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2017-11-01 20:48:54 UTC

Who said that?

2017-11-01 20:49:14 UTC

I've been told by members in IE that they ask during vetting "Are you a fag?"

2017-11-01 20:49:18 UTC
2017-11-01 20:49:41 UTC

They have no political restrictions either. You could be a full blown commie and still get in

2017-11-01 20:50:23 UTC


2017-11-01 20:51:03 UTC

It is difficult for me to trust news about WN drama from low key communist websites.

2017-11-01 20:53:14 UTC

True, but if he is misquoted, then that is grounds for a lawsuit. Even commies generally don't misquote people, as to avoid this.

Plus, I've seen where IE has rubbed elbows with Donovan and other queers who are trying to subvert the Movement.

2017-11-01 20:54:11 UTC

Oy vey

2017-11-01 20:55:01 UTC

Just realize everyone I have talked to in IE hates fags and were it to be shown that someone was a fag, they would be banished.

2017-11-01 20:56:45 UTC

If that is true, then that is good.

Sodomy/homosexuality is a far bigger threat to the West and our culture, than all the non-white races put together.

2017-11-01 20:56:51 UTC


2017-11-01 20:57:41 UTC

I don't hate all gay people, but I hate all fags that parade around and shit. keep that shit deep down inside and maintain a normal outward appearance imo

2017-11-01 20:58:02 UTC

we all have personal issues, the fact that being a faggot is so widely accepted in our society now is black pilling

2017-11-01 20:58:10 UTC

All queers need to be sent to reeducation camps, period.

2017-11-01 20:58:20 UTC

Electrical conversion for all queers

2017-11-01 20:58:38 UTC

I take the approach of Martian Luther, if you know a sin is going on somewhere and you fail to put an end to it, you yourself are guilty.

2017-11-01 20:58:48 UTC

Particularly this sin.

2017-11-01 20:58:59 UTC

oh come on, no sins are "in particular"

2017-11-01 20:59:02 UTC


Hear, Hear!

2017-11-01 21:00:33 UTC

Philosophically, queers have always existed. The problem is that they are normalized now. How to remove them? Same as always all through time. Witch hunts and stuff

2017-11-01 21:01:11 UTC

Flaming fag drag.

2017-11-01 21:01:30 UTC

when they parade in MY streets with little kids wearing nearly nothing, that's a huge problem.

2017-11-01 21:02:06 UTC

but yea, witch hunts would push that shit back into the dark

2017-11-01 21:02:44 UTC

it should be worse to be a faggot than it is do be white nationalist, that's for sure

2017-11-01 21:02:50 UTC


2017-11-01 21:03:41 UTC

“But since our discourse has now turned to the subject of blasphemy, I desire to ask one favor of you all, in return for this my address, and speaking with you; which is, that you will correct on my behalf the blasphemers of this city. And should you hear any one in the public thoroughfare, or in the midst of the forum, blaspheming God; go up to him and rebuke him; and should it be necessary to inflict blows, spare not to do so. Smite him on the face; strike his mouth; sanctify your hand with the blow, and if any should accuse you, and drag you to the place of justice, follow them there; and when the judge on the bench calls you to account, say boldly that the man blasphemed the King of angels! For if it be necessary to punish those who blaspheme an earthly king, much more so those who insult God. It is a common crime, a public injury; and it is lawful for every one who is willing, to bring forward an accusation. Let the Jews and Greeks learn, that the Christians are the saviours of the city; that they are its guardians, its patrons, and its teachers. Let the dissolute and the perverse also learn this; that they must fear the servants of God too; that if at any time they are inclined to utter such a thing, they may look round every way at each other, and tremble even at their own shadows, anxious lest perchance a Christian, having heard what they said, should spring upon them and sharply chastise them. Have you not heard what John did? He saw a man that was a tyrant overthrowing the laws of marriage; and with boldness, he proclaimed in the midst of the forum, It is not lawful for you to have your brother Philip’s wife. Mark 6:18 But I urge you on, not against a prince or a judge; nor against the marriage ordinance outraged; nor in behalf of fellow-servants insulted. But I require you to castigate an equal, for insolence against the Lord." St John Chrysostom

2017-11-01 21:04:22 UTC

and of course you have how coincidental homosexuality is with pedophilia,

2017-11-01 21:05:59 UTC

Heimbach once drank water you know who else drinks water......FEDS AND SNITCHES!!!

2017-11-01 21:06:18 UTC

Homosexuals got on alot better when we treated it like any other fetish

2017-11-01 21:06:36 UTC

Shameful shit you kept to yourself

2017-11-01 21:06:56 UTC

yep. we legalized gay marriage and now knowingly spreading HIV is legal. slippery fucking slope

2017-11-01 21:07:51 UTC

related to faggots


2017-11-01 21:08:23 UTC

The worst part is they are actully defending pedophiles now

2017-11-01 21:09:06 UTC

Its like someone said earlier. Theres gonna be some fags out there. Its silly to act like we could cleanse ourselves of every single one. But the difference is that it needs to be treated like the sick fetish it is. Not a fucking life style

2017-11-01 21:09:32 UTC

Homosexuality needs to be treated as a mental and Spiritual disease. It is pervasive and will only grow, if ignored (as history has shown). It must be denounced across the board. In Hierarchical society, there is no such thing as a welcomed closet queer. They were treated as a disease...if attempts of curing said disease didn't work, then they destroyed said disease.


2017-11-01 21:10:16 UTC

What im saying is a fag should fall in the pack. It should be so closeted that bystanders dont even know its closeted

2017-11-01 21:10:50 UTC

If you struggle with it, its your personal cross that is between you and God. Not for society to rewrite its rules around it

2017-11-01 21:11:09 UTC

i agree

2017-11-01 21:14:29 UTC

"No sin has greater power over the soul than the one of cursed sodomy, which was always detested by all those who lived according to God's law. ...

Such passion for untenable practices borders on madness. This vice disturbs the intellect, unbalances an elevated and generous state of soul, drags lofty thoughts down to base ones, makes men pusillanimous and irascible, obstinate and hardened, servilely soft and incapable of anything.

Furthermore, the will, agitated by the insatiable drive for pleasure, no longer follows reason but rather the tumult of the passions. ...

One who lives practicing the vice of sodomy will suffer more pain in Hell than anyone else, because this the worst sin that exist." -
St. Bernardine of Siena

2017-11-01 21:16:10 UTC

@Jones Malone

We are not individualistic egalitarians. We believe in Hierarchy and community. It is absolutely necessary for the community to correct the sins of the individual.

2017-11-01 21:16:49 UTC

An individual's sin becomes that of the community, if the community fails to stem it.

There are tons of Saints who say this.

2017-11-01 21:20:15 UTC

And thats a fair assesment that I agree with. But if someone were to never allude to being a fag or to make it clear, there is never the sin, or at least a visible sin for the community to correct

2017-11-01 21:21:15 UTC

Obviously if they act on the sin, or bring it into public eye that changes the dynamic and must be stopped

2017-11-01 21:23:35 UTC

My expectation for them is like I expect of drug addicts. Don't fucking be proud of it, get help and keep your urges hidden

2017-11-01 21:23:58 UTC

There was a time when they did keep it hidden, and took wives and fathered white children

2017-11-01 21:26:41 UTC

@Jones Malone

True. I should have iterated that I am not saying we should destroy someone for simply struggling with the Passion of homosexuality. One of my favorite modern Theologians was a former queer, who went into Monasticism to overcome said sin. All I am saying is that a lot of people I know are like : "whatever a man does in his bedroom is between him and God". This line of thinking is a product of modernism and our perverted individualistic mindset. A community must uphold Christian morals and Law; St John makes this very clear:


Now that I am looking over your other comments, I see that you aren't really taking the individualist stance, but simply saying queers need to remain beyond hidden. I can see said logic, although I am of the opinion that said queers need to come out and recognize that their sin is a sickness, and seek help for it (otherwise it will only fester and spread).

2017-11-01 21:32:52 UTC

Saying queers need to remain hidden vs seeking help, is like saying a leper needs to hide his sores from everyone and pretend to be healthy. If a leper refuses treatment, then his disease will only spread to the community. The same applies to queers, imo.

2017-11-01 21:33:28 UTC

you can stay hidden and seek help. Doctors have confidentiality

2017-11-01 21:34:46 UTC

This is true.

Priests have the same level of confidentiality, if not more. So long as homos are seeking "treatment", and not acting on their sin, then I am fine with them remaining in our socierty.

2017-11-01 21:34:58 UTC


2017-11-01 21:35:19 UTC

We should be working towards a cure for it for those seeking treatment in our ethnostate

2017-11-01 21:36:07 UTC

Christ and the Intercessions of the Saints have been the Traditional treatment.

Monasticism was heavily used on homos, too.

2017-11-01 21:36:15 UTC

Some people say it has something to do with all the soy people are using and the estrogen in a lot of consumer products

2017-11-01 21:36:23 UTC

Yes we should. The existing options aren't great. The only reason some states are able to ban conversion therapy is because the studies show that the current form usually doesn't work

2017-11-01 21:36:32 UTC

Soy definitely lowers your testosterone.

2017-11-01 21:36:37 UTC


2017-11-01 21:37:00 UTC

I've seen reports that even large amounts of dairy can give your body a large amount of estrogen though

2017-11-01 21:37:12 UTC

Which sucks because milk is life

2017-11-01 21:37:13 UTC

so does beer

2017-11-01 21:37:40 UTC

NOOOOOOOO. Don't black-pill me on beer and dairy.

2017-11-01 21:37:43 UTC


2017-11-01 21:37:52 UTC

In traditional European diet they stop drinking milk after child hood and only have cheeses

2017-11-01 21:37:54 UTC

I'm destined to be a low T soyboy

2017-11-01 21:38:01 UTC

I must end myself for the good of eugenics

2017-11-01 21:38:44 UTC

i grow soybeans for soyboys

2017-11-01 21:39:06 UTC

I have been thinking to trying to go to a Nordic or Traditional Meditation diet

2017-11-01 21:39:17 UTC

muh edamame though

2017-11-01 21:39:56 UTC

Mediterranean diet is one of the best.

So is the traditional Japanese diet.

2017-11-01 21:44:02 UTC

I try to consume olive oil on a daily basis.

It's also really good to consume a small amount of apple cider vinegar daily, as well.

2017-11-01 21:44:49 UTC

Isn't that appropriating nonwhite culture though

2017-11-01 21:45:18 UTC

Whites are obviously superior to mediterraneans, we must have more healthy diets

2017-11-01 21:45:56 UTC

usually I just eat whatever Im craving

2017-11-01 21:46:04 UTC

You consider "whites" and Mediterraneans to be different?

2017-11-01 21:46:39 UTC

I'd say 80-90% of people on here have Mediterranean heritage...I know I do.

2017-11-01 21:46:52 UTC

what the fuck is mediterranean anyway

2017-11-01 21:47:08 UTC

Southern French, Italian, Greek, etc.

2017-11-01 21:47:13 UTC


2017-11-01 21:47:24 UTC

I'm either welsh or scottish

2017-11-01 21:50:29 UTC

I'm predominantly: Welsh, Southern French, and Irish. I have some Spanish and Italian, as well.

My cousin was a general in the Italian Army during WW2, so I have a lot of pride in my Med heritage.


2017-11-01 21:51:26 UTC

@Fevs so you are one of those people that don’t believe us Iberians are whit ...

2017-11-01 21:52:39 UTC

Sorry to burst your bubble but the Iberian tribes are of Celtic and Germanic makeup

2017-11-01 21:53:30 UTC

Whites aren’t only the Bavarian phenotype

2017-11-01 21:53:46 UTC

What's next are you going to try and say (((anglos))) are white? pfft

2017-11-01 21:53:52 UTC

Heck, the Celts were pretty dark people.

Look at the Welsh.


2017-11-01 21:55:49 UTC

Hell, just look at Ken from Brutal Attack (Welshman).


2017-11-01 21:56:02 UTC

Ken gets pretty dark.

2017-11-01 21:56:34 UTC

Nordicism is fucking retarded.

2017-11-01 21:56:35 UTC

I’ve seen photos of Ken wen he was touring and he looked almost Portuguese

2017-11-01 21:57:40 UTC

Ya, he actually looks pretty fair in the pic I posted. He is usually MUCH darker.

2017-11-01 21:57:51 UTC

He needs to put out a new CD it’s been to long

2017-11-01 21:57:56 UTC


2017-11-01 21:58:41 UTC

He also should come to the east cost to do a show ... I know his last US show was in CA

2017-11-01 22:00:07 UTC

That’s it we need to plan a TWP White Nationalist Wood stock like event and invite all the RAC,OI,hate core, and other White nationals bands 🙂

2017-11-01 22:05:25 UTC

Ya, it would be awesome to do something like that, as a TWP fundraising event.

2017-11-01 22:08:17 UTC

I think it would be cool to do it in East TN or KY, as there are never any shows in the region; they are either held on the West Coast or in the Northeast.

2017-11-01 22:08:46 UTC

Or somewhere centrally located. Southern Indy, even.

2017-11-01 22:10:23 UTC

Do you have a FB, @John Mosby

2017-11-01 22:11:35 UTC

No, I keep getting doxed. I think my IP addy is flagged, cuz as soon as I start one, they hit it within 5 min.

2017-11-01 22:13:10 UTC

At this point, I only use discord, email, and phone to communicate.

I need to bust out my laptop and see if I can create a fb sock with it.

2017-11-01 22:13:13 UTC

If you unplug your router you'll get a new IP address

2017-11-01 22:13:28 UTC

Oh, nice!

I'll give that a shot

2017-11-01 22:13:41 UTC

Yeah I'm not sure how long you have to leave it unplugged though

2017-11-01 22:14:11 UTC

I'll look it up on google

2017-11-01 22:15:04 UTC

@☦Colton of Yore☦

Is there a particular reason why u were inquiring?

2017-11-01 22:15:05 UTC

You can also just get a new modem from your local isp office for free

2017-11-01 22:15:07 UTC

I can't make a new account. It has to do with the email.

2017-11-01 22:15:30 UTC

Boy I love my job :^)


2017-11-01 22:15:31 UTC

I have an old email for school and it is fine. If I make a new one then it gets flagged.

2017-11-01 22:15:34 UTC

I even changed my email provider, and it still didn't work.

2017-11-01 22:16:26 UTC

Yeah I think it knows if it's a newly made account.

2017-11-01 22:16:47 UTC

Because only old emails ever stay up now for me.

2017-11-01 22:16:52 UTC

Oh, well I used an old fb I had for years, and I got banned after using it again for just a day or two.

2017-11-01 22:16:59 UTC

I think it is my IP

2017-11-01 22:17:07 UTC

Same security check?

2017-11-01 22:17:18 UTC

Or ban?

2017-11-01 22:17:25 UTC

Security check

2017-11-01 22:17:29 UTC


2017-11-01 22:17:47 UTC

which is essentially a ban, since they want ur driver's license or some other private information

2017-11-01 22:19:15 UTC

I just pretty much gave up, since I only us FB for trolling.

2017-11-01 22:22:29 UTC

Facebook tracks your useragent string

2017-11-01 22:23:07 UTC

Last sock I made that stuck I used a different IP and browser as well

2017-11-01 22:24:18 UTC

also changed the first name a little bit

2017-11-01 22:25:04 UTC

used a shortened form ofr my name, so when Faceberg asked for my ID it still considered it valid

2017-11-01 22:25:28 UTC

What did u have to use to prove that the name was valid?

2017-11-01 22:25:42 UTC

my real ID

2017-11-01 22:26:09 UTC

but things like Johnathan/John and Steven/Steve are enough to not trip the auto filters, while still being valid for ID verification

2017-11-01 22:26:35 UTC

Did u have to show them a pic of ur ID?

2017-11-01 22:26:57 UTC

yes, only because the new account kept getting shoah'd because of my meme page

2017-11-01 22:27:20 UTC

ya, I refuse to give them id, hence why I can't get on their anymore

2017-11-01 22:27:54 UTC

you can block out most of the information

2017-11-01 22:28:02 UTC

I am actually WAY more productive since I left fb, so maybe it was a blessing in disguise.

2017-11-01 22:28:17 UTC

I dont even want them having my pic or real name

2017-11-01 22:28:39 UTC

I never have posted a picture of myself on fb, nor used a name remotely close to mine

2017-11-01 22:28:54 UTC

im paranoid with (((fb))) like that

2017-11-01 22:29:18 UTC

yeah I had a normiebook for years

2017-11-01 22:30:04 UTC

but I pissed off a kike enough that he kept getting me banned, so I made a new one with no personal info

2017-11-01 22:31:31 UTC

i really hate fb

2017-11-01 22:35:00 UTC

I just photoshopped an ID

2017-11-01 22:35:32 UTC

That's a good idea

2017-11-01 22:38:07 UTC

Who's the TWP Major of TX, and in what city does he reside? I have a friend near Texarkana who might come over to the Party.

@☦Colton of Yore☦

2017-11-01 22:40:37 UTC

People who cycle on back country roads will be the first to go on tbe day of the rope

2017-11-01 22:41:29 UTC

We have a like 30 mile long bike trail here that is free to the public and they still choose to cycle down tight ass country roads

2017-11-01 22:42:06 UTC

Guys, The Right Voice with Chris and Marie is going live in 20 minutes. http://mixlr.com/the-right-voice/

2017-11-01 22:43:24 UTC

@John Mosby try looking into buying a VPN.

2017-11-01 22:44:33 UTC

@Jones Malone I want Jews and Blacks first on DOTR

2017-11-01 22:45:43 UTC

Theu can get in line. This is personal

2017-11-01 22:50:42 UTC

@Jones Malone haha yeah I'm in crawlspaces all day long too

2017-11-01 22:51:43 UTC

Weev is shitting on us now.

2017-11-01 22:51:58 UTC

After I made Anglin stop and take down his posts.

2017-11-01 22:52:33 UTC


2017-11-01 22:53:45 UTC

Weev, who looks like a Jew is criticizing the optics of others 🤔

2017-11-01 22:54:42 UTC

I'm 90 seconds in and I already want to kill him

2017-11-01 22:54:55 UTC

Weev has always hated our optics

2017-11-01 22:55:13 UTC

I had an argument about our uniforms with him before CVille

2017-11-01 22:55:25 UTC

I talked to him in message.

This is just his opnion on the whole thing.

2017-11-01 22:55:45 UTC

He called us larpers and said Black is bad optics

2017-11-01 22:55:53 UTC

People assume an optics debate means it's some personal attack and take it so close to heart.

2017-11-01 22:57:59 UTC

We should still comment storm it.

2017-11-01 22:58:04 UTC

"black is bad optics" lul and an american flag isn't?

2017-11-01 22:58:07 UTC

I had a long and good one.

2017-11-01 22:58:25 UTC

At this point kids hate the American flag. That's the bad optics

2017-11-01 22:58:31 UTC

They WANT a change.

2017-11-01 22:58:31 UTC

Something about this isn’t the 1920s and we aren’t the SS if I remember right

2017-11-01 22:58:32 UTC

You know if the Nazis had just used American symbolism, the jews wouldn't of destroyed them

2017-11-01 22:58:41 UTC


2017-11-01 22:58:58 UTC

Think about all the boomers upset about football

2017-11-01 22:58:58 UTC


2017-11-01 22:59:01 UTC

We need more boomers!

2017-11-01 22:59:11 UTC

I agree we all need to become Chads. Lift. Match uniform exactly. No one forget their ties.

2017-11-01 22:59:25 UTC

But Bond Villian nationalism is better than AmNat.

2017-11-01 22:59:28 UTC

That isn't even what he is saying in the video lol

2017-11-01 22:59:30 UTC


2017-11-01 22:59:33 UTC


2017-11-01 22:59:44 UTC

Mr Heimbach did post an official uniform here like 2 weeks ago

2017-11-01 22:59:57 UTC

Some guys didn't have ties.

2017-11-01 22:59:58 UTC

Yeah and it's on the website @HueTheHand

2017-11-01 23:00:08 UTC

Maybe no stahlhelms.

2017-11-01 23:00:17 UTC

I didn't have my uniform in time for sville because poorfag

2017-11-01 23:00:22 UTC

Try to look like Nordfront but in all black and in America.

2017-11-01 23:00:23 UTC

But I'll 100% have it for the next time

2017-11-01 23:00:25 UTC

We're not going to have another demonstration until next fall

2017-11-01 23:00:35 UTC


2017-11-01 23:00:36 UTC

Next fall?

2017-11-01 23:00:37 UTC


2017-11-01 23:00:37 UTC

The last one didn't get to much attention

2017-11-01 23:00:39 UTC

Nigga what

2017-11-01 23:00:43 UTC

That's an entire year

2017-11-01 23:00:45 UTC

That is from what I heard.

2017-11-01 23:00:49 UTC

Yeah. Come on now.

2017-11-01 23:00:51 UTC

Fall thought it was till the spring

2017-11-01 23:00:52 UTC

The opiate event.

2017-11-01 23:00:55 UTC


2017-11-01 23:00:57 UTC

We didn't do that yet.

2017-11-01 23:00:57 UTC

lmao wait

2017-11-01 23:01:00 UTC

I mean spring

2017-11-01 23:01:09 UTC


2017-11-01 23:01:10 UTC

Somebody else did that exact same thing

2017-11-01 23:01:15 UTC

Like 30 minutes ago

2017-11-01 23:01:15 UTC

But during the winter there may be some flash event s

2017-11-01 23:01:27 UTC

Oh ye that would be fine I guess IDK

2017-11-01 23:01:34 UTC

Is the opiate event already being planned?

2017-11-01 23:01:36 UTC

I say we gotta do the vigil.

2017-11-01 23:01:39 UTC

Eh, maybe I take it to heart too much. The thing is I just don't really care about about these people. I know younger guys like these people but Weev, AA and the so called "OpticCucks" aren't nearly as important as you'd think. They just don't matter that much.

2017-11-01 23:01:40 UTC

I have no say in that, I got no idea.

2017-11-01 23:01:41 UTC

A flash vigil. Just TWP

2017-11-01 23:02:18 UTC

TWP Optics are fine, I personally think if we get more strict on the media comign it'll be better.

2017-11-01 23:02:25 UTC

@MadKicker Agreed, at the end of the day the important people are those of us who are willing to do something off the internet

2017-11-01 23:02:53 UTC

We need to do TWP Christmas caroling

2017-11-01 23:02:54 UTC

Plus if anyone and everyone keeps slinging shit on the OpticCucks it just drags this stupid infighting bullshit out.

2017-11-01 23:02:56 UTC

The NSM Question... The Klan Question...

2017-11-01 23:03:08 UTC

A group wasiling in uniform

2017-11-01 23:03:10 UTC

That bar fight would not have happened if there was no NSM guy with us.

2017-11-01 23:03:14 UTC

TWP men's choir nationalism

2017-11-01 23:03:19 UTC

@☦Colton of Yore☦ Is that stuff safe to be talking about in this server?

2017-11-01 23:03:29 UTC

Last time somebody counter signalled the klan in here people were defending them

2017-11-01 23:03:36 UTC

That much of it is yeah

2017-11-01 23:03:40 UTC

"Hitler bless ye, merry gentlemen, may nothing you dismay"

2017-11-01 23:03:52 UTC


2017-11-01 23:04:04 UTC

NSM is getting better slowly

2017-11-01 23:04:23 UTC

Shit happened. They almost ruined the event.

2017-11-01 23:04:47 UTC

They will take time to come around but they will form what I have seen of them the members I met were good people in the long run

2017-11-01 23:05:02 UTC

I once had an old guy at a rally tell me, in the drawliest voice possible, "Theeey'uhs awnly twooo kahnds of people in dah Klan: fedrul aaaagents, and unduhcovah jurnlists takin picturs of fedrul aaagents."

2017-11-01 23:05:13 UTC

Lol yep

2017-11-01 23:05:15 UTC

Didn’t the coal Berner start the argument ?

2017-11-01 23:05:17 UTC

I think they're good guys, there's just no discipline

2017-11-01 23:05:26 UTC

I say no Klan allowed at TWP events. Sorry. That's just me.

2017-11-01 23:05:26 UTC

Imagine if one of us had started that fight

2017-11-01 23:05:36 UTC

We'd be out in a heartbeat

2017-11-01 23:05:42 UTC

I do second that, no more Klan groups.

2017-11-01 23:05:53 UTC

Ever since the alt-right's hero Dr. Duke sold out the Klan, they haven't been safe to deal with

2017-11-01 23:06:04 UTC

If your whole thing is being the invisible empire and you're out in the open what the fuck is the point

2017-11-01 23:06:23 UTC

Really don’t think that would happen there are Klan groups that are members of the NF

2017-11-01 23:06:24 UTC

That fight thing has gone under radar it looks like.

2017-11-01 23:06:51 UTC

How fucking tall is Spencer? or is every fucking 5'4?


2017-11-01 23:06:57 UTC

every one*

2017-11-01 23:06:58 UTC

Most Klan are feds but there are 2 or 3 Klan groups that are still real

2017-11-01 23:07:25 UTC

>that look on Heimbach's face

2017-11-01 23:07:43 UTC

Spence was above the sidewalk.

2017-11-01 23:07:47 UTC


2017-11-01 23:07:58 UTC

Also was an incline.

2017-11-01 23:08:25 UTC

Spence is normal height

2017-11-01 23:08:33 UTC

Like 6' maybe?

2017-11-01 23:08:33 UTC

Probably thanks to my dude's footage and the actual bar security camera.

2017-11-01 23:08:49 UTC

I am a short guy, as you can tell at the rally, shortest of the shield wall, i am nicknamed Manlet king.

2017-11-01 23:08:52 UTC

RIP my life.

2017-11-01 23:08:56 UTC

No matter what anyone said to them, if they swing, they are guilty. Not us for reacting.

2017-11-01 23:10:07 UTC

>when someone tries to tell you that homosexuality is the last stand of implicit white identity


2017-11-01 23:10:15 UTC

Lol 😂

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