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2017-11-24 05:30:43 UTC

Bruh thats woke as fuck

2017-11-24 05:30:55 UTC

@Hadrian Hitler was literally a fed

2017-11-24 05:30:57 UTC

no joke

2017-11-24 05:31:02 UTC

the Army ordered him to infiltrate Drexler's DAP

2017-11-24 05:31:08 UTC

ahaha this is why we need a shitpost channel

2017-11-24 05:31:48 UTC


2017-11-24 05:32:07 UTC

@MatthewHeimbach If you are taking any soros dollars like Alex Jones says, can you distribute the wealth a little? I lost my last soros check in the mail

2017-11-24 05:32:18 UTC

2017-11-24 05:32:40 UTC

We need to have someone contest elections in White Ohio and West Virginia

2017-11-24 05:32:46 UTC

TWP could realistically gain seats

2017-11-24 05:32:46 UTC

Alex Jones said that we were soros shills at cville, guess I missed that check

2017-11-24 05:32:47 UTC


2017-11-24 05:32:51 UTC

And yea go to southern ohio

2017-11-24 05:33:00 UTC

get this guys

2017-11-24 05:33:02 UTC

All natsocs

2017-11-24 05:33:05 UTC

literally jew shills

2017-11-24 05:33:09 UTC

the only way to be authentic natsoc

2017-11-24 05:33:11 UTC

is to be zionist

2017-11-24 05:33:16 UTC

@BasedWhiteGoy Think Heimbowl is still in the EU. Probably wont respond

2017-11-24 05:33:16 UTC

16d chess

2017-11-24 05:33:35 UTC

One of my comrades plans on running for local office as Republican and then switching to TWP

2017-11-24 05:33:36 UTC

The ultimate test of a true fascist is if they own a pair of boat shoes or not. If you don't, you're just a LARPer, sorry guys

2017-11-24 05:33:41 UTC

Oh shit

2017-11-24 05:33:41 UTC

I do

2017-11-24 05:33:49 UTC

> Southern Ohio

Mah Aryan, you know Amanda, Ohio?

2017-11-24 05:33:59 UTC

Yea. I live in northern ohio

2017-11-24 05:34:17 UTC

I am go to southern ohio a lot. Consideing going to OU once I go back to college

2017-11-24 05:34:22 UTC

*I go to

2017-11-24 05:34:56 UTC

I live in Columbus, but I go to Amanda a lot because I have 13 acres to LARP on πŸ‘Œ

2017-11-24 05:35:13 UTC

Private shooting range too

2017-11-24 05:35:15 UTC

Nigger we are both in TWP right brothers discord

2017-11-24 05:35:18 UTC


2017-11-24 05:35:24 UTC

LOL Shieeeet

2017-11-24 05:35:30 UTC

I forget sometimes

2017-11-24 05:35:31 UTC

I knew your name was familiar

2017-11-24 05:35:39 UTC

Just couldn't quite figure out

2017-11-24 05:36:11 UTC

Yeah we picked you up on the way to Sville in the hate van right? Axon was driving and we turned the hate van into a party van

2017-11-24 05:37:22 UTC

oh shit you went to shelbyville?

2017-11-24 05:37:24 UTC

which person were you

2017-11-24 05:37:26 UTC

in the van

2017-11-24 05:37:27 UTC

i forget

2017-11-24 05:38:08 UTC

I was one of the guys in the far back.

2017-11-24 05:38:14 UTC

This guy

2017-11-24 05:38:17 UTC

yea that was annoying as shit. I was sitting up front and after the gas station incident, I had to deal with drunk fevs repeating "Look at me, I'm the captain now" like 500 times @Fevs

2017-11-24 05:38:21 UTC

On the right

2017-11-24 05:38:49 UTC

Better pic

2017-11-24 05:38:51 UTC

oh whaddup. I was the token vanguard guy

2017-11-24 05:39:01 UTC

No shit haha

2017-11-24 05:39:58 UTC

See with all these fake discord names this isn't the first time I've had this problem

2017-11-24 05:41:49 UTC

its all good lol. I was in the akron book club for a while and we pretty much never memorized each other's irl names

2017-11-24 05:41:54 UTC

We would call each other our discord names irl

2017-11-24 05:42:29 UTC

run in elections

2017-11-24 05:42:30 UTC


2017-11-24 05:44:15 UTC

That's pretty much how I remember everyone here anyhow. Feels weird being one of the only people that uses their "real-ish" name. I go by Kam irl but my middle name is indeed "Martin" so thus "K Martin"

2017-11-24 05:44:53 UTC

hol up anyone from Nebraska in here?

2017-11-24 05:45:01 UTC

pretty much the only benefit of being doxxed. I swear I've been turned down for 3 job interviews this month because they probabaly peak my facebook

2017-11-24 05:45:12 UTC

@ac Is that even a state fam

2017-11-24 05:46:06 UTC


2017-11-24 05:49:57 UTC

@BasedWhiteGoy That didn't happen you're a liar

2017-11-24 05:50:14 UTC

nigga you wouldn't remember if it did

2017-11-24 05:50:43 UTC

I could say that you snorted coke off a hooker's ass at a truck stop and my word would be>than yours since I was the only sober person in that van besides tony and axon

2017-11-24 05:51:01 UTC

Implying you didn't drink also

2017-11-24 05:51:04 UTC

Lol you were pretty wasted there and hungover on the way back fam

2017-11-24 05:51:05 UTC

1 beer mate

2017-11-24 05:51:10 UTC

@K Martin CAR SICK

2017-11-24 05:51:12 UTC


2017-11-24 05:51:19 UTC


2017-11-24 05:51:41 UTC

In my defense, that sunday morning I woke up at like 3am and people were just handing me whiskey

2017-11-24 05:51:49 UTC

@Dr.Cocopuff | KY can confirm

2017-11-24 05:51:49 UTC

I actually wanted to drink that night and the next after but I was so tired that I couldn't do it

2017-11-24 05:51:53 UTC

Yeah well we were partying

2017-11-24 05:51:55 UTC

*night after

2017-11-24 05:52:02 UTC

Oh wait you were awake too werent you

2017-11-24 05:52:13 UTC

I don't have much memory of that Sunday morning

2017-11-24 05:52:41 UTC

I dont remember arrivin g in shelbyville, that was a pretty drunken 5 hr ride

2017-11-24 05:52:50 UTC

Likewise. Or how I ended up in that reporter's room.

2017-11-24 05:53:06 UTC

@fassel no shit lol party van nationalism

2017-11-24 05:53:08 UTC

I was pissed as fuck that the person we gave money to for booze walked off with most of our beer and we never got to have any @Fevs

2017-11-24 05:53:13 UTC

Wasn't his fault, was just a shitty situation

2017-11-24 05:53:15 UTC

We got separated

2017-11-24 05:53:21 UTC

Kam didnt u bang that one old chick and cuck her man while he watched in there motel room?

2017-11-24 05:53:33 UTC


2017-11-24 05:53:33 UTC

@BasedWhiteGoy Yeah we gave him a good bit of money too feelsbadman

2017-11-24 05:53:38 UTC

Hush. .

2017-11-24 05:53:50 UTC

That never happened

2017-11-24 05:53:57 UTC

Sunday never happened

2017-11-24 05:54:00 UTC

yea. What if he made up the rumor about antifa coming to the park so he could pull a fast one on us @Fevs

2017-11-24 05:54:05 UTC


2017-11-24 05:54:08 UTC

Saturday night was a spook

2017-11-24 05:54:13 UTC

@K Martin Same motel room you disappeared into later?

2017-11-24 05:54:24 UTC

@BasedWhiteGoy That was a different guy

2017-11-24 05:54:37 UTC

I am just messing around lol

2017-11-24 05:54:49 UTC

I did drink a fair bit of that Jameison we got though

2017-11-24 05:54:56 UTC

*a fair bit*

2017-11-24 05:54:58 UTC

It's not far from the truth

2017-11-24 05:54:59 UTC

I got like 2 beers out of the whole thing

2017-11-24 05:55:06 UTC

Paid like $30 for 2 beers

2017-11-24 05:55:10 UTC

Fuck my life

2017-11-24 05:55:22 UTC

Same he fucked us feelsbadman

2017-11-24 05:55:28 UTC

Next time we see him he owes us drinks

2017-11-24 05:55:32 UTC

Hell yea he does

2017-11-24 05:55:42 UTC

You guys should have gave me the money dummies.

2017-11-24 05:55:48 UTC

I would have done it

2017-11-24 05:55:49 UTC

let the sober guy pay

2017-11-24 05:55:52 UTC

You weren't driving fam

2017-11-24 05:55:56 UTC

Oh tru

2017-11-24 05:55:57 UTC

He is a cool guy though, I trust him. Was just a fucked situation

2017-11-24 05:55:59 UTC

The guy we went with had a car

2017-11-24 05:56:19 UTC

I know the guy who got us the beer, he is trustworthy

2017-11-24 05:56:29 UTC

Yeah he seemed like a cool guy

2017-11-24 05:56:34 UTC

Them damn pigs ruined it

2017-11-24 05:56:45 UTC

I wonder if that guy who was throwing chairs who said hes weevs buddy ever made it home... he lost his keys and was the last one at the motel sunday

2017-11-24 05:57:00 UTC


2017-11-24 05:57:02 UTC

In all seriousness that hotel room i disapreared into - those fuckers were crazy. I'm not surprised at all the cops came to their room after I left. I was the only thing in there that was normal

2017-11-24 05:57:02 UTC

Yea u right

2017-11-24 05:57:07 UTC

He seemed new to the scene, because he walked up to Sacco and said "Do you like whiskey" and didn't understand why everybody was laughing at him

2017-11-24 05:57:22 UTC

He is new to the scene

2017-11-24 05:57:25 UTC

Was his first rally

2017-11-24 05:57:31 UTC

I am the one that encouraged him to go

2017-11-24 05:57:34 UTC

@K Martin then you passed out on the reporters bed LUL

2017-11-24 05:57:39 UTC

Was a good night/morning

2017-11-24 05:57:49 UTC

Th ey came outside to tell us to keep it down cause they had work and then stayed up feedin g you beer and cigs all night and hanging out... lol wtf

2017-11-24 05:57:57 UTC

What were they arguing over that resulted in things getting violent anyways @K Martin

2017-11-24 05:58:06 UTC

They were hanging out with Kam until he got scared and left

2017-11-24 05:58:10 UTC

HE had stole her headphones

2017-11-24 05:58:19 UTC

He was trying to get me to fuck her

2017-11-24 05:58:28 UTC

Did you?

2017-11-24 05:58:29 UTC

Dont lie u hit that

2017-11-24 05:58:32 UTC

I was good on that, and I was wasted.

2017-11-24 05:58:34 UTC

You should've came and got me

2017-11-24 05:58:41 UTC

Nibba noooooo lol

2017-11-24 05:58:48 UTC

Exactly our boy fevs wanted in on it

2017-11-24 05:58:59 UTC

But she was all up on my dick and year I was hard but it was not my reaction

2017-11-24 05:59:04 UTC

That's some pretty individualist behavior

2017-11-24 05:59:06 UTC

I did not want

2017-11-24 05:59:11 UTC

Not letting your comrades cuck some guy in a motel

2017-11-24 05:59:13 UTC

Was she hot

2017-11-24 05:59:16 UTC


2017-11-24 05:59:22 UTC


2017-11-24 05:59:22 UTC

Her man was literally a cuck

2017-11-24 05:59:42 UTC

Yeah he was lol he told e they were "Business parterners"

2017-11-24 05:59:46 UTC

We shoulda ran a train on that roastie

2017-11-24 05:59:47 UTC

Kam turned down sex, who's the real cuck here though

2017-11-24 05:59:56 UTC


2017-11-24 05:59:58 UTC


2017-11-24 06:00:28 UTC

I was pretty sure if I banged that demolished thot, he would stab me in the gut half way through

2017-11-24 06:00:36 UTC


2017-11-24 06:00:42 UTC

Maybe that's the real reason the cops came

2017-11-24 06:00:47 UTC

Somebody fell for it

2017-11-24 06:01:00 UTC

Nah I hear he beat her after, maybe she was lamenting about my lost cock?

2017-11-24 06:01:26 UTC

"I hear" you hear from us other people who have no clue what's going on

2017-11-24 06:01:46 UTC

That's true, one thing i do know is they were both fucking recked off of something other than beer, they never told me what though

2017-11-24 06:01:54 UTC

I just looked out the window of that reporters room and there were 3-4 cop cars sitting in the parking lot and I was just like "well fuck I'm getting arrested"

2017-11-24 06:02:15 UTC

It was actually me that beat her... i had gone all weekend without beating a thot and my addiction kicked in

2017-11-24 06:02:17 UTC

Tradworker's are always supposed to be eatin', not doing a good job of staying true to the tradition martin

2017-11-24 06:02:21 UTC

Who woke up the reporter? How did I end up in his bed?

2017-11-24 06:02:35 UTC

2017-11-24 06:02:38 UTC
2017-11-24 06:02:50 UTC

@fassel GOOD

2017-11-24 06:02:52 UTC

The cops came, Corey started knocking on doors so he could put his bag away

2017-11-24 06:02:54 UTC

Someone needed to

2017-11-24 06:03:05 UTC

What was in the bag fam

2017-11-24 06:03:14 UTC

I cannot confirm nor deny the contents of the bag

2017-11-24 06:03:15 UTC

Guns and drugs?

2017-11-24 06:03:23 UTC

Oh yeah I have only shot like once and some motherfucker from League of the South tried to dump a pistol off on me and make me guard the parking lot at the rally

2017-11-24 06:03:34 UTC

That was bizarre

2017-11-24 06:03:40 UTC

>only shot like once
>is in NF

2017-11-24 06:03:41 UTC

He didn't even know me and just wanted to hand me a gat

2017-11-24 06:03:56 UTC


> Not taking it


2017-11-24 06:03:58 UTC

get to the range fam

2017-11-24 06:04:04 UTC

I do need to get to the range

2017-11-24 06:04:04 UTC

Free gat fam

2017-11-24 06:04:22 UTC

@BasedWhiteGoy You have no excuse to not drive all the way down here to Dayton to join us at the range

2017-11-24 06:04:26 UTC

If u have anything besides gun videos in your recommended youtube feed your a cuck

2017-11-24 06:04:37 UTC

Who me?

2017-11-24 06:04:38 UTC


2017-11-24 06:04:41 UTC

Because accurate

2017-11-24 06:04:50 UTC

and hardbass

2017-11-24 06:05:10 UTC

Fevs I plan on transferring to OSU in 1-2 yrs so if y'all are still going strong then I will probably be around a lot

2017-11-24 06:05:13 UTC


2017-11-24 06:05:16 UTC

Haven't decided yet

2017-11-24 06:05:36 UTC

Nigga take ur next paycheck and buy yourself a handgun

2017-11-24 06:05:40 UTC

I'd pick OU if I were you nigga

2017-11-24 06:05:44 UTC

Don't I need a handgun license for dat shit

2017-11-24 06:05:45 UTC

I've heard only good things about OU

2017-11-24 06:05:55 UTC

But OSU is shit and you have to deal with somalis

2017-11-24 06:05:58 UTC

OU is a great campus, fucking beautiful. Great college town

2017-11-24 06:05:59 UTC

No not to pwn it

2017-11-24 06:06:05 UTC

Just to conceal carry

2017-11-24 06:06:08 UTC

R A C should be in all ur playlists

2017-11-24 06:06:20 UTC

And OSU is a huge campus, can easily avoid people I don't like

2017-11-24 06:06:26 UTC

@fassel he isn't 21 yet he can't buy a handgun

2017-11-24 06:06:27 UTC

Just about to get my concealed carry

2017-11-24 06:06:28 UTC

U can even open carry in most states with no licemse

2017-11-24 06:06:30 UTC

Yea I am 20

2017-11-24 06:06:34 UTC


2017-11-24 06:06:35 UTC

Oh well nvm

2017-11-24 06:06:42 UTC

Age cucked yet again

2017-11-24 06:06:46 UTC

Buy a rifle or shotgun at least

2017-11-24 06:07:00 UTC

@BasedWhiteGoy Get a friend to buy the handgun and transfer it to you

2017-11-24 06:07:08 UTC

Perfectly legal way to get a handgun before 21

2017-11-24 06:07:10 UTC

Did yall see my holster that's coming next week? Bout to open carry everywhere

2017-11-24 06:07:13 UTC

Might buy a rifle. I am joining the guard soon though so I will probably get a gun after I get out of training

2017-11-24 06:07:35 UTC

Going to learn to become a cold, hard killer on zog's dime and they will pay me to go to college

2017-11-24 06:07:38 UTC

Can't beat that niggers

2017-11-24 06:07:40 UTC

@K Martin listening to anything but rac is cuck qualifier

2017-11-24 06:07:42 UTC

@BasedWhiteGoy Build an AK Rifle.

2017-11-24 06:07:52 UTC

AK > AR <:hitlerdab:374715737799131146>

2017-11-24 06:07:55 UTC


2017-11-24 06:08:01 UTC

The virgin AR vs. the chad AK

2017-11-24 06:08:01 UTC


2017-11-24 06:08:29 UTC

the virgin 5.56 vs the chad 7.62x39

2017-11-24 06:08:29 UTC

Ak is cool to own after youve bought an ar for practicality

2017-11-24 06:08:32 UTC

@fassel Agreed.


2017-11-24 06:08:50 UTC

@fassel but what if you have to stockpile ammo

2017-11-24 06:08:53 UTC

Have you guys heard "When fascism came back" the fashwave song?

2017-11-24 06:09:06 UTC

Fashwave is gay imo

2017-11-24 06:09:07 UTC
2017-11-24 06:09:14 UTC
2017-11-24 06:09:16 UTC

@BasedWhiteGoy I also do not mind ARs as well. Just make one suited for Mk 262 Mod 1

2017-11-24 06:09:22 UTC

RAC is king

2017-11-24 06:09:26 UTC

>listening to anything but BASED rappers like lil peep

2017-11-24 06:09:32 UTC

RIP my nigga

2017-11-24 06:09:33 UTC

only genre you'll ever need

2017-11-24 06:09:53 UTC

in the event of a hypothetical civil insurrection in Minecraft happening, most of the ammo a hypothetical player might capture would be NATO

2017-11-24 06:09:54 UTC

I listen to rac while cleanin g my ar

2017-11-24 06:09:55 UTC

Noted @Sir88 will probably hold off on a purchase until i get my killer training from zog

2017-11-24 06:10:09 UTC
2017-11-24 06:10:21 UTC

unless xX_Vladimir_Shootin_Xx decides to airdrop us crates full of AKs

2017-11-24 06:10:27 UTC


2017-11-24 06:10:44 UTC

Serious guys give Landser and other RAC bands a listen

2017-11-24 06:10:47 UTC

Bound for glory best band ever

2017-11-24 06:10:50 UTC

in which case I will wind up looking rather silly

2017-11-24 06:10:55 UTC

When fascism came back...... 40 people stood against hundreds

2017-11-24 06:11:01 UTC


2017-11-24 06:11:08 UTC


2017-11-24 06:11:13 UTC


2017-11-24 06:11:48 UTC

I'm surprised people like him don't get harrassed more often

2017-11-24 06:11:59 UTC

Guys, we are really bad at opsec but the tiki torch rally was peak opsec

2017-11-24 06:12:01 UTC

π˜žπ˜π˜Œπ˜™π˜Œ π˜›π˜π˜Œ π˜π˜œπ˜Šπ˜’ π˜ˆπ˜™π˜Œ π˜ π˜–π˜œ?

2017-11-24 06:12:16 UTC

Peak optic

2017-11-24 06:12:23 UTC

We managed to fake antifa out with a fake cancellation, most of them didn't show up because of it

2017-11-24 06:12:26 UTC

And then we btfo'd them

2017-11-24 06:12:34 UTC


2017-11-24 06:12:35 UTC

Was really solid

2017-11-24 06:12:43 UTC

Tfw didn't go

2017-11-24 06:12:48 UTC

> same

2017-11-24 06:12:51 UTC


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