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2017-11-08 19:31:50 UTC

we don't

2017-11-08 19:31:59 UTC


2017-11-08 19:32:12 UTC

I get fucking sick of people thinking it is

2017-11-08 19:33:33 UTC

though I somewhat doubt that there are leftists in here, for the simple fact that it would have been shut down

2017-11-08 19:33:59 UTC

There is at the least one person monitering this.

2017-11-08 19:34:19 UTC

They know who they are.

2017-11-08 19:34:25 UTC

They know what comes for them.

2017-11-08 19:37:52 UTC

Never not assume anything.

2017-11-08 19:38:02 UTC

Always speak as if you're being watched.

2017-11-08 19:38:21 UTC

Fuck yeah. I love cheese burgers.

2017-11-08 19:38:42 UTC

ah, a good American

2017-11-08 19:38:51 UTC

Can I at least imagine it

2017-11-08 19:38:54 UTC

I love capitalism and democracy.

2017-11-08 19:39:09 UTC

Israel is our greatest ally

2017-11-08 19:39:28 UTC

is one one of thoese teen antifa girls trying to be hardcore that ends up getting verbally abused by a literal Nazi.

2017-11-08 19:39:34 UTC

FFS i love those.

2017-11-08 19:39:53 UTC

We disavow neo Nazis like Spencer and Identity Evropa

2017-11-08 19:40:28 UTC

can't stand them tbh


2017-11-08 19:40:30 UTC

far too radical

2017-11-08 19:40:44 UTC

The girl on the right of [REDACTED] FROM [REDACTED].

is so fucking cute


2017-11-08 19:41:22 UTC

She's my dream slave-girl.

2017-11-08 19:41:32 UTC

The little petite red-head

2017-11-08 19:41:40 UTC


2017-11-08 19:41:51 UTC

I was going to join IE but they told me I’d be required to get a swastika tattoo on my forehead. Too hardcore for me

2017-11-08 19:42:25 UTC

The cuckfaggot. That my cute little aryan antifa is next to is [REDACTED].

2017-11-08 19:42:53 UTC

Admins are asleep

2017-11-08 19:43:03 UTC

Post antifa-slave-girls.

2017-11-08 19:44:51 UTC

I talked to some German antifa girl cause she thought I was ALF.

2017-11-08 19:45:05 UTC

Did you knock her up.

2017-11-08 19:45:16 UTC

Im not in germany

2017-11-08 19:45:16 UTC

And force her into your haram after

2017-11-08 19:45:21 UTC


2017-11-08 19:45:24 UTC


2017-11-08 19:45:28 UTC


2017-11-08 19:45:37 UTC

Thats my fursona.

2017-11-08 19:46:22 UTC

The only meat I eat

2017-11-08 19:46:33 UTC

Is [REDACTED]'s ass.

2017-11-08 19:58:03 UTC

Damn this chat gets kinky when the mods are asleep.

2017-11-08 19:59:34 UTC


2017-11-08 20:14:57 UTC


2017-11-08 20:15:10 UTC

>[REDACTED]'s ass

2017-11-08 20:15:47 UTC

The line between memes and reality is being destroyed

2017-11-08 20:18:49 UTC

Look at this bitches face in that video lol wtf


2017-11-08 20:19:57 UTC

Her face is giving off some Elle Reeve vibes

2017-11-08 20:21:08 UTC


2017-11-08 20:21:48 UTC


2017-11-08 20:22:31 UTC

I would hate-fuck elle reeve tbh

2017-11-08 20:23:03 UTC

Id make her wear a paper bag though probably

2017-11-08 20:24:09 UTC

Want her #?

2017-11-08 20:24:19 UTC


2017-11-08 20:24:45 UTC

Yeah Ill send her a dick pic

2017-11-08 20:25:34 UTC

πŸ† πŸ’¦

2017-11-08 20:25:47 UTC

Guy bitcoin just cancelled the fork

2017-11-08 20:26:14 UTC

Probably want to move to altcoin

2017-11-08 20:31:47 UTC

Do not harass this poor woman, she's just an innocent journalist. This is purely if you want to give an interview to Elle for Vice


2017-11-08 20:32:59 UTC


2017-11-08 20:33:10 UTC


2017-11-08 20:33:40 UTC

"Hello? Hi, yes, sorry to bother you, is a Mr. Christopher Cantwell available please? He's been missing and we thought he might be at your place"

2017-11-08 20:37:37 UTC

@fassel First time I've heard someone has FAS fetish.

2017-11-08 20:39:11 UTC

I know. Im a degenerate

2017-11-08 20:39:43 UTC

So uhhhh

2017-11-08 20:39:46 UTC

Actually its more the fish face that does it for me. Shes like a reverse mermaid

2017-11-08 20:40:09 UTC

Remember that Kansas nigger's car that got graffitied?

2017-11-08 20:40:15 UTC

Like a week ago

2017-11-08 20:40:59 UTC

Hey Dauntarius, whatcha doin?

2017-11-08 20:41:23 UTC

"Boy" lol

2017-11-08 20:41:38 UTC

I would have wrote "your name is toby!"

2017-11-08 20:43:02 UTC

It even had a hail Hortler swazi on it

2017-11-08 20:44:07 UTC


2017-11-08 20:52:03 UTC

Heard this on wolfman activism podcast today, pretty catchy

2017-11-08 21:12:06 UTC

Wtf is happening here

2017-11-08 21:36:26 UTC

I am doxxed, yay

2017-11-08 21:36:30 UTC

I am on the left.

2017-11-08 21:37:09 UTC

This is my 3rd doxxing. I expect nothing to come of it

2017-11-08 21:37:12 UTC

I remember meeting you

2017-11-08 21:38:44 UTC

Jesus Christ this article is terrible

2017-11-08 21:38:55 UTC

Menace a church by bringing light to the victims of a nog.

2017-11-08 21:38:55 UTC

They claim we're all Identity Europa

2017-11-08 21:39:36 UTC

They say me and you are TWP, but we lied saying we are IE to bring a bad light to IE.

2017-11-08 21:39:50 UTC

Me and you never said our affiliations, the guys we were with were IE.

2017-11-08 21:41:05 UTC

Yeah I read more and at least they got that right

2017-11-08 21:41:32 UTC

I don't really care what they say about me if they spell me name right

2017-11-08 21:41:55 UTC

I feel proud tbh.

2017-11-08 21:42:08 UTC

Getting doxxed is like a badge of honor, proving your legit.

2017-11-08 21:42:35 UTC

They also claim I've been "further radicalized." Nigga I ain't moved any further right since the Auburn event

2017-11-08 21:42:51 UTC

At least they got my info right.

2017-11-08 21:44:07 UTC


2017-11-08 21:44:17 UTC

They said my last name is William.

2017-11-08 21:44:26 UTC

My real middle name is Lamar.

2017-11-08 21:44:30 UTC


2017-11-08 21:44:55 UTC

Who was this Michael Hayden character

2017-11-08 21:45:40 UTC

"Militant racist"

2017-11-08 21:47:05 UTC

Being an open nazi, that's the only way to be worth living βœ‹πŸ»

2017-11-08 21:57:14 UTC

I made a thing

2017-11-08 21:57:18 UTC

Also like my page

2017-11-08 22:02:15 UTC

apparently someone is trying to get antifa to post my photo saying I'm a member of antifa and that I fought back in Shelbyville lmao

2017-11-08 22:02:36 UTC


2017-11-08 22:03:00 UTC

"The point of the troll and where you might decide to work with me after all.is this. It would absolutely devastate him to be associated with you. I may have indifference to antifa, but he has seething hatred towards your organization and struggle. If he was made fake news famous as a member of antifa, it would destroy his credibility amongst his white lives matter and kkk buddies.

Imagine if how shattered Richard Spencer would be if everything he stands against suddenly endorsed him. It'd be the same, but on a smaller level."

2017-11-08 22:03:10 UTC

In my early days a dumbass known as "Jake Von Ott" tried to smear my name as antifa and tried to say i was only in it for WN movement for the memes.

2017-11-08 22:03:12 UTC

that was a post sent to an antifa page

2017-11-08 22:05:39 UTC

what an autist

2017-11-08 22:06:20 UTC

I'm glad I opted out of kleve's church stunt. I'm self doxxed, but pissin on a church living in a Catholic town is probably suicide

2017-11-08 22:06:40 UTC

If it makes you feel better, the antifascists are thinking exactly the same: "What a retard/autist"

2017-11-08 22:07:07 UTC

ya and he posted it all publicly

2017-11-08 22:07:26 UTC

@RaHoWa Ryan The event was really innocent, they held like a banner and that's it. Right?

2017-11-08 22:08:54 UTC
2017-11-08 22:09:00 UTC

@RaHoWa Ryan no kidding

2017-11-08 22:09:02 UTC

we told him

2017-11-08 22:09:04 UTC

we fucking told him

2017-11-08 22:12:57 UTC

@Kombat-Unit. Yeah. Wasnt a big deal. Not knowing the spin on it could prove dangerous though. Dan didn't believe they would

2017-11-08 22:16:13 UTC


2017-11-08 22:43:00 UTC


2017-11-08 22:43:07 UTC

Pretty solid point on that article

2017-11-08 22:50:20 UTC

Wasnt hitler the drummer for skrewdriver..? Or was that someone else

2017-11-08 23:01:00 UTC

@Kombat-Unit ain't done nothin if you aint been called a nazi

2017-11-08 23:02:12 UTC

IGD is an ass website anyway

2017-11-08 23:03:14 UTC

My home address and everything is on the net, Nordfront is the first site that shows up when you google my name. And fucking nothing has happened. Doxing is like a rite of passage, feels damn liberating when you can do whatever you please.

2017-11-08 23:03:27 UTC

https://itsgoingdown.org/contribute/ holy shit negroes; we can post misleading information on their website

2017-11-08 23:03:54 UTC

it wouldnt be flawless

2017-11-08 23:19:28 UTC

Hey lads

2017-11-08 23:19:38 UTC

This weird site is doxing our boys

2017-11-08 23:19:45 UTC

Help me destory this wiki

2017-11-08 23:20:53 UTC

@Spiritchef How are you "destroying a wiki"?

2017-11-08 23:21:22 UTC

Tony is the man. He is the guy that got me into twp.

2017-11-08 23:21:25 UTC

FYI, there's a rollback option so if you intend to vandalize it can all be undone in literally 2 seconds.

2017-11-08 23:21:40 UTC

Reporting the wiki to the wikia host might produce actual results.

2017-11-08 23:21:42 UTC

Im not showing up in the change log

2017-11-08 23:22:00 UTC

He likely wont notice it until a few weeks down the road

2017-11-08 23:22:00 UTC

Yeah but mods can revert all changes made by an user in the mod panel.

2017-11-08 23:22:07 UTC


2017-11-08 23:22:15 UTC


2017-11-08 23:22:49 UTC

Just report the wikia site as it is not hosted by anyone, it's one of those free wiki things and they actually take down stuff.

2017-11-08 23:29:09 UTC

I'll let him restore first

2017-11-08 23:29:12 UTC

Wait a day

2017-11-08 23:29:18 UTC


2017-11-08 23:29:36 UTC

I nuked all the low level compromising guys pages

2017-11-08 23:29:47 UTC

The part that will fuck his wiki up

2017-11-08 23:30:16 UTC

Half of the "american fascists" are movie and video game characters

2017-11-08 23:30:27 UTC


Why not just report it right now, all the offending material is easily accessible. Wikia has some rules against harassment and doxing.

2017-11-08 23:30:37 UTC

Are one of u guys editing that article?

2017-11-08 23:30:52 UTC

Spiritchef is the Spiritchef editing.

2017-11-08 23:31:01 UTC

I cant cause i am on my phone

2017-11-08 23:31:43 UTC

Im reporting now

2017-11-08 23:31:57 UTC

For anyone that wants to just mess around

2017-11-08 23:32:13 UTC

Oh shit can one of u pls make it say "Tony hates your mom jokes. He once tore a mans head off with his bare hands for telling one"

2017-11-08 23:32:50 UTC

It will be the best thing ever fot my chapter

2017-11-08 23:33:04 UTC

Just wait till you get home

2017-11-08 23:33:48 UTC

@fassel flcan u get in there?

2017-11-08 23:34:02 UTC

I got 10hrs left at work

2017-11-08 23:35:25 UTC

Yeah i can check ot out, looks like i gotta make an account hol up

2017-11-08 23:35:41 UTC

This is gonna be awesome

2017-11-08 23:39:58 UTC

Ur the best fassel i already got it caped

2017-11-08 23:40:09 UTC


2017-11-08 23:42:04 UTC

Writing recognizably as a nazi might not be a good idea since you're displaying your IP address to the mods of the site. Just fyi if someone cares.

2017-11-08 23:43:16 UTC

Meh, they can suck my dick, dox me faggots!

2017-11-08 23:43:46 UTC

That's the spirit.

2017-11-08 23:45:09 UTC

wtf is this wiki even

2017-11-08 23:48:03 UTC

Doooo itttt

2017-11-08 23:48:38 UTC


2017-11-08 23:48:45 UTC

Just finished

2017-11-08 23:48:53 UTC

Hope some of you do the same

2017-11-08 23:49:17 UTC

Make sure to say that I have sick abs and can run really really fast in the article. Oh and mention you heard I can dunk.

2017-11-08 23:49:44 UTC

dont be proud of that fact. basketball is a negro sport :p

2017-11-08 23:49:46 UTC


2017-11-08 23:50:12 UTC

Dunked OVER a negro. Thus asserting racial dominance.

2017-11-08 23:51:16 UTC

Fuck those IGD commies

2017-11-08 23:52:36 UTC

We should talk about ur white sharia hariams in ohio aswell

2017-11-08 23:53:11 UTC

Say I'm anprim too

2017-11-08 23:53:18 UTC


2017-11-08 23:56:19 UTC


2017-11-08 23:57:45 UTC


2017-11-09 00:00:09 UTC

Saved. I plan on this being my obituary.

2017-11-09 00:00:38 UTC

It will be engraved on your headstone

2017-11-09 00:03:27 UTC

Lol what site is this from?

2017-11-09 00:03:42 UTC

Nazi dox wiki?

2017-11-09 00:18:56 UTC

I didn't know Tony was so based.

2017-11-09 00:23:08 UTC

Yeah but he over exaggerates his abs it appears

2017-11-09 00:42:22 UTC

good memories

2017-11-09 00:42:22 UTC


2017-11-09 00:42:58 UTC

new channel for the disimentation of rally videos and various nazi propaganda

2017-11-09 01:32:45 UTC

great video man!

2017-11-09 01:33:09 UTC

needs more gimbal πŸ˜„

2017-11-09 01:52:01 UTC

I been putting up propaganda posters all over town, how do I post them here?

2017-11-09 01:52:45 UTC

Just DO it.

2017-11-09 02:06:38 UTC

@DAMJ do you have them on your computer

2017-11-09 02:06:58 UTC


2017-11-09 02:07:17 UTC

just click the upload button on the send message bar

2017-11-09 02:07:20 UTC

i think

2017-11-09 02:07:28 UTC

Otherwise get them onto your computer and drag+drop

2017-11-09 02:08:56 UTC

It's a plus now, I think

2017-11-09 02:09:11 UTC

The button left of the text field ( + )

2017-11-09 02:09:16 UTC


2017-11-09 02:10:15 UTC

Thanks guy's!!!

2017-11-09 02:10:57 UTC


2017-11-09 02:11:01 UTC

You gonna post them here or what

2017-11-09 02:11:59 UTC

I did (the place I'm at don't have good service) the bar saying I'm done is almost full

2017-11-09 02:14:59 UTC

Hot dam it worked (there was more but I deleted them)





2017-11-09 02:17:49 UTC

I apologize for the quality(still getting used to it-

2017-11-09 02:18:34 UTC


2017-11-09 02:18:43 UTC

tommorow post the local news story

2017-11-09 02:19:08 UTC


2017-11-09 02:20:27 UTC

Shit, I been threw up 'it's okay to be white' posters on the main entrance to the high school...I suspect I'm in a place were we are welcomed

2017-11-09 02:20:33 UTC

Schlomo Shekelstein, Reform Rabbi: Oyy Veyy! The Goys are aw-I mean the anti-semytes are attacking us! We need to ban freedom to protect doy Choysen people!

2017-11-09 02:20:46 UTC


2017-11-09 02:20:57 UTC

you want to hear LaQuisha Brown weigh in?

2017-11-09 02:21:25 UTC


2017-11-09 02:22:43 UTC

LaQuisha Brown, Director of Anytown Community Engagement: Yas, dis is hurtin da black youth. Dese Ignorant White Folks don't understand our struggle. Witey, gib money

2017-11-09 02:23:53 UTC

Lol...thank you for your erudite perspective laquisha...noted

2017-11-09 02:27:07 UTC

Honestly, if you sit here and bitch about another group, then you should be doing street activism, at least, once a week.

2017-11-09 02:27:24 UTC


Cheers brother!!!!

2017-11-09 02:27:42 UTC

oh man

2017-11-09 02:28:59 UTC

We can sit here and bitch all day long, but if you aren't doing the activism to prove your opposition wrong, then it is nothing but empty rhetoric.

2017-11-09 02:29:13 UTC


2017-11-09 02:29:24 UTC

I try to do stuff every other week

2017-11-09 02:29:29 UTC

due to work restraints

2017-11-09 02:31:18 UTC

Not to "toot" my own shit, but TN does activism on a weekly basis.

I am a firm believer that "actions speak louder than words".

2017-11-09 02:34:11 UTC

I am just sick of hearing: "TRS are gay", "enoch is a kike", and "IE are fags"....prove it....

2017-11-09 02:35:18 UTC

We are in an internal "cold war"...bitching doesn't do shit.

We need healthy competition.

2017-11-09 02:37:05 UTC

"Cold war" competition only breeds healthy competion.

Online bitching only perpetuates net-nazi "activism".

2017-11-09 02:37:28 UTC

I don't get why we go after people who are close-ish to our views

2017-11-09 02:37:36 UTC

That's why the russian whites failed

2017-11-09 02:37:39 UTC

they shot each other

2017-11-09 02:38:17 UTC

Bitching about someone in the movement isn't helping the movement

2017-11-09 02:38:34 UTC

I can understand people's natural competition...I don't understand unhealthy "knitting-circles".

2017-11-09 02:39:00 UTC

gossiping and bitching

2017-11-09 02:39:20 UTC

I'm on a few orthodox-NS servers that are like that; they only bitch about other people from behind computer screens

2017-11-09 02:39:23 UTC

Competition breeds true healthy competition. Baseless bitching breeds complacency.

2017-11-09 02:39:29 UTC


2017-11-09 02:39:38 UTC

What he said

2017-11-09 02:39:55 UTC


Are you Orthodox Christian?

2017-11-09 02:40:40 UTC

I didn't know if u meant "little o" orthodox, or "big O" Orthodox...

2017-11-09 02:41:19 UTC

Damn, I got a nigger mayor(who knew)

2017-11-09 02:42:34 UTC

fyi, I am Orthodox, but I respect orthodoxy.

2017-11-09 02:43:37 UTC

@John Mosby Little o. I'm catholic. I'm just talking guys who live and breathe Esoteric Hitlerism

2017-11-09 02:43:51 UTC

I respect my RC brothers.

2017-11-09 02:44:02 UTC

I'm esoteric Heimbach

2017-11-09 02:44:15 UTC

I've thought about becoming Greek Catholic because the services seem nicer.

2017-11-09 02:44:21 UTC

I'm an Esoteric Steven Paddockist

2017-11-09 02:44:34 UTC

Life is nothing more than Call of Duty IRL

2017-11-09 02:44:57 UTC

I am an Esoteric Timothy McVeighist

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