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2017-11-02 00:47:15 UTC


2017-11-02 00:47:32 UTC


2017-11-02 00:47:52 UTC

So does this mean I can join?


2017-11-02 00:47:53 UTC

>remember, guys, we can't advocate for NS policies the way Hitler did, because Hitler was a god or something lmao


2017-11-02 00:48:52 UTC


2017-11-02 00:50:03 UTC


2017-11-02 00:50:25 UTC

They're LARPing as Reaganites

2017-11-02 00:50:29 UTC

@The Inquisitor [☧] Did you read the IE discord rules?

2017-11-02 00:50:32 UTC


2017-11-02 00:50:35 UTC


2017-11-02 00:51:08 UTC


2017-11-02 00:51:27 UTC


2017-11-02 00:54:31 UTC


2017-11-02 00:54:51 UTC

Matt "Two sips, two genders" Heimbach

2017-11-02 00:55:42 UTC


2017-11-02 00:55:47 UTC


2017-11-02 00:56:05 UTC

Don't worry. Heimbach's beer will messianically return in another five minutes.

2017-11-02 00:56:32 UTC

@parrott gofundme for Heimbachs beer fund?

2017-11-02 00:57:00 UTC

@MatthewHeimbach What kind of beer was it?

2017-11-02 00:57:27 UTC

I'm actually beating him at the e-panhandling game. I get like $28/month.

2017-11-02 00:57:34 UTC


2017-11-02 00:58:47 UTC


2017-11-02 00:59:01 UTC

> b..bb.bbuutt we have to be like GD or Nordfornt MUH OPTICS


2017-11-02 00:59:22 UTC


2017-11-02 00:59:27 UTC


2017-11-02 00:59:32 UTC

GD are larpers mahhhhhhm

2017-11-02 00:59:41 UTC

If USA had NRM or GD the cucks would countersignal them so fucking hard for not being respectable.

2017-11-02 01:00:09 UTC

Muh optics part 2


2017-11-02 01:00:21 UTC

all that militant stuff is scaring away the normies, we have to be more like GOP, that's what'll inspire the white youth

2017-11-02 01:00:25 UTC

GD has cucked a little on NS, but their spokesman still has a Swazi tattoo, so w/e

2017-11-02 01:00:58 UTC

Know what we should do to attract people tired of old politics? Try to copy old politics as closely as possible.

2017-11-02 01:00:59 UTC

@The Inquisitor [☧] Greece passed hate crime laws that pretty much targerted GD

2017-11-02 01:01:06 UTC

They cant do what they use to

2017-11-02 01:01:20 UTC

Victory lies in being more homoerotic, gentlemen.

Only when we all look and behave like boarding school twinks will victory lie within reach.

2017-11-02 01:01:48 UTC

F R A T B O I. N A T I O N A L I S M

2017-11-02 01:01:58 UTC

>mug optics part 4


2017-11-02 01:02:00 UTC

Does daddy Heimbach want us to wear banana hammocks now?

2017-11-02 01:02:02 UTC

We had mass roman saluting and gommie and faggot beating a few weeks back, Anglin would have denounced, but NRM has good optics because they wear a white shirt once a year. logic'd

2017-11-02 01:02:30 UTC

Last demo we had like +300 people chanting "hail victory" and saluting, one of the best demos I have been in all my years tbqh.

2017-11-02 01:02:41 UTC

Speeches were 🔥

2017-11-02 01:03:09 UTC

@parrott Did you see Weev'd video? He laughs like he is unhinged and shits on us

2017-11-02 01:03:15 UTC


2017-11-02 01:03:37 UTC

I haven't seen it, but weev and I have always been hating on one another.

2017-11-02 01:03:44 UTC

I guess Weev didn't get the memo that Anglin took down the posts.

2017-11-02 01:04:17 UTC

He literally says we can't do rallies. Gotta run for local office. Lol. Uhhhh.

2017-11-02 01:04:27 UTC

Who is a registered political party again?

2017-11-02 01:04:46 UTC

Surely the keyboard warriors will lead to victory while never occupying public space.

2017-11-02 01:05:04 UTC

Weev needs to spend less time shitting on the rest of the movement and more time hardening the website he's so proud of running.

2017-11-02 01:05:46 UTC

oh no not a credible source

2017-11-02 01:06:07 UTC

TradWorker has a complete Dark Web mirror, which doesn't go down when the main site's up. We have a .bit address. We have a valid SSL certificate. For the world's most brilliant hacker, there's some really basic shit he struggles with.

2017-11-02 01:06:08 UTC

"Naturally the most violent “attacks” on our new movement came from these racialists. Of course the attacks were not physical, but only with their favorite weapon of pen and ink, just as you would expect from such racialist pen heads. To them, there was something revolting about our principle which stated, “If a man offers us violence, we will defend ourselves by violence”. They criticized us profusely claiming we possessed a rude type of worship for the rubber club and that our ranks lack any form of intellect. These quacks fail to realize that in a meeting of racialists, a Demosthenes can be silenced by just fifty idiots who rely on nothing but their lungs and their fists if those idiots do not want to let him speak. The inborn cowardice of the racialist always keeps him out of any such danger. He does not make noise when he works and he never steps out of the crowd – he is always careful to stay silent." - AH

2017-11-02 01:06:32 UTC

weev is better at talking than he is at hacking

2017-11-02 01:07:30 UTC

He's a shameless self-promoter, and AT&T was an apolitical social engineering "hack" of publicly available data. Tell two friends.

2017-11-02 01:07:48 UTC

weev was cool back in ED days

2017-11-02 01:07:50 UTC

I own a 1968 Soviet gas mask.

2017-11-02 01:08:01 UTC

with extra filters.

2017-11-02 01:08:01 UTC

Gas masks for the fourth? Like they're coming to our houses with gas?

2017-11-02 01:08:11 UTC

oy de la vey

2017-11-02 01:08:18 UTC

I just assumed there's going to be some traffic blocking bullshit.

2017-11-02 01:08:36 UTC

Thanks for the add bineon

2017-11-02 01:08:39 UTC

They said they are going to attack people dressed as NF members.

2017-11-02 01:08:48 UTC

To make people turn on us.

2017-11-02 01:08:50 UTC

weev and anglin were both more cool before they decided to get all sanctimonious.

2017-11-02 01:09:28 UTC

Give it time Anglin wont apologize but he will come back our way when he realizes super cucking wont work or impress anyone

2017-11-02 01:09:36 UTC

If you live in a small town, then it shouldn't matter, but I would get em, if u live in a city.

2017-11-02 01:09:48 UTC

I live in Altanta and i have one.

2017-11-02 01:09:53 UTC

IE wont change though i should add

2017-11-02 01:09:55 UTC


2017-11-02 01:10:18 UTC

Yeah. Anglin will come around. I agree. He's a solid guy who just has some ideological weaknesses he needs to shore up.

2017-11-02 01:10:40 UTC

I dunno about Anglin's solidity, but he does have a knack for writing

2017-11-02 01:11:03 UTC

>tfw ur local walmart carries cheap boolits
I love living in Kansas

2017-11-02 01:11:10 UTC

He’s basically an excellent shit poster

2017-11-02 01:11:38 UTC

Not everybody who joins our revolution is going to sperg out for three years on heady continental bullshit before jumping into the ring. This kind of thing is to be expected.

2017-11-02 01:12:43 UTC

So who’s got connects in Florida

2017-11-02 01:12:54 UTC

The thing to watch out for is for Johnny-come-latelies who join up once the Party is powerful and try to use it to push their own agenda

2017-11-02 01:13:00 UTC

@Der Jäger I know a guy down that way

2017-11-02 01:13:09 UTC

@Der Jäger

I know some in FL

2017-11-02 01:13:12 UTC

his major qualification is that he got kicked out of IE

2017-11-02 01:13:42 UTC

Cool I’m moving this weekend need to setup with new ppl

2017-11-02 01:13:45 UTC

for being, and I quote, "Too WN1.0"

2017-11-02 01:13:50 UTC

If you're a TWP Supporter, badget Cesar to network you in Florida.

2017-11-02 01:13:54 UTC

It's his job.

2017-11-02 01:14:10 UTC


2017-11-02 01:14:20 UTC

Wait. You're moving from TN to FL?

2017-11-02 01:14:48 UTC


2017-11-02 01:15:03 UTC

Ah. Cesar's already got your ticket.

2017-11-02 01:15:21 UTC

Yeah I’m good to go

2017-11-02 01:15:38 UTC

Now if I can only get the rest of the Party leadership to do these tickets, we'll really be in business.

2017-11-02 01:15:46 UTC

You guys are fast

2017-11-02 01:16:00 UTC


How do I get my TN membership list?

2017-11-02 01:16:51 UTC

@parrott who's the Kentucky party leader?

2017-11-02 01:17:38 UTC

Your best bet with these questions is to log into the Action Portal and ask in your Regiment's forum.

2017-11-02 01:18:21 UTC

We can't just send lists of outstanding members in an area to other members, for security and vetting reasons. But with your Colonel and the Action Portal, you should be able to get integrated.

2017-11-02 01:19:49 UTC

@parrott can i join the TWP without my membership being public cause uncle shlomo wont be to happy if you can guess my occupation

2017-11-02 01:20:19 UTC

I'm on the action portal. This is C (TN's Major), and I have yet to be able to get a roster. I've made a couple posts in the portal, with no responses...

2017-11-02 01:21:33 UTC

I'm not chomping at the bit, if things are still being worked on, but we are doing things on a weekly basis out here, and it would be nice to be able to invite all the TN Party members to things.

2017-11-02 01:22:51 UTC

The Leadership Dashboard won't be deployed for another few days.

2017-11-02 01:22:56 UTC


2017-11-02 01:23:17 UTC

Is there a Member Forum like the Supporter Forum? All I see is Supporter and my regiment

2017-11-02 01:23:18 UTC

It'll have a nice thing for you to be able to message and contact folks in your zone.

2017-11-02 01:23:33 UTC

I wasnt even aware this existed

2017-11-02 01:23:41 UTC

If you're a dues-paying member in good standing, you should see the Member Forum.

2017-11-02 01:23:50 UTC

It just started existing yesterday.

2017-11-02 01:23:56 UTC


2017-11-02 01:24:22 UTC

I registered a few weeks ago and paid, my ticket was approved by Cmdr. Davis a few days ago

2017-11-02 01:24:56 UTC

I’ll be paying dues next week

2017-11-02 01:25:01 UTC

Are you logging in with the gmail one or the tutanota one?

2017-11-02 01:25:34 UTC

The account is @Hadrian14

2017-11-02 01:26:22 UTC


2017-11-02 01:26:29 UTC

Russian student killed teacher and posted a selfie. After an hour he committed suicide.

2017-11-02 01:26:44 UTC

Sure you're not logging into the "hadrian" account?

2017-11-02 01:26:59 UTC


2017-11-02 01:27:05 UTC


2017-11-02 01:27:12 UTC


2017-11-02 01:28:40 UTC

That’s cute

2017-11-02 01:28:42 UTC


2017-11-02 01:28:48 UTC

Aha. I found the glitch.

You'll need to log out and log back in again to find the Member channel.

2017-11-02 01:29:06 UTC


2017-11-02 01:29:08 UTC

Don't expect it to be very active, given that it just became accessible 45 seconds ago.

2017-11-02 01:29:24 UTC

I see it now

2017-11-02 01:29:50 UTC

Yeah I don't expect much there now, just wanted to make sure it was working as long as there was an admin nearby

2017-11-02 01:30:03 UTC


2017-11-02 01:31:03 UTC

When I get on the NFunity page, I can't even find the forum anymore...

2017-11-02 01:31:28 UTC

Nm, I see it was moved

2017-11-02 01:31:32 UTC

Yup. That's because Parrott nuked that entirely and moved the Action Portal to the TradWorker site.

2017-11-02 01:31:37 UTC

Nm, I see it was moved

2017-11-02 01:32:01 UTC

Parrot over here referring to himself in the third person

2017-11-02 01:32:09 UTC

"The Parrot"

2017-11-02 01:32:11 UTC

No other group in the NF liked my idea of me giving them an elaborate social media, forum, and live chat framework infrastructure for free, so I threw one of my little tantrums and it's TWP-only.

2017-11-02 01:32:23 UTC


2017-11-02 01:32:44 UTC

I think that is for the best, tbh...

2017-11-02 01:33:21 UTC

Well, I can always re-activate it independently, if another group shows interest.

2017-11-02 01:34:37 UTC

The original vision was to make it so (((Google))) and pals can't censor our movement's core communication infrastructure, and I wanted to make that happen for more than just ourselves.

2017-11-02 01:35:29 UTC

If everybody's comfortable on Discord and Facebook or whatever, I don't want to badger everybody onto yet another platform, but there needs to be an official safe space where we can always call Wes Bellamy a nigger without getting shut down.

2017-11-02 01:35:43 UTC

If others can't appreciate that, then they shouldn't be able to utilize it, once they realize it is necessary.

2017-11-02 01:36:07 UTC

Is there an FB group?

2017-11-02 01:36:16 UTC

In theory, one could sign up on Fash Emporium's dark web address with bitcoins then log into the TradWorker site and communicate and chat (pending) without Jewish permission at any step in the process.

2017-11-02 01:36:43 UTC

Our only Facebook presence at all is the TradWorker Watch page which pretends to be an antifa page.

2017-11-02 01:36:48 UTC

Im new to discord but I’m guessing it a bit safer than than fb or no?

2017-11-02 01:36:54 UTC


2017-11-02 01:37:01 UTC

We had 30,000 likes between our different pages and groups. F reacts

2017-11-02 01:38:15 UTC

Discord's no more safe against antifa infiltration. Hello, antifa.

But the Discord corporation doesn't have an entire skyscraper filled with Filipino single moms dedicated to finding and zuccing our shit.

2017-11-02 01:38:48 UTC

Just some dude named Ralph who will delete your entire server without warning or appeal if he gets too many emails about it.

2017-11-02 01:39:50 UTC

There’s always that issue when your using servers that you don’t have complete control over

2017-11-02 01:40:15 UTC

So always gotta have the backups on point for comms

2017-11-02 01:40:46 UTC

And yeah Wes b is a fuking nigger

2017-11-02 01:41:17 UTC

the only discord thats been zucked is when Richard spencer put the link of it on his twitter

2017-11-02 01:41:17 UTC

I literally have the server on one of my properties.

2017-11-02 01:41:43 UTC

Discord has zucced right wing servers in the past outside of his

2017-11-02 01:41:48 UTC

I've taken security autism to a whole new level.

2017-11-02 01:42:01 UTC

This one isn't super high profile so I wouldn't sweat it too much but it has happened and could here

2017-11-02 01:42:27 UTC

Our ticket portal, where the real personal shit is hosted, can't even be accessed on the regular web. Leadership has to crack open Tor Browser to even manage tickets.

2017-11-02 01:42:41 UTC

So yeah always something to keep in mind.

2017-11-02 01:43:06 UTC

I don't want to badger people to use this or that platform. I know a lot of you are gamer fags or whatever.

2017-11-02 01:43:16 UTC

That’s the portal y’all use when in registered for shelbyville?

2017-11-02 01:43:32 UTC

I'm glad the skill of mashing two bits of clipart together in a pirated copy of Photoshop is rare in our movement, otherwise I'd be a lot less valuable

2017-11-02 01:43:48 UTC

One cool thing about the chat thing I'm working on is that it's on the web site, but it's XMPP, so you can use a smartphone app or desktop app to achieve a Discord-like experience.

2017-11-02 01:43:57 UTC


2017-11-02 01:44:06 UTC


2017-11-02 01:44:16 UTC


2017-11-02 01:44:23 UTC

And private chats can be end-to-end encrypted, so even _I_ won't be able to eavesdrop.

2017-11-02 01:44:28 UTC

Thought I was the only gamerfag here

2017-11-02 01:44:33 UTC


2017-11-02 01:44:46 UTC

My game is defeating the Jew.

2017-11-02 01:44:55 UTC

Oh yeah thats a good one

2017-11-02 01:45:03 UTC

does Valve make that one?

2017-11-02 01:45:16 UTC

I think its a hatestation exclusive

2017-11-02 01:47:13 UTC

Well done

2017-11-02 01:47:58 UTC

What a tragic loss of such a promising young Christian teen.

2017-11-02 01:48:34 UTC

He was jus getting his life right

2017-11-02 01:50:52 UTC

He was a good boy, he dindu nuffin.

2017-11-02 01:51:16 UTC

Now, who's going to preach The Word?

2017-11-02 01:51:27 UTC

Somebody gotta stop these white folc

2017-11-02 01:51:34 UTC

Shooting at Walmart

2017-11-02 01:51:41 UTC

Live right now

2017-11-02 01:51:47 UTC

On fb

2017-11-02 01:51:53 UTC

Yeah we were talking about that

2017-11-02 01:51:57 UTC


2017-11-02 01:52:01 UTC

What’s the deal

2017-11-02 01:52:26 UTC

I bet its a ebil nahtzee

2017-11-02 01:52:41 UTC

He better have his optics on point.

2017-11-02 01:55:17 UTC


2017-11-02 02:11:24 UTC


2017-11-02 02:24:09 UTC

Any word on the demographic of the shooter?

2017-11-02 02:30:48 UTC


2017-11-02 02:30:55 UTC

I dont think anyone died

2017-11-02 02:30:58 UTC

hey @Der Jäger look at you posting pictures of my pretty face

2017-11-02 02:31:19 UTC

I hope walmart still sells shotguns after this

2017-11-02 02:32:08 UTC

lol same

2017-11-02 02:32:12 UTC

my walmart sells all ammo

2017-11-02 02:33:53 UTC

Pretty fair price for my region as well

2017-11-02 02:48:09 UTC


2017-11-02 02:51:36 UTC

i think 2 people died btw

2017-11-02 02:53:29 UTC

I hope he is wearing a white polo and khakis.

2017-11-02 02:53:38 UTC

And boat shoes.

2017-11-02 02:56:11 UTC

Will someone go to Anglin's new status and make fun of them for being the definition of the big brain nibbas that Hitler hated? Post this too.

"These people spoke plainly but they spoke of things of great magnitude, something that is impossible for an intellectual, for his instinct drives him towards either analyzing and dismantling and picking away at things until there is nothing left; or towards making mountains out of molehills as they proceed to over-intellectualize the most basic of things. Intellect left to its own devices is a tool for tearing at the very fabric of reality or satisfying one’s own ego, whereas the intellect subservient to great character is a creative force that helps us return closer to the Truth.

These types think themselves to be the next social elite, whereupon they can occupy stuffy cabinets with leather chairs and sip wine whilst stroking each other’s egos over meaningless yammering coated in complex wording. Well let them dream. Reality of the matter is, however, that history shall repeat itself once again, as these intellectuals will find themselves trampled underneath the jackboots of “low brow” “thugs” (the favored insult towards fascists in the past, all of them, from Hitler and Mussolini to Sir Oswald Mosley and Rockwell, to Codreanu, Italo Balbo, Joseph Tommasi and etc) – the very ones they thought would be doing their bidding.

And from the ranks of those “thugs” the new elite will come forth." - Adolf Hitler

2017-11-02 02:57:39 UTC

Talking with out action is useless.

2017-11-02 02:57:46 UTC

You will die with no accomplishment.

2017-11-02 02:58:00 UTC

I assume that parenthetical statement is not part of the quote

2017-11-02 02:58:06 UTC

Someone needs to post this quote on every counter signaling post.

2017-11-02 02:58:18 UTC


2017-11-02 02:58:40 UTC

Anglin is at it again. Let him know he and Weev are the Big Brain Nibbas Hitler hated.

2017-11-02 02:59:00 UTC

Ludovici Alibi is his account on FB.

2017-11-02 03:00:32 UTC


2017-11-02 03:00:33 UTC


2017-11-02 03:00:34 UTC

this guy

2017-11-02 03:00:46 UTC

Literally big brain nibba posting.

2017-11-02 03:00:50 UTC

He loves stroking his own cock so hard.

2017-11-02 03:00:53 UTC

Spam the quote. Roast him.

2017-11-02 03:00:58 UTC


2017-11-02 03:06:33 UTC


2017-11-02 03:07:12 UTC

Got blocked

2017-11-02 03:07:13 UTC


2017-11-02 03:07:21 UTC


2017-11-02 03:07:27 UTC

It blows them out.

2017-11-02 03:07:39 UTC

Hitler hated ineffectual intellectuals who try to lead the movement.

2017-11-02 03:07:56 UTC

Every conservative is a worm. They always try to pry you away from your natural base to get you chasing an aloof upper middle class that will never support revolution.

2017-11-02 03:08:05 UTC

I have literally never met a suburban kid that was actually down for the movement

2017-11-02 03:08:06 UTC

Did sperglin pull the page down?

2017-11-02 03:08:08 UTC


2017-11-02 03:08:20 UTC

They are along for the ride because they want excitement to escape their boring suburban lifestyle

2017-11-02 03:08:26 UTC

But when shtf they will be the first to run

2017-11-02 03:08:48 UTC

We want action. Vigor. Masculinity. Bravery against the odds. People need to see there's ANYONE out there speaking up for them.

2017-11-02 03:09:31 UTC

Hiding online is literally what Weev said we should do.

2017-11-02 03:09:48 UTC

And yea intellectuals will not lead the movement lol. No one cares about big brained nibbas making esoteric arguments. That is why people abandoned libertarianism

2017-11-02 03:09:55 UTC

It was insular and snooty

2017-11-02 03:10:03 UTC

And full of navel gazers

2017-11-02 03:10:27 UTC


Why worry about countersignalling our detractors?

Parrott already wrote an excellent article, disproving all the anti-TWP countersignalling that is being espoused by the "Alt-Right".

Our members sitting here, going on AND on about the optics "war", is only playing into the hands of our detractors;, giving their BS complaints credence.

All we need to do is keep doing what we do. IE members are coming over to TWP, not because we are bitching, like our enemies are, but because we are actually doing positive and effective activism. By attacking IE and our enemies, we are not only losing our focus, but we are gonna force our potential recruits into a camp. Being that said recruits are already in an opposing group, our attacks will only push them further into a side (the side of their existing group).

If we would just focus on OUR goals and strategies, and let the keyboard commandos keep up their autistic "reeing", then it would show that we not only view them as irrelevant, but that we have much more important things to worry about than their retarded countersignalling.

It would be MUCH more productive if our conversations were focused on our own projects and ideas, vs wtf anyone else has to say about us.

Just my 2 cents....

2017-11-02 03:11:25 UTC

@John Mosby because it's funny

2017-11-02 03:11:30 UTC

Damn. Big and true.

2017-11-02 03:11:35 UTC

Good points.

2017-11-02 03:11:42 UTC

It is hilarious though.

2017-11-02 03:11:58 UTC

@The Inquisitor [☧]

There is a time and place for humor. Hours spent on it is not humor, it is autism.

2017-11-02 03:12:04 UTC

Or hobbyism

2017-11-02 03:12:40 UTC

They gon' learn not to fucc with White Juche.

2017-11-02 03:14:31 UTC

They'll learn in a couple years, when TWP is the only viable group in the Movement...because we ARE the only viable group. If we spent the hours we do making jokes and bitching about others, and redirected said energy into our actual goals and projects, then that would do FAR more damage to them, than us sitting here like a fucking knitting circle.

2017-11-02 03:16:39 UTC

We should be planning for OUR future, not worrying about what some irrelevant faggot has to say about us, simply because they are jealous....I seriously think their attacks are made, in part, to distract our own people and bait us into an already bunked debate.

2017-11-02 03:17:49 UTC

I don't think yall are the only viable group

2017-11-02 03:18:02 UTC

I am a VA fag here to just fraternize with TWP people

2017-11-02 03:18:04 UTC


2017-11-02 03:18:07 UTC

Lol uh.

2017-11-02 03:18:42 UTC

Oh no not again

2017-11-02 03:18:48 UTC


2017-11-02 03:18:54 UTC

John, you're 100% correct.

2017-11-02 03:18:56 UTC


2017-11-02 03:19:04 UTC

@John Mosby treating Weev as "irrelevant" is a mistake

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