018-02-09 05:21:57 UTC

Tfw i waste time making money and having a social life when i could be making meme's and shitposting 24/7

2018-02-09 05:23:06 UTC

@Dr.Cocopuff | KY more like a Master Chef outfit

2018-02-09 05:23:24 UTC


2018-02-09 05:23:31 UTC

^thats actually what I thought he typed in the first place I was confused

2018-02-09 05:24:05 UTC

I wonder in the history of white power

2018-02-09 05:24:09 UTC

has anyone ate during an event.

2018-02-09 05:27:23 UTC

lmao we got a good shoutout on Strike and Mike from Enoch.

2018-02-09 05:27:27 UTC

We gotta set up a full course meal in the middle of a rally, eat at a elegant table while lefties shout at us.

2018-02-09 05:28:22 UTC

>Set up a "Hotdogs against hate vendor"
>Get clips of fat 60yo cannon fodder leftists eating

2018-02-09 05:28:30 UTC

>During their own rally

2018-02-09 05:32:15 UTC


2018-02-09 05:32:41 UTC

We can help funds by going undercover and selling lefties food at rallies.

2018-02-09 05:33:38 UTC

Tf has no one done this?

2018-02-09 05:34:00 UTC

It would be brilliant, literally jewing them.

2018-02-09 05:34:07 UTC

We could sell them other shit too.

2018-02-09 05:34:46 UTC

50 dollar antifa shirts

2018-02-09 05:35:03 UTC

And we could use the money to promote our own shit.

2018-02-09 05:36:01 UTC

Just get like 2 members that have never been on camera ever to run it.

2018-02-09 05:36:39 UTC

Tfw I can actually believe these "communists" would spend $50 for a shirt

2018-02-09 05:37:01 UTC

Yeah, lots of them are spoiled college kids, or trust fund babies.

2018-02-09 05:37:14 UTC

Colleges are the reasons small towns go left.

2018-02-09 05:37:24 UTC

And why college towns are leftie in voting polls.

2018-02-09 05:37:40 UTC

The normal people are Conservative, but the college brings in Blue's from all around.

2018-02-09 05:38:00 UTC

Students tip it.

2018-02-09 05:38:54 UTC

Funny thing is, lots of these leftie's are like Kulaks, they will support the Communists, then die if they take power.

2018-02-09 05:41:00 UTC

They are the embodiment of "Well i have money, having money is easy, lol, why cant everyone have money?"

2018-02-09 05:41:28 UTC

Because its your parents money, and being well off doesnt just happen over night.

2018-02-09 05:42:27 UTC

I just saved someone else choking childs life

2018-02-09 05:42:35 UTC

That shit was fucking crazy

2018-02-09 05:43:14 UTC

And now im going home to shower because i have toddler puke on me

2018-02-09 05:44:20 UTC

His kid was choking and he froze up and started yelling. Legit had no idea what to do

2018-02-09 05:44:36 UTC

Way to be the man

2018-02-09 05:44:45 UTC


2018-02-09 05:45:15 UTC

Damn, would be great if a guy in a TWP shirt saved a choking black child, media would fucking flip

2018-02-09 05:45:26 UTC

Get this man A MEDAL

2018-02-09 05:47:34 UTC

One day people will read about me in books. "Johan Carollo, a brave man who helped save the white race, random people children from choking in walmart and rescued a baby deer from a fire."

2018-02-09 05:52:35 UTC

Have "At Cost" shirts for $25 and "Support Your Comrades" for $50 that give the extra income to A "Workers Coop"

2018-02-09 05:53:24 UTC

Big Sign that says

2018-02-09 05:53:30 UTC


2018-02-09 05:56:46 UTC

Dude that sounds awesome

2018-02-09 05:57:30 UTC

Be sure to sell actually dildo's

2018-02-09 05:57:57 UTC

"Protest dildos"

2018-02-09 06:05:38 UTC

"Punch a Nazi with this rubber fist dildo"

2018-02-09 06:05:47 UTC


2018-02-09 06:05:58 UTC


2018-02-09 06:06:05 UTC

Like off Saints Row

2018-02-09 06:07:00 UTC

I should get with DD and flesh this idea out

2018-02-09 06:07:14 UTC

Dude this is BOLD

2018-02-09 06:07:18 UTC

I'd do it

2018-02-09 06:07:20 UTC


2018-02-09 06:07:27 UTC

Like remember the event they had in texas

2018-02-09 06:07:28 UTC

with dildos

2018-02-09 06:07:31 UTC


2018-02-09 06:07:44 UTC

I'll take 15% off the top goy

2018-02-09 06:11:31 UTC

Elle Reeve<3

2018-02-09 06:14:19 UTC


2018-02-09 06:23:05 UTC


2018-02-09 06:31:27 UTC

@Fevs I know who posted that burger comment

2018-02-09 06:55:19 UTC

I wonder how my neighbors feel about me flipping out and punching a door for almost an hour due to computer errors

2018-02-09 06:55:34 UTC

Let me tell you, this door is meant to take a few punches

2018-02-09 07:34:23 UTC

They don't make many doors like that anymore

2018-02-09 07:39:05 UTC


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