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2017-12-22 23:10:42 UTC

All my ancestors were Congregationalists, I guess I get the ovens.

2017-12-22 23:16:18 UTC

Regarding your question on Calvinism I think it's interesting to note that the "Mother Church of Calvinism" (I forget it's name, but it's famous) is functionally identical to a Catholic Cathedral in appearance, with a few obvious differences. Most later-built ones, on the other hand, are not.

Anglicans have a similar situation but they've made more of an effort to retain the aesthetic. Especially if they're the ones that LARP as Western Orthodox.

2017-12-22 23:44:02 UTC

Good lord how I love Greek last names

2017-12-22 23:46:09 UTC

anyone hear of United Right Legion discord?

2017-12-22 23:47:03 UTC

tf is that

2017-12-22 23:47:23 UTC

corbin just put a video from cville

2017-12-22 23:47:30 UTC

adn some dude in teh comments posted that link

2017-12-22 23:47:37 UTC

i have no clue what this is

2017-12-22 23:47:41 UTC

could be a trap

2017-12-22 23:47:43 UTC

no idea

2017-12-22 23:49:12 UTC

>be antifa start a fight with who think think is cuckservatives

2017-12-22 23:49:26 UTC

>find out those are who you call fascists

2017-12-22 23:49:34 UTC


2017-12-22 23:49:35 UTC

this video never gets old

2017-12-22 23:50:19 UTC

How are you going to start a fight and not expect to be punched back

2017-12-22 23:50:26 UTC

I wont understand this concept

2017-12-22 23:50:47 UTC

these ppl are bullies and wanna bes who probably have never been in actual fight

2017-12-22 23:50:53 UTC

then they get stomped and cry about it

2017-12-22 23:51:58 UTC

>it was at that moment Hellen realized these nazis punch back


2017-12-22 23:52:02 UTC

@Der J├Ąger
Look! Its me carrying the blue lives matter flag

2017-12-22 23:52:14 UTC

can we turn that into a emoji

2017-12-22 23:52:59 UTC

she has a MASSIVE scar from that hit

2017-12-22 23:53:05 UTC

never going away

2017-12-22 23:53:39 UTC

what time of day was @boilerplate

2017-12-22 23:53:44 UTC

to be honest id much rather antifa not exist they are a problem

2017-12-22 23:53:48 UTC

i think this was befoer we got there at 11.30

2017-12-22 23:53:51 UTC

They are zogs foot soilders

2017-12-22 23:54:00 UTC

yes they do the bidding of ZOG

2017-12-22 23:54:00 UTC

when we try to do right they are there to fuck it up

2017-12-22 23:54:05 UTC

and have large numbers

2017-12-22 23:54:18 UTC

BUT remember....Hitler wiped them out

2017-12-22 23:54:22 UTC

and we can defeat them again

2017-12-22 23:54:31 UTC

I dont belive these people have schlomo telling them what to do as much as its scholomo allowing them to do it by turning a blind eye

2017-12-22 23:55:04 UTC

We only have one chance left

2017-12-22 23:55:06 UTC

soros has paid them big $

2017-12-22 23:55:08 UTC


2017-12-22 23:55:19 UTC

1.38 [REDACTED] gets teh boot

2017-12-22 23:55:29 UTC

But im just saying i dont think soros pays them directly i think it one of those things where the money trickles down

2017-12-22 23:55:46 UTC

like organization X gives to Y who gives to Z

2017-12-22 23:56:17 UTC

nah its a trickle down

2017-12-22 23:56:19 UTC

hes not stupid

2017-12-22 23:57:08 UTC

but that kike knows the money ends up in antifas hands well the organizers of each chapter

2017-12-22 23:57:15 UTC

the actuall foot soilders dont see shit

2017-12-22 23:57:17 UTC

For better or worse, this will be the last time the Jew-Nazi cycle goes around

2017-12-22 23:57:35 UTC

nah but the money pays from them to transport to and from rallies

2017-12-22 23:57:41 UTC

gets them out of jail

2017-12-22 23:57:43 UTC


2017-12-22 23:57:56 UTC

@Der J├Ąger
Early. Like an hour before or better. We were sent to retrieve speaker system for the park and were completely ambushed. We then formed two files and plowed through. I was first in line. We pierced through them like hot butter until a few of ourguys went down.
We wagon wheeled back for them, stabbed them w flags & fists and drove forward. Back inside park.
That was the beginning of the violence

2017-12-22 23:58:39 UTC

@boilerplate i was the last convoy there and we got ambushed

2017-12-22 23:58:48 UTC

the cops told us to go a differnt route

2017-12-22 23:58:51 UTC

and we did

2017-12-22 23:59:00 UTC

its the britney ventti stream i was in her group

2017-12-23 00:00:01 UTC

@boilerplate gotcha...then we were the 2nd wave after your first encounter. we got on the bus with cantwell to go back in, he had just come back out and was hype! i'm soo pissed I missed that first wave!

2017-12-23 00:00:39 UTC

@VasilistheGreek I think I probably saw you in that last convoy....we got hit as well going, OPFOR was HOT as we got into the park.

2017-12-23 00:04:07 UTC

Damn. We are all connected. Much more than a server. We have faced the enemies together and won.
Under so much strain from every level...we showed *so much* strength

2017-12-23 00:04:22 UTC

I still got acid burns on my arms

2017-12-23 00:04:48 UTC

damn bro sorry to hear that!

2017-12-23 00:04:59 UTC


2017-12-23 00:05:03 UTC


2017-12-23 00:05:13 UTC

they have healed up sort of

2017-12-23 00:05:19 UTC

but the discoloration is real

2017-12-23 00:05:26 UTC

its going to take some serious time for that heal fully

2017-12-23 00:05:56 UTC

Cville 2.0 was the first battle of the coming civil war

2017-12-23 00:06:10 UTC

i'm ready for the next one

2017-12-23 00:06:23 UTC

shit is always violent out west

2017-12-23 00:06:28 UTC

battle scars

2017-12-23 00:06:33 UTC

but cops keep a lid on shit now here in the south

2017-12-23 00:07:32 UTC

The thing is the violence didnt need to happen

2017-12-23 00:07:38 UTC

im not saying im not happy with the end result

2017-12-23 00:07:48 UTC

but this was preventable

2017-12-23 00:08:08 UTC

unlike berkely where they didnt have enough police and the police steped down there for other reasons

2017-12-23 00:08:17 UTC

cville had the manpower to keep antifa at bay

2017-12-23 00:08:36 UTC

Teaching antifa a lesson though is not a bad thing

2017-12-23 00:09:13 UTC

it all worked out for teh best

2017-12-23 00:09:20 UTC

but i wish fields wouldn't have done that shit

2017-12-23 00:09:49 UTC

feilds was alone the feds went through his computer and found he was not apart of anygroup

2017-12-23 00:09:52 UTC

Hey man it was hectic

2017-12-23 00:10:05 UTC

never go alone to these things

2017-12-23 00:11:17 UTC

Also, have someone who isn't a total moon do recon

2017-12-23 00:11:31 UTC

I reconned the park Friday after for my crew

2017-12-23 00:11:41 UTC

Figure out your entrances and exits

2017-12-23 00:11:53 UTC

ESPECIALLY if you're the driver

2017-12-23 00:12:53 UTC

^^^^ this

2017-12-23 00:13:01 UTC

we had no way to recon, we drove 12 hrs to get there

2017-12-23 00:13:08 UTC

we only knew what we coudl see from google earth

2017-12-23 00:13:17 UTC

once we loaded into the vans we were jsut along for the ride

2017-12-23 00:13:32 UTC

i did recon on thrusday

2017-12-23 00:13:46 UTC

charlottesville at night time is a shithole

2017-12-23 00:17:01 UTC

I hope one day that city burns to the fucking ground

2017-12-23 00:17:08 UTC

And I don't care where I am on Earth

2017-12-23 00:17:19 UTC

When that day comes I am going to go there to piss on the ashes

2017-12-23 00:22:52 UTC


Can someone with a facebook message that backroom knox guy my email address?

[email protected]

2017-12-23 00:23:16 UTC


2017-12-23 00:23:54 UTC

I'll do it

2017-12-23 00:24:28 UTC

I was talking to him earlier, letting him know TWP was aware

2017-12-23 00:24:47 UTC



2017-12-23 00:26:11 UTC

Lol this girl I've been going back and forth with loves to tell me how trade she is ­čśé­čśé

2017-12-23 00:26:21 UTC

She's in Houston snorting come right now

2017-12-23 00:26:27 UTC


2017-12-23 00:26:30 UTC


2017-12-23 00:26:31 UTC

Oh Jesus

2017-12-23 00:26:34 UTC

so trad

2017-12-23 00:26:54 UTC

She's a fucking dumpster fire

2017-12-23 00:27:10 UTC

I told her being a pagan was stupid and larpy so she started cutting herself

2017-12-23 00:27:24 UTC

w e w

2017-12-23 00:27:57 UTC

I know I should feel bad but I was laughing my fucking ass off

2017-12-23 00:29:21 UTC

Am I a bad person for that?

2017-12-23 00:29:37 UTC


2017-12-23 00:30:15 UTC

I mean, it sounds like a horrible situation but you can't afford to take every case like that seriously, you'd go nuts

2017-12-23 00:30:27 UTC


2017-12-23 00:30:58 UTC

@Fash Dragon You should have no sympathy for her; it's the natural order fixing itself.

2017-12-23 00:31:11 UTC

IÔÇÖll take care of backroom Knox

2017-12-23 00:31:16 UTC

I like that answer

2017-12-23 00:31:23 UTC

the weak should fear the strong

2017-12-23 00:31:39 UTC

@Der J├Ąger I think @John Mosby is on it

2017-12-23 00:32:30 UTC


2017-12-23 00:32:57 UTC

Best to leave this shit to the folks in charge

2017-12-23 00:33:18 UTC

Ok will do

2017-12-23 00:33:32 UTC

Particularly when TWP specifically is what's under the microscope

2017-12-23 00:33:59 UTC

But I would say as a rule of thumb NEVER talk to the media

2017-12-23 00:34:17 UTC

Because they're lying kike bastards

2017-12-23 00:34:25 UTC

Not unless your prepared for the dox hammer

2017-12-23 00:34:54 UTC

Nah I like to stay anon

2017-12-23 00:36:44 UTC

What are everyone's thoughts on Kessler's plans for UTR 2?

2017-12-23 00:37:02 UTC

I'll go where they tell me to @Haupst├╝rmfuhrer Pepe

2017-12-23 00:37:12 UTC

Sounds good to me fam

2017-12-23 00:37:23 UTC

@brig wtf I love Star Wars now

2017-12-23 00:37:36 UTC

His permit was shot down last I heard

2017-12-23 00:37:48 UTC

At least for cville

2017-12-23 00:38:01 UTC

He intends to fight it on a legal basis though.

2017-12-23 00:38:29 UTC

I personally don't think it's a good idea

2017-12-23 00:39:53 UTC

I didn't get a chance to fight anybody in the original Cville, so part of me wants to go back.

2017-12-23 00:40:01 UTC

I was there but doing convoy security at UTR 1

2017-12-23 00:41:01 UTC

Let's choose locations we can win in is my thought

2017-12-23 00:41:39 UTC

accelerationism bro @Fash Dragon

2017-12-23 00:43:13 UTC

How is losing street fights acceleration?

2017-12-23 00:44:30 UTC

@Fash Dragon Winning street fights would be acceleration

2017-12-23 00:44:39 UTC

Just make sure people are geared up better this time.

2017-12-23 00:45:40 UTC

Oh I misunderstood what you were saying

2017-12-23 00:46:42 UTC


2017-12-23 00:47:53 UTC

We definitely have the discipline

2017-12-23 00:49:31 UTC

Next TWP rally

2017-12-23 00:50:54 UTC

^ This is what peak optics looks like.

2017-12-23 00:51:46 UTC

I'm telling you with a few shield formation lessons and a little discipline we could be unbreakable.

2017-12-23 00:52:21 UTC

Let's get on it then fam

2017-12-23 00:52:52 UTC

All we really need is for people not to scramble when shit hits that fan. We hold walls pretty well

2017-12-23 00:52:54 UTC

@everyone Here's a site that sells law-enforcement riot gear https://www.galls.com

2017-12-23 00:53:12 UTC

This is the good shit, but some of the stuff is only shippable to police addresses

2017-12-23 00:53:26 UTC

Love Galls. LA Police Gear is nice too

2017-12-23 00:53:32 UTC

you can get round shields on amazon

2017-12-23 00:53:36 UTC


2017-12-23 00:53:56 UTC

Here's some cheap surplus shields too

2017-12-23 00:54:08 UTC

If people want to get rough I'd suggest you pick up a cheap action camera to use for legal purposes.

2017-12-23 00:54:25 UTC

We should use real torches instead of tiki torches.

2017-12-23 00:56:05 UTC

Perhaps, I just go with using a rigid metal pole or emt as a flag pole. Makes it a lot harder to get in trouble than an anti carrying a 2x4 with a red hankerchief on it.

2017-12-23 00:56:19 UTC

Also, get marching boots and make sure everyone has the same cadence

2017-12-23 00:56:32 UTC

@Commander Davis (TWP)
Folllow CAESAR

2017-12-23 00:56:37 UTC

That would take some time to coordinate but the optics would be worth it

2017-12-23 00:56:43 UTC

HA right?

2017-12-23 00:57:12 UTC

He's working like a madman atm

2017-12-23 00:58:10 UTC


2017-12-23 00:58:45 UTC

You know, we could hold torch marches through small redneck towns where we actually might get support.

2017-12-23 00:58:53 UTC

Rather than nigger central

2017-12-23 00:59:16 UTC

Too bad Joe Arpaio isn't a sheriff; it would be great to have a UTR under his jurisdiction

2017-12-23 00:59:18 UTC

I just think if we could get guys to flash march at regular intervals we could scare the shit out of the left

2017-12-23 00:59:35 UTC

I mean an action in some part of the country every wekk

2017-12-23 00:59:37 UTC


2017-12-23 00:59:42 UTC

That would be excellent

2017-12-23 01:00:12 UTC

Use colored flares

2017-12-23 01:00:23 UTC

More aesthetic

2017-12-23 01:00:27 UTC

Those are hard to find

2017-12-23 01:00:30 UTC

except red

2017-12-23 01:00:41 UTC

Well then use red

2017-12-23 01:00:47 UTC

Nothing wrong with red

2017-12-23 01:00:57 UTC


2017-12-23 01:01:01 UTC


2017-12-23 01:01:33 UTC

We need an American Horst Wessel Lied

2017-12-23 01:01:49 UTC

The Golden Dawn already has the greek one (Raise Your Flags)

2017-12-23 01:02:59 UTC

I propose here and now: we learn the words to ONE song. Just one, as we march towards destiny. In complete unison.
Until now this has never happened

2017-12-23 01:03:17 UTC

I sang Erika at the Cville march but nobody else knew the words ­čśŽ

2017-12-23 01:03:37 UTC

I vote English Horst Wessel Lied

2017-12-23 01:03:41 UTC

@Haupst├╝rmfuhrer Pepe
Exactly. That should end today. One song is simple

2017-12-23 01:04:07 UTC

National Socialism is admired by everyone in NF; Horst Wessel is perfect

2017-12-23 01:04:13 UTC

Just adapt the lyrics a bit for America

2017-12-23 01:06:26 UTC

@Haupst├╝rmfuhrer Pepe
As a former professional musician NOTHING creates a bond in this world like men singing in UNISON

2017-12-23 01:07:21 UTC

@boilerplate#6579 amen

2017-12-23 01:07:28 UTC


2017-12-23 01:07:32 UTC

Maybe Paddy Tarletin could write English words over that song?

2017-12-23 01:07:32 UTC

We singin' again

2017-12-23 01:07:36 UTC

Good idea

2017-12-23 01:08:01 UTC

@boilerplate Horst Wessel is best choice

2017-12-23 01:08:52 UTC

Let me mess with the english version of the lyrics a bit

2017-12-23 01:08:54 UTC

Imagine the SPIRIT of the entire NF marching up singing 200 strong

2017-12-23 01:08:57 UTC

see what I can do

2017-12-23 01:09:14 UTC

tfw no multiple options

2017-12-23 01:09:21 UTC

@boilerplate Hell, we could even invite IE and get to 1000 if we need to

2017-12-23 01:09:23 UTC

We need our OWN song

2017-12-23 01:09:42 UTC

@Fash Dragon fam most patriotic/military songs are just new lyrical adaptions of old tunes

2017-12-23 01:09:48 UTC

Not something the Germans did

2017-12-23 01:09:52 UTC

I agree

2017-12-23 01:10:02 UTC

But it needs to be Americab

2017-12-23 01:10:10 UTC

@Fash Dragon fyi Golden Dawn still use the Horst Wessel Lied in an adapted form

2017-12-23 01:10:20 UTC

I think it should be some.of Paddy's songs

2017-12-23 01:10:21 UTC

And Teufelslied is used everywhere from Chile to Russia

2017-12-23 01:10:30 UTC

BUF used it too

2017-12-23 01:10:32 UTC


2017-12-23 01:10:44 UTC

Nothing wrong with an American Horst Wessel

2017-12-23 01:10:54 UTC

In 2017 we win the streets
2018 we win the spirit

2017-12-23 01:11:03 UTC

I like horst wessel lied

2017-12-23 01:11:06 UTC


2017-12-23 01:11:16 UTC


2017-12-23 01:11:23 UTC

good speech from '33 in Germany

2017-12-23 01:11:25 UTC

Tbh the white man marches on is the best choice

2017-12-23 01:11:47 UTC


2017-12-23 01:11:56 UTC


2017-12-23 01:12:07 UTC

too negative though :c

2017-12-23 01:12:08 UTC

Horst Wessel is peak optics if you have torches + tap boots though

2017-12-23 01:12:43 UTC

Hot take: no singing, just instrumental vaporwave music

2017-12-23 01:12:44 UTC

I'm partial to Erika. Its my ringtone right now

2017-12-23 01:13:06 UTC

@Fash Dragon If we want to go instrumental let's play the Hell March

2017-12-23 01:13:12 UTC

Also fashwave is for IE fags

2017-12-23 01:13:24 UTC

I like fash wave :c

2017-12-23 01:13:29 UTC

but Horst Wessel is a great choice too

2017-12-23 01:13:31 UTC

Skrewdriver is better

2017-12-23 01:13:38 UTC

best hell march

2017-12-23 01:13:55 UTC

@Haupst├╝rmfuhrer Pepe I voted other, I suggest "I Wish You Would" by Taylor Swift

2017-12-23 01:14:11 UTC

TWP marching band when

2017-12-23 01:14:38 UTC

Do marching bands have banjos?

2017-12-23 01:14:38 UTC

@Fevs tfw no Tay Tay cover of Horst Wessel

2017-12-23 01:14:47 UTC

We need a TWP string band

2017-12-23 01:15:01 UTC

No, we need massive timpani drums and snares for marching

2017-12-23 01:15:03 UTC

To reinforce the stereotype that we are cousinfucking hillbillies

2017-12-23 01:15:07 UTC

string bands are for asians

2017-12-23 01:15:17 UTC

If I remember IÔÇÖll post my translation of Horst wessel lied tomorrow

2017-12-23 01:15:52 UTC

I played saxophone in a marching band like 15 years ago if that counts

2017-12-23 01:16:14 UTC

And string bands are white only, just ask the Irish. Or the confederacy. Or the English. Or the Scottish. Etc...

2017-12-23 01:16:27 UTC

@Haupst├╝rmfuhrer Pepe No Tay Tay cover of Horst Wessel ***YET***

2017-12-23 01:16:40 UTC

@JRobertson thank you

2017-12-23 01:17:18 UTC

"String bands are white"
"Just ask the Irish" ­čść

2017-12-23 01:17:31 UTC


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