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2017-09-23 21:58:17 UTC

Of course considered heretical

2017-09-23 21:58:37 UTC

As long as they know Christians and the church are Gods Chosen People and receivers of his blessings, I'm good

2017-09-23 21:58:42 UTC

Though TBH they are not aware of (((yids))) & believes White Nationalism to be (((Masonry)))

2017-09-23 21:59:12 UTC

I have heard from someone who attended that.

2017-09-23 21:59:22 UTC

Sir88 that seems like an assbackwards belief!

2017-09-23 21:59:34 UTC

I know 😒

2017-09-23 21:59:50 UTC

Blessing Israel, by pastors, evangelicals is a Masonic thing

2017-09-23 22:00:05 UTC

Yea. Fuck (((Isra-hell)))

2017-09-23 22:01:04 UTC

My sister & her husband are too cucked to understand the JQ anyways....

2017-09-23 22:01:49 UTC

Yall Mafuckas need Kalki

2017-09-23 22:02:15 UTC

We need GTK;RWN

2017-09-23 22:02:32 UTC

^ Hell yea.

2017-09-23 22:02:56 UTC


2017-09-23 22:03:10 UTC

They caught me fedding kids at the Yeshiva bowl of Zyklon-B with milk, I told the little heeb bastards it was Lucky Charms

2017-09-23 22:03:22 UTC

Ive put this up before.. But The Return is coming.. Lol


2017-09-23 22:03:23 UTC


2017-09-23 22:03:38 UTC

we wil march ona road of bones

2017-09-23 22:03:42 UTC


2017-09-23 22:03:51 UTC

@Hunter.S.Rabbit DM Me if you can.

2017-09-23 22:07:54 UTC

Is Charlotte still a go?

2017-09-23 22:43:23 UTC

Think long and hard guys. Don't go

2017-09-23 22:53:52 UTC

I wont go.

2017-09-23 22:54:32 UTC

Charlottesville was a tough lesson.

2017-09-23 22:55:01 UTC

LoL don't know why but I just got home went to get on jewbook and my new account is now gone deactivated with no explanation or warning. So I'll not be on Jew book for awhile

2017-09-23 22:55:13 UTC


2017-09-23 22:55:53 UTC

Ill be playing w/ my Kali Pi.

2017-09-23 23:20:11 UTC

What are you doing with the pi?

2017-09-23 23:20:55 UTC

Eh just looking through the MSF Console. But doing nothing much.

2017-09-23 23:21:16 UTC

Wanted to try to specifically hack my own cellphone.

2017-09-23 23:22:19 UTC


2017-09-23 23:22:42 UTC

My idea was to turn it into an out of band management card

2017-09-23 23:23:06 UTC


2017-09-23 23:23:28 UTC

I think I also git cloned some of the shadow broker exploit releases.

2017-09-23 23:24:52 UTC


2017-09-23 23:25:31 UTC

Again. Just to look.

2017-09-23 23:25:41 UTC

It pisses me off that there's no cheap equivalent to DRAC or iLo for regular computers

2017-09-23 23:25:53 UTC

"Look but dont use" is my motto.

2017-09-23 23:26:35 UTC

Yea. I gotta re build my MSF Console Cache to due to Git Cloning.

2017-09-23 23:26:44 UTC

Also DM me @Hadrian

2017-09-23 23:39:40 UTC

Hadrian, worst kluge I've used is a one-off KVM dongle off a WAP connected to my server.

2017-09-23 23:41:03 UTC

One of the cheapest is a terminal server emulator, networked

2017-09-23 23:41:39 UTC

Also I have a bitcoin wallet.

2017-09-23 23:42:25 UTC

Looks like Im gonna have to make videos and ask people to donate to my BTC wallet.

2017-09-23 23:42:42 UTC

Since I have an idea on how to use the BTC.

2017-09-24 04:28:50 UTC


2017-09-24 04:29:48 UTC

Im convinced Hitler and Hess had numerous doubles

2017-09-24 04:41:33 UTC

Possible. Hitler at least one.

2017-09-24 04:41:49 UTC

Poor bastard was killed to throw the Soviets off.

2017-09-24 04:41:55 UTC

He was a bad double.

2017-09-24 04:42:20 UTC

If they had multiple doubles...

2017-09-24 04:42:26 UTC

Big if true.

2017-09-24 04:42:34 UTC


2017-09-24 04:42:41 UTC

B.I.T. nibba

2017-09-24 04:42:48 UTC


2017-09-24 07:07:01 UTC

I don't think they even found a body of Hitler.

2017-09-24 07:07:12 UTC

I know there was that shit about the skull, but that was some random lady.

2017-09-24 07:07:36 UTC

I doubt if Hitler fled he would have kept his stuff silent though

2017-09-24 15:07:49 UTC

Whatever bodily vessel he had, he shed, took another over, and I believe he may have spent time in Argentina. But he ultimately ended up in the Arctic.

2017-09-24 15:08:08 UTC


2017-09-24 15:08:14 UTC

Job app

2017-09-24 15:08:48 UTC

Operation Highjump obviously

2017-09-24 15:08:55 UTC

Substantial is verifiable

2017-09-24 15:08:59 UTC


2017-09-24 15:09:29 UTC

Large if Correct

2017-09-24 15:09:46 UTC

Lol yeah I've seen that on applications

2017-09-24 15:09:56 UTC

I mean it's big but also true.

2017-09-24 15:10:14 UTC

(Original) where the lies?

2017-09-24 15:10:41 UTC

Lemme get some orthodox cross symbols on my name

2017-09-24 15:10:53 UTC


2017-09-24 15:11:15 UTC

Just google orthodox cross key and copypaste

2017-09-24 15:13:51 UTC


2017-09-24 15:16:07 UTC


2017-09-24 15:16:30 UTC

How are you yellow?

2017-09-24 15:16:56 UTC


2017-09-24 15:17:19 UTC

Are those keys specifically for discord or..?

2017-09-24 15:17:32 UTC

I imagine it works most places

2017-09-24 15:17:35 UTC

Forgive my lack of tech sperg

2017-09-24 15:18:13 UTC

Looking for a black sun one or something but wouldnt know where haha

2017-09-24 15:18:23 UTC

That would be sick also

2017-09-24 15:18:34 UTC

I just googled the symbol and copypasted it into my discord username

2017-09-24 15:18:43 UTC


2017-09-24 15:18:49 UTC

I'm yellow because I'm an admin

2017-09-24 15:18:52 UTC

Is that Gunther?

2017-09-24 15:18:58 UTC


2017-09-24 15:19:03 UTC


2017-09-24 15:19:03 UTC

My nibba

2017-09-24 15:19:46 UTC

Alt Celt and Gunther are some of the best nibbas. Can't wait to rule the Fourth Reich with you guys.

2017-09-24 15:20:20 UTC

We will all probably be dead if we do our jobs right

2017-09-24 15:20:28 UTC

Besides that FL thing I heard about, whats next?

2017-09-24 15:20:32 UTC

Thats correct...

2017-09-24 15:20:45 UTC

Our kids maybe

2017-09-24 15:22:37 UTC

Lol true

2017-09-24 15:31:44 UTC

I was wondering if anyone is going to the Stormfront conference next week?

2017-09-24 15:35:10 UTC

It's pretty far away from my rural ass.

2017-09-24 15:36:39 UTC

yea, its far, but my friend wanted to go

2017-09-24 15:37:46 UTC

but I think it will be interesting with Billy Roper

2017-09-24 15:39:05 UTC

I'm reading his book on balkinization

2017-09-24 15:39:58 UTC

and Matt is going there too

2017-09-24 15:43:32 UTC

I mean if there's a carpool going from Louisville or Paoli I will go.

2017-09-24 15:43:45 UTC

What's official TWP canon on this event?

2017-09-24 15:44:49 UTC

It's a stormfront event, but Matt is a speaker

2017-09-24 15:45:52 UTC

Billy Roper is organizing because Don Black is not going

2017-09-24 15:48:25 UTC

I'm driving 11 hours

2017-09-24 15:52:10 UTC

I think they wanted NDF there so I may need to go.

2017-09-24 15:52:50 UTC

What is NDF?

2017-09-24 15:53:39 UTC

Neghole Defense Front

2017-09-24 15:53:47 UTC

Nationalist Defense Force lol

2017-09-24 16:02:32 UTC

It's private so there shouldn't be any antifa

2017-09-24 16:03:28 UTC

Anyone who needs a ride to the Stormfront event message me, I'm going to be working on getting rides for people who need them.

2017-09-24 16:13:28 UTC

Hey. Can someone verify me on Nordfront's Discord Channel?

2017-09-24 16:13:34 UTC
2017-09-24 17:30:54 UTC

Any details on that? I vaguely heard something last month, I believe, but have been very busy. Where is it?

2017-09-24 18:44:32 UTC

Greetings, everyone.

2017-09-24 18:45:22 UTC

Hello fellow white man.

2017-09-24 18:51:32 UTC

Yeah need details on Stormfront conference for sure.

2017-09-24 19:01:37 UTC

Right. Fucking. Now.

2017-09-24 19:28:53 UTC

Gib details pls

2017-09-24 19:48:08 UTC

Anyone ever read the William Johnstone "Ashes" series?

2017-09-24 22:45:33 UTC

I read the last mountain man

2017-09-24 23:11:54 UTC

Same author? I know he does western stuff also. Some years back i got pretty deep.into his post-apocalyptic Ashes series. Pretty close to how shits gona end up lol there were always Nazi villains also. Got a little repetitive. But not just that.. There were cults and Hajis and Black groups also. Kind of a Normie Cuckservative dynamic but pretty good.

2017-09-25 00:32:18 UTC

@here the OCT7 event in Bangor ME is canceled for unknown resigns. Sorry for the inconvenience to any one that was planing on going.

2017-09-25 00:34:25 UTC

sorry to hear that

2017-09-25 00:41:43 UTC

Yea the smoke Jenson mountain man series was great I got the audio books they had sound effects like fight bars scenes gunshots chairs breaking I really thought that was cool it was like a movie plain while a guys reading what's going on

2017-09-25 00:43:12 UTC


2017-09-25 00:47:16 UTC

We will do something in the north east soon just keep an ear out I'll be in touch

2017-09-25 01:21:34 UTC

There are quote a few good post apocalyptic books out there now. I like the Home series by A American and the One Second after series

2017-09-25 01:39:56 UTC

Anyone have further details on the Stormfront but now TWP event?

2017-09-25 01:40:16 UTC

Duke got mad apparently about us not using American flags?

2017-09-25 01:45:25 UTC

Wouldn't using American flags be a bit disingenuous for white separatists?

2017-09-25 01:56:17 UTC

I haven't heard anything about it

2017-09-25 02:02:37 UTC

Who should I direct recruits to in Texas?

2017-09-25 02:07:15 UTC


2017-09-25 02:07:36 UTC

Awesome. Are you on FB?

2017-09-25 02:07:45 UTC

Just here and snapchat

2017-09-25 02:07:56 UTC

Okay this guy is on FB.

2017-09-25 02:08:16 UTC

Have him email me [email protected]

2017-09-25 02:08:30 UTC

Will do. Thanks.

2017-09-25 02:08:34 UTC

No problem

2017-09-25 02:08:46 UTC

Miss you bro. You doing well?

2017-09-25 02:09:05 UTC

Does anybody know about the FL spencer event next month? I am organizing an event around his, and it is extremely important I know if that is happening or not.

2017-09-25 02:09:29 UTC

Make sure we vet these people.

2017-09-25 02:09:42 UTC

Any antifa could ask to join lol

2017-09-25 02:10:05 UTC

Yeah I'll see this person face to face and see what's up

2017-09-25 02:10:32 UTC

Miss you too buddy, hopefully we march together again soon. Been doing alright. Working.

2017-09-25 02:10:40 UTC


2017-09-25 02:10:52 UTC

Same. Work and school

2017-09-25 02:10:56 UTC


2017-09-25 02:11:02 UTC

Will be worth it soon

2017-09-25 02:11:44 UTC

I already miss sipping shine on the cabin porch in VA. Best time ever. We fucked c ville uppp haha

2017-09-25 02:11:56 UTC

Cant wait for us all to get together again

2017-09-25 02:21:06 UTC

It will, consistency and persistence. We must never tire. Never slacken. That was one of the best times of my life, NS fraternity and activism is so authentic to who we are. We destroyed Cville lol.

2017-09-25 02:21:20 UTC

Hail Victory!

2017-09-25 02:22:06 UTC

Hail Victory, brother.

2017-09-25 05:02:52 UTC

Hey there.

2017-09-25 05:03:04 UTC

Just posted propaganda stickers on light poles.

2017-09-25 05:03:54 UTC

Turns out it is not allowed in my city. Ill remove once I get back to the area after work.

2017-09-25 06:05:24 UTC


2017-09-25 06:05:31 UTC

OMFG this was hilarious.... "So you're saying walls work?" lolololol


2017-09-25 12:43:44 UTC

Hey guys

2017-09-25 12:43:58 UTC

Hey there.

2017-09-25 13:33:02 UTC

I'm mostly a dailystormer guy from MA.

2017-09-25 13:34:57 UTC

I was interested in the meeting on the 23rd and the event in Maine.

2017-09-25 13:39:10 UTC


2017-09-25 13:39:25 UTC

There should be some Maine folks here.

2017-09-25 13:46:40 UTC

The Bangore event for oct 7th has ben canceled

2017-09-25 14:07:08 UTC


2017-09-25 19:37:28 UTC

uh oh, watch out guys!!! lol

2017-09-25 20:09:15 UTC

Can we get some official details on the event this weekend?

2017-09-25 20:22:37 UTC

Oh no the SJWs are getting TV shows while we nationalists are converting and directing the masses. We are done 😢

2017-09-25 20:44:04 UTC

Damn people still havent thrown a bone out about the event? Lmao

2017-09-25 20:53:14 UTC

Yee hmu colton nigga

2017-09-25 20:53:47 UTC

I mean we need to sound the public call don't we?

2017-09-25 20:53:55 UTC

Among our nibbas at least?

2017-09-25 20:59:17 UTC

I got the email from your TX guy @☦Colton of Yore☦

2017-09-25 20:59:46 UTC

He lives a good 6 hours away but I'll figure something out and get him vetted

2017-09-25 21:05:57 UTC

Damn okay. Cool.

2017-09-25 21:09:28 UTC

We have < 10 members in Texas and they never respond to their emails, so organizing something centrally has been impossible. I will try again. I need to get my area organized and figure out who is an active member and who the passive members are.

2017-09-25 21:10:03 UTC

So far, it looks like they're all passive, unless it's some email issue.

2017-09-25 21:10:36 UTC

I'll get back to you and our superiors soon.

2017-09-25 23:04:28 UTC

you guys need a list of cvill antifa participants?

2017-09-25 23:08:17 UTC

Sure. You in TWP now, Pete?

2017-09-25 23:08:29 UTC

no nf

2017-09-25 23:08:34 UTC

You look like PewDiePie a bit haha.

2017-09-25 23:08:35 UTC


2017-09-25 23:08:45 UTC

lol thats what he said

2017-09-25 23:08:59 UTC

Lol did he really??

2017-09-25 23:09:11 UTC

he tweeted that almost exactly

2017-09-25 23:09:22 UTC


2017-09-25 23:09:40 UTC

Wish he was ubashedly our guy

2017-09-25 23:09:42 UTC

" these guys need to stop looking like me or people will think im one of them" i think

2017-09-25 23:10:43 UTC

1. [REDACTED] (Leader): [REDACTED]
2. [REDACTED] (Leader): [REDACTED]
3. [REDACTED] (Leader): [REDACTED]
4. [REDACTED] (Leader): [REDACTED]
7. [REDACTED] (Leader): [REDACTED]
8. [REDACTED] (Leader): [REDACTED]
12. [REDACTED] (Leader): [REDACTED]
16. [REDACTED] (Leader): [REDACTED]
17. [REDACTED] (Leader): [REDACTED]
19. [REDACTED] (Leader): [REDACTED]
21. [REDACTED] (Flamethrower): [REDACTED]
28. [REDACTED] (Leader): [REDACTED]
31. [REDACTED] (Leader): [REDACTED]

2017-09-25 23:10:59 UTC

37. [REDACTED] (Leader): [REDACTED]
41. [REDACTED] (Leader)
45. [REDACTED] Commander: [REDACTED]
Thats the Antifa in Cville list.

2017-09-25 23:12:01 UTC

Nice compilation.

2017-09-25 23:12:07 UTC

from a friend

2017-09-25 23:12:26 UTC

im autistic but not that autistic

2017-09-25 23:12:48 UTC

Lol wow

2017-09-25 23:12:57 UTC

he must beat off 3d pds with a stick daily

2017-09-25 23:14:32 UTC

why no heimbach?

2017-09-25 23:23:00 UTC

Sup pete

2017-09-25 23:23:38 UTC

I got doxxed and they threw you in with me

2017-09-26 00:29:17 UTC

very very nice compilation my friend

2017-09-26 00:58:06 UTC


2017-09-26 10:01:43 UTC

@Commander Johnson#4012 I know the other day heimbach was saying an email would go out with our regions contact info for leaders and instructions on how to set up the dashboard and all that, have those gone out yet?

2017-09-26 10:59:22 UTC

Meet up Thursday?

2017-09-26 11:18:24 UTC

@FürMeineKameraden(TWP - NC) I haven't received anything yet. My hands are tied until I do.

2017-09-26 15:49:25 UTC

Those are big guys.

2017-09-26 15:49:32 UTC

If true.

2017-09-26 16:10:39 UTC

For you

2017-09-26 18:11:13 UTC

@FürMeineKameraden(TWP - NC) i have not received anything about it.

2017-09-26 18:16:59 UTC

November 4th It Begins? Not sure what because they have been chimping out for a long time now....

2017-09-26 18:27:55 UTC

Yeah they've been trying to get something going for a while now

2017-09-26 18:28:40 UTC

Though I see they're now asking for people to sign their petition with their name. Maybe they're compromised? Antifa hates real names

2017-09-26 18:30:26 UTC

Lol, Peele married an unfunny and ugly jewess.

2017-09-26 18:34:14 UTC


2017-09-26 18:34:40 UTC

well personally I thought "Get Out" was a comedy for White People

2017-09-26 18:34:50 UTC

I laughed so hard I cried multiple times

2017-09-26 21:51:21 UTC


"At a recent anti-hate rally in Berkeley, Joey Gibson, leader of the extreme right-wing, white supremacist group, Patriot Prayer, strolled directly in front of me—his three burly bodyguards in tow. A few people nearby pointed him out, shouting his name.

I had an immediate visceral reaction to the sight of this man, whom I consider to be a neo-Nazi. To my eyes, Gibson and his men were angling for conflict; their swagger left no doubt. And I stood there shaking, my homemade sign in hand. “Hate speech leads to Holocaust,” it read.

I am an 80-year-old Holocaust survivor."


2017-09-26 21:53:58 UTC

Is Patriot Prayer actually WN, or are they just making shit up again?

2017-09-26 21:54:02 UTC

Gibson is part hapa and his gestapo is like polynesian or some shit.

2017-09-26 21:54:27 UTC

We have people in this very room that got thrown out of his rally for bringing up white genocide.

2017-09-26 21:55:07 UTC


2017-09-26 21:55:21 UTC

Everyone to the right of Elizabeth Warren is a Nazi

2017-09-26 21:56:53 UTC

I hate that shit so much. Being a National Socialist is a very special thing, that shouldn't be thrown around casually

2017-09-26 22:00:51 UTC

I find it funny - throwing out nazis and denouncing racism didn't help him one bit or prevent getting called a white supremacist neo nazi kkk leader. Civiccucks never learn.

2017-09-26 22:07:24 UTC

White allies will be the first to go

2017-09-26 22:10:48 UTC

Man, I wish I could remember the video I heard this from... But I think there is an official body which governs who can be an "official" holocaust victim. They were saying, the only requirement is to be living in Germany while NSDAP was in power.

2017-09-26 22:11:27 UTC

Of course they did

2017-09-26 22:16:18 UTC

They call them "Holocaust Deniers", but it's a topic that fascinates me. I wish I knew more about it. I always like getting reading recommendations on this topic.

2017-09-26 22:37:19 UTC

Evette Felarca, was arrested supposedly. You know, BAMN. creeps.

2017-09-27 01:03:41 UTC

We all know the situation in America today.

>MSM bought and paid for to spread disinformation, fake news, propaganda, etc.
>Anti-Fascist (Communist) marches taking place all over the country
>Media ramping up North Korean threat, trying to start Iraq 2.0

The MSM is forced to cover these Antifa (Marxist) marches, but these are a distraction from the true build up of revolutionary groups. Only the useful idiots are marching in the street, while in secret they are recruiting, radicalizing, and teaching their "street soldiers" how to build bombs, cause chaos, target police, assassinate, etc. Read up on the Tet Offensive from Vietnam and you will see that their strategy is to create sleeper cells in every major American city until the time is right for them to start their revolution simultaneously and create max chaos. Imagine hundreds of police, senators, mayors, governors, and military killed within 6 hours - America would be in a total panic.

American forces are spread out across many different parts of the world. Imagine if we were also engaged in another war during this time. Not only would there be civil war, but the bulk of our forces would be out of the country. Do not be surprised if the media and traitors within our government fake a North Korean nuke launch in the next 2 months to pull us into war.

Antifa is full of brainless morons, but that is the disguise they use. In reality, they have infiltrated the military, police, government, civil infrastructure, and academia. The leaders of Antifa and other anarchist/Marxist revolutionary groups are not the same idiots you see on YouTube. They are clever to keep their identities/meetings a secret. They already designated their revolution to begin Nov 4th.

Be prepared.

2017-09-27 05:02:56 UTC

Can I use this text?

2017-09-27 05:03:41 UTC

@Hand Banana I'm borrowing and refining this for Memetic Warfare.

2017-09-27 05:25:50 UTC

The AFD WON 88 Seats.

2017-09-27 05:25:52 UTC

88 seats

2017-09-27 05:25:57 UTC

and 13.5 of the votes

2017-09-27 05:26:30 UTC


2017-09-27 05:26:33 UTC

88 seats is good.

2017-09-27 05:26:44 UTC

***SEIG HEIL!***

2017-09-27 05:26:48 UTC


2017-09-27 05:27:22 UTC


2017-09-27 05:27:29 UTC

Wrong hand

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