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2021-01-08 04:36:07 UTC

Thank you

2021-01-08 04:37:19 UTC

I urge people to read Alinsky's but not because I appreciate his work and apply it to my life. It's more of a know thy enemy type relationship lol.

2021-01-08 04:38:55 UTC

That is very important. I never like to go to something unprepared. I always try to make sure that I am familiar and preferably confident in opposing viewpoints prior to engaging. People’s views can and should be used against them to expose how there are potential flaws.

2021-01-08 04:39:37 UTC

Don’t get me wrong. Everything man made has the potential to be flawed.

2021-01-08 04:39:52 UTC

His last paragraph in his book forward sums things up.


2021-01-08 04:41:50 UTC

Oh wow.

2021-01-08 04:42:15 UTC

Once you get to know his works then you can do a little adventure and see what important political figures in the US studied under his tutelage and the bigger picture will become more clear.

2021-01-08 04:44:31 UTC

Are you familiar with... GOTV And MiniVan?

2021-01-08 04:45:54 UTC

Can't say that I am.

2021-01-08 04:46:33 UTC

Ok. They are the organizations that fund most voting organizations. Owned by the same people/groups of people.

2021-01-08 04:46:54 UTC

Deliberately fund opposing groups.

2021-01-08 04:47:02 UTC

Sounds about right

2021-01-08 04:47:16 UTC

People don’t talk about the funding for canvassing.

2021-01-08 04:47:45 UTC

If people exposed how targeted canvassing and get out the vote projects are then they would be made illegal.

2021-01-08 04:48:00 UTC

I think we can all agree the last thing the powers to be want are a unified people.

2021-01-08 04:49:41 UTC

Kind of it doesn't matter who votes, it matters who counts the votes type deal?

2021-01-08 04:51:43 UTC


2021-01-08 04:51:46 UTC


2021-01-08 04:52:12 UTC

The problem lies within...if people do the canvassing can they do it without bias?...if not even machines aren't flawless because they are subjected to human bias.

2021-01-08 04:52:46 UTC

It's a proverbial catch 22 if there ever was one.

2021-01-08 04:56:07 UTC

The canvassing is decided upon by bias. They choose neighborhoods based on race and socioeconomic conditions. Then they push their agenda and make sure they are eligible to vote and if not help them get registered.

2021-01-08 04:56:32 UTC

The machines are attached to the internet. That’s a huge fucking flaw.

2021-01-08 04:56:48 UTC


2021-01-08 04:57:27 UTC

That's like begging for foreign interference

2021-01-08 04:57:48 UTC


2021-01-08 04:58:03 UTC

It blows my mind. I really thought that would be illegal.

2021-01-08 04:58:33 UTC

It was at one point but I assume but I struggle to find current law stating it’s legality.

2021-01-08 04:59:39 UTC

Then you go into the realm of can you prove that someone did it intentionally or was it another "whoopsie."

2021-01-08 04:59:47 UTC

Did they really take pelosis computer or hard drive?

2021-01-08 05:00:08 UTC

I've been seeing the memes everywhere

2021-01-08 05:00:10 UTC

And shit on her desk

2021-01-08 05:00:24 UTC

Sorry. Very cracked screen.

2021-01-08 05:00:43 UTC

I need to get out and get a new phone.

2021-01-08 05:00:48 UTC

A dude did get arrested for shitting in her San fran house driveway

2021-01-08 05:01:08 UTC

At least that trespassing wasn’t a felony

2021-01-08 05:01:27 UTC

And I mean.

2021-01-08 05:01:35 UTC

I wouldn’t object to someone doing it again

2021-01-08 05:01:59 UTC

I think it's legal to pop a deuce on san fran streets

2021-01-08 05:02:27 UTC

Which kind of humored me that Pelosi got the man arrested.

2021-01-08 05:03:04 UTC

I would assume so given the percentage of homeless people and I am curious how that is being prosecuted when places in CA are not even prosecuting Drunk Driving And releasing prisoners

2021-01-08 05:03:33 UTC

It’s very shady that that is Enforced while other horrendous acts are not.

2021-01-08 05:05:02 UTC

Exactly. Some poor secret service guy probably had to pick it up.

2021-01-08 05:05:44 UTC

Like literally I don't get paid enough for this shit.

2021-01-08 05:07:57 UTC

I look at people like her and the last thing I think is government of the people by the people

2021-01-08 05:09:13 UTC

I am really hoping that a movement to change the constitution and add an amendment for congress term limits will eventually happen.

2021-01-08 05:09:41 UTC

Term limits absolutely

2021-01-08 05:09:53 UTC

Couldn't agree more

2021-01-08 05:15:50 UTC

I mean. Especially with career politicians, most of them have a goal of becoming president. Either that or they are content with taking people’s money and taking it and taking it and increasing their own payment and pensions and people forget that the government is a non-money making entity. It is solely paid for by the taxpayer.

2021-01-08 05:16:10 UTC

I firmly believe that there needs to be a nationwide history program that teaches actual history and also teaches about the way the government works. I think it should not vary from state to state.

2021-01-08 05:16:36 UTC

If it’s American history it should be the same across the board. History is not subject to how a state views it.

2021-01-08 05:17:57 UTC

@Livingstone fckn amen to that. The way we teach history and truth is laughable. The only issue there is if we regulate the teachings of history, if the government controls that regulation, they can lie all they want and it will be the status quo.

2021-01-08 05:18:13 UTC

Very true.

2021-01-08 05:18:27 UTC

A seriously fine-line on education across the board

2021-01-08 05:19:17 UTC

It really bugs me that censorship of history is being promoted. It blows my mind. I wish that there was a baseline and then the state could expand on it but could not detract from it. I don’t believe that it should be regulated by the government. But I do believe that it should be the same across the board.

2021-01-08 05:19:46 UTC

adding to that, the whole "common core" math they're teaching is absurdity, and making people dumber. And I'm not a boomer like people stereotype anti-commoncore people with, i'm in my mid'20's. wtf happened to mathematics.

2021-01-08 05:21:17 UTC

Dude I turn 27 next month. I don’t understand common core. My roommate, well ex roommate, is going to be a teacher. She was some six years younger than me and she and her younger sister who is 10 years younger than me both have experience with common core. I don’t understand how they can be so not smart. I wouldn’t call her dumb. But she can’t do basic writing, reading, Or math. 

2021-01-08 05:22:39 UTC

Like. She just can’t. She can’t read quickly. Hast to read something multiple times to process it. And her writing is atrocious. She is going to be an educator.

2021-01-08 05:23:20 UTC

Not a D’s Get degrees educator. I don’t even know how to describe it.

2021-01-08 05:23:38 UTC

Truth, my sister got her degree in education and she is constantly complaining about how everyone in the system is dense. They might not necessarily be dumb, but the way they've been taught to interpret/compute things is so braindead, they can't problem-solve at all on their own.

2021-01-08 05:24:42 UTC

They don’t have any critical thinking skills. They are incapable of coming to their own conclusion or producing individual analysis.

2021-01-08 05:24:48 UTC

It’s bull shit.

2021-01-08 05:24:51 UTC

I'm a programmer for a living, and literally all you do is problemsolve, so when people have an issue understanding things like percentages i'm totally taken aback. I had a debate with a friend over mixing 2 cans of beer together, he said it'd make 10% alcohol if he mixed 2 5% beers together. This guy has a DEGREE

2021-01-08 05:25:08 UTC

Oh my god that’s so funny

2021-01-08 05:25:20 UTC

I genuinely witch cackled.

2021-01-08 05:25:38 UTC

I laughed too but internally i was a bit upset. wtf happened to education, my lord.

2021-01-08 05:25:41 UTC

I mean if he wants to make a homemade black and tan that is one thing.

2021-01-08 05:26:15 UTC

I’m working on getting my degree atm.

2021-01-08 05:26:46 UTC

Rhetoric. I take time off to work in the real world and make money so I can go to school because I don’t believe in student loans.

2021-01-08 05:28:02 UTC

Some of the people, man. Like these young girls that are so alt leftist. Especially from the early childhood and education field. They just don’t make any sense.

2021-01-08 05:28:26 UTC

And when they get out they’ll be preschool and elementary teachers with debt.

2021-01-08 05:29:07 UTC

It breaks my heart that they are the teachers of the future when they are so. Bleh.

2021-01-08 05:30:35 UTC

Side note. Did you ever watch the IT crowd?

2021-01-08 05:35:58 UTC

Agreed, the upcoming generation of teachers are a total heartbreaker. Despite the fact that they're mostly indoctrinated by leftist ideals, they also are just NOT critical thinkers at all. They're the kinds of teachers that get mad when students point out a mistake they made during teaching and might even punish for it. It's a sad state of affairs.

2021-01-08 05:36:01 UTC

And no, I have not.

2021-01-08 05:53:39 UTC

I absolutely agree. It is really sad. It’s a British humor show. Predates big bang theory. It’s… Not the same thing as programming. But it does center around IT.

2021-01-08 05:54:12 UTC

I don’t want to be a teacher. I actually do want to make money and do something with my life. But I will fall into teaching probably by the time I hit 45.

2021-01-08 05:54:37 UTC

That is my goal. I don’t wanna seek being a teacher. I want to fall into it when the time is right.

2021-01-08 17:57:36 UTC

@Skizerz they've really done a disservice to teachers in the US. It's absolutely pathetic how they are treated.

2021-01-08 18:00:41 UTC

Education in this country is abysmal at best. My daughter is in a Charter school, which is at least a slight improvement over Public School, but I still worry for her education.

2021-01-08 18:03:09 UTC

There are aspects of potential protection for our education institutions, but those protections could limit diversity of topics and freedom of information. I just wish there was a way to mandate fact only delivery. No propaganda or opinions.

2021-01-08 18:03:26 UTC

Only in the US do you have to pay a premium for a decent education. In my case I was sent to a catholic school and it was bad comparatively to public school because of lack of resources.

2021-01-08 18:04:27 UTC

@AlexanderTorri agree 100% cut out the bs indoctrination.

2021-01-08 18:06:45 UTC

Our higher education systems have always had a romance with ideological systems such as communism/ socialism. I don't know if you've ever heard of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn but he was boo'ed out of Harvard for presenting an anti-communism speech.

2021-01-08 18:07:01 UTC

The question is how is elimination of indoctrination communicated through legal language without limiting liberties? There is a freedom of press and speech granted by the 1st amendment. Anything contrary to the broad envelope created by the language is automatically unconstitutional. So it seems propaganda is even protected.

2021-01-08 18:07:19 UTC

Lol figures...

2021-01-08 18:08:11 UTC

You control the language you control the narrative.

2021-01-08 18:08:56 UTC

Democrats seem to be predominantly ideologues. When they are challenged the backlash they bring is chaotic.

2021-01-08 18:09:44 UTC

Such is the case when your ideology is based off of emotion rather than fact.

2021-01-08 18:10:30 UTC

Conservative ideology is practical and based off of historical understanding. When the status quo is challenged, they panic.

2021-01-08 18:11:04 UTC

We need a mix... an ideological basis with a strong root in tradition

2021-01-08 18:13:25 UTC

Ideology wrapped with emotions is child like and representative of immaturity. Realistically, an assessment of emotional response to challenge should be a determining factor in assessing a person’s compatibility for holding a governmental position... lol

2021-01-08 18:13:26 UTC

The problem is the ideologies wane and wax with the current system... too conservative it shifts liberal too liberal it shifts conservative. There's really never balance. Just shifts in power.

2021-01-08 18:15:00 UTC

Oh no... definitely don’t want to control ideology, let it be fluid. The problem is when emotions are in the mix.

2021-01-08 18:16:03 UTC

I agree to that.

2021-01-08 18:17:48 UTC

I think improvements in education would help a lot of the growing pains associated with that. Gullible, less educated people tend to fall in to the trap of basing their decision off of emotion over fact.

2021-01-08 18:18:36 UTC

The primary difference that I have noticed between many liberals and conservatives is where the blame is placed. On one’s self, conservative. On others, liberal.

2021-01-08 18:18:49 UTC

And by education I mean classical education not the indoctrination systems we see today.

2021-01-08 18:18:57 UTC

I agree

2021-01-08 18:19:21 UTC

I think what you said falls down to culture.

2021-01-08 18:19:33 UTC

It’s unfortunately cultural

2021-01-08 18:20:11 UTC

Monetary status seems to contribute to cultural divide, but socialist ideology is no solution.

2021-01-08 18:21:00 UTC

You're absolutely right.

2021-01-08 18:21:29 UTC

Monetary status is aided by self-empowerment and factual education.

2021-01-08 18:22:11 UTC

Cultural divides exist because many are told they are powerless. Education is to blame solely for that mindset.

2021-01-08 18:22:37 UTC

A lot has happened to make people feel that no matter how hard they work their outcome will never change.

2021-01-08 18:23:01 UTC

If we as a society overcome victim thought, then capitalism will flourish.

2021-01-08 18:23:29 UTC

I think the US could use a lot of job place reform to change that thought though.

2021-01-08 18:23:30 UTC

Corruption and propagandist education happened

2021-01-08 18:24:05 UTC

What ideas do you have for job place reform?

2021-01-08 18:24:36 UTC

You've got people who perform hard work and they get paid just as much as the slacker in the next cubicle.

2021-01-08 18:24:52 UTC

Ah... minimum wage

2021-01-08 18:25:02 UTC

We need to get rid of that crap

2021-01-08 18:25:17 UTC

No more like merit based reward systems

2021-01-08 18:25:33 UTC

Pay people what they are worth and what they contribute... not based on “political correctness feeling fixing” crap

2021-01-08 18:25:47 UTC

Even in jobs that pay decent the same issues prevail

2021-01-08 18:26:23 UTC

The people who work hard never get promoted because they carry their teammates....leads to stagnation

2021-01-08 18:27:02 UTC

In other words remove socialism from the US work force.

2021-01-08 18:27:29 UTC

Regulations and high business tax limit available resource allocation. When combined with minimum wage, the available funds to pay based on merits is limited.

2021-01-08 18:27:53 UTC

I agree

2021-01-08 18:28:07 UTC

Ban unions too

2021-01-08 18:29:02 UTC

That's when the federal government gives tax breaks to the business and tax companies that utilize foreign resources more heavily.

2021-01-08 18:29:46 UTC

But you have to do something to ensure that the money isn't just shoved in the ceo's pockets.

2021-01-08 18:30:07 UTC

The foreign crap needs to stop in my opinion. Seeking out cheaper employment and punishing companies with higher taxes for employing internally makes no sense.

2021-01-08 18:30:42 UTC

Yes it's an absolute abomination to our economy

2021-01-08 18:30:47 UTC

The ceo needs money to grow the company and expand services/products. Limiting his/her funds makes no sense.

2021-01-08 18:31:11 UTC

No I mean the ceo's personal gain

2021-01-08 18:31:19 UTC


2021-01-08 18:31:29 UTC

He created the company, right?

2021-01-08 18:31:45 UTC

Point taken

2021-01-08 18:32:33 UTC

The point is making some of that money reach the lower forces in the company.

2021-01-08 18:33:18 UTC

There is a whole other solution to that issue other than limiting the ceo.

2021-01-08 18:33:30 UTC

I'm all ears

2021-01-08 18:36:41 UTC

Self empowerment allows the individual to understand they are not a victim and do not have to maintain employment within a company. If they feel the ceo’s values do not align with their own, they have the ability to leave. If enough were to believe that and leave a bad ceo, he/she would be best suited to change their style and practices to suit his/her employees. CEOs are held up by the workforce. If they have no workforce, they have no capital gain... and thus no business.

2021-01-08 18:37:26 UTC

I like that.

2021-01-08 18:37:31 UTC

Great point.

2021-01-08 18:37:48 UTC

That was the issue back before the unions were popularized. People believed they were victims and had no choice in the matter. So they begged the government to allow representation from unions to “punish” ceos.

2021-01-08 18:38:48 UTC

The terrible education people receive limit them from understanding their own power and capability.

2021-01-08 18:39:18 UTC

Those who are successful know one thing very well. Their own effort and drive is what makes or breaks.

2021-01-08 18:39:48 UTC

Yeah it's a tough thing to do when people start out their lives in so much debt mainly due to college cost inflation. It's basically entrapment.

2021-01-08 18:40:01 UTC

I have a terrible habit of procrastination, which is my own problem and what limits my own ability to succeed.

2021-01-08 18:40:24 UTC

Yeah... tuition rates are another travesty.

2021-01-08 18:41:54 UTC

People back in the 60's could work a part time job and have college paid off by the time they graduate. I'm still paying on mine almost a decade later and I make a decent salary.

2021-01-08 18:42:35 UTC

I made right at 93k this year in an area that has a median salary of 40k.

2021-01-08 18:42:36 UTC

But... in all honesty... the belief that you have to pay exorbitant rates for a good education is what allows private and public universities to charge those rates. If people understood their education is in their own hands (internet) and they don’t have to get the most expensive degree at the most expensive school to be “recognized”, then the tuition issue would solve itself in time.

2021-01-08 18:42:51 UTC

Ignorance and victim thought gives power to these institutions.

2021-01-08 18:43:40 UTC

Schools are a business too and if they have no students, they have no business.

2021-01-08 18:43:56 UTC

A smart ceo will adjust rates to compete.

2021-01-08 18:44:22 UTC

I think that thought back feeds from work places requiring degrees for jobs that they didn't. It only perpetuates from there.

2021-01-08 18:44:34 UTC


2021-01-08 18:44:45 UTC

Ignorance at it’s finest

2021-01-08 18:45:13 UTC

The people in the US are way more powerful than they believe.

2021-01-08 18:46:14 UTC

Like I wanted to apply for an environmental position at my work and the guy before had no degree. When they post his position it now requires a bs/ms in environmental science or equivalent.

2021-01-08 18:46:26 UTC

US exceptionalism is a real thing.

2021-01-08 18:47:38 UTC

It definitely sounds unfair, but do you have to stand for it? Nope. You have the freedom to go work for someone with integrity. But it all depends on situations of course.

2021-01-08 18:47:51 UTC

It sounds like you are in a government job?

2021-01-08 18:48:21 UTC

Energy sector

2021-01-08 18:48:28 UTC

Not govt

2021-01-08 18:49:15 UTC

Slightly limiting... relocating would probably be required if you were to find a comparable position at a different company.

2021-01-08 18:49:34 UTC

Unfortunately, not everyone can relocate.

2021-01-08 18:50:02 UTC

So I see where your grievance could be stemming from

2021-01-08 18:50:37 UTC

Does the company you work for have a monopoly over the area?

2021-01-08 18:50:45 UTC

My limiting factor is being able to move.

2021-01-08 18:50:54 UTC

Yep. Relocating

2021-01-08 18:51:51 UTC

But that's a personal thing. The company I work for covers the entirety of the south east.

2021-01-08 18:52:21 UTC

If only there were more energy companies to enable solid competition and choice.

2021-01-08 18:53:32 UTC

There are plenty I'm just stuck mainly due to personal things like family and having young kids.

2021-01-08 18:53:38 UTC

I used to live around Round Rock, Texas and the beautiful thing there is we had a plethora of energy companies to select from. Going into Austin though... there is a monopoly.

2021-01-08 18:54:00 UTC

Makes sense. Sorry to hear you feel stuck.

2021-01-08 18:54:41 UTC

It is what it is. I make a good salary. Just feel like I can contribute more if given the opportunity.

2021-01-08 18:55:11 UTC

I hate the idea of schmoozing, but have you considered it?

2021-01-08 18:55:29 UTC

What's that?

2021-01-08 18:55:44 UTC

Getting to be good friends with the boss

2021-01-08 18:56:38 UTC

Sadly, the biggest issue in workforce is there is a heavy “who you know” influence.

2021-01-08 18:56:41 UTC

Ah yeah. I've got a solid relationship with my boss. I'm pretty much the go to guy.... but that in its own right is limiting.

2021-01-08 18:56:49 UTC


2021-01-08 18:57:21 UTC

Have you directly asked him to pull some strings for you?

2021-01-08 18:59:09 UTC

I could do better at that. I've at least vocalized that I don't want to stay at my current job forever and have signed up for outside training and development but that usually gets shutdown or denied.

2021-01-08 19:00:08 UTC

Does your company offer a career development map?

2021-01-08 19:00:46 UTC

Yes. I've filled out my pathway and submitted it to where management can see it.

2021-01-08 19:01:35 UTC

It sounds like you’ll need to hound your boss for internal resources and string pulling. He needs to be your advocate and right hand man on this.

2021-01-08 19:02:47 UTC

I need to get a mentor in one of my areas of interest and we have a program for that but my application always gets denied.

2021-01-08 19:04:17 UTC

Do you know why?

2021-01-08 19:05:40 UTC

Outside of you weren't selected, not really.

2021-01-08 19:06:03 UTC

See if your boss can find out more info on why you weren’t selected.

2021-01-08 19:07:39 UTC

I definitely will next go around but I think it will be fruitless... they really can't say that you don't fit the demographic if you know what I mean.

2021-01-08 19:08:47 UTC


2021-01-08 19:09:37 UTC

That's the really frustrating part

2021-01-08 19:13:16 UTC

So I take it you are a straight white male?

2021-01-08 19:17:51 UTC

https://youtu.be/BUqSy1qzc4E has anyone taken a look at this??

2021-01-08 20:31:13 UTC
2021-01-08 20:36:57 UTC

@Zeke what's the tldr on this. I'm watching but it's an hour long.

2021-01-08 21:02:20 UTC

Lol 😂 you caught me. I didn’t wanna watch it all and was hoping someone else would hahahaha

2021-01-08 21:04:00 UTC

The background voice is just a guide. The relevant info is the scrolling script of legal docs from a court case. I’m guessing that it is all the movements a person took to do everything in legal fashion but was turned away from the courts despite appealing each time

2021-01-08 21:11:46 UTC

I’ll watch it later but I’m out and about atm.

2021-01-08 21:11:54 UTC

If it has subtitles I can watch it now.

2021-01-08 21:12:30 UTC

Nope. No captions available.

2021-01-08 21:12:56 UTC

Nope. Just a visual showing of court adjudications with random sad man talking in the background

2021-01-08 21:13:22 UTC

Totally can’t multitask like that

2021-01-08 21:18:32 UTC

After I get my Taco Bell I’ll watch and update y’all. Give me 30

2021-01-08 21:39:36 UTC

@Zeke doesn't help that the background music is louder than his voice.

2021-01-08 22:24:37 UTC

Thank goodness it’s Friday...

2021-01-08 22:25:50 UTC

No but the voice has nothing to do with the visual — which is the entire point. I suspect this was done to disguise it to prevent it being taken down

2021-01-08 23:44:13 UTC

Can someone tell me if Parler is working?

2021-01-08 23:44:52 UTC

Parler not working for me either.

2021-01-08 23:44:58 UTC


2021-01-08 23:45:01 UTC


2021-01-08 23:52:15 UTC

Interesting time for it to go down

2021-01-08 23:52:35 UTC

Trumps account being fully suspended on Twitter right before it

2021-01-09 00:15:13 UTC

It might have been overloaded by a crap ton of people joining today. Thats what happened when it first caught on, but you never know.

2021-01-09 00:59:33 UTC

I wonder if Trump will finally join Parler

2021-01-09 01:00:06 UTC

It is overloaded

2021-01-09 01:00:43 UTC

Probably so. He, Lin Wood, Sidney Powell all blocked on twitter. Bannon’s war room has been removed from YouTube

2021-01-09 01:01:13 UTC

This is fucking garbage and a giant steaming shit on freedom and free speech from Big Tech

2021-01-09 01:01:47 UTC

Apple and Google are getting pressure about Parler now

2021-01-09 01:01:48 UTC

Look at what rudy Juliani posted on his you tube.

2021-01-09 01:01:54 UTC


2021-01-09 01:02:28 UTC


2021-01-09 01:02:51 UTC

Its on his channel on you tube not hard to find.

2021-01-09 01:03:24 UTC

You beat me too it lol

2021-01-09 01:03:45 UTC

Sorry friend. At this point, I imagine things have to be released and re released because so many things have been removed.

2021-01-09 01:04:14 UTC

No problem at all.

2021-01-09 01:14:09 UTC

I cant see the message history. Can you please fix it

2021-01-09 01:42:59 UTC

Good video from mayor Giuliani. Just finished it.

2021-01-09 01:47:05 UTC

I’m late to the game. But this just in from WSJ


2021-01-09 01:47:37 UTC

Apple may take down Parler

2021-01-09 01:47:51 UTC

This is why section 230 needed to pass

2021-01-09 01:47:59 UTC

But the fools didn’t listen

2021-01-09 01:53:55 UTC

Trump, Lin Wood, Sidney Powell all blocked on twitter. Bannon’s war room has been removed from YouTube

2021-01-09 01:54:10 UTC

They are acting as publishers and are no longer forums. Must be removed.

2021-01-09 01:54:20 UTC

Must be held accountable.

2021-01-09 01:57:31 UTC

The overreach tells me they are in full blown panic to be honest...

2021-01-09 02:00:45 UTC

Those old foggies must not yet know about discord but it’s only a matter of time. Fuck!

2021-01-09 02:20:07 UTC

It’s not looking good, y’all.

2021-01-09 02:31:53 UTC

555888 and text TRUMPET

2021-01-09 02:32:02 UTC

Yes. It could either make Martyrs or be hella effective because tbh they are so old.

2021-01-09 02:32:12 UTC

88022 and text TRUMP

2021-01-09 02:32:19 UTC

What are those?

2021-01-09 02:32:31 UTC

Other methods to gain info

2021-01-09 02:32:35 UTC

Thank you

2021-01-09 02:32:50 UTC

They just shut down Parler

2021-01-09 02:32:59 UTC

The one free place to voice

2021-01-09 02:33:06 UTC

This is crazy

2021-01-09 02:33:27 UTC

Holy shit are you sure it’s not just overloaded

2021-01-09 02:33:52 UTC

It’s been overwhelmed today.

2021-01-09 02:33:54 UTC

Go to the App Store via android or google

2021-01-09 02:34:01 UTC

It’s taken off

2021-01-09 02:34:08 UTC

But that doesn’t mean it still doesn’t work if you have the app

2021-01-09 02:34:14 UTC

Right? Let me check

2021-01-09 02:34:25 UTC

Use duck duck go and it will work

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