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2019-03-08 01:49:28 UTC

we are from India

2019-03-08 01:49:34 UTC

I'm not even white

2019-03-08 01:49:53 UTC

not exactly

2019-03-08 01:50:06 UTC

we only have indian people as aqactinances

2019-03-08 01:51:33 UTC


2019-03-08 01:52:57 UTC

Ah, my dear white friend, curry ain't munchable.

2019-03-08 01:53:16 UTC

@andrew pics or it didn’t happen

2019-03-08 01:53:19 UTC

how about we talk on a dm

2019-03-08 01:53:37 UTC

It sure doesn't feel like it is.

2019-03-08 01:53:45 UTC

It tastes terrible I hate indian food.

2019-03-08 01:54:26 UTC

so um... how old are you?

2019-03-08 01:54:44 UTC

And I'm not exactly mixed

2019-03-08 01:54:49 UTC

I'm 100% Indian

2019-03-08 01:56:04 UTC

So um... I'm actually from the Indian Subcontinent

2019-03-08 01:56:08 UTC

I'm not a native

2019-03-08 01:56:52 UTC

Not exactly

2019-03-08 01:57:44 UTC

How old are you?

2019-03-08 01:58:00 UTC

And I don't exactly wear a red dot, unless you count my acne

2019-03-08 01:58:10 UTC


2019-03-08 01:58:15 UTC

You seem very immature.

2019-03-08 01:58:24 UTC

If you want, I'll start first

2019-03-08 01:58:29 UTC

oh you know already

2019-03-08 01:59:15 UTC

well, we don't marry teenagers here in America, do you?

2019-03-08 01:59:49 UTC

Well, I am 13 and in my opinion, seem to take this situation much more maturely than you

2019-03-08 01:59:56 UTC

BTW I am taking screenshots

2019-03-08 02:00:53 UTC

are you white?

2019-03-08 02:00:59 UTC

we aren't all tech support?

2019-03-08 02:01:08 UTC

ever heard of sundar pichai?

2019-03-08 02:01:16 UTC

satya nadella?

2019-03-08 02:02:18 UTC


2019-03-08 02:02:33 UTC

you are a amazing human being

2019-03-08 02:02:51 UTC

but why would you think so?

2019-03-08 02:03:18 UTC


2019-03-08 02:03:23 UTC


2019-03-08 02:03:35 UTC

This seems like a very fun conversation

2019-03-08 02:03:42 UTC

hello, can you go tell this racist to f**k off?

2019-03-08 02:03:53 UTC

let me verify his affiliation

2019-03-08 02:03:55 UTC

owo <@292180075216896000>

2019-03-08 02:04:38 UTC


2019-03-08 02:04:40 UTC


2019-03-08 02:04:52 UTC

Doesn’t Rule 1 of this server expressly prohibit racism

2019-03-08 02:05:11 UTC

Although I suppose that doesn’t stop a lot of other people

2019-03-08 02:05:23 UTC

I mean, you can celebrate anyone but you don’t have to celebrate them

2019-03-08 02:05:49 UTC

don't accept the invite to noob gang

2019-03-08 02:06:52 UTC

And also, If I am being racist, would you care to send screenshots

2019-03-08 02:07:21 UTC

I cannot post pictures here

2019-03-08 02:08:39 UTC

then fine, DM me <@!292180075216896000>

2019-03-08 02:09:13 UTC


2019-03-08 02:10:07 UTC

this has gone too far

2019-03-08 02:10:12 UTC

I need to do homework

2019-03-08 02:11:35 UTC

im gonna start off by making it very clear that i am in no way a trump supporter. ive come here to convince or be convinced. i am a left democrat, although not a millennial socialist (an socdem who calls themselves a democratic socialist). i believe in open borders, and am horribly against racism. but i hear this is a friendly community so ill go with that. that said, the first impression isnt great...

2019-03-08 02:12:00 UTC

@!AAmazing Hoping don't worry, he's just a troll

2019-03-08 02:12:11 UTC

though I did get cursed at for being a commie

2019-03-08 02:12:56 UTC

lol i call myself a commie sometimes for the memes

2019-03-08 02:12:59 UTC

sorry, did I assume you're gender?

2019-03-08 02:13:02 UTC


2019-03-08 02:13:11 UTC

the farthest left beliefs i have though are socdem

2019-03-08 02:13:19 UTC


2019-03-08 02:13:28 UTC


2019-03-08 02:13:28 UTC


2019-03-08 02:13:41 UTC

I kind of have a mix of far right and far left beliefs

2019-03-08 02:14:08 UTC

um what?

2019-03-08 02:14:10 UTC


2019-03-08 02:14:19 UTC

i have a combination of neoliberal and socdem beliefs

2019-03-08 02:14:28 UTC

like, im pretty libertarian

2019-03-08 02:14:50 UTC

also, dr. mengele isnt funny

2019-03-08 02:14:59 UTC

basically, I believe In Saudi Arabia's government, just with gender equality, freedom of religion, and freedom in general

2019-03-08 02:15:37 UTC

isnt it a religious state with a monarchy founded on religion?

2019-03-08 02:16:45 UTC

cue freedom of religion

2019-03-08 02:17:02 UTC

of course I'm not Muslim I'm HIndu

2019-03-08 02:17:48 UTC


2019-03-08 02:17:59 UTC

wait not muslim

2019-03-08 02:18:00 UTC


2019-03-08 02:19:44 UTC


2019-03-08 02:21:31 UTC

Alright Mengele, you win

2019-03-08 02:21:49 UTC

I'm a racist, red dot Indian and you are a superior rich white girl

2019-03-08 02:24:14 UTC

im going to politely suggest a ban

2019-03-08 02:24:50 UTC


2019-03-08 02:24:53 UTC

and its gone

2019-03-08 02:24:57 UTC

im fine with that

2019-03-08 02:25:07 UTC

a troll but a scared one

2019-03-08 02:49:19 UTC

lmao im not that conservative

2019-03-08 04:56:31 UTC


2019-03-08 05:01:12 UTC


2019-03-08 08:10:20 UTC

My faith in Trump is waining

2019-03-08 08:11:03 UTC

Andrew Yang an Asian Democrat cares more about the white working class than the entire GOP

2019-03-08 08:12:12 UTC

Andrew Yang is an idiot

2019-03-08 08:12:28 UTC

Rand Paul is where it's at

2019-03-08 08:16:32 UTC

@Kaladin How so? Andrew Yang seems to have a great deal of common sense about him. I was impressed in more than one way.

2019-03-08 08:18:43 UTC

He believes in an UBI

2019-03-08 08:18:47 UTC

Just that

2019-03-08 08:18:52 UTC

nothing more needs to be said

2019-03-08 08:27:36 UTC

Rand paul votes against trump. He is not acceptable

2019-03-08 08:29:27 UTC

He votes for what is right

2019-03-08 08:29:42 UTC

I mean, not as good an ron, but sill the best man in government rn

2019-03-08 08:33:21 UTC

Not like we're getting a wall

2019-03-08 08:33:43 UTC

Might as well get $1,000 a month

2019-03-08 08:33:52 UTC

We need landmines and turrets

2019-03-08 08:36:00 UTC

That $1000 a month will have bad consequences

2019-03-08 08:36:00 UTC

Do you know why he brings up UBI? @Kaladin We coming very shortly to the reality of automation of many more jobs. Particularly truck drivers. He is one of the only ones to bring up the way technology will change the economy

2019-03-08 08:36:42 UTC

Yeah so? Automation isn't bad for the economy, it is better for the average person to have lower prices.

2019-03-08 08:37:26 UTC

It will be 3-4x as many jobs being replaced than the previous change in automation

2019-03-08 08:37:58 UTC

What will happen to the millions of truck drivers ? The rust belt has never recovered

2019-03-08 08:38:24 UTC

We don't work to work, we work to have a better life. But the division of labour is a thing, and specialisation. With automation, we will just have more jobs in different sectors, maybe in another sector that doesn't exist yet

2019-03-08 08:38:25 UTC

This would be devastating unless you're a CEO in a big liberal city

2019-03-08 08:39:13 UTC

Well most jobs in a big city

2019-03-08 08:39:41 UTC

But that's not the reality

2019-03-08 08:39:59 UTC

I want a source for the number of truck drivers, but I don't see how it is bad to have cheaper transport costs. And they can train to get into a new profession, or maybe the jobs won't all disappear overnight, because it's a gradual change

2019-03-08 08:40:10 UTC

It is, and has been for the last 200 years

2019-03-08 08:40:47 UTC

Are you fan of Tucker Carlson?

2019-03-08 08:41:09 UTC

I like some of things, but not really

2019-03-08 08:41:26 UTC

I’m sleepy

2019-03-08 08:41:28 UTC

And he is very wrong on economics

2019-03-08 08:41:41 UTC

Maybe get some rest?

2019-03-08 08:42:12 UTC

But yeah, I'm a tom woods guy

2019-03-08 08:44:08 UTC

If you look at the backdrop we automated away 4 million jobs in Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Missouri. And those communities have never recovered.

2019-03-08 08:44:58 UTC

Where if you look at the numbers. Half of the workers left the work force and never worked again.

2019-03-08 08:45:20 UTC

And then half of that group filed for disabilities

2019-03-08 08:45:21 UTC

Yeah, that's shit. But you can't solve that with an UBI, nor is that necessary a national problem

2019-03-08 08:45:28 UTC

Source please

2019-03-08 08:45:49 UTC

Question, do you support the tariffs?

2019-03-08 08:47:46 UTC

I don't do sources. waste of time. Hopefully you don't need a source to understand that this automation will happen to truckdrivers, retail workers, fast food workers. On and on and on through the economy.

2019-03-08 08:48:21 UTC

As we evolve in technology we marginalize the labor of more and more Americans

2019-03-08 08:48:21 UTC

Okay, so I'm supposed to take your word as truth that half the work force never worked again?

2019-03-08 08:49:04 UTC

The automation of jobs seems a bit too obvious for me to waste time finding where I read it

2019-03-08 08:49:12 UTC

But...that's completely factually incorrect. At the dawn of the 20th century, agriculture was the biggest sector, now it's less than 1%. That's not a bad thing for the economy.

2019-03-08 08:49:24 UTC

I mean the part about half the work force never working again

2019-03-08 08:51:08 UTC

But the automation means that you get those things for cheaper. Think about the hours of meaningless paperwork now saved. Yes, I'm not saying that people laid off will find it easy, but it's about looking at where people are hiring, and making informed decisions. Making sure you know mutiple different skills, that you aren't just good for one industry. Being able to jump, having something in the back pocket

2019-03-08 08:54:02 UTC

I remember the idea in Washington is that they will all become computer programmers and so everything would be fine. But it didn't happen. I personally think it would be insane to watch this automation wave over take our country and economy.

2019-03-08 08:55:11 UTC

No, not everyone will enter the same industry. It's about individual decisions not commands from on high

2019-03-08 08:55:27 UTC

Yes, and the luddites said the same thing in the 19th century

2019-03-08 08:55:35 UTC

what's your solution? Ban machines?

2019-03-08 08:55:54 UTC

We don't have to be ostrages with our heads in the sand. We can say "look we get it, artificial intelligence is real self driving trucks and cars are being tested on the highways right now. And we need to evolve

2019-03-08 08:56:36 UTC

Yes, I agree. But your way of evolving isn't evolution, it's the same old solutions

2019-03-08 08:56:41 UTC

Statism never works

2019-03-08 08:57:42 UTC

We need to start pushing the way we think of economic process to include how our families are doing, how are children are doing. And things that actually matter to the American people.

2019-03-08 08:58:03 UTC

Define pushing the way we think of the economic process

2019-03-08 08:58:07 UTC

tell me your solutions

2019-03-08 08:58:21 UTC

GDP is going to lead us off a cliff for many American communities

2019-03-08 08:58:53 UTC

GDP is a false measurement, agreed.

2019-03-08 09:00:23 UTC

Robot trucks are great for the GDP. Terrible for many many American communities. So we need to get with the program and figure out how to actually make this economy work for the people.

2019-03-08 09:01:11 UTC

Dude, self-driving trucks are good for people.

2019-03-08 09:01:39 UTC

It's the number one job in America...

2019-03-08 09:01:57 UTC

You are making meaningless assertions without offering *solutions*. Dude, you need to tell me what are you proposing as a solution

2019-03-08 09:02:00 UTC

bullshit, source

2019-03-08 09:05:24 UTC

Automation didn’t kill jobs

2019-03-08 09:05:26 UTC

Nor will it

2019-03-08 09:05:31 UTC

I don't know the solution man. Yangs main goal in his campaign to tell people the numbers and the devastation it will have to so many Americans. I will try to find you a source if I have time. You sound curious so I suggest researching a little big on how automation has never recovered the rust belt

2019-03-08 09:05:32 UTC

Automation creates more jobs

2019-03-08 09:05:48 UTC

Why has the rust belt never recovered?

2019-03-08 09:05:56 UTC


2019-03-08 09:06:02 UTC

And state intervention

2019-03-08 09:06:13 UTC

Automation isn’t bad as the market will always re allocate jobs

2019-03-08 09:06:27 UTC

But the state has made it worse by putting min wages etc

2019-03-08 09:06:33 UTC

This will be 3-4x times as many jobs

2019-03-08 09:06:39 UTC

Andrew Yang is a good guy but his policies are shut

2019-03-08 09:06:46 UTC

Automation yes, it’ll create more jobs

2019-03-08 09:06:55 UTC

But it doesn't lmao

2019-03-08 09:06:57 UTC

This has been said every time “this time it’ll kill all jobs”

2019-03-08 09:06:59 UTC

It has

2019-03-08 09:07:02 UTC

And it does today

2019-03-08 09:07:15 UTC

Holy crap, someone just used fee as a source

2019-03-08 09:07:21 UTC


2019-03-08 09:07:22 UTC

That's a real libertarian

2019-03-08 09:07:27 UTC


2019-03-08 09:07:33 UTC

More of mises

2019-03-08 09:07:35 UTC


2019-03-08 09:07:42 UTC

Mises is awesome

2019-03-08 09:07:54 UTC

Both the guy, and the organisation

2019-03-08 09:07:56 UTC

I believe you’re an Austrian ?

2019-03-08 09:08:06 UTC

So am I but im not an an cap

2019-03-08 09:08:13 UTC

I support the wall and it will be built

2019-03-08 09:08:26 UTC

So lets backtrack. You said the rustbelt recovered because of... welfare and state intervention? @sɪᴅɪsɴᴏᴛʜᴇʀᴇ

2019-03-08 09:08:31 UTC

but automation I wouldn't say creates or kills jobs, it allows for further specialization of labour, and better quality of life

2019-03-08 09:08:37 UTC

*it didn't recover

2019-03-08 09:08:38 UTC

No it didn’t recover

2019-03-08 09:08:41 UTC

I am an austrian

2019-03-08 09:08:49 UTC

The national emergency is just

2019-03-08 09:09:01 UTC

This Feb the amount of apprehensions has been the highest since 2005

2019-03-08 09:09:08 UTC

The walls is already being built tho

2019-03-08 09:09:47 UTC

Ahh I see that's why you don't see how truck drivers losing all their jobs as a serious problem.

2019-03-08 09:09:58 UTC

I mean it’s only made worse through intervention

2019-03-08 09:10:02 UTC

But the jobs will be re allocated

2019-03-08 09:10:10 UTC

But they havent

2019-03-08 09:10:12 UTC

And people will have a better quality of life

2019-03-08 09:10:21 UTC

Okay, but prove that

2019-03-08 09:10:21 UTC

Yeah that’s due to intervention

2019-03-08 09:10:27 UTC

Yang wants to intervene more

2019-03-08 09:10:29 UTC

I'll repeat a statement from above

2019-03-08 09:10:31 UTC

How on earth will that help

2019-03-08 09:10:55 UTC

I remember the idea in Washington is that they will all become computer programmers and so everything would be fine. But it didn't happen.

2019-03-08 09:11:00 UTC

I mean, it worked in the 30's, it will work now

2019-03-08 09:11:04 UTC

Pep in it mostly has but there are few problems that can be solved if there was not as much intervention

2019-03-08 09:11:23 UTC

Washington has many bad ideas, don't use them as the measurement

2019-03-08 09:11:55 UTC

kill all legislatures

2019-03-08 09:12:03 UTC

If we care about jobs being lost so much

2019-03-08 09:12:10 UTC

I'm not. I never thought that was a good idea

2019-03-08 09:12:12 UTC

Why don’t we revert back to the 19rh century jobs

2019-03-08 09:12:25 UTC

We won’t grow then but atleast the jobs will remain

2019-03-08 09:12:31 UTC

“Here’s an example. A Deloitte study of automation in the U.K. found that 800,000 low-skilled jobs were eliminated as the result of AI and other automation technologies. But get this: 3.5 million new jobs were created as well, and those jobs paid on average nearly $13,000 more per year than the ones that were lost”

2019-03-08 09:12:37 UTC

It's a lie the government said. Wanting automation is what Washington wants

2019-03-08 09:12:56 UTC


2019-03-08 09:13:02 UTC


2019-03-08 09:13:15 UTC

Like I said. It is absolutely great for the GDP

2019-03-08 09:13:18 UTC

Automation has always resulted in more jobs

2019-03-08 09:13:29 UTC

GDP isn’t what I’m referring to

2019-03-08 09:13:34 UTC

Dude, do you think it will be better for people if people worked more?

2019-03-08 09:13:35 UTC

It has not

2019-03-08 09:13:37 UTC

Gdp isn’t even a good measure for the economic growth

2019-03-08 09:13:41 UTC

GDP is bullshit

2019-03-08 09:13:49 UTC

I agree with you

2019-03-08 09:13:53 UTC

The fact that prices will fall and people’s material standard of living will rise

2019-03-08 09:13:54 UTC

It is like measuring apples and tvs

2019-03-08 09:14:02 UTC

GDP is simply spending

2019-03-08 09:14:09 UTC

It may give some idea but

2019-03-08 09:14:13 UTC

It *is* compering apples and tvs

2019-03-08 09:14:30 UTC

And spending has nothing to do with material prospierty

2019-03-08 09:14:43 UTC

Automation is really made worse by intervention

2019-03-08 09:15:02 UTC

If Yang fries to stop it, companies will move countries and you have a bigger job loss

2019-03-08 09:15:06 UTC


2019-03-08 09:15:13 UTC

I am saying... If it always created more jobs. why have half the 4 million jobs lost to automation in the midwest and 2 million of them have never worked again @sɪᴅɪsɴᴏᴛʜᴇʀᴇ

2019-03-08 09:15:34 UTC

please demonstrate that actually happened

2019-03-08 09:15:47 UTC

And I repeat, do you think it would be better if people worked more?

2019-03-08 09:15:58 UTC

Pep in I told you

2019-03-08 09:16:02 UTC

Intervention and welfare

2019-03-08 09:16:11 UTC

And that's not jobs

2019-03-08 09:16:31 UTC

“Another factor is the growing trend of occupational licensing. Requiring licenses to become a pet-sitter or hair braider has made it more difficult for people to launch new careers.”

2019-03-08 09:16:36 UTC

Welfare subsidies unproductive activities

2019-03-08 09:16:48 UTC

And intervention just raises the cost of business and results in lower demand for workers

2019-03-08 09:16:50 UTC

I'm not here to find sources for you @Kaladin maybe later sure ask me then

2019-03-08 09:17:02 UTC

Things like a min wage is a good example of why automation is happening faster

2019-03-08 09:17:21 UTC

Well, faster, but it would happen anyway

2019-03-08 09:17:25 UTC

and that's a good thing

2019-03-08 09:18:04 UTC

Yeah and it would not be so exacerbated

2019-03-08 09:18:25 UTC

Humans won’t be fully replaced, ever

2019-03-08 09:18:32 UTC

Companies know they need to survive they need money

2019-03-08 09:18:43 UTC

That money can only come if people are working to buy their products

2019-03-08 09:18:52 UTC

That's kind of subsidizing is in the same vain as what Andrew Yang is talking about by bringing up UBI @sɪᴅɪsɴᴏᴛʜᴇʀᴇ

2019-03-08 09:19:00 UTC

If nobody works they’re done

2019-03-08 09:19:06 UTC

UBI is less worse

2019-03-08 09:19:07 UTC

Well, that's interfered with by government as well

2019-03-08 09:19:08 UTC

But it’s still bad

2019-03-08 09:19:20 UTC

UBI is the same thing, and welfare wouldn't go away

2019-03-08 09:19:26 UTC


2019-03-08 09:20:07 UTC

The whole downfall of the rust belt has been due to intervention and welfare

2019-03-08 09:20:11 UTC

Simple as that

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