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2020-01-02 12:46:46 UTC

Good morning everyone

2020-01-02 14:38:27 UTC

Good morning brothers and sisters

2020-01-02 14:43:27 UTC

MorningπŸŒΉπŸ™‚ Coffee is up. πŸ˜‹

2020-01-02 15:02:36 UTC

Morning @Haugur and @injunn

2020-01-02 17:00:08 UTC
2020-01-02 17:00:24 UTC

Hey Liz

2020-01-02 17:32:38 UTC

I swear internet company is retarded make sure banks have there service but the people last ...hmmm if you are 1 day late they cut you off ... wonder if I get credit for 5 days no service

2020-01-02 17:33:19 UTC

Wow man what a bunch of assholes

2020-01-02 17:34:15 UTC

I know this i do bad service at my shop I would lose my job or lose my licensee to wrench in cars ... what happen to customer service??

2020-01-02 17:35:08 UTC

They have such a monopoly they don't care anymore

2020-01-02 17:35:59 UTC

Yeah I get that the old trick called hook and baiting people... classic used cars sales trick

2020-01-02 17:36:46 UTC

I had better service from Dish network

2020-01-02 17:37:12 UTC

I had to ditch comcast I was screwed getting over on my speeds

2020-01-02 17:38:17 UTC

The only ones here with actual high speed

2020-01-02 17:38:20 UTC

What gets me is G.W Bush gave these fools money to put our lines under ground people what happened to the money

2020-01-02 17:39:06 UTC

Bunch of lazy fucks you ask me and screwed the tax payers

2020-01-02 17:39:30 UTC

I know I'm just getting fucked with

2020-01-02 17:39:55 UTC

Yup your I.P address in your name right

2020-01-02 17:39:57 UTC

Paying over a hundred dollars a month for a decent connection

2020-01-02 17:40:09 UTC


2020-01-02 17:40:38 UTC

Basically low jack on your device

2020-01-02 17:40:53 UTC

And we Vote and use our I.D and if we don't vote there way they mess with us

2020-01-02 17:42:29 UTC

Well I guess I go and see if they chicks at this hair salon can trim my gotee for the Doc visit I got in a few days lol

2020-01-02 17:42:57 UTC


2020-01-02 17:43:26 UTC

I bet I make them giggle they do it for free or charge me extra rofl

2020-01-02 17:44:12 UTC

Yeah man Ben deleted me on live cuz I Expressed my free speech in somethings I didn't like that he's done.

2020-01-02 17:44:23 UTC

My oldest daughter came here for this doc visit

2020-01-02 17:44:40 UTC

I'm basically done with Censorwars

2020-01-02 17:44:45 UTC

Ohh well free speech is free thinkers brother Lizard

2020-01-02 17:45:16 UTC

Your a Wolf like me we make our own if you want man

2020-01-02 17:45:48 UTC

He sat and laughed about it that's cool

2020-01-02 17:46:12 UTC

A wolf is a Free thinker ... never likes to be told what to do he will think outside the box lizard you always have thinking outside the box

2020-01-02 17:46:46 UTC

The way I see it he screwed himself, we had people set up to bring in their viewers

2020-01-02 17:47:19 UTC

I can't even get on line but discord on my phone

2020-01-02 17:48:00 UTC

That sucks @injunn

2020-01-02 17:48:59 UTC

This a pick up and go cheap phone from a friend who pays this bill for me ... all because I did a transmission for him and his wife for free so he thinks he owes me the world

2020-01-02 17:49:38 UTC

I did it because I care for him and his family for free did not want anything but a coffee and smoke with me

2020-01-02 17:49:54 UTC

Yeah that happens

2020-01-02 17:50:14 UTC

It's his way of showing appreciation

2020-01-02 17:51:13 UTC

Yeah I know there good people I met up here at a church thing

2020-01-02 17:52:46 UTC

I got invited the other day by a group of ladies from different churches to a BBQ in downtown.

2020-01-02 17:53:04 UTC

I've known them forever great people

2020-01-02 17:53:28 UTC

They wanted to move south so I helped him out did this transmission on his van for him save money to move and now he is south and doing great

2020-01-02 17:53:43 UTC

They group up and do a lot stuff for the homeless in the area

2020-01-02 17:53:59 UTC

I got alot of side work from church in Detroit

2020-01-02 17:54:56 UTC

That's good man

2020-01-02 17:55:27 UTC

Things work out that way when they see your good intentions

2020-01-02 17:56:27 UTC

I don't care what people think of the Salvation Army I respect them and like them always in a great mood and well like a guy like me don't pass judgement on my looks

2020-01-02 17:57:57 UTC

I've done a lot of non profit work promoting and collecting funds and the salvation army is good one

2020-01-02 17:58:50 UTC

A lot of the others stuff there pockets first which made me sick of doing that work

2020-01-02 17:59:03 UTC

When I broke my neck they came there in a snow storm my parents was out of state and they stayed there until my mom got back to me and that was 2 days

2020-01-02 18:00:12 UTC

I was only 21 at the time and scared so yeah it helped me calm and relax so the Doc could fix me I respect them for that

2020-01-02 18:00:52 UTC

My mom's church never came my girlfriends church people did

2020-01-02 18:03:37 UTC

That's good someone responded for you

2020-01-02 20:48:00 UTC

I was invited to discord but have no idea what it is

2020-01-02 21:00:53 UTC

Hi @Kleenex#1352

2020-01-02 21:03:02 UTC

It a platform to share links of news, videos and also chat, call and video people.

2020-01-02 22:37:50 UTC

Welcome @Johnny_B

2020-01-03 05:51:01 UTC

I got put in timeout for loving Jesus at censorwars

2020-01-03 05:51:24 UTC

Told you dude

2020-01-03 05:51:28 UTC

Yeah wow

2020-01-03 05:51:35 UTC

Dropped a dislike and said peace !!

2020-01-03 05:51:40 UTC

Pro-life Is like don't leave

2020-01-03 05:51:57 UTC

I said if Jesus isn't welcomed here I'm not welcome

2020-01-03 05:52:11 UTC

Time out?

2020-01-03 05:52:15 UTC

Hold on what?

2020-01-03 05:52:18 UTC

Yeah timeout

2020-01-03 05:52:29 UTC
2020-01-03 05:52:31 UTC

So he censored speech

2020-01-03 05:52:36 UTC

Just go to censorwars on youtube and you will see

2020-01-03 05:52:38 UTC
2020-01-03 05:52:42 UTC

Yeah emojis everything

2020-01-03 05:52:44 UTC

Kk will do

2020-01-03 05:52:45 UTC

Where you been?

2020-01-03 05:52:45 UTC

He censors

2020-01-03 05:52:53 UTC

Working on homes

2020-01-03 05:52:55 UTC

I'm deleting my censorwars account

2020-01-03 05:53:02 UTC

Nice @bible whore 1 that's ciol

2020-01-03 05:54:02 UTC

Even Drop offered his help on coding but the guy is bullheaded

2020-01-03 05:55:11 UTC
2020-01-03 05:56:29 UTC

I gotta get to sleep I have an estimate early in the morning

2020-01-03 05:56:36 UTC


2020-01-03 05:56:43 UTC

I hope that goes really good !!!

2020-01-03 05:56:49 UTC

Have a good sleep bro

2020-01-03 05:57:51 UTC

Dallas I got your back

2020-01-03 05:58:01 UTC

I hope so thses people live in Switzerland . So I'm seeing the house manager tomorrow hopefully I score the job.

2020-01-03 05:58:07 UTC

I love Jesus with all my heart brother

2020-01-03 05:58:28 UTC

Yeah @Pro-Life warrior we sure do

2020-01-03 05:58:59 UTC

I hope you decide to stay around, I'd like to stay in touch @Dallas

2020-01-03 05:59:17 UTC

He's ran people off working on things for him that way.

2020-01-03 06:00:15 UTC

I'm not sure what was going on in the chat, I tried my best to defend Jesus

2020-01-03 06:00:54 UTC

He just has big thing against people talking about religion

2020-01-03 06:02:06 UTC

I understand, I do, it upsets me too, but that means that we have to stay strong, Jesus is with you Lizard

2020-01-03 06:02:22 UTC

a lot of channels are afraid to talk about God

2020-01-03 06:02:35 UTC

One of the constitutional rights of this country that people came running here for

2020-01-03 06:02:59 UTC

Freedom of religion

2020-01-03 06:03:28 UTC

More hypocrisy

2020-01-03 06:04:07 UTC
2020-01-03 06:04:11 UTC

I love you Lizard

2020-01-03 06:06:40 UTC

I hope Dallas gets back to me

2020-01-03 06:07:26 UTC

He will I don't think he going to leave us here

2020-01-03 06:09:09 UTC

Okay what did I miss

2020-01-03 06:09:16 UTC

God Bless @Pro-Life warrior I got to get my sleep

2020-01-03 06:10:17 UTC

Uh oh I saw that religion word used

2020-01-03 06:10:32 UTC

Ben went on a deleting and timeout spree everytime someone mentioned jesus

2020-01-03 06:10:58 UTC

Most Hated called him the devil

2020-01-03 06:11:11 UTC

But if the Lord is with us who can be against us?

2020-01-03 06:11:19 UTC

Religion argument in the chat

2020-01-03 06:11:26 UTC

Amen AZ

2020-01-03 06:11:33 UTC

If it's still going I should go in there

2020-01-03 06:11:56 UTC


2020-01-03 06:12:12 UTC

I tried to defend Dallas

2020-01-03 06:12:27 UTC

Dallas got in trouble too

2020-01-03 06:12:39 UTC

see I did not see that when he was called the devil

2020-01-03 06:13:01 UTC

Go check the live stream chat in the censor Wars Discord Channel

2020-01-03 06:13:14 UTC

I saw Most hated comments and that set me off. I said that God is Jesus

2020-01-03 06:13:19 UTC

God is one

2020-01-03 06:13:37 UTC

I can't find it

2020-01-03 06:13:57 UTC

can you send me the link

2020-01-03 06:14:07 UTC


2020-01-03 06:14:50 UTC

That's it

2020-01-03 06:15:02 UTC

saw it

2020-01-03 06:15:08 UTC

He was defending Dallas

2020-01-03 06:15:30 UTC

well again , I saw Pedro guy acting up and starting trouble

2020-01-03 06:15:56 UTC

Now that was just a search for the word devil

2020-01-03 06:16:06 UTC

Not the entire conversation

2020-01-03 06:18:21 UTC

Pro life is in VC over at Ben's AZ

2020-01-03 06:20:26 UTC

Good night everyone

2020-01-03 06:21:25 UTC

I don't know what's going to happen with me I'm sure getting tired of this internet shit

2020-01-03 06:25:35 UTC

I am in NY near the PA border

2020-01-03 06:25:43 UTC

Goodnight Liz

2020-01-03 06:26:03 UTC

In VC?

2020-01-03 06:26:14 UTC


2020-01-03 06:27:10 UTC

I am my father are one John 10:30

2020-01-03 06:27:35 UTC

I'm not one to give up Lizard

2020-01-03 06:27:59 UTC

I can't give up. Jesus said love them, hate their sin

2020-01-03 06:31:32 UTC

Psalms 110, even David knew who Jesus was

2020-01-03 06:33:33 UTC


2020-01-03 06:33:44 UTC

Jesus is all over the old testament πŸ˜ƒ

2020-01-03 06:33:57 UTC

I will never be at censorwars godless prick

2020-01-03 06:34:04 UTC

The LORDΒ said unto my Lord, Sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool

2020-01-03 06:34:36 UTC

@Dallas LOL, I'm surprised you stayed that long Dallas

2020-01-03 06:34:56 UTC


2020-01-03 06:35:04 UTC

Ben I I I I me me me me My website

2020-01-03 06:35:07 UTC

What a baby

2020-01-03 06:35:12 UTC

Dallas we know who wins right

2020-01-03 06:35:30 UTC

He is so unprofessional and wonders why no one does business with him

2020-01-03 06:35:34 UTC

I don't think Ben realizes it but he is a humanist

2020-01-03 06:35:35 UTC

He cusses in front of his kids

2020-01-03 06:35:42 UTC

That's a good example

2020-01-03 06:35:49 UTC

He's a moron

2020-01-03 06:36:01 UTC

Ben doesn't realize he sucks at what hes doing

2020-01-03 06:36:10 UTC

And pushes people away

2020-01-03 06:37:26 UTC

Ben has tanked his whole project, and I doubt it'll ever go anywhere. He will wind up alone talking to himself

2020-01-03 06:38:54 UTC

Hahaah rigjt no emojis he ignores chat

2020-01-03 06:39:03 UTC


2020-01-03 06:39:09 UTC

He put me in timeout for saying "I love jesus "

2020-01-03 06:39:15 UTC

Who the heck does that

2020-01-03 06:39:29 UTC

He is no brother if mine in Christ

2020-01-03 06:39:37 UTC

Dallas, if you read revelation, most of us become martyrs

2020-01-03 06:39:49 UTC

When we refused to accept the mark of the beast

2020-01-03 06:41:17 UTC

And remember when John the Baptist baptized Jesus, Jesus said that we will be baptized by water and fire. We haven't seen the fire yet

2020-01-03 06:41:44 UTC


2020-01-03 06:41:47 UTC

Those days are coming

2020-01-03 06:42:02 UTC

It's why It's hard for me to get a job . They sense the life of Christ in me

2020-01-03 06:42:21 UTC

They want robots

2020-01-03 06:42:24 UTC


2020-01-03 06:42:24 UTC

Talking about how things might take off with Iran, things may be changing soon

2020-01-03 06:42:36 UTC


2020-01-03 06:42:38 UTC

When they see a kid young sharp minded one they can't control they don't hire me lol

2020-01-03 06:42:44 UTC


2020-01-03 06:42:57 UTC

I've been following the news over there

2020-01-03 06:43:07 UTC

That's wild !! Took out Iran's 2nd top guy

2020-01-03 06:43:33 UTC

Are you familiar with Shia Muslim eschatology?

2020-01-03 06:44:04 UTC

To them the Mahdi comes when they are attacked

2020-01-03 06:44:43 UTC

Then the holy war starts

2020-01-03 06:45:52 UTC

Hi dalllas

2020-01-03 06:46:11 UTC

Hello pro life

2020-01-03 06:46:24 UTC

I hope you know brother that in my home we serve the Lord brother, Look at my new backdrop on live feed

2020-01-03 06:46:33 UTC

Oh I know you do

2020-01-03 06:46:38 UTC

You are awesome

2020-01-03 06:46:39 UTC

I put a Jesus backdrop up

2020-01-03 06:46:50 UTC


2020-01-03 06:47:59 UTC

I've been in chats since 2015 . And alot of hell in chats.. And getting put in time out for "I love jesus " tells me the person who deleted that is no brother of mine in Christ Jesus. And Jesus is way more important then some website tjat s not gonna make it anywhere with how Ben runs the show

2020-01-03 06:48:03 UTC

Ignores chatters

2020-01-03 06:48:08 UTC

Censors speech

2020-01-03 06:48:16 UTC

Bans me for saying I love jesus

2020-01-03 06:48:33 UTC

Has people help him for him to say no one helps him

2020-01-03 06:48:37 UTC

I saw that Pedro guy start the trouble

2020-01-03 06:48:53 UTC

i understand

2020-01-03 06:49:07 UTC

I just know saying I love jesus. Is not trouble and they put in me timeout for it never in my life has that happens

2020-01-03 06:49:16 UTC

I won't promote a chat that doesn't like Jesus

2020-01-03 06:50:02 UTC

I know , you didn't do anything wrong

2020-01-03 06:50:15 UTC

I promote Jesus on y channel

2020-01-03 06:50:35 UTC

Yes you do πŸ˜ƒ

2020-01-03 06:50:41 UTC

You do alot of good

2020-01-03 06:50:56 UTC

I'm going live later tonight, I will talk about how important having a relationship with Jesus is

2020-01-03 06:51:06 UTC

And the message you get out for stopping abortion is amazing !!!

2020-01-03 06:51:17 UTC

πŸ˜ƒ I will be there !

2020-01-03 06:51:24 UTC

maybe those people are lost and we should Pray for them

2020-01-03 06:51:32 UTC

thanks dallas

2020-01-03 06:51:44 UTC

Yes yes true

2020-01-03 06:51:53 UTC

When two or three Gather in my name I shall be there

2020-01-03 06:52:35 UTC

Someday Ben will be on his knees before the Living God

2020-01-03 06:52:36 UTC

πŸ™‚ thank you pro life and az.. I've been having a rough few weeks

2020-01-03 06:52:51 UTC

2020 feels like it will be fresh though

2020-01-03 06:53:24 UTC

Anytime Dallas

2020-01-03 06:53:36 UTC

You have a good soul

2020-01-03 06:53:54 UTC

And a good heart

2020-01-03 06:55:49 UTC

Thank you !

2020-01-03 06:55:55 UTC

Sometimes I fail

2020-01-03 07:02:20 UTC

going live now

2020-01-03 07:04:32 UTC


2020-01-03 11:27:09 UTC



2020-01-03 21:11:03 UTC


2020-01-03 21:17:04 UTC
2020-01-03 22:00:40 UTC

Hey Beautiful Kay !!!

2020-01-03 22:01:45 UTC

Wow I Just My First Day. bought This My Firet Time Ever it's a Hige ]Pizza dough Mied Shape Pretzel. with Peoperoni.... Damn it's so Deliicous and WARM Man!!!!!

2020-01-03 22:02:16 UTC


2020-01-03 22:06:38 UTC

ITS'S. So. It. Taste ' s. So. Good Good and Fresh Too damnit and The Size is Orertttoo !!!

2020-01-03 23:14:47 UTC

We are fucked

2020-01-03 23:14:56 UTC

At least I am

2020-01-03 23:15:04 UTC

I'm at my anti gun moms house

2020-01-03 23:15:25 UTC

My guns are 365 miles away

2020-01-03 23:27:03 UTC

https://www.twitch.tv/omnislabz live now cutting mettal mofo

2020-01-04 03:48:05 UTC


2020-01-04 03:50:45 UTC


2020-01-04 05:32:42 UTC


2020-01-04 06:52:59 UTC

@Deleted User welcome Dani

2020-01-04 11:08:37 UTC

This is definitely worth a look.
Pass it on!

2020-01-04 16:39:29 UTC

@Deleted User welcome πŸ‘‹

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