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2020-03-09 16:13:56 UTC


2020-03-09 21:06:25 UTC

Colonel Robert Gould Shaw

2020-03-09 21:15:23 UTC

Holy of italy on lockdown

2020-03-10 04:28:00 UTC

I caught some isopropyl alcohol on Amazon, but it won't deliver for 2 weeks.

2020-03-10 04:28:28 UTC


2020-03-10 04:28:30 UTC

I was standing on the F5 key to refresh the page. I saw it, tossed it in the cart, checked out in just a few seconds.

2020-03-10 04:28:38 UTC

It was out of stock again within another 35 seconds.

2020-03-10 04:28:46 UTC

Wally-world prob has it, yes

2020-03-10 04:28:52 UTC

I should run over there now.

2020-03-10 04:29:09 UTC

But I probably won't do it tonight.

2020-03-10 04:29:17 UTC

Nooooooooo, order $35 worth of

2020-03-10 04:29:26 UTC


2020-03-10 04:29:26 UTC

oh, free delivery

2020-03-10 04:30:01 UTC

I'm going to go to the grocery store again tomorrow hopefully first thing in the morning before it gets contaminated

2020-03-10 04:30:18 UTC

wear your full gear, so everyone stays away from you

2020-03-10 04:30:22 UTC


2020-03-10 04:30:34 UTC

or just cough

2020-03-10 04:30:47 UTC

That is a thought

2020-03-10 04:32:40 UTC

that might come in handy

2020-03-10 04:33:19 UTC

or of course, the bigger one that everyone uses for bug spray or staining

2020-03-10 04:34:58 UTC

I have several that are a little bit bigger

2020-03-10 06:19:47 UTC


2020-03-10 18:03:18 UTC


2020-03-10 18:03:38 UTC

@Deleted User seriously!!!

2020-03-10 18:03:39 UTC

holy cow stay safe kayy

2020-03-10 18:04:01 UTC

@Deleted User yes stay safe, stay vigilant πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’•

2020-03-10 18:12:13 UTC
2020-03-10 18:12:27 UTC
2020-03-10 18:13:11 UTC

All the lefties are going to jump the gun.

2020-03-10 18:15:48 UTC


2020-03-10 18:15:54 UTC

33 deaths again

2020-03-10 18:17:04 UTC

They're so obvious

2020-03-10 18:17:12 UTC

It's all older people and others with health problems.

2020-03-10 18:17:41 UTC

33 is their magical number, 33rd degree mason

2020-03-10 18:17:46 UTC

Healthy people shouldn't go through all this and get a learned immunity.

2020-03-10 18:18:50 UTC

@Deleted User its way deeper then that

2020-03-10 18:19:04 UTC

its too obvious, its a code for the connection of misinformation being pushed through these online communities, most people wont understand what it means

2020-03-10 18:20:16 UTC

They work in numbers and thats how they communicate

2020-03-10 18:20:28 UTC

We know that

2020-03-10 18:21:07 UTC

Control everything you see and hear captivating hearts and MINDS thorugh disinformation

2020-03-10 18:22:38 UTC

All those signs and things given to you on a daily basis is a form of dark magic

2020-03-10 18:23:04 UTC

@BB_TRUTH I agree about the coded messages

2020-03-10 18:23:17 UTC

@Deleted User πŸ’―πŸ’―

2020-03-10 18:23:44 UTC

@Deleted User they have to obey the controllers u know

2020-03-10 18:23:49 UTC

33 cause the age jesus died

2020-03-10 18:23:57 UTC

It's like reassuring their own of the plan

2020-03-10 18:24:06 UTC

@Deleted User yes absolutely

2020-03-10 18:24:37 UTC

@Deleted User thats true that number is symbolic for them because thats when jesus was crucified

2020-03-10 18:24:48 UTC

33 steps to the pyramid of control

2020-03-10 18:27:03 UTC

800 cases exactly in the US now

2020-03-10 18:28:56 UTC

28 deaths new first death in New Jersey

2020-03-10 18:29:53 UTC

23 deaths
Washington US
2 deaths
California US
2 deaths
Florida US
1 deaths
New Jersey US

2020-03-10 18:48:02 UTC

all i see is the word surrender

2020-03-10 21:22:24 UTC


2020-03-10 21:47:39 UTC

Well there is a case one town over from me now .....

2020-03-10 21:48:07 UTC

And my sister is having her baby at the hospital there today.

2020-03-10 22:16:55 UTC

it's in my area, too

2020-03-10 22:17:04 UTC

waffle house tested positive

2020-03-10 22:17:06 UTC


2020-03-10 22:18:43 UTC

> Waffle House, Inc. said Tuesday a worker tested positive for COVID-19 coronavirus and worked on March 1.
> The store was closed so it could be thoroughly sanitized, the company said. The worker in question has since been released from the hospital and is under quarantine

2020-03-10 22:25:47 UTC
2020-03-10 22:26:18 UTC


2020-03-10 22:26:46 UTC


2020-03-10 22:27:11 UTC

This just popped up on my phone

2020-03-10 22:39:57 UTC

@BB_TRUTH a third of the angels descended from heaven

2020-03-10 22:57:30 UTC


2020-03-10 23:02:42 UTC

only 100 Pounds a day

2020-03-10 23:03:01 UTC

that's pocket change

2020-03-10 23:03:38 UTC

I say they should test on illegals that are in detention for crimes committed.

2020-03-10 23:04:03 UTC

Okay, maybe that's a bad joke, but they should allow them to volunteer.

2020-03-10 23:04:51 UTC

Also, this looks like unfiltered, first-hand data from doctors in Italy:

2020-03-10 23:27:56 UTC

@Karnivore sadly there idnt detention entres over here across the pond despite that we alreadly love illegals over here so much there isnt need for any πŸ™„

2020-03-10 23:37:32 UTC

> **No longer allow children near grandparents: "It is serious"**
> Every family is now called upon to find individual solutions for this. Drosten advises parents not to put the children in the care of their grandparents in the coming months, but to see them "as an area worth protecting" and, for example, prefer to shop for them. He believes this new type of organization is necessary: ​​"It is a service that we all have to provide and it will be painful and uncomfortable for everyone."
> For younger people, he also sees it as his job to make the older generation aware of this: "It is serious". He observed himself in his area that many older people did not yet refer to the danger: "They have not yet understood that they are really affected and that their social life must now stop for a few months." This applies to all kinds of activities in summer, such as club life, the shooting festival - and so on.
> 20 to 25 percent of those over the age of 80 die
> One has to bear in mind the high mortality rate among the older population. In the NDR podcast on Tuesday, Drosten added specific figures from an international summary. According to this, the case mortality increases significantly with increasing age:
> For people over 80: 20 to 25 percent
> 70- to 80-year-olds: 7 to 8 percent
> 60-70 year olds: 3 percent
> 50- to 60-year-olds: 1 to 1.5 percent
> Under 50: 0.4 percent
> Younger: 0.2 percent
> All of the strength must therefore be invested to keep the epidemic away from the older population, Drosten emphasized.

2020-03-10 23:38:09 UTC

Exactly @Karnivore

2020-03-10 23:38:40 UTC

I'm afraid they're gearing up to push it on all of us.

2020-03-10 23:39:50 UTC

seems to be having a mass quarentine is New Rochelle in New York City

2020-03-10 23:40:02 UTC

as its the virus hotspot in that area

2020-03-11 00:19:11 UTC


2020-03-11 00:24:06 UTC

959 cases and 28 deaths

2020-03-11 00:27:07 UTC

10,149 cases in italy 631 deaths

2020-03-11 00:47:39 UTC

972 in the US now still 28 deaths

2020-03-11 00:53:51 UTC

nice screenshot

2020-03-11 00:54:13 UTC

deaths have gone up ALOT since i last checked

2020-03-11 05:47:54 UTC

Update from the grocery store at 1am:
-hand sanitizer (top shelf) still 100% gone
-hand soaps very depleted (most of what’s left are the oddball ones)

2020-03-11 05:48:07 UTC


2020-03-11 05:48:38 UTC

Next up, bleach is almost all gone.

2020-03-11 05:48:39 UTC

Nice enjoy the obscure flavours.

2020-03-11 05:48:49 UTC


2020-03-11 05:49:23 UTC

Disinfectant wipes ALL GONE.

2020-03-11 05:49:31 UTC


2020-03-11 05:50:22 UTC

I have an idea, dip your self in lube before you leave the house.

2020-03-11 05:50:44 UTC

Isopropyl alcohol...fuhgetaboutit
(Also just a few bottles of H2O2)

2020-03-11 05:50:55 UTC


2020-03-11 05:51:14 UTC

TP is looking pretty bad, too.

2020-03-11 05:51:19 UTC


2020-03-11 05:51:24 UTC

You can use dog products

2020-03-11 05:51:38 UTC

And cats

2020-03-11 05:51:46 UTC

Paper towels are looking better:

2020-03-11 05:51:52 UTC


2020-03-11 05:52:03 UTC

End of transmission.

2020-03-11 05:52:47 UTC

Eating coronavirus is my hobby

2020-03-11 05:53:58 UTC


2020-03-11 06:02:32 UTC

Bleach was 4.99 for a 1/2 gallon of Clorox and it's all they had left

2020-03-11 06:03:10 UTC


2020-03-11 06:03:15 UTC

what part of the world?

2020-03-11 06:03:23 UTC


2020-03-11 06:03:31 UTC


2020-03-11 06:04:15 UTC

I was surprised. My local grocery store was out of several things and had signs up

2020-03-11 06:05:16 UTC

They were out of alcohol, handsanitizer, and low on several things

2020-03-11 06:05:27 UTC


2020-03-11 06:05:34 UTC

my store had that sign up

2020-03-11 06:05:45 UTC

but it didn't matter, because everything was gone in that section

2020-03-11 06:06:10 UTC

I robbed the stock boy again.

2020-03-11 06:06:16 UTC

Oh wow. Yeah my store had limits too. Of 4

2020-03-11 06:06:30 UTC

Lol robbed stock.boy

2020-03-11 06:06:52 UTC

waited till his back was turned, then cut a hole in his pallet full of goodies and loaded up my cart

2020-03-11 06:07:02 UTC


2020-03-11 06:07:09 UTC

okay, so I lied, his back wasn't turned.

2020-03-11 06:07:13 UTC

I did it in front of him

2020-03-11 06:07:22 UTC

and I paid for all of it

2020-03-11 06:07:24 UTC


2020-03-11 06:07:36 UTC

I gotta go back out fri when I get a few more $$ .

2020-03-11 06:07:59 UTC

yeah, and gotta get the low down on when they restock

2020-03-11 06:08:59 UTC

After I get a few more things then I'm staying in. I gotta stay away from this stuff. Bed lungs COPD ashma . N once i had Tuberculous. So this would kill me

2020-03-11 06:10:08 UTC

Was exposed to TB on a bus and had to do a very long period of antibiotics as a child.

2020-03-11 06:11:26 UTC

Stores usually restock once a week. ( if they have access to stock from warehouses or suppliers)

2020-03-11 06:11:43 UTC

Yes, you _REALLY_ need to stay inside.

2020-03-11 06:13:15 UTC

Luckily I live alone. I only have to go out once per week. I wish I didnt have to go out then

2020-03-11 06:13:42 UTC

I agree with that. Maybe you can have someone help deliver things to you.

2020-03-11 06:14:59 UTC

I'm on a drug treatment program, I'm on methadone. I get 6 take homes a week. I have to be the one picking it up. I tried to ask them for exception. I'm waiting for answer

2020-03-11 06:15:56 UTC

oh damn

2020-03-11 06:16:09 UTC

hope it works out for you

2020-03-11 06:16:40 UTC

That does break your immune system down

2020-03-11 06:17:09 UTC

It probably does

2020-03-11 06:18:41 UTC

@Amaria its nearly impossible to get off the methadone too. I have a friend who missed clinc for the last few days and its making him so sick and miserable

2020-03-11 06:19:06 UTC

@Karnivore thank you, I should be ok. I got gloves, mask, I wore today when I went up. Just going when they are empty too.

2020-03-11 06:19:31 UTC

@Amaria do you have a functioning oven at home?

2020-03-11 06:20:02 UTC

@Deleted User it's very hard to get off it. Takes a long time n has to be done gradually

2020-03-11 06:21:04 UTC

Actually my oven just broke, lol land lord is good about fixing things ..said he needs a part. It will be fixed soon bbn

2020-03-11 06:21:19 UTC

Herion withdraw is less painful than methadone . My friend is considering going the suboxine route but not sure. He is almost πŸ’― dependent on that methadone

2020-03-11 06:21:44 UTC

Suboxone works for some ppl

2020-03-11 06:21:56 UTC

Sorry to say but it's mental

2020-03-11 06:22:00 UTC

@Amaria do you use the paper-type of n95 masks?

2020-03-11 06:22:46 UTC

@Karnivore yes paper ones

2020-03-11 06:23:22 UTC

I did old school wafers

2020-03-11 06:23:54 UTC

@Deleted User yes alot of it is mental in coming off. But some is physical. The doctor in clinic can help guide ppl off.

2020-03-11 06:24:07 UTC

Never, NEVER touch the outside of your mask, after you put it on. Treat the outside as if it were completely tainted, because it is. Never wear the paper-type masks for more than 6-8 hours, and don't take it off in between. If you have limited number of masks, and can't simply throw them away after using them, then you will need to bake the paper-type masks in the oven for 30 minutes at 160 degrees, in order to disinfect them. Here is a short video discussing what to do and NEVER do to disinfect your mask:

2020-03-11 06:25:13 UTC

If you try to reuse these paper-type masks without first disinfecting them, then it's most likely just as bad as not using one at all. (I am not a doctor, so research this on your own)

2020-03-11 06:25:13 UTC

@Karnivore , Thank you for that information

2020-03-11 06:25:20 UTC

You are very welcome.

2020-03-11 06:25:50 UTC

Notice when he says to never get them wet with anything, including NOT putting any alcohol on them.

2020-03-11 06:26:26 UTC

Put used facemask back in the box after use and resell them.

2020-03-11 06:26:29 UTC

The reason is that the fibers will move and stretch, creating much larger holes than will stop anything.

2020-03-11 06:26:34 UTC

Bite down and cleanse

2020-03-11 06:27:47 UTC

@Karnivore oh ok, I'm glad you told me that. Cause I seen somewhere someone was talking about spraying them with peroxide

2020-03-11 06:28:29 UTC

the n95 mask is capable of filtering down to 0.3 microns

2020-03-11 06:28:44 UTC

The Covid-19 has been measured at 0.1 microns.

2020-03-11 06:28:52 UTC

so, the virus alone will pass through

2020-03-11 06:29:15 UTC

the good thing is that the virus will mostly be adhering on the surface of spittle, when sneezed out

2020-03-11 06:29:28 UTC

so, your n95 mask will catch that spittle and filter it

2020-03-11 06:30:11 UTC

but until you sterilize that mask by baking it at very low temp of 160 for 30 minutes, it's still got that virus clinging to the outside of the mask

2020-03-11 06:30:33 UTC

I sure hope so, cause that's best I can get right now

2020-03-11 06:30:33 UTC

if you set it down on your countertop or touch it, then you have just transferred the virus to yourself

2020-03-11 06:31:27 UTC

So I should have a tray ready near my oven when I come in

2020-03-11 06:32:20 UTC

Using a UV-C light would also work, but I'm not sure how long it would take for the UV to destroy the virus. (Don't use UV-A or UV-B, because they will blind you, damage your skin, and destroy the item that you are trying to sterilize)

2020-03-11 06:32:35 UTC

@Amaria how old are you?And do you have any underlying problems?

2020-03-11 06:32:47 UTC

precisely. I figured that I would just toss mine on a cookie sheet or a baking pan

2020-03-11 06:34:35 UTC

Also, my other fear is, I must travel I am 53 years old, I have COPD. Ashma, I've been exposed to TB before ..had a few lesions on right lung from that, I previously had pneumonia 2 years ago. So yeah I have some medical issues

2020-03-11 06:34:39 UTC

Hi use this on facemasks.


2020-03-11 06:35:04 UTC

Oops my fear is I must travel by cab a few times per month

2020-03-11 06:37:01 UTC

@Karnivore I was thinking of getting one of those lights , but I dont know much about it.. thanks for letting me know

2020-03-11 06:39:54 UTC

@Amaria The UV-C light won't necessarily be easy to find right now, and certainly not cheap.

2020-03-11 06:40:23 UTC

@Hennessy by applying that to your mask, you probably turned it from a 0.3 micron filter to a 1.3 micron filter.

2020-03-11 06:41:07 UTC

the superhydrophobic coating will most likely allow the virus to pass even faster through the mask, into your nose

2020-03-11 06:41:57 UTC

I was just looking at that repellant, pretty cool but yeah I'd be worried it would change the mask itself

2020-03-11 06:43:47 UTC

But it's good to use it on everyday items like keys and car keys?

2020-03-11 06:44:06 UTC

Coins, paper money

2020-03-11 06:44:12 UTC

no idea

2020-03-11 06:44:18 UTC

looks good, though

2020-03-11 06:44:33 UTC

Credit cards

2020-03-11 06:44:45 UTC

I have an ozone generator wonder if that would kill viruses

2020-03-11 06:44:49 UTC


2020-03-11 06:45:52 UTC

@Deleted User I'm not sure

2020-03-11 06:47:07 UTC

I'll have to look it up, it has an air pump in it and it's designed to Bubble through water to purify it

2020-03-11 06:47:24 UTC

Or at least kill bacteria in it

2020-03-11 06:47:43 UTC

ozone is pretty good at doing that

2020-03-11 06:48:06 UTC

I used them in the past on my reef aquariums, to wipe out unwanted pests

2020-03-11 06:48:19 UTC

I'm pretty sure ozone will kill viruses, too

2020-03-11 06:48:33 UTC

but you've have to research how it would apply to a coronavirus

2020-03-11 06:49:02 UTC

the molecule is 3 oxygen atoms

2020-03-11 06:49:12 UTC

Yes it's very reactive

2020-03-11 06:49:36 UTC

and since oxygen always wants to go to a more stable configuration, that third oxygen always wants to jump away

2020-03-11 06:50:13 UTC

my guess would be that it would be better to sterilize your mask than not

2020-03-11 06:50:23 UTC

but it would also break down rubber and the likes

2020-03-11 06:50:33 UTC

Yeah I was going to do the 160Β° thing

2020-03-11 06:50:38 UTC

same here

2020-03-11 06:50:53 UTC

I also still have at least one small ozonizer (ozone maker) around here

2020-03-11 06:51:06 UTC

you can get them at aquarium shops

2020-03-11 06:51:10 UTC

they look like air pumps

2020-03-11 06:51:43 UTC

What is an old one built into a small fishing tackle box

2020-03-11 06:51:50 UTC

but beware that you probably don't want to inhale too much ozone

2020-03-11 06:52:00 UTC

I got to look that up also

2020-03-11 06:52:10 UTC

it will certainly be bad for your lungs

2020-03-11 06:52:26 UTC

wow, some huge ones on here

2020-03-11 06:53:12 UTC

the ones I've always had were small and acted just like an air pump for your aquarium (or any water container)

2020-03-11 06:53:17 UTC

I'm surprised there that inexpensive

2020-03-11 06:53:41 UTC

yes, and available

2020-03-11 06:53:59 UTC


2020-03-11 06:54:04 UTC


2020-03-11 06:54:23 UTC

might be interesting to have a 3x3x3 box to put your gear into, for ozone sterilization

2020-03-11 06:54:25 UTC


2020-03-11 06:54:28 UTC

quick...buy em all up!

2020-03-11 06:55:09 UTC

just make sure you use that thing in an area that is ventilated to the outside...like preferably OUTSIDE

2020-03-11 06:55:10 UTC


2020-03-11 06:55:37 UTC

Do you also then get points from Al Gore for helping replenish the ozone layer?

2020-03-11 06:55:45 UTC

I heard in a Iran they've had a sudden spike in alcohol deaths, they heard that alcohol will kill the virus

2020-03-11 06:55:58 UTC

oh shit

2020-03-11 06:56:16 UTC

they are drinking isopropyl, aren't they?

2020-03-11 06:56:34 UTC

No idea, just goes to show that some people should not drink at all

2020-03-11 06:56:34 UTC

Are ya all serious

2020-03-11 06:56:43 UTC


2020-03-11 06:56:44 UTC


2020-03-11 06:56:56 UTC

I think it was in today's video from Doctor Campbell

2020-03-11 06:57:44 UTC

we should pin all most important info that is always applicable

2020-03-11 06:58:16 UTC

Oh ok

2020-03-11 06:59:02 UTC

We should start the rumor that if they rub themselves with pork it will protect them

2020-03-11 06:59:12 UTC

that is awesome

2020-03-11 06:59:17 UTC


2020-03-11 06:59:20 UTC

pork blood would be the best

2020-03-11 06:59:25 UTC

soak in pork blood

2020-03-11 06:59:32 UTC

I can't be called a racist

2020-03-11 07:00:24 UTC

oh wait...you recall that scene in Empire Strikes back, when Han Solo cuts open his Tauntaun, in order to put Luke inside it and thaw up?

2020-03-11 07:00:28 UTC

Pork blood transfusion

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