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2017-12-26 18:22:01 UTC

"They were trampled in the winepress outside the city, and blood flowed out of the press, rising as high as the horses' bridles for a distance of 1,600 stadia"

2017-12-26 18:22:23 UTC

Just finished up The Prison Notes

2017-12-26 18:22:25 UTC

Christ the Warrior King will smash all of our enemies, just up to us to hold the line

2017-12-26 18:22:29 UTC

Sad but Great book

2017-12-26 18:22:32 UTC

An amazing book @TLC

2017-12-26 18:22:38 UTC

literally brought tears to my eyes

2017-12-26 18:22:48 UTC


2017-12-26 18:22:55 UTC

Christ-Kalki boils the blood with a flaming sword lol

2017-12-26 18:23:20 UTC

Of Gramsci?

2017-12-26 18:23:23 UTC


2017-12-26 18:23:48 UTC

I think it's so ironic for the Romanian Jewish government to call Codreanu a traitor

2017-12-26 18:24:01 UTC

They played themselves.

2017-12-26 18:24:04 UTC

Yet they were the true traitors to the Romanian people

2017-12-26 18:24:10 UTC


2017-12-26 18:24:12 UTC

same as today

2017-12-26 18:24:24 UTC

we want to preserve diversity, but the globalists claim the opposite

2017-12-26 18:24:36 UTC

we want to preserve life and the Jews are a cult of death and misery, but we are the "haters"

2017-12-26 18:24:52 UTC


2017-12-26 18:24:56 UTC


2017-12-26 18:25:25 UTC


2017-12-26 18:25:52 UTC

Theres subtle discussion about bio-engineering and its future goimg on in the movement

2017-12-26 18:25:56 UTC

We just need to honor our fallen and carry on, the Truth will always outshine lies, it just is hard that so many comrades will lose their lives in this eternal struggle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWAiW6iB6pU

2017-12-26 18:26:07 UTC

Wtf are they discussing now @AltCelt(IL)

2017-12-26 18:26:48 UTC

Heavy song.

2017-12-26 18:27:03 UTC

A few different things.... But what I see is our enemies eventually bio-engineering a fully multi-racial, non-binary Messiah

2017-12-26 18:27:06 UTC

We played it at the memorial wreath laying at the SS and Wehrmacht graves in Brno, hit me hard

2017-12-26 18:27:42 UTC

What an honor to attend though, amazed it can still stand.

2017-12-26 18:27:54 UTC

Any graves or sites honoring them.

2017-12-26 18:28:02 UTC

yeah czech's have more respect for German soldiers than the German government does

2017-12-26 18:28:21 UTC

it was such a peaceful graveyard. One of the panzer officers had a toy Tiger placed at his grave

2017-12-26 18:28:33 UTC

That's awesome haha

2017-12-26 18:28:50 UTC

To think his descendants came to a different nation, probably one of his grandchildren or great grandchildren, to lay a small token of thanks for his sacrifice

2017-12-26 18:29:35 UTC

Did you visit Codreanu's grave?

2017-12-26 18:29:45 UTC

Different subject haha

2017-12-26 18:29:52 UTC

sadly i have not yet, because expressions of support for the Legion are illegal

2017-12-26 18:29:56 UTC

in Romania

2017-12-26 18:30:29 UTC

They actually let DD visit it, apparently

2017-12-26 18:30:49 UTC

To whatever degree youre allowed to

2017-12-26 18:30:57 UTC

"And how can man die better than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers, and the temples of his God(s)?"

2017-12-26 18:31:40 UTC

Im on some high power levels

2017-12-26 18:31:57 UTC


2017-12-26 18:32:11 UTC

We need high power level spiritual warriorpriests.

2017-12-26 18:32:36 UTC


2017-12-26 18:32:50 UTC

I was annointed by oil of Franciscans from Bethlahem on Sunday... As well as posessing a piece of the Nuremburg Colosseum

2017-12-26 18:33:33 UTC

Christ's tomb's lantern oil

2017-12-26 18:33:54 UTC

The priest went on a trip over there a few weeks ago

2017-12-26 18:41:05 UTC

Tfw you actually ship something out right after it was ordered

2017-12-26 18:42:39 UTC

Eventually wel have our own shipping service

2017-12-26 18:46:09 UTC

yeah if we get big enough I'm going to start gettin paranoid of mail service sabatoge

2017-12-26 18:46:35 UTC

I've already had a patch shipment go missing I need to hunt down

2017-12-26 18:47:39 UTC


2017-12-26 18:47:46 UTC


2017-12-26 18:51:05 UTC

lol I should really look for cheap gps tracking tech

2017-12-26 18:58:18 UTC

We mailmen now?

2017-12-26 18:58:24 UTC

We've become the enemy we've sworn to defeat

2017-12-26 19:00:48 UTC


2017-12-26 19:03:08 UTC

TWP mailman memes... Now..

2017-12-26 19:23:21 UTC

Illustration of the year


2017-12-26 19:29:25 UTC

Looks good to me.

2017-12-26 19:35:25 UTC

The Odalman seal of approval

2017-12-26 19:35:49 UTC


2017-12-26 19:36:18 UTC


2017-12-26 19:36:35 UTC

Needs her eyes lower and further apart

2017-12-26 19:36:49 UTC

Notice theyre basically still making fun of her also

2017-12-26 19:37:02 UTC

Theyll burn white allies first

2017-12-26 19:37:12 UTC

Closest within reach

2017-12-26 19:37:16 UTC


2017-12-26 19:37:27 UTC

We're nicer to Elle than they are

2017-12-26 19:40:16 UTC

Marky Mark getting woke


2017-12-26 20:04:17 UTC


2017-12-26 20:16:56 UTC

Huffpo asked...what would you say to the other side?

2017-12-26 20:17:41 UTC


2017-12-26 20:17:51 UTC


2017-12-26 20:17:55 UTC


2017-12-26 20:18:14 UTC

Where is this video with cam

2017-12-26 20:19:26 UTC

I must say I’m proud of my incredible ability to never be captured full frame...must be the auscam

2017-12-26 20:19:48 UTC


2017-12-26 20:20:42 UTC

Alex Jones explains why the prequels are good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKm4ueVuxpY

2017-12-26 20:22:24 UTC
2017-12-26 20:25:24 UTC


2017-12-26 20:25:32 UTC

"little aliens with chinese accents"

2017-12-26 20:26:11 UTC


2017-12-26 20:26:17 UTC


2017-12-26 20:26:39 UTC


2017-12-26 20:32:30 UTC
2017-12-26 20:41:18 UTC

Hope you all got some new clothes for the yule time


2017-12-26 20:43:29 UTC

Ahahaha "Urban market once stole my tv."

2017-12-26 21:37:45 UTC


2017-12-26 21:38:13 UTC

"Your love of the hobbit's leaf has slowed your mind."

2017-12-26 21:45:06 UTC

Draws like a pencil. Irish quality.

2017-12-26 21:46:06 UTC


2017-12-26 21:47:15 UTC

Lol what is?

2017-12-26 21:47:44 UTC

My tobacco only Irish churchwarden pipe?

2017-12-26 21:48:15 UTC

The nicotine jew

2017-12-26 21:48:20 UTC


2017-12-26 21:48:38 UTC

It can raise t levels apparently?

2017-12-26 21:49:17 UTC

And cancer levels

2017-12-26 21:49:37 UTC

Hail Death.

2017-12-26 21:50:04 UTC

You know we TradGoth life.

2017-12-26 21:50:56 UTC


2017-12-26 21:51:08 UTC

I mean I love smoking and animal food products. Hitler would see us without either.

2017-12-26 21:51:27 UTC

I know he means well.

2017-12-26 21:53:04 UTC

I figure as long as I give the Führer 10 white babies I can live a little.

2017-12-26 21:55:04 UTC

I think he would just rather we dont eat food processed from animal cruelty.

We have cruel animal farms cranking out food in excess for a bullshit population. Big time lose/lose

I should really prepare for a hunter/gatherer life

2017-12-26 21:55:11 UTC


2017-12-26 21:55:53 UTC

But yea...

2017-12-26 21:56:11 UTC

Your smoking shall be punished, Comrade....

2017-12-26 21:58:43 UTC

Ghoul fucked a tranny???

2017-12-26 21:58:47 UTC

Who's the one to the left of ghoul?

2017-12-26 21:58:53 UTC

And yeah he did

2017-12-26 21:58:59 UTC


2017-12-26 22:01:47 UTC

And i think thats jack donavan. Never seen his pic but i beleive thats his line

2017-12-26 22:08:52 UTC

That's true. I despise the machine of animal production as is. It's never pretty but the living conditions should be humane and instant death.

2017-12-26 22:09:16 UTC

Will I be smoked in the chamber or in the back of the head for my smoking habit?

2017-12-26 22:12:48 UTC

@☦Colton of Yore☦ You're going to get the bobby hill punishment

2017-12-26 22:15:56 UTC

The meat industry is incredibly inhumane. Over 2/3 of slaughterhouse workers have their marriages fail. The sight of death 8-12 hours a day can do a lot to a man

2017-12-26 22:16:07 UTC

Homesteading master race

2017-12-26 22:16:08 UTC

To be fair everyone has done something, that's kind of the result of living in a toxic society that rewards degeneracy.

2017-12-26 22:16:11 UTC


2017-12-26 22:16:14 UTC


2017-12-26 22:16:47 UTC


2017-12-26 22:16:54 UTC


2017-12-26 22:17:13 UTC

The last local gas station is taken by habib now.

2017-12-26 22:17:25 UTC

In a tiny ass rural town.

2017-12-26 22:17:34 UTC

My goal in life is to homestead a piece of land and withdraw from the (((system)))

2017-12-26 22:18:06 UTC

You can't withdraw from the (((system))) you gotta turn it into a system.

2017-12-26 22:18:22 UTC

With a rail line and a cart.

2017-12-26 22:18:24 UTC

My home town is overwhelmingly white. The entire county is. The only Pajeets and Haj's are the ones that run a doctor's office.

2017-12-26 22:18:42 UTC

Well, almost overwhelmingly. Arizona has a lot of Mexicans any way you cut it

2017-12-26 22:18:47 UTC

That ejects them into a furnance like something out of Donkey Kong.

2017-12-26 22:19:01 UTC

gotta get people to the point where they're willing to blockade a city for a few days then they're fucked

2017-12-26 22:19:14 UTC


2017-12-26 22:25:52 UTC

General Strike man

2017-12-26 22:35:07 UTC


2017-12-26 22:35:28 UTC

@fassel he also groomed and fucked a 16 year old boy

2017-12-26 22:35:32 UTC


2017-12-26 22:36:31 UTC


2017-12-26 22:36:52 UTC


2017-12-26 22:37:39 UTC

Sup guys

2017-12-26 22:37:58 UTC

NS Autism: The Reintegration of Nazism with Strasserism is the synthesis needed for the current world problem

2017-12-26 22:38:08 UTC


2017-12-26 22:38:26 UTC

it isnt complicated, id say about 80% of the NS dudes i meet in europe are Strasser type NS

2017-12-26 22:40:01 UTC

I've found Hitlerism sells better in america for obivious reasons. However since the Alt-Right at large has decided it's picked up all the right wingers that will come along the left advertising has begun so we as people who have already been doing that can take advantage.

2017-12-26 22:40:23 UTC

I was just about to say...

2017-12-26 22:40:34 UTC

Hitlerism yall lol

2017-12-26 22:40:39 UTC

Makes more sense for us to take from the Left. imagine being an actual Leftist and all the Leftwing groups just wanna talk about chicks with dicks and open borders

2017-12-26 22:40:59 UTC

Leftists are natural revolutionaries, while on the Right we deal with endless conservative stuff

2017-12-26 22:41:46 UTC

Theyre suddenly vehement on anti-capitalist stances... IE and such

2017-12-26 22:42:09 UTC

Enoch had already been on that train but now its sorta growing.. But who knows

2017-12-26 22:42:17 UTC

Most of them cant see past their class

2017-12-26 22:42:29 UTC

we were here first, we're the only ones who have this actually thought out

2017-12-26 22:42:37 UTC

Well the context of the collapse of Libertarianism and the Gamer Right wing is what started the "modern" movement. The left wing was still less identitarian at that time so the plane for left wing advertising has only recently opened up big time to pick up tankies and the like.

2017-12-26 22:43:41 UTC

Im not one to make problems public but im ready to beat most of those guys then help them up and ask if theyre ready to play nice now.

2017-12-26 22:43:54 UTC

lol yeah

2017-12-26 22:43:57 UTC

IE especially

2017-12-26 22:44:20 UTC

buncha bourgeois class traitors who look down their nose at us until they need us to stop them from getting wrecked by Reds

2017-12-26 22:44:47 UTC

Enoch is solid, we can trust him. But many of those Alt-Right types, i wouldnt trust them to take out the trash, let alone as allies

2017-12-26 22:44:49 UTC

Which was the whole reason I met you guys to start withlol

2017-12-26 22:44:56 UTC

What's really fun is they have to work with us, they need us.

2017-12-26 22:46:54 UTC



2017-12-26 22:47:13 UTC

Literally Need US

2017-12-26 22:47:20 UTC

The People's House motherfuckers!

2017-12-26 22:47:20 UTC

Online is their only platform to talk shit

2017-12-26 22:47:21 UTC


2017-12-26 22:47:35 UTC

They didnt say shit to you there

2017-12-26 22:48:03 UTC

And these little fucks either kept quiet or showed support when I was the party advocate at AmRen

2017-12-26 22:48:06 UTC

I will use this pic as a weapon if any one of those [email protected] trys to posture in real life. See this picture on my phone here? Not an IE flag is it

2017-12-26 22:48:17 UTC

they are cowards

2017-12-26 22:48:19 UTC

i hate cowards

2017-12-26 22:48:23 UTC

In fact I feel like Spencer rejected ya'll

2017-12-26 22:48:43 UTC

remember when he hated us and I still got in his house with a TWP flag? I remember

2017-12-26 22:48:53 UTC

lol, good times

2017-12-26 22:48:59 UTC

in his house, the second time

2017-12-26 22:49:17 UTC

Made that house ur bitch

2017-12-26 22:49:37 UTC

lol and drank all the beer

2017-12-26 22:52:02 UTC


2017-12-26 22:52:59 UTC

TradDwinker Party

2017-12-26 22:54:11 UTC


2017-12-26 22:55:08 UTC

When you have men shouting "I hate Jews" off the roof and have to pull them down so they don't fall off the balcony

2017-12-26 22:55:19 UTC


2017-12-26 22:55:54 UTC

Nicely shaved head. Green eyes. Blue eyes are for cucks

2017-12-26 22:56:47 UTC

Chaditionalist Worker Party

2017-12-26 22:59:31 UTC


2017-12-26 22:59:39 UTC


2017-12-26 22:59:41 UTC


2017-12-26 23:00:25 UTC

Hello goys

TWP TN, AL, and AR will be attending a rally in Memphis on Jan 6th.

If anyone outside of Region 4 wants to attend, PM me.

2017-12-26 23:00:35 UTC

The "v" in Evropa stands for virgin

2017-12-26 23:04:22 UTC

not in regards to relations with men though

2017-12-26 23:04:34 UTC


2017-12-26 23:04:43 UTC


2017-12-26 23:05:06 UTC

But dont forget guys...

2017-12-26 23:05:27 UTC

Even we are just "movementarians" in the eyes of siegeculture 😏

2017-12-26 23:05:37 UTC


2017-12-26 23:06:07 UTC

Mormonism is interesting.

2017-12-26 23:06:41 UTC

Blacks are the cursed neutral souls that were around for Lucifer's rebellion.

2017-12-26 23:07:03 UTC

Aryans are the chosen spirits who served God.

2017-12-26 23:07:15 UTC

I guess i get touchy about Lucifer himself lol

2017-12-26 23:07:44 UTC

I dont see Satan, Lucifer, and The Devil all in the same.. But its complicated haha

2017-12-26 23:07:53 UTC

The Lucifer/Saturn thing is weird.

2017-12-26 23:07:53 UTC

you mean Iblis?
*djinn-posting intensifies*

2017-12-26 23:08:04 UTC

Gnostics believe Lucifer isn't Satan.

2017-12-26 23:08:52 UTC

I can roll with all that in certain ways, as its not Jewish Satanism lol

2017-12-26 23:09:26 UTC

For me, Saturn/Kronos is a corrupted Elder God.. And Time is a corrupted concept here

2017-12-26 23:09:29 UTC


2017-12-26 23:09:49 UTC

In that Christ is called light of the world, etc.

2017-12-26 23:10:00 UTC

And Lucifer means light bringer.

2017-12-26 23:10:06 UTC

Me and @☦Colton of Yore☦ better not break the server with this cosmic big brainism haha

2017-12-26 23:10:17 UTC

The Gnostics see some weird dual thing going on. Pretty heretical.

2017-12-26 23:10:32 UTC

But interesting.

2017-12-26 23:11:09 UTC

Lol yeah we are on some levels of levelposting.

2017-12-26 23:14:09 UTC


2017-12-26 23:20:19 UTC


2017-12-26 23:20:41 UTC

Deserves the rock. God wills it.

2017-12-26 23:21:09 UTC

Yea I guess I go along with something along those lines to an extent, because attaining Truth and taking up this mission is only cut out for certain people. I suppose I see certain key things in Christian theology as Gray Propaganda... In that they planted mostly seeds of Truth, but were able to use that to twist certain details around.

I suppose I dont see the God that Lucifer rebelled against as the same that manifested in Christ.

If we dont struggle.. We dont attain anything.

Lucifer took on struggle against the Demiurge

Christ took on struggle against the world built by said being, as did Hitler

Im still coming to terms with alot of what I think... So... Apologies haha

2017-12-26 23:21:36 UTC

I still go to Church lol

2017-12-26 23:22:26 UTC

Yeah the inner level Christian esoterica is convoluted.

2017-12-26 23:22:51 UTC

Easy to see why its The Devil's playground

2017-12-26 23:22:52 UTC

That's why they are the Mysteries.

2017-12-26 23:23:33 UTC

Only those truly not in this world should seek those levels maybe.

2017-12-26 23:23:43 UTC

The elite monkhood.

2017-12-26 23:26:35 UTC

Of the Astral Plane lol

2017-12-26 23:27:31 UTC

Lucifer was the first Anarchist rebelling against Perfect hierarchical order

2017-12-26 23:27:53 UTC

You don't want to be able to traverse the Void because it can traverse through you. What you get eyes to see and ears to hear can see and hear you a little better too I'm sure.

2017-12-26 23:28:43 UTC

Is that why anarchists like to be edgy faggots? 🤔🤔🤔

2017-12-26 23:28:59 UTC


2017-12-26 23:29:12 UTC

Oh god.

2017-12-26 23:29:16 UTC


2017-12-26 23:29:33 UTC

National-Anarchism is pretty cool...Father Raphael has a lot of N-A sympathies.

2017-12-26 23:30:29 UTC

Im a Anarcho Fascist only so much as im fighting to tear down Enlightment institutions

2017-12-26 23:31:00 UTC

I wish it could be as simple as Hitler had it right. You do have a power in the group ethos.

2017-12-26 23:31:15 UTC

That will overtake individualism.

2017-12-26 23:31:24 UTC

Ya, anarchism only works for promoting collapse, not for creating an actual ethno-state, in all truth.

2017-12-26 23:32:48 UTC

Its up to us to create something Logos centered & True once we are in engaged in Mad Max levels of collapse

2017-12-26 23:33:39 UTC

The negro autist is an interesting creature indeed

2017-12-26 23:34:05 UTC

He's just a Hedon Nigger

2017-12-26 23:37:20 UTC

I am at a point where I do not believe an afterlife could be explained as simplistically and in such an anthropocentric way as it is in the Hebrew myths of old.
But I see that religion is necessary the flock of small folk from degenerating into nihilism and hedonistic barbarism. And since Europeans developed as Christians.
We might as well keep our traditions intact because they show a profile of ourselves especially in the Orthodox religions.

2017-12-26 23:38:42 UTC

Well said.

2017-12-26 23:41:25 UTC

By the fruits one produces he shall be judged , as an idividual & and the broader Nation collective as a whole

2017-12-26 23:56:37 UTC


Rally in Memphis, on Jan 6th, if anyone wants to go

2017-12-26 23:57:55 UTC

Most of Region 4 will be there

2017-12-26 23:58:06 UTC

Sponsored by NoI? XD

2017-12-26 23:58:18 UTC


2017-12-26 23:58:24 UTC

Nation of Islam

2017-12-26 23:58:29 UTC

Cause Memphrica

2017-12-26 23:59:18 UTC

HA! Nah, sponsored by a bunch of cuckfederates...we are gonna poach the whole event...their planning is RETARDED

2017-12-26 23:59:48 UTC

We should have 30 TWP goys there, plus a number of NF and other friends.

2017-12-27 00:00:31 UTC

God the SCV over here just sits in front of the museum with flags while MC Christopher Goad harasses them

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