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2017-11-20 01:50:10 UTC

That pixelated logo tho.

2017-11-20 01:50:58 UTC

I guess I can't sign in there.

2017-11-20 01:52:42 UTC

Your colton.williams login should work.

2017-11-20 01:56:04 UTC

Good song. Where the hell has Paddy been?

2017-11-20 02:03:07 UTC

I haven't seen anything new from him in a while

2017-11-20 02:04:28 UTC

If you goys have steam, add me.

2017-11-20 02:09:49 UTC


2017-11-20 02:10:41 UTC

do you need a license to use it?

2017-11-20 02:11:04 UTC

i have a collapsible baton that requires a training course and certification

2017-11-20 02:11:27 UTC

No idea, I guess it depends on your state

2017-11-20 02:12:37 UTC

@Justin Burger (Major-GA) your friends list is full

2017-11-20 02:15:21 UTC

Add me now.

2017-11-20 02:22:42 UTC
2017-11-20 02:26:38 UTC

so i think we need a TV channel like this

2017-11-20 03:11:00 UTC

So Jacob Goodwin is now in the charlottesville jail with Cantwell

2017-11-20 03:11:26 UTC

Albemarle county jail

2017-11-20 03:11:43 UTC

which one was Goodwin?

2017-11-20 03:14:59 UTC

i magine the charges are worst than cantwell

2017-11-20 03:15:01 UTC


2017-11-20 03:15:27 UTC

I've been keeping in contact with his old man

2017-11-20 03:15:59 UTC

I'm real proud of his mom and dad

2017-11-20 03:16:08 UTC

are they supporting him?

2017-11-20 03:17:21 UTC

Beyond supporting

2017-11-20 03:17:31 UTC

thats awesome

2017-11-20 03:17:32 UTC

They came to speak to us at Shelbyville

2017-11-20 03:17:51 UTC

His dad and I text back and forth sometimes

2017-11-20 03:17:56 UTC

Very nice man

2017-11-20 03:18:47 UTC

thats excellent, they raised up a good kid, hopefully he can get through this without being locked up for too long

2017-11-20 03:19:29 UTC

Does anyone have his address. We all oughta be writing to him

2017-11-20 03:22:01 UTC

Yea.. Post in the announcements page, perhaps when its found.

2017-11-20 03:22:15 UTC

Cantwell will most likely acknowledge it on LFS

2017-11-20 03:23:40 UTC

My buddy John and I ate with Jacob and his dad after a LotS rally in AR before heading over to RG's house. Indeed a great guy and family.

2017-11-20 03:23:55 UTC

Was over the summer

2017-11-20 03:25:28 UTC

I am starting a YouTube channel and I need someone to create a thumbnail for me. I want the twp logo and the words "traditionalist perspective" actor's it. (no, i will not be saying "let's find out!" lol) if you can design me something, PM me.

2017-11-20 04:08:06 UTC

After action report: "5" status confirmed. Worth it? Yeah id say so. Go back for seconds? Not likely.

2017-11-20 04:09:05 UTC

Congrats. Good job @ ur sex life

2017-11-20 04:10:11 UTC

Lol. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do

2017-11-20 04:13:12 UTC

Tradworkers make do

2017-11-20 04:18:36 UTC


2017-11-20 04:36:57 UTC


2017-11-20 04:37:45 UTC

Was that comic supposed to be anti Nazi

2017-11-20 04:38:05 UTC


2017-11-20 04:38:06 UTC

Good leaders will always honor heros

2017-11-20 04:38:55 UTC

Fascist dance party when?

2017-11-20 04:39:30 UTC

I took it as pro nazi, but maybe? Idk, looks like a typical weekend for me

2017-11-20 06:33:38 UTC

Great activism!!!

2017-11-20 06:35:59 UTC

Manson's dead. For anyone who wants to know that.

2017-11-20 06:37:51 UTC


2017-11-20 06:50:12 UTC


2017-11-20 06:50:12 UTC


2017-11-20 06:50:13 UTC


2017-11-20 06:50:13 UTC


2017-11-20 09:04:11 UTC


2017-11-20 12:01:51 UTC


2017-11-20 14:17:47 UTC


2017-11-20 14:25:17 UTC

@AltCelt(IL) in a sense, that is possibly the most accurate thing Jones has said

2017-11-20 14:55:53 UTC

Got a new phone number. If I know you personally, PM me, email me, or contact me via twp dashboard and i will give you my new number.

2017-11-20 15:12:54 UTC

Manson was natsoc.

2017-11-20 15:13:01 UTC

ATWA nibbers.

2017-11-20 15:13:53 UTC

Helter Skelter was his prophesied vision of the race war and its aftermath where he would emerge with his cult as a new religious leader, a neo-Pontifex Maximus of sorts.

2017-11-20 15:26:45 UTC

(gotta be logged in for the link to work)

2017-11-20 15:28:30 UTC

I can't reset my password. Host may have disabled mail function?

2017-11-20 15:30:57 UTC
2017-11-20 15:31:30 UTC

It keeps dropping the connection when I "relogin" also

2017-11-20 15:52:27 UTC

Working on it. :/

2017-11-20 15:53:40 UTC

Can Tel Aviv hacc us?

2017-11-20 16:00:14 UTC

This server is hosted at Mossad HQ

2017-11-20 16:05:33 UTC

Okay. I believe it will work for both of you now.

2017-11-20 16:06:47 UTC

My hacker friend is trying to find an exploit, and this new XMPP server is getting a bunch of flooding attempts that are knocking it offline while I guess-and-check where the weaknesses are.

2017-11-20 16:07:12 UTC

Nothing's been hacked. Just routine port flooding and such.

2017-11-20 16:08:06 UTC

I have a dedicated bitmitigate service forwarding thing set up on it which, in theory, will protect it from DDOS. But there are several different flavors of "flooding" to account for.

2017-11-20 16:21:56 UTC


2017-11-20 16:58:22 UTC

This tranny was the weak link that allowed me to infiltrate a state-wide action and recruitment network for revolutionary communists.
He apparently decided several months ago that he was no longer RevCom and was working with the Sons of Odin, which is odd since I marched with them in Chicago once for a WLM event.
Now apparently he's a roman larper and also a tranny and back to being a communist again.

2017-11-20 16:58:36 UTC

If anyone wants to let them know they have a tranny communist as a member you should

2017-11-20 17:20:58 UTC

Yaw Michigan ni🅱️🅱️as is goofy

2017-11-20 17:26:26 UTC

@Odalman is the guy ^^^2 there the sameone u was tellin me about.

2017-11-20 17:50:59 UTC

@here does anyone have a hatreon account set up? I need some help setting up mine

2017-11-20 17:51:55 UTC

it has 2 numbers that it requires, one is the ABA number which I have

2017-11-20 17:51:59 UTC

the other is "Account Number"

2017-11-20 17:52:01 UTC

what exactly is this one?

2017-11-20 17:52:23 UTC

That's your bank account number.

2017-11-20 17:52:42 UTC

It should be on your checks, ...the one that's not the ABA routing number.

2017-11-20 17:53:03 UTC

You can also contact your bank and find the Direct Deposit. Same numbers.

2017-11-20 17:53:20 UTC

ah right I will have to visit the bank and get that paper printed which has the numbers on it

2017-11-20 17:53:23 UTC

alright thanks

2017-11-20 18:02:52 UTC

Manson was literally our guy.

2017-11-20 18:03:02 UTC

The final Siegepill.

2017-11-20 18:10:29 UTC

@☦Colton of Yore☦ What sort of person could feel anything but joy at the thought of Roman Polanski's kike pervert crew butchered?

2017-11-20 18:10:36 UTC

Charlie's only crime was not getting them all.

2017-11-20 18:11:03 UTC


2017-11-20 18:13:01 UTC

Big if true.

2017-11-20 18:13:12 UTC

Massive if verifiable.

2017-11-20 18:14:27 UTC

Gargantuan if demonstrable.

2017-11-20 18:14:59 UTC

Galactic if certifiable

2017-11-20 18:15:15 UTC

Colossal if substantifiable.

2017-11-20 18:16:00 UTC

Large if certain

2017-11-20 18:16:23 UTC

Sizeable if proven.

2017-11-20 18:16:55 UTC

Huge if accurate

2017-11-20 18:17:00 UTC


2017-11-20 18:17:06 UTC

By the way, had a demo in Germany by Dritte Weg, supported by NRM.


2017-11-20 18:17:21 UTC

Those are good bois.

2017-11-20 18:17:26 UTC

Yes they are.

2017-11-20 18:17:31 UTC

DDW and NRM.

2017-11-20 18:17:31 UTC

Our long time comrades.

2017-11-20 18:17:48 UTC


2017-11-20 18:24:12 UTC

Man i dont get this manson stuff. I thought he was gay? Like David Allen Coe said he was gay when he was locked up with him i thought?

2017-11-20 18:24:43 UTC

I guess that could be bullshit

2017-11-20 18:25:51 UTC

@Kamrin Yeah and Hitler was a transsexual hardcore SM fetishist if you listen to the kikes.

2017-11-20 18:27:12 UTC

They lie to you about Hitler, why wouldn't they do the same about Manson, or anybody else?

2017-11-20 18:27:52 UTC

He wanted to ignite a race war and killed Hollywood degenerates, sounds like a fine guy to me.

2017-11-20 18:28:00 UTC

Well i am pretty sure David Allen is a racist country singer that writes songs about shooting nigs

2017-11-20 18:28:04 UTC

He also made decent music

2017-11-20 18:28:10 UTC

Listened to a good track last night

2017-11-20 18:28:16 UTC

Forgot what it was called

2017-11-20 18:28:20 UTC

I have no idea who David Allen is but sounds like a fag.

2017-11-20 18:28:29 UTC

Gayvid Allen

2017-11-20 18:28:49 UTC

Holyshit david allen coe is awesome

2017-11-20 18:29:05 UTC

He literally sings about lynchings

2017-11-20 18:29:06 UTC

I bet that faggot hasn't even tried to kill Polanski.

2017-11-20 18:29:23 UTC

Coe is johnny rebel right?

2017-11-20 18:29:33 UTC

I dont think so

2017-11-20 18:29:40 UTC

I dont know though

2017-11-20 18:29:56 UTC

Think more than one has used johny reb

2017-11-20 18:29:57 UTC

It's kind of mindboggling how anyone can pretend killing pedophile kikes is bad.

2017-11-20 18:30:15 UTC

I think his wiki suggests it

2017-11-20 18:30:21 UTC

Not sure if he ever admitted it

2017-11-20 18:30:54 UTC

Yeah i guess dave taught charlie to play guitar

2017-11-20 18:31:05 UTC

Said he was a closet homo

2017-11-20 18:31:28 UTC

Again could be bullshit

2017-11-20 18:31:45 UTC

Charlie > Literally Who DAVID Allen Cohen

2017-11-20 18:32:13 UTC


2017-11-20 18:32:14 UTC

Is that his real name?

2017-11-20 18:34:16 UTC

If it is, I'm not seeing any references to it

2017-11-20 18:34:32 UTC


2017-11-20 18:34:35 UTC


2017-11-20 18:34:37 UTC

Died last year

2017-11-20 18:34:50 UTC


2017-11-20 18:34:55 UTC

At any rate, he might be a solid musician but if Coe is gonna cast aspersions on Charles Manson, I'm prepared to call him an honorary Cohen

2017-11-20 18:35:56 UTC


2017-11-20 18:51:17 UTC

He has a done some niggers never die they just smell that way

2017-11-20 19:04:50 UTC

Varg took the SIEGEpill


2017-11-20 19:15:00 UTC

Coe and Rebel are two different people. Both have cucked on the racial issue now, though.

2017-11-20 19:46:42 UTC

My school got flyered

2017-11-20 20:07:04 UTC

lol wonder who did that

2017-11-20 20:07:46 UTC

Not me surprisingly

2017-11-20 20:10:35 UTC

Really ah interesting

2017-11-20 20:10:54 UTC

That’s cool tho to know you have comrades in the area

2017-11-20 20:11:03 UTC

Yeah that's why it's better that I didn't

2017-11-20 20:12:10 UTC

Not saying I know a guy, but I might know a guy...

2017-11-20 20:14:09 UTC

Well I'd love to get in touch

2017-11-20 20:17:05 UTC

I’ll see what he says

2017-11-20 20:17:56 UTC


2017-11-20 20:18:10 UTC

Normie sent me this

2017-11-20 20:53:16 UTC

We need more pro nazi bar owners...

2017-11-20 20:54:35 UTC


2017-11-20 20:54:43 UTC

Nazi bars are awesome.

2017-11-20 20:55:51 UTC

We could put strict dresscodes in place that will weed out any niggers or faggots

2017-11-20 20:56:10 UTC

jews defecating on women?

2017-11-20 20:56:21 UTC


2017-11-20 20:56:38 UTC

RIP Louisville

2017-11-20 20:56:49 UTC

Fucking taking duckkies on a bitch

2017-11-20 20:57:07 UTC


2017-11-20 21:08:55 UTC

Anyone know what happened at NPI?

2017-11-20 21:09:07 UTC

I haven't heard anything yet

2017-11-20 21:09:24 UTC

Heard they were kicked from the venue

2017-11-20 21:12:36 UTC

Appearntly they had some super good opsec

2017-11-20 21:14:06 UTC

Red pill me on that goy

2017-11-20 21:14:38 UTC

I was reading some shit on /pol/ which was mostly autistic scretching about it.

2017-11-20 22:32:07 UTC

Fuck antifa

2017-11-20 22:32:23 UTC

I agree

2017-11-20 22:32:39 UTC

TBH, I don't get what Antifa's ideology even is.

2017-11-20 22:33:30 UTC

Antifa's ideology is "fuck nahtzees"

2017-11-20 22:33:31 UTC

This is not going to end well

2017-11-20 22:33:36 UTC

While having no idea what that means

2017-11-20 22:33:51 UTC

I think it's some sort of Anarcho-Communism

2017-11-20 22:33:58 UTC

Not sure how that's suppose to work :/

2017-11-20 22:34:13 UTC

True, I've met an actual ideological AnCom once

2017-11-20 22:34:20 UTC

More to the Anarchist side tbh

2017-11-20 22:34:33 UTC

Well it literally makes no sense

2017-11-20 22:34:47 UTC

Which Orwell discovered to his chagrin

2017-11-20 22:34:53 UTC

Anarchism and Communism contradict in every fucking way lmfao

2017-11-20 22:35:17 UTC

They work together until their revolution actually starts to succeed

2017-11-20 22:35:31 UTC

then the anarchs get rekt

2017-11-20 22:35:40 UTC

Yeah but history shows that it never has nor will work.

2017-11-20 22:36:05 UTC

Time to redpill the Anarchists? <:totenthink:374717028012916746>

2017-11-20 22:36:20 UTC


2017-11-20 22:36:28 UTC

That emoji <:thumbsupreich:374715790693367808>

2017-11-20 22:37:38 UTC

ANCAPS are good people who dont want to give up their freedom.

2017-11-20 22:37:48 UTC

easily convertible.

2017-11-20 22:38:47 UTC

There was a kid who goes to my school and he wore a shirt with an edited version of the Antifa logo and it was the ordinary Antifa logo but with the Gay pride rainbow colors ;P

2017-11-20 22:39:05 UTC


2017-11-20 22:39:34 UTC

automated luxury gay space Communism when?

2017-11-20 22:39:34 UTC

I bet if I wore an "It's okay to be White" shirt I'd get written up for hate speech.

2017-11-20 22:42:19 UTC

Truth be told, anarchists and communists don't always get along, in Greece the commies rather prefer working with cops than anarchists, and likewise you won't really see open commies in anarchist demos here, but in USA they get along just fine for some reason.

2017-11-20 22:42:39 UTC

Even in fucking Leafistan anarchists and commies tried to kill one another in the 1930s over the Spanish issue.

2017-11-20 22:42:49 UTC


The establishment has gone off their rocker, and they will pay for it with all the woke people their hypocrisy breeds.

We really need to capitalize on the "IOTBW" propaganda.

2017-11-20 22:45:31 UTC


This video has anarchists and commies haymakering the living shit out of one another.

2017-11-20 22:45:49 UTC

wtf I love commies now

2017-11-20 22:45:53 UTC

IOTBW is appearing all over my workplace in graffiti now
Along with a swazi in one case
It wasn't even me, I just put up stickers

2017-11-20 22:46:43 UTC

So I gotta ask, What do you guys think about Richard Spencer and his spectrum of the Alt-Right?

2017-11-20 22:46:47 UTC

Tankies have a great potential of becoming fascists.

2017-11-20 22:46:50 UTC

nov 2015

2017-11-20 22:47:08 UTC

Earlier this year we had a former Communist Party higher up as speaker who had joined NRM because the modern reds are too cucked.

2017-11-20 22:47:32 UTC

Jörgen Kromann, fucking great guy, he even told the antifas he didn't know if they were men or women, but they were "whores of the system".

2017-11-20 22:47:37 UTC

S a v a g e ex-red

2017-11-20 22:48:02 UTC

stalinists are the easiest to convert

2017-11-20 22:48:13 UTC

we have some ex antifa

2017-11-20 22:48:15 UTC


2017-11-20 22:48:17 UTC


2017-11-20 22:48:23 UTC


2017-11-20 22:49:20 UTC

We have a certain extremist natsoc organization trying to befriend antifa, I say we go for the 10 black nationalists that aren't leftists yet, rockwell had good success with them.

2017-11-20 22:49:49 UTC
2017-11-20 22:49:49 UTC

We're not going to get anything from black nationalists, it's a cliche idea.

2017-11-20 22:49:53 UTC

KKE were scum for a long time, but they are much better than Syriza. They are anti-immigrant (mostly) and anti-queer.

2017-11-20 22:49:59 UTC

Blacks are already prone to conspiracy theories, they'd be down to get #woke

2017-11-20 22:50:03 UTC

excellent read on good ole charlie

2017-11-20 22:50:14 UTC

It'd be better to put antifa against actual communists

2017-11-20 22:50:24 UTC

@John Mosby KKE are reds for sure, but they're the old type reds.

2017-11-20 22:50:31 UTC

I had one antifa faggot go on about how reds were actually fascists lol

2017-11-20 22:50:38 UTC

They identify as Marxists/Leninists, but they behave more like Soviets.

2017-11-20 22:50:42 UTC

yeah I don't think most of anti-fa have a set doctrine, but I think as they mature some leaders will arise that will break them apart

2017-11-20 22:50:48 UTC

National Socialism is going REALLY good in England from what I've last seen.

2017-11-20 22:51:07 UTC

@John Mosby Shock reveal: People identifying as Marxist-Leninists act like people identifying as Marxist-Leninist.

2017-11-20 22:51:31 UTC

@Chunk Yogurt Well, they've been cracking down on people

2017-11-20 22:51:39 UTC

I've heard of guys getting arrested for visiting IM and such

2017-11-20 22:52:01 UTC

Yeah they unfortunately outlawed National Action.

2017-11-20 22:52:15 UTC

Antifa is just opposing what they see as fascism, and nothing beyond that. Trying to ascribe some wide coherent ideology to them is pointless.

2017-11-20 22:52:29 UTC

The White Dragon has fallen, as prophesied.

The Celts need to cut the cord.

2017-11-20 22:52:31 UTC

their only purpose is to oppose nazies

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