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2017-11-01 01:42:03 UTC

It also felt kind of shitty to keep blasting him while his website's being hosed by the Jews.

2017-11-01 01:42:12 UTC

Ok. Your the man, you make the calls. I thought there were some excellent points in it though...it felt like a brilliant political treatise, that captured important ideas in an important moment.

2017-11-01 01:42:45 UTC

I just dont understand why they cant do their thing we do ours. If they dont want to roll with us cool but no need for anybody to raise shit about anyone

2017-11-01 01:43:10 UTC

Leave the virtue signaling and all that bullshit to the left

2017-11-01 01:44:04 UTC

unity, or at least the appearance of it, is important

2017-11-01 01:44:22 UTC

Exactly. For all the talk about optics. Infighting is the worst optic

2017-11-01 01:44:23 UTC

Yeah, the news is reporting that we are attacking one another.

2017-11-01 01:44:31 UTC

Literally articles on it.

2017-11-01 01:44:48 UTC

I probably should tweak it to remove my brutal blasting of Anglin while retaining the general arguments made.

2017-11-01 01:45:21 UTC

Yeah. That was a very good read. Really kept the fire in my belly after saturday

2017-11-01 01:45:28 UTC

you're right to do it, but its probably wise to tone it down

2017-11-01 01:45:44 UTC

Yeah. I knew that was going to happen. But given how coordinated and inappropriate the attacks were, I had to respond.

2017-11-01 01:45:52 UTC

Oh without a doubt

2017-11-01 01:46:03 UTC

being seen as fighting amongst'd've ourselves is...uhhh...bad optics

2017-11-01 01:46:22 UTC

Refer to my comments a couple posts above lol

2017-11-01 01:46:39 UTC

They want to cry optics. But trying to cut a arm off your own movement is pretty damn bad optics

2017-11-01 01:46:42 UTC

its ironic

2017-11-01 01:48:17 UTC

Well, sometimes you've got to throw up a threat display to stop infighting. Apparently everybody forgot that I can and will get more sassy than a negress on bath salts.

2017-11-01 01:48:43 UTC


2017-11-01 01:48:57 UTC

has it worked?

2017-11-01 01:49:32 UTC

After reading it, I was very reassured that TWP is going places. It showed the members (us) that the leadership has firm convictions and a better political strategy. It was a serious white pill , so please at least keep a draft for the TWP archives.

2017-11-01 01:49:41 UTC

Anglin took his attacks down. IE's sending attachés with encouraging offers to respectfully remain in lanes. So, it appears to be working.

2017-11-01 01:49:56 UTC


2017-11-01 01:50:16 UTC

power projection works

2017-11-01 01:50:22 UTC

I'm editing the article to maintain the ideological stuff while redacting the ass-blasting. As fun as that ass-blasting might've been.

2017-11-01 01:50:45 UTC

it was a great read, really reassured me on the american nationalism question

2017-11-01 01:51:03 UTC

In a lot of ways, Damigo's bitch ass sort of drug IE into it. Mosley isn't as petty as Damigo.

2017-11-01 01:52:04 UTC

Damigo is a Felon for robbing a brown person and punched that woman at a rally, he has no right to cry optics

2017-11-01 01:52:09 UTC

Once their pretty faces get beat up at a rally theyll be back lol

2017-11-01 01:52:22 UTC

Yeah, NF is the muscle, that is what they use us for.

2017-11-01 01:52:23 UTC

I'm glad that this seems to be over

2017-11-01 01:52:40 UTC

Robbing a brown person?! BASTE

2017-11-01 01:52:54 UTC

Best thign I feel from here is like whats been said. We keep our lane they have theirs.

2017-11-01 01:53:00 UTC

If it's necessary to take a side, I'll pick you guys but it'd be preferable to not have to take one in the first place

2017-11-01 01:53:09 UTC

I think its like what was said in previous days, most of the grunts of IE don't want to infight and like us

2017-11-01 01:53:34 UTC

It's just a couple catty leadership with a stick up their ass who thought they were gonna get away with some running their mouths and our leadership not defending us.

2017-11-01 01:54:13 UTC

I give them one event before they come crawling back

2017-11-01 01:54:30 UTC

Not totally optics cucking per se, but the movement in general needs more American and Confederate optics too. We need to attract a wider range of people especially the blue collar people. Not something I'm trying to legitimately argue and get heated about though like people have been. Just my thoughts

2017-11-01 01:55:03 UTC

We need more grass roots humanitarian shit I feel

2017-11-01 01:55:11 UTC

That too bud

2017-11-01 01:55:19 UTC

Why don’t we go into a community and pick up trash

2017-11-01 01:55:27 UTC

It looks good

2017-11-01 01:55:32 UTC

That's actually what I and my friend down here have been planning

2017-11-01 01:55:32 UTC

I think it's illegal to kidnap the homeless

2017-11-01 01:55:42 UTC

That article really was a defining one. Anglin wishes he could write like that and bants that hard and have it actually stick.

2017-11-01 01:55:43 UTC

IE has their own culture and if it works for them, great. Most of them have no issue with us

2017-11-01 01:55:55 UTC

We have two big programs that are in the works which we'll be rolling out in parallel in the next month or so, WALNUT and the TRAD Program.

2017-11-01 01:56:00 UTC

We should help out poor whites in like the Appalachian heart land and stuff too

2017-11-01 01:56:05 UTC

Both involve grassroots local charity work.

2017-11-01 01:56:10 UTC

Awesome can't wait to find out more

2017-11-01 01:56:12 UTC

We're waiting till next year and we plan to begin community out reach type shit throughout rural Georgia. Just waiting hearing more about what Parrot just mentioned

2017-11-01 01:56:36 UTC

What will the kike media say? A bunch of nahtzees went a cleaned up the community? Lol

2017-11-01 01:56:45 UTC

they'll likely ignore it

2017-11-01 01:56:46 UTC

They'll say what they've said before

2017-11-01 01:56:48 UTC

We're using terrorist tactics

2017-11-01 01:56:55 UTC


2017-11-01 01:57:05 UTC

"nahtzees helping local community in attempt to indoctrinate people to their ideology"

2017-11-01 01:57:17 UTC


2017-11-01 01:57:18 UTC

WALNUT is "White Advocacy Leadership, Networking, and Unity Teams," and will be focused on assisting our members and supporters first, then sympathetic locals, with their disability, welfare, housing, credit, and utility assistance paperwork.

2017-11-01 01:57:22 UTC

I like in Urban Georgia.

2017-11-01 01:57:28 UTC


2017-11-01 01:57:43 UTC

Clothing drives could be good too, with winter rapidly approaching

2017-11-01 01:57:44 UTC


2017-11-01 01:57:47 UTC

We will have to link up more Justin

2017-11-01 01:57:50 UTC

yea and heaters

2017-11-01 01:57:50 UTC

Would going out dressed completely normie style and doing grassroots charity stuff and then once we are getting attention come out and say we are with TWP be a good idea? Get the platform and then announce who were with while they're already covering us

2017-11-01 01:57:51 UTC

Shiiiit that’s a chocolate city

2017-11-01 01:57:52 UTC

and stuff

2017-11-01 01:57:53 UTC

I think I messaged you last night

2017-11-01 01:58:28 UTC

Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey

The Virgin sexual predator and the Chad gay pedophile

2017-11-01 01:58:38 UTC

Normie style but with the party shirts imo. Foster interest. At least one person is gonna ask what its about. However its like Parrot said they have programs in the works that we should wait and see what they unveil

2017-11-01 01:58:38 UTC

The TRAD Program is a drug treatment program we've been putting together which combines fascist principles with the latest and most effective addiction recovery methods for a holistic solution we can offer to our people struggling with opiate dependency.

2017-11-01 01:58:47 UTC

I remember reading an article recently about how Atlanta had an actual serious problem with chicken bones littering the ground everywhere

2017-11-01 01:59:01 UTC

Atlanta is a weird af city and I hate it. Thank god I only visit

2017-11-01 01:59:08 UTC

That’s awesome parrot

2017-11-01 01:59:18 UTC

That sounds amazing

2017-11-01 01:59:24 UTC

is it a 14 Step program?

2017-11-01 01:59:31 UTC


2017-11-01 01:59:32 UTC

The party outfit isn't really all that absurd looking when we don't have the battle rattle stuff.

2017-11-01 01:59:41 UTC


2017-11-01 01:59:48 UTC

It's clean and professional.

2017-11-01 01:59:53 UTC

It's not. The party shirt alone with like blue jeans for casual community stuff gives us a church group vibe as well

2017-11-01 02:00:01 UTC


2017-11-01 02:00:07 UTC

That's what I like to hear! Opiates are effecting communities around here so hard. At times myself included. Getitng hooked on opiates stay with you for life most of the time, even after you stop.

2017-11-01 02:00:08 UTC

I guess we need standard Party member armbands or will those be only for officers?

2017-11-01 02:00:17 UTC

TRAD: Tribalism, Religion, Accountability, Direction -- And don't worry. The religion aspect is carefully and thoughtfully worded to be inclusive of all non-degenerate faith traditions and even traditionalist skeptics.

2017-11-01 02:00:34 UTC

That's one of my favorite things about the party shirt is that I can just go to walmart with my kid and not really raise any eyebrows

2017-11-01 02:00:38 UTC

Matt said that in the new uniform, armbands are probably for officers

2017-11-01 02:00:54 UTC

I was on heroin and morphine for couple years, was able to get off thank god

2017-11-01 02:01:17 UTC

I hurt my back and one rx led to another

2017-11-01 02:01:24 UTC

I'll run some drafts by you here shortly, then, bsg.

2017-11-01 02:01:39 UTC

Backstreet same here brodie

2017-11-01 02:01:42 UTC

Thats how it happened to my wife. She has a chronic condition and they prescribed her fucking vicodin at a young age. Like 11

2017-11-01 02:01:58 UTC

It affects a lot of people. That's for damn sure.

2017-11-01 02:02:04 UTC

Meth is terrible also. I see a lot of it in Western KY.

2017-11-01 02:02:10 UTC

Meth is fucking tragic man

2017-11-01 02:02:29 UTC

it is

2017-11-01 02:02:32 UTC

Thanks (((sackler))) family for your opioid crisis you’ve so graciously given our race

2017-11-01 02:02:38 UTC

Pills in general are a big fucking issue. It was so damn common in my high school

2017-11-01 02:02:40 UTC

I'd have to be honest and say opiates have effected me again, recently.

Meth is absolutely bollocks, it's so sad.

2017-11-01 02:02:43 UTC

My dad relapsed a bit ago. Brother is in jail, soon to be rehab. Both uncles used to use.

2017-11-01 02:02:49 UTC

Even in my degenrate phases I knew better than to touch the shit

2017-11-01 02:03:10 UTC

A lot of us have struggled with addiction

2017-11-01 02:03:11 UTC

The paki doctors don’t give a shit

2017-11-01 02:03:12 UTC

I've never touched it thank God.

2017-11-01 02:03:25 UTC

I smoked some pot drank some booze growing up. I just never had a time where I was like "man I want to get more fucked up than this"

2017-11-01 02:03:33 UTC

Opioids feel great and are the fucking worst things.

2017-11-01 02:03:33 UTC

There’s not a white doctor in my town that treats anyone with my insurance !

2017-11-01 02:03:40 UTC


2017-11-01 02:03:51 UTC

The problem is you got lazy ass doctors and thirsty ass patients

2017-11-01 02:03:52 UTC

Lost my best friend to heroin. She was 22.

2017-11-01 02:03:59 UTC

You never experience problems on opiates until you quit.

2017-11-01 02:04:13 UTC

I’ve lost about 6 people I was close to because of it

2017-11-01 02:04:18 UTC

I didn't even smoke pot or really drink until after high school. I went down the rabbit hole at an alarming rate into trying everything I could

2017-11-01 02:04:22 UTC

It’s a plague

2017-11-01 02:04:30 UTC

its so easy to man

2017-11-01 02:04:32 UTC

I think we should hunt and kill dealers.

2017-11-01 02:04:37 UTC

as TWP

2017-11-01 02:04:42 UTC

Lol whoa Siegepilled af

2017-11-01 02:04:44 UTC

Duterte style

2017-11-01 02:04:51 UTC

Amen to that bineon

2017-11-01 02:04:59 UTC

The Punisher.

2017-11-01 02:04:59 UTC

Wish we could, I'b be down to go on a mission tonight.

2017-11-01 02:05:03 UTC

Kill your local drug dealer

2017-11-01 02:05:06 UTC

It would really depend on the town as to how much leverage we'd have with that

2017-11-01 02:05:20 UTC

yea I got really close to doing it once when I was picking her up from a motel where she was to buy heroin

2017-11-01 02:05:29 UTC

Some towns would hardly investigate that shit but its really easy to get marked a terrorist group you start commiting that type of action

2017-11-01 02:05:41 UTC

I did so many drugs and other degenerate things in my youth. So much time wasted not dealing with the underlying problem

2017-11-01 02:05:50 UTC

I had my gun in hand, was about to walk up and do it but I knew she'd have killed herself anyway one way or another with or without me in jail

2017-11-01 02:05:52 UTC

Not that I'm saying it'd be a bad thing. But we don't exactly have the funds for people to start getting into alot of legal troubles

2017-11-01 02:06:19 UTC

I did too Hadrian... we live in a sick society, fam. Garbage in garbage out

2017-11-01 02:06:30 UTC

My baptist pastor said that growing up

2017-11-01 02:06:36 UTC

I know the head of the Arizona branch of the NSM works with local police catching illegals and finding drug smugglers and their stashes.

2017-11-01 02:06:39 UTC

Good guy.

2017-11-01 02:07:09 UTC

Plus I'm not trying to see everyone get locked away for good, what use will that do us except for making our movement smaller physically in terms of activists who can actually do anything

2017-11-01 02:07:09 UTC

yea opioids are *really* bad in Nashville and all over middle tennessee

2017-11-01 02:07:14 UTC

My city is so fucking desperate to pretend there isn't a crime problem they let way too much get by

2017-11-01 02:07:50 UTC

Hell all over Tennessee period

2017-11-01 02:08:03 UTC

East Tennessee they call it hillbilly heroin

2017-11-01 02:08:10 UTC

So many people in TWP and other groups have a similar story

2017-11-01 02:08:18 UTC

Its our generation man

2017-11-01 02:08:25 UTC

I think we all came up being surrounded by sick shit

2017-11-01 02:08:41 UTC

I used to do drugs as well. Did a lot of hard shit, never heroin.

2017-11-01 02:09:17 UTC

MDMA, LSD, opium, oxy, mushrooms, addy

2017-11-01 02:09:20 UTC

Thats why you see so many young guys our age involved in this shit. Its the pushback from recognizing this is not how it should be

2017-11-01 02:09:24 UTC

Yeah for me I guess it was just a "fuck it i dont care anymore im not gonna be happy in a world like this no matter what and this feels better than just hating shit all the time"

2017-11-01 02:09:26 UTC

now I just drink beer

2017-11-01 02:09:43 UTC

I did nearly everything except heroin

2017-11-01 02:09:49 UTC

And thats what scares them the most. That we're not the old backwoods redneck cousin fuckers they like to pretend we are

2017-11-01 02:10:15 UTC

i tried meth once, but being prescribed to adderall it was no big deal

2017-11-01 02:10:26 UTC

I did meth twice

2017-11-01 02:10:31 UTC

also dailystormer.ai is down

2017-11-01 02:10:34 UTC

We are energetic young men who demand action and change and are willing to actually do something more than share facebook posts

2017-11-01 02:10:35 UTC

that was right before I got clean

2017-11-01 02:10:38 UTC

I went through a phase in my teens where I did absolutely everything.

I only took up smoking to mask the smell of weed and alcohol, ...and now it's the smoking that's actually going to kill me.

2017-11-01 02:10:50 UTC

I knew that if I ever touched it again, I'd never be able to stop

2017-11-01 02:10:51 UTC

I still smoke way too many cigarettes

2017-11-01 02:10:55 UTC

like super down

2017-11-01 02:11:11 UTC


2017-11-01 02:11:20 UTC

I just drink entirelly to much, did some other shit back in the day and a lot of it

2017-11-01 02:11:22 UTC

Devils lettuce you mean? :p

2017-11-01 02:11:57 UTC

God damnit quit fucking with the dailystormer!

2017-11-01 02:12:05 UTC

I really dont down people for that shit though @☦Colton of Yore☦ as long as people arent shitty about it and do nothing else but smoke it all day

2017-11-01 02:12:11 UTC

@parrott get a corncob pipe and try out some high quality tobacco cupojoes.com

2017-11-01 02:12:11 UTC

Like the NSDAP, all of us are children of Weimar. Recovering degenerates.

2017-11-01 02:12:14 UTC

DS did nothing wrong

2017-11-01 02:12:45 UTC

Its amazing how many people tell me that alt-right/fascism/natsoc is what inspired them to get clean and shed other degeneracy

2017-11-01 02:13:01 UTC

@☦Colton of Yore☦ that is a bad ass quote if I've ever seen one

2017-11-01 02:13:18 UTC

I try. Lol.

2017-11-01 02:13:23 UTC

providing purpose in life and a way to let go of the past by fighting for the future

2017-11-01 02:13:31 UTC

By the way we changed the unvetted channel to Trad Voice for if anybody ever needs or wants to use voice chat. With us cutting back on the vetting shit in here. It wasn't as needed and seemed to be confusing people

2017-11-01 02:13:46 UTC

im in

2017-11-01 02:14:17 UTC

There will be more channels added as needed in the future. But currently since we're in a lull for winter, this is all thats really neccessary

2017-11-01 02:14:36 UTC

I thought the Discord was going to go away

2017-11-01 02:14:43 UTC

everyone join voice

2017-11-01 02:14:49 UTC

I dunno if I want Mossad getting my voice signature. ... Oh wait, too late!

2017-11-01 02:14:52 UTC

My mic is all fucked up

2017-11-01 02:15:25 UTC

Shit the first time me, parrot, and heimback had a skype call a couple years back, we all dropped connection dead in the middle of it. We were like "They know."

2017-11-01 02:16:17 UTC

But they do

2017-11-01 02:16:27 UTC

so i'm thinking about starting an alt-right radio station

2017-11-01 02:16:30 UTC

Israeli CyberComm has a backdoor into just about every software

2017-11-01 02:16:39 UTC

Like internet radio? @Mr. Hughes

2017-11-01 02:16:47 UTC

@Jones Malone no not exactly

2017-11-01 02:17:04 UTC

I've been trying to get a podcast going with my own people

2017-11-01 02:17:09 UTC

Also for times I have phone calls with toner people in the movement we say hi to the NSA and FBI people we think are lisaning

2017-11-01 02:17:10 UTC

like FM

2017-11-01 02:17:15 UTC

Podcasts are such an inflated market

2017-11-01 02:17:20 UTC

but I haven't quite figured out the sound mixing

2017-11-01 02:17:35 UTC

Me and my friend are starting a website about white news, culture , crime, and events, called Caucasian Policy Center

2017-11-01 02:17:38 UTC

And FM/AM is pretty difficult to get into. Because the RF spectrum is so fucking congested in a lot of places

2017-11-01 02:17:51 UTC

yea I'm not about to buy a license

2017-11-01 02:18:06 UTC

You broadcast the wrong way you'll get a knock at your door from the local cable company or even the FCC

2017-11-01 02:18:07 UTC

What about starting in pirate short wave @Jones Malone

2017-11-01 02:18:22 UTC

Theres proper ways to do it. It just takes some expertise.

2017-11-01 02:18:26 UTC

you don't have to do pirate if you do short wave

2017-11-01 02:18:30 UTC


2017-11-01 02:18:43 UTC

AM can still royally fuck up a whole areas cable though

2017-11-01 02:18:43 UTC

but I'm doing FM so...

2017-11-01 02:18:47 UTC

Same with FM

2017-11-01 02:18:52 UTC

how so

2017-11-01 02:19:00 UTC

Technically of you are “broadcasting” even on short wave you need a lic.

2017-11-01 02:19:03 UTC

When I try to use my virtual mixer to combine my mic and computer audio and inject it into Discord, its great for me but the other people on the recording hear a terrible (((echo)))

2017-11-01 02:19:09 UTC

I’m a ham radio operator

2017-11-01 02:19:13 UTC

Shit gets in the air the wrong way, and if houses have a lot of ingress on their lines, it'll come through into their phone service and shit

2017-11-01 02:19:31 UTC

@HueTheHand yyea but it isn't like an FM license

2017-11-01 02:19:31 UTC

Where they'll pick up the phone and start hearing your broadcast

2017-11-01 02:19:41 UTC

Yeah HAM is a whole different story

2017-11-01 02:20:05 UTC

@Mr. Hughes Radio station is a good idea. We need a network of HAM radio operators and an Enigma Machine 2.0. I'm actually thinking about getting into paper print.

2017-11-01 02:20:22 UTC

that actually sounds like a good plan

2017-11-01 02:20:28 UTC

My local dude is pretty into broadcasting and building radios and shit

2017-11-01 02:20:33 UTC

I'd need to see a citation on that FM interfering with people's home phones and shit

2017-11-01 02:20:40 UTC


2017-11-01 02:20:50 UTC

I dont have a citation but personal experience working on the shit

2017-11-01 02:21:10 UTC

well why don't radio stations interfere?

2017-11-01 02:21:10 UTC

Its typically more the telecom company thats at fault, but it can be the broadcaster as well

2017-11-01 02:21:25 UTC

licensed ones

2017-11-01 02:21:35 UTC

THe RF spectrum is built to prevent that type of stuff. So if the radio stations are going the way they're supposed to it doesn't happen

2017-11-01 02:21:39 UTC

You still need to learn about short wave and what you can and can’t do on it. And if you “broadcast” for public consumption you need a FCC lic unless you go pirate which isn’t hard to do I know of 2 patriot groups that run pirate short wave

2017-11-01 02:21:58 UTC

Because if they are fucking up in that regard the FCC will fuck them up

2017-11-01 02:22:21 UTC

You let your shit go too wild you'll start fucking up air traffic and closed public service channels

2017-11-01 02:22:43 UTC

Like I said its typically due to excess ingress on a telcoms install more so than the broadcaster

2017-11-01 02:22:54 UTC

There's also a way to transmit images via radio signal. You can also rig up power lines to use http communications. I'm NS macgyver

2017-11-01 02:22:58 UTC

Ingress on cable lines or phone lines will just pick shit up from the air

2017-11-01 02:23:21 UTC

oh well

2017-11-01 02:23:24 UTC

You can set up a cell phone to work over the radio also and text

2017-11-01 02:23:25 UTC

Its not something to be super concerned with if you know what youre doing

2017-11-01 02:23:25 UTC

I'll see how it goes

2017-11-01 02:23:32 UTC

But it is something to be aware of

2017-11-01 02:23:56 UTC

short wave would be interesting actually

2017-11-01 02:24:05 UTC

i imagine it's a lot harder to triangulate

2017-11-01 02:24:17 UTC

and it could cover the entire US

2017-11-01 02:24:29 UTC

I’m getting a Ham texting setup for Christmas from my dad there is also an app fore iPhone 📱

2017-11-01 02:24:50 UTC

I'm getting a SDR soon

2017-11-01 02:24:59 UTC

and either an FM transmitter or a shortwave transmitter

2017-11-01 02:25:02 UTC

or maybe both

2017-11-01 02:25:07 UTC

Cant get post blocked from that ;p lol

2017-11-01 02:25:14 UTC


2017-11-01 02:25:40 UTC

I like HG FM and short wave used it a lot in the army

2017-11-01 02:25:47 UTC

HF even

2017-11-01 02:26:04 UTC


2017-11-01 02:26:08 UTC

Somebody has to stop this guy

2017-11-01 02:26:17 UTC

holy fuck

2017-11-01 02:26:29 UTC

btw check out this online SDR

2017-11-01 02:26:33 UTC

Fuck that fag

2017-11-01 02:26:49 UTC

To the wood chipper with him

2017-11-01 02:26:59 UTC

were they not pits?

2017-11-01 02:27:14 UTC

Its shopped

2017-11-01 02:27:18 UTC

Is that real?

2017-11-01 02:27:19 UTC

Just a meme I like to toss at alt lite people

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