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2019-11-25 05:24:36 UTC

Near the end of the video you can 2 palm trees in the lot by temple. On Google maps you can see 6 in that lot.

2019-11-25 05:24:56 UTC


2019-11-25 05:25:14 UTC


2019-11-25 05:25:17 UTC

This data is very minimal, but it tells a lot. I know most people don’t use aerial reconnaissance, but this does point out how seeing some small can lead to a bigger conclusion.

2019-11-27 14:18:04 UTC

This is the drug that limitless the movie was based off of

2019-11-27 14:21:19 UTC


2019-11-27 15:58:08 UTC


2019-11-27 18:29:54 UTC


2019-12-01 12:09:47 UTC

Living only on water ..well , slightly insane , even if your god .. ZBut I tried , but id did not work ..hollwierd bs just don't work out ..I tried it ,
So try fasting for 30 days and see what happens to your mental and physical being .
I put it to the test ..YES 30 days fasting , and only water ..try it ... !!!!

2019-12-03 02:14:29 UTC

the daily dot is shilling for youtube

2019-12-08 23:47:03 UTC

@JERRY GOODE Great video production!

2019-12-08 23:51:51 UTC

> **'TREASON'**: House Judiciary Committee Report Implicates Trump in Ultimate Crime

2019-12-08 23:52:40 UTC


The Framers worst nightmare is what we are facing in this very moment. President Trump abused his power, betrayed our national security, and corrupted our elections, all for personal gain. The Constitution details only one remedy for this misconduct: impeachment.

— (((Rep. Nadler))) (@RepJerryNadler) December 7, 2019

2019-12-08 23:53:23 UTC

These people are out of their fucking minds.

2019-12-08 23:54:03 UTC

@Karnivore thanx a mill for watching! Dude I can’t wait for the IG report to come out

2019-12-08 23:54:21 UTC


2019-12-08 23:56:38 UTC

I'm convinced more and more every day that the demonrats are possessed.

2019-12-09 23:47:38 UTC


>>> Ari Ben-Menashe, a former Israeli spy and alleged “handler” of Robert Maxwell, told the authors of a new book, Epstein: Dead Men Tell No Tales, that Epstein ran a “complex intelligence operation” at the behest of Mossad.

Believing that Epstein planned to marry his daughter, Maxwell introduced him and Ghislaine Maxwell to Ben-Menashe’s Mossad circle.

“Maxwell sort of started liking him, and my theory is that Maxwell felt that this guy is going for his daughter,” Ben-Menashe said. “He felt that he could bless him with some work and help him out in like a paternal [way].”

Israeli intelligence bosses gave the green light and Epstein then became a Mossad asset.

“They were agents of the Israeli Intelligence Services,” said Ben-Menashe.

When it became clear that Epstein wasn’t very competent at doing much else, his primary role became “blackmailing American and other political figures.”

“Mr. Epstein was the simple idiot who was going around providing girls to all kinds of politicians in the United States,” said Ben-Menashe. “See, fucking around is not a crime. It could be embarrassing, but it’s not a crime. But fucking a fourteen-year-old girl is a crime. And he was taking photos of politicians fucking fourteen-year-old girls — if you want to get it straight. They would just blackmail people, they would just blackmail people like that.”

There’s also a Mossad connection to a different kind of sex offender; Harvey Weinstein.

Weinstein reportedly hired ex-Mossad agents to suppress allegations against him. Working for an Israeli firm called Black Cube, these agents pressured witnesses and tried to intimidate journalist Ronan Farrow in order to “bury the truth” about Weinstein’s activity.

2019-12-11 19:07:11 UTC

Very interesting read.

2019-12-11 19:07:46 UTC

I suggest that everyone spend the 3 minutes it takes to read this.

2019-12-11 19:49:20 UTC

@Karnivore Interesting read indeed

2019-12-11 19:56:10 UTC


2019-12-12 05:13:52 UTC

Do any of you use the Reader button, within your browser?

2019-12-12 05:14:12 UTC

it exists on all browsers, on desktop/laptop, and mobile.

2019-12-12 05:14:21 UTC

(at least all browsers that I've used)

2019-12-12 05:14:28 UTC

If not, you should be using that button

2019-12-12 05:15:00 UTC

It nukes all ads, and the article you're wanting to read actually becomes readable.

2019-12-12 05:15:12 UTC


2019-12-12 05:15:47 UTC

It also punches through almost all paywalls that I've seen.

2019-12-12 06:36:27 UTC

Here's what the button looks like and does on your iPhone. (below)

2019-12-12 06:36:38 UTC


2019-12-12 06:43:24 UTC

And for the eagle-eyed folks, you can choose smaller font (left), or the not-so-eagle-eyed (right).

2019-12-12 06:43:33 UTC


2019-12-12 14:28:13 UTC

Oh cool thx @Karnivore

2019-12-12 14:46:39 UTC

Ty! For the i fo very informative.. 💕🌞

2019-12-12 20:41:09 UTC

You’re welcome.

2019-12-13 04:36:08 UTC

Useful info when using Discord:

Essentially, here are the ones you want to memorize, to use every day:
>>> _Italics_ `*Italics* or _Italics_`
__*Underline Italics*__ `__*Underline Italics*__`
**Bold** `**Bold**`
__**Underline Bold**__ `__**Underline Bold**__`
***Bold Italics*** `***Bold Italics***`
__***Underline Bold Italics***__ `__***Underline Bold Italics***__`
__Underline__ `__Underline__`
~~Strikethrough~~ `~~Strikethrough~~`

2019-12-13 04:37:30 UTC

And these
`> one line at a time
line 2
line 3`

yields this:
> one line at a time
line 2
line 3

2019-12-13 04:39:08 UTC

and this:
`>>> line 1
line 2
line 3
line 4
line 5

2019-12-13 04:39:20 UTC

yields this:
>>> line 1
line 2
line 3
line 4
line 5

2019-12-13 04:39:59 UTC

So, just play around with it, in case this isn't clear.

2019-12-20 17:43:28 UTC

Did I not already post a link to this a couple days ago? If I already did, my apologies, but it's certainly worth watching.

2019-12-20 17:43:44 UTC

The above video is only part one.

2019-12-20 17:43:52 UTC

I'm not all the way through it yet. (too much work to do)

2019-12-20 17:43:59 UTC

So far, so good.

2019-12-20 17:44:12 UTC

All three parts can be found here:

2019-12-26 05:12:36 UTC

Thanks for that last link, Cham. Interesting info.

2019-12-26 15:47:19 UTC

No problem @Karnivore

2020-01-01 22:12:04 UTC

Acropolis is a place of free speech. We offer game nights, debates, karaoke, and more. Our server is mostly comprised of right wing or conservative minds, but we have no shortage of varying opinions. Feel free to voice yours!


2020-01-03 03:21:04 UTC

Humanity 2.0
Bringing trustworthy, productive and dependable people together and cooperatively create an abundant society!!!!
If you would like more information you can visit us @
If you would like to support the cause, please visit us @

2020-01-10 18:54:59 UTC
2020-01-28 22:46:58 UTC
2020-01-28 23:14:01 UTC

their legal team^

2020-02-03 21:31:36 UTC

Please check out my buddies podcast, local Buffalo comedian Jason Pomietlasz on lakeeffectcomedy.com I was his very "special" guest and we talked about the buffalo comedy scene, Ari getting his legs broken, Don Johnson pulling an Ari on me, Manson mind control conspiracies, flat earth comedy vs globe earth comedy/comedians. He actually makes me sound interesting...give it a listen, check it out please!!! If not...I thank you so much for your continued lack of support! #FEUnity #FlatPower #FEOffensive


2020-02-10 08:31:11 UTC

Cases in guatemala and central america..

2020-02-10 08:33:18 UTC


2020-02-21 14:30:09 UTC

Something used in USA History against a formal sitting and currently living president:


2020-02-25 22:51:12 UTC

Constitutionalism is the idea, often associated with the political theories of John Locke and the founders of the American republic, that government can and should be legally limited in its powers, and that its authority or legitimacy depends on its observing these limitations.

2020-02-26 21:53:23 UTC

I'm live on Twitch - Watch me at twitch.tv/ryan_bardwelltx

2020-03-01 06:04:08 UTC

Great video, except for the time this guy refers to the USA as a democracy.

2020-03-01 06:04:26 UTC

It's a Constitutional Republic.

2020-03-01 06:05:05 UTC

So is this video just another controlled opposition video, along with everyone else that refers to the USA as a democracy?

2020-03-01 06:05:27 UTC

Makes one wonder.

2020-03-10 22:20:54 UTC


2020-03-12 03:49:13 UTC

READ THIS if you are serious about decontamination, normal mesures are NOT enough. https://apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a523781.pdf

2020-03-12 05:37:17 UTC


2020-03-18 18:50:15 UTC

> _"Thousands of Muslim pilgrims ignore virus risk to gather in Indonesia"_
Those are some smart folks right there.

2020-03-18 18:51:58 UTC

Holy smokes...good job, IKEA! You're really not profit-mongers, after all!

2020-04-02 16:56:40 UTC

@Deleted User thanks for sharing where did you come across that?

2020-04-02 16:58:27 UTC

a cousin sent it to me this morning

2020-04-02 17:04:56 UTC

tell your cousin that I said to please stop filming in portrait mode.

2020-04-02 17:04:58 UTC


2020-04-02 17:10:48 UTC

lol hes a coon ass cajun

2020-04-02 17:10:59 UTC

Yeah, I immediately recognized his accent.

2020-04-02 17:11:26 UTC

"They tryin to take over..."

2020-04-02 17:11:26 UTC


2020-04-02 17:11:48 UTC

ask him what direction those tanks were going

2020-04-02 17:11:57 UTC

probably going to NOLA

2020-04-02 17:16:59 UTC

it was moving sw, so yeah probably N.O.

2020-04-02 17:21:21 UTC

He says, "the train stopped, and now it's backing up".

2020-04-02 17:21:42 UTC

If it's moving SW in the video, then it was originally heading to NOLA.

2020-04-02 17:22:05 UTC

I am curious if it needed to jump onto another track, to then head to NOLA.

2020-04-02 17:22:36 UTC

ikr..I believe it was switching

2020-04-02 17:22:47 UTC

👍 Tell him to send you some more info.

2020-04-02 17:22:58 UTC

And some cajun food.

2020-04-02 17:24:25 UTC

lol okay..hes always on facebook posting crazy stuff

2020-04-02 17:24:30 UTC

I'm reposting your link, so that it's back on top at least for awhile again.
> https://photos.app.goo.gl/N6AxXdSZK35TeQwLA

2020-04-02 17:25:00 UTC

yeah right on

2020-04-04 18:47:30 UTC

I’m looking for conservatives, republicans and libertarians to join our virtual government:


2020-04-18 06:37:17 UTC
2020-04-18 06:46:09 UTC

blonde ... thought the giants were red heads??

2020-04-18 09:16:24 UTC

Genghis Khan was

2020-06-07 02:18:48 UTC

When the direction of the pendulum changes, it will undoubtedly be hard, fast, and to a depth that will have never been seen before.

@red looks like whatever it was "they" didnt want us 2 c it

2020-11-10 04:12:12 UTC
2020-11-17 18:08:15 UTC
2020-11-17 18:36:35 UTC
2020-11-20 20:10:49 UTC
2020-11-22 15:09:01 UTC
2020-11-22 15:09:19 UTC
2020-11-23 04:13:26 UTC
2020-11-23 04:16:34 UTC

@red just shared this in general, thanks for putting it in the appropriate place

2020-12-06 03:05:35 UTC
2020-12-12 16:55:31 UTC
2020-12-13 17:28:25 UTC
2020-12-14 23:07:44 UTC
2020-12-15 15:35:30 UTC
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