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2017-05-05 00:12:27 UTC
2017-05-05 00:12:52 UTC

Nice. I'm going to listen to everyone's links later tonight. I am obsessed with music.

2017-05-05 00:13:43 UTC

Sweet. Me too. I spend more time making playlists than I do listening to them, unfortunately.

2017-05-05 00:13:44 UTC

THiS iS MY FAVORiTE BLACK METAL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSvZqsmxxvQ

2017-05-05 00:14:47 UTC

I listen to alot of blackened hardcore. The Secret or Young and in The Way

2017-05-05 00:15:30 UTC

Probably my favorite NS CD was made by a race traitor. RaHoWa-Cult of the Holy War

2017-05-05 00:15:49 UTC

OMG Rabowa is a childhood favorite.

2017-05-05 00:15:55 UTC

Third Reich.

2017-05-05 00:16:38 UTC

Dude u hrd CoAl Chamber theyre like tha besxt blck metal evr becuz they worship the devil and shit

2017-05-05 00:16:40 UTC

I visited Auschwitz last year, and listened to Rahowa all morning before I went there. It was the best day ever.

2017-05-05 00:17:05 UTC

The lyrics are amaing

2017-05-05 00:17:13 UTC

@Max Macro living Color is my favorite black metal band.

2017-05-05 00:17:22 UTC


2017-05-05 00:17:33 UTC


2017-05-05 00:17:50 UTC

I always just like fucking with metal people IRL

2017-05-05 00:18:01 UTC

Go up to some and tell them Slipknots your favorite death metal

2017-05-05 00:18:07 UTC


2017-05-05 00:18:10 UTC

And they get sooo mad

2017-05-05 00:18:18 UTC

And its like the funniest shit ever

2017-05-05 00:19:32 UTC

Metal is one of those things people either like or they don't. And I'm cool with that. Can we all agree on this? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HWOCAl5MSFY

2017-05-05 00:19:53 UTC


2017-05-05 00:20:00 UTC

@dd✳555 "(((I GOTZ TO GET BACK TO THE HOLOHOAX RESOURCE CENTER!)))" (not kidding. This actually exists in my city 😂)

2017-05-05 00:20:12 UTC

I pretty much listen to anything as long as it is nazi.

2017-05-05 00:20:23 UTC


2017-05-05 00:20:27 UTC

Even noise if its not overdone.

2017-05-05 00:20:31 UTC

@Kombat-Unit best kind of music 😇

2017-05-05 00:20:43 UTC

I just found it.

2017-05-05 00:22:44 UTC

Something else than metal for change

2017-05-05 00:23:00 UTC


2017-05-05 00:23:14 UTC

One of my favorite SS songs 😇

2017-05-05 00:23:37 UTC

Post NS electronic

2017-05-05 00:23:43 UTC

retrowave will do

2017-05-05 00:23:46 UTC

Not metal, but much ❤️️https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fAIM7BXCAn0

2017-05-05 00:24:45 UTC

@Kombat-Unit I am really into puissance, Arditi , allerseelen, and bands like that. Martial industrial. I'd say.

2017-05-05 00:25:18 UTC

Harvest rain, Thuletide, seriously makes me cry. @My Name Is Hate

2017-05-05 00:25:33 UTC

I'm more into Nachtmahr, FGFC820, SAM, Agonoize, Suicide Commando, ESC, Psyclon Nine, what have you

2017-05-05 00:25:37 UTC

Yes, love harvest rain

2017-05-05 00:25:51 UTC

Same here. Amazing music.

2017-05-05 00:25:57 UTC

One of my all time favorites

2017-05-05 00:27:26 UTC

Giving me lots of new stuff to check out. The 2 audiophiles get going and look out. Rome has some stuff I like

2017-05-05 00:27:48 UTC

But not NS

2017-05-05 00:27:56 UTC


2017-05-05 00:28:07 UTC

>Not NS

2017-05-05 00:28:31 UTC

I will show you the one video I like

2017-05-05 00:29:28 UTC


One of the first Agonoize tracks I heard, fuck its been ages

2017-05-05 00:29:40 UTC

Even the nick "Kombat-Unit" is ripped off one aggrotech project

2017-05-05 00:30:13 UTC

Not the one I was looking for but still a good one

2017-05-05 00:30:53 UTC


Hate to whore IM but this is a legit goldmine

2017-05-05 00:31:44 UTC

You dig martial industrial right? Into Feindflug?

2017-05-05 00:32:03 UTC
2017-05-05 00:32:24 UTC

White Wolf rules.

2017-05-05 00:33:20 UTC

Would be cool to do a NS music festival here in the US. There aren't enough of them.

2017-05-05 00:33:27 UTC


I myself am not so into martial industrial, but some noise like Synthetic Adrenaline Music are fire

2017-05-05 00:33:54 UTC

Kahle Bedrohung by Feindflug is good too I guess

2017-05-05 00:34:01 UTC

And Stukas Im Vizier, fuck

2017-05-05 00:34:25 UTC

That's the video... group degenerate just like the video

2017-05-05 00:35:11 UTC


2017-05-05 00:35:27 UTC

This album's got a ton of good ones, I can't believe its a decade old

2017-05-05 00:36:04 UTC
2017-05-05 00:36:25 UTC

Been in exactly two noise gigs, and solely because they were full of nazis

2017-05-05 00:36:47 UTC

Was positively surprised, I was waiting to hear 3 hours of absolutely horrid wall noise with GLR samples

2017-05-05 00:37:04 UTC

Might even have pics

2017-05-05 00:40:41 UTC

I have a whole playlist now. Thanks guys.

2017-05-05 00:42:30 UTC

@dd✳555 that would be a great idea ( NS music fest.)

2017-05-05 00:43:23 UTC


There's a lovely DIY UG spirit in the noise scene, people are totally hammered and the gigs are only a few dozen people.

2017-05-05 00:43:32 UTC

NSBM is getting too mainstream I have to move to more obscure shit

2017-05-05 00:43:33 UTC

fuck lol

2017-05-05 00:44:19 UTC

Bottom pic from a noise gig in an industrial container, upper one in some small bar

2017-05-05 00:44:45 UTC

@My Name Is Hate If we could find a secure place, getting bands is doable. The market is surely there.

2017-05-05 00:45:29 UTC

Keeping Antifa out of it is the real problem.

2017-05-05 00:47:13 UTC

If you need separate security, would organizing that be a problem? All Anglos complain to me about the lack of movement music fests

2017-05-05 00:47:56 UTC

I think security these days is doable.

2017-05-05 00:48:01 UTC

Live nazi music is a human right

2017-05-05 00:48:08 UTC

A year ago. No.

2017-05-05 00:50:08 UTC

This was fucking legendary

2017-05-05 00:50:29 UTC

Proper UG shit

2017-05-05 00:50:43 UTC

If people are talking about the genre its pretty much already lost to normies

2017-05-05 00:50:56 UTC

Nazi Electronics and noise are safe still lol

2017-05-05 00:52:33 UTC

Finland is a special place.

2017-05-05 00:53:18 UTC

Five Million well-behaved white people. 💕✋🏻💕

2017-05-05 00:54:36 UTC

That stuff with the blood was an over crossed star of david if you were left wondering

2017-05-05 00:55:41 UTC

Btw post more music, I hijacked this shit again

2017-05-05 00:57:33 UTC

Here's a change of pace for you: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_aten9vCRvA

2017-05-05 00:59:11 UTC

I think we drove everyone else away.

2017-05-05 01:06:27 UTC

@dd✳555 I use to do security so I could help with that

2017-05-05 01:06:39 UTC

Goatmoon, etc NSBM is great but not exactly UG anymore. But the gigs function as movement social events, while the electronic-noise stuff is so obscure anything goes. Idk, maybe I'm just a hopeless hipster.

2017-05-05 01:06:59 UTC

Im fine. Just relaxing.

2017-05-05 01:07:03 UTC

As much as I love Goatmoon I can't recall last time we painted antisemitic graffitis in blood in NSBM gig

2017-05-05 01:07:07 UTC

Goatmoon is underground here.

2017-05-05 01:07:27 UTC

Everything is relative I guess.

2017-05-05 01:08:07 UTC

Yeah, Goatmoon coming here would be sensational, honestly. I heard they might, but nothing certain.

2017-05-05 01:08:33 UTC

Iron Maiden is my favorite band of my whole life, @JTThrasher (TWP-Lynchburg, Va.)

2017-05-05 01:11:16 UTC

Whoever did that mashup did a good job.

2017-05-05 01:12:13 UTC

It's amazing. I grew up watching the Monkees on Nickelodeon. I love it.

2017-05-05 01:12:24 UTC

Haha do did i

2017-05-05 01:12:30 UTC


2017-05-05 01:12:44 UTC

ditto. heil to the old farts.

2017-05-05 01:13:10 UTC

Hell yes. Are we old now? I'm not 40 yet.

2017-05-05 01:13:10 UTC

I was watching it before nickolodean existed

2017-05-05 01:13:17 UTC


2017-05-05 01:13:22 UTC


2017-05-05 01:13:48 UTC

shit. the micheal jackson one is pretty sik too

2017-05-05 01:13:56 UTC

We all watched at the same time. Hahaha. Good times. Right after Double Dare.

2017-05-05 01:14:32 UTC

So, then, we are all first-generation Maiden fans?

2017-05-05 01:14:43 UTC

I'm 23...🤔

2017-05-05 01:14:57 UTC

Hell yes. Started listening to the in the early 80's

2017-05-05 01:15:28 UTC

Someone get Kombat-Unit a binky

2017-05-05 01:15:37 UTC

@Kombat-Unit is an old soul. And to know that much about music, that's amazing.

2017-05-05 01:16:19 UTC

Just a hardcore audiophile and been involved in movement stuff since like 18.

2017-05-05 01:16:31 UTC

Must have grown up watching Hevisaurus. 💕✋🏻💕

2017-05-05 01:16:45 UTC

Moomins and Eastern Block animations

2017-05-05 01:16:46 UTC

You woke up before I did. I'm kinda slow.

2017-05-05 01:17:07 UTC

Czechoslovak and East German animations = My childhood

2017-05-05 01:17:20 UTC

Moomins impart ancient wisdom. I know this.

2017-05-05 01:17:26 UTC

also them yea

2017-05-05 01:18:47 UTC

There were a ton of Finns in May Day caust as well. Moomins convinced us of the necessity of all white North.

2017-05-05 01:19:05 UTC

My fav episode is the one where they kick out refugees and burn down their jungle.

2017-05-05 01:22:47 UTC

@JTThrasher (TWP-Lynchburg, Va.) Iron Maiden, King Diamond, Slayer, etc. are my childhood in a nutshell. And Mr. Wizard would slay Bill Nye and his faggot agenda.

2017-05-05 01:36:42 UTC

@Kombat-Unit I am more & more impressed with this next generation, I might have to start calling you guys the T generation, for generation T-cell, fighting off the disease & for that has infected our folk

2017-05-05 01:37:06 UTC

*disease & rot

2017-05-05 01:39:31 UTC

You can see a glimpse of me at 0:22

2017-05-05 01:39:38 UTC

@JTThrasher (TWP-Lynchburg, Va.) look at you all vetted & shit, how did that happen?

2017-05-05 01:39:59 UTC

I begged.

2017-05-05 01:40:02 UTC


2017-05-05 01:40:07 UTC

And thanks, I've been happy to see there are people of all ages in the movement, including a ton of young guys.

2017-05-05 01:40:21 UTC

Yes, youth=future

2017-05-05 01:40:43 UTC

I'm glad you're only 23, gives me tremendous hope

2017-05-05 01:43:04 UTC

That video is fucking awsome

2017-05-05 01:43:38 UTC

It was great to be there too. There will prolly be vid soon where you can hear the chants and the drums

2017-05-05 01:43:43 UTC

Ooooo ooo oooo oh.. Hallowed beee thyyy naaaame

2017-05-05 01:43:53 UTC

NS all over the world took May Day back from commies

2017-05-05 01:44:20 UTC

That settles it, I'm coming over for an event

2017-05-05 01:45:26 UTC

Looks too good to not participate in at least one

2017-05-05 01:46:40 UTC

Last May Day march we had 300, this year +600. Every movement event has just exponentially over the last years.

2017-05-05 01:47:03 UTC

Last independence day we had 800, this time 3000.

2017-05-05 01:47:10 UTC

It was open to non NS too though

2017-05-05 01:47:20 UTC

This world fears a white people chimp out

2017-05-05 01:47:29 UTC

It's coming

2017-05-05 01:47:48 UTC

Nature's response to the disease.

2017-05-05 01:48:01 UTC

It's unstoppable

2017-05-05 01:48:45 UTC

When I attended first one of these marches, it had 100 people.

2017-05-05 01:48:52 UTC

Think about it.

2017-05-05 01:49:17 UTC

We grow like Fibonacci numbers

2017-05-05 01:49:34 UTC

So in a few years its grown 30x the first time.

2017-05-05 01:49:50 UTC

We can all do it brahs

2017-05-05 01:50:08 UTC

You can just see the backlash against the Jew everywhere

2017-05-05 01:50:56 UTC

Yes. & the harder they push back the more we grow. I honestly believe it is a cycle out of both groups control

2017-05-05 01:51:14 UTC

A natural cycle

2017-05-05 01:53:17 UTC

Finland is a special place. @Kombat-Unit is almost understating the awesome white Nationalist atmosphere there. I'd move there if I had a chance.

2017-05-05 01:57:33 UTC

Just thought I'd share

2017-05-05 01:58:36 UTC

Well, the government is pretty kiked. They might pay lip service to nationalists and leave harmless music bands and WNs alone, but just like the rest they try to crush the actual organized political militant NS NRM.

2017-05-05 01:58:48 UTC

They got the lawsuit going on against the movement, we'll see how it goes.

2017-05-05 01:59:01 UTC

At least the people are pretty pilled.

2017-05-05 01:59:12 UTC

We won't vote our way out

2017-05-05 01:59:19 UTC

Yeah, no kidding.

2017-05-05 01:59:34 UTC

With Trump, now Americans have gotten the first taste of civic disappointment.

2017-05-05 01:59:43 UTC

Hopefully this will radicalize people.

2017-05-05 02:00:23 UTC

also I love that Commander clip

2017-05-05 02:00:29 UTC

Yep. But most knew from the beginning it was due to perhaps be that way. And that we needed to at least jump on the wave.

2017-05-05 02:01:23 UTC

Max Macro predicted this 15 months ago: http://ropeculture.org/2016/02/16/trumpcucks/

2017-05-05 02:01:26 UTC

For the last few years I considered myself more civic. I and many others found ourselves back in the game

2017-05-05 02:01:28 UTC

It is time to water the tree of liberty, if you know what I'm saying

2017-05-05 02:01:36 UTC

But you in Finland are so much more free than we are here, on the US. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dFmneynpFo4 one last song before I go. @My Name Is Hate Rockwell made my world a better place, once upon a time. Hail victory! 💟☠️💟

2017-05-05 02:01:59 UTC

Yea. I guess I can still appreciate it. He unwittingly ignited some heavy shit.

2017-05-05 02:02:43 UTC

If several hundred American NSBM fans showed up, I guarantee you there wouldnt be any problem from antis

2017-05-05 02:02:52 UTC

Its not a matter of government but the will of the people.

2017-05-05 02:03:38 UTC

We could do it, hardest part would be finding a venue that wouldn't bow to threats

2017-05-05 02:03:43 UTC


2017-05-05 02:04:00 UTC

I keep getting stabbed by this wire on the left lol

2017-05-05 02:04:11 UTC


2017-05-05 02:04:22 UTC

Someone told me I looked like him today

2017-05-05 02:04:24 UTC

I was thinking the same thing

2017-05-05 02:04:45 UTC

My teeth that were knocked loose are turning brown

2017-05-05 02:04:53 UTC

I guess that means they are gonna fall out

2017-05-05 02:04:57 UTC

Death does that

2017-05-05 02:05:25 UTC

Death and a broken face

2017-05-05 02:05:31 UTC


2017-05-05 02:05:34 UTC

Nazi doggo

2017-05-05 02:05:41 UTC

I feel like I'm in fucking prison with these things in my mouth

2017-05-05 02:05:45 UTC

Cool dog

2017-05-05 02:06:11 UTC

He was at the rally. He will be dead soon with that wound

2017-05-05 02:06:34 UTC

@My Name Is Hate was that you with the bad ass Steven crowder swastika shirt?

2017-05-05 02:06:40 UTC

How did it happen to him

2017-05-05 02:06:56 UTC

Got hit by a car I guess.

2017-05-05 02:07:01 UTC


2017-05-05 02:07:21 UTC


2017-05-05 02:07:39 UTC


2017-05-05 02:07:44 UTC

Yes this was me

2017-05-05 02:07:51 UTC


2017-05-05 02:08:15 UTC

I'm extreme but crowder is where I draw the line

2017-05-05 02:08:40 UTC

I have a few of those balaclavas

2017-05-05 02:09:19 UTC

I had to borrow this. I took my actual balaclava out of my bag at the last minute

2017-05-05 02:09:32 UTC

Got a little sketch about TSA

2017-05-05 02:10:08 UTC

Black gloves, black BDU's, black boots & A ski mask... hmmm

2017-05-05 02:10:30 UTC

Haha... I wear my white pride world wide shirt out in public in my town... well I did until it got a pint of blood on it

2017-05-05 02:10:43 UTC

Love the shirt

2017-05-05 02:11:14 UTC

I have the sweat shirt I wear every where

2017-05-05 02:11:25 UTC

You look like you are gonna go breivik on tsa

2017-05-05 02:11:39 UTC


2017-05-05 02:11:39 UTC

Exactly haha

2017-05-05 02:12:20 UTC

I just ordered the "my boss is an Austrian painter" t-shirt today

2017-05-05 02:12:45 UTC

I wonder if the normies will get it

2017-05-05 02:12:55 UTC

I dress up like a Mormon for movement events ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2017-05-05 02:13:00 UTC

I absolutely love that meme

2017-05-05 02:13:05 UTC


2017-05-05 02:13:27 UTC

I wonder what the world would be like if they accepted him into art school

2017-05-05 02:13:39 UTC

Even more degenerate most likely

2017-05-05 02:13:53 UTC

Lots of revolutionaries were artists at one point.

2017-05-05 02:14:07 UTC

Shit im a musician

2017-05-05 02:14:08 UTC

Rockwell & AH come to mind

2017-05-05 02:14:16 UTC

I'm pretty good with photoshop and sony vegas 🤔

2017-05-05 02:14:25 UTC

ok, maybe

2017-05-05 02:14:34 UTC
2017-05-05 02:14:39 UTC

some adobe after effects

2017-05-05 02:14:54 UTC

I used to make money playing music. Was great doing something you love to do

2017-05-05 02:15:12 UTC

It is tho

2017-05-05 02:15:34 UTC

People always tell me I'm an autist

2017-05-05 02:15:45 UTC

I get that too fam

2017-05-05 02:15:51 UTC

Does that count?

2017-05-05 02:15:56 UTC

Most definitely

2017-05-05 02:17:12 UTC


This is like three years old AEE footage I did as a quick joke for the NRM guys when those noscope vids were hot

2017-05-05 02:17:15 UTC

dont h8

2017-05-05 02:17:27 UTC

Just been using photoshop for the last years, this shit is old

2017-05-05 02:18:29 UTC

Bam bam bam

2017-05-05 02:18:41 UTC

Is that your channel @Kombat-Unit

2017-05-05 02:18:44 UTC


2017-05-05 02:18:52 UTC

Im already subbed to it lol

2017-05-05 02:18:55 UTC


2017-05-05 02:19:00 UTC

who you @ in YT

2017-05-05 02:19:14 UTC

Backstreetgoy aka zach Huwade

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