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2017-04-30 20:47:31 UTC

I never even saw hos house

2017-04-30 20:47:33 UTC

The camp site was furthur up the road.

2017-04-30 20:47:37 UTC

So probably why im confised

2017-04-30 20:47:39 UTC

Not at the trailer

2017-04-30 20:47:45 UTC

How close was the campsite to that home?

2017-04-30 20:47:55 UTC

About a mile or so

2017-04-30 20:47:58 UTC


2017-04-30 20:48:09 UTC

Same road? Thru that gate?

2017-04-30 20:48:32 UTC

uh, where did you go if you never made the event?

2017-04-30 20:49:08 UTC

I got called home, my son in law had an emergency so I drove up and straight back.

2017-04-30 20:49:54 UTC

Made it all the way to that home Thursday nite and turned right around after finding it.

2017-04-30 20:50:25 UTC

Oh. Yeah, up the road from there.

2017-04-30 20:50:51 UTC

I didn't go thru the opened gate, thought I might get shot.

2017-04-30 20:51:16 UTC

Private land. No trespassing. I followed the NSM guys who arrived first. Helped with set up.

2017-04-30 20:51:56 UTC

Would anyone had been there Thursday nite? Or was I in no man's land.

2017-04-30 20:53:27 UTC

I didn't spend 14 hours driving not to know how close I came.

2017-04-30 20:55:56 UTC

Instructions in email said not to arrive till 6pm friday night

2017-04-30 20:57:11 UTC

Yep, and I had no phone, no GPS until I got to a sweet spot. No map, and plenty of wrong directions. I'm certain they would've understood if I made contact early.

2017-04-30 21:05:57 UTC

Hey all. Just back from pikeville

2017-04-30 21:06:03 UTC

and damn that all sounds frustrating

2017-04-30 21:09:31 UTC

Did I mention the 500. spent preparing and fuel? Yeah, there was that too, lol.

2017-04-30 21:10:37 UTC

So maybe some would understand why I need to know how close I made it. Or we can criticize my planning some more.

2017-04-30 21:12:10 UTC

Whose criticizing?

2017-04-30 21:12:22 UTC

Just talking

2017-04-30 21:12:44 UTC

From what im reading

2017-04-30 21:12:56 UTC

Sorry i just didnt get the question is all

2017-04-30 21:13:12 UTC

I wasnt paying attention much up the drive since i was in the convoy

2017-04-30 21:13:29 UTC

Next time plan better tho πŸ˜‰

2017-04-30 21:13:46 UTC

And see you there ✌🏻

2017-04-30 21:23:51 UTC

Awesome rally/conference Goys.

2017-04-30 21:27:11 UTC

Me brudda

2017-04-30 22:25:08 UTC

little writeup i did on something that happened that you guys will deeply appreciate

2017-04-30 22:36:45 UTC

@VoxKoshka (Alex) Nice job dude, the comradery from everyone was fantastic.

2017-04-30 22:42:47 UTC

Heavens yes.

I intend to do a much more in depth writeup after a bit more reflection this week. Might also make some videos regarding my thoughts on ideas that were talked about. I'd love some input on the development of these ideas.

2017-04-30 23:06:45 UTC


2017-04-30 23:07:22 UTC


2017-04-30 23:09:16 UTC

Analyzing that conversation between you and Caesar would make a good video.

2017-04-30 23:11:47 UTC

April 30 today. It's been 72 years since the sad day; but, one day closer to the fake "holocaust survivors" being all gone. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QBhWsDGTimI

2017-04-30 23:18:41 UTC

@everyone if any of you have footage or pictures of Pikeville, I would love to see them.

2017-04-30 23:18:58 UTC

Same πŸ˜‡

2017-04-30 23:19:52 UTC

This fucking idiot

2017-04-30 23:20:01 UTC

Yeah, I know. I hate that faggot.

2017-04-30 23:20:12 UTC

Sticking that shit in my fucking face

2017-04-30 23:20:34 UTC

Everything. His voice. His face. Zooming in on license plates

2017-04-30 23:20:41 UTC

@AltCelt(IL) did I mention, I really hate ads?

2017-04-30 23:20:51 UTC


2017-04-30 23:20:58 UTC

Hey he did get some pissed off locals angry at anifa in his shot, so thats a plus

2017-04-30 23:21:02 UTC

that dude was a huge fucking Ad

2017-04-30 23:21:12 UTC

He was a walking ad

2017-04-30 23:21:28 UTC


2017-04-30 23:21:29 UTC


2017-04-30 23:21:36 UTC

We have to bring this Ad thing to our Goys here

2017-04-30 23:21:48 UTC


2017-04-30 23:22:34 UTC

Guys... When talking about (((them))).. Another term can now be "Ads" lol

2017-04-30 23:23:09 UTC

@AltCelt(IL) Good idea βœ‹πŸ˜”πŸ‘Œ

2017-04-30 23:24:03 UTC


2017-04-30 23:24:23 UTC

Which one should I go to?

2017-04-30 23:25:08 UTC

Watch "Ridding the World of Ads" on YouTube

2017-04-30 23:25:33 UTC


2017-04-30 23:27:05 UTC

Fucking yes

2017-04-30 23:29:53 UTC

Watch "It’s Not a News Story!?" on YouTube

2017-04-30 23:31:53 UTC


2017-04-30 23:37:35 UTC


2017-04-30 23:39:37 UTC


2017-04-30 23:53:16 UTC

@JTThrasher (TWP-Lynchburg, Va.) flip through the pictures at the bottom of this story, see if there's anything you recognize

2017-04-30 23:54:57 UTC

Bach from pikeville brothers

2017-04-30 23:55:21 UTC

Did anybody find the owner of the key I left on the only table that we left up?

2017-04-30 23:59:13 UTC

I just watched that documentary backstreetgoy posted, does anybody know what became of Evalion? I thought she disappeared because /pol/ got her nudes.

2017-05-01 00:12:51 UTC

Now she's making videos about what a great, misunderstood guy Stalin was

2017-05-01 00:19:59 UTC

Yeah her new bf showed her the light

2017-05-01 00:23:25 UTC

What a retard

2017-05-01 00:31:06 UTC

Great time fellas. Sorry I missed the rally.

2017-05-01 00:31:54 UTC

The afterparty was a great time. Rally too, shame to miss it. But great time for sure.

2017-05-01 00:32:19 UTC

Ill be there for the next one.

2017-05-01 00:41:54 UTC

@My Name Is Hate Ha! First rally and they liked my helmet more than my beautiful mug.

2017-05-01 00:48:16 UTC
2017-05-01 00:48:51 UTC


2017-05-01 00:49:08 UTC

@Skirnir42 Thanks. We will make you one.

2017-05-01 00:58:14 UTC

hardhat of course

2017-05-01 01:17:33 UTC


2017-05-01 01:43:47 UTC

I watched their extended vid of the rally. They act like they have no clue why we are there.

2017-05-01 01:48:19 UTC

(((Extreme speech)))

2017-05-01 01:48:22 UTC

This short clip is actually fairly good

2017-05-01 01:48:26 UTC

Utter kikery

2017-05-01 01:48:44 UTC

Puts our general ideas out there.

2017-05-01 01:48:47 UTC

What a title for a jews report...

2017-05-01 01:48:52 UTC

I mean news

2017-05-01 01:49:08 UTC

It didn't seem like they demonized us too bad

2017-05-01 01:49:47 UTC

RWDS in skull masks

2017-05-01 01:50:08 UTC

That guy in the skull mask looks pretty scary.

2017-05-01 01:50:25 UTC

With the nahtzee shirt?

2017-05-01 01:50:31 UTC


2017-05-01 01:50:39 UTC

Must be filled with hate

2017-05-01 01:50:43 UTC


2017-05-01 01:50:53 UTC

Lots of hatethink.

2017-05-01 01:51:04 UTC

He scared me.

2017-05-01 01:51:12 UTC

I felt unsafe.

2017-05-01 01:51:12 UTC

Very extreme for huwhites to defend their own people

2017-05-01 01:51:35 UTC

Hate facts trigger me

2017-05-01 01:51:43 UTC

(((Why don't you just accept your extinction goy?)))

2017-05-01 01:52:17 UTC


2017-05-01 01:52:19 UTC

Plus he was 6,000,000 inches tall

2017-05-01 01:52:37 UTC

Y'all are racist. We can import more muds and we'll still have Muh constitution

2017-05-01 01:52:44 UTC

-basic boomer

2017-05-01 01:53:02 UTC

@backstreetgoy-TN Jesus you've aged?!

2017-05-01 01:53:12 UTC

That's just my boomer dad

2017-05-01 01:53:22 UTC

In my opinion, since America's a nation of immigrants and a refuge for persecuted minorities, immigrants and minorities are the only real Americans.

2017-05-01 01:53:32 UTC

Muh Constitution is more important than life, morality, or common sense

2017-05-01 01:54:16 UTC

@parrott (((splc))) thought process approved

2017-05-01 01:54:16 UTC

Hell, the damn statue of Muh liberty says give us your poor gibs seeking masses for Christ sake

2017-05-01 01:54:22 UTC

you've convinced me. I renounce all of muh hatreds

2017-05-01 01:54:24 UTC

What don't y'all understand bout that

2017-05-01 01:54:55 UTC

France has been cucked for a long time

2017-05-01 01:54:55 UTC


2017-05-01 01:54:56 UTC

I'm going to immigrate to a different country in pursuit of freedom and opportunity so I can then finally become a true American.

2017-05-01 01:55:06 UTC


2017-05-01 01:55:13 UTC


2017-05-01 01:55:24 UTC

Let's make Europe Nazi again

2017-05-01 01:55:39 UTC

Three.5 reich

2017-05-01 01:55:43 UTC

anyone here irish? if so you have to drink with me.

2017-05-01 01:55:55 UTC

Scotch irish

2017-05-01 01:56:15 UTC

If we ALL immigrate to Luxembourg and overthrow the Grand Duke, ...

2017-05-01 01:56:31 UTC

Buying ticket now

2017-05-01 01:57:29 UTC

Hold up. Never mind. It turns out that Luxembourg doesn't welcome "hate." Let me find somewhere that does.

2017-05-01 01:57:54 UTC


2017-05-01 01:58:22 UTC

i'll tell you what. you cannot let white supreeemists gather and get drunk. they make it impossible to sleep

2017-05-01 01:58:34 UTC

This is true

2017-05-01 01:58:55 UTC

Although they do summon lightening strikes

2017-05-01 01:58:56 UTC

Flight leaves at 6:16 am

2017-05-01 01:59:18 UTC

not good enough for ironaiden

2017-05-01 01:59:27 UTC

iron maiden

2017-05-01 01:59:28 UTC

Lol.. was it hard to sleep?

2017-05-01 01:59:45 UTC

White Power was left on all night

2017-05-01 01:59:57 UTC

I didn't camp with the plebs. I slept in a nice hotel room.

2017-05-01 01:59:57 UTC

1488 gigawatts I assume

2017-05-01 01:59:58 UTC

yes. eery two minutes was "WHHHIIITEPOWWWWER!"

2017-05-01 02:00:05 UTC


2017-05-01 02:00:12 UTC

It was awsome

2017-05-01 02:00:15 UTC


2017-05-01 02:00:23 UTC


2017-05-01 02:00:32 UTC

Better than a hippy festival keeping you up all nite with their shitty jam bands

2017-05-01 02:00:38 UTC

& I don't even drink, still great

2017-05-01 02:01:11 UTC

Got my DNA test results today.

2017-05-01 02:01:16 UTC


2017-05-01 02:01:25 UTC


2017-05-01 02:01:40 UTC

I really don't trust 23 and me

2017-05-01 02:01:46 UTC

You're the 2% goy

2017-05-01 02:01:55 UTC

Upper 2%

2017-05-01 02:03:01 UTC

@parrott vet me, homey.

2017-05-01 02:03:44 UTC


2017-05-01 02:03:56 UTC

23 & me required, we exercise extreme purity spiraling here

2017-05-01 02:04:14 UTC

Got me a nigger and a gypsy in the woodpile, evidently.

2017-05-01 02:04:15 UTC

Parrott is not 100% Bavarian phenotype. to the bog!

2017-05-01 02:04:20 UTC


2017-05-01 02:04:38 UTC

I don't trust 23 & me tbh

2017-05-01 02:04:41 UTC

>David Parrott

Pssht. We'll see.

2017-05-01 02:04:43 UTC


2017-05-01 02:04:52 UTC

Still going to do it though

2017-05-01 02:04:53 UTC

100% my ass!

2017-05-01 02:05:28 UTC

I do feel like the raw results are probably legit. I do not necessarily trust their ancestry interpretations, much of which bake in a lot of leftist and fruity stuff.

2017-05-01 02:05:41 UTC

I've got the raw data and know how to use the SNPedia and other tools.

2017-05-01 02:05:49 UTC

Punch them into GEDmatch.com

2017-05-01 02:06:13 UTC

Yea I might just leave Vegas. Thinking about it.

2017-05-01 02:06:38 UTC

I'm our token Native American/Asian. I'm practically Hank Yoo according to the ancestry.com test.

2017-05-01 02:07:16 UTC

I'm a black albino. My friends call me WHite Chocolate.

2017-05-01 02:08:32 UTC


2017-05-01 02:08:46 UTC

Next TWP rally.

2017-05-01 02:08:59 UTC


2017-05-01 02:09:22 UTC

I was really offended when Mike Enoch wanted to know if i was black enough

2017-05-01 02:09:28 UTC

Hank Yoo is an honorary nigger.

2017-05-01 02:10:12 UTC

We made good inroads in Pikeville. On a side note.

2017-05-01 02:10:42 UTC

Cool. WE need someone to play Black Pete in the next parade

2017-05-01 02:11:05 UTC

We've got plans to build on it. In order to achieve the Golden Dawn model, we have to manage to translate our bullshit about being there for struggling white families into tangible demonstrable reality.

2017-05-01 02:11:51 UTC

I've got a few ideas. Spurred on by conversation with locals today, sent you DM about that

2017-05-01 02:12:15 UTC

I need to start a chapter

2017-05-01 02:12:23 UTC

I just got home a couple hours ago and am still settling in. I'll follow up with that.

2017-05-01 02:13:07 UTC

Yes I was thinking same about chapter. No rush parrot at your leisure

2017-05-01 02:13:14 UTC

My checklist is a fucking mess right now. I lack the German gene markers which allow one to plan ahead and achieve goals without brutal checklisting rituals.

2017-05-01 02:13:41 UTC

Its ok. We know future time orientation isa whitething

2017-05-01 02:14:16 UTC

I empathize, give me a battle axe & a target & I'm good, start talking about tomorrow & well...

2017-05-01 02:14:33 UTC

We forgive you

2017-05-01 02:15:20 UTC

Maybe I'm part dindu after all...

2017-05-01 02:16:03 UTC

GEDMatch is processing.

2017-05-01 02:16:13 UTC

Hey! That means we can't blame you for anything!

2017-05-01 02:16:33 UTC

Dillon and the fasces thing was so fucking beautiful. Going to have a write-up on the whole thing tomorrow. So much to cover.

2017-05-01 02:16:38 UTC

MStaff dindu any hatreds

2017-05-01 02:17:06 UTC

Haha. I'm oppressed

2017-05-01 02:17:22 UTC


2017-05-01 02:17:42 UTC

I want to read it

2017-05-01 02:17:45 UTC

Yes, agreed, fasces was a great moment

2017-05-01 02:18:14 UTC


2017-05-01 02:18:34 UTC

West Virginia hotel room views...

2017-05-01 02:19:43 UTC

Heart reacts only fam

2017-05-01 02:25:03 UTC

GedMatch: M452254

2017-05-01 02:32:15 UTC

English please?

2017-05-01 02:37:04 UTC

It's the signature indicating which batch is mine. It appears geeks can use it to completely research my data.

2017-05-01 02:37:21 UTC

I'm testing the very limits of self-doxxing.

2017-05-01 02:37:31 UTC

I have absolutely everything out there but a dick pic.

2017-05-01 02:39:52 UTC

@parrott Does that mean dick pics are a kind of last stand of *explicit* White Identity?

2017-05-01 02:40:10 UTC


2017-05-01 02:46:35 UTC

No dick pic? Its like you don't even want to be cool on the Internet. Smh

2017-05-01 03:05:45 UTC

I loled so hard at that, @Tony Hovater

2017-05-01 03:26:37 UTC

tfw she seenzones my pic

2017-05-01 04:11:20 UTC


lel this thread is fucking comedy

2017-05-01 04:11:25 UTC

It's about Pikeville

2017-05-01 04:18:01 UTC

@parrott be careful they might try to clone you

2017-05-01 04:23:24 UTC

For any who didnt know lol

2017-05-01 04:54:04 UTC

I heard something about that, basically celebrating the commie version of May Day with ~~protesting~~ rioting or somesuch

2017-05-01 04:54:34 UTC

@Octothorpe Dear lord πŸ‘Ώ

2017-05-01 05:00:33 UTC

8/pol/ is purportedly pozzed and Hasbara'd to the hilt, but that thread is still pure liquid awesome

2017-05-01 05:10:32 UTC

@Dr.Cocopuff | KY I'm assuming that the dox dropped in there were from your Louisville ARA stockpile you mentioned?

2017-05-01 05:20:27 UTC

I ask because those are quite well put-together. I didn't imagine they'd be that level of quality.

2017-05-01 05:24:26 UTC

Hail Heimbach


2017-05-01 05:25:04 UTC




2017-05-01 05:25:28 UTC


2017-05-01 05:27:22 UTC

Will 2018 bring us an International Forum? πŸ™‹πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡«πŸ‡·πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

2017-05-01 05:27:35 UTC

We can Dream

2017-05-01 05:27:42 UTC


2017-05-01 06:02:09 UTC


2017-05-01 06:19:35 UTC

Good shit!

2017-05-01 06:20:50 UTC

@AltCelt(IL) it will if we will it. God wills It, so should we.

2017-05-01 06:39:56 UTC

"If you will it, Dude.. It is no Dream!"

2017-05-01 06:40:07 UTC

Theodore Herzel. State of Israel

2017-05-01 06:44:02 UTC

@here does anybody from pikeville still have a radio?

2017-05-01 06:51:42 UTC

I'll find out.

2017-05-01 06:51:57 UTC

I think there was a few that we had.

2017-05-01 08:03:32 UTC

Yeah, there were. I handed out 9 radios and I got 8 back.

2017-05-01 08:04:10 UTC

Honestly those radios suck. I'll get new ones that work on better frequencies.

2017-05-01 10:31:23 UTC


2017-05-01 12:08:20 UTC

Art Jones was based af.

2017-05-01 12:54:51 UTC

My normie foreman at work caught a glimpse of the rally on TV and made a comment about how the anti fa looked homeless, Bwahahaha xD

2017-05-01 12:59:00 UTC

Which is funny since theyre actually little Trust Punks.

2017-05-01 13:09:16 UTC

How many antifa's does it take to screw in a light bulb?

2017-05-01 13:09:51 UTC

All of them. One to do it, and the rest to organize a protest against it.

2017-05-01 13:10:38 UTC

Well yea. As if theyre "Pro-Labor" lol

2017-05-01 13:11:13 UTC

@Skirnir42 We made local TV?

2017-05-01 13:12:56 UTC

In their mind Labor equates to a Liberal Arts degree. @JTThrasher (TWP-Lynchburg, Va.) Fuck yeah dude, they had trouble trying to twist the message too, since we were way more orderly than the commies.

2017-05-01 13:13:35 UTC

@Skirnir42 Do you know which channel?

2017-05-01 13:14:19 UTC

Yea honestly the only true demonizing message came from that faggot Unicorn Riot fucker with the yellow mic.

2017-05-01 13:14:32 UTC

@JTThrasher (TWP-Lynchburg, Va.) They had a couple minute thing on ABC 13

2017-05-01 13:18:55 UTC

@AltCelt(IL) That "guy" was a beacon of degeneracy

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