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2017-10-30 21:34:10 UTC

Id love to go over there and fight with them

2017-10-30 21:35:12 UTC


2017-10-30 21:35:18 UTC

This is the Rhodesia of our time.

2017-10-30 21:35:18 UTC

I don't see a single negative comment on their page

2017-10-30 21:35:38 UTC

Someone makes one of those craigslist ads for nearly any protest or public event

2017-10-30 21:49:01 UTC

Yeah, paid actors are blown out of proportion.

2017-10-30 21:49:10 UTC

Lots of it is just for show.

2017-10-30 21:49:53 UTC

literally anyone can make a craigslist ad

2017-10-30 21:50:12 UTC

What we saw in Shelbyville was mostly Gen X cat ladies and middle aged soyboys with a few college kids possible antifa. I think the real antifa were all gathering in murfreesboro

2017-10-30 21:50:49 UTC

California Antifa and black lives matter were bussed in to both locations

2017-10-30 21:50:51 UTC

Yeah, in Murfrees it showed them marching in formation chanting an old German Antifa chant.

2017-10-30 21:51:19 UTC

@Justin Burger (Major-GA) You got a link to that vid?

2017-10-30 21:51:25 UTC

Will find it.

2017-10-30 21:51:28 UTC

In fact a comrade i grew up with in Cali said a couple people i grew up with attended on the Antifa side

2017-10-30 21:51:34 UTC
2017-10-30 21:52:48 UTC

The shelbyville counterprotest was just a sorry display. Upside down signs. Dropping their banners on the ground. They weren't even able to mantain a chant or something as simple as getting their whole side to raise their fists

2017-10-30 21:53:17 UTC

Yeah, Antifa was not in Shelby, they were waiting to attack us at Murfrees.

2017-10-30 21:53:41 UTC

only 1 Antifa flag and like 10 people tops at shelby.

2017-10-30 22:21:28 UTC

They had a few antifa there, but I don't know which and who they were.
Most antifa were in Murf

2017-10-30 22:23:06 UTC

I counted 2 Antifa flags, but maybe it was just the same one twice

2017-10-30 22:32:47 UTC

Damn that's a great read

2017-10-30 22:32:56 UTC

Bravo @parrott

2017-10-30 22:34:01 UTC

Yea most certainly. Im a little depressed at the state of things and this divide... But the fact that we address actual issues and arent just "identitarians" will always tip in our favor.

2017-10-30 22:34:29 UTC

If no one read the roapculture article @Kombat-Unit posted, I implore you to do so.

2017-10-30 22:34:34 UTC

Can confirm there were multiple antifa flags

2017-10-30 22:34:36 UTC

I saw at least 2

2017-10-30 22:37:55 UTC

@AltCelt(IL) Was everything okay Saturday man. Me and Gaines didn't see you

2017-10-30 22:42:13 UTC

@Jones Malone my lady got sick and couldnt make it to town to meet me. I couldnt chance leavin my dog behind. So I had to head out and go to Atlanta.

2017-10-30 22:42:19 UTC

Anglin also is opening up class conflict in the white nationalist scene

2017-10-30 22:42:20 UTC

Thanks for askin

2017-10-30 22:42:33 UTC

@Spiritchef exactomundo

2017-10-30 22:42:36 UTC

At a time when NF is trying to make nice with IE

2017-10-30 22:42:51 UTC

Which goes against Fascism altogether

2017-10-30 22:43:02 UTC

I gotcha brother. Well I hope shes doing alright. And yeah this class war nonsense is ridiculous

2017-10-30 22:43:04 UTC

Class cooperation is the whole point

2017-10-30 22:43:31 UTC

Im a broke white boy working class and I got no issue working with yuppie college kids and the like. We are all bound to the same chain

2017-10-30 22:43:38 UTC

Their leadership are becoming basic bitch GOP by the day

2017-10-30 22:44:22 UTC

Its like tea party repeat for milennials

2017-10-30 22:44:38 UTC

Eric striker iis backing us

2017-10-30 22:44:49 UTC

Even names TWP as the future

2017-10-30 22:45:22 UTC

But like parrot said striker is likely just the real article relative to his boss

2017-10-30 22:45:31 UTC

Most of the base and many of them have our back. But ebough "personalities" have spewed discord.

2017-10-30 22:46:21 UTC

I was pissed off all day yesterday, and I didnt even get to attend

2017-10-30 22:47:08 UTC

I think the youth just wants action and none of the infighting. Sooner or later they'll either join us, or IE will change their tune

2017-10-30 22:47:38 UTC

I know that was me, this time last year. Tired of the social media bullshit. I wanted real action

2017-10-30 22:48:42 UTC

I think the pettiness is just them being catty over the fact us lower class white boys are doing it our own way

2017-10-30 22:51:03 UTC


This has to be reposted from time to time as well. It did accurately predict the inevitable ideological divide.

2017-10-30 22:53:07 UTC

I think in time if this isn't put to an end it'll be the downfall of IE.

2017-10-30 22:53:24 UTC

The anti-intellectual articles are top notch as well, my favorites, there's a few.

2017-10-30 22:54:06 UTC

Everyone has a place in this. They have to be willing to recognize that themselves though

2017-10-30 22:54:31 UTC


2017-10-30 22:54:42 UTC

I bow down to rich fags at my job. I refuse to do it in our movement

2017-10-30 22:59:04 UTC

That feel when you countersignal intellectualism hard but you're also the biggest esoteric sperg and spam quotes from obscure NS literature non stop.

2017-10-30 23:00:18 UTC

Talk about a hated minority lol

2017-10-30 23:00:35 UTC


2017-10-30 23:00:48 UTC

This also applies my way with spirituality lmao

2017-10-30 23:04:26 UTC


2017-10-30 23:04:53 UTC

*thinks in Dying Cat sounds*

2017-10-30 23:05:23 UTC

Anti-intellectualism is something we should probably go harder on tbh

2017-10-30 23:05:43 UTC

It's not something often talked about, even with the rock meme

2017-10-30 23:05:54 UTC

Na I really dont care until they start the shit theyre starting now.

2017-10-30 23:06:11 UTC

Its ego moreso than intellectualism

2017-10-30 23:06:53 UTC

AmRen was filled with intellectual-esque people when I went.. All of which were supportive of us when discussed.

As an example

2017-10-30 23:07:13 UTC

Yeah, fair enough

2017-10-30 23:07:43 UTC

They're not all bad but it seems to be an issue in our communities

2017-10-30 23:08:20 UTC

Many just arent connected to the working class. Proly need an ass-beating from their dad

2017-10-30 23:08:25 UTC

A lot of it is just pontificating, wasting time that could be better spent

2017-10-30 23:09:11 UTC

In some ways it's useful, as it dispels muh dumb skinhead meme that's popular in society, but beyond that it's just navel gazing

2017-10-30 23:10:40 UTC


2017-10-30 23:10:45 UTC

more of these optics please

2017-10-30 23:11:59 UTC

... so was there more BS that I missed From IE or is this still over Deogos shit posting

2017-10-30 23:15:11 UTC

I think we're more just discussing the big brain posters as a whole

2017-10-30 23:15:58 UTC

Wayyy too much of the so far up its own ass intellectualism on facebook. Made me sad today with elders of the black sun. I loved thst page. And then they post a lengthy rant about thr goys like us essentially calling us white trash

2017-10-30 23:16:22 UTC

At what point will they realize that people like us dont take white trash as an insult

2017-10-30 23:16:27 UTC


2017-10-30 23:16:39 UTC

Its basically the Rick and Morty copypasta 24/7

2017-10-30 23:16:52 UTC

Lets make sure THIS league of the south comes out

2017-10-30 23:16:53 UTC

I know how that is after the slander attack they aimed at me so

2017-10-30 23:17:37 UTC

We are the future of the movement

2017-10-30 23:17:57 UTC

I love LoS guys.

2017-10-30 23:18:20 UTC

So many Alabama bumper stickers. I knew I was in good company haha

2017-10-30 23:20:36 UTC

Los is great love Dr Hill i learned a lot about the true history of the war or northern aggression from his work

2017-10-30 23:27:50 UTC

Im getting shit on pretty hard on fb by the purity spiraling shithead that we gave a free ride all the way down there. Blocked me Unfriended me too. Cant defend myself

2017-10-30 23:28:27 UTC


2017-10-30 23:28:51 UTC

Well that sucks but I know how that is had it happen to me from a guy I thought was a good fiend last month

2017-10-30 23:29:25 UTC

I feel ya man. Shitty deals all around

2017-10-30 23:35:06 UTC

The picnic was worth all of the bad shit

2017-10-30 23:35:25 UTC

That was true beautiful organization of white men and women.

2017-10-30 23:39:01 UTC

Remember what was said at the picnic. The goal should be to bring at least one new person everytime

2017-10-30 23:39:21 UTC

I brought one person

2017-10-30 23:39:30 UTC

He was totally new to the movement

2017-10-30 23:39:37 UTC

He really enjoyed himself

2017-10-30 23:40:02 UTC

Hmm therightstuff.biz is down....

2017-10-30 23:40:05 UTC

Nah I know. Im just putting that out there

2017-10-30 23:40:47 UTC

For sure

2017-10-30 23:41:11 UTC

Im working on getting alot of the facebook people ive known for a while on their feet

2017-10-30 23:41:43 UTC

I had some success with that in Cville but not with Shelby sadly

2017-10-30 23:43:24 UTC

Yeah, weird, TRS is down

2017-10-30 23:43:33 UTC

They'll probably be back up soon like usual though

2017-10-30 23:43:42 UTC

probably just their domain provider or something

2017-10-30 23:45:09 UTC

I should have guilted more peeps with it being my birthday weekend or something lmao. "Oh youre too busy moving to come out. Guess you dont care about my bday..."

2017-10-31 00:12:20 UTC

Heimbach looking swole in this pic.


2017-10-31 00:16:36 UTC


2017-10-31 00:16:42 UTC

What a good shot.

2017-10-31 00:17:02 UTC

Anybody got suggestions for more custom emojis by the way? lmao

2017-10-31 00:19:24 UTC

Who added them finally?

2017-10-31 00:19:31 UTC

I was pushing for that a while back.

2017-10-31 00:19:57 UTC

I did this morning

2017-10-31 00:20:08 UTC

I have some on my server, but I'm not totally sure how to forward them to you

2017-10-31 00:20:19 UTC

Very nice. They're just images right?

2017-10-31 00:20:26 UTC

Bowl discord sent me some.

2017-10-31 00:20:51 UTC

Its not hard. You just upload an image in the settings

2017-10-31 00:20:53 UTC

If there's an emote in a server you like, right click it then click "Open link"

2017-10-31 00:21:09 UTC









2017-10-31 00:21:10 UTC

If you just suggest some. Im sure I can find em myself. I could only think of those three this morning lol

2017-10-31 00:21:11 UTC


Add me on VK if you were at the event my dudes

2017-10-31 00:21:35 UTC

@☦Colton of Yore☦ I'll get right on it. ALl of those are gold

2017-10-31 00:21:42 UTC

Haha thanks!

2017-10-31 00:22:15 UTC


2017-10-31 00:23:34 UTC


2017-10-31 00:24:35 UTC


2017-10-31 00:24:39 UTC

We need this reaction added

2017-10-31 00:25:03 UTC

Yes. Is this podcast signaling positively or nah?

2017-10-31 00:25:17 UTC

I think it is excellent.

2017-10-31 00:25:20 UTC
2017-10-31 00:25:23 UTC

Hope they aren't disavosing because of NSM.

2017-10-31 00:25:29 UTC


2017-10-31 00:25:33 UTC

I haven't listened but it seems positive.
Most of those guys were there

2017-10-31 00:25:34 UTC
2017-10-31 00:27:24 UTC


2017-10-31 00:27:37 UTC


2017-10-31 00:27:54 UTC

Someone get this semite some lotion

2017-10-31 00:27:56 UTC

You gents are not alone. Praises by Enoch for Heimbach

2017-10-31 00:28:40 UTC

Should probably add a celtic cross, golden star of david, a noose, a sieg heil, perhaps one of hitler, a dodge charger

2017-10-31 00:29:05 UTC

There is a hitler one. I was trying to find like an emoji style hand heiling but no luck

2017-10-31 00:29:12 UTC


2017-10-31 00:29:27 UTC

Maybe throw some pepes in there

2017-10-31 00:29:39 UTC


2017-10-31 00:29:43 UTC


2017-10-31 00:29:43 UTC


2017-10-31 00:29:44 UTC


2017-10-31 00:29:46 UTC


2017-10-31 00:29:47 UTC


2017-10-31 00:30:24 UTC


2017-10-31 00:30:29 UTC

could do that one too

2017-10-31 00:31:44 UTC

Star of David Duke

2017-10-31 00:32:01 UTC

You got it goys

2017-10-31 00:32:05 UTC

We got about 30 slots left

2017-10-31 00:32:51 UTC

By the way we currently did away with regional channels but they can be brought back by request. If you have any suggestions on channels or things we can do for the discord feel free to pm me

2017-10-31 00:33:19 UTC

Currently there is a find a ride channel so next event the channel for an actual event will be a little bit cleaner

2017-10-31 00:33:58 UTC

Also if you haven't yet, make sure to check the welcome mat. Nothing really too ground breaking in there but just a couple good guidelines to keep in mind

2017-10-31 00:35:45 UTC

If you do regional channels, may be good to have it so only people in those regions can read them

2017-10-31 00:36:01 UTC

Not possible with Discord afaik

2017-10-31 00:36:05 UTC

It is

2017-10-31 00:36:05 UTC


2017-10-31 00:36:06 UTC


2017-10-31 00:36:07 UTC


2017-10-31 00:36:08 UTC


2017-10-31 00:36:18 UTC

You can create roles, have a channel only accessable by certain roles

2017-10-31 00:36:31 UTC

That flag got me banned from facebook

2017-10-31 00:36:41 UTC

Users can have multiple roles, so] t oes] or

2017-10-31 00:36:42 UTC

Wonder if they ban people for using the communist flag

2017-10-31 00:36:45 UTC

Add roles based on where they're at, but it would probably have to be innocuous so people can't identify where everyone is at

2017-10-31 00:38:18 UTC

You can make roles that don't show up on the sidebar

2017-10-31 00:40:19 UTC

You can still view roles of other users i think

2017-10-31 00:41:09 UTC

You can make roles only viewable by certain perms

2017-10-31 00:41:19 UTC


2017-10-31 00:41:24 UTC

My goal is to make this discord as opsec as a discord can be

2017-10-31 00:41:51 UTC

Sounds good

2017-10-31 00:41:56 UTC

I still prefer IRC but discord has nice features

2017-10-31 00:42:00 UTC

Im thinking down the line of putting a required amount of time of being in the discord before you can post as to prevent accounts joining to fish for info or spread dis info during events

2017-10-31 00:42:11 UTC

hey you guys know that cat in the black hat in this https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=66&v=OAhpWFSNv3M
is IE right?

2017-10-31 00:42:13 UTC

But irc is more permanent and less likely to be zucced

2017-10-31 00:42:39 UTC

Yeah. Im used to team speak. So im kinda learning this discord stuff by ear

2017-10-31 00:43:14 UTC

Discord isn't too hard to figure out

2017-10-31 00:43:31 UTC

that fgt was dressed in all black roled with NSm to the event (in my car) then immedietly after goes on an optics fag rant about Nat soc. dudes unhinged. not a fan.

2017-10-31 00:43:31 UTC

I didn't know much about it before I started my server, it's pretty decent now

2017-10-31 00:43:37 UTC

I'd say use discord for shitposting and general discussion but IRC for actual op planning and as a backup

2017-10-31 00:44:03 UTC

Post screen shots @Chad Radkersburg-ND

2017-10-31 00:44:44 UTC

Youd have to talk that over with higher ups. Im just mostly entrusted to run this bad boy

2017-10-31 00:44:51 UTC

Oh and if you want I can setup said IRC server

2017-10-31 00:44:59 UTC

Ah gotcha

2017-10-31 00:45:16 UTC

Im noone that important. Dont be fooled by the color of my name ;^p

2017-10-31 00:45:18 UTC

@Jones Malone I administrate a vetted only server that's had around ~300 people on it, so if you need any help with how to set things up on discord just let me know

2017-10-31 00:45:27 UTC

I'm pretty experienced with discord by now

2017-10-31 00:45:41 UTC

Word. I will keep that in mind

2017-10-31 00:45:57 UTC


2017-10-31 00:45:59 UTC


2017-10-31 00:46:40 UTC


2017-10-31 01:07:07 UTC

According to opticucks, we NAZBOL now.

2017-10-31 01:07:24 UTC

Here is the Jew that was on the mic during Sville BTW.


2017-10-31 01:08:05 UTC

"[REDACTED]" is his name

2017-10-31 01:09:31 UTC

This MIGHT be him

2017-10-31 01:14:43 UTC


2017-10-31 01:16:51 UTC

The levels of homosexuality going on in IE recently should grab Pence's attention

2017-10-31 01:17:57 UTC

Glad Damigo the Felon/money stealer is no longer leader of IE

2017-10-31 01:18:02 UTC

@Chad Radkersburg-ND So the guy who allegedly hit the chick and was shouting nigger isn't NSM?

2017-10-31 01:18:45 UTC

Do we even know who he was still?

2017-10-31 01:19:09 UTC

The new rules literally say that there is no infighting alowed, move that to a private chat.

2017-10-31 01:19:42 UTC

IDGAF if they counter signal us, adding fuel to it is high-time prefrence and niggery.

2017-10-31 01:20:00 UTC

@Jones Malone are you talking about Iriwn?

2017-10-31 01:20:01 UTC

Big if true.

2017-10-31 01:20:09 UTC

Fair enough. Wasn't sure if that meant just in here / national front etc

2017-10-31 01:20:10 UTC

No the hat guy.

2017-10-31 01:20:21 UTC

Who was yelling about chicken.

2017-10-31 01:20:36 UTC

I just want to tell you guys how much I "love" and "respect" Nathan Damigo

2017-10-31 01:20:42 UTC

All together, just remember that this chat is literally open to the public.

2017-10-31 01:20:59 UTC

IDGAF about Damigo, or some internet-fued.

2017-10-31 01:21:18 UTC

Why is this chat open to the public?

2017-10-31 01:21:27 UTC

How would they find it?

2017-10-31 01:21:36 UTC

"this channel is not secure or a private platform"

2017-10-31 01:21:49 UTC

I get that it is. Why.

2017-10-31 01:21:52 UTC

By signing up on the website and getting a link to it.

2017-10-31 01:22:13 UTC

If we vet properly why would anyone get through to get links?

2017-10-31 01:22:18 UTC

The link to this chat is public?

2017-10-31 01:22:37 UTC

We should probably have a separate channel for people with the "vetted" tag

2017-10-31 01:22:41 UTC

I thought it was a secret thing, Derrick invited me

2017-10-31 01:22:46 UTC

And start handing that out again

2017-10-31 01:22:46 UTC

Discord is discord man. Even if we are vetting properly we still need to conduct ourselves as though its not

2017-10-31 01:22:50 UTC

It's not necessarily public but it's not hard to get an invite

2017-10-31 01:23:01 UTC

Not public but it's not private.

2017-10-31 01:23:04 UTC

I thought everyone knew this

2017-10-31 01:23:30 UTC

I just want a world where we can only have totally vetted people given a link or any access.

2017-10-31 01:23:33 UTC

No it's not "public" but I assure you someone in here, or more is not on our side.

2017-10-31 01:23:35 UTC

I could literally make an account right now posing as someone and message somebody and prolly get a link. We have to be realistic here

2017-10-31 01:24:04 UTC

The <@&274906050182774784> role should be better implemented tbh

2017-10-31 01:24:16 UTC

If you see anyone posting infighting, cyber-drama and etc please just tell them to take it up privatly

2017-10-31 01:24:24 UTC

The discord is being re-arranged

2017-10-31 01:24:31 UTC

I have to discuss it more with Parrot. The goal is to prevent there being some kind of secret cliqueish cool kids club

2017-10-31 01:24:33 UTC

We need something better.

2017-10-31 01:24:41 UTC

Parrott said he had something.

2017-10-31 01:24:44 UTC

It's all in the works

2017-10-31 01:24:48 UTC


2017-10-31 01:24:49 UTC


2017-10-31 01:25:00 UTC

Just be safe and smart right now.

2017-10-31 01:25:04 UTC


2017-10-31 01:25:04 UTC


2017-10-31 01:25:17 UTC

also remember to kill your local mailman

2017-10-31 01:25:26 UTC

As it says in the rules. We dont have to live in fear, but we should always assume the possibility that one of us is a fake account

2017-10-31 01:25:26 UTC


2017-10-31 01:25:31 UTC


2017-10-31 01:25:32 UTC

Talk about politics, news, music, events, fun and stuff like that.

2017-10-31 01:25:32 UTC

Read the rules, then read Siege

2017-10-31 01:25:46 UTC

Seriously though

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