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2017-11-08 02:49:52 UTC

Is yeet a meme my old ass is unaware of

2017-11-08 02:50:22 UTC

It's not a meme it's just hip young people speak

2017-11-08 02:50:34 UTC

Yeet is just a lit way of saying yes, fam

2017-11-08 02:51:57 UTC


2017-11-08 02:52:15 UTC

Heres peanut butter dog

2017-11-08 02:53:25 UTC

She likes the jars when theyre almost empty

2017-11-08 02:53:45 UTC

Doggo nationalism

2017-11-08 02:53:59 UTC

Kittu nationalism is better

2017-11-08 02:54:11 UTC

Hey fuck u fight me irl

2017-11-08 02:54:12 UTC

WLP would agreed

2017-11-08 02:54:25 UTC

plz no sw*aring, this is a Christian server

2017-11-08 02:54:40 UTC

Sorry mate

2017-11-08 02:54:53 UTC

2017-11-08 02:54:56 UTC

Curse you! Fight me irl

2017-11-08 02:55:01 UTC

heck off

2017-11-08 02:55:17 UTC

WLP was a true hero.

2017-11-08 02:56:38 UTC

I keep my 3 cats outside, they belong to my ex wife so i dont claim them. No cats in house

2017-11-08 02:57:00 UTC

Jay leno, paint job, and fuzzy

2017-11-08 03:01:22 UTC

They worship me and bring me daily offerings, sacrificing small game such as birds, moles, chipmunks, mice, and even the occasional squirrel on the alter of my fromt stoop

2017-11-08 03:07:23 UTC

I thought Yeet was negro speak for something that sounds nothing like "yeet". Like maybe tennis shoes or something. They like making up words for tennis shoes

2017-11-08 03:08:09 UTC

I thought yeet *is* negro speak

2017-11-08 03:27:30 UTC

did the TWP facebook frame get shoahed?

2017-11-08 03:27:52 UTC


2017-11-08 03:28:06 UTC

I heard anyone who used it got the zucc

2017-11-08 03:28:45 UTC

hmm I got zucced for my swazi flag

2017-11-08 03:28:59 UTC

oh well, it's okay to be white is available

2017-11-08 03:29:03 UTC

probably get zucced for that too

2017-11-08 03:29:34 UTC

I got zucced for having the wrong ip address

2017-11-08 03:30:02 UTC


2017-11-08 03:30:12 UTC

one time I used the word tranny to refer to the transmission of a car

2017-11-08 03:30:17 UTC

i have that screenshot somewhere

2017-11-08 03:30:19 UTC

oh geez

2017-11-08 03:30:29 UTC

I've been thoroughly BTFO

2017-11-08 03:30:42 UTC

I had 4 or 5 profiles get perma zucced

2017-11-08 03:30:43 UTC

Mike Enoch is NOT a race traitor, since he did not have children with his Jewish wife

2017-11-08 03:31:22 UTC


2017-11-08 03:31:42 UTC

who cares what people think

2017-11-08 03:31:45 UTC

some kikes are hot af

2017-11-08 03:31:53 UTC


2017-11-08 03:32:34 UTC

_was banned for this post_

2017-11-08 03:32:51 UTC

khazar milkers

2017-11-08 03:33:15 UTC

@fassel You're a good man keeping them cats outside. Can't trust cats.

2017-11-08 03:33:23 UTC

Take care of that doggo.

2017-11-08 03:34:56 UTC

Eurasians are damn lovely.

2017-11-08 03:35:34 UTC

I would prefer to have white kids.

2017-11-08 03:37:23 UTC

what the fuck? don't racemix, fagboi

2017-11-08 03:39:19 UTC

@Mr. Hughes You should care what nazis think, besides, semites, shit tastes dude, smh.

2017-11-08 03:39:56 UTC

Yellow fever = ๐Ÿคข

2017-11-08 03:39:56 UTC


2017-11-08 03:40:37 UTC

meant @ The Inquisitor

2017-11-08 03:44:24 UTC
2017-11-08 03:44:45 UTC

Just "Enoch dindu nuffin wrong, its not racemixing unless you breed"

2017-11-08 03:45:27 UTC

TRSers are gay as fuck

2017-11-08 03:45:30 UTC

Enoch gets the rope

2017-11-08 03:45:41 UTC


2017-11-08 03:46:13 UTC


2017-11-08 03:46:38 UTC

sup hooligans

2017-11-08 03:50:34 UTC

Am using the TWP frame, have not been zucc

2017-11-08 03:52:39 UTC

i wonder

2017-11-08 03:52:54 UTC

i think it's been removed so no one else can use it

2017-11-08 03:53:11 UTC

also fuck you countersignaling the TRS bois.

2017-11-08 03:53:40 UTC

you can purity spiral elsewhere

2017-11-08 03:54:06 UTC

@Mr. Hughes don't make me post the meme

2017-11-08 03:54:18 UTC

post it faggot

2017-11-08 03:54:36 UTC

2017-11-08 03:54:53 UTC


2017-11-08 03:55:25 UTC

purity is something to strive for, not something to hold others to account for

2017-11-08 03:55:30 UTC

Yeah under my picture it doesn't say "use this frame" thing

2017-11-08 03:55:37 UTC

It's just like as if it were originally on the picture

2017-11-08 03:55:37 UTC

Golden Dawn: Tough on Greece.

2017-11-08 03:55:52 UTC

2017-11-08 03:55:53 UTC

@Fevs ya I noticed that on my sock

2017-11-08 03:55:57 UTC

GD is probably my favorite non-white NS group

2017-11-08 03:56:04 UTC


2017-11-08 03:56:50 UTC

purity sprialing is some kike shit. "no one is good enough to be in this movement so I guess no one should be in the movement"

2017-11-08 03:57:03 UTC

(((seems legit)))

2017-11-08 03:57:39 UTC

NatSoc is about reform. Of an individual. A family. A city. An ethos.

2017-11-08 03:57:41 UTC

"People who have been married to Jews for years while participating in White Nationalism should be seen as untrustworthy and expelled from the movement." Is that such a radical statement?

2017-11-08 03:58:22 UTC

yea it's radical when that person has done 100x more for the movement than the people advocating for it

2017-11-08 03:58:44 UTC

like all the people who say that shit literally bitch about twitter all day

2017-11-08 03:58:50 UTC

Mike Peinovich has sidetracked "DA MOVEMENT" towards libertarianism and racist liberalism

2017-11-08 03:58:57 UTC

for which we must have, dare I say it, Zero Tolerance

2017-11-08 03:59:07 UTC

Both of which he denounces.

2017-11-08 03:59:29 UTC

He actually likes us Trads I think.

2017-11-08 03:59:35 UTC

ya well if we have zero tolerance then we will have zero allies

2017-11-08 03:59:43 UTC

and there will be zero of us

2017-11-08 03:59:59 UTC

Do you think there is something in your personal life that is purgeworthy?

2017-11-08 04:00:02 UTC

you're acting like a fucking nihilist

2017-11-08 04:00:03 UTC

If so, you have bigger issues.

2017-11-08 04:00:11 UTC

Yeah true. We can build people up if their hearts are seeking truth.

2017-11-08 04:00:31 UTC

@Mr. Hughes read siege

2017-11-08 04:00:37 UTC


2017-11-08 04:00:46 UTC

no, nothing in my life is purgeworthy. however, im sure there's plenty of shit in my life that YOU think is purgeworthy

2017-11-08 04:00:55 UTC

that said, literally no one gives a shit what you think

2017-11-08 04:01:00 UTC

Are you married to a nonwhite?

2017-11-08 04:01:16 UTC

no, are you married at all?

2017-11-08 04:01:26 UTC

Does any of your personal conduct run contrary to National Socialist principles?

2017-11-08 04:02:02 UTC

I'm not asking that people be perfect, I'm asking that people have goddam standards.

2017-11-08 04:02:10 UTC


2017-11-08 04:02:15 UTC

I'm also asking for race traitors to get the rope, but that's a long-term goal.

2017-11-08 04:02:18 UTC

2017-11-08 04:02:36 UTC

@โ˜ฆColton of Yoreโ˜ฆ what happens if we love what is gross and Jewish?

2017-11-08 04:02:44 UTC

Earth, 2017

2017-11-08 04:02:49 UTC

Do we become podcast hosts?

2017-11-08 04:03:10 UTC

Bruh! Check out muh podcast!

2017-11-08 04:03:19 UTC

If you're so principled, why be anonymous?

2017-11-08 04:03:28 UTC

I want to know how many white children you have

2017-11-08 04:03:33 UTC

The fact that Mike Peinovich's JEWISH WIFE went on his FUCKING PODCAST to read a FASHY CHRISTMAS POEM shows that he never believed what he was saying.

2017-11-08 04:03:55 UTC

Cognitive dissonance.

2017-11-08 04:03:57 UTC

And I don't think that's changed.

2017-11-08 04:04:06 UTC

They both probably dislike that she has Jew blood.

2017-11-08 04:04:34 UTC

They didn't want to accept it, is my guess.

2017-11-08 04:04:50 UTC

Almost ALL of the TRS inner circle knew!

2017-11-08 04:04:52 UTC

if it were a points-based system, I'm still going to say he's done more for white people in the US than you have

2017-11-08 04:05:01 UTC

Ohh shit just got real

2017-11-08 04:05:07 UTC

2017-11-08 04:05:11 UTC

@Kamrin how are you planning on doing the welding thing? I'm in cbus one weekend a month, would that be enough to practice welding?

2017-11-08 04:05:19 UTC

@Mr. Hughes He's been a net negative for the cause of National Socialism

2017-11-08 04:05:25 UTC


2017-11-08 04:05:29 UTC

so I could have done literally nothing and still be better than him

2017-11-08 04:05:39 UTC

Seriously though guys lets not fight eachother

2017-11-08 04:05:42 UTC

it's funny you say that. 5 years ago we were in obscurity

2017-11-08 04:05:45 UTC

read this

2017-11-08 04:05:46 UTC

We are brothers

2017-11-08 04:05:49 UTC

Zero Tolerance for the alt-right

2017-11-08 04:06:02 UTC


2017-11-08 04:06:03 UTC

My brothers dont fuck kikes or non whites.

2017-11-08 04:06:26 UTC

Nor do they support people who do.

2017-11-08 04:06:43 UTC

I am talkin about in this chat

2017-11-08 04:07:01 UTC

im talking about infighting

2017-11-08 04:07:01 UTC

This shit only happens on the net

2017-11-08 04:07:04 UTC

this dude is a fucking kike

2017-11-08 04:07:10 UTC

trying to sew division in the movement

2017-11-08 04:07:12 UTC


2017-11-08 04:07:13 UTC

he needs to be expelled

2017-11-08 04:07:15 UTC


2017-11-08 04:07:18 UTC

Fuck the movement lol.

2017-11-08 04:07:23 UTC


2017-11-08 04:07:24 UTC

get them the fuck out

2017-11-08 04:07:31 UTC

You can't in-fight against people that aren't in

2017-11-08 04:07:34 UTC

National socialism is above the movement

2017-11-08 04:07:39 UTC


2017-11-08 04:08:42 UTC

if you counter signal all the people who espouse many of your same values because they are not perfect, you will eventually be left all by yourself

2017-11-08 04:08:51 UTC

which is what you're obviously working towards

2017-11-08 04:08:54 UTC

They dont espouse my values.

2017-11-08 04:09:00 UTC

@Vice Commander Hunt i will get u my number and yes i think 1 a month could work depending on what u want to do.

2017-11-08 04:09:04 UTC

It's all or nothing.

2017-11-08 04:09:10 UTC

bull fucking shit

2017-11-08 04:09:15 UTC

Even Hitler said this

2017-11-08 04:09:19 UTC

Is Hitler wrong?

2017-11-08 04:09:26 UTC

TRSodomites are so concerned with masturbating over their faux-intellectualism, they never actually do anything.

2017-11-08 04:09:28 UTC

about what

2017-11-08 04:09:30 UTC

2017-11-08 04:09:47 UTC

Hitler was wrong about a lot

2017-11-08 04:10:06 UTC

So youre not a national socialist.

2017-11-08 04:10:14 UTC

And you're right?

2017-11-08 04:10:17 UTC

Why should i give you the time of day to speak

2017-11-08 04:10:25 UTC

Guys, we've already won

2017-11-08 04:10:34 UTC


2017-11-08 04:10:49 UTC

Just listen to Fuhrer bineon who knows better than the champions of our worldview.

2017-11-08 04:10:54 UTC

We've got @Mr. Hughes he's smarter than Hitler sms Rockwell combined

2017-11-08 04:10:57 UTC

okay hitler was right about everything and... somehow still lost the fucking war

2017-11-08 04:11:01 UTC


2017-11-08 04:11:22 UTC

maybe he should have been a bit righter on the tactics of fighting a war

2017-11-08 04:11:38 UTC

Woah it took the most powerful forces in the world, both communism and capitalism to stop him

2017-11-08 04:11:43 UTC


2017-11-08 04:11:46 UTC

But nah hes wrong

2017-11-08 04:11:47 UTC

"to stop him"

2017-11-08 04:11:49 UTC

What kinda time can u give on the one day? And what part of the week is it.

2017-11-08 04:11:51 UTC

meaning he fucking lost

2017-11-08 04:11:53 UTC

Kill yourself

2017-11-08 04:11:53 UTC


2017-11-08 04:12:07 UTC

@Eulogy ey, going a bit far there man

2017-11-08 04:12:14 UTC


2017-11-08 04:12:24 UTC

and for the loss of Germany, the world suffers

2017-11-08 04:12:28 UTC

and I mourn the loss every day

2017-11-08 04:12:33 UTC

Movementarians like him are better off that way

2017-11-08 04:12:45 UTC

but to pretend that Hitler was perfect and somehow still lost the war

2017-11-08 04:12:56 UTC

@Kamrin for the Dec 2nd one, I'm going to be in Whitehall from like 6am-4 at the latest and then I'll have the rest of the weekend

2017-11-08 04:13:07 UTC

Yeah just don't listen to anything Hitler said

2017-11-08 04:13:16 UTC

yea just strawman that I said that

2017-11-08 04:13:22 UTC

Ok cool man i can def work with that

2017-11-08 04:13:23 UTC

Also disregard Codreanu and Rockwell because they died

2017-11-08 04:13:39 UTC

yep definitely even mentioned either of those names

2017-11-08 04:13:41 UTC

Hitler was gay, better to listen to trump. He knows how to attract normies :)

2017-11-08 04:14:12 UTC

Well they lost so obviously not worth listening to.

2017-11-08 04:14:20 UTC

Is @Mr. Hughes one of us?

2017-11-08 04:14:30 UTC

All heil Fuhrer bineon.

2017-11-08 04:14:36 UTC


2017-11-08 04:14:39 UTC

finally you understand

2017-11-08 04:14:42 UTC

Twp i mean?

2017-11-08 04:14:42 UTC

Champion of the worldview.

2017-11-08 04:14:55 UTC
2017-11-08 04:15:05 UTC

Ok cool. Thx

2017-11-08 04:15:53 UTC

@Mr. Hughes you should read "A Squire's Trial." It's really short, and a good read. It might help explain where we're coming from

2017-11-08 04:16:09 UTC

will do

2017-11-08 04:16:23 UTC

There's an audiobook on YouTube if that's easier

2017-11-08 04:16:31 UTC

Hitler isn't the end all be all of National Socialism...people should be allowed to criticize the things he did, without being labeled a traitor.

Most of the diehard Hitlerites I know are new to the Movement, at least from what I have experienced...

2017-11-08 04:16:58 UTC

National Socialism IS Hitlerism.

2017-11-08 04:17:12 UTC

then we'll lose every war we fight

2017-11-08 04:17:23 UTC

if we are not allowed to learn from the mistakes of others

2017-11-08 04:17:55 UTC

Strategy and ideology are completely different things

2017-11-08 04:17:55 UTC

If the white race is made up of people like you then that's a good thing we lose and die off.

2017-11-08 04:18:10 UTC

Calm down my guy

2017-11-08 04:18:14 UTC

it's made up of people even worse lmao

2017-11-08 04:18:35 UTC


2017-11-08 04:18:36 UTC


Don't come in here and insult TWP members. You are a guest in this discord.

2017-11-08 04:18:54 UTC

Don't insult the champions of national socialism.

2017-11-08 04:19:03 UTC

Hitler or Hell!

2017-11-08 04:19:33 UTC

So, completely different topic: what do stuff like "captain," "colonel" etc mean in the context of TWP?

2017-11-08 04:19:36 UTC

I like TWP as a whole but I think I can have gripes with individuals. TWP does amazing work.

2017-11-08 04:19:47 UTC


2017-11-08 04:19:48 UTC


2017-11-08 04:20:11 UTC

You can have disagreements, but not openly insult our members. Argue intelligently, or not at all.

2017-11-08 04:20:31 UTC

Barnacles can stick to the bottom of a boat but that does not make it a terrible boat.

2017-11-08 04:20:40 UTC

So, completely different topic: what do stuff like "captain," "colonel" etc mean in the context of TWP?

2017-11-08 04:20:54 UTC


How long have u been in the Movement?

2017-11-08 04:21:21 UTC

@John Mosby Then I'll refrain from making comments on members regardless of my opinion.

2017-11-08 04:21:53 UTC

I'm not in the movement.

2017-11-08 04:22:01 UTC

How long have u been NS, then?

2017-11-08 04:22:06 UTC

Define "the movement"

2017-11-08 04:22:07 UTC

Like I said national socialism is above the movement.

2017-11-08 04:22:22 UTC

3 years.

2017-11-08 04:22:42 UTC

Though that's of calling myself one.

2017-11-08 04:22:46 UTC

Dude, your a fresh cut...learn more, before going full blown zealot.

2017-11-08 04:23:13 UTC
2017-11-08 04:24:11 UTC

Based Russians

2017-11-08 04:24:14 UTC

So, completely different topic: what do stuff like "captain," "colonel" etc mean in the context of TWP? Like what does a captain in twp do? What is rank structure, etc? Or where can I find this out myself?

2017-11-08 04:24:16 UTC

@Vice Commander Hunt

Parrott posted the command structure on the TWP forum.

2017-11-08 04:24:22 UTC

Ok thanks

2017-11-08 04:24:28 UTC

Where is that?

2017-11-08 04:24:35 UTC

Do you mind if I post a quote @John Mosby

2017-11-08 04:24:38 UTC

Rank structure is posted on the forum

2017-11-08 04:24:48 UTC

It is a personal favorite of mine.

2017-11-08 04:24:51 UTC

Okay...where is that?

2017-11-08 04:25:07 UTC


TradWorker is led by you, the motivated nationalist. The Party exists to assist and enhance your struggle for your faith, family, and folk. The Party member must be self-directed, self-motivated, and selfless. We do have a leadership hierarchy, but the leadership exists to serve the membership. Our use of military terminology in our Operations division in no way implies or suggests that weโ€™re a paramilitary organization and we in no way intend to impose upon actual military ranks and their valor. The titles are merely to confirm how militant we are in our pursuit of our legal, non-violent, political activism.

General โ€“ Operations

Only the Party Chairman holds the rank of โ€œGeneral,โ€ and he is to be referred to as โ€œChairman.โ€ All of the Colonels in the Operations division answer directly to him and to nobody else. In addition to the Operations division, there are the Executive, Information, Financial, and Marketing divisions. Only the Operations division utilizes military terminology. I, Matt Parrott, for instance, am the Partyโ€™s โ€œChief Information Officer.โ€ I donโ€™t have an Operations rank and nobody answers to me (yet?). One important loophole is that the Executive division consists of a Party Secretary who answers directly to the Chairman and who is authorized to assign responsibilities and tasks throughout the entire command structure.

Colonel โ€“ Regiment

There are (up to) nine colonels, each of whom is assigned to a fixed geographical regiment. While you can request a transfer if you live near the border and working with comrades in the neighboring regiment makes more sense for you, the Colonelโ€™s accountable for everyone in his or her region. If youโ€™re entirely new to the Party and donโ€™t already belong to network of party members, your Colonel is your primary contact. You will only have one.

2017-11-08 04:25:14 UTC

Major โ€“ Battalion

Battalions are often state-level, though some smaller states may not have a dedicated battalion and some larger states may be broken up into multiple battalions. Additionally, some battalions may not even be geographical. Majors are highly vetted party leadership with access to back office systems designed to assist them with managing member coordination, such as the ticket manager and newsletter service.

Captain โ€“ Company

A captain is any qualified officer who is a dues-paying member to whom two or more active dues-paying members have currently assigned him or her as their primary organizer. A lieutenant is automatically upgraded to this rank when two or more members have assigned them as their Primary Organizer and are active dues-paying members. They are expected to maintain a group with a forum at the Action Portal and typically host monthly meetings, organize local activism, and routinely engage members and supporters, managing their experience on behalf of the Party.

Lieutenant โ€“ Training

A lieutenant is any Party member who has received officer vetting and has been approved to be selected as a Primary Organizer for members and supporters. He is currently either behind on his dues, and/or has yet to achieve two dues-paying members whoโ€™ve selected him as their Primary Organizer.

Becoming an Officer

There are more ways to lead and advance within the Party than working your way up the Operations division. Our support divisions are tremendously important, as are our dedicated member activists who donโ€™t happen to be officers. While duty and hierarchy are important, the first hierarchy is the hierarchy of loyalty to the Partyโ€™s vision. Let your colonel know youโ€™re interested in operational leadership to get the process started.

2017-11-08 04:26:08 UTC

2017-11-08 04:26:28 UTC

I believe it does not matter for how long one has discovered they have been a national socialist, it is something that has been there since birth.

2017-11-08 04:26:39 UTC


Post and comment away. I'm not trying to be a dick, or single you out. I just don't appreciate u calling our members essentially traitors, and telling them to kill themselves. Just argue your points intelligently, with dignity and respect.

2017-11-08 04:26:49 UTC

I feel the same way

2017-11-08 04:27:02 UTC

I never shied away from NS ideas

2017-11-08 04:27:12 UTC

Even when I was a cringey teenage NeoCon

2017-11-08 04:27:25 UTC

My comments may have been rude, but I get seriously offended when I see people disrespecting the champions of my worldview.

2017-11-08 04:27:47 UTC

So, @Mr. Hughes I apologize for my earlier comments.

2017-11-08 04:28:00 UTC

Now kiss.

2017-11-08 04:28:03 UTC

Whether you accept this apology is up to you, it is sincere though.

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