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2017-11-29 04:45:27 UTC

Heil macdonalds

2017-11-29 04:45:40 UTC

26's nikkka

2017-11-29 04:46:16 UTC


2017-11-29 04:46:22 UTC

K that Hitler quote makes me wanna cry

2017-11-29 04:46:40 UTC


2017-11-29 04:46:55 UTC

are those nazis and skellington soldiers crucifying ronald mcdonald?

2017-11-29 04:46:59 UTC

Rape did you try putting siege on lulu again but not making it public and associated with AWD and siege culture

2017-11-29 04:47:10 UTC

Rape did you try putting siege on lulu again but not making it public and associated with AWD and siege culture

2017-11-29 04:47:12 UTC

Rape did you try putting siege on lulu again but not making it public and associated with AWD and siege culture

2017-11-29 04:47:15 UTC


2017-11-29 04:47:17 UTC


2017-11-29 04:47:21 UTC

what is this meme

2017-11-29 04:47:28 UTC

Just roll with it

2017-11-29 04:47:36 UTC

Rape did you try putting siege on lulu again but not making it public and associated with AWD and siege culture

2017-11-29 04:47:43 UTC

@Ardito Rape did you try putting siege on lulu again but not making it public and associated with AWD and siege culture

2017-11-29 04:47:45 UTC


2017-11-29 04:47:47 UTC

Rape did you try putting siege on lulu again but not making it public and associated with AWD and siege culture

2017-11-29 04:47:56 UTC

Rape did you write another homosexual fan fic yet

2017-11-29 04:48:00 UTC

Rape did you try putting siege on lulu again but not making it public and associated with AWD and siege culture

2017-11-29 04:48:03 UTC
2017-11-29 04:48:05 UTC


2017-11-29 04:48:28 UTC


2017-11-29 04:48:42 UTC

Dang Amerimutt memes are coming in strong

2017-11-29 04:48:55 UTC


2017-11-29 04:49:28 UTC

ive never seen a more factual meme tbh

2017-11-29 04:49:30 UTC


2017-11-29 04:49:35 UTC

Is this 26% white or 26% a specific white ethnicity

2017-11-29 04:49:54 UTC

When Major Williams told my gf is being raped by dunecoons and America is Whiter than Europe I laughed out loud IRL because I immediately thought of that meme.

2017-11-29 04:50:08 UTC


2017-11-29 04:50:23 UTC

Praise Kek! Hail Pepe!

2017-11-29 04:50:27 UTC

26% white. but some americans are minus white even. see the following chart for reference:


2017-11-29 04:51:03 UTC

FYI, vetted people can see everything you have deleted from the server options.

2017-11-29 04:51:12 UTC

*I therefore in this hour appeal to the entire German Volk, but especially to my old comrades in arms and all soldiers to arm themsleves with an even greater, hardened spirit of resistance, until as once before, we may lay on the grave of the dead of this mighty struggle, a wreath with a bow inscribed 'you have triumphed in the end'* -Adolf Hitler's last radio address.

2017-11-29 04:51:25 UTC

Idgaf dox me fggts

2017-11-29 04:52:00 UTC

Yeah I was more thinking of your tranny porn

2017-11-29 04:52:08 UTC

Ok the tittie pics from earlier might get me some trouble but ill face post all day

2017-11-29 04:52:10 UTC

Phew good thing I'm definitely above 56%

2017-11-29 04:52:44 UTC

Lmfao yeah srry bout that

2017-11-29 04:53:32 UTC


2017-11-29 04:54:01 UTC

Lol i thought it was erased from all mammories

2017-11-29 04:54:06 UTC

You'll have to do penance by posting thicc booties.

2017-11-29 04:54:24 UTC


2017-11-29 04:54:35 UTC

not that old meme again

2017-11-29 04:56:58 UTC

Hey im on vacation this week.... unpaid lay off week,,,,

2017-11-29 04:57:39 UTC


2017-11-29 04:57:45 UTC


2017-11-29 04:57:52 UTC


2017-11-29 05:00:01 UTC


2017-11-29 05:00:23 UTC

5 miles away from house

2017-11-29 05:00:39 UTC

Northern ky

2017-11-29 05:03:21 UTC

... cooler than anything near your house!

2017-11-29 05:07:59 UTC

I'm fairly certain there used to be KKK meetings about 10-15 miles from me.

2017-11-29 05:08:02 UTC

Does that count?

2017-11-29 05:08:25 UTC

They might still be out there...Idk where they meet I just know the general area. lol

2017-11-29 05:08:34 UTC

There's a place Hitler visited 20 minutes from my house.

2017-11-29 05:08:36 UTC

Pics or didnt happen

2017-11-29 05:10:45 UTC

@Kombat-Unit u in argentina?

2017-11-29 05:11:16 UTC


This also happened less than 2 miles from my place. A lot of cool historical happenings, now its gay and lame.

2017-11-29 05:12:14 UTC

Nice, all that's near me is an army base where the predecessor for the IDF (The Jewish Legion) was trained along with two future Israeli prime ministers

2017-11-29 05:12:38 UTC

@fassel Nah I've got stuff cooler near my house

2017-11-29 05:12:49 UTC

Me 😎

2017-11-29 05:12:51 UTC

SS Officers moved en masse from Germany to a place less than hour on me, and they even have a civic center named after SS scientist Wehrner Von Braun

2017-11-29 05:12:55 UTC

I got a few nazi clubs close to my house though which is cool.

2017-11-29 05:12:59 UTC

Pics or didnt happen @Fevs

2017-11-29 05:13:22 UTC

That's bad opsec fam I'd never dox myself

2017-11-29 05:13:44 UTC

Did a nigger try to stab you in the kidney

2017-11-29 05:13:54 UTC

Lol moths got it fam

2017-11-29 05:14:21 UTC

God damn nigger kike moths done ate up my nazi tee

2017-11-29 05:14:51 UTC


2017-11-29 05:14:57 UTC

I've never heard of moths eating clothing what is this

2017-11-29 05:15:12 UTC


A short ride from my house, probably posted earlier, but I channel the spiritual power of the relic of Hitler, the 9th Avatar.

2017-11-29 05:15:19 UTC

Yeah u gotta keep a peice of cedar wood in ur drawers

2017-11-29 05:15:28 UTC
2017-11-29 05:22:36 UTC


2017-11-29 05:23:14 UTC

Would somebody *prank* this kike already

2017-11-29 07:03:53 UTC

When Paddy first released his song about Tim Wise we contemplated showing up to his house and performing it on the sidewalk for Tim. His recent posts make me more apt to make that happen this time.

2017-11-29 07:04:28 UTC

FYI everything on AR500 is like half off right now

2017-11-29 07:43:16 UTC

Does Fash Emporium take these>

2017-11-29 08:28:30 UTC

Lmfao let Tim come try and destroy White Alabama

2017-11-29 12:08:57 UTC

Tough guy tim

2017-11-29 12:56:49 UTC

Tony's fundraiser is over $4,500.

2017-11-29 13:11:16 UTC

Oh god

2017-11-29 13:11:18 UTC

a nog coworker asked if anybody wanted to buy a baby monkey he has

2017-11-29 13:11:28 UTC

I'm visibly straining to not make a joke that'll get me fired

2017-11-29 13:11:58 UTC

Just breathe through it, guy.

2017-11-29 13:12:18 UTC

Listen to some music refocus

2017-11-29 13:13:27 UTC

He said he's going to bring the monkey to the office tomorow

2017-11-29 13:13:39 UTC

I didn't know Take your Daughter to Work day was here again already

2017-11-29 13:13:58 UTC

Monkey is probably smarter than he is

2017-11-29 13:14:05 UTC


2017-11-29 13:14:12 UTC

Having seen the way he works, that's not wrong

2017-11-29 13:14:32 UTC

Lol I dunno how you held back

2017-11-29 13:14:45 UTC

Tomorrow will be the true test

2017-11-29 13:14:58 UTC

Fortunately I'm a remote employee

2017-11-29 13:15:11 UTC

so I won't have to actually see the thing unless he posts photos

2017-11-29 13:15:25 UTC

Ask him “how can you enslave your own kind? You soulless bastard “

2017-11-29 13:15:39 UTC

*straining intensifies*

2017-11-29 13:21:25 UTC

One of these days I'm going to get fired

2017-11-29 13:33:14 UTC

So there was this nog that use to work in the company I'm at right, totally expected this guy yo fall through somehow, either getting arrested, coming in late, or just not doing his job. He was always late, got arrested, AND it turned out, he wasn't doing half his jobs. Then later, after cleaning out his work truck lol we found the brown bags you always get from liquor stores

2017-11-29 13:33:51 UTC

wtf is happening ironmarch.org just got taken down

2017-11-29 13:34:03 UTC

It was taken down a couple days ago

2017-11-29 13:34:04 UTC

One of the best parts, he would always smoke the stupid fucking "cigars" and they were those nasty ass grape flavored ones lol

2017-11-29 13:35:23 UTC

Today Show host Matt Lauer got fired for sexual harassment shit

2017-11-29 13:46:41 UTC

guess what his heritage is

2017-11-29 13:52:51 UTC

Hmmmmmm <:totenthink:374717028012916746>

2017-11-29 13:55:53 UTC

Good morning, everyone.

2017-11-29 14:58:08 UTC

Damn guys. The Hovaters are sitting on $5,040 and counting. Proud of all of you and everyone else who donated.


2017-11-29 15:04:22 UTC

I saw it at 4k earlier.

2017-11-29 15:04:30 UTC

They deserve it and will need it.

2017-11-29 15:11:01 UTC

That's great. More white babies y'all! Let's do this! Live the 14!

2017-11-29 15:35:42 UTC

Man.... When the Jews do it, it's totally cool. When White Americans do it, we're literally Hitler and/or evil Nazis... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPxv4Aff3IA&t

2017-11-29 15:36:13 UTC

If hypocrisy were made of strawberries, we'd all be drinking a lot of smoothies right now.

2017-11-29 15:40:53 UTC

wtf I love jews now

2017-11-29 15:41:18 UTC

And why does their language sound like they're constantly clearing their throats

2017-11-29 15:55:33 UTC

They are all choking on their matzo balls goy

2017-11-29 16:28:13 UTC

F for this man RIP to a patriot Bosnian war hero dies after swallowing poison in court - CNN. https://apple.news/Aat8i2jsgQKqV9qICM2z7Ew

2017-11-29 16:29:41 UTC

Fixed it it was the auto text from CNN

2017-11-29 16:30:47 UTC


2017-11-29 16:33:48 UTC


2017-11-29 16:34:26 UTC

I feel like putting more TWP propaganda up today. Sounds good to me! 👌

2017-11-29 16:34:58 UTC

Everyone join me! We'll all post our efforts over the period of the day.

2017-11-29 16:35:29 UTC

Post anything pro-white anywhere and document it somehow. Lets get out there!!!

2017-11-29 16:36:38 UTC

I need a new printer myself

2017-11-29 16:38:37 UTC


2017-11-29 16:39:01 UTC

RIP Praljak

2017-11-29 16:39:08 UTC

You did nothing wrong

2017-11-29 16:39:16 UTC

These are going up. I will take pics and vids. Also, follow my shit on snapchat: fashygoy1488

2017-11-29 16:39:50 UTC


2017-11-29 16:40:58 UTC

Don't forget everything is here to download. https://www.tradworker.org/propaganda/

2017-11-29 16:41:48 UTC

YES! Download some propaganda and help me out! Help our race out! Activism Now!

2017-11-29 16:42:02 UTC


2017-11-29 17:04:24 UTC

You got it fam, I'll put some up around the neighborhood now too.

2017-11-29 17:04:38 UTC


2017-11-29 17:27:04 UTC

Good stuff comrade!

2017-11-29 17:34:27 UTC

Just got a printer literally just arrived thx amazon

2017-11-29 17:34:36 UTC

Time to get to work

2017-11-29 17:34:48 UTC

Thx for link @MatthewHeimbach

2017-11-29 17:39:20 UTC

Where are good places to post these outside of school areas? I live in a town where there's really not a lot of foot traffic outside of nogs

2017-11-29 17:41:48 UTC

its always fun to put them up on like a grocery store cork board, community coffee shop etc

2017-11-29 17:41:56 UTC

if they allow the public to post

2017-11-29 17:44:00 UTC

Tell the paki at the convenient store that you wanna put a flier up for your band thats playing this weekend, then do the ol bait n switch, could go days before they take it down

2017-11-29 17:44:30 UTC

Lol that'll work

2017-11-29 17:44:48 UTC

There's a little village near me with community bulletin boards on the street corners. I'll go put some things up.

2017-11-29 18:05:38 UTC

I post mine at street corners usually


2017-11-29 18:07:08 UTC

Or power poles


2017-11-29 18:17:43 UTC


2017-11-29 18:17:54 UTC

The drug addiction poster is still misspelled!

2017-11-29 18:18:23 UTC
2017-11-29 18:18:34 UTC

Haha, that is unfortunate

2017-11-29 18:21:13 UTC

Well shit, first I noticed that.

2017-11-29 18:21:49 UTC

First the missing K's now the T. This madness must be stopped

2017-11-29 18:32:43 UTC

Oh shiz...here we go!

2017-11-29 18:33:07 UTC

Idk man

2017-11-29 18:33:25 UTC

I have mixed feelings about this.

2017-11-29 18:33:27 UTC

Not a great city for this

2017-11-29 18:33:37 UTC

Probably the worst

2017-11-29 18:33:44 UTC

Wes Bellamy is a nigger flags this time?

2017-11-29 18:33:56 UTC

No brand flags, just Bellamy signs

2017-11-29 18:34:26 UTC

Would it be worth investing $50 in Bitcoin ?

2017-11-29 18:34:49 UTC

I would put it in bitcoin cash

2017-11-29 18:34:54 UTC

Instead of just bitcoin

2017-11-29 18:35:07 UTC

I think(normal) bitcoin will have a minor crash soon

2017-11-29 18:38:05 UTC


2017-11-29 18:39:20 UTC

And did Kessler ask a third grader to write that application for him?

2017-11-29 18:40:08 UTC

@Justin Burger (Major-GA) No, the banners need to say "WES BELLAMY IS UNGRATEFUL"

2017-11-29 18:46:30 UTC

I understnd why Kessler wants to do it and I can see the importance, but doing it again there is going to be very dangerous and I don't have great confidence in Kessler's ability to organize it

2017-11-29 18:48:33 UTC


2017-11-29 18:49:03 UTC

@MatthewHeimbach Did he discuss it with you or any other NF groups before filing?

2017-11-29 18:49:25 UTC

We know looking at Pikeville, Shelbyville, and Charlottesville that we can get our message out AND not have to get caught in WW1 style legal trench warfare, if we focus on the communities where folks actually support us

2017-11-29 18:49:28 UTC

and no, he did not

2017-11-29 18:50:25 UTC

That doesn't inspire confidence at all

2017-11-29 18:50:36 UTC

Idk I think we should take hunter wallace's que on this

2017-11-29 18:50:56 UTC

I like Kessler he is a good guy with his heart in the right place but...

2017-11-29 18:52:19 UTC

Hearing about Pikeville was what first made me interested in TWP. I'm more looking forward to another Pikeville-style event. I don't think we yet have the numbers or discipline as a movement to be able to win the Second Battle of Charlottesville

2017-11-29 18:52:39 UTC

We'd need a hell of a lot more Challengers

2017-11-29 18:52:51 UTC

I mean i honestly think we could win, i just dont really see the point in spending the manpower and thousands of dollars in legal fees itd take

2017-11-29 18:52:59 UTC

Its just about resource management

2017-11-29 18:53:10 UTC

That's how I feel any other city would be better almost

2017-11-29 18:53:21 UTC

They let coons attack us with flamethrowers with impunity

2017-11-29 18:53:26 UTC

I think, personally, over rallies you should have a different event helping out white communities over going to a rally that you know will be a clusterfuck.

2017-11-29 18:53:51 UTC

Honestly guys, we're gonna be focusing in 2018 on doing a lot of our own things, that is totally organized and presented by us

2017-11-29 18:53:52 UTC

Instead of having the manpower at the rally, allocate it to where it really counts, imo.

2017-11-29 18:54:07 UTC


If you're interested in donating Bitcoin to the Hovater Support Fund, you can do so here:


2017-11-29 18:54:08 UTC

You better believe any of our boys would have caught a felony if they wore a mask

2017-11-29 18:54:08 UTC

That's the better approach, I agree

2017-11-29 18:54:25 UTC


2017-11-29 18:54:33 UTC

We have the manpower to hold several hundred person rallies, just TWP and our supporters

2017-11-29 18:54:48 UTC

And if we can control our messaging, itd allow us to focus on the issues we actually care about

2017-11-29 18:55:08 UTC

They are sitting at over 5700

2017-11-29 18:55:32 UTC

I agree. Street fights might feel good but they are honestly a net negative if we are coming into a town

2017-11-29 18:55:56 UTC

Let's not forget that half of the alt-right isn't going to ally with us at all. We won't have their numbers next time

2017-11-29 18:56:12 UTC

I vote we do Columbus OH rally...but that's just because I'm already in Columbus 😉

2017-11-29 18:56:18 UTC

With IE splitting and half going civ nat, etc; we need to focus on our Party and our Party alone

2017-11-29 18:56:49 UTC

We are planning a big May Day march in the Midwest, so mark your calenders. The NSDAP took the holiday from the Reds and they are mad about it 80 years later, i plan for us to do the same

2017-11-29 18:57:00 UTC

Its dependant on how man power is spent. Imagine coverage between "neo nazi rally" and "neo nazis helping impoverished whites".

2017-11-29 18:57:23 UTC

It wouldn't even get covered

2017-11-29 18:57:28 UTC

Yeah our people need help with resources, and they need to understand we *get them* and their needs

2017-11-29 18:58:36 UTC

I always saw TWP offering hope to impoverished and broken white communities that have been forsaken by the government and shitty politicians

2017-11-29 18:59:01 UTC

Which the altright fails to do

2017-11-29 18:59:06 UTC

Drugs, unemployment, low wages, healthcare, taxes, etc are what we need to focus on. Race is a given, because we mostly work in like 85%+ White areas

2017-11-29 18:59:18 UTC

National Socialism or nothing!

2017-11-29 18:59:18 UTC

Which is why people flock to you from the altright because they see National Socialism lived out and applied

2017-11-29 18:59:42 UTC

Rural kentucky or the Rust Belt knows about race, but what they really need is one damn political movement to care about making sure they can keep the lights on and their sick kid has medicine

2017-11-29 19:00:43 UTC

As the system continues to fall and racial tensions continually rise TWP is the beacon of light to whites that still have a chance to redeem themselves

2017-11-29 19:00:51 UTC

We dont need to downplay race at all, and we never should, but that isnt the primary concern of our communities. White folks dont have advocates, we need to be those advocates

2017-11-29 19:01:01 UTC

Offering an alternative to this broken and destructive Jewish system

2017-11-29 19:01:23 UTC

I never been to kentucky would be a nice road trip

2017-11-29 19:01:28 UTC

And the continous backing of George Soros to have a "debaucherous heaven".

2017-11-29 19:01:34 UTC

WV is still one of the poorest states right?

2017-11-29 19:01:38 UTC

That could be a good spot

2017-11-29 19:01:42 UTC

Exactly, we need to present policies that actually benefit people

2017-11-29 19:01:56 UTC

Republicans want a tax and healthcare bill that fucks our people ten ways to Sunday
Democrats hate White people

2017-11-29 19:02:09 UTC

literally all we need to do is reliably present a third option, one that puts our people first

2017-11-29 19:02:10 UTC

thats it

2017-11-29 19:02:24 UTC

You dont have to be a strategist or Werner Von Braun to figure out what our people need

2017-11-29 19:03:04 UTC

No, you just need a 10 minute conversation with the normal citizen to formulate the biggest weaknesses of the curent system and use them to tople it.

2017-11-29 19:03:20 UTC

That's why I like this poster so much. I use it a lot.


2017-11-29 19:03:22 UTC

Or atleast, notch at it.

2017-11-29 19:04:04 UTC

I also like the propaganda line that the federal goverment has completely abandoned our ruralite whites

2017-11-29 19:04:11 UTC

Its pretty simple. Honestly y'all, we tried a lot of big tent stuff this year, and we made amazing gains, but i think we've hit the point where for the sake of our people and clarity on to what we actually stand for, we need to mostly just do our own stuff

2017-11-29 19:04:45 UTC

No infighting, counter-signaling etc; we just have a different worldview and strategy than other groups

2017-11-29 19:05:14 UTC

But tbh, I dont see anyone else getting their group invited over to Europe by groups that march 20, 40, 60k people in the streets and have seats in Parliament

2017-11-29 19:05:31 UTC

I agree 100% here no infighting quit bitching that everyone is a fed etc etc

2017-11-29 19:05:52 UTC

NF is going to need to stand alone

2017-11-29 19:06:07 UTC

TWP is going to need to stand alone.

2017-11-29 19:06:22 UTC

Or atleast stand out

2017-11-29 19:06:23 UTC

That too

2017-11-29 19:06:30 UTC

Is RAM part of NF?

2017-11-29 19:06:37 UTC

Honestly @K Martin in many ways thats correct, because as much as I love the League, they dont do anything north of the mason dixon line, which makes sense, that isnt a slight against them

2017-11-29 19:06:48 UTC

and we need to do more public stuff in the midwest, northeast, etc

2017-11-29 19:07:02 UTC

TWP and VA stands out to me

2017-11-29 19:07:11 UTC

Right right.

2017-11-29 19:08:26 UTC

I've certainly got nothing against any of the NF groups.

2017-11-29 19:08:42 UTC

Nah of course not

2017-11-29 19:08:56 UTC

But we do need to be not just another group, but clearly be the political party of White America

2017-11-29 19:09:01 UTC

and have a clear vision, that we define

2017-11-29 19:12:36 UTC

Is there plans to expand in the West? I currently live in Ohio, which has been fantastic for networking with Nationalists, but I'm in a situation where I have to move back to Arizona to help family.

2017-11-29 19:13:00 UTC

We've got guys out there, our Colorado chapter is kicking ass

2017-11-29 19:14:09 UTC

brb y'all

2017-11-29 19:15:13 UTC

With the spelling error fixed.


2017-11-29 19:15:15 UTC

Served up hot and fresh from Jason's desk.

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