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2017-11-01 23:10:23 UTC


2017-11-01 23:10:27 UTC


2017-11-01 23:10:54 UTC

I kinda wish klan / NSM guys would just join TWP in a way

2017-11-01 23:11:15 UTC

You'd look more uniform at rallies for one, less baggage of an old label like that

2017-11-01 23:11:20 UTC

Same, the Klan has a cool history, but they are dead and should move on.

2017-11-01 23:11:24 UTC

@Justin Burger (Major-GA) I know that feeling. Only 5'6

2017-11-01 23:11:48 UTC

Aren’t some of the KKK members also TWP members

2017-11-01 23:11:55 UTC


2017-11-01 23:12:01 UTC

I mean the Golden Dawn has guys in uniform there.

2017-11-01 23:12:14 UTC

I dont think TWP allows dual membership.

2017-11-01 23:12:17 UTC

I know there are TWP members that are also manners of other orgs being TWP is a political party

2017-11-01 23:12:19 UTC

I imagine that logistics of planning these events would be easier if we were all under one banner

2017-11-01 23:12:31 UTC

TWP does allow dual membership, as I recall

2017-11-01 23:12:39 UTC

Asked Heimbach about that a while back

2017-11-01 23:12:42 UTC

See check those guys out in the background

2017-11-01 23:13:04 UTC

I know Heimbach met with their leader.

2017-11-01 23:13:07 UTC

Holy cow, look at those bad optics

2017-11-01 23:13:10 UTC


2017-11-01 23:13:19 UTC

He also met with the leader of the massive Russian Fascist movement.

2017-11-01 23:13:26 UTC


2017-11-01 23:13:29 UTC

Gay AF tbh

2017-11-01 23:13:29 UTC

There optics are good, they'er also not klansman SERG HERRLIN.

2017-11-01 23:13:35 UTC

Wow what larping, they're actually giving a speech!

2017-11-01 23:13:36 UTC

I'm only 5'10 I feel for you fellow shortbros

2017-11-01 23:13:37 UTC

But the NF will never be in the same uniforms being LOS and VA will never use our uniforms

2017-11-01 23:14:01 UTC

LOS Has good uniforms, they're fine.

2017-11-01 23:14:10 UTC

It's literally the handful of 1.0's that show up.

2017-11-01 23:14:23 UTC

Yes. We must address this.

2017-11-01 23:14:23 UTC

LOS is alright yeah

2017-11-01 23:14:24 UTC

New party idea: The Traditional Klux Vanguard of the South

2017-11-01 23:14:24 UTC

I was hopping VA wood merge with us but that doesn’t seem to be happening now

2017-11-01 23:14:29 UTC

The 1.0 Question.

2017-11-01 23:14:43 UTC


2017-11-01 23:14:44 UTC

Not sure if you necessarily could combine the two anyways, as LOS has different goals from TWP

2017-11-01 23:14:49 UTC

I call 'em 1.5s, personally

2017-11-01 23:14:59 UTC

@HueTheHand that would be pretty based

2017-11-01 23:14:59 UTC

1.0 brings to mind the Pierce era

2017-11-01 23:15:03 UTC

They need to get with our look and standard or stay home. It would be better to have less men, in uniform and look good and be fit, than more with these guys.

2017-11-01 23:15:04 UTC

which they certainly are not

2017-11-01 23:15:29 UTC

LOS is Southern Nationalist

2017-11-01 23:15:46 UTC

We still need the 1.0 goys for the mussle the hammers and B&H /C18 saved our asses at CVille

2017-11-01 23:15:47 UTC

I dunno, I see both sides of the argument. If things get violent you certainly want more people

2017-11-01 23:16:14 UTC

Oh man with the shit they had at the last event

2017-11-01 23:16:19 UTC

No one was getting violent

2017-11-01 23:16:26 UTC

@☦Colton of Yore☦ So at CVille you would have rather not had the 40 hammer skins and 20 B&H ?

2017-11-01 23:16:47 UTC


2017-11-01 23:17:25 UTC

Nah, we should just get them a uniform to throw on.

2017-11-01 23:17:31 UTC

^ just what I was thinking

2017-11-01 23:18:09 UTC

Traditional Worker Paramilitary uniform: black boots, black pants, black wifebeater

2017-11-01 23:18:11 UTC

I mean sure I could wear my favorite NSBM band shirt to a rally, but I'll throw on the uniform.
Plus the uniform is hrngg

2017-11-01 23:18:24 UTC

Hammers and B&H have been around for 30 + years and have their own uniform I really don’t thing we will her rd B&H to take off their Cuts or the Hammers their white T-shirt’s and Barcers

2017-11-01 23:18:54 UTC

Exactly. Around for 30 years. And here we still are

2017-11-01 23:19:05 UTC

They are both also International organizations

2017-11-01 23:19:14 UTC

The Hammers are classified as the largest Neo-Nazi group in the US according to WIKI.

2017-11-01 23:20:09 UTC

B&H even has members fighting in The Ukrainian and Syria under the Combat 18 org

2017-11-01 23:21:57 UTC

Once we get big enough, we need to send volunteers to fight for Assad, oh how i wish TWP was big enough.

2017-11-01 23:23:00 UTC

I don't know about that

2017-11-01 23:23:15 UTC

Maybe they don’t belong in formation during rallies but they are good security and enforcers every one has their place

2017-11-01 23:23:22 UTC

Would we want to spare the manpower when the homefront is still not secured?

2017-11-01 23:23:50 UTC

If we helped, we could get funding from Syria after they win.

2017-11-01 23:24:13 UTC

As a political party friendly to them.

2017-11-01 23:24:13 UTC

We got a few months to figure some stuff out.

Also, let's not discuss going into Syria in the discord lmao

2017-11-01 23:24:20 UTC

I question how feasible that actually is to happen

2017-11-01 23:24:21 UTC

I know, just thoughts.

2017-11-01 23:24:28 UTC

Probably a good idea lmao

2017-11-01 23:24:55 UTC

We just need to be careful being we are a registered political party

2017-11-01 23:25:10 UTC


2017-11-01 23:25:11 UTC

The FEC May look down on that

2017-11-01 23:25:42 UTC

Would that even be illegal though?

2017-11-01 23:25:54 UTC


2017-11-01 23:26:01 UTC


2017-11-01 23:26:12 UTC


2017-11-01 23:26:14 UTC


2017-11-01 23:26:16 UTC

Would have to do it threw the Nationalist Defense forces and the Nationalist front

2017-11-01 23:26:23 UTC

Distasteful for most political parties yeah, probably bad to talk about, I just don't know if theres actual laws about that

2017-11-01 23:26:30 UTC

Fucking be careful guys. Come on.

2017-11-01 23:26:40 UTC

Fair enough

2017-11-01 23:26:49 UTC

It is illegal for a political party to take part in foreign conflicts

2017-11-01 23:27:00 UTC

Something I think the TWP would excel at is absorbing a number of small unaffiliated WN/NS groups around the country

2017-11-01 23:27:01 UTC

Yeah, lets stop.

2017-11-01 23:27:12 UTC


2017-11-01 23:27:20 UTC

I know of one in Kansas, and anothe in St. Louis, which might be willing

2017-11-01 23:27:23 UTC

We are on their list official political party or not. Anything in here, pretend a Fed is in here.

2017-11-01 23:27:53 UTC

Should probably go ahead and actually delet then

2017-11-01 23:28:04 UTC

I'm so tired of the optic shit

2017-11-01 23:28:07 UTC

What we need to do is help our own people set up food pantries and drug rehab centers

2017-11-01 23:28:26 UTC

We know they're cucks. Let em prattle on unsuccessfully and focus on our message and goals

2017-11-01 23:28:27 UTC

Bad Optics and doing something illegal are completely different.

2017-11-01 23:28:30 UTC

Yes. Our main focus is community building.

2017-11-01 23:28:31 UTC

Start businesses and employ our people with our own trade guilds

2017-11-01 23:28:59 UTC

But I do agree we need more cohesion at times. Shit like the pub happens because we can't hold the randoms accountable

2017-11-01 23:29:08 UTC

In general, in fact, I think the Midwest is a huge untapped area that TWP could expand into

2017-11-01 23:29:18 UTC

I think that's already in the works

2017-11-01 23:29:21 UTC

The Flyovers might be willing to help with that

2017-11-01 23:29:31 UTC

I could tap TTTK and ask him

2017-11-01 23:29:52 UTC

The north east is a big untapped resource also there are more people that are like is here then people think

2017-11-01 23:29:55 UTC

Exactly. If it was just TWP there no one would have done anything or said anything to provoke anyone.

2017-11-01 23:30:02 UTC

Those older guys don't care as much

2017-11-01 23:30:08 UTC

^^^Because we follow our leadership example

2017-11-01 23:30:17 UTC

Unironically nice guy NS

2017-11-01 23:30:21 UTC


2017-11-01 23:30:30 UTC

Im not saying optic cuck shit but I am saying lead by example

2017-11-01 23:30:34 UTC

We're not a nigger street gang

2017-11-01 23:30:49 UTC

We have to act in public with utter discretion and discipline.

2017-11-01 23:31:03 UTC

Exactly. We're better than prodding at low iq nogs trying to start fights

2017-11-01 23:31:12 UTC

Is Cesar still the NC commander?

2017-11-01 23:31:12 UTC

We need to fund buying a banner plane, then get someone to fly a TWP sign around the country lmfao

2017-11-01 23:31:25 UTC

We need to go back and learn form a great book that was written by a man in prison in the 1920s

2017-11-01 23:31:27 UTC

That whole situation escelated wayy more than was neccessary due to multiple parties

2017-11-01 23:31:28 UTC

Should probably cut out shit like yelling black lives don't matter, even if it is fun

2017-11-01 23:31:36 UTC

I agree

2017-11-01 23:31:36 UTC


2017-11-01 23:31:51 UTC

Even if they dont matter, yeah, we should stop.

2017-11-01 23:31:58 UTC

I also agree no more Klan allowed.

2017-11-01 23:32:09 UTC

I am on edge about NSM already.

2017-11-01 23:32:11 UTC

Thats a leadership decision

2017-11-01 23:32:13 UTC

Dont trust them.

2017-11-01 23:32:16 UTC


2017-11-01 23:32:26 UTC

Gives off the impression we're just about hate rather than our own people imo

2017-11-01 23:32:33 UTC


2017-11-01 23:32:36 UTC

That is way over our pay grade

2017-11-01 23:32:43 UTC

We're not out to do old klan shit like make a spectacle and yell at minorities

2017-11-01 23:32:56 UTC

@Justin Burger (Major-GA) I'm getting my pilot's license.

2017-11-01 23:32:58 UTC

Not yet at least 😉

2017-11-01 23:33:13 UTC

Who do I need to contact to get active In Nc

2017-11-01 23:33:14 UTC

Yelling at minorities comes later

2017-11-01 23:33:15 UTC

We have to convince the older WN movement people to modernize

2017-11-01 23:33:16 UTC

Shouldn't be ever. Our goal is to uplift our people. Not go out and act like white nogs

2017-11-01 23:33:33 UTC

This is why Hitler had to crush the other parties.

2017-11-01 23:33:47 UTC

In the very early days.

2017-11-01 23:33:48 UTC

If we want to just be a white street gang, we'll never get anywhere

2017-11-01 23:33:50 UTC

Still need thugs from time to time thew like how the NSDAP had the SA ...

2017-11-01 23:33:50 UTC

being as edgy as possible just to get a reaction is not the only thing you have to do to get support.

2017-11-01 23:34:01 UTC

We can be if we need to be.

2017-11-01 23:34:01 UTC

Its how you dont get support

2017-11-01 23:34:07 UTC

I'm just fucking around, we shouldn't actually do that ofc

2017-11-01 23:34:09 UTC

well, it depends on what your plan is

2017-11-01 23:34:10 UTC

Im not saying dont defend ourselves or be strong

2017-11-01 23:34:24 UTC

I mean, Trump is seemingly as edgy as possible but he has a plan behind it it seems

2017-11-01 23:34:29 UTC

But Its stupid as fuck to go out and have white chimpouts if we want to claim we're better than that

2017-11-01 23:34:37 UTC


2017-11-01 23:34:41 UTC

@The Inquisitor [☧]. The Midwest is a huge resource for TWP. All the dudes in Shelbyville that were "bad optics" that's how people here in sd look nigh every day

2017-11-01 23:34:42 UTC

chimpouts seem to work for the chimps

2017-11-01 23:34:53 UTC

The SA was also officially a “Separate” organization from the NSDAP

2017-11-01 23:35:01 UTC

We can try to reform them.

2017-11-01 23:35:05 UTC

they get nigger mayors to support them. they get whole towns to fear them

2017-11-01 23:35:13 UTC

Old dogs and new tricks though.

2017-11-01 23:35:18 UTC

im not saying we *should* do it, i'm just saying it does work for them

2017-11-01 23:35:23 UTC

Thats because they're allowed that by a system that enables them

2017-11-01 23:35:27 UTC

You can't teach an old dog Jew tricks

2017-11-01 23:35:30 UTC

We don't get those same priveleges

2017-11-01 23:35:34 UTC

The NDF could be a different group, then they join TWP at all events.

2017-11-01 23:35:44 UTC

Have a white power riot one time. See how long till we're all in prison

2017-11-01 23:35:49 UTC

Just hope they dont betray us like the SA did....

2017-11-01 23:36:07 UTC

depends on if all the whites in the country riot

2017-11-01 23:36:20 UTC

The problem with the SA was they let Lefteats in to the leadership of it

2017-11-01 23:36:22 UTC

you cant arrest all the niggers in Ferguson

2017-11-01 23:36:27 UTC

Don’t thing we would make that mistake

2017-11-01 23:36:48 UTC

Think **

2017-11-01 23:37:08 UTC

The idea is to present ourselves with strength and pride. Ready to defend our brothers and uplift our communities. That's why the leadership is planning drug rehab programs and communtity building and the like. Having white fergusons is couter productive and not even what we're trying to do

2017-11-01 23:37:16 UTC

WHen niggers riot they ruin their communities

2017-11-01 23:37:19 UTC

Purging of the SA caused the death of many innocent men.

2017-11-01 23:38:06 UTC

But it gave birth to the SS one of the best fighting forces the earth has ever seen

2017-11-01 23:38:34 UTC

I know modern army SF troops that still say the SS would whoop their asses of they existed today

2017-11-01 23:39:12 UTC

I think these types of talks are up to our leadership more than us. They know much more about the intergroup politics than we do, as well as the inner workings. I have faith in what Heimbach, Parrot, and others are doing.

2017-11-01 23:39:26 UTC

It was more about their devotion to their cause and willing to do what was needed to get the job done even if it cost them everything

2017-11-01 23:39:33 UTC

We're in no position to be discussing purging any group. Especially ones with longer histories that are far more established

2017-11-01 23:39:44 UTC

The problem with the SA was that they let faggots into leadership

2017-11-01 23:39:48 UTC

(that, and leftists)

2017-11-01 23:40:17 UTC

I sad that already.. and I don’t think our leadership would make that same mistake

2017-11-01 23:40:51 UTC

A lot of the SA were already party members before AF took over the party and back then atlest 1/3 of the NSDAP were Marxists

2017-11-01 23:41:26 UTC

I have to go be a papa for a bit. But don't be so ready to throw the baby out with the bath water. Yeah some of the NSM guys and such don't always seem to bring the best attitude, but they've been around for a long time for a good reason, and if they needed to be completely dropped I'm sure it would have happened.

2017-11-01 23:41:48 UTC

I'd say it'd be a long shot to claim every single one of us always conducts ourselves properly either

2017-11-01 23:42:11 UTC

I dont mind them tbh, seemed like nice dudes

2017-11-01 23:42:19 UTC


2017-11-01 23:43:18 UTC

They just need a little help and Matt is doing that like how he got them to remove the swastika from their flag and symbol

2017-11-01 23:43:43 UTC

Agreed, I'm more saying it'd be nice if we consolidated under one banner rather than have multiple groups showing up to the same event with different uniforms

2017-11-01 23:44:41 UTC

nah it's fine, ideally we want to get every group ever on our side

2017-11-01 23:49:01 UTC

I like NSM's pole banner aesthetic

2017-11-01 23:49:02 UTC


2017-11-01 23:49:43 UTC

National Action had one too, I was so mad they got banned before they could hold a demo with it.

2017-11-01 23:49:45 UTC

It was sick.

2017-11-01 23:50:22 UTC

Most of their guys are fine in NSM, Schoep for example is a great guy.
It's just a few of their guys show up with something ehhh. And I mean like just a few.

2017-11-01 23:53:02 UTC

Schoep has a history of interracial relationships.

2017-11-01 23:53:06 UTC

Which makesme weary.

2017-11-01 23:53:08 UTC


2017-11-01 23:53:12 UTC

makes me*

2017-11-01 23:54:14 UTC


2017-11-01 23:56:48 UTC

Were they bad interracial or good interracial

2017-11-01 23:56:53 UTC

HAPA nationalism

2017-11-01 23:58:06 UTC

The roomer is he had a Asian Girl

2017-11-02 00:00:46 UTC


2017-11-02 00:01:30 UTC


2017-11-02 00:01:41 UTC

Genocide blue check marks

2017-11-02 00:05:08 UTC

If it were up to me, Schoep would be quietly and decorously removed from office

2017-11-02 00:05:19 UTC

I think he's honorable enough to not pull an Enoch

2017-11-02 00:14:17 UTC

@Shaun Mosley You're on discord? I didn't even know

2017-11-02 00:14:32 UTC

It's me Zaine we went to cville together

2017-11-02 00:14:42 UTC

Wtf, it wont let me turn it off of push to talk, and it wont let me set a key.

2017-11-02 00:14:48 UTC

Yeah mayne never use it

2017-11-02 00:15:06 UTC

But this is the only TWP group so here I am

2017-11-02 00:15:50 UTC

Hey Zaine. Was it your first event?

2017-11-02 00:16:02 UTC

Cville 1 was my first event

2017-11-02 00:16:10 UTC

Shelbyville was my 4th

2017-11-02 00:21:01 UTC

Rap is everything good with fash emporium and the memberships?

2017-11-02 00:21:08 UTC


2017-11-02 00:24:26 UTC


2017-11-02 00:24:50 UTC


2017-11-02 00:26:41 UTC

@Shaun Mosley is secretly the Supreme Global Commander of all WN networks. Hail Shaun, Hail our people, Hail diet Coke!

2017-11-02 00:29:15 UTC


2017-11-02 00:30:03 UTC


2017-11-02 00:30:17 UTC

Is that Boss?

2017-11-02 00:30:46 UTC

Pls tell me someone here has played MGS3

2017-11-02 00:31:22 UTC

Yeah haha

2017-11-02 00:31:25 UTC


2017-11-02 00:31:30 UTC


2017-11-02 00:31:36 UTC

Of course we have. We all came here for the ethics in gaming journalism right?

2017-11-02 00:31:47 UTC

This just in

2017-11-02 00:31:51 UTC

TWP is multiracial neo-nazi russian orthodox christian communism

2017-11-02 00:32:40 UTC

Coming from a guy with a Swazi tat in fucking Ukraine

2017-11-02 00:33:01 UTC

@CatoHostilius dont disrespect the boss in here kiddo

2017-11-02 00:33:07 UTC

>an actull TWP poster cause we nazbol now


2017-11-02 00:33:07 UTC

thats an american hero you're talking about

2017-11-02 00:33:42 UTC

I never got the nazbol thing until now

2017-11-02 00:34:56 UTC


2017-11-02 00:34:59 UTC

We naz🅱️ol now?


2017-11-02 00:35:04 UTC

delet this

2017-11-02 00:35:16 UTC

I found a weird pokemon today guys

2017-11-02 00:35:23 UTC


2017-11-02 00:35:33 UTC


2017-11-02 00:35:51 UTC


2017-11-02 00:36:06 UTC

Those always get me

2017-11-02 00:36:15 UTC


2017-11-02 00:36:25 UTC


2017-11-02 00:36:44 UTC


2017-11-02 00:37:13 UTC

im sorry that picture makes me laugh

2017-11-02 00:37:13 UTC


2017-11-02 00:37:36 UTC

We need to have at least one person with a bowl cut at our rallies

2017-11-02 00:37:52 UTC


2017-11-02 00:38:02 UTC

@Fevs get that bowl cut on point son.

2017-11-02 00:38:10 UTC


2017-11-02 00:38:17 UTC

very sorry for whoever isn't in the voice chat

2017-11-02 00:39:39 UTC


2017-11-02 00:39:44 UTC


2017-11-02 00:40:30 UTC


2017-11-02 00:42:59 UTC


2017-11-02 00:44:41 UTC

Lol! 😂

2017-11-02 00:44:53 UTC

We should adop the vasilis look if you disagree you are not true nazbol


2017-11-02 00:45:38 UTC


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