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2020-07-11 12:01:03 UTC

"Next time, do not make yo mama insults, it just angers them" .. ๐Ÿคฃ

2020-07-12 00:01:39 UTC


2020-07-12 00:33:40 UTC


2020-07-12 00:38:16 UTC


2020-07-12 00:50:44 UTC


2020-07-12 03:58:37 UTC

when they put u in the wrong mmr lol


2020-07-12 04:35:07 UTC

it is solely because you smoke carrots

2020-07-12 04:42:50 UTC

JD is big ghey

2020-07-12 04:45:37 UTC

thats because JD is a mega faggot

2020-07-12 05:18:21 UTC

Kent v. Dulles, 357 U.S. 116, 125 (1958).ย  Clearly, the choice of what a person wears is a matter of taste for the individual and not a matter of regulation by the government.ย  Cohen v. California, 403 U.S.15, 25 (1971) (wearing jacket with the words โ€œFuck the Draftโ€ on it).ย  The right to control the appearence oneโ€™s own body necessarily means a person has the right to be let alone - the most comprehensive of rights and the right most valued by civilized men. Olmstead v. U.S., 277 U.S. 438,478 (Brandeis, J., dissenting).ย  The right to oneโ€™s own personal appearance is a personal freedom protected under the Ninth Amendment and the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. Crews v. Cloncs, 432 F.2d 1259 (7th Cir. 1970); Breen v. Kahl, 419 F.2d 1034 (7th Cir. 1969). ย The right to your personal appearance is "implicit in the 'liberty' assurance of the Due Process Clause." Richards v. Thurston, 424 F.2d 1281, 1284 (1st Cir. 1970).

2020-07-12 10:07:36 UTC


2020-07-13 21:27:38 UTC


2020-07-13 22:56:04 UTC

straight doin ya mom, straight doin ya mom, in the ass and she fucking loves the cock

2020-07-13 22:58:11 UTC

N ๐ŸงŠ

2020-07-13 23:05:50 UTC

join a channle

2020-07-13 23:05:57 UTC

legend will pull you

2020-07-13 23:13:03 UTC

I canโ€™t see anything here

2020-07-13 23:50:08 UTC


2020-07-14 01:40:54 UTC

Fuck yes finally some justice!


2020-07-14 02:35:06 UTC
2020-07-14 04:23:46 UTC


2020-07-14 14:09:40 UTC

i use to watch that cartoon growing up @Miller

2020-07-16 04:03:50 UTC

My letter to Texas Governor Abbot:


2020-07-16 19:32:20 UTC

This is what happens when the silent majority starts to wake up!

2020-07-16 19:33:41 UTC


2020-07-16 19:34:35 UTC


2020-07-16 19:35:07 UTC


2020-07-16 19:36:06 UTC

Haha now thatโ€™s how you send a message! Not burning buildings or tearing down statues!

2020-07-16 22:26:56 UTC


2020-07-16 22:27:38 UTC


2020-07-16 22:58:41 UTC


2020-07-18 21:08:18 UTC

I tell ya man when Iโ€™m putting around my town, people better hope I donโ€™t see any of this shit!

2020-07-18 22:23:17 UTC

that couple accused of racism, if its true, they deserve that beat down. everything else you posted, those people are pieces of shit.

2020-07-18 23:21:13 UTC

come to me and try that shit there be carried by 6

2020-07-19 03:03:11 UTC

After this shooting BLM was protesting it, I mean come on, the dude tried to shoot a cop in the face

2020-07-19 03:04:27 UTC

@ReckedDX The couple if they said some racist shit knock em in the mouth and be done with it, but to gang beat someone like that is some pussy shit in my opinion!

2020-07-19 03:05:15 UTC

@elders Couldn't agree more brother

2020-07-19 03:05:46 UTC

@ReckedDX I think you might be interested in my latest video

2020-07-19 03:06:05 UTC

A non-biased view point on it!

2020-07-19 03:43:47 UTC


2020-07-19 10:12:01 UTC


2020-07-19 10:13:12 UTC


2020-07-19 10:16:47 UTC


2020-07-19 10:18:30 UTC


2020-07-19 10:19:24 UTC


2020-07-19 10:20:28 UTC


2020-07-19 13:30:59 UTC

Ahtu worshipping Elong0?

2020-07-21 00:13:16 UTC

It would seem Erik/Dank needs to lay off of the pipe for a minute!


2020-07-21 00:55:36 UTC

If everyone wears them technically it does

2020-07-21 00:56:05 UTC

Reduces spread from coughing and sneezes

2020-07-21 00:57:21 UTC

But i mean really if u dony wanna risk it dont go near crowds nothing will 100% protect you

2020-07-22 19:32:47 UTC


2020-07-22 22:08:28 UTC

ask a vegan. if we weren't meant to eat animals, why where they made out of food ๐Ÿ™‚

2020-07-22 22:24:31 UTC

Just ask a vegan how they plan to stop farmers mass killing insects to produce crops and they die inside

2020-07-22 22:25:08 UTC

Well the extreme vegans anyways

2020-07-22 22:36:53 UTC

I'll never forget how beautiful it was when i flew on a airline for the first time. until after about an hour of looking out of the window it hit me how i could barely see one any space not used up by humans for farming or some thing else.

2020-07-22 22:54:07 UTC

Last time I was in a plane and looked out the window half of Queensland was on fire

2020-07-22 23:15:29 UTC

last time i was on a plane, i was jumping out of it

2020-07-23 12:00:27 UTC

โ€œKnowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave.โ€

โ€• Frederick Douglass

2020-07-25 22:23:45 UTC

oi ya cunt

2020-07-26 02:19:31 UTC


2020-07-26 02:51:45 UTC


2020-07-26 02:52:21 UTC

5 chronium grains from one coffer

2020-07-26 03:01:07 UTC


2020-07-26 08:26:57 UTC


2020-07-26 08:27:01 UTC

the only guy in the entire tregion, a city of 25 million people is Mr A

2020-07-26 08:27:25 UTC

Mr A walks over to me and puts his heavy hard hands on my shoulders, looks me dead in the eyes and says, "My sister. I KILL YOU!"

2020-07-26 08:27:39 UTC

And......that was the beginning.

2020-07-26 08:28:07 UTC

30 years later.....divorces, kids, traveling the world, FATE, OH FORTUNA Herself has interceded for us and brought us together.

2020-07-27 02:42:54 UTC


2020-07-27 10:40:56 UTC

I remember when Austin was a nice place to visit, especially Zilker Park and Barton Springs

2020-07-28 02:49:07 UTC


2020-07-28 02:49:18 UTC

fuck that bitch

2020-07-29 02:15:06 UTC


2020-07-29 02:16:02 UTC


2020-07-29 02:16:44 UTC


2020-07-29 03:40:56 UTC


2020-07-29 19:48:30 UTC
2020-07-29 21:18:08 UTC

@ReckedDX its all good bro im going to switch to my account now anyway

2020-07-30 02:45:48 UTC


2020-07-30 02:55:05 UTC

So this is what happens when you use JD's Black Widow Build on a StamDen (look at chat)


2020-07-30 03:14:12 UTC


2020-07-30 04:11:35 UTC
2020-07-31 02:55:58 UTC


2020-07-31 05:14:54 UTC


2020-07-31 05:15:15 UTC

Thanks for the role. and lmao

2020-07-31 08:47:04 UTC


2020-07-31 20:42:29 UTC
2020-08-01 13:49:56 UTC

Hey guys!

2020-08-01 13:50:03 UTC

Take a look at the golden vendor

2020-08-01 13:50:19 UTC

Balorg's Mask is there for 200ap!

2020-08-02 05:31:11 UTC

Made it home safely guys, luckily nothing went down, no real violence where we were at, cops came out to arrest people saw my family and I, we all had AR-15s, they stopped took a hard look saw our pistols in open carry and decided to move on, because in Texas, open carrying of a pistol typically means they are trained in gun safety. It was pretty cool, my family actually enjoyed being out there. I'll post the videos soon.

2020-08-02 18:02:32 UTC

Glade to hear you and your family are safe.

2020-08-02 21:24:59 UTC





2020-08-02 22:16:16 UTC


2020-08-02 22:53:57 UTC


2020-08-03 07:41:30 UTC



2020-08-04 06:21:58 UTC

Lol he fucking kills it!

2020-08-04 08:34:54 UTC


2020-08-04 09:20:22 UTC


2020-08-04 11:12:04 UTC

Fucking makes me sick!


2020-08-04 11:21:50 UTC

Last night I slept with my hot Brazillian girlfriend, spent the evening eating feijoada (Brazilian black beans, pigs feet and ear with rice and spices), deep fried chicken, and learned how Brazilian culture is deeply educated in psychology and chooses to party instead of being upset about shit.
There is a cost for laughing and dancing, drinking and fucking instead of being upset about politics....but then again there is Carnival.

2020-08-04 11:22:30 UTC

Yes, the food was amazing, the sex was so off the hook there are no words, and I didn't watch or hear or think of anything related to the crap on the news about covid or politics.

2020-08-04 11:23:18 UTC

today I woke up and had a great day.
Pretty sure you don't need to polute your mind with BLM/Politics etc.....just saying...
I did miss playing ESO with you you magnificent bastard.

2020-08-04 22:06:46 UTC


2020-08-04 22:06:57 UTC

Lol Crowder was in DT Austin

2020-08-05 13:19:34 UTC

Sucks when you learn the truth doesn't it!


2020-08-05 13:40:47 UTC

@ReckedDX and here is the truth, trust it's sad to learn the reality! Because of what this county has just been through, and it was all a lie!

2020-08-05 13:48:15 UTC

I'll choose to ignore this post because that man was begging for his life on camera regardless of the "evidence" you have.

2020-08-05 13:48:42 UTC

Shit is wrong regardless

2020-08-05 13:49:00 UTC

@ReckedDX Are you that dense that body cam footage changes everything

2020-08-05 13:49:14 UTC

Not saying Im not open to perspective but his death is something I wont sway my opinion on.

2020-08-05 13:49:22 UTC

He was screaming for his life before he even got out of his own car

2020-08-05 13:51:44 UTC

regardless of what went down, his death was unjustified.

2020-08-05 13:52:13 UTC

@ReckedDX That my friend is not something I can be ok with, this country has been destroyed with riots over a fucking lie, and you would choose to believe a lie even if the truth is throw in your face, with evidence that cannot be ignored, that ideology is what will cause riots when those cops get off. An attorney general with held this information and allowed this to happen.

2020-08-05 13:52:28 UTC

Cannot be ok with*

2020-08-05 13:52:51 UTC

We will see how the court of law handles this. Im done with the subject.

2020-08-05 13:54:36 UTC


2020-08-05 13:55:39 UTC


2020-08-05 13:55:57 UTC


2020-08-05 13:57:30 UTC

deaf ears blind eyes friend.

2020-08-05 14:03:42 UTC

@ReckedDX refusing to even listen to the facts, makes me sick man, here I thought you were a truth seeker, but it would seem I was mistaken. Being ignorant is one thing, but choosing to is another and something that literally infuriates me!

2020-08-05 15:33:06 UTC

I dont have the time or the patience. I'll check this out when I want to invest the time.

2020-08-05 23:36:15 UTC

Dinner Time


2020-08-05 23:36:33 UTC

gotta have my beer

2020-08-06 03:32:47 UTC


2020-08-07 00:20:58 UTC
2020-08-07 00:26:09 UTC


2020-08-07 00:26:20 UTC


2020-08-07 00:26:29 UTC


2020-08-07 00:26:29 UTC


2020-08-07 13:23:08 UTC

Here is the new Youtube channel for news that I made, give me a sub and please like the videos for that search algorithm. Thanks guys!

2020-08-07 13:23:40 UTC

Here is the latest stream too, it was a news talk, hope you enjoy!

2020-08-07 16:26:51 UTC

what are y'all farming?

2020-08-07 16:27:02 UTC


2020-08-07 16:43:34 UTC

nice run

2020-08-07 16:44:38 UTC

want me to login?

2020-08-07 16:44:49 UTC

k .. take a break from reading

2020-08-07 16:47:19 UTC
2020-08-07 16:48:16 UTC

you can send inv to that @ name

2020-08-07 18:08:57 UTC

any time

2020-08-08 17:00:20 UTC

my city is all nuts @JDMOONAN Glad i moved out of the city years ago!

2020-08-09 00:47:00 UTC

this channel is starting to look like a bunch of chicken shit bullshit

2020-08-10 02:14:29 UTC


2020-08-10 17:30:40 UTC


2020-08-10 17:54:48 UTC


2020-08-10 20:29:28 UTC

check zone chat!


2020-08-10 20:32:25 UTC


2020-08-10 20:32:26 UTC

Goodnight poor child

2020-08-10 21:46:09 UTC


2020-08-10 23:40:11 UTC

lol i found this clip @JDMOONAN eat some balls shields didnt help https://clips.twitch.tv/ProtectiveAnimatedCucumberBloodTrail

2020-08-11 17:08:48 UTC

dope ass song

2020-08-11 20:55:08 UTC

@ReckedDX sick track

2020-08-12 04:16:43 UTC


2020-08-12 05:01:00 UTC


2020-08-12 09:15:20 UTC

Carried that for sure!!!


2020-08-12 09:25:55 UTC



2020-08-12 11:31:29 UTC


2020-08-12 11:58:59 UTC


2020-08-12 12:20:39 UTC

#1 in Deathmatch baby!


2020-08-12 13:36:02 UTC


2020-08-12 14:56:52 UTC

this is crazy but funny and true https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-2ljfYof04

2020-08-12 15:28:01 UTC

How will they fuck Andy Ngo now?

2020-08-12 17:22:25 UTC

only in Portland!


2020-08-12 17:23:28 UTC


2020-08-12 17:24:18 UTC


2020-08-13 03:14:41 UTC

10x your gold in 1 duel by killing me max bet is 500k thats 5 million! No rules MSG me to make a bet! also i offer 10% commision if you get a someone to place a bet with me.

2020-08-13 23:03:58 UTC



2020-08-14 06:06:39 UTC


2020-08-14 12:25:40 UTC


2020-08-14 12:26:01 UTC

Laying in bed thought I was logged out

2020-08-14 12:26:21 UTC

Sorry brother wasnโ€™t trying to be rude.

2020-08-14 12:26:53 UTC

all good

2020-08-14 12:27:53 UTC

Iโ€™ll be on later my dude...

2020-08-15 02:50:23 UTC

Another win for the Bill of Rights!

2020-08-15 05:22:26 UTC

@JDMOONAN How you finding venomous smite i love the set.

2020-08-16 22:53:53 UTC

Damn yโ€™all thereโ€™s a 100+ shots fired right down the street from my house. 3 cops shots, and the shooter is still barricaded inside of his house.

2020-08-16 23:16:38 UTC


2020-08-16 23:33:55 UTC

time to start building a doomsday bunker and test to see how many years i can survive in it. pop up a few years from now n see how things are going

2020-08-16 23:52:55 UTC

stay away from the windows

2020-08-17 00:09:42 UTC

House wall wont stop a bullet either just stay away from it entirely XD

2020-08-17 02:57:26 UTC

@J18696 Mine would they are brick!

2020-08-17 03:40:03 UTC

The bullets we shoot for hunting smash through steel plates im sure they could smash through a brick or 2 before it would stop the momentum

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