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2021-01-15 07:04:47 UTC


2021-01-15 07:04:56 UTC

Look I understand, I've been there, we've all been there, but that time is over.
Very soon alot of ppl's view of the world is going to be shockingly altered

2021-01-15 07:05:01 UTC

I will have a calm conversation about it, because there is no need to be rude or hateful, public discourse is the path to changing minds and educating people.

2021-01-15 07:05:06 UTC

It’s like when I hear it over and over again it gets tiring.

2021-01-15 07:05:32 UTC

I’ll butt out. ☺️

2021-01-15 07:05:33 UTC

This uncle patch guy was ready for a bunch of dummies I think. He wasn't ready for you guys.

2021-01-15 07:05:50 UTC

Assuming our vieew is correct, we need to treat them better than they've treated us, it's the only way for this country to heal.

2021-01-15 07:06:10 UTC

Now think about this.
In the 20th century there was a racial shift away from the Republican party because the dems catered to "their rights"
By this logic would kkk not see the dems as loving black people and as such switch parties?

2021-01-15 07:06:16 UTC

I’ll start healing when they stop dividing 😉

2021-01-15 07:06:26 UTC

See what people have forgotten in this country is there is no - in American. No such thing as a italian-american, irish-american, african-american. Your just American all for one

2021-01-15 07:06:38 UTC


2021-01-15 07:07:12 UTC

if u try and - people into groups u are causing racism and victims this is bs and its how they control u

2021-01-15 07:07:20 UTC

I like this argument

2021-01-15 07:08:08 UTC

there is only one race in this world. The human race care to join us

2021-01-15 07:08:33 UTC

Going to bed. Night everyone

2021-01-15 07:08:42 UTC


2021-01-15 07:09:29 UTC

Obama started the identity politics that we know today when he called Republicans racists

2021-01-15 07:09:50 UTC

@Meiglos There time for healing has passed. There will be a war and everyone needs to be prepped for it, because it is coming!

2021-01-15 07:10:20 UTC

Bro you're being hyperbolic 🤣

2021-01-15 07:10:48 UTC

All i see when i watch a politician is a guy at the bar telling the lady what she wants to hear just to take her home u follow what i am saiing

2021-01-15 07:10:50 UTC

Sure, hope for the best, prepare for the worst.
They are calling for gulags, do not take their threat idly.

2021-01-15 07:11:20 UTC

so everytime u believe a politician get ready for the fiing your about to recieve

2021-01-15 07:11:25 UTC

Trump has also asked us to not participate.

2021-01-15 07:11:40 UTC

Is Trump our leader or not?

2021-01-15 07:11:57 UTC

He might be right. If you haven't seen how far divided democrats have made this country and how close its gotten us to an actual civil war then you should take a step back and look at the big picture.

2021-01-15 07:12:22 UTC

We'll see what gets declassified in the forthcoming days

2021-01-15 07:12:39 UTC

General says fall back, well then that's what should be done.

2021-01-15 07:13:21 UTC

We will keep calm for now. Depending on how things go though nobody can be sure at this piont.

2021-01-15 07:13:25 UTC

The leftists won't start the war, they're more concerned about covid

2021-01-15 07:13:44 UTC

Personally, I see the capitol surrounded by military. He's got them surrounded, things are looking very good.

2021-01-15 07:13:49 UTC

Have you seen portland lately?

2021-01-15 07:14:19 UTC

😂 that's a failed city now

2021-01-15 07:14:49 UTC

That mayor will be overthrown

2021-01-15 07:14:58 UTC

Here's Miller talking to the troops before 'battle'.....whatever that may look like.

2021-01-15 07:15:14 UTC

@UnclePatch No there was not racial shift, the democrats created welfare, the created the destruction of the black family and encouraged the continuation of single mothers to keep them on government handouts, to further the reason for blacks to vote democrat. Nothing more, welfare is one of the worst things that ever happened to this country. There is a 90 year old black scholar that wrote many books about how welfare ruined the black community and made the slaves to the democrat party. His name is Thomas Sowell

2021-01-15 07:15:25 UTC

For the 1st time in Trump presidency, there are more patriots on capitol hill than traitors.

2021-01-15 07:16:09 UTC

obama talked alot of shit but rember he was half black and half white and raised by his white grandmother in hawaii what a tough life he had pfst

2021-01-15 07:16:16 UTC

Shhh you've become too woke, the feds are watch

2021-01-15 07:16:20 UTC


2021-01-15 07:16:50 UTC

@UnclePatch I will always sit back and tell them come and take it

2021-01-15 07:17:50 UTC

Well the reps are more likely to have guns so y'all would win by default

2021-01-15 07:17:55 UTC

Anyways, also time for bed for me, goodnight all. 👋

2021-01-15 07:18:20 UTC

Have a goodnight

2021-01-15 07:18:43 UTC

Good night fellas

2021-01-15 07:18:50 UTC


2021-01-15 07:18:50 UTC


2021-01-15 07:32:08 UTC


2021-01-15 07:35:16 UTC

How do u get mad at a guy that ran the white house for a pay check of $4 dollars one dollar a year rest of the check was donated

2021-01-15 07:35:52 UTC

dont see biden doing that

2021-01-15 07:41:42 UTC

aoc busten the move

2021-01-15 07:41:52 UTC

Stupid ass bitch

2021-01-15 07:42:14 UTC

I hope she stumps her toe, and spills hot coffee oon her self!

2021-01-15 07:43:03 UTC


2021-01-15 08:35:16 UTC

I bet this'll resurface when someone cancels LMFAO in 8 years 😂

2021-01-15 08:51:25 UTC

Lol who comes up with this shit?


2021-01-15 09:07:14 UTC

How about that CCN decided to do actual journalism, well somewhat!

2021-01-15 14:07:06 UTC

He wrote one called Dismantling America. I have it but haven't read it but my grandfather did and when I talk about a lot of whats going on, he quotes that book.

2021-01-15 14:10:16 UTC

Damn I’m trying to catch up. Y’all had a good ass convo while I went to bed.

2021-01-15 15:50:49 UTC

I went out and came back to all this!!!!

2021-01-15 15:51:41 UTC

Apologies in advance for posting a progressive channel but this is the truth of the Capitol ‘siege’ totally created by Nancy Pelosi and demorats

2021-01-15 16:48:39 UTC

Damn. I’m watching Pelosi LIVE and she’s about to fall apart.

2021-01-15 16:49:06 UTC

Not sure why but she’s barely holding her composure

2021-01-15 16:52:15 UTC

Ah never mind she seems to have reestablished her footing

2021-01-15 17:11:35 UTC

Ya, weird indeed.

2021-01-15 17:12:40 UTC

I love the part where the man wearing a T-shirt, noting her actions lead to Auschwitz is anti-semitic.

2021-01-15 17:43:47 UTC

0 self-awareness.

2021-01-15 17:44:15 UTC

I have not seen the t-shirt in question, but I can recognize the pattern.

2021-01-15 17:45:15 UTC

Ppl angered & show how recent political moves are similar to all the worst regimes in history.
Media & politicans twist this into angered ppl support worst regimes in history.

2021-01-15 18:36:47 UTC

That Microsoft video still blowing my mind

2021-01-15 18:36:59 UTC

It’s a literal crime against humanity

2021-01-15 18:38:38 UTC

Changing someone’s genetic makeup with out consent or perhaps possibly coercion (ie: we won’t medically treat you unless you take this dna altering solution)

2021-01-15 19:34:07 UTC

Does President Trump Have Any More Cards to Play or Is It Game Over?


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2021-01-15 19:34:54 UTC

JD how long are you banned on twitter for ? 5 more days ?

2021-01-15 19:42:38 UTC

I’m banned on YouTube for 4 more days

2021-01-15 19:42:58 UTC

really ?

2021-01-15 19:44:16 UTC

I was permanently suspended on my birthday in March .... it nearly drove me mad but then I got used to it and moved to Parler and now I am normal again

2021-01-15 19:44:22 UTC

Twitter detoxed !

2021-01-15 19:45:46 UTC

And now Parler is gone! I haven’t tried gab yet.

2021-01-15 19:46:20 UTC

what about odyssey ?

2021-01-15 19:46:26 UTC

It will be back .... gab doesn’t log me in ever and I have no clue how to use it

2021-01-15 19:46:33 UTC

What is that now ?

2021-01-15 19:46:43 UTC

its like youtube nah ?

2021-01-15 19:46:47 UTC

sec ima link u

2021-01-15 19:47:06 UTC

Cool let’s have a look

2021-01-15 19:50:04 UTC
2021-01-15 19:50:15 UTC

spent time cause u cant google it lol

2021-01-15 19:50:18 UTC


2021-01-15 19:55:22 UTC

What do u mean you can’t google it ?

2021-01-15 19:55:47 UTC

when i tried to find it it dont appear on gooogle

2021-01-15 19:55:54 UTC

to drop the link i mean

2021-01-15 19:56:17 UTC

Now this is the new normal .... the global reset is here ..... let’s try to break free from big tech

2021-01-15 19:56:44 UTC

lol hard to deal with that

2021-01-15 19:56:58 UTC

i would say to stop eat anything they product

2021-01-15 19:58:18 UTC

Have really reduced consumption ..... google maps is probably what I use most of theirs and the email

2021-01-15 19:58:29 UTC

Will go to Zoho mail shortly

2021-01-15 19:58:51 UTC

A billion dollar company where the ceo works instead of censoring people

2021-01-15 20:35:20 UTC

yeah i just opened a new email service

2021-01-15 20:35:55 UTC

thinking to buy some credit on that odysee thing

2021-01-15 21:46:44 UTC

Democrats running full speed towards socialism.

2021-01-15 22:17:47 UTC

Good share, interesting stuff.

2021-01-15 22:27:32 UTC


2021-01-15 22:48:14 UTC

Would our local sheriffs office be able to tell us if we are in martial law?

2021-01-15 22:57:43 UTC

No they aren’t under POTUS .... only army will know I think

2021-01-16 00:04:32 UTC

Ive been under martial law light since April.

2021-01-16 00:49:53 UTC


2021-01-16 01:01:39 UTC

Literally 5-D chess

2021-01-16 01:25:52 UTC

That’s... been out ... 🙇‍♂️

2021-01-16 01:26:25 UTC

What else are you behind on? I can catch u up 😄

2021-01-16 01:37:53 UTC

@Zeke I saw that a while ago, but I wasn't sure if anyone had any info after that.

Things are pretty quiet, while thousands of troops are currently in DC.

2021-01-16 01:40:43 UTC

Though, I'm not confident. I feel like we're going to be getting Beijing Biden and Heels Up Harris sadly.

Don't get me wrong though, I think the pendulum will swing back in our direction.

2021-01-16 01:48:59 UTC

Any real info won’t be leaked to the populace. If it was then the opposing side would have a clear view of the strategy. 👍 what we do have, is the observation of what’s going on— the executive actions taken by POTUS and the obvious military movement. That video of the retired general is interesting, though.

2021-01-16 01:49:43 UTC

All I know is this — if shit don’t get right by the end of January— I will make it my life’s work to straighten it out

2021-01-16 02:14:09 UTC

Well. Fucking Sullivan got released w/out bail... <:Ree:429687643878719509>

2021-01-16 02:14:28 UTC

That's what I'm thinking.

But if something happens on the 20th, then what? I haven't heard of any military being deployed to seize the voting machines. Plus I hear people are saying Biden needs to be inaugurated before he can be arrested. That seems silly because at that point, Trump would have zero power to give the order.

2021-01-16 02:15:18 UTC

Interesting. Great opportunity to use the woke Twitter mob to our advantage since those dumb asses think Sullivan is a Trump supporter.

2021-01-16 02:15:45 UTC

They do?? <:poggies:587615873678835712>

2021-01-16 02:16:20 UTC

Remember, the media's narrative is that it was all Trump supporters that stormed the Capital.

2021-01-16 02:16:37 UTC

So anyone getting released is a Trump supporter in their mind.

2021-01-16 02:16:43 UTC

Which will make them very angry.

2021-01-16 02:17:11 UTC

The plot thickens. 😄

2021-01-16 02:17:46 UTC

Love me some thicc pots... and plots. <:CGwink:528706139777400868>

2021-01-16 02:19:01 UTC

He already interviewed with CNN spinning the story with fellow journalist who works for multiple MSM sources — they both claim to only wanted to take video footage.

2021-01-16 02:19:39 UTC

Guess in the lefty side that’s all You need that is msm being judge and jury <:feelsShrugMan:755701520909205506>

2021-01-16 02:20:21 UTC

Lol auto correct will change you to “I “ on my phone for some weird reason

2021-01-16 02:25:08 UTC

If power does get turned over to the military and Sec Pompeo does indeed step down — I wonder if it will be a repeat of Rome. A nation divided amongst 4 generals <:OH_peepoThink:724990529497989140>

2021-01-16 02:37:15 UTC

If true.....You sir are the kraken!


2021-01-16 02:49:40 UTC

I'm gonna take a break for a day or two from politics.

2021-01-16 03:09:14 UTC

ReEEE!! <:Ree:429687643878719509>

2021-01-16 03:19:29 UTC

I don’t blame you. The stuff becomes infuriating and/or tiring after a bit. Can only stay upset for so long.

2021-01-16 03:30:10 UTC

I know many of you probably don’t really care, but I have to say this. I am tired of where is country has headed. We need to take it back and stop being so complacent and understanding. It’s understandable why no one wants to act. Unity in numbers is better than running alone. But if everyone is worried, no one will stand up.

2021-01-16 03:30:25 UTC


2021-01-16 04:05:47 UTC

Biden will begin with a fresh account with zero followers and have to build up his following, they said.

2021-01-16 04:13:42 UTC

Lolz ... Biden team is pissed ! Trump got 12 million from Obama .... such petty people

2021-01-16 04:14:44 UTC


2021-01-16 05:42:27 UTC
2021-01-16 06:38:31 UTC

Could Biden do this in USA ?

2021-01-16 07:00:32 UTC
2021-01-16 07:00:53 UTC

Now I'm starting my 2 days lol

2021-01-16 11:22:26 UTC

and to think this video isn't new!! It is mind blowing that this guy came forward and nothing's been done (or has it??). And that damn reporter had the audacity to say after he said "I will not be taking any questions" < "well we're going to ask them anyway".... and ... "who paid you!" LMAO! u can't make this shit up!

2021-01-16 11:47:10 UTC

This is “Lin Wood’s” telegram app picture..... didn’t know he was a monka guy... (sarcasm here)


2021-01-16 12:18:35 UTC

Must be a fan of his...

2021-01-16 17:40:17 UTC

im bout to download this before this gets deleted

2021-01-16 18:53:58 UTC


2021-01-16 19:00:56 UTC


2021-01-16 19:07:43 UTC

There are whisperings that Q is a psy-op from the CIA to bring false hope and mislead. Not sure how true that is but I guess it doesn’t matter because all will be shown by the end of the month. And then if the outcome is the unthinkable then it will be time for aggressively making connections with local and state-wide political groups to make huge changes and draw the line in the sand. Then from there push forward. This will honestly take 12 to 16 years to see a majority of change and the corruption will only have sulked into the corner biding its time in the shadows.

2021-01-16 19:56:32 UTC

Just saw article comparing Q to operation trust on Info Wars.

2021-01-16 20:19:19 UTC

Wow, and they are saying that Flynn is in on it?? Wtf

2021-01-16 20:22:24 UTC

Again — ultimately doesn’t matter to me — won’t change the course of actions to follow. I honestly will never forget that morning I woke up and saw the electoral map flip so drastically in Biden’s favor and how states were allowed to bypass legislation on passing new laws!!! And to top it off — anybody who raised concern were told to SIT DOWN; SHUT UP

2021-01-16 20:22:40 UTC

And the mass censorship that followed

2021-01-16 20:22:48 UTC


2021-01-16 20:40:42 UTC


2021-01-16 20:58:55 UTC

I’ll make a guess right now. Mitch Will vote no on impeachment but will vote yes for banning trump from future elections

2021-01-16 21:00:29 UTC

I won't mind trump being removed

2021-01-16 21:00:38 UTC

From gop*

2021-01-16 21:01:11 UTC

He won't swing any leftists with the way he talks, certainly

2021-01-16 21:01:48 UTC

There needs to be new gop leadership that appeals to the younger generation

2021-01-16 21:03:37 UTC


2021-01-16 21:27:27 UTC

All I know is this — every big campaign promise from Trump was fulfilled. And he didn’t need four additional years to follow through. He never bended to other people’s feelings and he remained steadfast — even if it meant looking like an asshole. Find me some contradictory clips where he said one thing but then later said the exact opposite. We see tons of that sort of thing from Hilary and Biden. The only person who holds a candle to Trump on being true to their words is Bernie. I just don’t want a LIAR for the leader of America 🇺🇸

2021-01-16 21:34:23 UTC

(I don’t want Bernie either but was making a point about honestly to the people)

2021-01-16 21:36:08 UTC

But more about Bernie. Once the Democratic Party saw that he was outshining their ‘groomed’ candidate Hilary, what did they do — the Debbie Wasserman scandal

2021-01-16 21:37:24 UTC

And they shut him up. And they secured it with a media leak that he caved in to remain silent with a gift from Obama — a million+ dollar home in Vermont.

2021-01-16 21:38:36 UTC

My point is this — the DNC is straight EVIL

2021-01-16 21:38:54 UTC

And full of coercion and LIARS

2021-01-16 21:39:26 UTC

Why would I want that to be the face of my country?! FUCK NO

2021-01-16 22:24:36 UTC


2021-01-16 22:26:16 UTC

Yeah I have no idea what in the hell that is.

2021-01-16 22:28:56 UTC

Interesting structure

2021-01-16 22:34:56 UTC

How about that Jan 18th is now a Federal Holiday for MLK jr.

2021-01-16 22:35:50 UTC

Today has now been named national Religious Freedom Day

2021-01-16 22:52:21 UTC

Does that mean I can go to the grocery store w/ a face diaper?

2021-01-16 22:54:30 UTC



2021-01-16 22:55:01 UTC

your forgetting jack dorsey

2021-01-16 22:55:06 UTC

100% I already do

2021-01-16 22:55:49 UTC

Just in case you forgot!


2021-01-16 22:57:49 UTC

I think it’s spelled eligible 😉

2021-01-16 22:58:17 UTC

https://navarroreport.com/ Third Installment of the Navarro Report. I don’t know if it’s been posted here or not. I didn’t realize it was a three part report.

2021-01-16 22:58:30 UTC

@JDMOONAN - Where’s my music channel access?

2021-01-16 23:03:06 UTC


2021-01-16 23:08:20 UTC

Looking at it now

2021-01-16 23:27:16 UTC

The charts highlight the margin of error and margin of victory and shows a track of irregularities for Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. It looks like the second installment shows the strategy used to stuff ballot boxes.

2021-01-17 00:05:03 UTC

Again, I say, it is not certain if Lin Wood on telegram is actually Lin Wood

2021-01-17 00:27:50 UTC

Yup. False flag

2021-01-17 00:28:32 UTC

I deleted that link because Sydney Powell and Lin Wood on telegram are not who they say they are — my thoughts

2021-01-17 00:28:38 UTC

i wonder if rumble will win their lawsuit

2021-01-17 00:29:19 UTC

So I was Correct in calling Joe "Tammany Joe" Dude was stuffing the ballot box

2021-01-17 04:22:44 UTC

@Nicetiga was this last night’s show?

2021-01-17 04:23:51 UTC

As in, like, a few hours ago? I coulda swore I heard him saying it’s his last show but wasn’t sure — if someone could confirm that

2021-01-17 04:28:04 UTC

no it's from Wed

2021-01-17 04:43:46 UTC

Ohhhh ok. Yeah just a few hours ago (first time watching it, ever) I watched the livestream and the big guy on the left said it was his last show (I think). Not sure 🤔

2021-01-17 05:04:22 UTC

Here is the Odysee Channel! I am working on getting everything on multiple platforms just incase!

2021-01-17 05:04:49 UTC


2021-01-17 05:04:52 UTC

Noice noice

2021-01-17 05:05:55 UTC


2021-01-17 05:57:45 UTC
2021-01-17 08:12:05 UTC


2021-01-17 08:13:06 UTC

This is Major if this is real!

2021-01-17 08:13:31 UTC

It's been out for a while, has not gained any traction.

2021-01-17 08:13:48 UTC

ok my bad

2021-01-17 08:14:17 UTC

Doesn't mean it's fake, just saying.

2021-01-17 08:14:42 UTC
2021-01-17 08:15:39 UTC

ok, Trump declassified The spygate

2021-01-17 15:02:05 UTC

Caravans are back!

2021-01-17 15:02:19 UTC

Well makes sense, it's off season for murder hornets.

2021-01-17 17:09:10 UTC

im ready to kill some immigrants

2021-01-17 17:09:19 UTC

if they come near my home

2021-01-17 19:23:32 UTC



2021-01-17 23:20:29 UTC

Why would you kill ppl invited & paid to come here?

2021-01-18 00:00:11 UTC

no like if they come in to my house illegally and try to hurt me and my family

2021-01-18 00:05:21 UTC

Immigration, like anything else the gov't tries to control starts at home.

2021-01-18 00:10:02 UTC
2021-01-18 00:13:57 UTC

@Livingstone Hey, grats on the promotion!

2021-01-18 03:05:05 UTC

I'm sorry but this dude said that Trump would declare himself the King of Israel, he lost me there!

2021-01-18 03:05:38 UTC

Lol did those words really come out of that dudes mouth?

2021-01-18 03:05:45 UTC


2021-01-18 03:06:05 UTC

Sorry That gave me a Chuckle I needed

2021-01-18 03:10:01 UTC

Lol we Just Dropped 100ft of Shore Power cable into the Bay of Korea on the Pier of the ROK Army base here in Chinhae

2021-01-18 03:12:02 UTC

What does that mean? What is the cable for?

2021-01-18 03:12:58 UTC

The Cable gives Ship Power from the Shore side so the ship can take their Diesels down and work on them. So they hook these cables up to a ship and the ship continues to have electrical power.

2021-01-18 03:14:20 UTC

Cool. I can admit I have no idea how is Ship works. thank you for explaining it to me.

2021-01-18 03:14:30 UTC

Yeah no worry

2021-01-18 03:15:02 UTC

It could have hurt someone but thank God it did not. The Koreans were pretty pissed about it since they had to fish it out of the water...

2021-01-18 03:35:33 UTC

I have no doubt they Did. States are Violating the Constitution why not the Fucking Congress. I am so tired of watching our rights get violated by these bullshit people who are supposed to work for us.

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