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2017-09-20 00:03:10 UTC

She looks very white, but there was always something about the eyes that I couldn't quite place

2017-09-20 00:03:36 UTC

Very sweet and traditional, too

2017-09-20 01:51:03 UTC

From the celebration of Avram Iancu, Romanian hero and revolutionary


2017-09-20 06:13:17 UTC

good morning

2017-09-20 06:14:56 UTC

what's new?

2017-09-20 06:16:13 UTC

I'm really grateful for TWP

2017-09-20 06:17:17 UTC

I was boasting about TWP at the last asatru assembly

2017-09-20 06:19:19 UTC

I was wondering if bitcoin is not too hard to use?

2017-09-20 06:39:19 UTC

Bitcoin is a little tricky, there is plenty of material on how to use it though

2017-09-20 08:36:26 UTC

@Wally yoour local leadership should be able to teach you how to use bitcoins

2017-09-20 12:53:19 UTC

@Wally what state are you in ?

2017-09-20 13:09:43 UTC

Cool 😎

2017-09-20 13:12:39 UTC

Oh shit not flyers, was anyone hurt? How terrible!

2017-09-20 13:15:10 UTC

They did nothing illegal so why should the cops have any right to investigate them ?

2017-09-20 13:15:10 UTC

Is it even possible for them to catch charges?

2017-09-20 13:15:33 UTC

I've done this at my school. A shitlib posted a Snapchat burning one.

2017-09-20 13:15:38 UTC

Freedom of speech goy

2017-09-20 13:15:47 UTC

Which spread the message to more

2017-09-20 13:16:16 UTC

They cannot escape the double edged sword and don't seem to understand in making big deals of this they spread our brand and make it edgy and rebellious.

2017-09-20 13:16:26 UTC

Yeah every time the shit libs yell about the posters it just gets the word out more

2017-09-20 13:16:51 UTC

As Sun Tzu said, never stop your enemy when he is fucking up.

2017-09-20 13:16:53 UTC

If they would ignore them they would help themselves more

2017-09-20 13:16:58 UTC

We have to play off their mistakes.

2017-09-20 13:17:03 UTC


2017-09-20 13:19:41 UTC

It's insane to think they don't have the legal protection to do this. Literally samizdat.

2017-09-20 13:24:06 UTC

Do we have and carpenters in the north region ? I need to finish my basment office and gunsmith shop and don't have to time to do it

2017-09-20 17:14:30 UTC

I have a new Cole Williams account if anyone wants to add me.

2017-09-20 17:14:37 UTC

On a 30 day ban on my older one.

2017-09-20 17:16:11 UTC

Sent you an friends request

2017-09-20 17:16:46 UTC

Kev Anthony is my face book

2017-09-20 17:17:07 UTC

Send it to both, looks like you added banned one.

2017-09-20 17:21:12 UTC

Done found it

2017-09-20 17:26:42 UTC

DId you just have to make another one?

2017-09-20 17:26:58 UTC


2017-09-20 17:27:08 UTC

30 day gulag sentence.

2017-09-20 17:27:23 UTC

Ah geez.

2017-09-20 17:27:55 UTC

Alest they didn't execute your account like they did to me

2017-09-20 17:28:00 UTC

Yeah I sent you another one.

2017-09-20 17:28:05 UTC

Facebook ugh lol

2017-09-20 18:19:54 UTC

Counter Currents article on that infiltrating antifa faggot


2017-09-20 22:06:12 UTC

I just posted twp propaganda all over each building on campus

2017-09-20 22:06:55 UTC

I was mad because of all the "hispanic heritage month" bullshit my (((college))) is pushing in emails and flyers on campus

2017-09-20 22:07:07 UTC

Massive flyer bomb haha

2017-09-20 22:07:41 UTC

Fuck their feelings

2017-09-20 22:13:10 UTC

awesome, be sure to share the inevitable news article kvetching about it

2017-09-20 22:13:54 UTC

@Commander Johnson Same w/ UNLV.

2017-09-20 23:13:31 UTC

haha this one is great


2017-09-20 23:46:58 UTC

^ We need to modify it!

2017-09-20 23:47:19 UTC

Would make for GOOD propaganda!

2017-09-21 00:11:03 UTC


2017-09-21 00:44:49 UTC

Now to get to work on learning how to photoshop.

2017-09-21 00:45:00 UTC

Specifically the one about Fascism.

2017-09-21 01:14:40 UTC


2017-09-21 01:35:28 UTC

How do you go about finding out about local leadership and how to contact them?

2017-09-21 01:36:26 UTC

What state ?

2017-09-21 01:39:39 UTC


2017-09-21 01:39:52 UTC

That would be Caser

2017-09-21 01:40:34 UTC

Yeah I've heard that from some other guys in NC. Is he ever on here?

2017-09-21 01:41:11 UTC

Just don't know how to go about contacting

2017-09-21 01:41:17 UTC

Not usually but he is on jewbook

2017-09-21 01:41:40 UTC

Emails and letters are about to be sent out to everyone

2017-09-21 01:41:52 UTC


2017-09-21 01:41:56 UTC

with the direct contact info for their local, State, and regional leaders

2017-09-21 01:42:38 UTC


2017-09-21 01:42:50 UTC

@MatthewHeimbach also did you see my pm about my dues not being taken out last month, just want to make sure everything is still good to go

2017-09-21 01:43:42 UTC

Yes, ok so Stripe cut off our account

2017-09-21 01:44:00 UTC

So right now, basically no one is paying dues, because we are 100% cut off from processing credit cards

2017-09-21 01:44:07 UTC

every credit card processor has shut us down

2017-09-21 01:44:13 UTC

Ah ok I figured as much well that makes me feel better

2017-09-21 01:44:17 UTC

That's trash!

2017-09-21 01:44:27 UTC

Oh right, I need to figure out this bitcoin thing so I can join formally

2017-09-21 01:44:28 UTC

Any one in the north east region can contact me (NJ,NY,CT,RI,VT,NH,VT,ME)

2017-09-21 01:44:39 UTC

Goddammit 👿

2017-09-21 01:44:39 UTC

Which i apologize about delay in post Cville contact, but the leadership team has been sorting through all this


2017-09-21 01:45:13 UTC

So everything will be run through bitcoin

2017-09-21 01:45:21 UTC

I didn't know that Michelle Obama knew how to work a switchboard

2017-09-21 01:47:07 UTC

lol, but yeah. So our tech guys have built us a dashboard, private forum (which we will use instead of here due to discord shutting down WN chats)

2017-09-21 01:47:15 UTC

we will pay dues monthly, quarterly etc in bitcoin

2017-09-21 01:47:29 UTC

and, each members profile on the forum will show if they are up to date on dues, as a friendly reminder

2017-09-21 01:48:17 UTC

but it will be far more secure as a platform

2017-09-21 01:48:54 UTC

Can I give you a different email I've been using to get the info to instead of my old one?

2017-09-21 01:49:26 UTC

yes, so this week, hopefully tomorrowish, everyone will get the details sent to set up their account

2017-09-21 01:49:33 UTC

on that, you can modify your address, email, etc

2017-09-21 01:50:24 UTC

this will make it a lot more efficient for keeping up to date, vs going through several channels to get things updated

2017-09-21 01:51:18 UTC

Awesome, I'll keep a lookout for the old one. Since I officially joined, by being at Cville, it's just gonna go to my email I listed on the Charlottesville sign up page, correct?

2017-09-21 01:51:48 UTC

It should be, ill be posting a pinned post in here for anyone who doesnt get it, to get with our tech guys

2017-09-21 01:52:17 UTC

now whats also cool, is each officer, depending on their region, will have a far more dyanic way to know who is in their region, etc with the programs we've built

2017-09-21 01:52:21 UTC

Excellent, looking forward to seeing the new setup,

2017-09-21 01:52:25 UTC

this will dramatically improve contact and organizing

2017-09-21 01:52:32 UTC

I'm excited lol

2017-09-21 01:52:36 UTC

Good, we really need more of both

2017-09-21 01:52:58 UTC

And i think, put us infrastructure wise, above all other groups. Our issue has been constantly having corporate software etc shut down, which then takes work to transfer data, back it up, and then we get shoah'd

2017-09-21 01:53:02 UTC

now, we have our own stuff

2017-09-21 01:53:09 UTC

which is totally immune

2017-09-21 01:53:21 UTC

and everyone is already set up on the dark web, even if they pulled our website

2017-09-21 01:53:33 UTC

so at no point will we lose contact with one another, just gotta make sure everyone has Tor

2017-09-21 01:53:34 UTC

Hell yeah!

2017-09-21 01:54:30 UTC

That's a huge hurdle our entire movement has been struggling with

2017-09-21 01:54:57 UTC

but if we have all our infrastructure immune to shutdowns or threats, it puts us in a great position

2017-09-21 01:56:38 UTC

I agree completely, especially with everything going on. Now there's not really a chance of moving a lot of ground and we can finally get on to addressing a lot of the interest in people wanting to join or support us I hope. As well as just the ease of having decent contact with each other

2017-09-21 01:58:39 UTC

@MatthewHeimbach What's the best way to join currently?

2017-09-21 01:59:42 UTC

Fash Emporium is our official Party shop, which will also handle dues

2017-09-21 01:59:56 UTC

due to the integrated nature of our new system, all the pieces come together

2017-09-21 02:00:17 UTC

people can also sign up as supporters, which is free, to get on the email list and get networked

2017-09-21 02:00:28 UTC

We want people involved and engaged, money, while important, is secondary

2017-09-21 02:00:49 UTC

So especially when recruiting, if someone is unemployed, a student etc and cannot pay dues, have them sign up as supporters so they can still stay involved

2017-09-21 02:02:30 UTC

I care far more if a man, or woman, is dedicated to our principles and willing to be active and can't pay dues, versus 100 people that just want to sit back and send money

2017-09-21 02:03:49 UTC

Same, the principle is the whole point. Not to mention we're not really getting anything done without the activity

2017-09-21 02:04:13 UTC

exactly, our mission isnt a war chest to sit on, all of us (myself included) are volunteers anyway

2017-09-21 02:05:04 UTC

Great. I need to figure out this bitcoin thing

2017-09-21 02:05:09 UTC

Once we get going we have plans for the north east starting with the OCT7th event in Bangor ME then after that we want to do som drug awareness stuff and community out tech

2017-09-21 02:05:17 UTC

Out reach even

2017-09-21 02:05:19 UTC

is a great site to use

2017-09-21 02:05:24 UTC

ill be doing a video this weekend. Honestly guys, there are african warlords paying child soldiers in bitcoin as we speak

2017-09-21 02:05:35 UTC

There is a learning curve, but it isnt as difficult as one would imagine

2017-09-21 02:06:05 UTC

I'm poor, but I think I can spare $20 a month

2017-09-21 02:07:42 UTC

Do I need to list my full name and address?

2017-09-21 02:11:00 UTC

tbh man, you put however you want to be addressed in party materials

2017-09-21 02:11:12 UTC

the address is just to be sent all of your materials

2017-09-21 02:13:20 UTC

if uve got a PO box, use that, its just so you can get your shirt, stickers, materials, etc

2017-09-21 02:20:02 UTC

Sounds good to me

2017-09-21 02:28:47 UTC

@Hadrian we still need to talk some time about recruiting and stuff

2017-09-21 02:30:18 UTC

Not fond of having to put address etc in fashemporium to sign up but this seems great otherwise

2017-09-21 02:30:39 UTC

Well Fash Emporium is 100% run by our Party quartermaster

2017-09-21 02:30:53 UTC

it isnt a separate site, in the traditional sense

2017-09-21 02:30:58 UTC

Ah, I just mean in the case it gets hacked or something

2017-09-21 02:31:25 UTC

well, feel free to use a psuedonym. And using bitcoin, it isnt traced back to any credit cards

2017-09-21 02:31:55 UTC

@HueTheHand Absolutely

2017-09-21 02:50:53 UTC

Check phone or PM heimbach, I need to know something.

2017-09-21 02:52:12 UTC

The hardest man in the world to get ahold of

2017-09-21 02:53:35 UTC


2017-09-21 03:17:12 UTC

sorry guys

2017-09-21 03:17:15 UTC

was bedtime for the kiddos

2017-09-21 03:17:28 UTC

I know how that is

2017-09-21 03:20:37 UTC

the struggle is real

2017-09-21 03:20:37 UTC


2017-09-21 03:22:01 UTC

My son use to get out of bed like 100x a night wen we first put him in a toddler bead

2017-09-21 03:22:18 UTC

Nick is having sleep regression, his schedule is all wacky now

2017-09-21 03:23:10 UTC

Fun fun

2017-09-21 03:39:42 UTC

writing the party anthem

2017-09-21 03:39:46 UTC

going back and forth, back and forth

2017-09-21 03:39:51 UTC


2017-09-21 03:40:03 UTC

Our flag flies high! We stand as one together
In steadfast rows, the youth marches ahead
And through our deeds, we shall live forever
Our battle cry, fills the enemy with dread

No more in shame! We raise our holy banner
Reduced to slaves, never was our fate
Stand for our Folk, nation, pride, and honor
We shall act now, before it is too late

The time is now! Our people have awoken
We’ve crossed the line, there is no turning back
Not retreat, no peace until our chains are broken
We’ll meet our foes, with the cry of attack!

The fight goes on! Against the rootless strangers
We’ll shed our blood, until the final end
We shall stand, our people are in danger
So stand your ground, be loyal now my friend

2017-09-21 03:40:07 UTC

Marschiert in Feindesland?

2017-09-21 03:40:09 UTC


2017-09-21 03:40:18 UTC

Oh I see

2017-09-21 03:41:15 UTC


2017-09-21 03:41:42 UTC

Nice. Perhaps "this" never was our fate?

2017-09-21 03:42:03 UTC

not a bad addition

2017-09-21 03:42:25 UTC

Something about bread...

2017-09-21 03:42:34 UTC

As is tradition.

2017-09-21 03:42:40 UTC

low carb nationalism

2017-09-21 03:42:45 UTC

Lol but we need to avoid carbs

2017-09-21 03:42:47 UTC


2017-09-21 03:43:07 UTC

Keto nationalism

2017-09-21 03:43:19 UTC

3rd line of the 3rd stanza: should "Not retreat" be "No retreat" or maybe "Nor retreat"?

2017-09-21 03:43:29 UTC


2017-09-21 03:43:45 UTC

no retreat, i like that

2017-09-21 03:43:56 UTC

We need a fake death

2017-09-21 03:44:03 UTC


2017-09-21 03:46:05 UTC

well, if the enemy continues, we'll have a martyr before too long

2017-09-21 03:46:06 UTC


2017-09-21 03:46:38 UTC


2017-09-21 03:47:04 UTC

Yeah I have a bad feeling before long AntiFA is going to kill some one

2017-09-21 03:47:53 UTC

I track stuff going on and AntiFA is arming and preparing for lethal attacks

2017-09-21 03:48:27 UTC

we had redneck revolt raise their long guns on us in cville at least 3 different times

2017-09-21 03:48:46 UTC

some of those dudes have peshmerga patches on their uniforms

2017-09-21 03:49:01 UTC

these commies have had people training along with the kurds

2017-09-21 03:49:13 UTC

experience with bombs, heavy weapons, squad tactics etc

2017-09-21 03:49:24 UTC

We need to be able to defend ourselves and our communities against these people

2017-09-21 04:08:47 UTC

Yes we do

2017-09-21 04:09:45 UTC

I have extensive experience in that aspect between my Counter insurance training and my PSD/ executive protection work I can help a lot with that

2017-09-21 04:10:33 UTC

I've also managed security sights and set up physical security plans for companies

2017-09-21 04:15:02 UTC


2017-09-21 04:17:09 UTC

I'm goin to do some level II "operator" training soon. Advanced firearm training, EP training, etc. I should be able to be a firearms instructor soon tbh

2017-09-21 04:20:37 UTC


2017-09-21 04:20:50 UTC

Im getting back to The Range soon.

2017-09-21 04:26:39 UTC

@everyone in chat if you wish to talk

2017-09-21 04:27:09 UTC

I'll join in a bit

2017-09-21 04:39:08 UTC

@MatthewHeimbach Is that going to be in the tune of Horst Wessel Lied?

2017-09-21 04:41:34 UTC


2017-09-21 04:44:14 UTC

I work in Security (I am unarmed, however, I am going to be armed as soon as possible) and I have a book on "Light Infantry Tactics For Small Teams" (which can act as a training manual since it is designed to be such).

2017-09-21 04:46:22 UTC

Tbh we could make our own sec contracting company

2017-09-21 04:46:44 UTC

@Hugh J Benis Exactly what I was thinking.

2017-09-21 04:47:58 UTC

And I also have a Bushmaster AR-15 as well as a LBV (w/ currently 5 full magazines of 556 ammo), Baofeng UV 5R+ Radio and a Assault Pack.

2017-09-21 04:48:18 UTC

I am also soon to build my own CETME C Rifle.

2017-09-21 04:51:48 UTC

@MatthewHeimbach TBH fam it what I'm seeing now is fucking fantastic. It could be longer and end on a more powerful note. Prehaps ending on how we will smash those who stand against us/corrupt our people/ the bourgeosi/ Jews etc.

2017-09-21 04:52:52 UTC

Beautiful anthem

2017-09-21 04:53:02 UTC

It certainly is.

2017-09-21 04:53:04 UTC


2017-09-21 04:53:23 UTC

@Hugh J Benis We can speak more on the matter as well via DMs.

2017-09-21 04:53:42 UTC

Ja mein führer, wil folgen dir! SIEG HEIL!

2017-09-21 04:59:17 UTC

@Sir88 DM me

2017-09-21 05:51:27 UTC

Btw another suggestion. To the tune of SS MARSCHIERT IN FEINDESLAND

Take to the street
Refuse defeat
Our honor is at stake!
Take to the street
Refuse defeat
Our folk is now awake!

Beneath the pitchfork and cog
We rise to seize our fate!
Beneath the pitchfork and cog
We march to victory’s gate!

We fight the traitor’s treasure
We aren’t afraid to die
For standing against the foe is our pleasure
Here come the Antifa- HA HA HA HA HA

We fight for our nation
We fight for tradition
The final victory awaits!

2017-09-21 05:51:58 UTC


2017-09-21 06:04:54 UTC

@MatthewHeimbach So you are going to give my email to all Va. TWP?

2017-09-21 06:11:24 UTC

That'd just be to your regional leader

2017-09-21 06:13:18 UTC

Ahhh. The reason I was asking is because it would be easier for me to organize meet-ups and get people in contact with one another if I were in contact with them.

2017-09-21 06:13:46 UTC

Kind of hard to do that without info.'

2017-09-21 06:15:56 UTC

Derrick said it was my job.

2017-09-21 06:16:31 UTC

ah excellent

2017-09-21 06:16:40 UTC

well then you'll be signed up with the State coordinators login

2017-09-21 06:23:47 UTC

Thanks. This will make things so much easier.

2017-09-21 08:39:59 UTC
2017-09-21 08:40:13 UTC

(((Chinese Communist Party)))...

2017-09-21 09:08:41 UTC

And a lot of Kurds got trained by Israel as well.

2017-09-21 09:09:14 UTC

Yup. The (((Kurds))) are (((Mossad))).

2017-09-21 09:10:05 UTC

Plus the PKK, which is banned are a terrorist group

2017-09-21 09:15:42 UTC

Kurdish sepratism might get a bit bigger, I mean the west shit the bed when it came to the FSA/ISIS bullshit.
Kurdistan and Greater Israel's maps match up as well. They get antifa and other westerners to join as cannon fodder.

Fucking going to go join some rag-tag-retard-militia and die for Israel but thinking it's for "muh freedoms n anarchy".

2017-09-21 09:15:58 UTC

Feels weird as a NS trying to support literal (((WORLDPEACE)))

2017-09-21 09:16:50 UTC

Kurds are the gavin mcanus of the middle east

2017-09-21 09:18:32 UTC


2017-09-21 09:18:36 UTC

I heard some parts of the "Rebels" are working w/ Assad (source: Brother Nathaniel).

2017-09-21 09:18:53 UTC

Yeah, I think there is some sort of cease fire

2017-09-21 09:19:23 UTC

Because the Kurds suck fucking ass compared to others in the region.

2017-09-21 09:20:27 UTC

It's hard to know what ever actually fucking happens now days since it's 9/10 just propaganda I think.

2017-09-21 09:20:44 UTC

They know they'd be fucked if everyone around them said "alright fuck these guys"

2017-09-21 10:05:50 UTC

The Kurds are strange people some are commies some are social nationalists [email protected] against Assad and some on Assads side depending on the faction

2017-09-21 10:06:35 UTC

The Kurds are a lot better fighters then most Arabs

2017-09-21 10:07:11 UTC

Worked with them in Iraq wen I was in the army

2017-09-21 10:11:14 UTC


2017-09-21 10:11:29 UTC

But yea. I dislike those who are Commies 😒

2017-09-21 10:14:50 UTC

So are kurds crypto kikes trying to outkike the kikes?

2017-09-21 10:15:38 UTC

The Kurds are pragmatic they go with whoever they think can help them get their state

2017-09-21 10:15:53 UTC

In WW1 and WWII they helped the Germans

2017-09-21 10:16:04 UTC

I'd say they're more like the Druze, an oddball faction that nobody likes who are content to work with Israel for their own benefit

2017-09-21 10:16:08 UTC

Wasnt aware of that

2017-09-21 10:16:15 UTC

I didn't know that either, pretty cool

2017-09-21 10:16:46 UTC

I considered joining them at one point, had a friend who did it and it turned out well for him

2017-09-21 10:16:48 UTC

But now one faction the YPK are Communists

2017-09-21 10:16:53 UTC

back in my normie days obviously

2017-09-21 10:16:56 UTC

Honestly we need to support the Social Nationslist Kurds and those who are fighting alongside Assad.

2017-09-21 10:17:14 UTC

The Peshmerga and the PPK are a mix of Marxists and Social Nationalists

2017-09-21 10:17:45 UTC

The weird ideological mix reminds me of Palestine tbh

2017-09-21 10:18:18 UTC

The leadership is Social Nationalist but they have member tribes that are still Marxist

2017-09-21 10:20:07 UTC

This to their sight for the SSNP http://www.ssnp.com/new/ssnp/en/ssnp_001.htm

2017-09-21 10:22:40 UTC

There are the ones fighting as allies of Assad being he said if he wins he will give them their semiautonomous ethnostate that also have members on the Syrian parliament

2017-09-21 10:41:59 UTC

So I've noticed bitcoin prices are around $4k I'm assuming you can purchase less than 1 bitcoin?

2017-09-21 10:52:53 UTC

I have an idea regarding harvesting Bitcoin from those in Britain who are going on Welfare to "drain the beast".

2017-09-21 10:53:13 UTC

Yeah? Just got all my stuff set up

2017-09-21 10:53:29 UTC

I have my Airbitz account set up as well.

2017-09-21 11:02:42 UTC

Yeah you can buy as little as $1 of bitcoins

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