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2018-03-22 12:33:09 UTC

I didn’t think the Jews even cared once they converted our folk to faggotry

2018-03-22 12:33:14 UTC

That kills the bloodline already

2018-03-22 12:33:36 UTC

God damn Jewish subversion and filth...

2018-03-22 12:34:22 UTC

thing is, if they would just do what they did a hundred years ago and took wives anyway keeping their impulses hidden, I wouldn't even care

2018-03-22 12:35:06 UTC

For real

2018-03-22 12:35:08 UTC


2018-03-22 12:35:29 UTC

Yeah, in ancient Greece, soldiers would have sex with one another while on campaign as "bonding", but didn't consider it homosexual since they all went back and had wives and kids after their service.

2018-03-22 12:35:54 UTC

Deportation or prison for you, nigger!

2018-03-22 12:36:01 UTC

*sighs* I wish...

2018-03-22 12:36:14 UTC

the Greek way would be like 1000 times better than what we do now, encourage them to celebrate their perversion and base their entire identity off it

2018-03-22 12:36:41 UTC

Would rather we end it all together, but you never can, so we need to them to keep it behind doors.

2018-03-22 12:36:47 UTC


2018-03-22 12:36:49 UTC

Yeah @PunishedHadrian anything almost is better than how it is now, all glorified and pushed

2018-03-22 12:37:05 UTC

Even Frederick the Great was homosexual, he spent long nights with male soldiers and never married or had kids.

2018-03-22 12:37:06 UTC

realistically unless we find some gene, and I don't think there is one, we can't eradicate the tendency completely

2018-03-22 12:37:20 UTC

All of his servants persisted he was homosexual.

2018-03-22 12:37:37 UTC

The thing is homosexuality wasnt viewed as a life style in these times

2018-03-22 12:37:49 UTC

It was a kink or something you did while you were wild and young

2018-03-22 12:38:01 UTC

The Bible knew homosexuality would be a constant problem

2018-03-22 12:38:02 UTC

Lmfao, are we really talking about fags?

2018-03-22 12:38:03 UTC


2018-03-22 12:38:09 UTC

It’s meant to be a problem

2018-03-22 12:38:13 UTC

It’s meant to be handled too

2018-03-22 12:38:16 UTC

The greek soldier example came up lmao

2018-03-22 12:38:19 UTC

of course

2018-03-22 12:38:19 UTC

It’s still a sin

2018-03-22 12:38:32 UTC

handled by teaching the children to *not fucking do that*

2018-03-22 12:38:37 UTC

We don’t have the power to eradicate sin itself

2018-03-22 12:38:43 UTC

Greek soldiers treated homosexuality the way a college student treats getting drunk in florida on spring break

2018-03-22 12:39:05 UTC

Just some crazy shit you did when you were young

2018-03-22 12:39:09 UTC

But we can do what’s best to steer our volk away from sin

2018-03-22 12:39:14 UTC

though it seems like it was much more common then than it is today

2018-03-22 12:39:37 UTC

For some civilizations, it was

2018-03-22 12:42:10 UTC

No one worried, because it was a non-issue back then, unlike today, men still had kids, were masculine, in the army etc.

2018-03-22 12:42:17 UTC


2018-03-22 12:42:40 UTC

If they had wives and children I wouldn't have an issue

2018-03-22 12:43:06 UTC

Homosexuality is one of those minor mental things that you cant completely eradicate.

2018-03-22 12:43:13 UTC

Republican "gay camps" dont work.

2018-03-22 12:43:24 UTC

Almost all who attend dont change.

2018-03-22 12:43:33 UTC


2018-03-22 12:43:55 UTC

some do, I think

2018-03-22 12:44:16 UTC

there's always electroshock therapy

2018-03-22 12:44:21 UTC

What will help is taking faggotry out of the media

2018-03-22 12:44:27 UTC


2018-03-22 12:44:46 UTC

cancelling the parades, shutting down the gay bars and clubs as the public health hazard they are

2018-03-22 12:44:47 UTC

We aren’t affected by it, but we have to remember that 95% of people actually are

2018-03-22 12:44:48 UTC


2018-03-22 12:45:04 UTC

Well the problem began when we started treating homosexuality like a fully alternative life style

2018-03-22 12:45:05 UTC

Parades, glorification on TV, pride days, and flags should all be banned.

2018-03-22 12:45:06 UTC

End the glorification of faggotry!

2018-03-22 12:45:12 UTC

Russia has the right idea

2018-03-22 12:45:16 UTC

At best its a fetish like any other

2018-03-22 12:45:18 UTC

Based Chechens

2018-03-22 12:45:31 UTC

Glass bottles anyone?

2018-03-22 12:45:47 UTC


2018-03-22 12:45:51 UTC

Yeah, the issue starts when fags base their entire life around being a fag, making it their only defining feature.

2018-03-22 12:46:00 UTC


2018-03-22 12:46:03 UTC

Yeah and this country is fully accepting

2018-03-22 12:46:05 UTC

then there's no way for them to move on

2018-03-22 12:46:05 UTC

Why do most fags act like fwgs

2018-03-22 12:46:07 UTC


2018-03-22 12:46:13 UTC

Because theyre told thats how fags act

2018-03-22 12:46:16 UTC

because that's their culture

2018-03-22 12:46:21 UTC

They act like whats shown

2018-03-22 12:46:29 UTC

they're not even a subculture anymore

2018-03-22 12:46:40 UTC

there's even a TV channel for them

2018-03-22 12:47:04 UTC

3-4% of the US population says they are homosexual, up to 5-8% say they are Bi

2018-03-22 12:47:08 UTC

Even if the state says they’re gonna gas the fags, there will still be fags, but they won’t permeate OUR culture

2018-03-22 12:47:21 UTC

We have to get on top again

2018-03-22 12:47:24 UTC

We need white power

2018-03-22 12:47:43 UTC

So 12% of the population isnt straight, thats over 1 in ten people.

2018-03-22 12:47:47 UTC

Almost 2 in 10

2018-03-22 12:48:13 UTC

you can cut off a couple percent that are in high school and just think its the new cool thing to be

2018-03-22 12:48:34 UTC

the statistic I used to hear was like 5%

2018-03-22 12:48:53 UTC

You have to add bisexuals aswell, they dont just identify as homo.

2018-03-22 12:49:28 UTC


2018-03-22 12:49:34 UTC

but reintegrating them will be easier

2018-03-22 12:49:41 UTC

since they already are attracted to women

2018-03-22 12:49:53 UTC

I dont beleive there are actually that many. Id be willing to wager at least half are confused

2018-03-22 12:50:08 UTC

more than half

2018-03-22 12:50:17 UTC

Ive met dudes who think theyre gay because they have zero luck with women. But you can easily tell they arent gay

2018-03-22 12:50:26 UTC

kikes push homosexuality as the new cool thing to do

2018-03-22 12:50:51 UTC

and surprise surprise, men have testosterone and want sex so its a lot easier than finding a woman

2018-03-22 12:51:15 UTC

Well its happening alot especially to younger guys. Gen z guys mainly

2018-03-22 12:51:16 UTC

so they stick with it and base their whole lives around it

2018-03-22 12:51:40 UTC

Where theyre just awkward around females which is normal but because of jude media they think it means theyre gay

2018-03-22 12:52:16 UTC


2018-03-22 12:52:28 UTC

We have the most solid ideas in this group

2018-03-22 12:52:33 UTC

I hope we rise to power

2018-03-22 12:52:37 UTC

We could fix the world

2018-03-22 12:52:49 UTC

fortunately lots of them aren't too far gone yet

2018-03-22 12:53:26 UTC

The confused usually dont actually do anything gay

2018-03-22 12:53:31 UTC

They just identify as it

2018-03-22 12:53:40 UTC

especially the younger ones, it isn't such a big deal and they still act basically normal outside that perversion

2018-03-22 12:53:50 UTC

I have a co worker like that

2018-03-22 12:54:21 UTC

His wife divorced him. And he swore off women and now thinks he likes men. But he doesnt act like a fag. Has never even looked for a male

2018-03-22 12:54:46 UTC

that sucks

2018-03-22 12:55:07 UTC

Yeah and pc work culture prevents me from being like dude youre not fucking gay lmao

2018-03-22 12:55:19 UTC

Hes a sensitive guy so i feel like he'd be the type to go to HR

2018-03-22 12:55:25 UTC

Ur mom gey

2018-03-22 12:55:30 UTC


2018-03-22 12:55:30 UTC

No u

2018-03-22 12:55:34 UTC


2018-03-22 12:55:38 UTC


2018-03-22 12:57:47 UTC

how far have we fallen that the jews are teaching us that sucking dicks or dressing in womens clothes is cool and hip?

2018-03-22 12:58:11 UTC

We got to that point a long time ago

2018-03-22 12:58:31 UTC

Now the only masculine culture promoted in anyway is gangsta nigg shit

2018-03-22 12:58:45 UTC

Of course theres the bugmen flannel masculinity

2018-03-22 12:59:00 UTC

that's artificial though

2018-03-22 13:00:47 UTC


2018-03-22 14:02:45 UTC


2018-03-22 14:03:24 UTC


2018-03-22 14:03:32 UTC


2018-03-22 14:04:22 UTC

He went from a committed communist to a Scottish Nationalist over this, he said it opened his eyes to the media and government agenda.

2018-03-22 14:04:33 UTC

He has a giant hammer and sickle/ Lenin tattoo on his chest.

2018-03-22 14:04:55 UTC

He said his communist friends also changed.

2018-03-22 14:05:50 UTC

He'll yeah

2018-03-22 14:08:00 UTC

What’s up?

2018-03-22 14:08:08 UTC

My comment after your pic.

2018-03-22 14:08:15 UTC


2018-03-22 14:08:22 UTC

Yeah man his redpilling is amazing

2018-03-22 14:08:25 UTC

He’s legit now

2018-03-22 14:08:33 UTC

I’ve followed him a long time

2018-03-22 14:09:12 UTC

He taught the dog because he wanted to annoy his also communist GF, they literally just gave us people on our side.

2018-03-22 14:09:14 UTC

He used to shit on alt right but you don’t see him doing it anymore

2018-03-22 14:09:30 UTC

He gets it now

2018-03-22 14:09:33 UTC

I'm starting to believe that whatever God's chosen people are NOT the boomers

2018-03-22 14:09:47 UTC

It’s da jews

2018-03-22 14:09:55 UTC

not just boiling in hell

2018-03-22 14:09:59 UTC


2018-03-22 14:10:01 UTC

boiling in a vat of excrement

2018-03-22 14:10:06 UTC

Bible says

2018-03-22 14:10:17 UTC

So it is written...

2018-03-22 14:10:34 UTC

It's in the SCRIPTURES........

2018-03-22 14:10:43 UTC

Orthodoxy bro

2018-03-22 14:10:46 UTC

We got this shit

2018-03-22 14:10:48 UTC


2018-03-22 14:11:41 UTC


2018-03-22 14:12:08 UTC

This last guy probably shares pictures of skeletons with their middle fingers up

2018-03-22 14:13:27 UTC


2018-03-22 14:13:42 UTC

God bless JESUS the CHRIST

2018-03-22 14:13:50 UTC


2018-03-22 14:14:44 UTC


2018-03-22 14:15:41 UTC

"I hope that the BDS movement becomes outdated one day after we wipe Israel off the face of the Earth"

Was my comment

2018-03-22 14:16:16 UTC


2018-03-22 14:36:39 UTC

White nationalism 2.0 is telling every nog customer you have to call into the company for the time their service is out, to get credited because you know youre still money even if its very little, from le Jew

2018-03-22 14:36:56 UTC


2018-03-22 14:37:09 UTC

I have so much TWP propaganda, WTF do I do with it.

2018-03-22 14:37:58 UTC

Post it up anyway. Make the left think its still around

2018-03-22 14:38:53 UTC


2018-03-22 14:39:24 UTC

At least youre not in derricks shoes lol

2018-03-22 14:39:34 UTC


2018-03-22 14:39:42 UTC

yeah, I'm no good at walking in high heels

2018-03-22 14:40:06 UTC


2018-03-22 14:40:09 UTC

True, i have never worn many wigs and makeup.

2018-03-22 14:43:21 UTC

Jews: Jesus is boiling in shit within hell

2018-03-22 14:43:45 UTC

Out of everyone, boomers annoy me the most

2018-03-22 14:43:57 UTC

I think i broke my mamas heart when i told her about that. And shes gen x

2018-03-22 14:44:08 UTC

Cognitive dissonance to the the max

2018-03-22 14:44:17 UTC

Most literally just dont know

2018-03-22 14:44:21 UTC

JEWS. HATE. YOU. their schools teach them to hate Christians, and Christians in Israel are treated as bad as muslims, they force us into our own slums, the blonde girl who was attacked and arrested was a Christian.

2018-03-22 14:44:47 UTC

Palestinian Christians are sometimes treated worse than Muslims.

2018-03-22 14:45:16 UTC

The way boomers just go along with everything infuriates me

2018-03-22 14:45:28 UTC

Lebanon is the last Christian country in the ME, and Israel threatens to flatten it on a daily basis

2018-03-22 14:45:48 UTC

@Joey Zyklon what worse is that they justify it to themselves by putting us down

2018-03-22 14:46:36 UTC

I've been called mentally ill and brainwashed by so many of them while trying to debate

2018-03-22 14:47:09 UTC

It is literally taught that Christians are an enemy of Israel, in Israel.

2018-03-22 14:47:19 UTC

They dont care about how much you love jews.

2018-03-22 14:48:02 UTC

And the boomers just sit there and go along with it, I N F U R I A T I N G

2018-03-22 14:48:30 UTC

Well you might have seen one of those comments

2018-03-22 14:48:54 UTC

Boomer claiming that Jews don't have to accept Jesus BECAUSE they're God's chosen people

2018-03-22 14:49:18 UTC

The Jews demanded Jesus be crucified, and yet they kiss the ground the Jews walk on

2018-03-22 14:50:01 UTC

Jesus literally walked into a temple of jews and beat them with a whip for cheating people out of money.

2018-03-22 14:50:15 UTC

And called the jews the synagogue of Satan

2018-03-22 14:51:32 UTC

I like how priests literally skip or completely cut out anti-semitic parts of the bible.

2018-03-22 14:51:46 UTC

There are some parts that get very Jew-hating.

2018-03-22 15:11:04 UTC

In this one single case, the Jew does not lie

2018-03-22 15:15:38 UTC

Its funny, when those kids started complaining about the NRA, the NRA has experienced 700,000 new members

2018-03-22 15:15:44 UTC

I am joining in the next week.

2018-03-22 15:25:39 UTC

Those kids are a psy op imo

2018-03-22 15:26:49 UTC

Thwyre trying to counter the gen z is right wing trend with some totally cool rebellious ones

2018-03-22 15:27:05 UTC

One has a shaved head! Look how edgy she is kids

2018-03-22 15:27:47 UTC

Has anybody seen the video where they basically admit the bullying him

2018-03-22 15:28:09 UTC

The shooter i mean

2018-03-22 15:28:28 UTC

Yeah, i like how SOOO many of their classmates dont agree with them, one kid literally said guns arent the issue in a CNN interview, they never interviewed him again.

2018-03-22 15:28:50 UTC

They only interview the kids who agree with them.

2018-03-22 15:28:50 UTC

That's the thing they don't realize is that by then pushing these kids the way they are it just makes kids hate them

2018-03-22 15:29:39 UTC

The fact they take the ugliest female they could a person possibly found not only that but it's pretty evident she would have protested against anything

2018-03-22 15:30:12 UTC

They searched for a le 56% lesbian with a Hispanic name to push their agenda.

2018-03-22 15:31:51 UTC

The amount of grooming theyperform on them is pretty obvious too

2018-03-22 15:31:53 UTC

Especially hogg

2018-03-22 15:32:18 UTC

Id love to bully him

2018-03-22 15:33:09 UTC

His arms are so thin its creepy.

2018-03-22 15:33:28 UTC

Does muscle even exist or is it dead cartilage?

2018-03-22 15:34:01 UTC


2018-03-22 15:34:06 UTC

Look at his Biceps

2018-03-22 15:35:05 UTC

he looks like a paraplegic standing up

2018-03-22 15:35:15 UTC

like his arms atrophied

2018-03-22 15:35:17 UTC

His head is so big

2018-03-22 15:35:19 UTC

His forearms are massive compared to his Biceps

2018-03-22 15:35:29 UTC

excessive masturbation

2018-03-22 15:35:31 UTC

Like a bobblehead

2018-03-22 15:35:55 UTC

If your forearms are bigger than your biceps, either you are a cartoon character, or very, very underweight in muscle.

2018-03-22 15:36:01 UTC

I bet he wears fuzzy socks at home

2018-03-22 15:36:21 UTC

or just jacks off constantly

2018-03-22 15:36:31 UTC

Her arms are 4x his in size.

2018-03-22 15:36:40 UTC

Her muscle is so much larger.

2018-03-22 15:36:43 UTC

This is the modern man.

2018-03-22 15:38:29 UTC


2018-03-22 15:38:42 UTC

add a couple neck tattoos and bleach her skin, she could pass for Johan

2018-03-22 15:38:59 UTC

Lmfao, legit.

2018-03-22 15:39:04 UTC
2018-03-22 15:39:07 UTC


2018-03-22 15:39:17 UTC


2018-03-22 15:39:58 UTC

inb4 johan is a crisis actor

2018-03-22 15:40:02 UTC

Literally me today, i am in a weird Libertarian mood, like MUH FREEDOM, MUH GUNS, MUH INDEPENDENCE type of mood


2018-03-22 15:42:13 UTC

Gun Porn

2018-03-22 15:44:11 UTC

Those are the arms of a male whos never done anything physical in his life

2018-03-22 15:48:23 UTC

Do I have a nickname yet

2018-03-22 15:48:25 UTC


2018-03-22 16:12:58 UTC

What did they arrest him for?

2018-03-22 16:13:17 UTC

having weapons

2018-03-22 16:13:21 UTC

while on probation

2018-03-22 16:15:36 UTC


2018-03-22 16:16:19 UTC

Shit, they have tiny armies

2018-03-22 16:16:40 UTC

Hungary's is around 10,000 men and Austria's is around 11,000

2018-03-22 16:17:02 UTC

Tfw murica is at a million

2018-03-22 16:17:09 UTC


2018-03-22 16:17:13 UTC

Almost 2

2018-03-22 16:17:29 UTC

Didn't know it was that much

2018-03-22 16:17:31 UTC

China is at about 6 million, NK is at like 8 million.

2018-03-22 16:18:12 UTC

Total Active: Male/1,429,995 Female/210,485

2018-03-22 16:18:21 UTC

so you're saying we should invade Austria-Hungary

2018-03-22 16:18:21 UTC

We have around 1.7 million.

2018-03-22 16:18:50 UTC

China not so numba one

2018-03-22 16:19:05 UTC

Even with 8m we could probably kick NK's ass in a ground war

2018-03-22 16:19:29 UTC

Russian military numbers 798,527

2018-03-22 16:19:45 UTC

why would we want a war with NK

2018-03-22 16:20:15 UTC

we should be ending the sanctions, not dick waving and spoiling for war

2018-03-22 16:20:27 UTC

@Punished Arcturus @Justin Burger (Major-GA) 1.8 mil active duty, 3 mil total iirc

2018-03-22 16:20:31 UTC

Better question is why wouldn't you want to go to war with gooks

2018-03-22 16:20:42 UTC

I think it's 3m counting LEO's too

2018-03-22 16:20:56 UTC

You could be right on that though

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