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2017-04-03 20:04:58 UTC

Any NC comrades on here?

2017-04-03 20:37:34 UTC

How about WA comrades?

2017-04-03 20:38:12 UTC

Not at this particular moment in time.

2017-04-03 20:41:06 UTC


2017-04-03 20:41:37 UTC

Washington isn't the most populace place for fascists or natsocs.

2017-04-03 20:42:58 UTC

Yeah, that's why I'm not surprised there isn't any members here. Feels awfully lonely over here.

2017-04-03 21:18:14 UTC

Yeah, if you'd like, we could have you and our Washington guys get in contact

2017-04-03 21:18:21 UTC

Couldn't hurt to network

2017-04-03 21:46:09 UTC

Sounds good. How do I go about contacting them?

2017-04-03 21:49:57 UTC

Nolan - WA#6230 is his discord, or you could always use twitter if it's easier

2017-04-03 21:53:04 UTC

I don't use social media. I only thought to try this because the invite came with the new edition of Action! to use discord. Thanks for the info.

2017-04-04 12:41:57 UTC

@Commander Davis (TWP) Do you know if there are any chapters down here in NC that are active. I would also be willing to come up on weekends possibly to get involved with you guys up there as well.

2017-04-05 00:22:13 UTC

Not that I know of but my crew is doing a hatehike on Saturday

2017-04-05 03:57:38 UTC

I think my house is haunted

2017-04-05 03:57:58 UTC

I need to stop watching these top 15 scariest videos thing at night

2017-04-06 00:51:34 UTC

@MatthewHeimbach where did you guys get those business cards from that were in the packet?

2017-04-06 00:52:29 UTC

Figured I'd go to a place that I already know prints stuff like that

2017-04-06 00:58:16 UTC

As in design? I designed them

2017-04-06 01:00:51 UTC


2017-04-06 01:55:03 UTC
2017-04-06 02:49:18 UTC

Yeah we get a lot of stuff done at vistaprint. They are very tolerant of our intolerance

2017-04-06 12:38:47 UTC

Thats looks fucking ebin πŸ‘ŒπŸ» πŸ’―

2017-04-06 14:11:52 UTC

Okay, thanks

2017-04-06 23:21:24 UTC

Just got a "delayed" status on a firearm purchase...

2017-04-06 23:22:02 UTC

How common is that?

2017-04-06 23:22:35 UTC

do you have a security clearance?

2017-04-06 23:23:03 UTC

happens almost every time for me and they claim it's because i have a still-active TS clearance

2017-04-06 23:33:53 UTC

No security clearance, and this is the first time it's happened

2017-04-07 02:27:12 UTC

How may of you are willing to protest trump in the capital

2017-04-07 02:44:32 UTC

Hey fellas, I'm new, from Baltimore, MD. Nice to be here.

2017-04-07 02:45:05 UTC

How's it going, you wanna do some activism?

2017-04-07 02:45:33 UTC

As long as there is more than a few based goys

2017-04-07 02:48:05 UTC

No matter how many people we can get mobile, it's a good opportunity for media coverage, and a good way to show where we stand

2017-04-07 02:48:24 UTC

Obviously the more the better, but no matter what, it's worth it for our people

2017-04-07 02:48:40 UTC

I've been doing a little bit of my own in the area though it's never easy with a 60perent black population.

Anyone have a decent assessment on the current situation?

Are we fucked or is this some more long term stuff

2017-04-07 02:48:45 UTC

Yeah, I'd be down

2017-04-07 02:49:01 UTC

You in the area?

2017-04-07 02:49:38 UTC

Cool, I'm from a Kentucky chapter, but this weekend we may be heading to DC to picket the white house over the bombing of Syria

2017-04-07 02:50:39 UTC

And I now how you feel, I'm being displaced in my own neighborhood

2017-04-07 02:50:43 UTC

Awesome, I have no plans yet I'd come down

2017-04-07 02:51:14 UTC

The more the merrier comrade

2017-04-07 02:52:17 UTC

Do we think this is a strategy, or is he completely under kushners grasp now?

2017-04-07 02:52:59 UTC

As much as I was hoping not to say this, I'd say #resist45

2017-04-07 02:53:23 UTC


2017-04-07 02:54:12 UTC

It's ok though, for us he was nothing more than a political tool, we knew from the beginning he's not one of us

2017-04-07 02:54:30 UTC


2017-04-07 02:55:53 UTC

That's why we're trying to mobilize, to make it clear trump is not our guy

2017-04-07 02:57:44 UTC

he has still done a few good things

2017-04-07 02:57:56 UTC

Very true

2017-04-07 02:58:17 UTC

60 percent less Mexicans so far

2017-04-07 02:58:25 UTC

Regardless of what one thinks of Trump long-term. The short-term is clear. We must throw a giant tantrum about this decision.

2017-04-07 02:58:38 UTC

Pretty much

2017-04-07 02:58:49 UTC

If Trump walks it back, allows Assad to remain in office, and backs down from WWIII, great.

2017-04-07 03:00:24 UTC

Yeah it seems a bit early to be jumping back on the Trump train one way or another. The guy is elusive af

2017-04-07 03:02:13 UTC

He is

2017-04-07 03:02:20 UTC

if we enter WWIII, any sane person would be forced into supporting ethno nationalism, it would be the only sane decision left after civic nationalism fails them

2017-04-07 03:04:12 UTC

I don't think we will see a WWIII, the US empire is on the brink of civil war. Any kind of united military front on the side of the US seems implausible in the forseeable future. Especially with all the transgenders and assorted pronouns are now permitted into the armed forces

2017-04-07 03:04:38 UTC

Yeah race war more likely

2017-04-07 03:04:47 UTC

either way, i see the as an opportunity for us

2017-04-07 03:05:23 UTC

For sure, once anything hits the fan, we will be the last ones standing

2017-04-07 03:06:50 UTC

Short of publicity I really don't see longterm gains. That's just imo. We've already garnered plenty of that with this Pikeville event

2017-04-07 03:07:39 UTC

true, but it would be good to show where we stand publicly

2017-04-07 03:09:31 UTC

on a global level, absolutely. half of our message is nationalist solidarity around the world, but our main concern is our own people and our own interests. I think those are the opportunities we should be jumping at, given the state of identity politics in this country. White people want to know where to go, who has their back.

2017-04-07 03:09:50 UTC

just as a way to show we are the decision for peaceful resolution, and support of sovereign nations

2017-04-07 03:09:58 UTC

yeah what you said

2017-04-07 03:10:02 UTC


2017-04-07 03:10:25 UTC

Sorry I don't type lightening fast like you wimpersnappers

2017-04-07 03:10:45 UTC

faster than me, new laptop today, still getting used to it

2017-04-07 03:11:03 UTC

I hate laptop keyboards.

2017-04-07 03:11:26 UTC

oh, i was showing normies at work your propaganda, they're impressed with your work

2017-04-07 03:11:35 UTC


2017-04-07 03:11:39 UTC


2017-04-07 03:12:22 UTC

Is there anywhere to buy t shirts? I'd love to rock them around

2017-04-07 03:13:53 UTC

TradWorker shop is not open yet. Should be soon, and there is a decent selection of designs

2017-04-07 03:14:35 UTC

what about fashemporium?

2017-04-07 03:14:41 UTC


2017-04-07 03:14:50 UTC

That's the defacto TradWorker shop

2017-04-07 03:15:04 UTC

ahh good thing i didnt order that duvet cover yet

2017-04-07 03:15:36 UTC

Coming soon!


2017-04-07 03:18:15 UTC

i ordered a custom TWP patch for a tactical vest

2017-04-07 03:18:37 UTC

the logo from the new business cards

2017-04-07 03:18:57 UTC

I think we just ordered a bunch of patches...

2017-04-07 03:19:07 UTC

ill have two then lol

2017-04-07 03:19:18 UTC

Okay lol as long as you're not mad

2017-04-07 03:19:26 UTC


2017-04-07 03:19:58 UTC

are they twp and NF patches? i remember matt mentioning something like that

2017-04-07 03:20:38 UTC

Some good looking shirts there

2017-04-07 03:20:42 UTC

I think it was just TradWorker Patches

2017-04-07 03:20:54 UTC

Thank you, Tom πŸ˜ƒ

2017-04-07 03:21:06 UTC

i want that duvet cover lol

2017-04-07 03:21:34 UTC

i spent 80 ucks on a duvet two years ago, and havent had a cover for it like a peasant or something

2017-04-07 03:21:41 UTC

Dude someone found our old redbubble that I was testing on and ordered 2 Codreanu pillows

2017-04-07 03:21:55 UTC

lol nice

2017-04-07 03:22:28 UTC

It's cool and all but it wasn't ready. Who the hell searches for "Codreuanu pillows"

2017-04-07 03:22:42 UTC

Do the shirts there run pretty small or large?

2017-04-07 03:22:42 UTC

a very determined goy

2017-04-07 03:23:18 UTC

I'm 6'1 250, so I guess not overly small

2017-04-07 03:23:28 UTC

All sizes. I'f found the Mediums are actual mediums and not some limbo between large or small

2017-04-07 03:23:37 UTC


2017-04-07 03:24:53 UTC

@parrott Walmop didn't have screens, I'm steeling one from next door, is that okay?

2017-04-07 03:25:30 UTC

stealing* see how honest I am, I can't even spell something so dishonorable.

2017-04-07 03:27:46 UTC

If you goys end up coming here tomorrow or the weekend let me know, I have a couch and a bed. Not much but some room.

2017-04-07 03:28:34 UTC

Thanks comrade!

2017-04-07 03:33:59 UTC

alright comrades, im gonna get some rest, i have to be up in two hours for work, Hail victory!

2017-04-07 03:34:23 UTC

Nite brodah! Hail victory!

2017-04-07 03:34:57 UTC

Wow early, sleep well brother

2017-04-07 03:35:43 UTC

I feel like I never get in here when people are awake

2017-04-07 03:36:35 UTC

Working all day?

2017-04-07 03:38:18 UTC

I'm was usually on the stormer most of the day but I'll probably be here a lot more now

2017-04-07 03:40:05 UTC

Yeah I'm kind of a night owl and I'm always doing something

2017-04-07 03:40:24 UTC

freaking leaflets, stickers, videos, music, always something

2017-04-07 03:40:35 UTC

That's awesome

2017-04-07 03:41:09 UTC

I love what I do, but I'd be totally full of it if I didn't admit it gets overwhelming sometimes

2017-04-07 03:41:13 UTC

workload is real

2017-04-07 03:41:55 UTC

I can imagine, what I've seen looks awesome so far.

2017-04-07 03:42:09 UTC

Thanks man πŸ˜ƒ

2017-04-07 03:44:23 UTC

been trying to do the youtube thing lately, thats another thing tough to keep up with

2017-04-07 03:44:54 UTC

i just keep piling shit on top of more shit and then I come here and whine about it

2017-04-07 03:45:25 UTC

Haha always more stuff to do

2017-04-07 03:46:04 UTC

I have almost no artistic ability or I'd try and help

2017-04-07 03:46:23 UTC

everyone is good at something

2017-04-07 03:46:52 UTC

everyone loves something, even if they're not good at it just yet.

2017-04-07 03:47:18 UTC

I loved drawing. The only reason I can't draw today is because I gave up years ago

2017-04-07 03:48:09 UTC

Gave it up? How are you making the t shirts and stuff with a program? Not sure how that works

2017-04-07 03:49:37 UTC

Graphic design is mostly just heavy manipulation of various elements. that last things I sent is mostly using a technique called Typography. It's an artform using mainy word placement with few elements

2017-04-07 03:50:06 UTC

within the field, there's a bunch of sub fields you only find out about when you get deep into it

2017-04-07 03:50:28 UTC

Sounds interesting

2017-04-07 03:51:38 UTC

oh it's totally not. when I found out about it, I had to research it as it pertains to propaganda and that's like my only job. Typography is grueling and boring to learn, but once you get decent at it, it makes a world of difference with the end result

2017-04-07 03:53:12 UTC

Haha Yeah was being sarcastic, looks like it makes a difference, awesome quote by glr

2017-04-07 03:53:37 UTC

It's one of my favorites πŸ˜ƒ

2017-04-07 03:54:32 UTC

So what do you do for fun?

2017-04-07 03:56:55 UTC

Right now I just work and work out, read, study. Read stuff online.

Since I became more Jew wise over the last few months I have stopped watching most tv shows, news, Facebook etc

2017-04-07 03:57:40 UTC

What about you?

2017-04-07 03:58:34 UTC

Well ya know how they say if you love your job you never work? That's sort of my position right now lol

2017-04-07 03:59:03 UTC

I don't watch TV or play video games or anything like that

2017-04-07 04:00:17 UTC

Yeah, I cant deal with video games or much else. I'm looking for new hobbies, would like to help out with activism stuff when possible

2017-04-07 04:03:39 UTC

I always suggest to anyone who wants to get involved to find something you're passionate about, get really good at it, to the point where you can rival the pros, and just go all in in that field. Yes, we need street activists. If you love combat and physical fitness, then that is what you should be honing. We need writers. If you enjoy arguing on fb or debating, hone your skill in persuasive writing. We need artists, we need musicians, we need speakers, we need everyone, but we need them to be fanatics about what they're contributing on a deep personal level.

2017-04-07 04:05:32 UTC

I enjoy being out there walking around or being physical, been working at it. Don't mind writing either

2017-04-07 04:06:45 UTC

we are all a one-man-army. it will always be this way. it's great to be great at many things, I like to think I am that kind of person. But it is essential to know where your greatest strengths are and to utilize that the most

2017-04-07 04:07:05 UTC

Very true

2017-04-07 04:07:33 UTC

I still do street activism even though I'm 5'5 and weigh 130lbs soaking wet, but I am far from a street activist by title. I have not earned that.

2017-04-07 04:08:25 UTC

Are you from Kentucky to?

2017-04-07 04:08:34 UTC

I'm from NYC

2017-04-07 04:08:44 UTC

Oh Jesus the heart of darkness like me

2017-04-07 04:09:07 UTC

I moved to Indiana recently. NYC has become too hostile to our people

2017-04-07 04:09:28 UTC

Yeah, ive no desire to go there, I absolutely hate living in Baltimore

2017-04-07 04:10:46 UTC

Yeah that's like NYC the sequel

2017-04-07 04:11:22 UTC

Yeah, I get so tired of being around people that are not like me, if you try to talk to anyone about this stuff people freak out

2017-04-07 04:12:50 UTC

I've given up on conversation and debate. It serves no function. White people will realize, if they have not already by now, that they have to pick a side and pick it fast. All we do is hold up a flag to show we're Team White.

2017-04-07 04:14:38 UTC

Yeah, the debate is useless. I'm pretty much over it too.

Most whites are traitors.

2017-04-07 04:15:54 UTC

At least here

2017-04-07 04:18:48 UTC

Well yeah, I mean I talk to people on our side only to kind of give further insight into National Socialism and the details of what we're doing, but beyond that I'm not out to convince anyone of anything

2017-04-07 04:19:31 UTC


2017-04-07 04:20:09 UTC

I used to be a libertarian even when I was racially aware, so we can all use some further learning

2017-04-07 04:20:19 UTC

What are some of your favorite things to natsoc things to read? I'm looking for something to run tborgn

2017-04-07 04:20:35 UTC

What have you read so far?

2017-04-07 04:21:43 UTC

Don't be ashamed either if it's just been documentaries. I know people sometimes feel awkward if they haven't read much

2017-04-07 04:21:58 UTC

Mein kampf, I'm into Goebbels right now it seems nazi sosi.

Then just documentaries speeches

2017-04-07 04:22:34 UTC

I love and venerate Hitler with my whole heart and soul, but Mein Kampf is boring af

2017-04-07 04:23:02 UTC

I would read GLR's White Power

2017-04-07 04:23:24 UTC


2017-04-07 04:23:30 UTC

Most relevant to us as US National Socialists

2017-04-07 04:23:46 UTC

I'll order that one shortly

2017-04-07 04:24:13 UTC

I'm reading For My Legionaries right now, stuff I should have read forever ago

2017-04-07 04:24:48 UTC

Rockwell's This time the world is πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
Lots of stuff about movement history and movement principles in there

2017-04-07 04:24:58 UTC


2017-04-07 04:25:37 UTC

Rockwell is a great starting point for any US National Socialist

2017-04-07 04:25:48 UTC

The best I would argue

2017-04-07 04:26:07 UTC

Great, I'll look into him more

2017-04-07 04:27:24 UTC

Some might suggest James Mason, but I reccomend Rockwell first. Mason kind of expands on Rockwell but has his own ideas about how to move forward

2017-04-07 04:27:35 UTC

Just ordered those both

2017-04-07 04:28:05 UTC

I don't know how to make emojis on here but \o

2017-04-07 04:29:35 UTC

fwiw i agree with GLR's White Power and I'll give another recommendation: The Turner Diaries. It's an easy read and will give you some insight on what's probably ahead and why what will happen, will happen

2017-04-07 04:30:00 UTC

I'll get that too

2017-04-07 04:30:24 UTC

I would have reccomended Turner Diaries but it's very blackpilled and doesn't offer pragmatic solutions

2017-04-07 04:31:05 UTC

right but it does elaborate on why we do some of the things we do and some of the things we may have to do in the future...and why

2017-04-07 04:31:36 UTC

Could get the same sort of message from watching MadMax

2017-04-07 04:32:03 UTC

it is fiction, but it's good to digest it and think about it...with a grain of salt of course

2017-04-07 04:32:33 UTC

I mean I love Pierce as much as the next guy, but for someone just starting off I can't in good conscious reccomend it. Definitely once a firm understanding of National Socialism is in place

2017-04-07 04:33:16 UTC

I about punched a hole in my wall half way through the book when I was younger

2017-04-07 04:33:25 UTC

It will trigger the hell out of you

2017-04-07 04:34:07 UTC

yeah i could see it triggering a younger man. i didn't read it for the first time until i was 28 and i was ready to rain mortar fire on the capital almost lol

2017-04-07 04:34:28 UTC

Yeah I read it when I was about 13

2017-04-07 04:34:32 UTC

Lol that good?

2017-04-07 04:35:05 UTC

it's an excellent story regardless of politics.

2017-04-07 04:35:15 UTC

Shifting hormones and a radicalizing mind + Turner Diaries = bad business lol

2017-04-07 04:35:53 UTC

I lost a lot of friends that year

2017-04-07 04:37:33 UTC

haha definitely. but it does give you a sort of idea why we're justified in what we do and it also primes you for not being surprised by what might happen in the future if things keep going in the direction in which it's headed

2017-04-07 04:38:17 UTC

yeah I watched the shit unfold in the years to come

2017-04-07 04:38:28 UTC

I'm 32 now

2017-04-07 04:38:33 UTC

again, not saying anybody should go ahead and copycat any of the events in the book, just saying don't be surprised

2017-04-07 04:38:46 UTC

Dont move on to James Mason until you are ready for turner diaries tbh, it deals with the same subject

2017-04-07 04:39:00 UTC

So glr first?

2017-04-07 04:39:14 UTC

Yeah, Mason takes the shit in a very literal, non-fictional sense

2017-04-07 04:39:28 UTC

Go GLR before anything

2017-04-07 04:39:46 UTC

even James Mason would say go GLR first

2017-04-07 04:41:38 UTC

haven't read this whole convo, did anybody recommend TGSNT?

2017-04-07 04:42:13 UTC

I am freaking horrible with acronyms. What?

2017-04-07 04:42:52 UTC


2017-04-07 04:43:35 UTC

the greatest story never told

2017-04-07 04:44:16 UTC

if he's not a reader that might be a good place to start...a six hour documentary lol

2017-04-07 04:44:43 UTC

ooooo. That really doesn't give insight into NS ideology itself, it's more of a WWII history thing and why we're the good guys.

2017-04-07 04:45:01 UTC

I already watched it

2017-04-07 04:45:02 UTC

right that's what i'm saying, it's a good base

2017-04-07 04:45:09 UTC

ah good for you

2017-04-07 04:45:25 UTC

If I had more 6 hour blocks I would watch it again myself

2017-04-07 04:45:44 UTC

i just got the other doc from them in the mail today....communism by the back door...i'll start it monday

2017-04-07 04:45:59 UTC

oh yeah i had to cut it up lol

2017-04-07 04:46:11 UTC

Pretty damn sad

2017-04-07 04:46:57 UTC


2017-04-07 04:47:10 UTC


2017-04-07 04:47:35 UTC

had to see if it would come as a transparent background

2017-04-07 04:48:21 UTC

i would also recommend buying at least a rifle and some ammo...depending on where you live i guess

2017-04-07 04:49:05 UTC

and mags of course

2017-04-07 04:49:13 UTC

Yeah, I live in MD, unfortunately about to relocate to Cali in a few months once my clearance goes through

2017-04-07 04:49:26 UTC


2017-04-07 04:49:35 UTC


2017-04-07 04:49:56 UTC

hm...where in MD? i'm close

2017-04-07 04:50:06 UTC

I had no other job offers and had to get out of MD, in Baltimore

2017-04-07 04:50:13 UTC

don't fully doxx yourself of course

2017-04-07 04:50:41 UTC

i got you. i'm around the MD eastern shore

2017-04-07 04:50:45 UTC

Aren't they about to secede

2017-04-07 04:50:53 UTC

we hope lol

2017-04-07 04:51:03 UTC

Lol, that would be great

2017-04-07 04:51:15 UTC

well not if you're there white man

2017-04-07 04:51:31 UTC

Well of course prior to me going there

2017-04-07 04:51:36 UTC

I'll also be in bumfuck

2017-04-07 04:51:36 UTC

well yeah, come back to the east coast when they do

2017-04-07 04:51:57 UTC

you a city boy?

2017-04-07 04:52:10 UTC


2017-04-07 04:52:23 UTC

Not a fan though

2017-04-07 04:52:35 UTC

CRUSH THE URBANITE!! I can say that now that I'm in the south πŸ˜ƒ

2017-04-07 04:52:44 UTC

you might not like rural life at first, but you'll find the love

2017-04-07 04:52:51 UTC


2017-04-07 04:52:57 UTC

Bullshit, you will love it

2017-04-07 04:53:14 UTC

i grew up in a town with less than 700 people πŸ˜ƒ

2017-04-07 04:53:16 UTC

I'm ready to get out of the city, trust me

2017-04-07 04:53:18 UTC


2017-04-07 04:53:44 UTC

I took a week off to stay with Heimbach before I made the move and I was like, yeah no this is where I have to be

2017-04-07 04:54:01 UTC


2017-04-07 04:54:22 UTC

Here in Paoli

2017-04-07 04:54:52 UTC

I saw an Amish for the first time. They used to be a novel, now they piss me off a bit

2017-04-07 04:55:10 UTC

oh you mean PA

2017-04-07 04:55:15 UTC


2017-04-07 04:55:20 UTC

i thought heimbach was in NC

2017-04-07 04:55:24 UTC

oh ok

2017-04-07 04:55:57 UTC

the amish make their way to my hometown every summer and they're usually awful lol

2017-04-07 04:56:10 UTC

i guess it's rammspringer

2017-04-07 04:56:13 UTC


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