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2017-12-09 13:28:26 UTC

This is your brain on America

2017-12-09 13:28:41 UTC

@Kombat-Unit Look, Rockwell was never a dick to vets. Would you yell at him for fighting for the Jews?

2017-12-09 13:28:47 UTC

When I think of America and our supposed freedoms and rights I just think about Vicki Weaver getting her brains splattered on her young daughter as she held her infant child.

2017-12-09 13:29:11 UTC

@ā˜¦Colton of Yoreā˜¦ America wasn't always this way.

2017-12-09 13:29:17 UTC

Rockwell lived at a period when USA was still salvageable. He actually supported helping cops against rioting blacks, and while I have only utmost respect for GLR, that tactic would be completely insane in modern world. Times change.

2017-12-09 13:29:27 UTC

America is fucking gay

2017-12-09 13:29:36 UTC

The America of his day is literally a different world.

2017-12-09 13:29:39 UTC

This is Clown World.

2017-12-09 13:29:40 UTC

Now the System and its whores are our greatest enemies and I applaud everyone killing them.

2017-12-09 13:29:57 UTC

@Kombat-Unit why must you give me this blackpill

2017-12-09 13:30:02 UTC

I just wanted to be a jarhead

2017-12-09 13:30:05 UTC

now look what you did

2017-12-09 13:30:19 UTC

The blackpill is in fact another redpill.

2017-12-09 13:30:25 UTC

Just dark red.

2017-12-09 13:30:27 UTC

The America question is the final evolution of American nationalist raducalization

2017-12-09 13:30:34 UTC


2017-12-09 13:30:37 UTC

Like the blood of our people and fallen martyrs.

2017-12-09 13:30:38 UTC

GLR offered the most merciful and peaceful program for saving USA, he was rejected and killed, now we're past that.

2017-12-09 13:30:59 UTC

@Kombat-Unit Killed by a traitor, not an enemy.

2017-12-09 13:31:04 UTC

Are you in the USA @Kombat-Unit ? I thought you were a europoor

2017-12-09 13:31:10 UTC

@HaupstĆ¼rmfuhrer Pepe I have never blackpilled, I am incapable of taking the blackpill, I have just taken the ultimate redpill.

2017-12-09 13:31:23 UTC

@Hand Banana I am, does it make anything I say any less true?

2017-12-09 13:31:35 UTC

I already said twice I'm not TWP

2017-12-09 13:31:51 UTC

@Kombat-Unit I always wanted a good life and a good death which would make my Great-Grandfather proud.

2017-12-09 13:31:57 UTC

If we as AmNats removed every nonwhite we would still have a capitalist democracy prone to deepest corruption and ineptitude.

2017-12-09 13:32:02 UTC

That's nice, so do I.

2017-12-09 13:32:08 UTC

@Kombat-Unit That's why I've always wanted to enlist.

2017-12-09 13:32:18 UTC

What else can I do?

2017-12-09 13:32:20 UTC

You can have a better death now. Enlist with us.

2017-12-09 13:32:35 UTC

Die for your race, not for the system.

2017-12-09 13:32:40 UTC


2017-12-09 13:32:44 UTC


2017-12-09 13:32:47 UTC

My goal is to die after I've killed Kombat Unit

2017-12-09 13:32:51 UTC

If you die in the US army, the kikes will laugh at white blood being spilled for them once more.

2017-12-09 13:32:53 UTC


2017-12-09 13:33:00 UTC

@Kombat-Unit Marines, not Army.

2017-12-09 13:33:08 UTC

Same difference

2017-12-09 13:33:11 UTC


2017-12-09 13:33:23 UTC

The dessertion rate is STAGGERING.

2017-12-09 13:33:33 UTC

The fact remains that you aren't going to get better training outside of the US Army without getting exceedingly lucky or spending an exorbitant amount of money.

2017-12-09 13:33:47 UTC

It's always veterans that realize how fucked up things are.

2017-12-09 13:33:49 UTC

There's no TWP armored division though; I always wanted to be a tanker šŸ˜¦

2017-12-09 13:34:00 UTC

I couldn't say, but I know if I died for Israel I would have shamed all my ancestors.

2017-12-09 13:34:03 UTC

They only train on teamwork, individual training is null

2017-12-09 13:34:04 UTC


2017-12-09 13:34:17 UTC

My skinny but wiry manlet physique is well-suited to the interior of an MBT

2017-12-09 13:34:30 UTC

>Destroy USA
>But also fight for USA

2017-12-09 13:34:44 UTC

@ā˜¦Colton of Yoreā˜¦ is this not the TWP armored divistion taking own antifa at the battle of bowlypole


2017-12-09 13:34:58 UTC

@Hadrian >yfw TWP pulls a nelson and steals a tank from the National Guard depot

2017-12-09 13:35:04 UTC

I mean you can do the military thing for training and lowkey networking.

2017-12-09 13:35:06 UTC

Someone hit me up with the video where Matt yells "Death to America"

2017-12-09 13:35:07 UTC

We have actives.

2017-12-09 13:35:09 UTC

It was pretty woke

2017-12-09 13:35:20 UTC


2017-12-09 13:35:23 UTC

We have plenty of people in the military

2017-12-09 13:35:33 UTC

Search America left us on YouTube

2017-12-09 13:35:33 UTC

That's where I learned to shoot as well as I do, plus a lot of other shit

2017-12-09 13:35:46 UTC

I learned to shoot at the range

2017-12-09 13:35:48 UTC

Good that you made it out intact without shedding blood for the Jew.

2017-12-09 13:35:51 UTC

Realizing our race and nation =/= the federal government and Masonic dishrag is important.

2017-12-09 13:36:04 UTC

The fact that I can hit a man sized target out to 300 yards 99% of the time is due to the Army

2017-12-09 13:36:18 UTC

I can do that because of me lol

2017-12-09 13:36:22 UTC

I hope that you get forcibly circumsized by an Orthodox Jew street gang @Kombat-Unit

2017-12-09 13:36:23 UTC

With irons

2017-12-09 13:36:29 UTC


2017-12-09 13:36:32 UTC


2017-12-09 13:36:41 UTC

McCarthy, I'm confused are you AmNat?

2017-12-09 13:36:44 UTC
2017-12-09 13:36:48 UTC

No, I'm not

2017-12-09 13:36:54 UTC

Don't you DARE insult Israeli Defence Forces of USA

2017-12-09 13:36:57 UTC

Fuck the United States

2017-12-09 13:36:59 UTC


2017-12-09 13:37:00 UTC

I just really dislike europoors shitting on the country where I live

2017-12-09 13:37:10 UTC

Europe has its own troubles.

2017-12-09 13:37:12 UTC

Don't worry, I shit on mine as well.

2017-12-09 13:37:19 UTC

I want to destroy Finland as well.

2017-12-09 13:37:22 UTC

I live here and agree with kombat

2017-12-09 13:37:23 UTC

@Kombat-Unit wait, you're not American?

2017-12-09 13:37:28 UTC

Finland isn't real

2017-12-09 13:37:29 UTC

Why are you so mad when I call for destruction of all the pro jew states?

2017-12-09 13:37:36 UTC


2017-12-09 13:37:37 UTC

For third time, I'm not TWP.

2017-12-09 13:37:40 UTC

I'm not mad at that

2017-12-09 13:37:42 UTC

Finland isn't even white

2017-12-09 13:37:43 UTC

Is Iran and Russia going to nuke Israel soon?

2017-12-09 13:37:44 UTC

I'm mad at your shitty attitude you retard

2017-12-09 13:37:46 UTC

You just said you are.

2017-12-09 13:37:49 UTC

@Kombat-Unit#0484 no bulli finland


2017-12-09 13:38:05 UTC

Why are you the only mod who doesn't get along with me?

2017-12-09 13:38:07 UTC

Maybe its your attitude.

2017-12-09 13:38:26 UTC

@Kombat-Unit#0484 Because Joseph McCarthy hated commies who disrespected the American flag

2017-12-09 13:38:57 UTC

It's probably the fact that I was heavily involved with TRS before joining the TWP and seeing you shit on them every time I check this discord after I explicitly tell you not to because it's against our policies gets really old

2017-12-09 13:39:15 UTC

Yeah but I said twice it wasn't even about TRS and we were well past that.

2017-12-09 13:39:20 UTC

But I mean god forbid a self-proclaimed fascist/nat-soc follows the rules

2017-12-09 13:40:03 UTC

So you admit it's your personal issue due to personal relationship with TRS? Thanks for being honest. I guess everyone knows what I think of TRS already, no reason to continue discussion.

2017-12-09 13:40:18 UTC

@Hand Banana @Kombat-Unit#0484 We're all white here, spread the love

2017-12-09 13:40:21 UTC

So, what have you done to destroy the Great Satan today, comrades? Having a nice day?

2017-12-09 13:40:30 UTC

@Kombat-Unit#0484 leave my country alone pls

2017-12-09 13:40:33 UTC

Again I ask why hate TRS? You ever listened to the Shoah or Paranormies?

2017-12-09 13:40:33 UTC

It has enough problems

2017-12-09 13:40:44 UTC

TRS is breddy gud

2017-12-09 13:40:45 UTC

Too many problems

2017-12-09 13:40:51 UTC
2017-12-09 13:40:55 UTC

That's why the US needs to die

2017-12-09 13:41:05 UTC

Balkanization or death

2017-12-09 13:41:11 UTC

I can answer if Bob graciously gives me a special permission to shit on TRS.

2017-12-09 13:41:33 UTC

Idgaf, I don't like trs either

2017-12-09 13:41:41 UTC

The Confederacy deserved to win its sovereignty. We went from the American Revolution to being King George all over again.

2017-12-09 13:41:41 UTC

@Kombat-Unit#0484 My only criticism of TRS is that Mike has fag-tier weak legs

2017-12-09 13:41:47 UTC

And he's fat

2017-12-09 13:41:53 UTC

And fucked a kike

2017-12-09 13:41:58 UTC

that too

2017-12-09 13:42:02 UTC

So really dumb criticisms.

2017-12-09 13:42:06 UTC


2017-12-09 13:42:07 UTC

I fucked a kike once

2017-12-09 13:42:10 UTC

Because he divorced his wife.

2017-12-09 13:42:11 UTC


2017-12-09 13:42:12 UTC
2017-12-09 13:42:16 UTC


2017-12-09 13:42:18 UTC

Gross wtf

2017-12-09 13:42:21 UTC

I fucked a 15% kike once.

2017-12-09 13:42:27 UTC

I didn't know at the time

2017-12-09 13:42:30 UTC

@Bob Oliver I was 16 years old and didn't know better

2017-12-09 13:42:40 UTC

sorry fam

2017-12-09 13:42:42 UTC

The pure is the enemy of the good

2017-12-09 13:42:45 UTC


2017-12-09 13:42:49 UTC

Enoch has had a long awakening. He attacks Jewry consistently.

2017-12-09 13:42:51 UTC

@Bob Oliver I REPENTED

2017-12-09 13:42:56 UTC


2017-12-09 13:43:03 UTC

I fucked a Moroccan once. Somehow it's still less disgusting than fucking a jew.

2017-12-09 13:43:04 UTC

I think people doing good now deserve mercy.

2017-12-09 13:43:12 UTC

Still gross

2017-12-09 13:43:15 UTC

But I don't blame TRS for that.

2017-12-09 13:43:33 UTC

Only ideological issues and pathetic bitchfights with everyone more radical but we have been over this six billion times.

2017-12-09 13:43:52 UTC

Everyone fucked something you shouldn't have at some point, it doesn't bar you from being a nazi.

2017-12-09 13:44:04 UTC

They are getting way more woke as this has gone on.

2017-12-09 13:44:07 UTC

Not everyone lol

2017-12-09 13:44:08 UTC

They even jab capitalism now.

2017-12-09 13:44:14 UTC

@Kombat-Unit#0484 Agreed

2017-12-09 13:44:15 UTC

>Pathetic bitchfights with everyone more radical

2017-12-09 13:44:15 UTC

They name the Jew.

2017-12-09 13:44:17 UTC


2017-12-09 13:44:24 UTC

Mike was railing on Capitalists back in April

2017-12-09 13:44:28 UTC

@Kombat-Unit#0484 I used to be a degenerate who didn't care about the race of the girls I fucked

2017-12-09 13:44:37 UTC

Wish I could take that back

2017-12-09 13:44:38 UTC

That's all of us.

2017-12-09 13:44:41 UTC

I've never fucked a non-white

2017-12-09 13:44:42 UTC

Nothing unique about that.

2017-12-09 13:44:43 UTC

Not all

2017-12-09 13:44:50 UTC

@Hand Banana Didn't you say you fucked a jew?

2017-12-09 13:44:53 UTC

With the exception of that mischling I dumped the moment I found out she was part kike

2017-12-09 13:44:54 UTC

We ALL used to be degenerates and most of our converts WILL BE degenerate recently.

2017-12-09 13:45:01 UTC

The NSDAP had this same problem

2017-12-09 13:45:02 UTC

Jews are nonwhite man.

2017-12-09 13:45:07 UTC


2017-12-09 13:45:16 UTC

Broke: Being a man in time
Woke: Being a man against time

2017-12-09 13:45:46 UTC

But we need hearts and minds and most people are caught up in the false ethos.

2017-12-09 13:45:59 UTC

We are by default degenerate pozzed idol worshippers.

2017-12-09 13:46:10 UTC

It takes us to wake people up.

2017-12-09 13:46:14 UTC

To change the ethos.

2017-12-09 13:46:38 UTC

While still a sin, fucking a non-white isn't quite as bad as using porn and jacking off in my opinion. At least the former is still masculine.

2017-12-09 13:46:41 UTC

>tfw caught in the spiders web of letting a europoor with bad opinions upset me


2017-12-09 13:46:51 UTC


2017-12-09 13:46:55 UTC


2017-12-09 13:47:08 UTC

no homo

2017-12-09 13:47:25 UTC

@Kombat-Unit#0484 What country you from?

2017-12-09 13:47:31 UTC

@HaupstĆ¼rmfuhrer Pepe Don't justify fucking nonwhites, just don't do it. I guess we can all admit we would have preferred a white pussy in any case.

2017-12-09 13:47:32 UTC


2017-12-09 13:47:37 UTC

@Kombat-Unit#0484 No, it's wrong

2017-12-09 13:47:48 UTC

I was simply saying that porn is even worse

2017-12-09 13:48:08 UTC

Which is worse, porn or hookers?

2017-12-09 13:48:11 UTC


2017-12-09 13:48:15 UTC


2017-12-09 13:48:17 UTC

Thanks man.

2017-12-09 13:48:19 UTC


2017-12-09 13:48:44 UTC

Masturbation and porn are the two worst blights afflicting young white men.

2017-12-09 13:49:05 UTC

And undoubtedly the cause of lower testosterone in the newest generations.

2017-12-09 13:50:08 UTC

Probably the reason for all this (((depression))) too.

2017-12-09 13:50:47 UTC

Seriously, it's true

2017-12-09 13:51:14 UTC

It generally won't last longer than a couple weeks because of nocturnal emissions (sorry for the info)

2017-12-09 13:51:27 UTC

But besides that the effects are great.

2017-12-09 13:51:38 UTC

More energy when waking up, higher libido, improved skin.

2017-12-09 13:51:48 UTC

And a constant need to seek white pussy.

2017-12-09 13:52:23 UTC

Masturbation was considered unhealthy in the West for centuries until Jews took over medicine.

2017-12-09 13:54:44 UTC

@everyone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xfUzhOxHbA

Ah, here we go, this is what I was looking for. Hope you all have taken US-destruction-pill.

2017-12-09 13:54:50 UTC
2017-12-09 13:55:15 UTC

šŸæ waiting for people to countersignal Heimbowl in his own discord.

2017-12-09 13:55:19 UTC

Np man

2017-12-09 13:55:33 UTC

@Kombat-Unit#0484 based, I thought I wouldn't find any americans who wish for the fall of the U S of A

2017-12-09 13:55:37 UTC


2017-12-09 13:55:55 UTC

@Bucovineanu All redpilled Americans wish for its destruction, don't you worry. TWP and AWD are anti-American.

2017-12-09 13:55:56 UTC


2017-12-09 13:56:11 UTC

@Kombat-Unit#0484 I mean that's not the sort of thing you want to say publically

2017-12-09 13:56:17 UTC

Yes it is.

2017-12-09 13:56:21 UTC

And TWP does.

2017-12-09 13:56:23 UTC

As it should.

2017-12-09 13:56:24 UTC

muh unpatriotic

2017-12-09 13:56:36 UTC

you da ebil commie-arab

2017-12-09 13:56:50 UTC

@Bucovineanu thats were your wrong kiddo

2017-12-09 13:57:00 UTC

@MACrusader no, I mean this is what people will think

2017-12-09 13:57:36 UTC

"This was the reason why we National-Socialists could not consider raising the old flag as a symbolic expression of what we were working for. After all, we did not want to awaken the old-dead Empire, which was destroyed by its own faults. We wanted to build a new State.ā€

2017-12-09 13:57:47 UTC

"It is noteworthy that the significance of these real political successes won by our nation in its struggles, enduring more than a thousand years, were far better understood and appreciated by our adversaries than by ourselves. Even today we still rave about a heroism which robbed our people of millions of its noblest blood-
bearers, but in its ultimate result remained totally finitless.

The distinction between the real political successes of our
people and the national blood spent for finitless aims is of the
greatest importance for our conduct in the present and the future.

**We National Socialists must never under any circumstances
join in the foul hurrah patriotism of our present bourgeois world. **
In particular it is mortally dangerous to regard the last pre- War
developments as binding even in the slightest degree for our own
course. From the whole historical development of the nineteenth
century, not a single obligation can be derived which was
grounded in this period itself In contrast to the conduct of the
representatives of this period, we must again profess the highest
aim of all foreign policy, to wit: to bring the soil into harmony
with the population Yes, from the past we can only learn that, in
setting an objective for our political activity, we must proceed in
two directions: Land and soil as the goal of ourforeign policy, and
a new philosophically established, uniform foundation as the aim
of political activity at home. "

2017-12-09 13:57:49 UTC

Death to the Great Satan , but yea its a pretty devisive topic here in Babylon 2.0

2017-12-09 13:57:49 UTC

- AH

2017-12-09 14:00:10 UTC

How can you still love your country and flag after century of it being the main tool of zog, it's incomprehensible. Even NRM supports destruction of the nordic countries and formation of new state even though we have a coherent ethnic identity and fought for Hitler some decades ago. Because it's not really the same state as it once was, now it's a shithole run by traitors and it needs to burn.

2017-12-09 14:00:55 UTC

Ok Sweden sat our WW2 but Quisling and Mannerheim happily fought the gommies with Hitler.

2017-12-09 14:01:53 UTC

"We had to destroy the state in order to make it more totalitarian"

2017-12-09 14:03:19 UTC

They're pretty totalitarian already, but we need to destroy the sick jewish states to make way for a new, actually pro white one.

2017-12-09 14:04:32 UTC

Imagine how much fun we'll have when we can forbid all faggot marches and degeneracy just by saying they're "against good manners", which is currently a legal blank slate to ban practically anything by the ZOG, the law even states that good manners are defined by the current societal spirit.

2017-12-09 14:04:54 UTC


2017-12-09 14:05:15 UTC

Went to bed with an inch of snow and woke up in Pure Michigan tm

2017-12-09 14:05:23 UTC


2017-12-09 14:05:53 UTC

Time to get that good winter rucking in

2017-12-09 14:10:09 UTC

Damn I just got a bunch of flakes

2017-12-09 14:23:25 UTC

Beautiful dusting.

2017-12-09 14:24:14 UTC

Over there in West Michigan, that lake effect makes it to where you forget grass is a thing for a few months.

2017-12-09 14:29:34 UTC

I hate winter

2017-12-09 14:29:55 UTC

Purely because its inconvenient

2017-12-09 14:35:40 UTC

TWP winter torchlight march when?

2017-12-09 14:36:47 UTC

The light snow. The flame held high. The crunch of boots. "HAIL... DEATH."

2017-12-09 14:44:18 UTC

Need some songs for that

2017-12-09 14:44:50 UTC

We'd need some real torches

2017-12-09 14:45:38 UTC

We'll have to make them

2017-12-09 14:45:47 UTC

I'll save up good pieces of wood

2017-12-09 14:45:49 UTC

I guess

2017-12-09 14:47:25 UTC

@Spiritchef Protip: Hundreds or thousands of people won't be able to sing any song coherently. They won't even manage any longer chants. Best chants have only like a few words or just one, and even they have to be rehearsed a couple of times. Masses are dumb, even nazi masses.

2017-12-09 14:51:29 UTC

For example, a few days ago, the guy leading the chants just shouted a politicians name, and the rest responded with "Race traitor!", and that's about as complicated as it should be, so the entire march can respond with one voice. Even a simple sentence can be fucked up as the intonation varies.

2017-12-09 14:51:52 UTC

Hail Death is short and sweet.

2017-12-09 14:52:01 UTC

Yeah that's good.

2017-12-09 14:52:02 UTC

And spoopy.

2017-12-09 14:52:35 UTC

We're just gonna shout Suomi.

2017-12-09 14:54:06 UTC

One of our chants was "Long live National Socialism", and even that is just two words in Finnish. Seriously, you'd be surprised how hard it is to get a huge amount of people shout anything more complicated. But when it is short and sweet, it's that much more impressive because everyone can manage the timing and shout with one voice.

2017-12-09 14:55:19 UTC

And as big as we are, when you're approaching like four digits not all of them are gonna be hardcore activists, not even here.

2017-12-09 14:55:38 UTC

So even the more casual nazis have to manage.

2017-12-09 14:56:37 UTC

Casual nazis?

2017-12-09 14:56:44 UTC

In my Suomi?

2017-12-09 14:58:40 UTC

Like Hitler said, for every activist there are 10 supporters. It's easy to attend every bigger demo now and then, but the hard work of going out almost every day to build the organization and spread propaganda and what have you, now that's the hard work. If I have some dozens of comrades living around me and taking part in regular activism all the time, then in bigger demos there will be 10 more casual supporters for every one of them, just like MK said.

2017-12-09 15:05:58 UTC

@Kombat-Unit Am I a cuck if I choose to leave America for Europe?

2017-12-09 15:06:03 UTC

Asking for a friend.

2017-12-09 15:07:09 UTC

MK said?

2017-12-09 15:07:42 UTC

Well you were born in America. We still have guns and muh free speech. Once the US is liberated then the whole west will follow.

2017-12-09 15:08:05 UTC

This is their power center.

2017-12-09 15:08:23 UTC

Will the US start? Or will Poland or one of the countries really in the thick of it start?

2017-12-09 15:08:30 UTC


2017-12-09 15:08:42 UTC

Poland and Hungary may start if pressed by EU.

2017-12-09 15:08:51 UTC

Sanctions and shit

2017-12-09 15:08:57 UTC

For refusal of migrants.

2017-12-09 15:12:50 UTC

When the Race War breaks out the Poles will be fighting for the honor of roping either of the negroes in the country.

2017-12-09 15:14:21 UTC

I don't know where the race war breaks out, but it has to have a lot of nonwhites to breed tension and violence and discontent among the people, but that alone is useless unless there is a movement to utilize that hatred for the System and defy it. So the country has to have nonwhites, but a lot of serious nazis.

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